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more interview candidates

Soon i will disappear into the mist (i got my eviction notice the other day) s o i mus t 't ake t his on
the road' (possibly Phuket or Chiangmai). i must leave a list of interview candidates (for Oprah or
whomever) incase i truly disappear (for instance, a Thai prison for visa violation or get abducted
by a mountain family;). .. i want to make one t hing Absolutely Clear before i begin the list : i love
my Thai family more than words can say; this eviction is more about Chinese tradition than
anything else. The following abbreviations apply: Dunham Lake / Highland, M I = DL, Petoskey,
M I = PM , M ichigan St ate = M S, Hayw ard, CA = HC, and South Florida = SF . Pleas e forgive any
name misspellings.
Tom M inniker, DL
Ken Wilhelm, D L
Carl Johnson, DL
M ike Bower, DL
Jeff M attson, DL
John Jozwiak, DL
Chas Breithaupt, PM
M ark Swadling, PM
Walter Boyd, PM
M argaret M arie M iller, PM
Jacquelyn Jeanne Luta, MS
Vinnie S ingh, HC
Tammy (a romantic interest), HC
M aria Rex, SF
Jim Bowen, SF
Please forgive me if your name did not appear on the list - my memories are somet imes foggy
and sometimes crystal clear. Every single person above i genuinely feel is either my brother or
sister with a few exceptions: M argaret was a romantic interest of mine for many years but we
never really got together, Jackie is one of my exes but truly was one of the best friends of my life
(that was our main problem - we should have never got married), and Tammy (we met in a
grocery store where she worked but never even kissed .. how ever t he interest was definitely there
on both sides; she should be around 37 years old now). M y oldes t brot her (temporarily
representing Satan in my life) will insist i had gay encounters with a few of the men above. But i
chalk these up to teenage experimentation and how most of our cultures force sexual segregation
beyond a certain age (s exual segregation can pus h kids to be gay - i've s een it in action here in
Thailand) .. Walter, of anyone i have ever met, is more like Neo (of the Matrix series) even in
appearance. He's one of the sweetest straight men i have ever met. Carl goes by another name in
Chicago and is a TV star. Last thing i heard about M ike - he was a drunk but you can Never
measure a man by people's label of him (look at me). VJ might be difficult to contact because the
company where we met has since closed that branch (I-Chem Research). Tammy will be the
hardest to contact cuz i never learned her family name. The 'w eird' t hing about Margaret is if you
try to search on her name (say us ing Google), you get a zillion people with the same name. So
she might also be difficult to contact .. A gain, i love all of the people above like brothers and
sisters with a few exceptions already mentioned. Anyone not mentioned is either because my
memory is foggy or i believe they do not wish to appear on national TV. In fact , several names
above belong to people who may refuse to interview such as John. O ur friendship has been on-
and-off over several decades and currently is Off. But i would be honored if any one of them
could attend .. T he other weird thing about our relationships is that t hey all knew i was 'different '
in some way .. Just they (nor i) could put their finger on it (identify what was different about me
at that time) .. In high school, i could have told you how i was different but not why. i want ed to
be an astrophysicist. M y English teacher asked us to write Oprah (she was just beginning her TV
career) a question, "Ask Oprah". M y quest ion was not really a question. i'll try to recount it as
accurately as i can. i wrot e Oprah saying something like: Dear Oprah, i don't have a qu es tion
for you - only a request .. You will become the most famous TV host of all time for two
reasons: you r natural popul arity an d e ase with peopl e an d for i nte rviewing me. i wil l make
a proof God exists. Pl eas e in tervi ew me wh en i as k.(and on t he back of the note) Si nce it will
take me several years to do this, i need time and also to forget this note,o is wil l 'cast a
magic spell' to make me forget.(That was the end of the note.) The spell worked; i totally
forgot that note until i recently wrote Oprah about an interview. THIS WAS 35 YEARS AGO.
How could a boy, just barely passing through adolescence, possibly know this? Unless he was
M erlin (or M erlin-like) and had some kind of precognition about the fut ure? T his story i've just
told you i've only told a few close friends. At first i thought i should just keep it private. But since
Oprah's staff has not contacted me, i suppose i must make it public .. For anyone expecting stunts
from me (to get attention): THIS IS N OT A STU NT . This is real. Cont act Doug Sweeney or
Russell Guinn if you feel you need to confirm this .. A nd you wanna know what? A t this point i
almost don't care if there's an interview or not. The word will get out with or without Oprah's
help. (Btw, i've already written M aya Angelou about this. iread her poetry as a t een and alw ays
thought of myself as a 'closet feminist'. She knows Oprah.) If you read the War for M eaning, you
understand the previous comment .. That's about it. Anyone who has the stomach to wade
through (the 'shit' of) my essays has the patience of a saint. 'im not saying t his lightly. (A not e to
any Oprah staff reading this: you Are a saint if you can read through all this crap.) i know a lot of
this might sound like 'ranting and raving' of a hermit (which is pretty close to the truth), but
sometimes God speaks to those who seek Her in the wilderness ..Thailand is not necess arily a
'Godless' place (there are many saints here i've written about) .. And many times, those s ame
saints don't recognize each other as such. So it makes reaching humanity with a unified message
difficult. But i've tried my best to be true to all those above and more. The bes t thing about the
saints above is that they don't think of themselves as saints. And one more thing about t hem:
every one of them believed i could do this (prove God exists and kick Satan off this planet for
good). Not t hat t hey explicit ly s aid t his; jus t the fact t hey believed in their friend Sam w as

One last thing about Oprah. For some odd reason, i feel her staff has already approached her
about interviewing me. She's already rejected the idea. She jus t thinks i'm crazy (who wouldn't ).
The staff responsible for reading these essays is actually on my side for an interview (this i feel
quite clearly). So thank you dear (or sir) for your patience and perseverance. We'll get the
interview at some point .. Part of the problem i mentioned before is ego; Oprah Hates to be
manipulated. If i contact M aya Angelou to ask Oprah for an interview, she sees this as
manipulation (where i was only trying to contact a common factor/person). So everything i seem
to do pushes Oprah away from me . That's jus t my ineptness - please forgive this Oprah. us J t like
the War.. and any other essay, everyone has t he choice: t o read or not t o read; to believe or not to
believe. J ust know, i Know for a fact: G od exists, She loves us, She w ants our recognition, and
She wants our love.