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Def: A humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine. /A film made by photographing a series
of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence
The first Cartoon is said to have been produced in 1499. It depicted the Pope, the Holy Roman Emperor and the
Kings of France and England playing a game of Cards.

Famous cartoon companies: WARNER BROS and WALT DISNEY (1923)

Difference between cartoons and anime:

Anime Cartoons

*Recent (after 1945) *Old and deep-rooted in History

*Physical features are closer to reality (small *Characters have features that are not relative to the rest of
mouths/ wider eyes) the body
Life issues (Things tied closer to Human emotions + *Produced to make laughter : they are more comical
sexual and violent themes))

Cartoon as a didactic means Cartoon’s Downsides

*It enriches the sensorial experience. *Violence/ Fantasy (materialism/ princely life) / Psychological
*It facilitates the aquisition and the setting of perturbations (Autism/ Fear)
learning (learning a new language). “ Children who view shows in which violence is very realistic,
*It stimulates the imagination and the capacity of frequently repeated or unpanished, are more likely to imitate
abstraction of the students. what they see” The American Academy Of Paediatrics (AAP)
*It enriches the vocabulary. *Misbehaviour/ (yelling at their parents/Vulgarity)
*It helps the education of the multiple intelligences, *Health & Mental Problems (eyes/back)/ (Stupidity)
logical, systematic, lateral, creative and critical *Addiction and neglection of studies
*It boosts the concentration.
*Source of Entertainment
*Source of ethics and values

Misuse of cartoons:
 It can distort reality/History.
 It conveys stereotypes, cultural grugdes and racism.
 It can be used for Propaganda.
 It can be a source of incitement to violent or illegal behaviour.
The Depiction of African Natives in Cannibal Capers (1930)
Its depiction of African natives is appalling. They're drawn with skinny limbs, round stomachs, and big lips, and they
sing by clicking their mouths. They are depicted as cannibals

The Merchant in Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin is far from perfect. Aladdin, as a character, is super white-washed, while the evil Jafar's character design had
no problem looking more Arabian. What's that say? According to Disney, apparently, white is right.