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ee ae : oe 4 6, Office Mem e ‘wm + onrrED s~GOVERNMENT, Mh. ema a he) DIRECTOR, FBI DATE: June 28, 1950 fe FROM : SAG, PEILADELPHIA SUBJECT: PHILADELPHIA SECTION OF THE ‘ FRIENDS OF NEW YUGOSLAVIA L SEOURITY - S\P Confidential Informant PH 74, of known reliability, advised on June 26, 1950 , that the Philadelphia branch of the Socialist Workers Party was in theprogess of setting up a sub-coimittee for the Philadelphia section _| of fonds of Ney BeGoslavia, This sub-committee is to consist of WAX}GSEDNAN, HAR MOND and Sasi laren. This some Informant has previously advised that the Friends of New Yug- oslavia is a new organization located in New York City, It is sponsoring a grow of representatives to go to Yugoslavia from July 20, 1950, to September 14, 1950, It is attempting to obtain delegations from all over the United States to go to Yugoslavia, then reti a report ‘upon vhat they sav. This organization has contacted GOL! HAN of the Phile~ delphia branch of the Socialist Workers Party, to organize a delegation seebene 6 According to GOLDY GELDMAN, through information supplied by:PE-74, this e organizetion wants to have a negro delegation and a Trade Union delegation \ nade up particularly of people who will tell what they have seen when they return, and who will let people know there:is e revolution in the ; making in Yugoslavie. The Burean will be advised of additional information concerning the cap- tioned group, coming to the attention of this office. WeCsr3b . . 4 100-new . ) ce: New York Office — * ERDEXED gy x FECORDED «47 | seal bo g7014a2 : \ seo S ee \ Le ——_ SAC, New York . December 6, 1950 , Director, FBI a how O SL. FRCENDS OF NEW YIGOSLAVIA INTSHNAL SECURITY = YU i 1 ‘The Bureau bas noted increasingly frequent references to the | above-captioned onguni) ch according to reliable Nox York { Confidential Informant] is sponsored by the Pro-Tito Yugoslav \ newspaper "Novi List. i \ i 1 { ‘ Bureau files reflect that various branches of "Friends of New Yugoslavia" have appeured in the territory of most of the of fices receiving copies of this letter. Inacmuch as Movi List! and "Priends of New Yugoslavia" appear to be propavanda media for thd present regine of Liarskul Tite in Yugoslavia which steadfastly haintains its Marxist-Leninist philosophy, the Sureau is opening a new file on the captioned organization, New York to be office of origin. New York is: instructed to institute an active investi- gation of "Friends of New Yugoslavia" and to submit a report, re~ lve. -.j fleeting its personnel and activities on January 1, April 1, ~ daly 1, and October 1 of. each Year, It is suggested that in addition to active investigation, further information can be obtained through confidential informants and issués of "jovi List” which are received regularly by the New York office. : | > REA ml Cen offices otner than New York for which copies of this Sued, letter have been designated are instructed to review their files Juwnh and contact logical confidential infornants for infornation as noted Yiy Worn above concerning tFriends of New Yugoslavia." ‘The information obtained of should be submitted in report form by January 1, 1951 In the event ‘the organization in a particular territory appears tw have gained “ae. no real influence among the Yugoslav elenent, it will be permissable - for ah avxiliary office to WIC this cases however, it will be the responsibility of each awdliary office to advise the Bureau specifically as to whether the organization's activities are such as to indieate the © necessity for a continuing investigation. - New York will be responsible fo: Mporting on activities arid personnel. in the New York area and policy propounded on a national, basis by the headquarters of the organization in New Yori. cee GID Pe GER a — a ib : —— TURIET of to Eo t- 1959 ° o ji = Ose br =——GSDEC 201850 New York wild submit nine copies of its quarterly reports to ‘the Burcou. auxiliary offices will submit four copies of their reperts to tne Bureaus You ere advised thet the Bureau has already instituted an investigation of "Novi List” as such in which New York is the office of origin, and it is intended to include information concerning only the Personnel and policy of that newpaper. fee jie aie ¥ Franciscof it) 7% £ut3 Cincinnats New Haven Rucme ras: Laer As “phi do Rae AA 2 0 MAREE S ET Os shane pt PT St PALO 100-565595 TRAE og Tdias tnt co - Baltimore" Ios Angoie7” Bosto! eS wWlmavke Lo Seattle (# (pt 60-7 +." Buffale Minneapolis Springfield bac “441 Glevelun New Orleans Pa via site > * Detroit Philadelphia Ayer gAt02 Pde omy "7 Indiana Pittsburgh mur Sh tan 3S ” Kafsag ¢ Faneph ta 333 Mee Paopbs 06 DEI” / pds 681 UR Tle EBS a bon ve + Chicago” Newart Washington Field office@™/4u+7-? Le. ‘ Les a at anal la pape ti te DU held 5 [BR rt 0 KS OPM RT ae 1! st | i en onl np bag tgln 2S