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Wella Kolestint (Hair Color)

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110028 Ph.No Topic Page no. 1 About Wella Kolestint 2 Wella Kolestint in India 3 Wella and P&G 4 About Leo Burnett 5 Launch of Wella India Steps taken to inform the customer of the needs 6 identified Extent to which the product purports to satisfy 7 consumer needs Why the product will succeed or fail in the marketplace 8  Positives  Negatives 9 Appendices 10 References 2 .21/12.: +91 .com Content S.Phase II (Next to Pearl Academy of Fashion) New Delhi .11 . Naraina Industrial Area .46769999 / 46769918 / 46769919 Fax: 46769933 Email: info@indianretailschool.) A . Ltd. Indian Retail School (A Unit of: Pearl Retail Solutions Pvt.

known in some other markets as Wella Koleston. one of the fastest growing markets globally and one of the world’s top 10 hair color countries. long-lasting color. has been one of P&G’s fastest- growing global brands in the past year. Wella Kolestint. respectively. About Wella Kolestint Hair Color Wella Kolestint hair color is being introduced in India. With deep. Wella Kolestint is designed to appeal to beauty-conscious Indian women: 3 . This is P&G’s first hair color launch into a new country since the company acquired Clairol and Wella in 2001 and 2003.

• 82% of Indian women rated Wella Kolestint the longest-lasting color ever**. Availability: Wella Kolestint offers a palette of 12 Vibrant Shades. Cosmetic. • The unique Wella formula goes deep to the core and soaks each hair strand with color while providing 100% gray coverage. • The formulas have higher dye loads than formulas designed for markets with lighter haired consumers. Drug and top High Frequency Stores (HFS) and Pharmacies. pre-treatment sachet and post-coloring conditioner. including Brazil. About Wella Kolestint Technology: • Wella Kolestint creates deep. Mexico. color developer. 4 . Turkey and Saudi Arabia. available from October 2010 throughout top cities in India in Modern Retail. • The formula is designed to minimize strand to strand variation and deliver deep/rich color from root to tip. This is because Wella Kolestint is designed to deliver outstanding color for dark hair. long-lasting color with a home coloring kit that includes crème color.• Wella Kolestint is the #1 hair color in some of the world’s largest dark hair markets*.

Hindustan Unilever (HUL). However on 1st October 2010. The market is further categorized into hair colors. Garnier and HRIPL ( ie. Kali Mehndi and Colored Creams. however. and a likely threat to L'Oreal and Godrej Consumer Products. The market has major players such as Godrej." P&G's closest rival. German hair and beauty company brand Wella.*Based on external data. and Godrej Consumer Products. was taken over by Proctor and Gamble in 2003 combining their respective 5 . The internationally recognized Hair Styling and Hair Color brand WELLA is in India with its premium range of Hair colors. powdered hair colors. The subsidiary acquired by Procter and Gamble is looking forward to cash in its international legacy in Hair Styling category. Nielsen report. Both HUL and P&G. India was the huge market and the company was focusing on professional segment only in India. P&G’s entry into hair colour market could be a formidable one. L'Oreal. The Indian Hair color market was estimated to be worth 1200 Crores and is growing at a healthy 25% as per A.C.) which owns brands like Vasmol & Streax. Wella Kolestint in India The brand Wella is the inventor and a leader in the hair colour industry and undisputed front-runner in the professional saloon and hairdresser segment. which was established in 1880's. Ltd. This was the first time that the detergents-to- diaper maker entered the Indian hair colour market. which is dominated by L'Oreal India's L'Oreal Excellence Crème and Garnier . does not have a presence in hair colour segment. **Based on AC Nielsen survey of 456 Indian women in 2009. Hygienic Research Institute Pvt. compete aggressively in shampoos with their respective brands Dove and Pantene. All the products were being imported from Germany and used in A and B class parlours. Procter & Gamble India (P&G) brought in one of its biggest global brands– Wella hair colour—as it looks to strengthen its health and beauty business in India.

after French brand L'Oreal. 6 . and its range includes temporary to semi -permanent and permanent hair colours. Wella Professionals is the leader in professional hair colour and service. the brand is likely to occupy the mid-premium price range in India. The brand is also known as Wella Koleston in markets like the US. The first hair colour brand to be developed in the world in 1950. This made Wella among the top two global hair colour brands.product lines which gave the former strategic access to the global professional hair care market.

“We still have a core benefit but are thinking more broadly on how we can deliver it. 7 .The world’s largest consumer products company wanted to add color and shine to its Indian business. identifying human insights that can translate into big ideas. according to Pritchard. it finally has the chance to live up to its purpose. Marc Pritchard . it will now have an India impact. We are very focussed on sharpening what the brands stand for. Wella and P&G P&G spent most of the 1990s establishing a global footprint.” Seven years after Proctor & Gamble (P&G) acquired Wella for $7 billion. literally. global marketing and brand building officer. P&G explains. In 2010 P&G India entered the Rs 1000 crore hair colour market and also got into the premium end of shampoo segment through this brand. The first step was getting senior management to define a purpose for each of the brands in the P&G stable: a blueprint on how the company could touch and improve lives. Now.

CavinKare Digital . Vedanta. SRF India. chairman of Indian sub-continent. Procter & Gamble shiksha. MD. Across categories. national planning director. two gold and one silver at the New York Festivals Awards. Procter &Gamble Wella India website. national creative director. Digital and Activation gathered steam through the year and significantly increased contribution. executive director-delhi Accounts won: Avantha Corporate. How Leo Burnett rates itself: 8 In 2010 at 35% over 2009 Leo Burnett India registered its strongest ever growth in the last ten years. Piramal Supractiv. Milky Delite and Kaun Banega Crorepati – Season 4. Samir Gangahar. Leo Burnett ended their quest at Goafest 2010 with three silvers and eight bronzes. Rajeev Sharma. Procter & Gamble MDO Accounts lost: HomeTown Notably. Tata International. RIM Blackberry Activation - IPM India (Philip Morris). This has happened on the back of robust new business acquisition and our ability to convincingly contribute to our clients’ business growth. Nitin Pradhan was roped in as ECD and Seema Sood as director for their Events & PR division. United Technologies Corporation. 8 . HPCL Racer 4 Loyalty programs. The agency managed five bronze awards at Spikes and two silvers at London International awards. BILT. a silver at Clio. Kohler. the agency worked on the launch campaign for Coca Cola India’s Maaza. Leo Burnett left its impression across all the major awards this year for their Tide Magnets campaign. and managed two silvers and four bronzes at the Ad fest 2010.Carrefour India website. McCain Foods. Nitish Mukherjee. K V Sridhar. the agency collected two silvers and a bronze at the Cannes Lions. HPCL racer 4.Among the Indian awards. About Leo Burnett Type of agency: Advertising Key personnel: Arvind Sharma.

Launch of Wella 9 .Popular campaigns for Uninor and the launch of Kaun Banega Crorepati deserve special mention amongst the host of successful campaigns through the year.

Having been a salon brand in the Indian market. Asia & Australia Matt Cenelli. Jacqueline Fernandez Kolestint Hair Color launch Matt Cenelli. it has now been launched as a home 10 . has the responsibility of establishing the retail brand Wella Kolestint in India. the haircare and beauty company.The Cincinnati-based FMCG major. P&G Hair Colour. P&G Hair Colour. Asia and Australia. marking its foray into the consumer hair colour market. This aggressive business move has come after P&G bought Wella. Procter & Gamble launched Wella Kolestint in India. Marketing Manager.Marketing Manager.

and premium-end of the Rs 1. Steps taken to inform the customer of the needs identified 11 . In India.colourant brand in the retail segment and will compete with other MNC brands such as L'Oreal. Revlon and Garnier in the mid. Wella Kolestint would sell with its ‘longest lasting colour' proposition and has already roped in endorsers such as actress Jacqueline Fernandes and Dimple Kapadia.200-crore hair colour market.

the website has well-researched content. Entry into the retail trade P&G decided to enter the retail trade with Wella Kolestint at this point of time as they strive to understand what consumers in each country are looking for. They listen to their hair colour needs and try to address these needs as best they can and try to deliver the benefits of their superior product propositions. in the Indian cyberspace. So.P&G India launches Wella Kolestint online P&G India launched its leading hair-colour brand. the expert celebrity colourist. P&G is confident that 12 . Brand ambassadors to endorse Wella Kolestint Natasha Naegamvala. Mumbai with the job of developing the brand website. Wella Kolestint. Modern trade as the preferred route to spread awareness about the offering Wella Kolestint comes from the house of Wella. tips & videos on hair- colouring. With an aim to make target audience brand loyalists. Their brand ambassadors Dimple Kapadia and Jacqueline Fernandez not only recommend Wella Kolestint but also use it. And they entrusted Arc Worldwide. an international expert in hair colour. recommends Wella Kolestint on TV. which has a legacy in hair colour expertise.

but for professional brands this is the best way. New awareness campaign for stylists At Wella. especially since the initial results after our October 1 launch are encouraging. and they pass on this education to the customer. they recommend it to customers automatically — it is like the relationship between a doctor and a patient. The stylists become the area of focus. Modern trade is important as are high frequency stores to enable better distribution and the best access. If a stylist is convinced about a product. Extent to which the product purports to satisfy consumer needs Relaunching of Wella in India 13 . Their stylists should be confident that they can give their best to their customers. Educate customers is through the stylist The best way to educate customers is through the stylist. the first pillar is education. Normal advertisements work for retail brands.they will be successful.

seminars. Wella has more than 100 colors available here. Then the brand came to India. Distribution network The distribution network is the biggest challenge that Wella will face. This has been happening globally over the last few years and has been completed in India now. with an event in Goa. Wella did this in two ways – one was a very grand introduction for hair stylists. the products were bought in the gray market. working with Nalini and Yasmin.Wella’s integration with P&G has been completed over the last year and now they have a new logo and a new positioning of their products with a more trendy. pushing demand for higher-end brands and prompting new 14 . Jawed Habib. It’s very important to have good associations with academies so that they can invest more in education and training — they have been doing this. and find the right products for India. and they had to understand the market. more focused on the professional business. Bounce academy. They have to iron out the difficulties to have this work better over large geographical areas. Second. At the event wella rolled out personalized trends. and is. Pivot Point. Wella in terms of brand awareness in the last ten years Wella was. Before they arrived officially. they launched the new trends with an international stylist who gave salon owners a personalized understanding of creating the trendy looks and lots of in-salon training. young and upbeat look keeping in mind the Indian consumers and Indian hair type. Why the product will succeed or fail in the marketplace  Positives  The youth – richer and much more aspirational than its previous generations – is rapidly taking over the hair colour market in urban areas. There were presentations about the new branding. a well known brand in India. to have their supplies arrive in time. education. Now there is no difference between the international and local markets. both those who have been working with them and those who have not. trendier Wella. This is a fresher.

players such as Procter & Gamble.  In a country where major part of the hair color market is taken by L’Oreal and garnier. http://www.html 2.wellaindia.pginnovation. http://www.  Has to present an absolutely unique and relevant product to Indian consumers which has an distinctive edge over other brands in the same segment. Kolestint will face high degree of competition. http://profit. http://www.wellaindia. thanks to the grey market and salons.  Is valued at a price it’s already a cluttered segment and P&G has to think something out of the box. available at Rs. References 4. This is one product segment where most urban consumers value quality more than cost. to check out the market. which gives value to the consumer (positioned at the premium.ndtv.html 3.  The advantage with P&G is that Wella already has a brand recall and awareness in the market.html 15 . 489)  Negatives  The issue with the grey market is.

http://www.cms products/fmcg/pg-set-to-enter-indian-hair-colour-market-with- wella/articleshow/6616593. http://leoburnett-connect.php 11.6.indiatimes.html 15. products/fashion-/-cosmetics-/-jewellery/demand-for-high-end-hair-colour- brands-triggers-launches/articleshow/7142536.campaign-india-agency-report- card-2010-leo-burnett. http://economictimes. http://economictimes.htm http://www. http://economictimes.cms 16 .com/jacqueline-fernandez-kolestint-hair-color-launch brand-awareness-with-social-programmes/articleshow/7314752.indiatimes. http://www. http://www.aspx 9.cms 12.cms?query=wella 020100.campaignindia.blogspot.