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Homreopathy in Cancer
-B. N. Chakravarty
Homreopathic Cancer Consideration
-R. R. Male
-Phyllis Speight
The Socio-Medical Problem
-Po S. Krishnamurty
Rectal Caroinoma Cured by Homreopathy
-Po Panday

Homreopathy and Canoer

-C. V.S. Corea
Stomaoh Cancer
-Bijoy Bhanu Dutta
Homreo Remedies
-Prof. S..Haque

Canoer of Tongue
-Emi/ Schlegel
-The 50 Mil/esimal Potencies
-Ramanlal P. Patel
The Cancer Problem
-Afsar Imam Syed
Head of Pancreas
-So P. Dey
Caroinoma -Case Study
-T. P. Mandal
Cancer-Case Study
-Tara Kanta Das

Prostate Cancer-Case Study

-R. K. GhoshMondal
Homoeopathy in Cancer*

Homreopathy- Homreopathy implies The human behaviour towards diseases

a particular way of applying drugs to dis- is very interesting and peculiar. Some people
eases according to specific principle viz. . are easily prone to affections of diseases
"Si milia Similibus Curentur... In a stricter while others are not. Even during an epide-
sense Homreopathy means a specialised mic some people get affected quickly/some
system of drug therapy...a complete system are not. Medical world will in an answer to
of therapeutic medication". This method is this phenomana raise the point of suscepti-
supreme in its own sphere because it is a bility and powers of resistance. Gw if we
method of therapeutic medication based on go further to enquire that way a person is
a fixed and a definite law of nature. susceptible to certain diseases or conditions
and others are resistant then we find that
"The Homreopathic materia medica is a
there is something beyond causation. My
great treasure. The picture as given in the
friends will term this as diathesis and say
provings, presents not only the counterparts
that some are constitutionaly prediabetic,
of the already known natural diseases condi-
precancerus or of Tubercular diathesis.
tions to which nosological labels can be
When the time. condition and circumstances
attached but also numerous clinical symp-
will arise these people start manifesting
tom-syndromes to match ~diseases
condition which is still unkno~or undiag- symptoms. These preconditions have been
answered in Homreopathy as Psora, Syphi-
nosable as yet. Herein lies the distinctive
lis and Sycosis, being the root cause of all
advantage of Homreopathy".
ailments. These are termed as miasms
Homreopathy is not opposed to surgery which may be acquired or are passed thro-
. or any other specialised branch of medicine. ugh ages through heriditery and thus the
Homreopathy be lives in the present day diathesis or preconditions or abnormal
methods of Scientific hygiene, sanitation, sus~eptibility as may be termed is forme9
nutrition, laboratory techniques, psycholo- This is very important for homreopathic
gical reaction of patients and prev~ntion treatment and will be discussed later. Ayur-
and control of epidemic diseases. Homreo- veda has also a similar phylosophy of
pathy accepts all the modern method of tridhatu i. e. Vatu, Pitta and Kafa and imba-
research and core late the findings of its own lance in anyone or more of them will cause
research. All these knowledge a homreo- disease. Dr. Clerk has tried to find some
path accepts and learns. But from the point resemblance in the two phylosophies. Vatt(
of drug therapy the position of Homreo- in Ayurved is very similar to psora in Hom-
pathy stands entirely different. Homreopathy reopathy because both are related to nerves
has every thing common with traditional and higher sensations of life whereas the
medicine except in the mode of approach pitta is very similar to syphilis because both
in the field of therapeutics". of them relates to connective tissues right
from bone to blood and kafa is very similar
. B. N. Chakravarty
to sycosis because both relates the functions
B. Se. D. M. S. (Cal) M. B. S. Horn.,
D. F. Horn. (Lond.), L. M. (Dublin) of secretions of mucous membranes and

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

glands as also maintenance of tissue ten- Taking into account the predisposing
sions. These philosophies are valuable factor or so to say cancerous diathesis the
subjects for research because millions of carcinogenic causes may be as follows.
physicians belonging to boththe systems
Irritation Theory: Virchows irritation
have conjugated the clinical verification of
theory still holds good and may be further
them') detailed like extrinsic irritation and intrinsic
Cancer-Now let us come to the prob- irritation.
lem of cancer, the mystry disease, the most
A) The extrinsic irritations are
divastating and horrifying of all diseases,
- baffling the best brains and their endevours 1} Physical Agents: Ch. Irritation caused by
, to find out an answer. It is said to be incre- a} Caries teeth, b} Tobacco Chewing
asing in a very fast rate and has killed many or smoking, c} Smoking hot Clay pipes,
people in the last two decades probably the d} Constant heat on skin as Kangri Cancer.
- number more than the victimes of
e} Chimney sweepers cancer by irritation
world war. skin by hot carbon particles, f} G. B. Stone
Cancer is a neoplasm which tends to irritating bile duct and G. B. g) Chronic
kill a man. Ulcer in Stomach, rectum, Oesophagus
etc, h} irritation of skin of paraffin workers
Physicians and surgeons have tried to due to Shale oil, i} X-Ray exposure, j) Ra-
find out cause or causes of this disease and dium exposure, k} exposure to mesotho-
many theories have been put forward for rium, I} Drugs produced from coal tar-Anal-
. the solution. .gesies artificial sweeteners and some
cosmetics, m} Surgical operations-Single
0e Gene Theory: It is rightly said in
the text .book of pathology that. "There is or repeated n} Different type of rays as Alfa
ray gama ray etc. o} Radio active elements
little doubt that heriditary influences rank
high in importance among predisposing
in atmosphere, p} Trauma Sarcoma, or
factors. Even though the predisposition to adenoma of breast, q} Carcinoma of cervix
J . cancer may be heriditory, Cancer will proba-
due to chronic irritation from Erosion, ope-
ration,repeated child births,cauterisation etc.
bly not occur unless some carcinogenic
Chemical agents and extrinsic irrita-
agent acts upon the predisposed tissue") tions caused by them:
Nowadays we often hear from our
colleagues that development of moles or 2} The substances which are carcino-
. warts etc. are precancerous state which genic may be divided into 3 chemical

might if care is not taken will develop in to
full fledged cancer.

~ere lies the value of the miasmatic

a} The Benzan thracine derivatives-50%
theory of Dr. Hahnemann. Miasms are cau-
ses of all chronic diseases. The condition b} The phenanthracins.
remains latent and when raised by some c} Sodium dibenzene thracene succinate it
. external or internal influance will produce is worthy to note that the more active
the symptoms of which the - cancers is compounds cause tumors in very
minute dosage.
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
;is the
The question of how the carcinogenic tissue -
resistance Ribbert. (7) Artificial
hydrocarbons act upon normal cells to chemical manures and fertilisers. (8) Exces-
IS. induce malignancy is not at all clear but sive concentration of Na-salt & lack of
'itation there are some indications of a complete K-salts in the tissues. Due to bad food
further change from the aerobic to the anaerobic habits and mode of living:
1trinsic type of glycolysis taking place in the mata-
bolism of the cell. Willmer has shown that
Food deprived of Potash, O2 etc. and
in freely growing normal embryonic tissues
cooked food, excessive flesh eating, avoid-
in which the function of work is of course
anCe of greens, fruits etc., living unnatural
sed by -
secondary to that of growth the reverse of life in food, addictions, clothes, social
the adult tissue the energy is obtained behaviours.
lewing from the anaerobic glycolysis.
;ancer, C:smoking: Recent works of Dr.
'itation It may thus be imagined that conditions Martell at the U. S. Natioral centre for at-
Stone which restrict the oxygen supply of an adult mosphoric research in Boulder found that
:hronic tissue will send to enforce the use of anae- Cigarette smoke contain a ridioactive isotope
Ihagus robic glycolysis, Either the tissue will die, of lead. This variety of lead (which is diffe-
iorkers the more usual result or this matabolic cha- rent from the non radio active lead used at
j) Ra- nge will successfully accomplished in the homes) gets transformed into the alpha
,sotho- cell leading to its proliferations. emitting Pollonium, the chief suspect of
some 3) living agents (a) Parasites-spiro-
lung cancer. )
-Single petra Neoplastica Dr. Fibizer in 1973.
as Alfa Classification: (A) Histoid or Histi-
(b) Virus- Peyton Rous-1911, Filtrable virus.
ements oid Tumors (1) Of Adult type-originating
(B) Intrinsic factors causing irritation. from one blastodermic layer, -Fibroma,
ma, or (1) Hormonic Agents. "The carcinogenic
: cervix Myxoma, lipoma, Chondroma, Oeteoma,
hydrocarbons are structurally related to the
Myoma etc.
., ope- steroids of the body, These include the sex
ionetc. hormones, the bile acids, Vitamin D and
irrita- probably excessive heaping of other vita- J Virchows Classification: (2) Of
mins and the growth promoting factors and embryonic type -2 blestodermic layers-
tissue organisers. (Male hormones exclu- Sarcoma. (B) Organoid Tumors-Papiloma,
:arcino- Adenoma, Carcinoma. (c) Teratoid Tumors-
ded). Oestrin-Causes mamary cancer. (2)
hemical Teratoma.
Anto Intoxication- Bile acids etc. Indiscri-
minate use of other acids. (3) Indiscrimi-
8-50% nate use at some strong drugs. (4) Indis- Adamis Classification: 1) Tumors
criminate use of Birth control pills. (5) of connective tissue (a) Histromata - i.e.
Recurrent suppression of external manifes- Fibroma, lipoma etc. binign tumors (b)
tation of symptoms- Eczema, inflammations Cytomata - i. e. Sarcoma. (2) Tumors of
inate it etc. by external medication. (6) Mental Epithelial tissue (a) Histriomata i. e. papi-
~active stress, strain anxiety, Anger fear, joy etc. lloma, Adenoma. (b) Cytomato i. e. Carci-
n very -The economic stress and strain of modern noma. (3) Mixed Tumors Teratoma, mixed
days. These suppressions cause altered parotid tumor.

Jary 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Differences -- .
Benign Malignant :,r..

a) Cells simulate the normal tissue. a) Cells show anaplasia.

b) Adult type of cells and nuclei. b) Cells show atypical mitosis and multiple
neuclei with hyperchromatism.
c) Blood vessles few and well formed c) Abundant ill formed blood spaces often
lined by malignant cells.

d) Fibrous stroma in big bands d) Fibrous tissues are fine and reticulate in
type, and showing stroma reaction
& not .e
e) Degeneration
Haemorrhage 8) Common
-- .
0:' !
f) Basement membrance intact, f) Defective or absent.

Differences of Sarcoma and Carcinoma

Sarcoma Carcinoma

1) Origin -Mesoblastic Hypo or epiblastie

2) Stroma Surrounds individual cells. Surrounds masses of cells
3) Cells - Embryonic, round or spindle Cells epithelial in nature, columnar, cubicalt
shaped. spheroical or flattened. --,-

4) Vessles are in contact with the cells of Vessles are entirely contained in the stroma.
the tumour and may be formed by modi-
fication of these cells, haemorrahages ..., -
common. =:..;

5) Disseminations - By Blood vessles. By lymph and blood vessles

6) Mode of Growth -
Destroys tissue by Fibrous tissue reaction surrouning carci- ','0'
pressure without producing any fibrous noma.

7) Nutrition-New young capillaries develop. No new vessles from in cancer mass vessles Of .
appear in the fibrous tissue stroma na"
8) Alveolar arrangement -
None as there is General on account of fibrous tissue Drs
no fibrous tissue reaction. reaction.
3 "".~
9) Relation to malignancy and mode of Invadas the local tissue and ultimately the at ~
speed great malignancy on account of Iymphatics, then the adjacent glands and t""e :
easy reach of the blood vessles. subsequently the blood stream. .,.J.t

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990 Co-:;

Treatment: Now let us think about where conventisnalism is absent and food
the treatment of this so called most incura- perfectly natural and abundant; where the
ble disease. I say so called because there natives have never lost touch with the first
is a common idea prevailing in public mind principles of feeding and there is no such
that once cancer is diagnosed the death things as constipation-there is no cancer".
nultiple certificate is given. The sooner this idea If we go through the writings of D. Bernard
goes away fromthe peoples mind the better. Hollander in the essay 'Freedom of Negro
:; often Campaign should be made to impress in the races from cancer'. we find, he writes "I
peoples mind that this is a curable disease. was interested in the causation of cancer,
This changed idea will definitely help the when my friend, the late Sir Henry Morton
Ilate in human race to get out of their cloud of fear Stanley, the African explorer, drew my atten-
and look the thing in their proper perspec- tion to the fact that the native races in the
tive. I can say that a large percentage of regions through which he had travelled
cures have been reported by various methods were free from it to make sure, he furnished
of treatment and the others suffering from me with a list of hospitals and got me to
this disease likewise may also be cured. "In write to the physicians in charge of them.
any event the dogma that cancer is an incu- The replies I received confirmed his obser-
rable disease, is in face of the evidence an vations and revealed that only in cost towns
entirely untrue one and sooner it is dispelled where natives mingled with Europeans, did
the better for suffering humanity". cancer occur. And then, only (at that time)
one case in about 10 or 12 years This
The whole scheme of treatment may be information led me to further inquiries, and
devided in to five general groups. I ascertained that native races of other con-
cubical( (1) Preventive (2) Medicinal (3) Radi- tinents were similarly immune when not
ation (4) Surgical (5) General. brought into contact with civilization". In
Himalayan regions also cancer is very unco-
stroma. Preventive: I Know that I would be
mmon amongst races and tribes who live
riduculed when I shall speak of prevention
and grow in nature and eat raw and whole
of cancer. But it is very true that occurance
some food. Dr. Hallilay a Lt. Col. in Indian
of cancer can be prevented.
Medical Service wrote that in twentytwo
A baby is safe when he is in the lap of years of experience in the plains of Punjab
mother completely under her control. and the North West province and Himalayas
carci- Mothers love and kindness prevents the only encountered 3 cases of cancer.
baby from any sort of physical hurt. Mother
nature is also similarly kind to us. When In other words natural whole bread,
were completely dependent on the influence Maize' Millet, Plenty of greens, uncooked or
vessles of mother nature, we are also safe. This half cooked food, fruits, Sugar cane Garlic
have been proved times without number. and less flesh food will help prevention of

tissue Ors. W. Cramer, A. C. Jordon and Tom cancer. Moreover Dr. Forbes Rose advised
Harkness wrote in British' medical journal in his patients to take a pinch of ci trate of
30th April 1938 that "Cancer is a disease potassium in a glass of hot water either on
tely the of Civilization". Dr. E. H. Tipper in an essay rising or at some other convenient time for
nds and the cradle of the world and cancer in 1927 the purpose of prevention of cancer with
wrote. "Amongst the race of which I write- very good results. Professor Avile advised

Jary 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

to take a tea spoonful of Linsed with lemon with those which are unrecorded. Many Rajj
and honey before i hours of food. Linsed names I could make here like Drs. Paget, P"'.1
oil, according to him, contains anticancerous Brodie, Muller, Sauerbruch, Gleitmann, C\..'"
~roperties. (Efr. Scott advised to take a Rohdenburg, Lomer etc. who collected re-
table spoonful ~f ;erude black molassess cords of hundreds of spontaneous crues of Ca
J daily in a tumble'M water which he obser- J cancers which recorded or vanished spon- etc
ved to be highly beneficial for general helth taneously, Rhodenburg picked out one lose'
and prevention of cancer. ') hundred as or well ~erified examples recession.
of sp.on-
.' . taneous semi-spontaneous ... ed
If we cou Id IIve more In nature avol d
. ' ,..
- .
Rhodenburg then gives a list of three hun- trea'
109 may of the extrinSIC causes of IUltatlon. .
' .
dred and two a dd Itlona I cases. I may here
. .'er.
we cou Id be easl 1y save d from t h e sal d
. '
h om fymg d .Isease, ~ D H M. quote Dr. Georgma luden of U.S.A. who tion
I I! may quote r. . . fact can
writes: "The irrportance of this . abno
Sheldon of U. S. A in this regard when he . .
., har dl y b e over estimate.d I t ISa proo f POSI- pop;
said' we wake ourselves with cofhen move b 0 dY can wage a
" tive that the h uman . . Cure
our bowels with a cathartic, coax our appe-
winning ig t agaInst ma IIgnancy un d er th e
f h :0' .
tite with condiments, carry through the day " "
. . .. most untowar d con d Itlons . 'ent
on pep-up dnnks, seek rest In nlcotme, go sphe'
to sleep with an opiate and die just when I have a personal experience of this
- 8a
we should begin to enjoy life") I may add spontaneous recovery of a case of cancer. Q_:.a
that here inhale to live the half burnt diesel Sri Bijan Banerjee who was working as my ce' a
gas mingled with chully smoke and dust driver is an old man who was affected by
and odorified with obnoxious city garbages.
\cancer throat His condition was serious
and it was diagonised as a case of cancer
o may add further that deep breathing by Medical College and advised Deep ray S
i. e. breathing exercise which supply extra
:: ...~
O2 in om system and yogic exercises along (therapy. A couple of exposures were also
given when he got an attac::k of virulent
J with some yogic meditations will help the
type of small pox. When he recovered from - ~.
prevention of the sa~d disease. That is why small pox he found that the cancer of the ---
Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore used to ask throat is also cured. He was alive with
his pupils to take breathing exercises daily ~ -
normal health for more then 12 years after - .a.-
for keeping up their general health and
that. Regarding medical tr;atment I shall
prevention of many diseases.) only restrict myself to Homooopathic treat-
Medical Treatment: ment and avoid discussion on chemothera- ~e ;; .
peutic drugs. n' ::-a
Before I go for medicinal treatment I
want to stress on a very important point i.e. There are many homooopathic drugs
the spontaneous cure of cancer "In 1925 suitable for cure of cancer cases. As
the well known surgeon Mr. Hastings
Gilford wrote the following highly signifi-
, homooopathic medicines are selected accor-
.\ ding to symptom similarity any drug in the
cant words: Though cancer is so commonly Materia Mediea may come in. I have found -- -.--::
regarded as inevitably fatal, many cases are the following drugs to be of great use when
recorded as spontaneous disappearence and prescribed according to their symptom simi-
nothing can be more certain that these re- larity. These drugs are Thuja, Acid Nitric,
corded cases are very few in comparision Aurum lod., Aurum Mur., Kreosotum, X-Ray

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Many Radium, Benzol, Ruta G., Gallium Ap., sym- homreopathic literature was reported by
, Paget,
. phytum, Arn. Mont., Phosphorus, Hyperi-
cum, Lachesis, Merc Bin lod, Merc. Proto
J Dr. W. E. Jackson-almost one thousand
two hundred cases over a period of 12 years
:ted re- lod., Merc Sol., Ars. Alb, Ars. lod. Hydrastis the recovery rate being 92%.
crues of Can., Echenacea, Malandrinum, Psorinum
i spon- etc. Biochemic drugs are also found very Radiation Therapy: I do not want to
ut one go into the detail of this treatment. Many
useful'; The drugs were selected either on
)f spon- acute symptoms to alliviate pain etc. follo- cases of palliation of symptoms and some
cession. wed by constitutional or antimiasmatic cures have been recorded.
ee hun- treatment. This antimiasmatic treatment is
Surgical Treatment: I must admit that
ay here very essential because the miasmatic condi-
in certain cases where the diagnosis was
,A. who tion produces the diatheses and if this or
fact can done in very early stage surgical interven-
abnormal susc~ptibility is not corrected by tion has given longer life to the patient. In
,of posi- proper deep acting miasmatic drug complete my mind it appeare that after surgical remo-
wage a cure cannot be effected. To select the drugs val, homreopathic constitutional treatment
nderthe for the acute condition we found that diffe-
will yield better result and prevent
rent drugs have propensity to different recurrance.
of this spheres of body or tissue. Thus we find
. Gallium Appra is useful for tongue cancer, General Treatment: I may suggest
Ruta G. for rectal. Hypericum for nerve can- some points as general treatment over and
, as my
above the application of in indicated medi-
cted by cer and symphytum and Aurum for B~
serious cancer Benzol for Blood Cancer etc. etc. cines. They are-(1) Rest (2) Regular
,f cancer Breathing exercise (3) Exercise for bring-
In 1929 Dr. A. N. Grimmer, M. D. of
ing mental tranquility by meditation and
eep ray U. S. A. wrote, "the curing of cancer cases
9re also antosuggestion. (4) Good whole some
by homrepathic remedies is nothing new or food like brown bread, maize, apples, nuts,
virulent strange". But he significantly said that for
ed from almond milk, honey, grapes, black molases,
uniform success one must combine the green vegetables, uncooked or half cooked
ir of the selection of the homreopathic remedy with
,ve with substances. (5) Avoid extra common salt.
I a diet of fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts. (6) Take food rich in Potash content like
iars after In an article by Dr. James Stephenson M. D.
I shall apples, leafy vegetables growing in or aro-
published in the journal of the American und ponds like kalmi, suzni etc. molases.
ic treat-
Institute of Homreopathy (January 1955) (7) Avoid unnecessary flesh eating. Take
he gives the case histories of a large number small fishes in plenty, (8) Avoid consti-
of patients cured by homreopathic means, I pation- Take whole linseed or linseed oil.
: drugs Quoting Dr. H. L. Peterman he writes: "My (9) Naturopathic treatment may be added
;es. As success in the treatment of cancer is as to with the medicinal treatment. Dr. Luis
,d accor- good as in other sever diseases. I don't Kuhne's method of elimination of anto in-
9 in the extirpate in a single case. I have cured upto toxicating agents by naturopathic method-
vefound 50 cases in 35 years all kinds, only two is worth mentioning. (10) Avoid any thing
Ise when deaths. This was already in 1905. A few which irritates internally or externally -Avoid
om simi- yeare later he reported cures of 80 still with very worm food very cold drinks or food.
d Nitric, 2 deaths. Dr. Stephenson further states the Spicy food and condiments excessive chilly.
11,X-Ray 'ongest series of cases to be found in Cigerattes Tobacco chewing or in any form

uary 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Chemical cosmetic~, Chemical fertiliser, J health eating all sorts of food
of some other cause.
and expired
Mental irritation (11) Avoid over feeding
and rich feeding-fasting at least once a
2) The second case a case of Reticulum
week. (12) Av-oidsuppression of external cell sarcoma of Rt. illiac Bone. Mrs. Manoka
manifestation of a chronic disease like )
Paul of 6/3, Shyama Charan Chowdhury
eczema by external application.
lane, Salkia. Howrah, Age 35 years, was
let me take up a few established cases referred to me on 27. 2. 1965 by Sri Nirmal ;.
of cancer where homreopathic treatment Mukherjee, the then chairman of Howrah
was found useful. Municipality. I saw her in agonising pain
with inability to move the lower limbs and
1) let me take up the case of my father extreme difficulty in passing stool and urine.

late Dr. Netai Charan Chakravarty who was s

The inguinal glands were swollen and harbl.
himself was a great homooopath. I have S
This was a rejected case from both S.S.K.M.
learnt much of homooopathy sitting under :1
Hospital and Medical College Hospital and
his feet and have seen innumerable such sent back home for ultimate end.
cases miraculously cured. He got an attack j
of cold and cough with chronic hoarseness After taking up the case the peculiar r'I

in the beginning of 1969. In November mental and catarrhal symptom of Tubercu-

1969 he developed dysphagia. Prof. Dr. N. linum was found and Tuberculinum Bov.
Banerjee, F.R.C.S. etc. E. N. T. surgeon 200 was prescribed in 2 fractional doses
was consulted who immediately detected a made in distilled water by 2 globules of the .-
new growth in his throat and advised for medicine. This helped the patient and ulti-
X-Ray and Biopsy. Biopsy was done in mately she got cured. Of course she requi- -
Calcutta Medical College by Dr. Amitava Roy, red some intercurrent remedy like Hydrastis
F.R.C.S. etc. and the report of two sepe-
Can. Q, Nux Vomica 30 and Rhus T~ 12 at
rate samples done in Medical College and different times for relieving certain symptoms.
out side by Dr. S. K. Banerjee revealed that Even today she is alive enjoying a healthy ;;
life. In 1968 she was called back by Medi-
was a caseGr.of11.At
Ca. that
timeSquamous cell
it was difficult cal College. In their routine follow up they
for him to drink a cup of milk in the whole wanted to know whether she was alive or
day. He was giving symptoms of lachesis not. When in reply they came to know that
and lachesis 200 was given to him, he got she was alive, she was requested to appear ..
some relief, could eat better but troubles \ in the tumour clinic, and on their request the
prevailed. One evening he started coughing j famous physician Dr. J. C. Banerjee exami- -
out enough quantity of blood and there was ned her on 1. 2. 68 ( Tumour clinic No. T. ...
severe stitching pain in throat. Acid Nitric C.-25/68) and declared that there was no !!
200 was given with complete relief of the need of radiotherapy or any other treatment.
present symptom of pain and bleeding.
) 3) The third case is a case of Adeno
. This was followed by Thuja 1M, then CM,in
flaxion potencies and he was completely -
Carcinoma of prostrate Sri Satkari Chatto- .
cured. He was several times checked by padhyay, Age: 62 years an advocate of
Dr. Amitava Roy who declared that there Calcutta Bar got admitted in S.S.K.M. Hos-
was no sign of any growth and my father pital in Curzon ward bed No 17 on 16.9.64
lived upto September 1978 with perfect for dysuria. The pain was severe and urine -:
Congress on Cancer . Calcutta, February 1990
expired was passing in drops. Surgical operation 6) Sri Dulal Chandra Koley of Ichapur,
done for prostatectomy but left after biopsy Howrah Deputy Cashierof India Mechinery
~ticulum which revealed Adeno carcinoma of prostate. and Company, Dasnagar, Howrah has been
Manoka He was also sent back home. On 8.3.65. I diagnosed by S.S.K.M. Hospital to be a late
was consulted. On examinations I found ! case of Gastric Cancer. Atter consultation I
Irs, was dysuria, ascitis, oedema of legs, swollening . prescribed him carcinosin basing on his
'i Nirmal of scrotum, Jaundice with itching of whole mental symptoms and sleep, He is cured of
Howrah body and the general condition was very his complains for more than 5 years.
ng pain poor. Patient \II,as more or iess semicon-
7) Mrs. Sen mother of Sri KajalSen of
nbs and cious. To my mind it appeared that it is R. B. Avenue, Calcutta consulted me for
Id urine. impossible to treat this cases at such a late
cancer of pancreas. The diagnosis was
Id harbl. stage. However to give relief to the then
done in the hospital after biopsy and was
:;.S.K.M. symptom of jaundice, itching, ascitis and left as a lost case. Her son KajalBabu con-
>itaI and dysuria I prescribed Myrica Q to be taken sulted me. I saw her at her place. She was
3 times a day. This became the life saving
too weak to move and there was jaundice. I
drug for him and he started improving. He
prescribed Sillicea 200 which improved her
peculiar got completely cured.
condition followed by Calcarea fluor 6x.
4) The fourth case Sri Prosad Chandra She is alive today for more than six years
Im Bov.
Purakait of P. O. Chanditala. ViiI. West completely free from her original trouble
I doses
s of the Pairagacha, Dist. Hooghly - aged 60 come and doing all household works normally.
md ulti- to my chamber with a squamous cell carci-
8) I have treated Dr. Mrs. Chatterjee
le requi- noma grade I diagnosed by biopsy on wife of Dr. M. N. Chatterjee, Prof. of patho-

12 at

25. 3. 71. and the growth was growing
rapidly. Taking his symptoms he was given
Aurum Mur 1M followed by 10M and
gallium Ap. Q to gurgle. He continued his
logy National Medical College for cancer of
her intestines. She completed all the mod-
ern treatment and came to me, she was on
Indoxon, a chemotherapeutic drug which
IYMedi- treated upto 18.6.74 and was completely
was tapered out and started homceopathic
cured. He is alive today with normal
up they medicine. So far I rememberthe drug was
i alive or

5) The fifth case - Sri Sou men Chakra-

Carcinosin 200 followed by Calcarea fluor
6x. Now she is totally free from her trouble
I appear vorty of 14, A. K, Bose Lane, Baranagar, for about 2 years. She was sent to foreign
luest the Calcutta-36 aged 28 years came to me on country for necessary check up where her
i exami- 5.8.74 with severe dysuria which was diag- brother was famous radiologist. There was
ic No. T. nosed as "Retroperitoneal Sarcoma" by also she was declared as free from that
was no experts. Atter taking up the case and disease.
eatment. getting the time modality of Thuja, two I do not want to increase the list for
fractional doses of Thuja Oc.200 was given
f Adeno fear of space and time.
Chatto- in distilled water. On 14/8 the report was
better. Patient vyas feeling better in general. I narrated the cases not to bring any
)cate of
On 21/8 much relief was observed and the credit to myself. I know many of my friends
M. Hos-
catheter was removed. He is alive even and students are treating this disease succes-
I 16.9.64
today leading a normal life and engaged in sfully either curing them or alliviating the
nd urine
his normal duties. pain and am sure some research worker will
uary 1990 Calcutta, February 1990
Congress on Cancer
on& day bring most of the list out. My pur- I cannot stop without mentioning a
pose of narrating the cases is to bring con- case of Hodgkin's disease. A lady named
fidence to the mind of the physicians as Srimati Bala Dutta Banic age 65 years came
well as lay people that this is a curable to me on 1.8.74 with Hodgkin's disease
disease. Hard study, devotion and research diagnosed and treated in Medical Coll-
will some day bring out a proper line of ege Hospitals Card No. 74/793 dt. 16.7.74.
treatment for controlling or curing this She was a hungry patients and basing on ..
dreadful disease. .that and also on other indications of lodum.
She was given lodum 200 on 1.8.74. After
I want to further add that homooopathic I one month she developed fever and gave
medicines work equally well even after or symptoms of Ars. lod 30 was given which
alongwith radiotherapy or surgical interven- relieved but again symptoms of lodum app-
tion or chemotherapeutic drugs. This I have eared which was again repeated. Subsequ-
observed in several cases. Many post sur- ently she improved but the complains did
gical or post radiation cancer cases are now not subside completely. Hoang Nun 3x
under my care and most of them are doing was prescribed. This cured her completely.
She is enjoying normal health now. 0
)well time period ranging to 2 to 15 years.
. ~



"Homreopathy-the most complete and scientific

System of Healing the World has ever seen"

John H. Clarke, M. D. --

- -


Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990 ::- J

ioning a
Iy named Homoeopathic cancer considerations.
ens came An ecological concept
; disease
~al ColI- Introduction as displaying the characteristics of plant
16.7.74. species which display parasitism or which
3sing on When approaching cancer as a disease
are toxic or pathological towards their
f lodum. it seemed necessary first to consider the
community neighbours. (Fig. 1)
74. After range of treatment types available to the
nd gave homreopathic therapist. Within the frame- CANCER CHARACTERISTICS
to which work of the law of similars available treat-
Plants which have Parasitic Plants which resist
ment can be conceptualized as being of two these characteristics
Jm app-
iubsequ- types. @e first broad group are drugs that
these characteristics
should be effective - virulent should be effective
in resisting tumour
in paralleling the
lains did produce similar symptoms and can be des- disease process rapid spread growth

Nun 3x cribed as paralleling the disease process,

(Experiment 1) compression and crushing
npletely. e. g. hemlock. poke root in applicable cas~ (Experiment 2) of organs
. ~ second broad group are drugs that
are more closely aimed at stimulating the
Figure 1. Model used in selection of plant
types for therapeutic use and for experi-
I immune system, e.g. nosode0 These can mental design.
be described as accentuating resistance
to the disease process. Within the limits of
~ Experiment 1
the work described in this paper, an attempt Method
has been made to develop drugs which
The concepts outlined were used to
are designed to consider these avenues of
treatment and to test the effectiveness with- select species from whic9-1lnctures were to
in limited laboratory experiments. be derived for testing. ltn the first case
plants which displayed characteristics which
Consideration was given to the selec- effectively smother. strangle or crush their
tion of plants from which to develop drugs. hosts were considered. A number of such
New approaches were considered to try to types were utilized. But at this stage only
expand the range of raw materials available one has been tested. This was a species
for future research work. found in Central America which very effec-
To this end 'a-priori' models were deve- tively kills its host trae, was known to the
loped. The first considered cancer tumour author, and this was available for testing.
growth in terms of characteristics which lit is a strangler fig. Ficus padifolia, ----.
draw similarities between the tumour and
t known as matapalito-tre killer. This g~ows
plant community ecology. While it is reali- prolificallyon
r- palm trees: The vines wrap
zed that cancers develop from a plastic celt themselves around palm rees, growing out
division, the growth and effect of such can- of the ground at the very base of the palm
in several shoots that then wind themselves
cers within and on the surrounding commu-
nity of body cells and organs can be seen around the palm. It is common for this in-
vader to completely cover the trunk of the
. R. R. Male, MPS, FRSH, MIPHARMM ; palm as its own trunks
ther, outer trunk.
merge to form ano-
The vine then forms its
P. Rodgers, PHD; A. G. R. Male, MA

~ary 1990 :/.1'1gress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

own branches and leaves and kills its host the Marie Curie Cancer Research Institute.
by both smothering its canopy and crushing The experimental work was designed to see
the trunk. It is an extremely effective agent if this drug was effective in inhibiting cell
in the destruction of the unfortunate host. division and transformation in a culture in P:Y.:.
laboratory conditions.
A tincture was derived from leaves,
stem and root of the plant macerated in In preliminary attempts to assess the I
alcohol for eight days and then attenuated efficacy of the drug on cell proliferation,.. I

to the potencies shown in Table 1. Prelimi- the human peripheral blood leucocyte cul- II
as: '
nary experimental work was undertaken at tu re system was utilized. The Mexican
strangler fig was code-named Paula and is
TABLE 1 Results obtained from Paula ex-
referred to in the table by this name.
periment to test cell inhibition abilities.
Each potency was tested tliree times. An arbitrary concentration (0.1 ml. of
sample) of each potency was used in all
Comments experiments, which were carried out for an
potenCY;COde No I

incubation period of 72 hours. Setting up

3x Mitoses present-transforma- of cultures, harvesting etc., are by the stan- ---
G ;:;

tion evident-very few cells dard established in the Maria Curie Labo-
2 Inhibition of transformation- ratories.l -
some cell lysis Results are summarized in Table 1.
3 Cell lysis-inhibition of Analysis
transformation This culture system has been used ::.~ ,
quite extensively as a preliminary screening
4 Good transformation method for inhibition of cell proliferation.
Control I

Normally, cells are stimulated to transform s_=:::

4x 5 No mitoses-inhibition of and divide in culture under the influence of
transformation the lectin phytohaemagglutinin. Com- .I,- 4
6 Cell lysis-inhibition of pounds preventing such transformation and
transformation division are either immunosuppressive
cytostatic or cytocidal.
7 Lysis-inhibition of
transformation Using different potencies of Paula, the ','~:
following observations were made.
8 Good transformation -Paula 3x is totally ineffective in this
Control I - -
system, since the mitoses and transfor-
6x 9 '''CA
I Cell lysis-inhibition of mation were similar to those obtained in
transformation the control.
10 Lysis-inhibition of -Potencies 4x and 6x showed inhibition of
cell transformation and mitoses with a
11 Lysis-inhibition of fair degree of cell lysis. -: .'
It is therefore concluded that potencies
" ....
4x and 6x of Paula are effective against
12 Good transformation
cell transformation and division.
Control \
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
Institute. Experiment 2 species is Metrosideros robusta, known
ed to see The second model considered the nor- locally as the rata. This plant is abundant
iting cell mal distribution curve of the response of a in the native forests and is responsible for
culture in the deaths of many of the canopy trees of
population to a disease. In any population
some individuals have very low resistance the forest. It is a vine which develops from
;sess the and contract the disease rapidly and in the an epiphyte. As the young plant develops,
case of fatal diseases succumb quickly. The it sends down roots towards the ground.
literation," i
next group, the majority, contract the dise- These roots inosculate, and slowly enclose
::yte cul-
Mexican ase more slowly and succumb at later dates. the stem of the supporting tree, which at
lla and is But there is a group of individuals which last is crushed by the grip of the rata.2
I. because of a much higher resistance do not
contract the disease or throw off its effects The only tree which can resist the iron
I ml. of hug is the puriri ( Vitex lucens) the stron-
rapidly and fully.
.ed in all gest and toughest of all New Zealand trees.
Jt for an It was plants that exhibited the charac- In tact it may sometimes be seen bursting
ttting up teristics of the last of these groups which the encircling roots of the epiphyte.s This
the stan- attracted consideration in this work. It was prompted interest in the utilization of these
rie Labo- felt that plants which showed most vigour resistive characteristics in the immune
in resisting the noxious attentions of para- system.
e 1. sites or of other agencies could provide It was also considered that an indivi-
efficacious drugs for the treatment of cancer dual which had been invaded by the rata,
In used growths. It was also felt that if tinctures but had resisted, would have enhanced the
could be made from individuals within a
creening general nature of the puriri species. Its
iferation. species group which may have been attac-
ability as a species to withstand the noxious
ransform ked by a pathological agency and had attentions of the rata vine is so marked that
lence of successfully resisted that attack, it was hig- it was very difficult to find an individual
Com- hly likely that the immune characteristics, which had been invaded by the rata and
tion and which the plant had developed or had
had subsequently resisted the attack.
pressive possessed inherently, would probably be
incorporated within the remedy. Once such an individual had been loca-
ted, a quantity of puriri leaves, trunk and
IUla, the Method
root was obtained and then macerated for
Because the initial work was being eight days to make a mother tincture from
in this conducted in New Zealand it was felt that it. The tincture was then potentized to the
transfor- indigenous species shou Id be examined. 12th. 15th and 30th attenuations, using
'ained in New Zealand's indigenous species are gene-
rally described as a mixed temperate rain-
Korsakov hand succussion. Silica glass
sterilized by heat were used through-
forest. The lowlands species are characte- out. Succussion frequencies were ten sharp
bition of rized by a podocarp community with indi- strokes per attenuation. The serial dilutions
with a ;;idual species names unfamiliar elsewhere. were centesimal scale and the rest period
However in practical terms the 'bush' is between each attenuation was just suffi-
lotencies dense, damp and vigorous in its growth. cient to refill the vial to the appropriate
t against .\'ithin this forest complex there is an indi- amount, upon which succussion was resu-
genous example of the myrtle family. This med by hand each time.

uary 1990 C::;ngress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

A pilot experiment to assess the tumo- Analysis
urreducing capacity of potentized Puriri Within strict statistical terms the expe-
was then undertaken under laboratory con- riment was inconclusive because there was
no statistically significant difference bet-
Twenty age and sex matched BALB C ween the groups. However there are suffi-
mice were randomly allocated into four gro- cient trends indicated within the results to
ups of five mice. Each mouse was injected generate some conclusions and to show the
intraperitoneally with 5 x 10 S syngensls need for future modifications in the experi-
Meth A tumour cells.4 The mice were allo- mental design.
wed food and water ad libitum. The drin-
There was not the expected mortality
king waterof the control group was normal in the control group because of the restric-
tap water, for the three test groups aque- ted nature of the sample and the time scale
ous Puriri at potencies 12, 15 and 30 res- the .reasons for this could not be adequately
pectively was added to tap water in the clarified. Large group sizes would there-
water bottles, which were similarly repleni- fore be required in future to show statisti-
shed at two to three day intervals. Because cally significant differences.
of the small volume of Puriri 12 available
However, there was a trend in the
due to a technical problem. Puriri 12 was
results which showed that the mortality rate
only replenished on one occasion; for the
of the Puriri 15 and 30 potency groups
remaining weeks the Puriri 12 group drank
normal tap water. was lower than the other groups. Of
particular interest was the 30 potency group
The mice were assessed for tumour
in which there was no mortality and the
growth (subjective) and time of death after tumour size was also small. In the experi-
tumour challenge. menters' opinion it would be worth exten-
The tumour dose selected was chosen ding the trail using larger numbers of mice
because in the author's experience it would and a range of tumour doses as a result of
normally lead to 10°% mortality within one this initial indication of success. With larger
month which is a reasonable time to assess group sizes statistical testing requirements
treatment effect. could be more easily met.
(Conclusions J
Six weeks after the start of the experi- In this paper there has been an attempt
ment the condition of the four groups was to show a conceptual model which related
as follows: disease processes involving cancer with vari-
Control Three dead (26-28 days): two ous plant characteristics. The purpose of
normal. this was to create a framework within w.tlich
plant species could be selected for experi-
Puriri 12 Three dead (one after 15 days, mentation. Although the purpose of the
two between 26-28 days): two experiments was not primarily to test this
'a priori" model rigorously, the results show
Puriri 15 One dead (26-28 days): two that it was a helpful process and may ena-
with small tumours. two normal. ble many other plants from many areas of
Puriri 30 Two with small tumours, three the world to be chosen for this and other
normal. disease processes.

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

The experiments described tested the 2 laing RM. Blackwell EW. Plants of New
he expe- efficacy of potencies derived from two spe- Zealand. Whitcombic and Tombs 1964.
there was cies of cancer tumour development. AIt\1o-
tnce bet- ugh the experimental samples were small 3 Hamlin B. Plants of New Zealand and
are suffi- and consequently the results cannot be Native Trees. 1962.
'esults to seen as definitive, the trends established 4 Matossian- Rogers A. Garrido F, Festen-
show the were encouraging within the tentative stein H. Emergence of foreign H-2 like
e experi- nature of the programme. cytotoxicity and transplantation targets
on Vaccinia and Moleney Virus infected
While the first exp eriment was more
mortality Meth A Tumour Cells. Scand J Immund
definite in its conclusions it is the second
~ restric- 1977: 6: 541-546.
ime scale experiment which stimulates speculation of
further implications. It gives the possibility 5 Hawkesworth FG. Dwarf Mistletoes on
of a wide field of study in the potential of Ponderosa Pine. Proc. 9 Bot. Congo
Id there-
using survivor individuals as the basis for 1959: 2: 154.
, statisti-
homreopathic remedies. A lot of work in
orthodox chemistry and plant physiology 6 Lym R. Preconditioning Field Bindweed
in the has been conducted in examining the rea- with growth Regulators Prior to Herbi-
ality rate sons for this resistance factor and subse- cide Treatment. Unpublished PhD
, groups quent vigour of the plant after the attack by Thesis, Plant Science Div. North Dakota
Jps. Of the pathogen5.6.7. This could also be exten- State Univ. 1979.
cy group ded to include vigourous noxious species
and the 7 Smith RB. Wass EF Infection trials with
which having been treated by herbicides three dwarf mistletoe species within and
t experi- recover and continue to grow with
"I exten- beyond their known ranges in British
vigour6.8 The characteristics of such indi- Columbia. Canadian Journal of Plant
s of mice
viduals, potentized, may prove very usef~ Pathology (1) 1979.
result of ../
ith larger Bibliography 8 Zemanek DCJ. Effect of the Herbicides
1 Bishun NP. Morton WRM. McLavertyB. MCPA and Simazine on the Respiration
Macromethod for culturing human peri- Rate and Content of Glycides and Nitro-
pheral blood cultures. Lancet 1964: gen in Bindweed. Biologia Plantarum
attempt 2: 315-316. (Praha) 1971: 13 (4). 0
I related
vith vari-
rpose of
lin w.t1ich
, experi-
~ of the
, test this
Ilts show
lay ena-
areas of
nd other

uary 1990
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990


I heard on the wireless the other night back she went into the local hospital "for
that the Imperial Cancer Research body had another slight operation" and a week later
the finest laboratories in EUROPE, and she returned home once again feeling much 1

seventy picked scientists who were experi- better. Unhappily however, this improve-
menting to find "The Cure for Cancer." ment lasted only a few days and in three
weeks she collapsed and was taken back
To-day (8th March) the press reports into hospital by ambulance this time, where
that smoking causes cancer of the lung, she remained for nine mon'ths, her flesh fell
away from her, she had several abdominal
Cancer it very much in the news and it
operations to relieve pain and subsequently
is, undoubtedly, killing thousands of people.
she died-a dreadful death-of cancer.

Those seventy picked scientists (who,

incidentally, do not work under the national The point I want to make is that this
health scheme) will N EVER find "The Cure woman was sick when the eruption first
for Cancer" because there is no such thing. appeared on her legs-and this was nature's
way of eliminating the poisons. Had she
Cancer is the end product of disease then been treated homooopathically on the
and the patient is sick, long before the dis- totality of symptoms, SHE would have been
ease ultimates in what we call cancer. let right and nothing more would have ultima-
me give you an illustration. A woman of ted-in other words she would have been
sixty eame to live in our village and rsoon cured.
after we go to know her, she said she had
to see a skin specialist at the county hospi- I reiterate- cancer is only the results of
tal because she had an eruption on her legs. J disease and NOT the disease itself and
For three years I never saw her without ban- therefore it is impossible for anybody to
dages on both legs and during the whole of find THE cure for cancer.
this time she applied an oinment, which she
had to use very sparingly, as it was very Cancer as we know it, is the ultimation
expensive and she was only given a tiny of disease in those patients whose suscepti-
pot! Then she began to complain of cons- ~ility and idiosyncracies make it possible
tipation and "an uncomfortable" feeling in for a cancer to appear and flourish. In the
the rectum. She went, this time, to the local other patients sickness manifests in other
hospital and the specialist there said he ways. e.g. as rheumatism, kidney troubles,
would operate (only something very slight) stomach ulcers, etc. This must be so, other-
-to remove a small lump which was protru- wise EVERYBODYwould have cancer, and
ding in the rectum, when all would be well. the same type of cancer.**
She was in hospital for only a week and
she came out feeling very relieved that her
... Phyllis Speight
For continuation-see after the article of
trouble was over. It was-for twelve mon- Rectal Carcinoma cured by Homreopathy- '
ths. Then the same thing happened and P. Panday. '

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

The Socio-Medical Problem-
II "for
Ik later
much !'As a celebrity puts it, anarchy in cell How many can afford the costly cyto-
prove- gro~-h is cancer and anarchy in cell function toxic treatment? Can a rural patient afford,
I three to journey to the far off places to have the
is epilepsu Whenever a diagnosis of cancer
I back is made on a Patient, it sounds like a death cobolt treatment and the involved X-ray
where sentence because there is no cure for it and treatment and surgery? Evenhis cousin a
;h fell the dreadful cancerous pains are not con- common urbanite can not afford to undergo
)minal trolled, even today inspite of all the magni- the torture of invalidismfor long periods of
uently ficent discoveries in medicine. This is the nursing. Hence the problem is not only a
r. grim picture that is presented, whether the social one but also big economic one. It
cancer afflicts a king or common man. That involves fear and grief tensions and tortures.
is why the patient gets panicky and fright- There is no cure for even cancer-pain not to
t this
ened. By the time the diagnosis is made, speak of the cure of cancer? This is the
1 first overall situation in the allopathic thera-
Iture's it is already well advanced with the involve-
ment of remote glands and organs, even to peutics. The Oncologists are finding a big
i she
a doctor-patient and it is more so to the problem to control the cancer pain and the
In the recent American trend in the speciality of
lay-man. There is another interesting aspect
been Oncology is, to have separate discipline in
of the situation. The wide publicity given
Itima- medicine for the pain and also for the ter-
through press, platform, radio and T. V. for
been minal illness.
early detection of cancer has not in many
cases reached physicians and patients who The wonderful discoveries in surgery,
Its of continue to be perilously unaware of the radiology and chemotherapy have contribu-
stealthy growth of cancer in them. In the
cases where it reached them the innocent
ted decidedly for the increased survival peri- ~
fy to ods in some varities of the malignancies, but
~re gripped with the cancer phobia and be- unfortunately in the majority of the cases, it
come neurotics even at a non-cancerous
is adding the years of invalidism to the life.
lation mole. This is because by the time the cancer
:epti- is detected and diagnosed, it is already well The aetology of cancer is still unknown.
Isible advanced and hence cancer is a medical The researchers like Conheim, Waldyer,
1 the problem. It is the problem not only in Theiersea, Roberts, Horesman, Hickman and
other U. S. A. but also in India and it is more Dobzahnsky etc. have mentioned materilistic
.bles, intense in the under developed countries. factors, which lack scientific evaluation.
other- And a host of other researchers are trying to
Paper Presented to the Souvenir for world evolve an infection theory in some kinds of
and Homreopathic Congress on Cancer, Calcutta,
1990 cancer like Cross implicated virus for some
. P. S. Krishnamurty. varieties of Leukaemia, so that the approach
B.A; M.H.M.D.S; P.G.H; (U.S.A); (Glasgow); may yield some better therapies. Because
le of (London); (Germany); (France); (Switzerland); the aetiology and the diagnosis are shrouded
ithy- D-HT; (U.S.A.)
Corresponding Member. Faculty of Homreo-
in mystery, whenever the diagnosis of cancer
pathy (London). - is made the disease is already well advanced.
'1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
Now before entering into the merits and Copper Crystylization and capillary
demerits of the homooopathic therapeutics Oynamyzation tests are extensively used in
in the malignancies, let us examine the ques- this institute, which help the probable diag-
tion of cure of cancer. The homooopathics nosis of cancer about ten years in advance!
definition of cure as laid down by Hahne-
To prognosticate the case of malignancy and I
mann in the Organon is the ideal cure and to asses the treatment, they are very useful.
one has to live to that ideal. Hahnemann's This author got immense benefit in the
dynamic theory of the disease and the drug intricate cases.
are the perfect ones.
( ~his author witnessed
cancer well documented
a case of breast
by the biopsy
(By the time a cancer patient comes for report, surviving comfortably with no trouble
the homreopathic treatment, he is in the
for the last twenty years, with surgery, X-ray
ultimates of the disease after the heavy and
treatment and the chemotherapy, but with
the toxic doses of irradiation, cytotoxic treat-
homooopathic treatment. The patient died
ment and surgery and hence the term cure
of sudden heart attack, but not due to the
is not possible. Nevertheless homreopathic
recurrence of the cancer This patient con-
treatment affords excellent results in curing
sulted this author in 1948 for a lump in her
the torture and the suffering of cancer pains.
right breast in her fortyfifth year, which was
Undoubtedly the survival periods are exten-
confirmed as malignant growth after the
ded, when compared to the treatment in the
\ other systems of medicine.
biopsy. Because she witnessed excellent
cures in her family with the homooopathic
Homooopathy plays an excellent role in treatment for gastric ulcer, epilepsy and a
the therapeutics of cancer. The remission host of other critical acute iIInessess, she
J of the disease is with comfort to the patient refused to have total mastectomy with irra-
with no invalidism. J diation and chemotherapy. She was given
Conium, Natrummur, Thuja and Schirrinum
Not only Burnett, Clark and other on indications.
classical authors reported the efficacy of A doctor patient consulted me for ago-
homreopathic treatment for cancer in the nising dreadful cancer pains of rectum. She
past. but, even today doctors like Wadia, had elaborate chemotherapy, colostomy and
~ Kapadia. Oeekshitulu, Harischand, Kanjilal, irradiation in U.S.A. but the pains have
Jugal Kishore, Surti, K.G.K.Sastry and other gripped her so badly to force her to commit
homooopathic physicians reported good
survival periods for the canCer patients.
suicide on a few occasions. She lived for
-> three years with comfort and active medical
career, and died in a motor-car accident.
@is author is not dealing with the The drugs used for her were, Aurum, Carci-
Anthroposophical Medicine of Steiner,
nocin and Pulsatilla.
where Iscador and homooopathic treatment
produced, wonderful results, which are well Commonly many homreopaths claim

\ documented with the scientific precision at
lukas Klinik Switzerland. This author had
JEuphorbium to relieve cancer pains. This
author has got excellent results for cancer
the privilege of working with Alexander pains with Calcarea Acetica, Acetic Acid,
leroi and Or Rita leroi, at the cancer Oxalic Acid, Citric Acid and both Hetrodexa
Research Institute the lukas Klinik0 and Officinarum of Euphorbium.
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
:apillary Some of the cancer nos odes used by This author has a few thousand case
Llsed in Burmett and others are not available now. histories of cancer patients of various varie-
le diag- Thorough clinicians in Homooopathy should ties with the survival periods ranging from a
Ivance ! help pharmacists to prepare similar nosodes. few weeks to twenty years. For Iack of
lCYand space and time the detailed case histories
useful. In the experience of this author, there is
for the above cited cases are not appended.
in the a frequent need for the repetetion of the
The readers can get the details on request.
indicated constitutional remedy to the patient
with the involved miasmatic drugs and the There is beautiful scope for the preven-
breast cancer nosodes. tion of cancer. The children with the cancer
biopsy to the parents and grand parents, can be
trouble A lady of 54 years consulted me for
given preventive treatment with the consti-
" X-ray oesophageal cancer in 1973. She is hale and
tutional homooopathic treatment and with
It with "hearty upto date with no recurrence of can-
the use of indicated cancer nosodes off and
1t died cer and with no other ailment. Mercurius,
on for a couple of months. Even the adult
to the Carcinocin helped her. We stopped the
patients having timely check-ups for any
1t con- treatment in 1974, but sh~ reports now and
suspected growth, by the specialist, to have
) in her then personally and through correspon-
dence. successful homreopathic treatment. Social
ch was
and philanthrophic organisations can play a
ter the
An octogenarian of 'i5 years consulted big role, by conducting mass scale had tests
me in 1979 for oesophageal malignancy. He and screenings, to provide the suspected
Jpathic cancer patient to prevent the dreadful mani-
was on intravenous dip, because the oeso-
and a
phageal spasm and growth did not allow festation, with successful treatment.
ss, she
successful nasal feeds. Now he is swallo- In this connection it is relevant even to
th irra-
wing quite well both liquids and solids. He us in India to quote from Times magazine
s given
is on observation without medication since dated 2. 1. 1981 under the caption of 'Black
January 1981. cancer' :
r ago. A lady of 50 years consulted me in The statistics released by the National
1. She 1973 for adenocarcinoma of the uterus with Cancer Institute(U.S.A.) emphasise a striking
ny and secondaries in the ovaries with ascites. Sur- disparity in the survival rates of blacks and
> have gery and homreopathic treatment helped whites. Only 19% of black males with can-
:ommit her. Cytotoxic treatment was not given to cer of the rectum, compared with 42% of
ved for her. She is alive hale and hearty. She is on white males. This is because of the lack of
nedical observation without medication since 1975. timely diagnosis and treatment at the
cident. Aurum Muriaticum Natronatium, Thuja and specialised centres.
carcinoci~ helped hey.:,(~. To quote J.B.S. Haldane: Cancer is a
-{)(J 11J91{/,.
A homreopathic reputed physician, funny thing,
claim author and learned teacher is still alive with Cancer can be rather fun,
. This homoo::>pathic treatment, after the amputa- If one just controls the tumor
cancer tion, for the fibro-sarcoma for his right arm With a sufficient sense of humor,
: Acid, in 1966. Surgery has its useful role when So it is for all of us to learn to live,
:rodexa used with judicious care, but not in the With dignity with cancer,
veternary dose. And to die with dignity of cancer: D
,ry 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
Rectal Carcinoma cured J
by Homoeopathy*
On Sedtember 7, 1984, a 53 year-old Biopsy done June 14, 1984 at Safdar-
woman with biopsyproven squamous cell jung Hospital, New Delhi revealed "Squa-
carcinoma of the rectum was brought to my mous Cell Carcinoma." Specimen obtained
clinic in acute discomfort. "from rectal mass." A second biopsy done
at the All India Institute of medical Sciences
Family History Father: severe eczema
and diabetes mellitus. Mother: arthritis. New Delhi. June 28. 1984, read: "Squa-
mous cell carcinoma, anal canal." Rectal
hemorrhoids, and bronchitis. one brother
and two sister died of tuberculosis. One surgery removing the mass was done and
she improved for some time. Later she
sister had diabetes. a second had eczema
underwent 30 treatments of radiotherapy
and asthma. and a third had eczema and
Her general condition deteriorated.
On September 7. 1984, she came to me
Past History Frequent episodes of
with the following symptoms:
septic tonsillitis until! age 6 or 7. Age 6
whooping cough. Age 10 eczema of the 1. Mentally very perturbed. Introverted.
. scalp suppressed by external applications. Silently brooding. Averse to music and
Married at age 18. Gravida vii! Para v, The- noise. Melancholic Depressed. Sighing
rapeutic abortions ii. Age 30 hemorrhoidal frequently. Fear of animals, especially
surgery. Age 45 total hysterectomy secon- dogs.
dary to fibroid tumors.
2. Constant dull to sometimes very severe
Present illness Around age 49 she pain in the right shoulder with stiffness.
began to experience constant weight and Worse on raising arm. X-ray of the cervi-
pressure in the perineum with heaviness and cal spine showed an enlarged right-sided
occasional burning in the rectum. In time. cervical rib (sic) and to spms on the 5th
the whole perineum became sensitive to and 6th vertebrae (sic).
pressure. She became unable to sit on:a
3. Constant, dull to very severe pain in the
hard surface. Occasional show of bright
perineum. Burning and pricking pain in
red blood with hard stool, thought to be a
the anus. Constant oozing of offensive
relapse of her hemorrhoids. The constant
serous discharge from the rectum. Very
dull perineal discomfort changed to pain.
much afraid of passing stool as the pain
at times severe. She underwent sigmoidos-
increased for hours afterwards. At times
copy and later surgery (sic) was done. She
she felt her rectum spasmodically con-
continued to deteriorate. The bleeding
became more frequent and she sometimes tracting while passing stool. Local exa-
mination revealed protrusion of small,
unknowingly stained her underwear. The
blood became slightly offensive and rectal slightly blackish mass per anus with
pain became more severe. She became perianal swelling. Better from hot appli-
cation and hot drinks. Worse night,
anorexic with insomnia and grad ually lost
weight. . P. Panday, M.H.M.S. (Calcutta)

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

motion, and cold drinks Craving for. salty
foods. Was vaccinated for smallpox a
hours and thereafter
Sh~ gained 2 kgs. ./
improved strikingly.
total of three times. Vaccination scars
At this point, she and her family were
still prominent. Weight: 44 kgs. Pulse
Safdar- very anxious to have another biopsy done
feeble and regular at 70 per minute.
as they wished to khow exactly how much
"Squa- Blood pressure 160/70.
she had improved. I prefered that a biopsy
0reatment Placebo for the first two be delayed. Notwithstanding, she went
y done
days. Then Thuja 30 one drop ti.d. for 10 ahead and underwent a biopsy of the
days after which she reported feeling better rectum at the All India Institute of Medical
Rectal in general, but complained of excessive Sciences, New Del,hi on December 6, 1984.
flatulence. Ghina 30 q i.d. for three days The report came back: ' there is no evidence
ne and
after which she reported feeling much of malignancy in this. "She was continued
er she
better. Placebo continued. After another on placebo.
month Thuja 200, two doses 15 minutes Subsequently,She developed symptoms
apart, was given followed by placebo. of protrusion of the rectum while passing
Ito me Reported feeling much better. She was stool together with stitching pain in the
placed on a strict vegetarian diet emphasi- rectum. Ruta 30 t. i. d. for 10 days. Within
verted. zing fresh fruits and milk. No onions. 30 days she had improved. Ruta 200, two
ic and powders, was given followed'DY placebo.
After another 20 days she reported a
setback (sic). Now Nitric Acid 30, t. i. d. In the meantime, some of her allopathic
for 10 days, was given. She reported a doctor friends took issue with the biopsy
general improvement particularly in her report of December 6 1984, doubting its
severe appetite, sleep, and pain. Placebo for 15 accuracy. Against my advice, she went for
iffness. days. Then Nitric Acid 200, two doses 15 another rectal biopsy on January 8, 1985.
~cervi- minutes apart, was given followed by place- Again, the report stated no malignancy.
t-sided bo. Further improvement continued. The
he 5th She continued to improve on placebo.
serous discharge per rectum diminished as
After another month, Nitric Acid 1M, two
did its offensive odor. She showed more
powders 15 minutes apart, was given follo-
in the interest in life. and was more cheerful, and
wed by placebo. She continued to improve.
pain in gained 1 kg. Approximately 1 month later,
:fensive she received Nitric Acid 1M, two doses 15 After another two months, she deve-
loped a sense of heaviness in the perineum
. Very minutes apart followed by placebo. Again,
le pain a steady improvement was noted. After with slight pain in the rectum after passing
\t times another 10 days she began to relapse with stool. Nitric Acid 10M, two powders 15
y con- a decrease in appetite, sleep, and cheerful- minutes apart, was given, which promptly
:al exa- ness. removed all her rectal discomfort.
small, In view of the family history, as well as She is currently leading a normal life,
~ with the adage "When the best-selected remedy happy that she is cured. She has been
appli- fails to improve permanently" (Alien's Key advised never to use any medicines other
night, ~otes), I decided to give tuberculinum than homoo~pathic and to check with me
bovum 200, two doses 15 minutes apart. monthly. Her last visit was December 15,
Nithin 48 hours she slept deeply for 10 1986. No complaints.
ary 1990
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
(Along with his manuscript, Dr. Panday 1984 and January 1985 were also read by
submitted photocopies of four rectal biopsies separate p3thologists and reported to show
of his patient. The first two, done in June. "no evidence of malignancy", 0
1984. by different pathologists, reported
"Squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum". (Courtesy, "Journal of the American Institute
The third and fourth biopsies in December of Homreopathy' ')

.. Continuityof 'CANCER'-PhyllisSpeight
Cancer will only be cured and wiped takes note of signs and symptoms even
out when the soil. or blood, of sick people when man is only slightly sick in himself
is cleansed and purified by the deep acting (before any physical symptoms have appe-
remedies of homceopathy which can also ared). and on the totality of the information
take into consideration inherited taints, and he can prescribe the similar remgdy which
then NO disease can flourish, whatever will cure the patient.
name you care 'to give it.
would be
\ What a paradise this world
A pra::titioner who is using pure ho- J if pure homceopathy were practised
mce:>pathy as taught by Samuel Hahnemann througout. o

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990


'ead by
o show Homoeopathy and Cancer*
o While discussion of Cancer and the use advocate or adV~OJ
Institute "Cancer Problem" occupy much space in measure of treatment condemned by the
both medical and lay press, the Homooo- Official body? Is it the fear of consequen-
pathic Profession seems to take little part in ces the reason why Homooopathic Physi-
them. For the most part, Homreopathic cians are taking no part in the discussion of
Physicians are silent much more so than in Cancer nor advocating treatment by
the old days when some of them fought Homooopathic medication? It is quite true
valiantly for their principles as applied in the that, "Cancer is incurable" but that is a long
exclusively medicinal treatment of this dread way from saying that, "the Cancer patient"
disease, and made their showing of suc- is incurable. There is vast difference between
cessful results. ;here must be good reason the two terms and the mental and physical
for this ominous silence on a subject of states they represent. The public and medi-
such vital importance. What has come over cal profession alike, have so long being
~ even
the Homreopaths, to cause them to retire blinded and confused by crude, materialistic
from the field in which there is so much ideas about disease in general and Cancer
appe- general activity? Are they tired of contro-
mation in particular, that they have lost the power
versy? It is perchance, an admission of of discrimination between a disease and its
defeat, a surrender to overwhelming forces end products. The theory of the local nature
of opposition? Is it a confession that and existence of Cancer has been held so
lid be Homooopathy is inadequate to deal success- long and tenaciously that it is exceedingly
actised fully with Cancer? It is just a phase of the difficult to get a hearing for the long recog-
o general apathy, discouragement and decline
of interest in applied Homreo therapeutics?
nised, (in part), but newly demonstrated
truth Cancer is a constitutional disease, of
Or is it fear of the power of official Medi- which the ultimate, local or tangible mani-
cine, as exercised through the Government festation in the form of a mass of tumour is
by its national organization, against all those merely a result, a secondary product of the
who dare publicly to oppose the useless morbid process. When this is recognised
surgical and other treatment adopted by as a fact and accepted as truth it immedi-
Allopathy in the treatment of Cancer and ately becomes obvious why local or mecha-
denounce the propagandist campaign that nical treatment of Cancer is of no avail and
is in progress to extend it ?** must always fail since it does not touch the
Are the Homooopaths acting honourably real disease at all. When it is seen that we
as men of firm conviction and belief through have to deal primarily with disordered func-
experience of the cures by Homooopathy, in tions with a morbid Vital-Dynamical process
their abject submission to the Allopathic capable of being acted upon and changed
hierachy, by a renunciation of their rights to by Homooopathic Medicines, when we know
how to use them, the Cancer case does not
. C. V.S. COREA, Sri Lanka. seem to hopeless, as it does when we think
.. In the U.S.A., Homooopathic treatment of of it only as a malignant growth or tumour.
Cancer has been remaining a punishable THAT THE TREATMENT AND CURE OF
offence for many years-Ed. CANCER IS DEFINITELY WITHIN THE
.ry 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
SCOPE AND POSSIBILITIESOF HOMCEO- in its original or in some other form, if the
PATHY, HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN AND patient does not die of the operation. The
PROVED. The Real indications should be hope surgeons hold out is nothing but the
clear to every intelligent, well read and hope of palliation, of temporary relief. Pin
technically competent Homreopath. They them down and they will either admit it,
are first to correct the faulty metabolism by evade it, or (some of them) lie about it.
eliminating injurious articles of diet and They dare not hold out a promise of cure.
providing food that will supply the necessary Taken altogether, the current Cancer cam-
elements of nutrition in adequate amounts paign is about the most cold-blooded cruel,
and second, to prescribe skilfully the medi- most arrogant and presumptuous campaign
cines which are demanded under the ever attemped by Orthodox Medicine. With
universal therapeutic principles of Recipro- nothing to offer but mechanical and local
cal Action, guided by symptom-similarity. measures which have been proved ineffec-
These being fulfilled, one may be fully assu- tual and worse; condemning or ridiculing
red that curative results will follow, the everyone who differs from them by advising
rapidity and completeness of which will be resort to measures based upon successful
exactly proportionate to the skill of the pres- results from constitutional treatment; refu-
criber and the degree of susceptibility of sing to investigate or even inspect cases of
the patient. We will be guilty of a crime verified cure by Homreopathic treatment
against humanity, if we do not at this junc- and attempting to supress the publication
ture expose the hoax that has been perpe- of all reports of such cures, they have han-
trated by the Surgical promoters of the ded themselves into an association, whose
Cancer campaign who hold out hope to the purpose is to beguile or force the public to
afflicted and are constantly urging almost accept their programme and submit them-
compelling the people to go at once to the selves to mutilation by the knife, or destruc-
surgeon on discovering a mole, a lump, a tion of their tissues by radium or the X-ray.
swollen gland or what not and be operated. The bigotry, selfishness, cold-bloodedness
They are continually emphasising the ne- and cruelty of such a campaign becomes
cessity for "Early and radical" treatment of obvious when it is known that statistics
such things. Do they not thereby promise or prove the constantly and rapidlyi ncreasing
imply that cure will result? I mean exactly extension and terrific mortality of Cancer
what I say when I charge that the real basis under the mode of treatment they advocate
of all these sl!!gical pleadings and urgings Experience and logic alike prove that Cancer
and compellings is a hopeless pessimism, a does not and cannot yield to local treatment.
confirmed but concealed belief that Cancer Nothing constructive has ever been gained
is incurable and that in recommending by such measures, they never cure. The
resort to the knife as, "the only hope" (with British Medical Journal said "Can there be
an implied promise of cure) they believe any doubt that in many respects the knife
their own statements and hold out a false as a cure for Cancer has been a ghastly
hope. They know fully well that surgery tailure"? Sir James Paget, acknowledged
never cures Cancer; that it merely removes that Surgery cannot even be given the cre-
the external tangible product of the Cancer dit of prolonging life, to say nothing about
disease and leaves untouched the disease saving life. He said "I am not aware of a
itself; that this invariably re-appears either single case of recovery." Dr. Mc Farlan,

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

TI,if the Professor of Surgery in the University of he may have had. They are to be diligently
n. The Glasgow, wrote, "the operation never arre- sought and recorded in as complete a
but the sts but uniformally accelerates the progress clinical history of the case as it is possible
~f. Pin of the disease", Dr, Francis Carter Wood, to make. This is absolutely necessary and
Idmit it, Vice President of the American Association of the highest importance to the Homooo-
~out it. for the Control of Cancer, said, "Radium path because frequently in fully developed
of cure. will not cure Cancer, it only destroys Can- cases with local Pathology or "Ultimates"
'r cam- cerous tissue within a certain radius but present, few or none but common or
~ cruel, does not drive the disease from the blood" secondary symptoms exist. The ultimates
mpaign (a significant double admission). The ghas- are of no value to the prescriber in selecting
t. With tly dangers and total failures of radium and curative remedies. Only the primary dyna-
id local X-ray to cure Cancer are so well known mical or functional symptoms-those which
ineffec- now that it is. only necessary to mention represent the disease process in the active,
lieu ling and condemn it. In view of these and innu- formative phases past or present are reliable
dvising merable similar statements which might be as a basis for curative treatment by
:cessful presented are we not justified in characte- Homooopathy, All secondary symptoms
; refu- rising the "Cancer campaign," as arrogant, resulting from the presence of Pathological
Ises of cruel, selfish bigoted, pessimistic hope- products, tumours, diseased or disabled
latment less? organs etc. must be excluded except so
lication far as they reveal peculial modalities.
a han- On the other hand, Cancer cases have Ignorance of this fundamental principle
whose has been the main cause of failure in the
been cured by Homooopathic treatment.
Jblic to Cancer cases can be and are being cured Homooopathic treatment of Cancer cases-
them- this with ignorance of how to apply in
by Homooopathic medication, by men who
estruc- have faced their cases courageously studied the best way the general principle of
X-ray. them and the Homooopathic literature of Homoootherapeutics-Similar Similbus Cu-
edness rantur by which alone the curative medicine
the subject, chosen the remedy or remedies
~comes to be used according to the instructions can be found. Success in treatment is
atistics exactly proportionate to the skill of the
given in the organon for the treatment of
reasing disease AND STUCK TO IT. Any Homooo- prescriber the susceptibility of the patient
Cancer and the stage or degree of malignancy of
path with a good knowledge of his Materia
Ivocate Medica and knows how to select his the disease. To prove that cancer can be
Cancer cured by Homooopathy I will give two cases
remedies according to the Law of Similars,
Itment. can cure Cancer if he goes about it in the from my own case-book, which were the
gained right way. The first thing to do is to forget only two cases of Cancer that came to
I. The the Cancer. Thenceforth if he is to succeed, me for treatment.
)ere be he will treat, not "Cancer" but the Cancer
! knife Case No. 1
patient. He must know that there is always
ghastly a pre-cancerous stage represented by On 5th of Feb. 1958 I was consulted
ledged certain ailments and diathesis represented by Mrs S.V, aged 61 years for Cancer of
le cre- by characteristic constitutional symptoms. the Uterus. She had been treated with the
J about Broadly speaking they include practically X-ray and Radium by the Allopaths at the
~ of a all symptoms and modalities, PECU LIAR General Hospital, Colombo for very nearly
Farlan, TO THE INDIVIDUAL, in whatever disease a year, without success. At the end of
Iry 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
this period, they had informed her' son desire for iced drink being diminished to :r:
that the case was inoperable and that any considerable extent. When I saw her 1"'"
nothing more could be done. They advised on the 28th of April, I found that her symp-
him to acquiese to her every wish as she toms had changed inasmuch as she was
had not long to live. It was in these again beginning to feel the heat somewhat. ...
circumstances in sheer desperation and As the symptoms were not clear enough -'"
as a last resort, that they consu Ited me. for a fresh prescription she was left with
She said that she felt as if she was being Placebo sufficient for a week. She now --
consumed by fire. She drank as much complained of stitches from rectum to -
ice-water as she could in order to allay the bladder with frequent urging to urinate and 1II
burning. She was despondent sad, emaci- cramping pain in the uterus. Her pulse was :::1
ated and extremely weak. She had no sleep slow in the morning but accelerated in the 8'i
night or day because of the agony she was evening she had an acrid excoriating, burn- ~
going through. My first prescription was ing Leucorrhoeal discharge and she also ~
Phos 30 five doses given every half- hour expectorated thick mucus; she also got to:
dry on the tongue. On the following day angry for the slightest thing. On these ~
the pain was very much less and bearable. or
symptoms I prescribed on the 5th of May
This remedy was given not so much for the Thuja 1M, 10M, 50M, to be taken first thing ;r"I

craving for iced drinks but mainly as an in the morning on three consecutive days. :c
antidote to the effect or radium and the ~
I gave enough Placebo to last for three
X-ray. On the three following days, she weeks. Within three days of taking the
had the same number of Placebo, as she third powder the improvement in her con- 11
continued to have very slight improvement dition was apparent. She was brighter and ~
on each successive day. On the 8th Feb looked better. This improvement continued -
she received three doses Phos 30 every for over a month. On the 20th of June as :::
half-an-hour followed by Placebo for the improvement had ceased Thuja 1M, 10M, :..
next one week as improvement continued. 50M, was repeated with continued improve-
On 16th Feb as there was a slight return of ment till the 1st week of August 1958. On
the symptoms Phos 30. (three doses) was the 14th of August, I repeated the power
given as on the previous occasion followed but with not much amelioration. On the 21
by Placebo, but this time there was no im- 28th of August I gave her Thuja CM. 2 rI
provement. On 19th Feb she had three doses to be taken on two consecutive mor- ..
doses of Phos 200 followed by Placebo nings. Improvement continued till about the 11
improvement continued till the second of 2nd week of Nov. the remady was repeated Cl
March and than ceased. 5th March, Phos on the 14 of Nov., without any marked re- 81
200 repeated. 19th March, Phos 200 on action. Then her symptoms changed again .
improvement 23rd March 1M was adminis- to those of Arsenicum, with great mental :1
tered, with continued improvement which restlessness, chilliness and desire for death ..
lasted till 13th April, this was repeated on and plenty of fresh air along with burning .
the 14th April, with continued improvement pains which were ameliorated by heat. On .
for two weeks. After the 3rd prescription of the 23rd of December she was given Ars 30 .
Phos not only the burning but also the with rapid improvement which lasted for 3 1
great heat she felt, gradually decreased weeks, and the remedy was repeated on the .
until she began to feel chilly without the 13th of January 1959 with continued im- -
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

ished to plovment for over two months. Then the Bry 200 two doses on two consecutive
;aw her symptoms changed again to those of Sul- days. In four days time her pain had sub-
Ir symp- phur. She complained now of burning in sided to such an extent as to be practically
;he was the vertex could't bear the heat. very irritable negligible. As there were no other symp-
l1ewhat. with flushes of heat and burning in the toms to prescribe on, I kept her going on
Urethra when passing urine. On 19th of Placebo for very nearly two months when
left with \r1arch she had two doses of Sulph 200. on she came to me with typical Arsenicum
he now two consecutive nights just before bed time symptoms, she was very nervous, chjlly,
turn to as she did not sleep well On the 7th of restless, fastidious and thought that some-
ate and ',/lay she developed an eruption which thing would happen to her soon, when
Ilse was covered practically her whole body which asked what she thought would happen to
in the was aggravated by heat and cold water her she replied I cannot say, it is nothing
, burn- for which she received only Placebo, till in particular." On 28th of May she had one
the eruption had completely cleared which dose of Ars 30, followed by Placebo. These
le also
took over six weeks. On the 28th July 1959 distressing symptoms left her completely in
Iso got
she complained of chilliness and aversion three weeks' time and as there were no
I these
to blowing, along with constipation and other symptoms to prescribe on I kept her
Df May
great irritability for which she received one going on weekly doses of Placebo. On the
st thing
does of Nux V 30. This was the last 25th of July, she complained of roaring and
e days.
remedy she had and she tlas kept in good wizzing in the ears with a little hardness of
r three
health ever since I should like to mention hearing She also cried for the slightest
19 the
Ir con- that both the leucorrhoeal as well as the thing and complained of a weak memory
ter and thick mucus expectorated, ceased after the and said she used the wrong words when
ntinued administration of Thuja and that after a speaking. She also said that she had deve-
une as couple of years there was no trace of the loped a tremendous appetite. She had sore
1,10M, Cancer present. pain in region of the liver, which was sen-
lprove- sitive to touch along with pain in the urethra
Case No. 2 after urinating, she also had pain with stiff-
B. On
power On 8th March 1952 I was consulted ness in her lower limbs which were worse
)n the by Miss A.B. aged 3 years for Cancer on beginnig to walk and better while walk-
CM.2 of the breast. In this case her left breast ing. She complained that she was worse
re mor- had already been removed due to Cancer from heat in the evenings from about 4p.m.
Dut the by the Surgeons at the Govt. Hospital to 9p m. or so. I prescribed lyc 200 one
Ipeated Colombo. Now her right breast was dose and these symptoms gradually disap-
:ed re- affected for which she consulted the peared in about two months time and as
I again Allopaths again. Four Allopathic doctors in there were no symptoms to prescribe on, I
mental consultation on diagnosed it as Cancer and kept her going with placebo. She came to
death advised her to enter hospital and have this me on the 14th Oct. with terrific pain in the
lurning breast removed as well without any further hypogastric region which made her feel
It. On delay, On examination I found a thickening faintish her stomach was bloated with pain
Ars 30 in the breast. which was very painful to extending to chest with ineffectual desire for
for 3 touch and from the slightest movement. It stool. She was pale and complained of
on the oYasa lancinating pain and she despaired of chilliness and was crying most of the time
;d im- recovery. On these symptoms I prescribed but with all this she said she liked the blo-

.ry 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

wing and the open air and wanted to be his ilk, for whatever success r have had
under a fan when I gave her one dose of in my practice and I can honestly say that
Puis 30 followed by Placebo. She appa- had I not practiced pure unadulterated
rently was quite well for about four months, Homreopathy as instructed by them and
when she started a purulent dischange from had imbibed any of the false teaching of
her left ear, she also disliked the light, got the modern so called Homreopaths who
a sudden aversion to meat with violent thirst try to upgrade Homreopathy, according to
for water and a desire for sweets. She them by bringing it in line with the
complained that she felt weak suddenly so-called wonderful, modern scientific
several times during the day. She also said discoveries in medicine, I would never have
that she disliked doing any type of work been able to obtain the results achieved ~

and that she was worse in the evenings. On in the practice of Homooopathy. It must
28th Feb. 1953, I prescribed Sulph 200, be mentioned here that it would be com-
1 dose. In one month'st ime the discharge paratively easy to cure Cancer patients,
from the ear completely disappeared. On were they to resort to Homooopathic
the 23rd of Sept. 1953, she came to me treatment in the first instance. It is difficult
with Erysipelas on the left arm and as she and in certain cases almost impossible to
informed me that she had the same trouble cure after Allopathic treatment, since such
some years ago on the same arm and as it treatment completely obliterates the symp-
was an old symptom which was probably toms pertaining to the patient. In con-
suppressed came back again, I merely gave clusion, I would like to stress the fact
her some Placebo. This cleared without that Homreopathy has no limitations.
any medication whatso-ever in a little over Limitations are restricted in varying degree
three weeks time, and she has kept well to each individual practitioner according
ever since. She saw me a year after this to his knowledge and capacity to practice
when there was absolutely no trace of the pure Hahnemannian HomreQpathy. So let
Cancer left. She wept and said that if she us not broadc3st our ignorance of the
had taken Homooopathic treatment in the subject and irtcap3city to practice it, by
first instance, she would have saved her proclaiming that Homooopathy is not a
other breast, as well, and added, "What is complete system of medicine in itself but
the good of a woman without a breast 1" merely an addition to unscientific Allopathy.
Let us not follow some of the modern
You would see that in both these Pandits of Homreopathy in seeking liberty
cases I did not treat the Cancer, but the and licence to make use of other methods
patient with the Cancer. I merely prescribed of treatment when in their opinion (which
for the totality of symptoms of the patient means ignorance) it is in the best interest
when called for at various times in the of the patient, if we fail to cure a curable
usual way until the patient was cured and case, we must blame ourselves and not
was perfectly at case. I have to thank the Homreopathy, which is the greatest, most
immortal Hahnemann and his most illustri- scientific, and complete system of healing
ous follower the Great Kent and those of the world has ever seen. 0

Congress oh Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

e had Stomach Cancer*
and A stomach cancer patient, who has takingin something. For 3/4 monthsthere
ng of "a'ed in all kinds of treatment and declared is no fixed time for aggravation or remission
who :0 meet a sure death, can have a good result of pain. Some kind of vomitting is seen
ng to '1 homreopathic treatment. for last one month. At the first instance
I the there was some vomitting after 10/15
Janab Daulat Meah, alias Daulat Majhi,
ntific minutes of taking something. Vomitting
have aged 55 years, Agrabad, medium health, increased gradually. Now whatever is eaten
=ark complexioned and appearance is fade. that is vomitted. After vomitting some relief
must Particulars of Patient: He suffered is felt. Vomit tastes sour and bitter. Cold
~om- 'or5/6years in gastritis. Once for3/4months food is preferred. Salt is liked. Sweet is
ents, "'e had extreme stomach pain and conse- seldom taken. Spicy food is liked. Apetite
athic quently he called on Professor of Medicine, is poor. Cold and sneeze are often seen.
ficult Chittagong Medical College Hospital. After There is tendency of being attacked with
lie to examining the patient he opined that ope- cold for trifling reasons. He takes bath
such 'CItion was necessary. Then the patient every after 2/3 days in mild hot water. Visits
'mp- .vas taken to Dhaka. There the renowned nature 3/4 times a day. Stool is soft. Mucus
~on- °rofessor N. Islam, Director, P. G. Hospital, is there with bad smell. Urine is not natural
fact examined him. As per his direction, he had and in cloudy days it is frequent. Tempera-
Ions. to call on Dr. A. Rabbi, Professor of Surgery, ment is bad and he protests to illegal acts.
gree P. G. Hospital. He having expressed the Memory is poor/less and is suspicious min-
ding same view, a final decision was taken for ded. Anxious in family affairs, specially in
~tice operation. After coming back to Chittagong respect of marriage of sons. Condition is
) let Professor of Surgery again directed for ma- deteriorating for last 2/3 months. Present
the king X-Ray. After going through the report weight is 55 Kg.
by "'e said that the ulcer in the stomach has
>t a 'eached to a critical stage and formed can- Past History: Industrious from infan-
but cer. But the patient is very weak and at try. Health was good. Once attacked with
Ithy. such stage if operation is done, the patient Ja~e at the age of 15/16 years. Frequ-
jern shall die in the operation theatre. Assuming ent/y trembled with warms.~ As such, on
lerty 10j15 days of life left for him he advised some occasions he took Alopathic and
lads him to take all things as he liked. At this Unani medicines. Now and then was being
hich moment all the relatives were unanimous to attacked Vliith fever, Eczema was at few
trest undergo homreopathic treatment. With that parts of body, which was cured byappli-
able aim in view, a well wisher of the patient cation of ointment. After this pain felt in
not came to us and talked about him. It was the belly.
nost decided to record the details of patient on
Iling 27/1/83 at 10-00 in the morning. Heredity: Father was attacked with
o Collected symptoms: For 5/6 years
skin diseases. Mother was ill with gout.
Materna. grand father was attacked with
pain is there in stomach, aggravates after
~ma and lumbago. Son and daughters
. Bijoy Bhanu Dutta, Bangladesh. are keeping good health.

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Treatment: .Nat Sulph. M/1 one cou- daily once. On 3-3-83 the patient has
rse aggravation time from 4.00 p. m. engaged himself in business. Health con-
(afternoon) to 8.00 p. m. (at night) being dition is comparatively good. Weight has
excluded. Advised to take three times a increased to 58 Kgs. Heavyness is felt after
day. On 29-1-83 no symptom changed. eating something. Last night visited nature
Nat. Sulph. M/2, daily three times. On for 5/6 times. Thuja one course once daily.
1-2-83 no unbearable p3in was felt. Vomit- On 11-3-83 the patient is keeping well in
ting has lessened. Now after 2/3 times of all respects, "NILAM" one course, once I
taking something, vomitting is once and in daily. In the meantime due to heavy enga-
quantity is less. Visiting of nature is 5/6 gements no medicine could be taken for I
times. Nat. Sulph. M/3 one course, daily one month. On 18-4-83 the patient came
two time. On 5-2-83 patient came alone. again. Health is improving gradually.
To-day he is found with smiling appearance. Weight was 61 Kgs. Thuja MI5, one course, I
No vomitting occurred and stomach pain every alternate day. When the patient came I
has been lessened. Visiting of nature is 2 after one month for medicine, he almost re-
timesf1 time daily. No appetite and teste. gained his full helth. Weight is 63 Kgs. His
Nat. Sulph. M/4 one course, daily twice. report is, appetite is normal. can eat upto
On 8-2-83 there was no vomitting. Visiting limit. Visit nature sometimes 2/3 days, but
of nature 5/6 times daily. Wind rolls in sometimes fell some pain in stomach. Advi-
stomach/bowls and belching is sour. Ton- sed him to regular diet and rest with advice
gue is bitter. Number of visiting being to take Thuja M/6 one course in every two
increases/decreases, advised to have one days.
course of "Nilam" being prepared, twice a
day. On 11-2-83 visiting of nature 3/4 Conclusion: After knowing the final
times, watery, red-coloured and sour-smelt. opinion of the physician, when the patient
No change in taste/appetite. Sleeping is gets the death-knell, when there is no hope
sound. Nat Sulph. MI5 one course, twice of survival then the patient being frustrated
daily. On 15-2-83 all symptoms were as proceeds slowly towards death, then he
before. Nat. Sulp. M/6. daily twice. On comes for homreopathic treatment. Treat-
19-2-83, vomitting was twice and sour- ment goes on in 50 millisimal system. At
smelt. Visiting of nature 4/5 times, increases this critical stage of the patient the long
at night. Extremely bad-smelt, belching is activised medicines like Nat. Sulph. and
there,. stomach pain is somewhat less. Thuja having used 3 times, 2 times and 1
Taste is less. Thuja M/2, one course, twice time a day quick and good result could be
daily. On 24-2-83, appetite has increased, got. Body weight of the patient rose from
and weakness has some what lessened. 57 Kgs. to 63 Kgs. A religion minded pati-
Watery, stool and bad-smelt, 2/3 times daily. ent can keep fast undisturbedly for long 30
Sleeping is sound. Thuja M/3, one course, days even in the holy month of Ramjan. 0

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

has -Homoeo Remedies.
ature 8) Condurango!
~) Arsenio Alb. :
III in Sharp lancinating pains as if hot coals ) It is well known in relieving the dis-
once were burning with extreme restlessness. tressing pain of Cancer Stomach. Painful
cracks in corners of mouth is a gUiding
tnga- ~ 2) Bromine:
n for I symptoms. ,
In mammary gland cancer, a feeling
~ame as if a string were pulling the gland into 9) Ornithogalum!
Jally. the axilla. r Indurations t'-and Cancer of intestinal
urse, tract specially of sromach and Caecum,
:ame 3) Carbo Anirrialis ! coffee-ground-vomitting. Palliative.
t re- Very useful in Cancer of the Breast
His and Uterus. The glands are indurated into 10) Lapis Alba!
upto little nodes. The skin around is bluish and In preulcerative stage of uterine
but mottled. Cancer. Intense burning pain with
.dvi- profuse hremmorhage.
4) Conium:
Has cured Epitheliomas, indicated in 11) Asterias-Rub :
the early stage of schirrhus. Cancer of mammarygland in ulcerative
Affected glands are stony hard. Pain stage.
final is less. 12) Amphisboena;
5) Hydrastis: In Cancer of lower jaw.
ated A very good remedy for uterine 13) Caroinooin I
I he Cancer. Can be used both externally and The Cancer nosode.
'eat- internally. A sense of goneness in the
At epigestrium is the guiding symptoms. 14) Other medicioes are:
long Radium Bromide.
6) Kreosote I Thuja.
Id 1 Cancer of Cervix uterine with very acrid Scrophularia Nodosa.
d be discharges, excoriating parts. Burning In Aurum Mur. Nat.
~rom the Cervix with bloody discharge. Sensitive Cholesterinum.
Jati- to Coitus. Cobalt Sulph.
30 Phellandrium. Aquaticum (breast).
7) Iodine!
.0 Sulphur.
Cancer Uterus with profuse Leocorrhrea,
which is yellowish and very corrosive. 15) Iscadur Therapy I
Emaciation with increased appetite.
It is revolutionary treatment of all
. Prof.S. Haque
D. M. S. (Hons) Cal ;
varities of Cancer in early stage developed
by society for Cancer Research Switzerland.
M.B.S. (W.B.); P.G.R. (Bomb), It is nothing but Viscum Album (Mistletoe)
1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February1990
which contain viscotoxin with necrotizing Case No. 2 :
properties. The drug is a Homreopathic
one, but. available in ample forms. It is a Another case of oral Cancer. A labourer
bit costly affair and required some training was having a pin-size growth on the inner
and guidance. side of lower lip with bleeding at times. The
growth was irregular. Constant tobacco
Case No. 1 : chewing. He used to have frequent angu-
A truck driver aged 48 years in robust lar stomatitis. The tongue was flabby and
health consulted for his dental trouble in moist. Few doses of Mere Sol in 200 and
1987. He was having a tumor in his Rt. 1M potency completly cured the condition
lower jaw, developed slowly with pain in about 6 months time.
bleeding gums, frequent gum boil and
offensive smell. He was addicted to all Case No. 3 :
sorts of intoxicants. The alveolar process
A Case of Breast tumor, very hard but
was stony hard. X-Ray and biopsy revealed
irregular-without involvement of axillary
malignancy. He had taken silica, Cal. flour,
lymph node. Several well known remedies
Mere Sol and Thuja with very little improve-
were tried like Conium.. Cal flour, Phyto-
ment as he said.
locca, Asterias. None could help but few
I gave him Amphisboena 30,200 which doses or Sulphur in 200 and 1000 potency
he continued for a pretty long time. There cured. The patient had burning palms and
was a remarkable improvement and he is soles and was not helped by well selected
doing his job well. remedies. 0

The knowledge of complementary remedies is necessary of the

nearest remedy in its nature and not in a few symptoms. Thus ,
in a series of complementary remedies, the conditions must be '
there as well as the symptoms.

Kent's Lesser Writings

Congress on. Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Cancer of Tongue*
9. The 1. A/umen! lism. Suicidal
mood Si despair. Patients
bacco who get red face from mental emotions.
Dry tongue (also black) with burning
angu- Nocturnal Aggravation.
pains evenings; sour taste; stitches toward
I and 6. Aur. Mur;
tip; scirrhus. Inclination to hardening around
:> and I infiltrated spots. Cancerous infiltration of Tongue flat, halitosis. Cancer of hard
dition J
glands; intolerable pain. leather-like tongue; difficult to move.
2. Apis: Induration remaining after glossitis. Tongu~
red, dry, ulcerated; cancerous swelling- of
Swelling, induration with stitches and
glands. Results from abuse of mercury.
I but burning pains. T~ngue dry, inflamed making
swallowing difficult. Ulceration (esp.) on 7. Benz. Ac ;
ciliary 1
left edg. Fissures or vesicles. Tongue slightly purple and as if veiledi
edies I
spongy, deep fissures; diffuse ulcers.
hyto- 3. Ars.:
few Ulcerated swelling at angle of jaw. Fungoid,
Thickened edges, white coating, red mapped tongue. Urine dark, of strong
in middle and toward tip. Or the tongue od or.
has a whitish, yellow-white or brown
~cted 8. Ca/c. C:
coating with red edges, as if painted thick
o white. Ulceration of anterior part of edges, Tongue fissured, esp. after abuse of
purple. ARS. has cured lip Cancer, and mercury. Coating white or dirty; bad taste.
suits exactly the cancer diathesis. If the Tongue, hands and lips turn pale, purplish.
subjective symptoms are present, higher Pain under tongue when swallowing.
potencies should be chosen; otherwise the Swelling of sublingual glands. Ranula-like
lower potencies are preferable. tumor presses tongue upward. Syphilitic
ulcer, ragged ulcers; swelling of one side
4. Ars. Hydrogenisatum : of tongue.
Tongue thick and has irregular deep 9. Ca/c. F/ .'
ulcers with knotty swelling. Mouth dry
and hot; little thirst. Hardening and ulceration threaten.
Congenital syphilis with destruction in
5. Aur. Met: mouth and throat. Heat in affected parts.
Metallic taste; light- brown coating of Tongue as if lacerated with or without pain.
tongue. Taste biUer, or lost. Dry sensation Induration after inflammationi digging
in mouth; tongue like leather and stiff. pains.
Tongue hard after biting it in sleep.
10. Carbo Ani;
Melancholia. Sanguinics with dark hair and
eyes; patient is lively, always in motion; Burning in mouth with vesicles on
full of fear, worries about future. Constitu- point and edges of tongue. Palate and
tions weakened by syphilis and mercuria- tongue dry. Nodular hardening, also in
glands, generally with burning and cutting
. Emil Schlegel pains. Scirrhus. Polypi and Cancer.
1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

11. CarboAc: 18. Kali Chlo !

Fetid discharges. Ulcerated plaques on Tongue white in middle. Two symme- I
inner surface of lips and cheeks. Burning tric ulcers on edges. Stitching and burning
from mouth to stomach. in tongue. Stomatitis. Mucous membranes
of tongue red, swollen and ulcerated.
12. Chromium Ac I
Ulcers with gray base, extend to cheeks
Tumors in posterior parts of nose. and lips. Tanned appearance of mucous
Painful symptoms come and go suddenly, membrane.
19. Kali Cyan I
13. Crotalus H ! Lips and mucous membranes pale;
Tongue red, yellow, stiff, numb. Swel- taste as from alum, astringent. Cancerous
ling and inflammation to such an extent that ulcers on right side of tongue. Tongue
there were not room enough in the mouth. dark with white coating. Patients who are
Strong inclination to hemorrhages. used to liquor (Whisky). Can only swallow
fluids pointfully. One such case im-
14. Eosin: proved quickly after KALI CYANATUM(5C).
Burning in tongue which is red like In another case where the base of tongue
beef. Tongue feels as if bitten; swelling, was involved, the cure was complete.
salivation, aphthae on inner surface of lips i 20. Kali lod !
swelling near root of tongue. General
Rancid tastein mouth and throat.
burning and redness; vertigo; patient feels
very big. Burning under fingernails. Pruri- Imprint of teeth on swollen tongue. Very
tus; palms red. valuable after abuse of mercurials. Burning
in point of tongue; vesicles, ulcerations of
15. Gallium Aparinum : tongue and mouth. Severe pain at base
Some cases were improved or cured of tongue.
by internal and external use of the tin
21. Kali Chlorioum I
Suppuration in mouth (leading to per-
16. Hoang-Nan: foration of cheek) with white coating.
It overcomes fetid odor of Cancer Pre-cancerous degeneration of mucous
discharges, follows well after ARS.; favors membrane. Cancerous ulcers. The swollen
healing. tongue fills mouth, shows imprint of teeth.
17. Hydrastis: Deep ulcers with fetid discharge. Small
superficial ulcers on edges of tongue. Dark,
Tongue and lips as if burned, red, dry hard plaques, some thick white coating of
vesicles on the point. Coating yellowish- tongue, yellow in middle. Burning,
white, dirty, thick. Tongue enlarged, soft, stitching vesicles; inflammation prevents
broad, showing imprint of teeth, as if raw; speaking; mapped tongue, yellow in middle.
papillae prominent. Hard, firm Cancers with Sensation of pressureon tongue.
wrinkled skin. It relieves pain and improves
general health. Is most suitable in the 22. Caust!
beginning and when an adjacent gland is Intolerable sensation of boiling and
involved. Has frequently been valuable. burning in mucous membrane. Painful
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
vesicles at point of tongue; pain as if bitten. it seems that a small canCer node is located in
nme- Paralysisof tongue. Sore sensation. tongue, which is sensitive and pains nights.
rning 24. Conium:
23. Condurango:
ated. Slight pain in left half of tongue; Speech is difficult. Mouth and tongue ~'!

leeks painful pustules on right side of point of are deformed, lips dry and sticky. Tongue
ICOUS tongue. Cancer of tongue. Commissurae swollen, painful and stiff. Swelling with
of tongue deeply cleft; warty growths; stitching pain in glands. Ulcers with ichor-
tongue very sensitive; Condurango hastens ous fetid discharge. Necrosis. Cancer of
granulations and cicatrization. Open, ulce- lips extending into face, following contu-
pale; rative cancer; it lessens burning and sions. Severe shooting and stitching
rous shooting pains. Also, painless ulcers with pains. o
19ue hard margins and ichorous discharges.
) are Crampy stomachache. It is indicated when (Courtesy: RECORDER: Vol. LXIV-1948-49.)

lase In al/ skin diseases let it be your aim to fit the remedy to
the constitution of the patient, and not to the character of
the eruption alone. Always leave the consideration of
)er- the skin to the last. When the reverse is done and the
remedy suits only the eruption, while the skin symptoms
lien are benefitted, the patient is invariably made worse.
nail Kent's Lesser Writings
~ of


990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

-The 50 millesimal potencies*
CANCER IS A "DEATH BLOW" to Cancer patients have three special needs :-
anybody. As soon as the doctor pro- (1 ) not to be abandoned.
nounces 'CANCER'. the patient looses
. (2) to find some one who will really
interest in him and around him. He may
listen. and
tell "Why me"? To have a Cancer it looks
like a death sentence. Once I said 'NO' (3) to be able to sh3re the feeling of
to such death sentence. I did not say even helplessness.

'Why me'? But to say "No, Why me' ? ~omceopathY we have a hope for
requires a strong will. All Cancer patients CA~ER patients but we do not have
do not have that "STRONG WILL" and anything for CANCEFt\Cancer treatment
they slide down to death rapidiy. needs a team efforts~deep understand-
.' , ing and study of HomceoDathy. \
Do we have in Homceopathy some-
~ncer is the product of toxins of three
thing to offer to Cancer victims? If we great miasms; Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis
r~ scan the literature ~~ Homceopathy we in Homceopathy. Psora prepares the soil
have some rays of 'noj;e, but we were and and the other miasms grow as acquired or
are not on sound footings. Once 6" w~ hereditary in the body. Indifferent consti-
around the world in 1960 to consult the tutions the product.. Cancer, takes different I
best and well known Homceopaths of the sites to develop in the body depending on
world, but when they heard "Spindle cell the susceptibility and sensitivity of the part
Sarcoma" "Neuro.fibro Sarcoma", and then
or organ or system and the person as a
most of them asked me 'How and why you

whole. If the per~ is not susceptible he I

got it? Those words closed the chapter
will not have ca~
The word 'CANCER' from the Doctor's
r--- of treatmentsurrender
somebody in Homceop~
to eath Then
if noshould
mouth is sufficient on many occasions to
ment is there in Allopathy, Ayurveda and
bring about the death of a patient inch by
Homceopathy? Should a fight between
inch. Fear is the greatest killer of a patient,
life and death continue without the
who has cancer. "Fear of disease is one of
assistance of treatment? Is there any ray
the obstacles to overcome in sickness
of hope in Homce)pathy to get over "Death
and the greatest hindrance to recovery"
sentence"? Will was there to live, but
(10, 60). Cancer is not merely wild, unres-
does a strong will to live be sufficient for
trained growth. Cancer cells not only grow
a Cancer patient? The life force (Vit~ out of control, they invade and destroy
force) needs help to get rid of CANCER,)
nearby healthy tissue cells. Cancer frag-
a toxic product in the bod~ But how?
Let us wait for a moment. Let ~
think over.
ments or 'daughter cells' can travel in the
lymph or blood stream to distant parts of
To "Cure" is different from to "Heal".
\ the body establishing new cancer colonies.
Health is the power of the Soul (Life force)
to live with the varying conditions of . Ramanlal P. Patel
the body. D.M.S. (Cal) D.F. Horn. (London) L.M. (Dublin)

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

In this sense, a cancer of the brain might be
breast cancer or Cancer of the ribs, a pros-
Blood Hb 12.3 gm%, Blood sugar-A.
C. 275 mgm% : Blood group B+Ve. Direct
tate cancer. Sometimes it so happens that serum Bilirubin21 mgm%, Total 31 mgm%
tds :- we do not know w...!ll!reis the primary. This
x- Ray-chest-slight humpingof RI.dome
dangerous ability of cancer cells to migrate
and transfer disease from one part of the of diaphragm.
really body to another is known as METASTASIS"':) As the case was a confused one. Lapa-
(Qnce a cancer cell always a cancer cell isl rotomy was done on 2. 3. 72.
g of the rule~ Once a patient has a cancer, he is Operative findings were as follows:-
;a cancer patient for lif~ The cancer has not (1) Fine nodular, shrunken liver.
J developed in a day or month or a year, but
Lw- it has taken many years to develop in the (2) Hard nodular swelling in right lobe of
tment .
body and that is why we get cancer more in liver on diaphragmatic surface.
tand- people after 40 years) The cancer is the (3) Collapsed normal gall bladder.
ultimate. In Homceopathy we call it the
(4) Normal pancreas, stomach, small and
miasmatic constitution. At times with the
three large intestines.
knowledge of Miasms and History from
philis childhood. we can forecast the development Biopsy Report:
I soil
of can~ -in family members of cancer pati- Sections have appearance of aggressive
Id or fibrosis with biliary obstruction and this
ents. lWhat Homceopathy has to offer to
,"sti- such patients who come for Homcepathic could represent tissues from the region of a
erant treatmen t. as a last resort to find solace and tumour.
~ on some rest in the losing battle for survival? Impression:
. part Cancer is a mass problem but for Homceo-
as a Liver showing cholestasis and lobular
pathy it is an individual problem. Cancer is
le he disorganisation.
a most important subject ~fecting millions
of people all over the worlcy Final Diagnosis:
Now. let us see how latest but old wea- ~toma, Biliary cirrhosiswithobstruc-
IS to
pon in Homceopathy helps Cancer patients.
:h by tive JaUndice)
i I will give you only a few examples at pre- Patient was discharged on 7. 4. 72 as
sent out of more than two thousand cases nothing much can be done. Patient refused
rte of
ness which I am going to publish within a year radiation and other treatment so the patient
or two. was brought home in ambulance. We took
Case No. 1
rtres- ---
up the case on 9. 4. 72.
~row MR. L. Aged 44 yrs. (now 61 yrs), Poli- 9.4.72On the history and symptoms,
stroy - and psoriasis.
tician, known case of diabetes ---- Lycopodium 0/3 was given in liquid, ------
First diagnosis was made as he was having
fever and jaundice, one month duration-Ca- I 3 times per day and on 19.4.72
patient felt better and urine was
.ts of Ampulla of vater. Gall stone with obstruc- clear.
Inies. ---tive jaundice inFeb. 1972.
8.5.72 As patient was better; Lycopodium

Investigation done 25/2/72 -at Vellore 0/3 was given in the morning and
Hospital; C. M. College. evening till 21.5.72.
1990 Congress on Cancer

fu\p. Calcutta, February 1990
21.6.72 Blood Ex. Hb 60% Total count Case No. 2
W. B. C. 16,000; E. S. R 140 m,m. Miss. S. aged 10 yrs" daughter of an
1st hour, R.B.C.3.8 million,P 64%. Income-tax officer. Had vomiting and
L22%, E 12%, Icterus fndex 14 headache in September' 79.owith staggering
units, urine-Bile salts +, Pigments and found 6th nerve palsy -Rt. side. Admit-
+ +. -Lycopodium 0/3, Morning ted to the Medical College.:-TVM. Subocci-
and Evening. pital craniotomy and sub-total removal of
Tumour was done on 7th F'eb. 1980. Neuro-
17.7.72 Temp. Normal. No bile and salts in surgeon advis9d to ha~ceopathic
urine. Urine sugar + +, Blood -treatment as nothing more could be done.
sugar P. P. 280 mgms%. B Chofe-
strol175 mgm%. Icterus Index 5 @a~nosis-H.P.R.-EPENDYMOMA IVVent-
ricle.) Radiologist was consulted and gave
units, Hb 12 gms?~; W. B. C. radiation though tumour is not sensitive to
11000, ~ S.J:!.80 mm/hr~P. 56%, Radiotherapy and it was to pleasethe father.
L 34%, E 8%, M 2%. Wt. 130 Ibs. _No improvement in vomiting, headache,
-Lyco 0/3 and afterwards, Choles- facial paralysis. Had urinary tract infection.
J trinum 6 was given.
rebellar signs and tr~ ataxia
14.2.73 Feels better. E. S. R. 55mm 1st hr., present a~operation.
Hb. 12 gms.%~900, P. 10 5. 80 Plumb. Met. 0/3, 3 times per day
66%, L 30%, E 4%. ~ was given on symptoms.
s. A. Phosphate 23 units, SGPT 34
30. 5. 80 Feels better. No vomiting, No
units, Icterus Index nil. .
headache. -Plumb. Met. 0/3, three
LFT-So Protein 7.3 gms. Albumin times per day.
4 gms, S. Globulin 2.3 gms, Zinc 6
units, Thymol turbidity 8.5 units:- 18.10,80 Feels better. Occasional headache
P. P. Blood sugar 354 mgm.% - and vomiting due to fried food.
Lycopodium0/3 was continued, 3
i -Plumb.
three times Met.
per day0/3,
times per day.

18.6.73 Feels better. F:B.Sugar 190 mgm.% ;' 30. 6. 82 Once headache. Plumb. Met. 0/3
Lycopodium 6/3, 3 times per day. continued Morning and Evening
up-to 9. 6. 84.
13.3.75 Blood sugar fasting 117 mgm. %.
' Was better. LFT. tests were within 9. 6. 84 Feels better. No headache and

normal limits and Lycopodium 0/3
was continued.
vomiting. Plumb. Met. 0/3 only
in the Morning up. to 21. 1. 85.
24.4.78 Feels better, no complaints except 21. 1. 85 Feels better. She is on Plumb.
---- -Psoriasis for which Petroleum 0/3 j Met. 0/3.
She goes to School and does
,-and Nat. Mur 0/3 were g~
fairlywell in examinations.
6.8.8~; OnCe in a while he comes but do
t not want medicines as he cannot
follow diet control being a poli-
Case No. 3
Master R. aged 21 yrs. from U. S. A.
tician. Mother wrote on May, 5th, 1983, 'My2!yrs.
Congress on Cancer ~Icutta. February 1990
old son, R. E. has been diagnosed as having 8.11.84 Feels better. Hb. 12 gms. %' HCT
of an --;:-.-Acute
lymphocytic Leukemia (On Jan. 26, ~ 37.1 %, Platelet 273000/cu/mm.,
and 1983) confined to the bone marrow, which W.B.C. 14,150. Mother wrote "I
gering contained 92% blast cells. His haemoglo- feel we have passed a milestone
5:dmit- bin was 2.6 gms% and they administered with AMA" as Dr. advised not to
bocci- blood whi.Qhin my eyes revived him instan- I--f have bone marrow or spinal fluid
val of -t ~arted
leuro- I
h!m on prednJsolone (oral)
and Vincristine I.V once a week for 4weeks.
Followed by high doses of Methatrexate.
His bone marrow is now in tOtal remissi~
~ J test. -Ars.
C'~ ~O
iodide 0/6

17. 1. 85 Feels better. Blood is normal. No
blood transfusion after Homooo-
and Calc~

Vent- Could you give information or counselling

pathic treatment.
gave on the situation,"
ive to
L Case No. 4.
ather. 16. 6. 83 On the basis of history and cons-
MR. H., Aged 67yrs, but now 73 \lears, ./
lache, titutional symptoms;~. iodide -fromU. S. A. Was diagnosed as Malignant
ction. 0/3, three times per day and Calc.
lymphoma with secondaries in the prostate
\" carb 0/30, once in 10 days, were
. given.

- flland. Was advised radiation

therapy but he refused as his friend had same
and chemo-

day 27.10.83 N,..P. Blood test norJ1al. Bone disease anddie~ within 9 months with side-
marrow carne back to normal. effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
Oct. 17th; platelets count 375000/ Twice bioPSy was done to confirm the dia-
, No I
cu/mm., W. B. C. 11 300/cu/mm., gnosis. Was
.., taken to Dr. Ortego in Mexico ~
Hb 11.7 gms.%, HMCT 37%. for Homreopathic treatment and was given
three I .Nux. Vomica 10M and or)/3 dose of Nux.
13.12.83 I visited the patient in U. S. A. Vomica CM. Only gastric symptoms were
lache I
,d. - Patient was cheerful and happy 'improved. Dr. Ibarra, a Homreopath of
and wanted to know whether he Mexico took over the case but no improve-
can take fish as he was on vege- ment. On phon91 was consulted by Dr.
tarian diet. Bone-marrow clear, --I~ra and the patient's son, and Isuggested
, 0/3 -- Hb. 12.2 gms.%. W. B.C. 7100/cu/ Phytolacca CM, 1st day and Calc. carb
ming mm., Haematocrit 36.8%, platelet
count 368000/cu/mm. Poly. 33%,
~/3/ME. ~
Lymp 58%, Mono 5%, Baso 4%. Patient called me to visit him and I
He is on Ars. iodide 0/3. went to see him in U. S. A. on 24.8.79.
The patient was better so Phytolacca GM;
35. 16.2.84 Bone - marrow clear. Hb. 12.9 once in 2 months and Calc. carb 0/3 daily
umbo gms.%, W. B. C. 5600/cu/mm. till 21.8.81 was Qiv~. On 21.9.81. Strep-
Poly 51%' l38%, M 8%, Platelet tococcin 30 every 15th day and Calc. carb ~
does 312000/cu/mm. 0/6 was continued. 0~82 Calc carb
14. 5. 84 Hb. 12.3 gms.%, W. B. C. 9100, 0/12 was given and continued up. to 1.5.83
Poly47%,L39%, Platelet316000/ Had prostatic problem and on 27.,10.83.
cu/mm. Bone marrow and spinal _Conium O/~as prescribed which was con-
S. A. fluid clear. Ars. iodide 0/6 and tinued for 6 months; followed by Causticum
tyrs. Calc. carb 0/30 once in 10 days. 0/3 for 6 months. lastly Ars. iodide 0/3
1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta. February 1990
and Calc. carb 0/3 at the interval of 10 days
was given. Had mental upset and the las~
medicine is Phosphorus 0/3 on 15. 1. 85..
He has alre'aCfyc<;>mpleted5 yrs. and 4 mon-
\-- - 0/3/3 ti~ per day.
Streptococcin 30 at bed time.

15. 9. 80 Patient was feeling better and


ths of treatment and he feels better. I blood picture was fluctuating.

visited him' es during this period. He J":':-Ars. iodide 0/3/3 times was
in July 1986. -
died of intestine rupture w I e playing golf
-- 9.10.82 -W.B.C.11,500, Hb.11.3 gms%,
Case No. 5. P. 430;., l.45%. E. 8%. Cough,
Miss. C; One of the elder Twins; aged oedema of Eyelids.
4! yrs. Diagnosis-Acute lymphatic leuke- ~ -
-Spongia 0/3/3, times.
mia. Bone marrow interpretation confirmed -Calc. carb 0/30/10 days interval.
J on 21. 2. 78.
In between Ars. iodide 0/3, lyco.
Prednisolone and Vincristine were 0/3. were given.
. 22.12.84 -Hb 11.9 gms.%, W. B. C. 8400,
~spinal irradiation. Blood
. transfusion 3 times were given within a P 41%, l52%, E 5%,M 2%.
year. Feels better - Streptococcin 30/2

- Primary complex was detected and 30

Streptom\'cin injection and I.'~ets
were given. 23. 1. 85 -Feels
doses and Calc. Carb 0/3. Mor-
ning and Evening,
better, good appetite-
Streptococcin 30/2 doses, 15 days
On 9. 2. 79 patient was brought to us . interval. Calc. Carb 0/3, Morning
"as attending Doctor told that there is no
. \ and Evening. Still treatment is
response to chemotherapy." Hb. 9.9 gms%. continued with Cal. Carb 0/3. 0/6
W. B. C. 15.000. lympho 65% -Calc. Carb and sometimes with Ars. Iodide

bed time.
times daily. Streptococcin
30 / at
",j 0/3.
N. B. No blood transfusion after
5. 3. 79 -Hb 10.5 gms%. W. B. C. T. C.
5750. P 33%, l 65%. E 1%. M 1%,
. r Homreopathictreatment.

Feels better. Many years have passed and also thou-

J -Same medicines continued. sands of patients have passed through my
hands, many are cured. several are relieved
19.4. 79 W. B. C. 8750, Hb 11 gms%, P. and a few have left treatment without giving
19%, l68%, E 11%. B 2%. reasons. -Almost arlwere on the 50 Mille-
Same medicines continued... simal Potencies expect a few when indi-
cated medicines were not available in the
7. 7. 79 -Feels better. Liver and spleen 50 Millesimal Scale Potencies.
not palpable. Hb 11 gms%; W. ~
B.C. 17,050, P23%, l70% The controversy regarding the 5th and
E 3%, M 2%, Microcytes+pur- 6th Edition of the Organon of Medicine, the
puric spots, slight cold, loss of Bible of Homreopathy. started in my mind
appetite. in the year 1948 when I was a student.

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

er day. of Homc:eopathy and instead of using the


. and
~hat was the need for subsequent editions?
To still my conflicts I started reading one
by one the editions of the prganon of Medi-
CENTESIMAL SCALE Potency use the 50
" Millesimal ~ca~tency. If your selection
cine by Dr. Hahnemann. New rays and of medicine is wrong, neither potency ..will
Ig. give the desired result.
; was
waves of thoughts came to my mind.
~ -- ---- - --- ~

The journey to find the truth never en- (1) Easy to select from a limited series or
ranges of potencies. Starting is made
ded at !!!..e College in 1951 but took me to
gms%, with 0/1 or 0/3 poten~1
E~-5cotland, Germanv a.D.d- other
:ough, urojJean countries, not once but many is made gradually. '
~. The truth which was buried 50 feet or (2) No fear of sever aggravation of disease
so down at Robert Bosch Hospital, Stuttgart, . or patient's condition by giving it in
terval. uring the 2nd World War and brought high and low potency and in repea-
out only after 1944 was what I wanted I ted doses.
~ clarification of my d~ I worked When we prescribe in Centesimal
under Dr. Otto Lesser and went through all
scale potency, we do not know
8400, . -::m.klinal records of Dr. Hahnemann and his
when, (A) aggravation will start..
sixth edition of the Organon of Medicine
and (B) what will be the duration,
particularly the 5th and 6th editions. With
I got some of the 9, J We have no control over these
depth and nature of aggravation.

controversial paragraphs of the Organon

translated into English from German. This
~tilled the controversy for all ti~or me, (3t~ ¥Ve can control with 50 Millesimal
for I have seen the original editions of the - potency, the clinical aggrava!iQ!LJrl

nt is Organon of Medicine and the Medicines regulating dose(s). Homc:eopathic

prepared in 50 Millesimal Scale by Dr. O-.'!>-or Primary aggravation is eliminated
~, 0/6 ~r\--- or under control.
odide Hahnemann (Photographs are with me). ,
36 long years have passed since then,
I after
~4) We can postpone the aggravation to
i. e. half of my life; in the pursuit of 50
Millesimal which has laid the foundation
( later phase of treatment
repetitions are made.
if frequent

f~a new eraout ;f the old in Homc:eopathy.

thou- (5) Can be repeated any time and every
A concrete faith has been built ~p wlthtne ../
i1 my time when there is a need of medi-
years of research and clinical experiences.
lieved ~ cine according to Law of Similars
Here above I have presented the truth
lIIille- of the action of 50 Millesimal potencies in
9 without antidoting previous medi-

indi- few cases for the advancement of Homc:eo- . cine. ?U) ~~~~
in the pathy. (6) In case of aggravation in later stage
of treatment which is curative in
Advantages: many cases, the medicine Can be
and Please remember that the 50 Millesimal w.ithrlrR\~r suspended for some-
~, the potencies are NOT different remedies but , time. If the same medicine i; indi-
mind only the POTENCIES are different. You cated, it can be given in higher
Ident. select your indicated medicine as per rules potency in series.
,1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
(7) Selection of potency of medicine and C\ (11) The Highest ideal of cure is made
repetition of doses are very easy. (
Hahnemann says that the selection'
of potency is "wholly solved". (F~
possible and the process of cure i. e.
rapid is hastened.
We can observe the trend of symp-
Note, para 246. Organon of Medi- toms easily and repeat the medicine.
cine) .
(13) The correctness or Incorrectness of
(8) 50 Millesimal potencies are safe in 9... c;.the ----detected earlier.
medicine can be
incurable or malignant diseases as (14) Deep acting or chronic medicines
V~t there aggravation
is little or no possibility of vio-
~e have seen in
can be repeated
when needed.
frequently as and
above cases. '

(15) Palliation is easy in Chronic and

9 J (9) It acts quickly and ~api.dIYin all forms (5incurable cases.) ~
of acute and chromc diseases. (16) Most beneficial in hypersensitive
(10) Chronic diseases are more amenable 9,. patients.
to 50 Millesimal potencies than
.' Propagation of 50 Millesimal Potency is
Centesimal potencies. Time wasted my mission and I am grateful to thousands
in watching and waiting in repetition of Homreopaths, the world over who have
with Centesimal potency is saved by taken over the research work and the use of
. the use of 50 Millesimal potency, 50J Millesimal Potency.
Thank you.

:"010;. NO UN:ERTA~NTY. - -~~

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990


, i. e, The Cancer Problem*

~ all are well aware of the world-wide
cancer proble~ T~ causative factors are
In a healthy person a balance or har-
mony between these aspects is a must. In
.s of many and sorUtions are few. ~ far not a illness the interplay is disturbed. But what
rlier. single field of medical science has proven to happens in case of cancer? let us see.
cmes be the real answe0 o..-~~' ( The human body is composed of organs,
Before we look into some modes of tissues, and cells. The cells multiply and
cancer treatment and compare their outcome, provide higher units to give shape to the
let us peep into the background of cancer human body by form giving forces. The
and development. cells basically tend to follow their nature to
multiply. The form giving forces let them do
iitive If we consider nature around us, we so following a definite pattern. In case of
would be aware to feel the difference cancer, the cells reproduction escapes the
between varied life pattern. Amongst mine- normal routine controlled by the form giving
cy is ral world, there are no cells and thus no forces and follow its own laws. (ft'is wrong
reproduction or conception of growth or life, to think cancer as a local manifestationJ
whiie in plant kingdom there is development logically and homceopathically, it is the
ie of
and metamorphosis etc in contrast to mine- disease of whole man, it prepares several
~alworld. In case of animal world, some- years rather decades before real growth
Ihing is added to the life; that is concious- establishes itself. The disease has its foun-
ness. In this case, gates of senses lead to dation somewhere in early age when dama-
different perceptions and corresponding ging influences of shock, environmental
movements through instinct. ~~reIY the factors of varied problems effecting psyche
snage of life is a bit quite different in this and mind are not easily overcome by indivi-
dual when subjected to continuously! ( They
~egardas comparedto P~iW~ lead to disorder of harmones and enzyme
~w we come to man. He is considered metabolism thus wrongly metabolic products
10be developed from of higher mammals
and toxins result. The state of affairs turns
.rethe has got something :extra. and that is
~ctions being reduced to
spiritual power; the power to distinguish
between good and bad, speak and think a low key. This is the syndrome called pre-
father sacrifice to achieve goals of goodness. cancerous state or precancerous cache~
So we conclude that man is composed of Many of homceopaths must be familiar wit'"
'our identities; material or physical body }bJs condition found in different dispositions.
.vhich is left after death, the life aspect com- ~ome external factors on one hand and a
"T1onto plants, santient body comparable few special dispositions on the other finally
:0 animals and the,i!:Ldividualityof ego which cause this state to localise somewhere in the ~ ~'fi tJ.r.L
classify him amongst the most classified of
::reations. body ending metastatizing carcino~ I~1ti6-~lJ
Why is that there is a disturbance and -f1-~~
. Afsar Imam Syed, imbalance in the harmonious inter play
of the body system. The causes may be
~ --Jc.5
Secretary General,
Cancer Institute of Pakistan. pointed out at different levels. Firstly the
1990 :ongress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

weakening of form giving forces due to Liver has been considered as one of the
mechanised monotonous life so that man is
first organs showing such signs. <!ifact a
pressed into a uniform tone disabled to give British Scientist Caspar Bond says that'
expression into creative thinking and simply cancer is the disorder of central organ of
thinki~and acting in one and the same metabolism. the liver:') To sum up, budding
way. ~onstant exposure to T. V. radiation
and tensively influenced by exciting infor- warts, either parts
in different kind of
of body,
mown condylomas,
or black spots,
and I
mation or imaginary impressions from differ- papilomas are considered as the signs of
ent mass media) Our thoughts become. cancerinic state)
simple reflexes and hence emotions lack
depth and creativity, getting involved into For early diagnosis of this condition,
automation in life from every side') On the r~searchers ~ave been looking for patholo-
other hand. our body is constantly picking glcal test with not much successful results.
substances from water, air, food and even However the following are a few practised
drugs which are unusual for requirements of in cancer Research Institute Hiscia Switzer-
different organs !!Jnctions causing an irrita- land.
tional effect; carcinogens as they call them. J
Form giving forces are highly set back, thus,' 1. Dr. Kaelin Test, is made by the capillary
by all of these factors and we have risingly Dynamolytic blood testing. It checks
the possibility of precancerous stage as
J~her incidence of cancer~ . ~
well as post operative chance of recur-
Gw should we know about precance- rences; thus giving result of continued
rous stage. Of course it worries the general therapy.
practitioner when he observes that the
patients do not respond to the treatment 2. Pfeiffer's Copper Chloride Crystallization
adequat&ly. It is because interests and Method. It indicates different crystalli-
impulses that were suppressed in youth, zation patterns in different diseases
difficulties or shocks that have not been even the organs effected.
overcome, all these combine to give rise to
deppressive states, disturbances of sleep and 3. Ruhlicks blood picture test, is the more
nervousnes~ Tiredness, constipation. peri. recent development. It works like paper
chromatography. Patients serum diluted
'pheral vasc~r disorder the development of
multiple naevi these may be signs of a with distilled water is allowed to ascend
~condition that is difficult to define in clinical over blotting paper and dried. After-
terms. Later a reduced metabolism hypo- wards the procedure is repeated with
acidity, often wild disturbances of hapatic N J.OAg No:.!. In healthy persons the
function and a raised sedimentation rate later line will not cross the former one
appears. Similarly digestive function and and in cancer cases, it will form mush-
~s, kidneys and liver are the ones room - like definite patterns. Skillfully
that may give the early pointers. The natural the patterns can be utilised to locate
outcry of pain by a suffering organ if stiff led the problem in particular part of the
r by a sedative without removing the cause
alters the already affected organs of elimina-
body. Even a remedy can be tested to
act by adding to the blood and to see
if the picture gets normalised.
tion by adding to their works.)
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
of the What should be our attitude to the Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, President of
fact a cancer patient seeking consultation. Most International Homooopathic League recom-
; that
cancer patients when they are seen by hom- mend~ Auto. isopathy i. e./blood potency as
gan of
ooopaths have already had some treatment -------
the end treatment in precancerous stage.
and have not been benefited or are too far
spots, Before conclusion, it would be injust
advanced and told by surgeons that nothing
s, and could be done. Therefore in these patients
not to appreciate the valuable research work
gns of
the spectacular results of cure ~re very few,
being done in Research Institute Hiscia J
Switzerland on cancer treatment by fermen-
being difficult to judge the effectiveness of
ted dilution of Viscum album in an original
dition, , , this therapi) V method of Rudolf Steiner called Anthropo- /
tholo- I
I Homooopathic approach to treatment sophoical medicine on homooopathic princi- y
~sults. would be therefore routine prescribing for pies. The results collected from Munich.
ctised the whole system and not some specific Basle, Hamburg, and Vienna are better than
~itzer- any other form of cancer therapy in the
consideration to cancer. rp;. Edmund Car-
leton has been a renowned American world.
Surgeon Convert who has cured many cas-
Jillary In the end I would stress upon the
ses of cancer by simply prescribing the indi-
hecks most important factor i. e., diet as most -
cated remedy in single. He says "This is
Ige as eminent Homoopaths do in such cases. All
the only way to cure sick people, cancers
recur- and all". sorts of tinned, artificially processed and
inued i highly seasoned food should be forbidden
There is however a tissue and organo- beside any kind of meat. Alcohol; tobacco
pathic affinity between the seat of cancer and coffee also . be restricted. Only fresh,
zation and the homooopathic remedy. I would non fertilizer vegetables, cereals and fruits
stalli- describe here a few for your kind infor- or nuts be allowed. So that patients intake
,eases mation. should be nearest to nature like raw sugar
instead of white one.
Skin. Arg. Nit., Ars lad., Carb V. Carbo
Ac., Hep. S , Hydrastis Lach. Nit. Ac., Silica, I have tried to describe the general
and Thuja. background of cancer treatment instead of
iluted Liver. : Aurum, Cad. sulf, Condurango. details of actual prescription.
scend Stomach. Ars., Cad 5., Carbo An, Carb
After- Ac. Cond, Conium, Hyd, Kreosot, Lach.,
1. Dr. Leroi, Rita, Treatment of Malignant
I with Lye., phos.
Tumours. B. H. J., Dec, 78.
IS the Mamma. Aster., Aur., Brom, Bufo. Carbo
r one 2. Directions for use of Iscador., Weleda
An., Carb V., Con., Hydr., Kal. M., Kreosot, AG. West Germany.
Phyt., ~il.
IlIfulIy 3. Julian, O. A. Meteria Medica lof new
locate Uterus. Ars., Ars. I., Carbo An. Con, Homooopathic Remedies.
)f the I(reosotl Lach, Lye., Phos. Sil., Thuja. 4. Chand, Dr. D. H; Treatment of Cancer,
ted to Besides them, X-ray potency is regarded L.M.H.I Congress 1977.
to see as adjuvant treatment by Dr. O. A. Julian in 5, KrebsTeil. Haug Verlag Heidelburg West
his new Materia Medica. Germany. 0
Y 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
Head of Pancreas*
Mr. P. K. On aged 33 years, married, got and epigastrium. It was occasionally very
operated about four months back for chole- severe in nature and for this he had to
dochoduodenostomy (palliative) because of take palliative medicines from time to time.
carcinoma in the head of pancreas which Finally he had the most severe attack of
could not be removed. He is under my pain with severe jaundice and progressive
treatment since 30.10.70 and is free from emaciation in May 1970. This time all
the aforesaid ailments. He is leading almost palliative medicines failed and he was hospi-
a normal life till now. talised (as mentioned above).

A. Present complaints (as on 30.10.70): B. Past history:

1. Feeling of uneasiness and pain in the 1. The patient had been suffering from
epigastrium and right hypogastrium occasional intermittent pain in right
since the day of operation (choledo- hypochondriU'm and epigastrium for last
choduodenostomy); the pain and dis- .thirteen years. Thereafter a severe spas-
comfort ameliorates while he is other- modic pain in abdomen first felt in
wise occupied. January 1959. Then it occurred from
time to time and in December 1959 it
2. Since the operation, acidity, heartburn
and sour eructations occur after an
was diagnosed as amrebic hepatitis and
was treated accordingly by allopathic
hour of meal; belching gives t~po!StQt- Medicines.
2. Pain in anal region (ischeo-rectal abs-
3. Habitual constipation for years together. cess) in June 1963 and September
Evacuation usually by purgatives. Stool 1967; relieved by antibiotics.
usually semisolid and contains undi-
gested food particles; rarely formed. 3. Before 9 years of age, suffered from
'1Marked weakness after ~tool; weakness )- jaundice, asthmatic dyspnooa, typhoid
I disproportionate to the quantity and ~'" and malaria; the exact chronology he
"f"" frequency of stool. t:V
'\ £..ouldnot recolle~.
4. Since three years, pain in the right lower
chest, posteriorly; occasionally it shifts
~ Had
time aofringworm likeiseruption;
occurrence the exact
not remembered.
to the left side. The pain is more or 5. History of regular vaccination since
less constant and aggravates at the J childhood.
I approach of summer.
C. Family history:
5. Itching followed by swelling in different 1. Bronchial asthma (paternal side).
parts of the body (probably allergic 2. Piles (father).
t No history of malignancy in the family.
The complaint for last thirteen years . S. P. Dey
was intermittent pain in right hypochondrium D.M.S., M.B.S. Horn. (W.B.) D.F. Horn. (Londcn)
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
D. Generalities ( including personal 5. On superficial palpation of abdomen:
features) : (a) Stiffness in epigastric region.

) Can not tolerate hunger which causes (b) Tenderness along the scar mark.
formation of wind in the abdomen.
(C) Wind (whole abdomen) + +.
~asionally very
lis he had to 2. Desires warm food and drink, fish,
6. Patient is emaciated, pale and slightly
I time to time. meat, raw onion, sour and sweet.
fere attack of 3. Intolerance to milk which fills the
../7. Hairy body, especially chest.
1d progressive abdomen with wind.
This time all 8, B. P.: 130/80 mm. of Hg.
4. The patient is ambithermal.
he was hospi-
5. He has tendency to catch cold easily. F. Anamnesis and synthesis:
6. Sleep: disturbed. As the complaints date back to thirteen
vi. Dreams of eating and daily activities. years and ultimately led to the growth in
uffering from the head of pancreas it appears that the
lain in right y Profuse sweat especially on head and patient had a tendency to overgrowth from
Istrium for last face.
\ the very boyhood. Along with this the
a severe spas- 9. Mind: reserved; quiet; desires to be family history of bronchial asthma. hremor-
, first felt in rhaids and the patient's personal history
Iccurred from l alone. Fear of 'Morning star as if it
of taking regular vaccination decidedly
l1ber 1959 it ~ is looking at him. Progressive forget-
: hepatitis and .-
fulness. Particular and critical. point at sycosis as the predominating mias-
matic state at present,
by idiopathic 10. General aggravation in summer and
rainy season and in the afternoon. G. First Prescription-30.10.70.
B: Staphisagria 2C, one
!o-rectal abs- E. Clinical findings:
d September 1. Report of renowned hospital, Calcutta
ics. (9.3.71) : "The patient was operated on Comment: Considering that the pre-
suffered from 5th June 1970 for Ca. head of pancreas sent symptoms date back since the
with deep Jaundice. The carcinoma operation and tenderness being present
nrea, typhoid
could not be removed'. A choledocho- along the scar mark I prescribed it. The
hronology he
duodenostomy was done." present conditions as also the pulse heart,

Ion; the exact

2. Report of the same hospital (2. 5. 72) :
"F. U. case of choledochoduodenosto-
B. P. etc., indicate moderate susceptibility.
Moreover, the patient was all along under
'emembered. allopathic treatment from the day of ope-
my (palliative) for Ca. head of pancreas
nation since June 1970" (the report was submitted ration till this date. So / preferred to
to us during' the course of homreo- prescribe t~e 2~ [l0~. According to
the totality of symptoms of the patient the
pathic treatment).
case appears to me as of Thuja, the
I side). 3. Pulse rate: 80 per minute, regular, prescription of which / deferred till next
volume and tension normal. visit.
in the family. 4. Tongue: moist with imprint of teeth 6. 11. 70: The pain along the scar
and greenish spot on tongue (liver mark is much less as a/so the epigastric
Horn. (London) spot) . pain and discomfort. But the general
, February 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
feeling of the patient is not improved, Now, Note: In case of 50 millesimal po-
on the basis of symptom totality, the tency, it is the direction of our Master
. condition demands the constitutional anti- Hahnemann to continue the medicine even
1- when the patient is improving.
I miasmatic medicine.
B: Thuja Occi. 0/5; four 10. 12. 70: Acidity is unchanged,
d~ses, one dose every. sleep is very much disturbed. catnap sleep.
alternate day.
Burning of palms and soles is aggravated.

Comment: The miasmatic state as B: Sulphur 0/3, 4 doses.

discussed above, along with the following ~~~~I one dose every alternate
symptoms led me to the selection of Thuja.
The unusual fear of the Morning star with
I Comment: As the progress is checked
the fixed idea th~t it is looking at him, is
after the last medicine and the sleep is very
the most striking feature of his mental
much disturbed together with aggravation
predicament. Moreover, he desires to be
of burning, it appears that after the antisy-
alone and is by nature reserved as well as
cotic medicine (Thuja) has ameliorated the
critical. In general the patient feels worse
patient as a whole, the latent psora is now
in rainy season and afternoon He desires
raw onion and sour things. suffers from Gaming on the surface. Moreover, a strong
general symptom of psora is prominent in
profuse sweat on head and face and bears
him, i.e., he can not tolerate hunger.
a hairy body (especially chest). 50 Thuja
Hence, following the direction of our
was given.
Master and his able follower Dr. Kent,
Potency: The effect of the allopathic I changed the plan of treatment from
medicin9s which he was continuing till he antisycotic to antipsoric and prescribed
came to me is expected to be partially Sulphur 0/3.
neutralised by this time and considering the
advanced structural changes and the 19. 12. 70: Acidity is ameliorated.
tendency towards destruction as met with Sleep and the wind troubleis also improved.
in such a case, I decided to fry 50 millesimal B: Placebo.
potency to avoid any chance of unwanted
aggravation. 5. 1. 71: Flatulence is aggravating
\ almost daily; acidity is less than before;
Note: At that time I started experi- sleep normal. Burning is ameliorated.
menting the 50-millesimal potency. As
such, I used to give different potencies in B: rThuja O!~O'- 4
different patients to start with. Hence, 0/5 one dose every fourth
~'s given instead of 0/1 or 0/2.
{\l~\L Comment! As the original symptoms
\~/i. \ftt16. 11.70: The patient reports of were tending to reappear; I decided to revert
~Q{1- improvement of all of his complaints as also back Thuja. But I am sorry to mention here
~WO.(o'1the feeling of well being. So Thuja was that at that time I had not much experience

\ '< ~\\ repeated in the same potency to see if it
can produce further better results. with the 50 millesimal potency and wanted

J~ij Calcutta, February 1990

~~~~~ Cong'." 00 Ca".,

?--- J 1

millesimal po- 5. 1. 72: Very much improved b.!!.t 26. 9. 72: The patient is improving
f our Master still now there is slight discharge from the in all respects but stool is offensive and is
medicine even fistulous opening. not formed. He complains of a persistent
peculiar dream of eating for about a month~
'\ Et Silicea 2C, one dose
So logium 2C, two doses, were given in
unchanged, only.- deviated form.
catnap sleep. q
- Comment; Needs no comment. 8. 11. 72: For an attack of toothache
30. 1. 72: The discharge ceased but he took PeniciJ.!.!.ntablets without my know-
)/3, 4 doses. one new abscess formed and bursted three ledge. Now the fissure like trouble in anus
wery alternate days back. The discharge is persisting. with burning sensation is persisting for
hours together after stool.
Et Silicea 1M, one dose.
;s is checked
sleep is very
Comment I Needs no comment.

Comment! Needs no comment.

Acid Nit. 2C, one dose.

I aggravation 10. 3. 72: The fistulous discharge is

r the antisy-
aggravated. The gastro-intestinel trouble 28. 11. 72: The fistulous discharge
eliorated the
Dsora is now
is reappearing. . has ~ed. Sweat on palms and soles.
'ACiclity aggravates after 2 P. M.; B. P.
iver, a strong Et Carcinosin 2C, 1 dose
125/85 mm. of Hg.
prominent in only.
rate hunger.
ion of our
Comment! As most of the symptoms
of Thuja are very nicely covered by Carci-
~1 Silicea 1M, one dose
(with ten succussions).
er Dr. Kent, '.
nosin and as it is complementary to Thuja Comment! Needs no comment
Iment from
(clinical experience) and as the malignancy
I prescribed
might have been checked by this time as 6. 5. 73: Burning pain in anus has
evidenced by his gaining weight. I pres- reappeared with rawness, soreness and
cribed Carcinosin 2C, one dose. splinter like sensation since a month; he
;0 improved. is catching cold easily; cough ameliorates
13.6. 72: The patient was continu- by drinking cold water.
ously improving till this date and was kept
on Placebo. Weight is greatly increased. 4, a Causticum 1M, one
aggravating B. P. 135/85 mm. of Hg. but the fistulous dose only.
than before; discharge is still persisting.
Irated. Comment I Needs no comment.
Et Carcinosin 1M, one
l.. 4 doses, dose as above. 19. 3. 74 : As the patient was im-
3very fourth proving continuously till this date, he was
Comment I Needs no comment.
on Placebo. Now the old dream of eating
25. 7. 72 : No discharge from the has reappeared as also the wind trouble:
1I symptoms fistula; slight wind trouble, otherwise Sleep is disturbed since a few days.
ded to revert improved.
B. lodium 1M. one dose
nention here
Et Placebo. only.
and wanted Comment; Needs no comment. Comment: Needs no comment.
:ebruary 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
to shift back to centesimal potency as ear- 15. 5. 71 : Weight is further increased:
liar as possible. Hence I prescribed Thuja B. P. 130195mm. of Hg. General feelling is
0/30 four doses, instead of successive better than before but the stool is not
higher potencies, which I should not have improved. Thuja 2C one more dose is
done. repeated with twenty succussions.
15. 1. 71 : Flatulence is unchanged
18 7. 71: Very much improvement
but acidity is ameliorated. Hence, Thuja in all respects.
0/30, four doses is repeated again as above.
Et Placebo.
28.1. 71 : The wind trouble aggravates
at about 1 to 1-30 P. M. and ameliorates 1. 8. 71 : Occasional burning in the
by belching. Stool is never formed (th~ epigastrium. No other complaint. But he
patient hitherto never mentioned this con- has lost 1 kg. of body weight.
dition seriously). Moreover, he is unable
to tolerate milk and so being complementary Et Sulph. 015, 4 doses,
to Thuja, I prescribed Acid Nitric 015, eight one dose every fourth
doses, one dose to be taken on every alter- day.
nate morning.
Comment; Considering psora as the
2. 2. 71 : Dysentery is aggravated and obstacle in the way of cure. Sulphur
conjunctivitis appears (probably an old was prescribed once again.
symptom). Other symptoms are amelio-
14. 8. 71: Weight is gained by 2 kg.,
Et Placebo. Burning in the epigastrium is persisting
1. 3. 71 : Conjunctivitis is ameliorated; slightly.
dysentery too. But the general weakness is Et Sulph. 2C, one dose
aggravated. only.
Et Thuja 2C, 1 dose only.
Comment! Needs no comment.
Comment: Now I switched back to the
constitutional medicine. 59, Thuja 2C. one 21.10. 71: In the meantime he had
J dose was given. (My desire to switch back an ischeo-rectal abscess in the left side
to the centesimal potency is explained (otd symptom). The patient was operated
before ). .
for the same without my knowledge. Now
16. 3. 71 : Very much improvement in it is healed up but slight pus discharge from
all respects. Weight is gained by t kg.
the fistulous opening is continuing. Silicea
being complementary to Thuja and fitting
Et Placebo. with the present symptoms, is given in 50
Comment: Needs no comment. millesimal potency (0/10) the reason of '.!
which is already explained.
1. 4. 71 : General condition better than
before, but the wind trouble is tending to 6. 11. 71: The abscess reappeared
reappear. Thuja 2C one dose is repeated again and bursted spontaneously. Discharge
with ten succussions. is continuing still now. Silicea in the 50
Comment: Needs no comment. millesimal potency is continued.

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

ler increased: 20. 5. 74: Wind trouble is very much Et Silicea 1M, one dose
ral feelling is aggravated. Occasional sour water. brush. J (twenty succussions).
stool is not No more dream. Sleep is normal.
ore dose is Comment: Needs no comment.
)ns. Et lad. 10M, one dose as 28. 1. 76: Burning in the epigastrium
has reappeared, with reappearance of old
Comment 1 Needs no comment. symptoms.

3. 10. 74: Occasional acidity, nausea Et Thuja 1M, one dose.

after lunch. Sleep breaks at 1 to 1.30 A.M. From now onwards the patient was on
rning in the Tiredness + +; corners of mouth cracked Thuja, Silicea and Causticum till 4. 11. 76,
lint. But he for more than one month. B.P. 138/100mm. . when oral cholecystography and Barium
of Hg. meal X-ray of stomach and duodenum were
5, 4 doses, done. This revealed slight dysfunction of
Et Natrum Mur, 200, 2
Gall Bladder but the 'C' loop was perfectly
3very fourth doses in deviated form.
normal. Since then till the end of 1979, the
Comment: Needs no comment. patient was on Natrum Sulph, and Thuja for
Isora as the occasional trou"6'lEiSOfwind and indigestion.
Ire. Sulphur 18. 11. 74: All symptoms are im-
At present (December 1981) the patient
proved. B.P. 130/90 mm. of Hg.
is living more or less a normal life in sound
Et Nat. Mur. 1M, one dose health though casually he comes to me for
ed by 2 kg., minor ailments.
is persisting
Comment: Needs no comment. Note: According to the statement of
the patient no biopsy was probably done in
, one dose
28. 3. 75: The fistulous discharge has this case because the Surgeon concerned
reappeared; stool is very hard; otherwise had no doubt the diagnosis after opening
improving. the abdomen. 0
time he had
he left side
!fas operated
,ledge. Now
;charge from
Jing. Silicea
i and fitting
given in 50
3 reason of

Iy. Discharge
!a in the 50

February 1990 Congress on cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Carcinoma-Case Study-I* .

ADENOCARCINOMA OF LIVER & G. B. Prefers too hot food. Easily susceptible


Mr. Saroj Kumar Nanda aged 65, hailing Deviated nasal septum operated thrice.
from Midnapore had been complaining of Eye sight dim but no cataract.
for a pretty long time before the final dia- Acidity, sourness-heartburn, wind + +
gnosis was arrived at, distressing sensation
Very wormy since childhood.
in the epigastrium and lower part of both
sides of chest, esp right side. Tongue-black discolouration-sides and
middle but not so dry. Thirst. N.P.
Now during my first attendence he was
stepping into my chamber leaning forward Very hard lump-5 fingers down the
supported by 2/3 persons both sides, with costal margin.
acute agonizing pain in epigastrium and Tenderness only in G.B. region, other-
upper abdomen by pressing hard by hands. wise no tenderness.
Very weak, could not stand even a minute.
Abdominal veins visible.
Had to sit down on a chair. Very cachectic
appearance. Looks much older than his age. Ascites-umbilicus, more than abdo-
Irritability + + + minallevel.
Nausea-very persistent, vomitting 3/4 Personal history!
times day.
Habit of smoking and chewing tobacco.
Vomitus full of mucus with bile stool
3/4 times a day but a little. Past history!

Tendency to have chronic dysentery. Chr dysentery, Typhoid. Pneumonia

at 12 years.
Extremely chilly-covers even in sum-
mer. Taken vaccination many a time.
Used to suffer from skin eruptions, Family history-
fishyscales-since childhood-very itchy Wife suffering from Bronchial Asthma
previously but now less, 3 sons-one suffered from pulmonary
Applied ointment. Allopathy, Homreo- Tuberculosis.
pathy & Ayurvedic also used whatever to Pathological Report:
benefit him.
Cortisone ointment he uses now. Drs. Tribedi & Ray.

Vericosities in legs. Material - Tissue from liver

Used to take sweets but now no tastes
Name - Soroj Kr. Nanda
Address - Contai
for food, takes a little liquid once only, a
little lunch. . T.P. Mandal
Sleep disturbed because of pain other- D.M.S (Cal), M.B.S (Cal), D.F. Horn (London)
wise almost normal. M.F.P.A (London)

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Microscopical Examination I
Section shows adenocarcinomatous
Case Study-II
Iy susceptible ....
Diagnosis-Metastatic deposit of adeno
Mrs. Indumati Khan of Diamond Har-
carcinoma in liver.
Irated thrice. bour, aged about 60 was referred to me by
act. Date of receipt - 7.9.89. one of my students knowing fully well that
Dateof report - 11.9.89. the Allopathic medicines only cause in the
1, wind++
Slide No. - 7007/89. system unnecessary squabbles and bicker-
Treatment: ings, set forth an unwanted agony and
In-sides and jeopardy by having aroused due to infusion
Taken a few days allopathic treatment
\J.P. of variues uncongenial chemical synthetic
but of no avail.
products of various origins in physiological
rs down the
Chemotherapy suggested but did not large doses an ordinate infighting in the very
taken. sinews of this small physiognomy of ours
!gion, other- Considering the irritability - wormy- antagonistic to harmony of life of the most
fishyscales eruptions. essential vital organs. She had been in
Diamond Harbour Sadar Hospital for about
20.09.89 Carcinocin cm. one globule 3 months and advised total Hysterectomy
than abdo- 2 doses, morning & evening. in Thakur Pukur Cancer Hospital. Well con-
26.09.89 Reported better for vomiUing. versant with adverse effects of regular
school of medicines Dr. R. Samanta strai-
12.10.89 Reported-Stool about20/30times ghtway sent to me this case.
'ing tobacco. a day, only mucus.
The symptoms as stated:
Marc Sol 30 in drop doses.
Hydrastis Q at night An acute excruciting pain at times.
> by no means of pressure.
6.11.89 Better.
<during rest or pressure.
ime. 18.11.89 Better-same medicines conti-
> moving about and lying on back.
Menorrhagia for the last 5 months.
hial Asthma 6.12.89 No further improvement. Profuse offensive white discharge.
pulmonary Cachectic condition little better.
Lean, thin & slender reduced in health.
Carcinocin cm-again 2 globuiles. very weak -
run down.
29.12.89 Kept again on 12.10.89 medi- Very chilly + + + uses covers in hot days.
cines, better for Jaundice and Rheumatic deformities esp on right wrist
liver Ascites. 3.4 years.
1da Desires cold milk and water.
3.1.90 Very much better
So much so, now they doubt Burning in lower abdomen better applying
whether there was ever cancer cold water.
or not. Still he is under obser- Diabetes mellitus - went upto 355 mgm%
n (London)
vation. . once.

:ebruary 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta. February 1990

Prolapse of uterus. Considering TB in the family,. Chr cough,
Wind + + + stool-very costive - hardknotty. rheumatic tendency, brine, like scales
Debility and vertigo esp on standing.
offensive discharge.
neurofibromata scattered. 25. 3. 89 Tuberculinum 10m 3 doses 1 glo-
Broods over-fear of death-morose-irritable. bule morning 2 hours interval.
Deafness-partial after chr ottorrhoea
Urine not sufficient.
4. 4. 89 Reported pain not better but all -
other symptoms much less. T!I'

Chr headache not related to indigestion. Same was repeated. ::::J

Used to have skin eruptions often> ointment 15. 4. 89 Reported very positively improved. =-
brine like scales, now no eruptions. Pain 50% better. ~
Hlo Chr cough since long.
Tuberculinum Cm 2 globules in a "'"\
On examination: cup of plain water and half to be
taken and the remaining half to be -.:
Very big lump covering whole lower
thrown away.
28. 4. 89 Lump again increasing a little
Personal history: used to take biri and pan. more. - -
Past history: Chr dysentery, Typhoid+ Conium Mac-Cm- 2 globules.
Chickenpox in childhood.
12. 5. 89 Reported as before. Lump much .<
Taken vaccination too. better-reduced in size it seems. ...a
Family history: Husband died of T. B.
4 sons and one daughter.
24.5.89 -
Better, Rubrum cm 2 doses.
Went on reporting me steady im-
- Rheumatic tendencies and chronic cold. provement,
No repeatition till standstill. Bit
Biopsy Report: Drs. Tribedy & Ray
Date of receipt: 15.3.89
Date of report: 20. 3. 89
25. 7.89 Again Conium cm - 1 globule
2 doses.
Slide No-1924A/89.
Gross: Endometrial curettings : Adequate 23.8. 89 Lump much reduced and discha-
microscopical Examination. rge too better. .',a
Section shows small bits of endometrial Se)
6. 10. 89 No further improvement. Carcino-
tissue with proliferative glands. Bits of S""!
cin cm 2 doses 1 globule each ...,-
cervical tissue showing squamous cell dose.
carcinoma are also present in the section.
Now Carcinocin 50 millhi;emal
Treatment: During the stay in the hospital, potency continuing.
A lot of Allopathic treatment taken. On
revelation of canceroustate, chemotherapy She is kept on constant obser-
suggested. If not responded favourably, vation. Now no complaints. She
suggested total Hysterectomy. has put on much weight 0
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
. Chr cough,
like scales Cancer-Case Study-I*
Gouri Shankar Acharya (Age 19): Pathology department, Regional Centre
loses 1 glo- Regional Cancer centre declared him a for Cancer Pasearch & Treatment-Cuttack.
cancer patient on 19.9.87. Head of the
Pathology No. 939
,tter but all department of pathology, offered this case
less. for Homreopathic treatment. Severe pain,' Admission 45636. Date 29 3. 88
constant offensive small and blood dis-
charge were predominant symptoms of the Patients Name Gouri Shankar Acharya.
Iy improved. cauliflower like growth in the rectum. Age 19. Nature of specimen-Punch biopsy
After case stUdy, he was given Calcarea Report-Condyloma anus exclude Ca.
Carb 1M/2 doses. Patient told me regarding
obules in a Signature of Medical Officer illegible
his comfort within 20 days. After that
half to be 31.3.88.
Calcarea Flower 12x and Calcerea Sulph 12x
g half to be morning and evening respectively were
Pathology Report
administered for one month. Discharge
from the condyloma and pain reduced and C. H. No. 987/88
rng a little
discharge became watery. Calcarea Flour
Squamous papilloma inflamatory fea-
lobules. 30x and Calcarea Sulph 30x were given for tures are not well marked, malignant cell not.
one month. The growth reduced to a gram found,
.ump much like growth. lastly Acid Nit 1M/2 doses
t seems. was given. After six months of Homreopa- Signature illegible 6. 4. 88.
thic treatment. he was declared as a non-
cancerous one by the Regional Centre for
steady im- Cancer Research, Cuttack.
Istill. Biopsy Reports Case Study-II
Pathology Division, Regional Centre for
)Iobule Cancer Research & Trearment-Cuttack. Name of the Patient-Puma Chandra
Barik (Age 64). He was declared as a
Cytology No. 8095.8096/87 Cancer (throat) patient by Regional Centre
nd discha- for Cancer Research, Cuttack. 1st operation,
Patient's name-Gouri Shankar Acharya.
Ward-CO PD. Age 19. Religion-Hinduism. then Radio therapy and lastly Chemo-
Sex-Male. Nature of specimen Scrape therapy could not save him. He came under
It. Carcino- the treatment of Homreopathy on 24. 7. 88.
Smear. Date of Receipt 4. 9. 87. Clinical
obule each
Diagnosis? Cordyloma anus.
24.7.88 Anorexia, blurred vision, intense
Signature illegible 4. 9. 87.
pain in the throat with neck (Rt)
Report swelling, thirsty for little quantity
of water but frequently, stool not
Smears are compatibie with "Well dift clear, insomnia was there. Nux
tant obser- Squamous Cell Carcinoma".
~Iaints. She Moschata 30/5 doses were given
. Tara Kanta Das (daily one dose)
ht o
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
ebruary 1990

29.7.88 Pain reduced but more in night, Pathological division

dryness of mouth, dull, drowsy
Pathology division, Regional Centre for
and dizzy-were there. Swelling
Cancer Research & Treatment, Cuttack.
is there with slight dysphagia,
pain from throat to ear. Phyto- Pathology/Cytology No 6562-6563/87
locca 30/1 dram globules No. 30 Patients Name Purna Chandra Barick.
once daily. Ward COPD. Age 64. Religion-Hinduism.
Sex-Male. Nature of specimen-Asper Rt.
21.8.88 Repeatation of the same medi- upper cervical mode. Examination required-
cine. Cytology. Date of Receipt 10.787. Clinical
Diagnosis Rt. upper cervical node.
13.9.88 Dull pain, only phytum.
25.9.88 Pain started-Cobalt Met 30/5 Smears are that of metastatic poorly
doses (to combust the bad effect diff. squamous cell Carcinoma positively
of rediation). from upper respiratory tract.
Signature illegible 10. 7. 88
30.10.88 Beautiful improvement. No me-
dicine. Pathology division, Regional Centre for
Cancer Research & Treatment, Cuttack.
15.11.88 No medicine. as there is no com- Pathology/Cytology No. F863-864/88
plain. Patients Name-Puma Chandra Barik.
22.11.88 Pyrosis-night aggravation-slight Ward-Soro camp. Bed No. S 1-2. Age 64.
dysphagia. Merc. Sol 30/3 doses Religion-Hinduism. Sex-Male. Nature of
(daily one dose) Specimen Asp. C. N. Date of Receipt
12.12.88. Clinical Diagnosis next week.
15.11.88 No abnormal symptoms. No Me- Report
No malignant cell seen. Smear shows
1.12.88 Early morning urgency for stool. few fibroblasts only.
Adv. altered Cancer Institute O. P. D.
Sulphur 200/1 dose. for follow up study.
10.12.88 Patiant was declared negative Signature illegible 10. 12. 88.
(R.C.C,) o

CongrElSS on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990


29.7.88 Pain reduced but more in night, Pathological division

dryness of mouth, dull, drowsy
Pathology division, Regional Centre for
and dizzy-were there. Swelling
Cancer Research & Treatment, Cuttack.
is there with slight dysphagia,
pain from throat to ear. Phyto- Pathology/Cytology No 6562-6563/87

locca 30/1 dram globules No. 30 Patients Name Purna Chandra Barick.
once daily. Ward COPD. Age 64. Religion-Hinduism.
Sex-Male. Nature of specimen-Asper Rt.
21.8.88 Repeatation of the same medi- upper cervical mode. Examination required-
cine. Cytology. Date of Receipt 10.7 87. Clinical
Diagnosis Rt. upper cervical node.
13.9.88 Dull pain, only phytum.
25.9.88 Pain started-Cobalt Met 30/5 Smears are that of metastatic poorly
doses (to combust the bad effect diff. squamous cell Carcinoma positively
of rediation). from upper respiratory tract.
Signature illegible 10.7. 88
30.10.88 Beautiful improvement. No me-
dicine. Pathology division, Regional Centre for
Cancer Research & Treatment, Cuttack.
15.11.88 No medicine, as there is no com- Pathology/Cytology No. F863-864/88
plain. Patients Name-Puma Chandra Barik.
22.11.88 Pyrosis-night aggravation-slight Ward-Soro camp. Bed No. S 1-2. Age 64.
dysphagia. Mere. Sol 30/3 doses Religion-Hinduism. Sex-Male. Nature of
(daily one dose) Specimen. Asp. C. N. Date of Receipt
12.12.88. Clinical Diagnosis next week.
15.11.88 No abnormal symptoms. No Me- Report
No malignant cell seen. Smear shows
1.12.88 Early morning urgency for stool. few fibroblasts only.
Adv. altered Cancer Institute O. P. D.
Sulphur 200/1 dose. for follow up study.
10.12.88 Patiant was declared negative Signature illegible 10. 12. 88.
(R.C.C,) D

Calcutta, February 1990

Congress on Cancer
nal Centre for
1562-6563/87 Prostate Cancer-Case Study.
mdra Barick.
:'I-Hinduism. Datient's name: Shri Manas Ku. Mazumdar, As palliative measure deep X-Ray was
m-Asper Rt. advised and the patient refused to take it
Dnrequired- Age : 66 years. and came under my treatment on 7. 1. 84.
'87. Clinical
de. Address: 5/2, Jadu Mukherjee Lane, ,Indications for homceopathic medicines
(1) Historyof surgical treatment.
;tatic poorly Diagnosis: Transition'al cell papilloma sho-
a positively (2) History of suppressed anger before
wing malignant changes in retirement from his service due to in-
justice in his office affairs.
ble 10. 7. 88 NECK.
lal Centre for Staphisagria 200. two doses in sugar
:::uttack. History: of milk was prescribed.
53-864/88 Prostatectomy done due to its enlarge- 27. 1. 84 improved.
landra Barik. ent on 15. 5. 83 and post operatively he
15. 1. 84 improved.
-2. Age 64. ade an uneventful recovery and biopsy re-
e. Nature of :)Ortwas negative though the prostate was 10. 2. 85 No further improvement.
of Receipt '1ard, soon after he developed difficulty in
Conium 200 tyvo doses was prescribed
~xt week. passing urine and he was hospitalised for
obstruction and had to reopened the supra-
pubic as the dilatation did not work. Dilata- (i) Hard growth
mear shows :ion W3S again tried after about 2 weeks but
'ailed. He was reo perated on 7.7.83. when (ii) Growth developed after bruishes and
ute O. P. D. supra-pubic wound was explored. It was injury.
seen that the whole internal meatus have
e 10. 12. 88. been blocked by firm too hard mass in the (iii) Coldness in the rectum during passing
his hard stool' (Dr. Mahendra Lal Sircsr
o prostatic bed. He was advised to continue
the suprapubic and was put on Tab. Hono- effected a wonderful cure on the basis
van T. D. S. and decided to review after one of this symptom.)
(iv) Old age with great debility
A tentative diagnosis of cancer was 25.2.85 improved.
made and no attempt was made to force the 15.3.85 improved.
dilator. Lastly the biopsy report showed it
17.4.85 improved.
to be a transitional cell papilloma with
malignant changes.
As there was no complaint he disconti-
nued the treatment from June, 1985. Still
. R. K. Ghosh Mondal enjoying good health and active life.
~ebruary 1990
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
Biopsy Report: Desig-WAO Aa 4H

Eastern Railway Date of Admission: 6. 7. 83

No. 3828 Date of Discharge: 19. 7. 83

rc 241/83 MOL 118 Diagnosis: Transitional Cell

Papilloma with Malignant
B. R.Singh Hospital Changes
Indoor Dischage Certificate Suprapubic Exploration done under G. A.
Name: Manas Kumar Majumdar on 7. 7. 83

Age : 66 years, Male, New Cabin -4A S/O ILLEGIBLE

o P 0-5702 M. 0
RETD Employee

v/ Have fire and spread a/l over. Work, Work. Be the

servant while leading. Be unseifish and never listen
to one friend in private accusing another. Have infinite
patience and success is yours. Take care! Beware of
everything that is untrue; stick to truth and we shal/
succed, may be slowly but surely. Work as if one each
of you depended the whole work. Fifty centuries are
looking on you, the future of India depends on you.
Work on.

Swami Vivekananda


Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

- - -

A Case of Brain Tumour

cured by Homoeopathy
-Subrata Kumar Banerjea

Brain Tumour (Glioma)

-Case Study
-Sanjoy Banerjee
A 'case of Brain Tumour
cured by Homoeopathy.
Mrs. P R.J., 23 years, Hindu Female, 2. Statethe increase and decrease of the
brought to me first on 8th of August 1988 complain in relation to the followings
Nith the .following complaints: (here I against each conditions :-,-
.ake the liberty to quote the same as filled i) In relation to time (K.R. 1341)
''1 by the patients' party in my own case
Aggravated in 'the morning and night.
~king form)
ii) In relation to rest, motion (K.R.1447)
IMPORTANT ADVICE TO PATIENT: Aggravated from motion, 'exartibn,
\Aore detail you fill up this form with better by rest. . . .
,'our symptoms, better and fairer are the iii) In relation to temperature, weather
chances of recovery. (K.R.1348,1412)
. Please give details of the present Better in open air.
ailments. How did the desease first began iv) In relation to bathing (K.R.133!), 1346)
Cause & Onset)? How long has the Worse from warmth in general.
patient been suffering from each complaint v) In relation to position (K.R,1372;1403)
duration)? Mention location & sensation
of the complaints & a~}9ravation, ameliora-
tion of each symptoms- vi) In relation to pressure, jar;' noise
a) Present complaints started in February
1988. With recurrent vomiting follow- Headache ameliorat~~ ~~ pr8SS.UrfJ.
ed by sweat. Sweat also on little vii) In relation to eating specific foods
exertion. (viz. milk, fatty, spicy etc.}(K.R.481,
1363, 485)
b) Loss of sleep.
c) S urring of speech aggra'liatedin the
morning & night, ameliorated after
viii) I.n relation to ~.I,:ep(K.R.1,~O~)
warm drinks.
Would be better ~y sleep.
d) DimneSs of the vission aggravated ix) In relation to menses (K.R.724-29-3,
from excietment and better by rest. 1373)
e) Vertigo with dizziness especially while N.P.
x) In relation to sweat (K.R.1302)
f) Loss of appetite. Sweats on little exertion. .

. subrata Kumar Banerjea

B. H. M. S. (Honours & Gold-Medalist of
xi) In relation to vomiting,, bowel
movement (K R.531 , 681, 641).
Calcutta University)
Fellow: Academy of Natural Medicine (Essex
& England) . xii) In relation to coitus (K.R.693, 695)
Fellow: Akad.emie Homceopathischer Deuts-
cher Zentralverein (West Germany) N.P.

Congress on Cancer Calcutta,

. February
. . 1990
xiii) In relation to anger. grief, fear, con- g) TONGUE (K.R.400)-Coating or mark
solation (KR.,57.51.44, 16) or tongue. thin or flabby? Any ulcer?
Better by consolation.
xiv) In relation to newmoon. fullmoon.
N'.P. .. ~,
h) THROAT (Internal) (K.R.448) - Any
3. Against tlie various parts ana functions r:ain. right-sided or left-sided? Any
land or. tonsil is swollen?
of the boby mentioned, below-state all
th~ abnormalities observed about each and N.P.
give details of pains discharges etc., if
,a'ny, 'iliith their modalities Le., how and ,i) LUNGS (K.R.833) -'. Cough: dry or
when the pains and discharges decreases moist? At what time is it aggravated?
and increases- Does any sticky phlegm comes out?
Any breathing trouble (K.R. 771-6)?
a) HEAD-Heat or burning on vertex?
Occ. dry cough with pain Rt. side of
Perspiration on front or on back? Any the chest.
~ertigo or.giddjness ?
, , '

(i) Dull Et heavy.ache. (ij) Giddiness, D HEART (K.R, 823, 828-33, 873)-Any
palpitation? Aggravation from motion
b) EYE O<'R.235. 2'71 )-Pupils dilated or
or amelioration from it ?
contracted? Any blue ring arQund the
eye? What about your vision? Occ. palpitation esp. after emotion
k) CHEST (K.R.822)-Any pain or dis-
c) EAR (K.R.285,321 )-Any discharge, comfort or burning?
ihin or thick? State colour and
odoUr? Have you had any discharge
in your child hood? I) ABDOMEN-Any distension of abdo-
N.P. men (K.R.487) ? Which portion-upper.
lower or the whole of it? Right
d) NOS,E (K.R.324)-Stopage of nose-
side, left side or the middle? Any
which nose? Any discharge from
nose? eructation? Does passing of flatus
(K.R.547) relieves the patient? Men-
tion the seat and nature of any other
trouble or pain (K.R. 354).
e) MOUTH (K.R.397)-Aphthae-in what
season? Bad odour? Salivation? Gas and distension in thye upper
Taste K.R. 421) ? abdoman.
Occasional apthoric ulcers.
m) STOMACH - Apetite: increased or
f) TEETH (K.R.430)- Gums swollen? decreased (K.R. 476)? At what time
Pyorrhoea-any grinding of teeth at you feel hungry?
night? Extremely poor, though slight hunger
N,P. felt between 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

lark n) SWEAT-Any bad odour 7 In what version or flex ion of uterus (K R.743) 7
er 7 part is it more marked 7 (K.R.129- Sexual desires + +, History of sexual
1302, 1391 ) (7 masturbation) during youth, before
i) Sweat + +, especially in the back marriage.
. parts
I\ny i) MENSE-At what age menstruation
I\ny ii) No odour first started? Pain, if any: before,
iii) Sweat on exertion during or after 7 At what interval does
iv) Vomitingfollowed by sweat it appears? (K.R.724-727)
Started at 14 years of her age.'Occ.
or 0) UfUNE-What is the colour (K.R.683) : pein.
ed 1 quantity and number (K.R.688)? Any
bad odour? Sediment (of what)? ii) MENSE-Is there any connection of
,ut 7
Any burning (K:R.681) the pain with the quantity of menstrual
discharge? .More. the flow, more the
le of Regular.
pain or less the flow, more. the pain?
p) STOOL-Colour (K.R.635) and odour (K.R. 725-728). "

(K.R.640)? Any ineffectual urging to i) Menstruation is scanty.

.Any stool (K.R.633)? Is the patient dia- ii) Occ. flow witll $Canty periods.
)tion rrhoeaic (K.R.609) or constipated (K.R.
606) 7 Any dysentery (K.R.606)? iii) MENSE--What is the quantity of dis-
White bloody or both 7 charge? What is th~ duration: colour
and smell?\... Any clot .-or membrane 7
White mucus, No ineffectual urging, (K.R. 725-728)
dis- Neither diarrhoeic nor constipated,
Mucus: present: + v) LEUCORRHOEA - Is there any white
discharge? If so when.:. ,before or
q) UPER EXTREMITIES-Any pain (K.R. after? Its colour, consistency, odour
1049) ? and other characters? (KR. 721).
pper, Coldness of the extremities especially i) White discharge after periods.
after the vomiting.
~ight w) ANUS-What are the troubles there?
Any r) PALM-Any burning (K.R. 1094)? State if there is any pa!n, eruption Qr
latus Sweat if any (K.R. 1181) 7 discharge. Any history or piles? Blind
Men- N.P. or of bleeding nature? How was it
other cured? Any external ointment used?
s) JOINTS-Any pain (K.R. 1060)? Of
shifting nature? N.P.
t) LOWER EXTREMITIES- Any pain x) SKIN 01SEASE- Any skin disease!
(K.R. 1062) or burning of feet (K.R. sticky discharge K.R. 1311) ? '
:l096)? No such.
d or
Any 4. jPut small tick ( ) above the symptoms
abortion or dead child (K.R. 714)? which are correct & applicable and
unger Sexual desire-absent or excessive scratch-out the portions whkh are not
(K.R. 716) Any history of prolapse, applicable:
f 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
a),'Mild '(K.R. 65: 67, 86)/a"ngryor irri- i) Do~s he' want to do everything in a
'table' 'temper-(K.R. 2, 57: 70)?
hurry (K.R.52)/slowly (K.R.81) ?
'Quarrelsome I fault-finding (KR 10); N.P.
obstinate (K.R. 69) ?
Mind was first clear-there was gra- i) Is the patient very active (K.R. 56)/
dulllK.R. 37) ?
dual stupefaction.
Slow & dui!.
b) Any suicidal tendency (9K.R. 65)/
suspicious mood H(.R. 85) very jealous k) Do the patient have any type of fears
(K.R. 42-48) ghost/darkness/animals/
(K.R. 60) ?
thunder-strom/incurable diseaEe/acci-
, c) .Is the .,patient very talkative (K.R.63)/ Fear of darkness, incurable disease.
si'ent habit (K.R. 86) ? Absent minded/
I) Any delusions / hallucinations (K.R.
," gloomy/timid (K.R.75, 88) ? 20-35 )
i) Gloomy ++ N.P.
ii) Absent minded +
5. Any exciting caus,es of the present
iii) Forgetful + + disease? If any of the followings,
d) D03s he/she desires to be neat and "" put small tick ( ) above the symp-
, 'clean ( (K.R. 42)? Is he/she of dirty tom, if not, scratch-out ~he non
habits (K.R. 166)? DOEs he/she for applicable portions.
company / wants to be alone ~K.R. a) History of trauma? Site of the injury
12,43) ? tK.R. 1368)? "

Wants to be alone. N.P.

b) Handing of lead (K.R. 1370)/mercury/

e) Arw desire for death/fear of death?
Disgusted with life (K.R.37. 62) ? (K.R. 1374) / sepia paint / any other
, Fear of death toccasional) N.P.
f) Memory; weak/active (K.R. 64-68) ?
Gradual loss of memory Weak. c) Mental worry/grief (K.R. 40,51. 63)/
death of dear ones/financial loss/fear/
g) Is he/she of weeping mood ~K.R.92)/ anger?
having involuntary sighing (K.R. 80) ? N.P.
Does the patient cries when repri-
manded/or gets more angry (K.R. d) Disappointment of love (K.R. 63) ?
16.93) N.P.
i) Weepy + e) Bad effects of masturbation (K.R. 701,
724) floss" of semen/over indulgence
h) Is the patient intensely sYlT.lpathetic
in sex (K.R. 1399) working in the sun;
(K.R.S6\? Can he/she tolerate blood
K.R, 1404)/night watching?
i) Sympathetic +
Calcutta, Februar~ 1990
Congress on Cancer
na f) Bad effects of any disease}vital drain (K.R.1373); (vii) V.D. (K. R. 1365,
\K.R. 1371, 1376)/wet dreams? 1406); (viii) Burn (K.R. 1346), (ix)
N.P. Accident (K.R. 1368, 1422) or (x) any
i6)} g) Excessive mental labour (K.R. 41, 69)}
any other cause? 1. H/O Recurrent ~omiting at 7 yrs.
N.P. of her age.
2. Also H/O school going diarrhoea
iars h) Any history of Syphilis (K.R. 1406)/
Gonorrhoea (K.R. 1365, 1406)? How treated allopathetically.
cci- was Gonorrhoea or Syphilis cured? 3. H/O measles in childhood.
N P.
8. Has the patient suffered from Chicken
i) Any history of Syphilis/Gonorrhoe} Pox or Small Pox (K.R. 1355)?' How
.R. Mercurial poisoning in fore-fathers} many times was he vaccinated? Any
dead/living? ill effects after that (K.R.141Q)
9. What is the first cause of break-down
ent j) Any history of abuse of Mercury/Ergot} of health (please narrate)
19s, Quninie (K.R. 1397) Ouininei rijection/
np- Arsenic/Kaviraji/ Allopathic / U nani } or Cannot co-relate
Ion any quack remedies? How long taken
and with that result 10. Is the patient chilly (K.R. 1348, 1366)/
warm-bloded (K.R. 1412) 1 Does he
ury N. P. likes heat/cold, summer (1404), winter
(1422) / rainy season (1421)? Does
k) Any eruption or history or eruption on
the skin (K.R. 1308)? or any Tumour he want warm cover on :his bOdy
JrY} (K.R. 1292, 1410) / on head ?Does he
(K.R. 1409) or Warft anywhere (K.R.
her like open air (1343)? Does he like to
1330, 139)? If cured or suppressed:
sleep in closed doors I prefers to lie
how and when (K.R. 1318)
with doors and windows open?
N. P.
3)/ Chilly patient. Sensitive cold & damp.
6) Any previous or present habit of
drinking liquor (K.R. 485, 1344).
11. Does he like to bath in winter/summer
smoking (K.R. 1406) or taking opium (K.R. 1335, 1345)? Does he catch
or anything else (K.R. 1375, 1397 ) ? cold easily ?
N. P.
Likes to take balh regularly. Doe~
7) From what dis93s9s did the patient not catch cold easily.
suffer before and for what period?
(i) Tb (K.R. 836, 878); (ii) Typhoid 12. Likes / Dislikes :- [Put small tick ( )]
(K.R. 151); (Hi) Asthma (K.R. 764): against each one you like; and please
(iv) Skin disease (K.R. 1319; (v) scratch out the items which you do
Malaria (K.R. 1267) ; (vi) Measles not like; (K.R. 480, 485, 1362, 1365)
990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
(i) Sweet + (ii) Sour + (iii) Pungent 16. Married or unmarried: how many
and hot + (iv) Salt + (v) Salty. + (vi) children and of what age: if anyone
Bitter No. (vii) Bread + (viii) Milk died of what age? Is the patient
No. (ix) Potato + (x) Vegetables & indifferent (K. R. 9, 54, 55) to his
Spinach+ (xi) Onion No. (xii) Fruits + family?
(xiii) Fish + + (xiv) Meat/Chicken+
Married for two years.
(xv) Egg (Boiled/Fried) + (xvi) Rich.
spicy & fat food + (xvii) Warm food
17. FAMILY HISTORY - Is father and
No. (xviii) Cold food+ + (xix) Warm
drinks No. (xx) Cold drinks + (xxi) mother alive? If not of what disease
Ice cream + did they die and at what ages? Any
history of skin disease, Rheumatism,
13. Is the patient generally thirsty/thirstless Blood pressure. Insanity, Piles Asthma,.
for hot/cold water? (K.R. 486, 529, Tuberculosis (Tb). or Cancer in the
530) family? Did he/she has nursed any
Thirstless. Tubercular patient?

14, SLEEP- Sound / disturbed? Position i) Rheumatism with mother;

and any ~ggravation / amelioration:
ii) Asthma with father.
during/after sleep? At what part of the
night sleep is more deep / or nothing
so? 18. If any Homreopathic medicine has been
Loss of. sleep may be from worry. used before; please state Name, pote-
ncy, dose and result of it.
15. Any dreams of sex / cat I serpent I
robbers / fire/dead persons/daily works Treated by one of the leading Calcutta's
etc. (K.R. 1235) Homrepath with Causticum without
N. P. effect.

For' the use of Doctor only:

1. Investigation done before Dr. Banerjea's treatment.

E. E. G. : Midly abnormal E. E. G. indieating Interseizure pattern of left
temporal region.

C. T. Scan of Brain: C. T. study reveals an irregularly enhanced cystic
midline S. O. L. (space occupying lexxion) in the posterior fossa. Findings
are suggestive of Haemangioblastoma. Cystic astrocytoma cannot be ruled out
on these findings.
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

how many 6/11/89

]e: if anyone i) C. T. Scan of Brain: Normal Scan.
s the patient
, 55) to his ii) Clinical findings:
iii) Provisional diagnosis Brain Tumour (? Haemangioblastoma
or Cystic Astrocytoma)
iv) Miasmatic diagnosis Psora-Sycotic.
Is father and Gelsemium
v) Constitutional remedy
)f what disease
vi) Satellite medicines Causticum
,hat ages? Any
I, Rheumatism, vii) Computer report Not applicable.
,Piles Asthma,
Cancer in the
las nursed any

other; Date Report after Prescription done Treatment

last medicine on the basis of

8/8/88 . Gels 200

2 dose.s.
dicine has been
ate Name, pote- 25/8/88 No change SacLac
)f it. 15 doses

24/9/88 No change. Stand still but no further deterioration Gels 200

lading Calcutta's even 2 doses
iticum without ,.
12/10/88 Stand still. Not worsenning even Sac Lac
15 doses.

16/11/88 Stand still. So go higher Gels. 1000

2 doses
13/12/88 Improved. Vomiting is less. Sac Lac
Vertigo & weakness is better.

Ittern of left 15/2/89 Everyway better. Patient has conceived. LMP 18/12/88. Sac Lac

27/3/89 Everyway better. pregnacy is progressing nicely and Sac Lac


,nhanced cystic 26/4/89 More or less cured, no major present complaint. weakness Sac Lac
ossa. Findings occ. headache etc. Pt. is reluctant to continue any
t be ruled out further treatment as she has to travel about 120 km.
for coming to the city.
JUa, February 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Miasmatic Interpretation & Discussion: Notes on Gelsemium:

A. General nature of the S}'cotic Mia~m :
Sycosis produces incoordination every-
1. When there is presence of many grout

where; ovur-production. growth, in- of symptoms of various ailments and

filtration in forms of warts, condyco- if according to ind"cations Gelsemium
mata, tumours & fibrous tissues etc. being prescribed at the outset, it can
really about the entire disease. (Ref.
B. Organs/tissues are affected by this Ghatak). r

stiguata (Sycosis): Entodermal ..

tissues, soft tissues etc. - whereas 2. Due to absence of dep-acting antip- s

Psora affects Ectodermal tissues, soric base, Gelsemium cannot prevent c
Syplitis affects mesodermal tissues). the frequent relapse of the comr;la"nts
due to psoric stigmata. Dr. Nilmoni c
c. Psyclic manifestations of Sycotic Ghatak refers that one might think
St!gmata in relation to the case in that when Gelsemium has the capbility
concern :
to cure many deep seated dibease, "
Sycosis the inco-ordinating miasm,
like paralysis than how can it be
manifests inco-ordinatian in psyclic
possible that the medicine do not
spbhere also. As if the association
fibres of the cerebrum and the linking
posses deep seated anti psoric stig-
mata. but this may be noted that
fibres of the autonomic nervous ,',
when the exciting cause excites the
. system with central nervous system
latent/dormant psora to explore and
have become out of gear. This is
thereby occurs manifestation of
co-ordination is manifested in the field < "

paralytic symptoms, Gelsimium having

of memory by forgetfulness of what inability to prevent the said explosion ,',
she has iust thought, said and done.
of latent psora and thereby annihila-
D. General Manifestation of Sycotic ting the problempermanently like, e
Stigmata: Sulphur, Causticum
etc., which also a
All "hypers" are sycotic or (-whereas corresponds miasmatically to the case.
"hypos" are generally psoric and But Gelsemium have the capability
of aborating the ailment when indi- ,',
"dyses" are generally syplilitic).
Hyperplasia of the tissues of the case cated by its totality especially at the
in COncern is sycotic. outset. 0 ',I


Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990


Brain tumour (Glioma) j

)f many grout
s ailments and
-Case Study* ~
ms Gelsemium Ref. No. H87073 Investigation-C. T. Scan. done on "
~ outset, it can Mr. A. A. a Muslim patient of 30 years 14.7.87 (Govt. of W. B. Bangur Ins.titute ,!
iisease. (Ref. of age with stout built and dark com- of Neurology, Calcutta)
plexion, tailor by profession with spects
having black glass fitted only on the right -
Impression Hyperdense exchanging
p-acting antip- lession on righUhalamic region surrounded
side reported on 25-7-87 with the chief
~annot prevent complains of double and impaired vision I by brain oedema causing no significant
the comt: la' nts mass-effects, is suggestion of glioma.
in right eye along with rotatory movement
Dr. Nilmoni of the right eye ball. He also complain of On 25. 7. 87 Sanguinaria Canade'nsis-
might thir.k vertigo on straining on right eye and) 200 given.
IS the capbility having pain in the right frontal region ~ . ,.,~ . r-
iated dh,ease, which was more at night. He was having On 8. 8. 87 - Patient reported that
, can it be general weakness, . excepting' diplopia and lachrymatlon from
dicine do not the right eye all symptoms are better..' .
The patient was suffering with the
,i psoric stig-
above complains since last 4 (four) months Sanguinaria Canadensis-200 repeated.
e noted that
with a history of sudden onse~ with
se excites the On 22. 8. 87-Fe'eling much bett~r
vertigo and double vision.
) explore and excepting dim and,double'vision'persjsting.
ifestation of On schematic study of the case it was
Itch on groins.
Isimium having found that he was having blockage nostrils
said explosion which was more on sitting and better by Same medicine repeated with same
Heby annihila- lying down with a history of right sided potency.
manently like, epistaxis. He was having desire for salt
On 26.9. 87-Black glass from the
c., which also and sweet, having caterrhal tendency, Itch
right of the spectacle removed. Double
lily to the case. on the left knee joint noted with offensive
sweat. The temperament was irritable vision in front and left vision.absent but
the capability
with full of anxiety. double vision on right vision persisting.
nt when indi-
Vision much improved, no rotating move-
specially at the He'is having past history of Cholera, ment. Had an attack of pain in forehead
o Malaria, Jaundice, Psoriasis,. ring worm after taking bath in ganges water.'
on groin cured by local application and
history of scorpion bite in childhood. Same as in 22. 8. 87

The .patient was married with three On 13.1087. Feeling slight' pain on
sons and two daughters. In his family right temporal' region with slight hei.viness
history the following are n:>ted, one' of in ri,ght eye, double vision much better.
his brother having history of caries mastoid Vision in both eyes normal. Ringworm
on groins with itching.
(right side). History of pleurisy and Tuber-
culosis in maternal
. side. . S. C. 200 repeated.
. Sanjoy Banerjee On 27. 10.87. Double vision on right
D.M.S. Cal, M.B.S. Horn. side view persisting, lachrymation with

ta, February 1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

slight heaviness on right eye-brow but & R sup, obl. No other deficit. Adv.
other symptoms better. by R. M. O. - Cover R Glass with
dark paper.
Ringworm on groin less than before.
C. T. Scan of brain, X-ray skull-
S. C. - 1M given A. P. & Lat
On 14. 11. 87 Lachrymation absent, (P.P.) B.S. of 75 mgm.% .
sense of contraction on right eye on 6. Blood Sugar - (P.P.)94 mgm.%-
straining in near vision, double vision, less 6. 7 87-(Shri Vishudhanand Hospital
than before.-No medicine. & Research Institute, Calcutta)
On 8. 12. 87 Better, excepting slight 7. X-ray-Skull- 8. 7. 87 - ( Neurology
double vision on right sida persisting, Clinic-MedicalCollege Hospital)
sense of contraction better, No medicine.
8. Report of C.T. Scan 14.7 87 - Bangur
On 19. 12. 87 Double vision comple- Institute of Neurology, Calcutta.
tely absent excepting slight burning in the
Inference - Hyperdence enhancing
right eye on straining felt only on yester-
day, slight itching on groins present.
lesion Rt Thalamic region. Swollened
by brain oedema causes no signifi-
The patient is kept under observation, may effect is sequence of Glioma.
Some Investigation reports.-' 9. Report from eye dept - O. P D.-
1. Report-exam of V. D. L. R.-14.2. 87 Medical College
(Shree Vishudhanand Hospital & 21.787 opthalmology-Fundus oculi-
Research Institute) (both sides)-Healthy.
V. D. L. A.-test-Positive. 10. Report of C. T. Scan on 22.3. 88-
Bangur Institute of Neurology. CaJ.
2. Urine-Analysis Report-(Shree Vishu-
dhanand Hospital & Research Institute) Impression-Normal C.T. Scan of brain
on 14 2. 87-N. A. D. excepting acid Comment:
in reaction. 1. Tendency to over growth of the
3. B.S.-P.P.-82 mgm % patients are suggestive of Syco-psora.
on 16. 2. 87 2. Right sided - hemicrania, eye trouble,
nasal blockage. Haemorrhagic dia-
4. Report from eye dept O.P.D. 9. 6. 87 thesis Catarrhal tendency are the
complaints-Headache foilowed by indicative points for the prescription.
Hlo Diplopia 1! months
3. The case proves the efficacy of
Rt. Inf Recus + Rt Supra Thalamic
Homoeopathy in a socalled incurable
palsy. case, brain tumour. The patient is
still enjoying good health, free from
5. Report from eye O. P. D.- 15. 6.87 symptoms and attending his strenous
Medical College job.
Rotation of eye ball (R) vertigo if
L eye is covered O/E-R into rectus 4. The patient is kept under observation.D
Calcutta, February 1990
Congress on Cancer

Toxic Neuropathy
and Homreopathy
-Nirmal Kumar Sarkar

Toxic Neuropathy
-Case Study
-Sanjoy Banerjee




Toxic Neuropathy and

Service rendered by
- International Federation
of Homreopathic Physicians

"Sree Pradip Mukherjee who got star After observing the sad plight of the
marks in the higher secondary examination victims, the Federation of Homreopathic
lamenting. "I could not appear in the next Physician (now an International organisa-
exalT!ination for even after six months of tion) which had baen serving the ailing
treatment in hospital". He with four mem- humanity in different villages of West Bengal
bers of his family were the victims for con- by opening free Homreopathic medical
suming adulterated r~pe-.seedoil. None of camps since its very inception and had been
tbem haverecovered. (Jugantar 24th June successful in treating by Homreo medicines
1989 ). in the Encephalitisand Gastric Catostrophy,
in the circumstances applied to the Govern-
"This was the fate of most of the .oil ment of West Bengal for permitting 1:hemto
victims who fell violently ill after consuming open free Homreo Medical Campsfor .the
rape-seed oil adulterated with some kind of treatment of rape-seed oil victims. They
aviation oil. The adulterated oil was sold also sought financial help from them. The
from a fair price shop "Garib Bhandar" in appeal was made in the first week of August
Behala. in the last week of June '88. The 1988. To its reply the assistant secretary,
oil contained T C P (Triorthocresyl phos- Govt. of W B. in a letter addressed to the
phate ), a neuro poison which damagei the Secretary General Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee gave
entire nervous system. From July 17, 1988 permission to run Homooopathic treatment
nearly 632 patients, mostly from the slum camps to which no financial aid willbe given
by them (vide letter No. NOH/ANH/528/
f_i .
areas of Behala were hospitalised with
symptoms of paralysis, vomitting and pur- 3H-110/88 dated 17th Aug 1988). Accor-
,,~ .
ging, mainly in ""Vidy~sagar hospital of the
locality and others were admitted in Bangur,
dinglya camp was open3d on thursday, the
23rd August 1988 at 1/4 Monmohan
S.S.K.M and Medical College hospitals. Banerjee Road, ( Bura Shivtolla) Behala
Reven of them died. The patients were Calcutta-38 at Mr. Mohan Alam's house.
treated with neurovium, decadron, and Subsequent camps were also opened at
some vitamins. which according to the opi- three other places.
nion of experts, are not actually curative
On observation it was foun::!that most
drugs. Physiotherapy was also done to
them with no appreciable improvement" of the patients had vomitting. purging and
(The Telegraph 23rd Oct 1988 ).
partial paralysis starting flom downwards to
upwards except in case of a lady who was
.Nirmal Kumar Sarkar
President. Howrah News Centre.
mentallyretarded.the paralysisstarled from
the upper limb to downwards. Homreo
medicines made rapid actions against those
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
who has vomitting and purging. There was 108 patients at 1/4 Monmohan Banerjee
a bi slow' action of the medicine on those Road, Behala ,,,-,
~~o had been treated with decadJon or
physiotherapy. 25 patients at "The Homceopathy",
114/4 Hazra Road, Kalighat. Calcutta
In the most of the patients there
were itches and scabies on ,the skin which Dr. R K. Ghosh Mondal-treated 13 ".3;

increased' . with the improvement patients at "The Homceopathy".
of paralysis.. Most of the. patients suffered Dr. Indu Bhusan Muzumdar-treated 17
from extreme mental depression with anxiety
patients at 189/1 Roy Bahadur Road.
. and wories. One of the patients, a lady
~trIed to attempt
. suicide thrice. She is now
Dr. B. P. Roy, Dr. M.A. M. Firdous. I?r. .-
completely cured by homceopathic treat- Uday Banerjee, Miss. Sudeshna Banerje!,!. po
ment. ' Miss. Padma Halder and the writer 9f the .~

ThouQh the !'ource of toxic-effect

article Dr. Nirmal Kumar Sarkar & others also s
attended the camps and helped in treatment. I(
was the s3me,yet the pa ients gave different
-symptoms. Tne patients were mentally S
Uptil now 150 patients have been trea- a:
and physically depleted; There was not
ted in different camps of which 22%' were
found any genus-epidemicus in the cases.
fully cured, there was a remarkable improv:'
Oedema developed in many of. the patients.
Treatment with homceo medicine was star-
ement in 55%. slow improvement was
ted on the basis of individualisation and
found in 21~% and 1~% had very slow im-
provement. The camp authorities hope
totality of symptoms based on homceopathic
those who have not yet been .completely
principles. Though Homceopaths do not cured will be cured' in a few months.
disapprove physiotherapy in their treat-
\ment, this was not adopted in the treatment As per statistics given in "The Telegraph"
las this aggravated oedematous condition. of 7th January'89, patients treated at Bangur
Giving vitamins or allopathic medicines Hospital were 201, 21 patients were treated
were totally discarded. al Calcutta Medical Co!l~ge, 78 at S S.K M
hospital and near about 400 at the Vidyasa-
The drug pictures that were presented gar Hospital, Behala. The hospital' autho-
by the patients were covered by the follow- rities think 70% of them will be cured ih
.ing madibines in different potendes :- next two years. some experts are of opinion
(as per secret report) a great number of
Aurum Met, Ars Alb, B(yonia. Bacillinum, patients will not be cured at all as is vivid
Causticum, Calcarea Carb, Curare, Dul- from the statement of a patient Ashim Pati-
camara, Gelsemium, Glonoine, Ledum Pal, tundi.
Medorrhinum, Merc Sol. Plumbum Met,
Rhus Tox, Sulphur, Silicia, Thuja, Zincum "Treatment has not helped us much.
;Met. etc. All we can do now is to beg on the street
or commit suicide". (The Telegraph 23/10
Pati~nts treated'at different camps are 88). Under ttais circumstances the success
as follows ~- Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee ~ of the I.F.H.P. camps is really astounding.
Congress on Cancer Calcuua. February1990
nerjee Md. Barsad AIi a High Court Advocate, them in publicity. "The Homoopathy", a
who himself was a victim of the oil tragedy, renowned homoo;3athicconcern be given
organised pa~ients welfdre committee and special appreciation for rendering services
:lthy", afterwards became its President, told 'not and by continuing distribution of free medi-
a cines to the oil victim cases.
a single charitable organisation in the world
:f 13 has come forward to help us". I.F.H.P. is
proud that it cannot be blamed on this The case histories, xerox copies of the
charge. hospital tickets, prescriptions of ho.;pitals
id 17 and treatments made in the camps have
Thanks are due to unstinted co-opera- been kept in record in I.F.H.P. office and
tion in day to day running of the camps, to a few cases are appended below for the
s. Dr. Mr. Mohon Alam, Md. Barsed Ali and local records as the paucity of space will notallow
erjee, person of Behala. I.F.H.P. is also indebted to publish all the case histories. Some of
)f the to Sri Pranabesh Chakravorty of Jugantar, the patients of the cases cited appeared
sal~o Sri Shyamalendu Mitra of Bartaman. Sri before the participants in the scientific se-
ment. Kajal Das, Photographer, Bartaman. Sri minar of I.F.H.P. and narrated how they
Sankar Das Gupta of Akash Banj, Calcutta were alleviated from their despair by homoo-
trea- pathic treatment. 0
and other journali:>ts, for help rendered by

.KM Work upto death-' am with you and when' am gone my spirit will
'asa- work with you. This life comes and goes-wealth, fame, enjoyments are
tho- only for a few days. It is better, far better to die on the field of
:f In duty, preaching the truth than to die like a worldly worm, Advance.
nion Swami Vivekananda
r of

1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
T'oxic .Neur~p(\~hy~. .

'.~a,~e,Stydy':I.~, .'
. ~. .. ~ t

Patient's Name: Debendra Prasad Srivastava Medicine taken

,Age : 40 Years' . Injection N~urobion-IM BD
Sex : Male Physiotherapy 2 C.C.-IM BD
'Refigion - , : Hinduism
Ni.tamin B -Complex 2 Tab B.D
'O.cupation : Car Driver
~i. . ( ,
. But those were of no avail and on
,Address : 60, Buro Shibtala Road
, , P.O, Behijla "6/9/88, he was treated in the Belle View
Clinic. There oedema appeared on both
. Calcutta-700034
feet after physiotherapy and partial loss of
.Chief Complaints movement.
'1)' Pain and weakness in left leg then on
Homreopathic Treatment
13.9.88 The patient is very anxious 100-
2) Can not stand or walk without support.
kin@ t)
HIO present illness Restless & fearful H/O purging
The patient complaints of vomiting & vomitting Thirst+ +
(once) and loose motion (10 times) on the Ars. Alb 2C/2D
24th June, 1988, the day after the intake of 20.9.88 The condition is slightly impro-
the poisonous oil. The oil was bitter in ved. The patient can sit without
On July 14th, he complaints of pain /
Ars. Alb 2C/O/2D
and weakness in lower part of the left leg 27.9.88 1. The pt. can get up from sitt-
and 2 days .after the right leg was. affected ing position without support.
also. The pain first appeared in the cuff
mJscles. The patient had to raise from 2. The power of abduction &
sitting posture with support. There was adduction of fingers reappea-
also loss of free' movements of the fingers. red.
The patient could not fle~umbs. 3. Oedema of both feet still pre-
Thirst severe. The patient was looking
4. Partial loss of touch sensation
very anxious, restless and fearful.

HIO past treatment

persisting y.Ars. Alb 2CIO/2D
The patient was at first treated in local 4.10.88 Further no change.
Health Camp and then in the P. G. Hospital, Ars. Alb 2C/2D
Calcutta, W.B. S. S. K. M. Hospitalt Ticket
No. 15710; 21/7/88 to 619188 W.B. Form . SanJoy Banerjee
D.M.S. Cal. M.B.S. Hom.
No. 817
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
11.10.88 1. Oedema less than before. 4. Pain in all small joints of
fingers and toes on flexion.
2, Can not stand without support
but can walk. No further change
;J Sulphur 2C/O/2D
Ars. Alb 2C/0/2D
6.1 2.88 1. Can move left toe.
25.10.88 1. Oedema legs still persists.

2. Difficult standing but can 2. Adduction good.

3. Oedema better.
3. Thirst+
Ars. Alb 2C/2D 4. Pain of the finger joints im-
1.11.88 No further improvement seen.
,oth 5. Skin symptoms persisting.
So, on the basis of following
:; of
symptoms there is a change ./ Sui 2C/0/2D
of plan of treatment. 13.12.88 Improved.
1. The patient prefers sweet food' Can move ankle joint.
00- Sulphur 2C/O/2D
2. Past H/O M~laria.
20.12.88 Improved with slight pain
3. Past HIO Eczema with com-
plaints of itching on dorsum in ankle joint & H/O slight
of both hands treated by itching. Now better, Boils
'20 appeared.
'Nixoderm' skin ointment.
J Sui 2C/0/2D
out 4. Dropsy both legs.
The pati~nt is gradu :IllV going better'
5. Hot patient. He can stand & there is improved flexion
120 .J Sulphur 2C/2D of ankle jt. so, Rubrum is continuing from
,itt- 8.11.88 1. Skin erruption has appeared 3.1.89 to 14.2.89 & on 7.3.89 no further
ort. in both hands improvement seen, so Sulphur 1M/1 0 was
& given on that dav. Again Rubrum is con-
2. Oedema has improved.
ea- tinuing & 18.4.89 Snother dOSe of Sulphu r
3. Weakness on knee joint has 1M given.
After taking Sulphur 1M (Repeatation)
Sulphur 2C/O/2D
the patient started very rapid improvement
lion 15.11.88 1. Itching less than before. regarding walkings, leading normal life with
2. Oedema of both feet more his occupation (Car driving). From 2'5'89
'20 at night than in the day. to 19.12.89, during this period he was
regularly reported (12 visits on every fort-
3. Crampy pain in both knees night, and till date he is continuing with
'20 on sitting or on standing, his normal life.
aggravation in morning, as-
cending upstairs, 1st motion. 16.01.90 Better in all directions kept
Relief from continued motion. under observation.
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
- -

Homceopathic treatment
Case Study-I!
After considering the above symptoms
Patient's Name: Miss Rina Dhara the pt. was prescribed -----
Zincum Met 2C/2D
Age c 7 Years on 1. 11.'88 on the basis of fidgety feet and
Sex : Female hands. (on observation)

Religion : Hinduism 8. 11. 88 Lt. hand is improved but other

Occupation : Student symptoms remain same.
Address Zincum Met 2C/0/2D
: 5, Monmohan Banerjee
Road 15. 11. 88 The patient can move fingers but
p.5. Behala can not move her toes. She can
Calcutta-700 038 walk freely but can not stand.

Chief Complaints Zincum Met 2C/2D

1. Trembling of feet and hands. 22. 11. 88 All complaintsregarding her

upper limbs has been cured &
2. Can not stand but can walk with
the pt. can walk without support.
But she can not raise up from
3. Weakness of legs. sitting posture.
Zincum Met 2C/0/2D
HIO present illness
6. 12. 88 Much improved. Can move her
The patient says that her problems has
toes. Can stand up from sitting
started about 1 week. after the intake of oil.
posture without support.
Trembling of feet & hands. The patient
Zincum Met 2C/0/2D
pre!ers to lie on ona side while sleeping.
13. 12. 88 Improved much.
Past history
Boils appeared on head & leg.
Eczema Capitis treated by local medi- Zincum Met 2C/0/2D
20. 12. 88 Boils present on scalp & leg.
Zincum Met 2C/2D
Hlo past treatment
27. 12. 88 Ulceration of scalp, can move
She was at first treated in the Vidya-
sagar Hospital Ticket No. 15629 of W. B.
Form No. 817 of Medical College Hospital.
Zincum Met 2C/0/2D
3. 1. 89 Ulceron scalp with sticky whi-
Medicine taken under Dr. P. K. Basu.
tish discharge. Sweaty hand.
Inj. Neurobion 1 amp. IM BD Stool clear.
Inj. Decadron 2 c. c. IM BD Cal. Sulph. 30/2D
~ ,
Vitamin B. C. 2 Tabs BD & physiotherapy 10. 1. 89 Ulcer better.
Cal Sulph 30/0/2D
But all those treatment were in vain 17. 1. 89 Ulcer better.
because the pt. did not improve a bit. Cal Sulph 3010/2D
Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990
The patient is now better, can Homreopathic treatment
oms move her toes slowly. So from
22. 9. 88 Prefers lying on abdomen. past
:/2D 17. 1. 89 upto 30. 5. 89 she was H/O burning urination. present
and given placebo and became better H/O aching legs & forgetfulness
gradually. F/H of urethritis in Paternal side
Cured & Kept under observation. & leucorrhoea in mother
Medo 2C/2D

1/20 4.10.88 No appreciable change noticed.

Stiffness of cuff muscle.
but Case Study-Ill
Can Rubrum is continuing
Patient's Name: Rajesh Yadav 1.11 .88 No appreciable change noticed.
120 Age: 4 Years Stiffness of cuff muscle.
Sex : Male Medo 2C/20
1& Religion : Hinduism 8.11.88 Improved and so upto 22.11.88
lort. Occupation placebo is given
rom Address
: Nothing
: 60, Buroshibtola Main Rd. --
Medo 2C/0/2D
P. S. Behala 22.11.88 Itching appeared on the eye
f2D Calcutta- 700 034 sides. The pt. lie on abdomen.
her Medo 2CI0/2D
Chief complaints
ling 6.12.88 The patient can walk but others
1) Difficulty on walking
no change
f20 2) Patient can not stand
Medo 2C/2D
3) Stiffness of Rt. cuff muscle ~
13.12.88 Improvement continuing
HIO present illness Placebo is continued upto
The patient took the poisonous oil on 22.12.88
24th June '88. He complainrs of pain in cuff 3. 1. 89 The patient can not stand
{2D muscles of both legs about 2 weeks after.
Medo 2C/2D
ove The pain appears in a downward direction &
also in ankle joint with weakness & para- 10. 1. 89 Pt. can stand but with support.
lysis. Medo 2C/0/2D
{20 ----
HIO past treatment 24. 1. 89 Pt. improving. He can stand walk
He was previously treated in the & run with a tendency to fall.
Vidyasagar Hospital. Ticket No. 6237 Placebo is continuing upto
(2D Medicines taken- 31. 1. 89.
Inj. Neurobion 1 amp. IM BD 31.1.89 Better so placebo is given upto
{2D 28. 2. 89.
Inj. Decadron 2CC. IM BD
Vitamin B. C. 2 Tabs BD & physiotherapy 28.2.83 Pain in ankle jt. otherwise better.
(2D done
~ ,~
1990 Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

Ptis gradually feeling better with better and so there is no change

slight pain in thigh, knee joint of plan of treatment.
etc. Placebo is continuing.
Placebo is continued upto Patient is better. Can move his
~. 1.90
legs pertectly but not in normal.
18. 4. 89 Pt. better. Pain in knee jt. Med 1M/2D
Medo 1 M/~D 16.1.90 Pt. is better. He can move his
Again placebo given upto legs perfectly.
25.7.89 with the appearance of Medo 1M/0/2D
boils. kept under observation.
The patient is gradually going o

First of all, our youngmen must be strong. Religion will

come afterwards. Be strong, my young friends; that is
my advice to you. You will be nearer to heaven through
football than through the study of the Gita. These are
bold words, but I have to say them, for I love you.

Swami Vivekananda

Congress on Cancer Calcutta, February 1990

A. B. C. Auditorium (Indian Museum), Calcutta

Friday (9th Feb'90) 8 A.M. - Registration
10 A.M. to 5 P.M.
A. G. Meeting, Delegate Session.
Discussion on clinical experience
(Live presentation)
Delayed milestone, Lachesis Vs. Sepia
Toxic Neuropathy and Homoeopathy & Others.
Chairman S. R. Saha (West Bengal)
Co. Chairman V. Parthasarathy (Bombay)
U. 5. Vanahalli (5. India)
Edward J. Mullins (USA)
Sarla Sonawala (Bombay)
Ted K.Warner (USA),
Sanjoy Banerjee (West Bengal)
Oeborah L. Francis(Australia)
Bijoy Bhanu Dutta (Bangladesh)
Saturday - (10th Feb'90) - 8 A.M.- Regist~ation
9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Seminar on Cancer (Livepresentation)
Chairman P. S. Krishnamurty (Hyderabad)
CO.Chalrman M. A. Quader (Bangladesh)
Some facts about Cancer by
A B. C,handra (West Bengal), Chittaranjan /'- ~
National Cancer Institute '~
C I}t..- CC-A I /
Tony Gashin (England) ~

T. P. Mondal, (West Bengal)

Alisa Mc Artney (New Zealand)
S. R. Sa ha (West Bengal)
Jacqelin Becker (England)
S. Haque (Bihar)
R. K. Ghosh Mondal (West Bengal)
Tarakanta Das (Orissa).
Symposium on Sonography by
S. K. Sharma(West Bengal)
Sunday (11th Feb'90) 8 A. M. - Reg:st~a:. ~-
9 A': ~~ 5 ::
- ::-- -_1- - - :-=Seratation)

Disc~ C" ~- = - ~i ! :~~- s-ce & on

Tt-a ~~.; ::- - - : -.:.--e Spondylosis.

He~ ? e~ Q ~- ~
Chairman S. P. ::::8' ., ..,i- ; = . ~-
Co-Chairman A. "'a~ :a-: ...~,-
Early d'ag-c~ s::" :~- :z.~r by
- Sujit Ku"";!-=..- = -~- ; : - -a"anjan Cancer
Film Sho:.. 0- :; :: : :~-::!!. by
.J Ali RezaF~ ' ~.- :;: ~- ~
Afsar I~a~ S -;= :: . - .
Bright Cra"e ='"'; - ~
Subrata Ba~-e ::.i -: ~ -- ~=
Judith Cres.,;'; :: - -' :
B. N. Se",;;:;' ;~-:
R. K. GhOSh . ~-~... ~:' ; & Others.
Lunch brea!(: C~ . -=..-,' ~-' p~. to 2 P.M.
VideoFilmon '8e-;- s - =-~~.e :tI I-'Iahnemann"
6 P.M. - Cultural Prcg~-~
Kathak Da~ce c-= - ~ - E -s ta Banerjee

Sc~ 4 Banerjee
Santoor ~ec ta :: -~ -- ..
Variety prog-"--~ -= ~-; t:... ~~ral team
from Banglad~'"

Closing Sess 0" c=---.e ::o-g..ess

N. B.-time may be kept for discussion a';,e- e ;

We express our sincere thanks to all concerns for --: S_::~S O~ t re Cangress
January 31, 1990


I am pleased to know that the International Federation of

Homreopathic Physicians is holding the World Homreopathic Congress
on Cancer and 35th Scientific Seminar on Clinical Cases on 9th 11th -
February, 1990, at Calcutta on the occasion of 150 years Celebration of
Homreopathy in India.

Homreopatfly and Indian Systems of Medicine, Le. Ayurveda,

Siddha , Unani and Naturopathy have deep and wide acceptance among
the people, particularly in remote rural and semi-urban areas. The
Government is committed to promote all these systems of medicines
so as to make them easily available to the people. The practitioners
of these medicines have to share responsibility of providing health care
irjee services to the teeming millions of population living in far-flung areas
~ of this vast country.

I am very happy that the Congress has chosen Cancer as the

subject for deliberation. It will be a great service to the sUffering
humanity if Homreopaths promote the cause of prevention and cure
of Cancer.

My best wishes for the success of the Congress.


I am glad to know that the International Federation of

Homreopathic Physicians has decided to hold "World Homreopathic
Congress on Cancer" and the" 35th Scientific Seminar on Clinical
Cases", on the occasion of 150 years of Homreopathy in India, from
9th to 11th February, 1990 at Calcutta.

Homoeopathy is a low cost treatment which has proved very

effective in treatment of chronic diseases. Its wide spread use should
therefore be encouraged.

I convey my best wishes on the occasion.

T. V. Rajeswar
Governor of West Bengal

Raj Bhavan.
February 2, 1990.
West Bengal January 30, 1990.

I am glad to know that the International Federation of

Homreopathic Physicians is holding the World Homreopathic
Congress on Cancer at Calcutta on February 10 and 11, 1990.

I wish the Congress all success.

J yoti Basu

Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee,

Organising Secretary,
,. F. H. P.,
52, Vivekananda Road,
Calcutta-700 006.