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On this horizon of transcendent nomads only impossible creation prevails in

conflict resolution. Passive realization of natural opposition inspires creation

. The incommensurable peak of euphoric destinies of endless expressions is the p
urpose we have founf and in order to encompass the integration of heaven into de
finition we shall acquire a nomadic rationality that transcends simply. On cons
tantly renewed adaptation a structure of anthropomorphic networks resembles the
semiotic relationship, affectually enmassing subjectivity and objectivity into a
god entity of synchronosity. We connect and subtract and add and in fact negati
ng reason to a state of simultaneous expression to form a comprehensible ego in
the correct parameters for whichever state exists at the time. In every state th
ere is a truth that is the essence of state and to reach a state of truth the en
vironmental factors in the must be equated with the internal state factors in a
semiotic stance of euphoric paradoxical wonder.
First sentence - On the horizon of the information age technological advancement
and its relation to explaining human existence down to a point of virtual auton
omous codes and forcing us to oppose techicality to create new wonders. Transcen
dent nomads, the ones who realize the underlying tendencies of nature and its ch
aos who resort to circular semiotic logic or schizo-analysis. The shamen of virt
ual technology, the conjurers of impossibility/ Impossible creation thus needed
in a conflicting idealogical situation. When everyone in this age of virtual ego
realizes control over our individual ideal vision so strong that we don't know
what else to believe in this increasingly complex and chaotic world except for w
hat we feel is right on the inside. Impossible creation is born from a purely lo
gical standpoint consisting of a semiotically technical build up of the possitiv
e non-conflicting aspects of opposing idealogies into a resolution for the advan
tage of all opposing standpoints. This creates a new ideal for each party or sta
ndpoint that negates previous ideals. This ability to adapt to new idealogies fo
r the resolution of the situation permits a healthy endevour focusing on the gre
ater good of all parties.
Second sentence - It is only a theory starting to be realized by more and more s
ciences and scientists, the chaos theory of two ideals combining to create a new
truth thus negating many old truths and creating many new roads of possibility
and wonder. This activity of chaotic process happens in all models of nature, bi
ology, psychology, anthropology, polotics, astrophysics and so on. This creates
a combined semiotic network of all nature, a universally affected and accepted t
heory in motion. So something's own creation eventually down the road negates th
e node that created it. All these nodes of creation and destruction are in a nat
ural war of opposition.
Third sentence - The immeasurable forefront of creational possibility is impossi
bly endless. Realizing the synchronocity of all the factors of your environment
aligning to create a comprehensible area(internal and external affecting eachoth
er) of creational possibility always suited in the state of existence between ob
jectivity and subjectivity. So it is your job, your passive ability to arrange t
he symbols around you internally to create the most euphoric possible state of m
ind, as euphoria is the ultimate state of comprehensible being. The constant ren
ewal of myth and fact and the constant opposition and creation requires a consta
nt towards this state of euphoria. And so we have an endless forefront of euphor
ic combinational destinies to inspire a constant creation of the impossible. Thi
s allows for the nomadic rationality to build an ego always suited to the best o
f your abilities. The euphoria of all mankind's unity drives us naturally toward
s our humane destiny and so our ethics are always solid in this ideal, always bu
ilding towards this recombinant state.
Third sentence - This ability to internally arrange the external patterns and sy
mbols of our reality is possible because of the fractal nature of time and compr
ehension. The networks of patterns and symbols resemble the atomic level to the
micro level to the physiological level to the biopolitical and endless paths in
all these directions. This universal network of interrelated processes all affec
ting everything else through some type of association or connection within the m
odels that we build in our mind is fractal synchronosity. Our mind has the abili
ty to create images of certain sections depending on what state your in. And so
we can create the picture to our will through our ability to image the thing we'
re affecting. This is opportunity to realize godlike character and abilities.
Fourth sentence - In this haze of constantly negating and creating nodes of real
ization the reason for things gets skewed and there is only function being expre
ssed through limitless possibility. With a liquid zero viscocity form the univer
se models itself with this network of nodes of expression all expressing the sam
e thing within a different state a different truth, this is our euphoric destiny
to creat an ego of spiritual unity with the one truth of euphoria.