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Nama : Heru Intan Saputra

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A. Match the words (1-10) with the definitions (A-J)

1. ( D) Harvest 6. Farmer‘s Market (F)
2. (C) Legume 7. Tuber (A)
3. (E) Melon 8. Cereal (B)
4. ( G) Crop 9. Domesticate (H)

5. (I) Agriculture 10. Cultivate (J)

a. A crop that grows underground.

b. A crop that produces grain.

c. A crop that has pods.

d. Crops that have been gathered.
e. A type of large, sweet fruit.
f. A group of farmers selling crops.
g. A large group of cultivated

h. To tame an animal.

i. Growing plants and raising


j. To raise a crop from seeding to


B. Read the sentence pair. Choose where the words best fit the blanks

1. Harvest / Harvested
a. The farmer distribute the Harvested to the biggest farm market in the village.

b. Some fruits in our field are ready to be Harvest

2. Flesh / Fleshy

a. The Flesh Of Arum Manis mangoes are thicker than other mangoes.

b. The texture of these fruits is Fleshy

3. Sweetness / Sweetly

a. Some will say Sweetness some will say decently.

b. The Sweetly of the fruit is an important thing to consider.

4. Production / Plant
a. The Production of plant and animal is useful for human being.
b. Several Plant grow in desert farmland.
5. Seeds / Desert
a. Farmers always use good quality Seeds in farming.

b. There are many problems planting in Desert area.

C. Answer the following questions with True or False.If it false explain the right ones!!!

1. Ager means cultivate in latin language. (T)

2. Agriculture only related to the growing of plants. (T)
3. The primary aim of agriculture is to protect it from deterioration and misuse. (T)
4. Agriculture do not need a special skill. (T)
5. Agriculture is not a scientifc matter. (T)
6. Agriculture is not a business related practice. (T)
7. Everybody can be a farmer. (T)
8. Agriculture is not needed in the future. (T)

D. Make sentences by using these words or phrase (pick or only do 5 of them)

1. Texture : Soil texture is a qualitative classification of the condition of a
soil bassed on ist physical texture.
2. Plant : Plant in well textured soil
3. Organism : Organisms these are the dwellers of our happy soil apartment
4. Fertile soil : Fertile soil will produce maximum production
5. Plant grow : Plant grow thrive in good soil