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RECLAIMING A SUPERPOWER Americans Prepare for War TIPPING POINT. ‘The American people have lost control of their election system. Election results no longer have any relationship to the voter's will. The election results are now in the control of a relatively small network of bad actors who manipulate the system to produce virtually any result, This impacts all Americans, al party. irrespective of pol SNAPSHOT ‘The Margin of Error > Margin of Vietory: In other words, the margin of error in the US ), exceeds the margin of victory by es (see tabl Presidential election, within the contested sta approximately 15-times, and therefore we cannot determine a winner. res below are based upon the work of Rudy Giuliani's and Peter Navarro’s teams (see Appendix) US President (2020) Margin of Victory Ballots Demanding by Contested State (approx.) Investigation Arizona 10,000 660,892 Georgia 10,000 1,567,146 Michigan 147,000 633,227 Nevada 34,000 212,508 Pennsylvania 68,000 866,284 10,000 400,000 279,000 4,340,058 Cuan Margin of Vitory Margin of Eroe STATE OF AFFAIRS + Election System Failed: In contested jurisdictions, standard operating procedures were dismissed. Hence, illegal ballots were accepted and counted, ballots counted multiple times, ballots destroyed, votes switched by election staff, ballots arrived from unknown locations, and machines were connected to the Internet communicating with foreign servers. + Election Audit’s Failed: Local, county and state elected officials blocked access to election data and equipment in contested jurisdictions, preventing review of election equipment and ballots cast. + Judiciary Failed: Courts have dismissed virtually all requests for access to ballots and election equipment, while the Supreme Court refused to hear perhaps the most important case ever submitted (Texas v. Pennsylvania). + Gov't Failed: Federal gov't clearly understood the risk of foreign interference and the election system’s susceptibility to hacking and manipulation, but let it happen anyway. + Media Failed: Virtually all discussion of election irregularities and manipulation have been censored, mocked, or attacked. Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS «= POTUS is Virtually Alone Inside the White House ~ No Support: With the exception of a few souls, POTUS is surrounded by Globalists and political opportunists who do not support him or the long-term interests of the Republic. They. like the Swamp they deceitfully claimed to drain, are interested only in their next DC gig. ~ Active Obstruction: Trump's own Chief of Staff and White House Counsel have actively thwarted numerous attempts to reach the President and aetively campaigned against all efforts to secure election evidence. - Chaos Reigns: Tens of millions of people cling to the belief that POTUS has a magie plan he is, waiting to unveil. While there is a chance he will reveal something on the 6th, the reality is, much darker. POTUS is surrounded by impotent and self-interested staff. He has been betrayed by the very people surrounding him, and he is nearly alone in this war against evil. Every Patriot needs to grasp how serious this is. - Widespread Public Support: On the outside the White House the picture is very different. President Trump has the devoted support of 80+ million people. For every coup plotter, there are a thousand Patriotic Americans who will not let this Nation be stolen, + Executive Order 13848 - National Emergency: On September 12, 2018, President Trump declared a national emergency to address the threat of foreign interference in a US election, declaring it an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. - Foreign Interference defined: “...any covert, fraudulent, deceptive, or unlawful actions or attempted actions of a foreign government, or of any person acting as an agent of or on behalf fluencing, undermining, the election, or undermining public of a foreign government, undertaken with the purpose or effect of confidence in, or altering the result or reported result confidence in election processes or institutions.” + Foreign Influence in US Election ~ Associated with America’s Enemies: Hootan ‘Yaghoobzadeh is the CEO and Chairman of Staple Street Capital, which owns Dominion Voting Systems. Hootan is a close confidant to associates of Sadaam Hussein and worked for the Saudi Bin Laden Group, the Carlyle Group, and Cerberus Capital Management, - International Data Flo lectronic data from US elections was transmitted to Germany, Barcelona, Serbia, and Canada. 2020 Election Page 2 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS (continued) + Foreign Influence in US Election (continued) ~ International Traffic Spike: On election night the DE-CIX Frankfurt (“The World’s Leading Internet Exchange”) experienced a significant spike over its previous high traflie peaks (for the first time it reached 10 Terabits per second peak traffic). One expert attributed the likely cause to increased data flow to servers supporting the US election. ~ Intellectual Property: Dominion Voting Systems is based in Toronto, Canada, and assigns its intellectual property—including patents on its firmware, software, and trademarks—to Hong Kong’s Shanghai Bank Corporation (HSBC). 20% of the components used in US voting machines are from Chinese-based companies. ~ Iranian Threat Known: The FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a joint Cybersecurity Advisory on October 30, 2020 (Report ID: AA20-304A) stating they are aware of an Iranian threat actor targeting U.S. state websites—to include election websites. Upon further evaluation it was found to be an intentional effort to jerfere with the 2020 U. influence an presidential election. - Gov't Concerned about Foreign Influence: On October 6, 2006, citing concerns about foreign influence and control over Dominion machines and Smartmatie/Sequoia software, Representative Carolyn B. Maloney sent a letter to the then-Secretary of the Treasury, Henry M. Paulson, Jr. “seeking review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States of the acquisition of Sequoi ‘stems by Smartmatic, a foreign-owned Voting company.” Rep. Maloney explained that “this issue demands the most thorough independent investigation by CFTUS” in light of “publicly reported information about Smartmatie’s, ownership and about the vulnerability of electronic voting machines to tampering.” - Iran & Russian Threat Acknowledged: On October 30, 2020, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a determination and advisory that Iran and Russia had obtained and apparently used email addresses from state voter registration lists, which include party affiliation and home addresses and can inelude phone numbers. - Iranian Threat Identified: On October 22, 2020, CISA and the FBI issued Alert AA20-296B warning, “Iranian actors are likely intent on influencing and interfering with the US elections to sow discord among voters and undermine public confidence in the US electoral process.” ~ Russian Threat Confirmed: Russian cyber actors had successfully penetrated Illinois’ voter registration database by 2019, viewed multiple database tables, and accessed up to 200,000 voter registration records.” SSCI Report: 22 (2018), 2020 Election Page 3 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS (continued) Attacks on American Soil ~ Destroying Evidence: AT&T’s Nashville facility was attacked by a weapon, most I destroy evidence and data which would reveal election fraud in Georgia, The official narrative perpetrated by the mainstream media is being rigidly enforced by every powerful institution in the country. Did it ever occur to them to simply ask: “When is the ly to last time the FBI solved any crime in 48 hours?” - Mail-in Ballot Justification: Covid-19 was an orchestrated attack by the Chinese Communist Party. The virus they allowed to spread worldwide not only crippled America’s economy, but also provided direct justification for a massive mail-in ballot campaign that lead to egregious ities. and material election irregul Evidence is Under our Nose, but Access Blocked - Maneuvering: Access to the forensic election data is blocked through a myriad of legal, political, and media maneuverings, rending forensic investigation impossible. This data is to be accessible for 22 months follow a Presidential election (42 USC 1974). - Evidence Everywhere: Election systems are designed to replicate critical election data, Even deleting memory leaves remnants of the original data. All of the evidence exists within the electi a offices of contested jurisdictions. All we have to do is look. ~ Biased Parties Control Evidence: “The whole idea we are not providing evidence, is because they [corrupt officials] control the actual physical evidence.” — Richard Grenell, Former Acting Director of National Intelligence. ~ Qualified Investigators Restricted: The very people with the skillset to investigate and uncover manipulation of this sophisticated conspiracy are either restricted by corporate contract, fear of political or social retribution. Visible Manipulation It’s an Old Artform: Vote fraud can take many forms: higher rates of filling out absentee ballots for people who hadn't voted, dead people voting, ineligible people voting, or even payments to legally registered people for their votes. ~ Witness Testimony: People in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other states, have attested to el ion computer crashes, replacements/disposal of a server, impermissible and untested updates to the system, and connections to the Internet. 2020 Election Page 4 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS (continued) + Visible Manipulation (continued) Mail-in Ballots + Easing of Restrictions: (Normal safeguards to ensure election integrity were ignored/blocked in many places.) + Pristine Paper Ballots: (Paper ballots were used that were in brand new condition—which is impossible if humans had filled them out.) + Ballots from Nowhere: (Large amounts of ballots appeared out of nowhere with no chain of custody or people connected to them.) + No signature verification: (Signature verification is one way we ensure people don’t vote twice and that real people filled out the ballot. In many cases signature verification was done improperly or completely ignored.) * Backdating Ballots: (All ballots are supposed to filled and mailed by election day. We have numerous swom testimonies of ballots being backdated because they were filled and/or sent after election day.) + Counted after Deadline: (Ballots are also supposed to be counted by a specific deadline, which varies by state. The deadlines were ignored in many cases and ballots counted afterwards. In PA they did this in defiance of Judge Alito’s specific order.) Poll Watchers Obstructed Bi-partisan poll watchers is one way we ensure honest elections. We have multiple cases of poll watchers not being allowed to watch. In some cases, they were physically obstructed. Late Night Pause/Shift + In the first time of our election history, ballot counting was paused before being completed. + Ballots arrived during the night before counting resumed, + Suitcases of Ballots were also pulled from underneath tables and counted during the ght Voter Registration + PO Boxes listed as home addresses. + Votes cast for nonresidents. Election records deleted. Servers removed. Witnesses threatened and intimidated ‘There have been numerous witnesses testifying to these illegal acts, They have been threatened and intimidated to the point of losing jobs, family, and fearing for their safety. 2020 Election Page 5 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS (continued) + Invisible Manipulation Very smart and sophisticated people manipulate in subtle, almost undetectable ways that reside within the margin of error. ‘These inconsequential attacks, that a casual observer would not see, however, are detectable via forensic audit. Examples of subtle election manipulation includes: - Ballot Printing: A laptop with ballot designer software connected to a ballot printer loaded with blank paper is not neces allowing access to ballot printing is a security issue, especially when virtwally all staff have ly an issue, However, taping the password to the laptop access to the ballot printing equipment room. (see pictures below). Ballot designer computer, with Ballot designer computer, Ballot printer loaded with ter blank ballot paper. password visible to all users. connected to ballot p ation Sensit - Adju manual adjudication, where human staff changes they want, to the votes cast on the ballot, which are then tallied in the official vote ty: Set ballot rejection sensitivity so as to cause more ballots to enter vho then view images of ballots, and make any total. We witnessed exorbitantly high adjudication rates (thousands of times above standards) in contested jurisdietions. — Internet Automation: Manually adjudicated ballots were so high (hundreds of thousands of ballots), that we are unable to figure out how counties were able to process all of these ballots so quickly. In some eases, we calculate 10 machines having to operate for almost two weeks 24hrs per day in order to process all of these ballots. In these cases, we suspect that scanning machines were connected to the Internet, and that the manual adjudication process ‘was actually automated via Internet connected remote processes, (Picture to right: Voice over Internet protocol phone with Internet connection at foot of voting system server rack), 2020 Election Page 6 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS (continued) + Invisible Manipulation (continued). ~ Modifying Programing, before and after Election: The Election Event Designer Log in Antrim County, Michigan showed that Dominion ImageCast Preeinet Cards were programmed with new ballot programming on 10/23/2020 and then again after the eleetion on 11/05/2020, These system changes manipulate how ballots are read and tabulated. = Media Manipulation, - Censorship: Social media companies, “news” outlets, and search engines have collectively engaged in censorship and disinformation campaigns of foreign interference and widespread fraud and criminal activity in the election, both before and immediately after November 3”. ~ Diversions & Terror: Media deployed an information strategy that included the deployment of diversions, instigating chaos & fear before any investigation had taken place. - Citizens Attacked: Those individuals bold enough to publicly blow the whistle on fraud, or demonstrate election system vulnerabilities, have come under brutal attack in the public domain, = Feekless Pol - Officials did not do their Job: We would have not experienced this degree of problems had our elected officials been honest, did their job, and did not obstruct moves for transparency. ~ Burden of Proof Ignored: State & local officials have failed to demonstrate that all ballots counted are qualified and legal. - Subpoena’s Snubbed: Officials have failed to honor judicial subpoena. - State Officials Block Debate: Arizona Speaker of House (@speakerbowers) blocking U.S. Constitutionally authorized session to decide whether violation of election laws should deny Joe Biden Arizona’s 11 electoral votes, - Elected Officials could Fix this but aren’t: Elected O1 and correct the fraud in this election. They could fix this, but they aren't. als have the authority to investigate + Feckless Supreme Court, SCOTUS refused to hear Texas v. Pennsylvania, abdicating its Constitutional duty to resolve a real and substantial controversy between and among states that was properly brought as an original jurisdiction in what could arguably be the most important case ever submitted. 2020 Election Page 7 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War WHAT WE KNOW: HIGHLIGHTS (continued) + Impotent and Corrupt Gov't Institutions - FBI Wra Nation. Where is the FBI? It is obvious we have election interference from within our - CIA Haspel: Where is the CLA? Foreign interference in our election was not only expected in advance, but evidence e s to support it - DOJ Barr/Rosen: The Department of Justice has been oddly quiet about the illegal attempt to steal our election. This is the biggest threat to our free Republic in over 100 years. Where is the bos? ~ Senate Acknowledges Likelihood of Fraud — Writes Report: Bipartisan Report of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued on August 18, 2020 warned of the known vulnerabilities of major voting systems used throughout the country and the likelihood of fraud and hacking in the upcoming elections. ~ Senate Shown Election Outcome can be Flipped - Does Nothing: Senate Intelligence Committee heard disturbing testimony of the ability of operators to “reprogram the machine invisibly cause any candidate to win.” Id. At 42. It is undisputed that the FBI and the National Security Division of the DOJ knew of these national security issues and threats. Id. At 43 + Manipulating US Elections Took Years of Preparation - Extensive Preparation: An attack of this sophistication would have taken years and numerous election cycles to plan and prepare for. - Small Band of People: The universe of people with the know-how, the means, and the will to perpetrate such a crime would be very small, perhaps less than a few hundred suspects, who possess deep technical understandi ~ Exploiting Nonprofits: High net worth influencers have been funding election integrity non- profits for almost 2-decades, leveraging their insights and connections to understand the election system, its weaknesses, and how to infiltrate and manipulate it. + Long History of Patriots ~ Many have Fought: Since Bush v. Gore a vast industry of election integrity experts have fought tooth ‘n° nail for a fair, accurate, and transparent election system, Some who have fought this fight have died and many have had their careers and lives destroyed. ~ Little has Changed: The issues that we have all witnessed during the 2020 election have been seen previously. Numerous reports have been written over the past 20 years exposing the ‘weaknesses in election system, the lack of transparency at voting system companies, ete 2020 Election Page 8 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War OUR CHOICES (Our window to solve this is closing. Much time has been wasted by bad and incompetent actors seeking to run out the clock Currently, Senator Cruz (TX) has proposed that we conduct a 10-day audit of elections. This is not enough time to conduct an election audit, Had this been done a month ago, it might have been able to reveal the will of the voters. Now it will only clog the system and appease people who don’t understand how the process works. Efforts for transparency will be thwarted at every stage. The time for auditing the 2020 US Presidential Election has passed. Our Remaining Options: (a) Contingent Election for US President. (b) Accept obvious corruption in United States Government, (©) War. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, itis their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. ‘Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776 2020 Election Page 9 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War APPENDIX Margin of Error versus Margin of Victory Contested Jurisdictions 2020 US ELECTION ARIZONA Margin of Vietory: 10,000 votes Possible Margin of Error APPENDIX Category of Possible Error Mail-in ballots requiring adjudication (12% of 2,471,577 VBM ballots) Megal aliens voting Completed mail-in ballots received day before ballots mailed Voters registered to a vacant lot Voters registered in Maricopa County after the registration deadline Maricopa County electronic adjudicated ballots with no Republican observer present Votes loaded before opening of polls Possible Margin of Error (estimated, requires further investigation) Ballots Demanding Investigation 296,589 36,400 22,903 2,000 150,000 103,000 50,000. 660,892 Remarks: + American Immigration Couneil (pro-immigrant group) estimates that 276,840 illegals are in AZ. + Jury rolls, which would show illegals and felons, were pulled from public view within months of the ele, mn, Uniform exclusion of Republicans from meaningful observation on mail-in ballots and adjudication 2020 Election Page 10 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War APPENDIX GEORGIA Margin of Victory: 10,000 votes Possible Margin of Error Ballots Demanding Category of Possible Error Investigation Felons with incomplete sentences registered to vote and cast their vote. 2,560 Underage children registered to vote and illegally voted. 66,247 Unregistered voters who voted. 243 Registered voters who registered to vote in another state afier their Georgia registration date. 4,926 Voters who voted in Georgia and also voted in another state. 395 Voters voted in Georgia but changed their address before the election 15,700 People voted who failed to re-register to vote in their new county in time after moving from one county to another 40.279 Voters voted who illegally claimed a post office box as their residence. 1,043 Voters who registered too late to vote in the election. 98 People who died prior to the election. 10,313 Ballots with no chain of custody. 600,000 Voters who moved mailing addresses with no change of address card, where: ~ filed as moving out of state but are still registered in GA: 275,050 ~ living outside of GA and voted in GA 17,000 726,560 Mail-in ballots with no return address 96,600 Possible Margin of Error (estimated, requires further investigation) 1,567,146 Remarks: + Late night interruption (across numerous contested ju - 200,000 vote increase for Biden - False water-main break used to remove Republican and media observers * President had 3-5% less votes than local Republican legislators (down-ballot races exceed top-ballot race, whieh is unusual). + Machines connected to Intemet (Dominion help desk addressed problems remotely). + Coffee County Election Administrator shows how to manipulate cast ballots, change votes, and vote blank ballots as a function of the Dominion machine design and the electronie (“Adjudication Process”) dictions) ~ Coffee County could not replicate ballot tallies after re-running them repeatedly, and thus did not certify their 15,000 votes — Gwinneth and Fulton County had greater than 80% adjudication rate (1 out of 250,000 is standard for inaccuracy) 2020 Blection Page 11 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War APPENDIX MICHIGAN Margin of Vietory: 147,000 votes Possible Margin of Error Ballots Demanding Category of Possible Error Investigation Dead Voters (first, middle, last, date, obituary) 17,367 Wayne County: 71% of reporting precincts didn’t balance (see remarks). 615,860 Possible Margin of Error (estimated, requires further investigation) 633,227 Remarks: + Wayne County rejected certifying their vote because 71% of their reporting precinets didn’t balance (total 867,409 ballots cast in Wayne County). - Less than 30% of their votes were accurate. — UN would not accept this rate for a third world country. + Wayne County certified only after threatening & doxing the Republican Board of Electors Members who declined certification. + Antrim County forensies report. ~ 68% total error rate (FEC legal maximum error rate is 0,0008%), ~ 82% error rate in a single township. ~ Adjudication and Security records missing ~ a violation of state retention laws (requiring records to be maintained for 22 months). + Se of State Jocelyn Benson sent a Board of Electors direct Country Clerks telling them to delete all electronie records~ in violation of state law records on 1* of December to all retention, + Republican Speaker Lee Chatfield called for a subpoena in Wayne County to examine the voting machines — with a due date of January 6", 2020 Election Page 12 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War APPENDIX NEVADA Margin of Victory: 34,000 votes Possible Margin of Error Ballots Demanding Category of Possible Error Investigation Tegal aliens voted this election. 4,000 Mail-in or absentee ballots from voters who were known to have also voted in 15,000 other states. Clark County used Agilis signature verification, set to one-half the image 130,000 quality than suggested by the manufacturer, (100 DPI vs 200 DPI) to check mail-in ballot signatures. Incentivized voting such as vote and get a raffle tickets, eash cards, gift cards, 500 televisions, and more. Dead people who voted. 1,506 Non-Nevadans who voted in Nevada. 19,218 Voters who double voted. 42.284 Possible Margin of Error (estimated, requires further investigation) 212,508 Remark: = Democrats made last minute changes to election laws which allegedly favored Biden over Trump. + Allegedly, in order to deal with a flood of mail-in ballots, Nevada officials opted to use a machine to match the signatures on the ballot enveloped with those on file with the state, ~ Machines used for signature match were set extremely low—even lower than manufacturer recommendations. - Additionally, the images on file with the SOS were of a lower image quality than suggested by the manufacturer in order to allow the machine to operate properly. ~ Despite the unreliability of the machines, they were exclusively used to veri signatures on ballot envelopes. 130,000 2020 Blection Page 13 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War PENNSYLVANIA Margin of Victory: 68,000 votes Possible Margin of Error APPENDIX Category of Possible Error Mail-in votes counted without a Republican observer (verifying the ballots, names, signatures, addresses, dates) Mail-in Ballots (see detailed table below) Fake ballots driven from New York to Pennsylvania Between 80 to 100 self-proclaimed Black Lives Matter-affiliated members from other states have admitted to having voted in Pennsylvania Ballots accepted up to three days afier Election Day Poll workers sorted ballots with various errors into bins. Poll workers then re- filled out these ballots so that they could be read by tabulation machines, an action contrary to state law. Possible Margin of Error (estimated, requires further investigation) Ballots Demanding Investigation 682,777 68,927 100,000 80 10,000 4,500 866,284 Remarks: = Secretary of State election results removed from their Web site. + Primary Election: 1.98M mail-in votes sent out, 2.4M mail-in votes counted. Ballots (detail in table), Mail-in Ballot Category Ballots | _ Ballots Demanding Inspection (balance) Retuned 1,462,302 Not Returned 360,846 Returned Before Mailed Date 22,686 Returned on Same Day They Were Mailed 53277 Processed for Confirmed Dead 63,298 Mailed Before They Were Requested 68,192 Processed Before They Were Requested 68,927 2020 Election Page 14 of 15 Reclaiming a Superpower - Americans Prepare for War APPENDIX WISCONSIN Margin of Vietory: 20,000 votes Possible Margin of Error Ballots Demanding Category of Possible Error Investigation Surge of Indefinitely Confined voters in 2020 130,000 (generated by illegally expanding the definition of Indefinite Confinement). United States Postal Service backdated ballots. 100,000 Mail-in ballots entering the tabulation process under the guise of absentee 170,000 ballots in clear violation of state law. Possible Margin of Error (estimated, requires further investigation) 400,00 Remarks: + Indefinitely Confined has always been strictly administered, and was designed for nursing homes and home confinement. - Secretary of State tried to expand IC to include COVID. - WI Supreme Court ruled that COVID does not count as IC, - Secretary of State convinced 200,000+ to claim IC status anyway. Court ruled again that this is illegal, and asked that those falsely claiming IC status be identified ~ Found 1,000s of IC-claiming individuals with active lifestyles on Facebook. + “Indefinitely Confined” Voters ~ Total is 226,000 for 2020 — Usual is 20,000 previous ~ standardized list - No early voting — absentee voting is intentionally difficult 2020 Blection Page 15 of 15