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Future Group.

Future Group: Is India’s largest retailer[1]and

one of the leading business houses with a
strong presence in retail. Its founder and
Group CEO is Mr. Kishore Biyani.

Future Group


Industry omera
, (MD

Headquarters Maha


Employees 30,000

Website eGrou

FUTURE GROUP is led by its founder and Group CEO,
Mr. Kishore Biyani, is one of India’s leading business
houses with multiple businesses spanning across the
consumption space. While retail forms the core business
activity of Future Group, group subsidiaries are present in
consumer finance, capital, insurance, leisure and
entertainment, brand development, retail real estate
development, retail media and logistics.
Led by its flagship enterprise, Pantaloon Retail,
the group operates over 16 million square feet of retail
space in 73 cities and towns and 65 rural locations across
India. Headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), Pantaloon
Retail employs around 30,000 people and is listed on the
Indian stock exchanges. The company follows a multi-
format retail strategy that captures almost the entire
consumption basket of Indian customers. In the lifestyle
segment, the group operates Pantaloons, a fashion retail
chain and Central, a chain of seamless malls. In the value
segment, its marquee brand, Big Bazaar is a hypermarket
format that combines the look, touch and feel of Indian
bazaars with the choice and convenience of modern

Indian customers. In the lifestyle segment, the

group operates Pantaloons, a fashion retail chain and
Central, a chain of seamless malls. In the value segment,
its marquee brand, Big Bazaar is a hypermarket format
that combines the look, touch and feel of Indian bazaars
with the choice and convenience of modern retail.

The group’s speciality retail formats include

supermarket chain – Food Bazaar, sportswear retailer -
Planet Sports, electronics retailer - Ezone, home
improvement chain - Home Town and rural retail chain,
Aadhaar, among others. It also operates popular shopping
portal -

Future Capital Holdings, the group’s financial arm

provides investment advisory to assets worth over $1
Billion that are being invested in consumer brands and
companies, real estate, hotels and logistics. It also
operates a consumer finance arm with branches in 150

Other group companies include, Future Generali,

the group’s insurance venture in partnership with Italy’s
Generali Group, Future Brands, a brand development and
IPR company, Future Logistics, providing logistics and
distribution solutions to group companies and business
partners and Future Media, a retail media initiative.
The group’s presence in Leisure & Entertainment
segment is led through, Mumbai-based listed company
Galaxy Entertainment Limited. Galaxy leading leisure
chains, Sports Bar and Bowling Co. and family
entertainment centres, F123. Through its partner
company, Blue Foods the group operates around 100
restaurants and food courts through brands like Bombay
Blues, Spaghetti Kitchen, Noodle Bar, The Spoon, Copper
Chimney and Gelato.

Future Group’s joint venture partners include, US-

based stationery products retailer, Staples and Middle
East-based Axiom Communications.

• Pantaloon Retail (

• Future Brands (

• Future Group (

• Future Capital Holdings (

• Future Generali (

• Future Human Development (

• Future Supply Chain Solutions


Future Media (

• Indianness: confidence in ourselves.

• Leadership: to be a leader, both in thought and


• Respect & Humility: to respect every individual

and be humble in our conduct.

• Introspection: leading to purposeful thinking.

• Openness: to be open and receptive to new ideas,

knowledge and information.
• Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: to build
long term relationships.

• Simplicity & Positivity: Simplicity and positivity in

our thought, business and action.

• Adaptability: to be flexible and adaptable, to meet


• Flow: to respect and understand the universal laws

of nature.


We share the vision and belief that our customers and

stakeholders shall be served only by creating and
executing future scenarios in the consumption space
leading to economic development.

We will be the trendsetters in evolving delivery

formats, creating retail realty, making consumption
affordable for all customer segments – for classes and for
We shall infuse Indian brands with confidence and
renewed ambition.
We shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed
to quality in whatever we do.

We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity,

humility and united determination shall be the driving
force to make us successful.


When the Mughals first came to India they were drawn by

the lure of her fabulous wealth - India was known as the
"Sone Ki Chidiya," literally - "The Golden Bird".

According to economic historian Angus

Maddison in his book The World Economy: A Millennial
Perspective, India had the world's largest economy in the
1st century and 11th century, with a 33% share of world
GDP in the 1st century and 29% in 1000 CE. During 1700
AD, Mughal era, India’s share was 24%, more than the
whole of Western Europe. It came down to 3.8% in 1950s.
Paul Kennedy, in his highly regarded book, The Rise and
Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military
Conflict from 1500 to 2000 estimates that in 1750 India's
share of the world trade was nearly 25 percent. It came
down to 0.5% in the 1960s and now stands at around

• The Indian economy is once again at the

centre of the global attention. As domestic
consumption drives economic growth in India, Future
Group hopes to play a pivotal role in bringing back
the Sone Ki Chidiya.

CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards 2009
• Most Preferred Multi Product Chain - Big Bazaar
• Most Preferred Multi Brand Food & Beverage Chain -
Big Bazaar.
Images Fashion Forum 2009
• Most Admired Fashion Group Of The Year - Future
• Most Admired Private Label - Pantaloons, the lifestyle
• Critic’s Choice For Pioneering Effort In Retail Concept
Creation – Central.
Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2009
• Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer Of The Year

• Most Admired Food Court

• Most Admired Food Professional

Indian Retail Forum Awards 2008

• Most Admired Retail Company of the year - Future
• Retail Face of the Year - Kishore Biyani
• Best Retailer Of The Year ( Hypermarket) - Big Bazaar
Future Group was awarded the Most Admired Retail
Company of the year by the Indian Retail Forum at a
glittering ceremony organised in Mumbai. Mr Kishore
Biyani also won Retail Face of the Year.
India Retail Forum (IRF) is a platform for intellectual
insights and information exchange for the retail business
in the Indian subcontinent. The forum presents the
business of retail in the region to a global audience, with
the express aim of facilitating understanding about and
encouraging investment in this massive marketplace.
Big Bazaar, the value format of Future Group bagged the
Best Retailer Of The Year ( Hypermarket).
The INDIASTAR Award 2008
• Food Bazaar: Best Packaging Innovation

Food Bazaar bagged the INDIASTAR Award for Best

Packaging Innovation in India, for its private label brand
Fresh And Pure Chakki Atta.

• Food Bazaar: Best Packaging Innovation

• With this award, Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited

becomes the first Indian Retailer to win the
prestigious INDIASTAR Award.
Retail Asia Pacific 500 Top Awards 2008
• Gold Winner - Top Retailer 2008 Asia Pacific

Retail Asia Publishing Pte, the institutor of these

awards, aims to set a platform that appraise, raises and
recognizes the development and growth of retailing
throughout the Asia Pacific region.
Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2008

• Most Admired Food & Grocery Retail Visionary of the

Year: Kishore Biyani.

• Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year –

Supermarkets: Food Bazaar.
• Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year -
Hypermarkets: Big Bazaar.

• Most Admired Retailer of the Year - Dynamic Growth

in Network Expansion across Food, Beverages &
Grocery: Future Group.

• Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year -

Consumer's Choice: Big Bazaar.
The Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2008, were given
away for the first time as a culmination of the ‘Food
Forum India 2008’ - a two day convention which saw the
participation of leading brands, retailers & retail support
organizations from across the globe. The awards were
presented to honour enterprise, innovation and
achievement in the food retailing business as a
benchmark of excellence.

Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarkets in India,
with more than 100 stores in operation. It is a
subsidiary of Future Group Limited, and follows the
business model of United States-based Wal-Mart.



Founded 2001

Headquarters locatio
ns in

Products ment

Employees More


Divisions ~100


Brief History :

The hypermarket chain was introduced in India in 2001 by

Pantaloon Retail(India) Limited.
cThe first store in Kolkata.
Pantaloon retail India Ltd was incorporated as Men Wear
private Ltd in the year 1987.
It became a public limited company in 1991 and was renamed
Pantaloon Fashion Limited and then Pantaloon retail Ltd in 1999.

The company introduced the concept of The Pantaloon Shoppe,

an exclusive men’s wear retail store which expanded across India
from 1994-1998. In the year 1997, Pantaloon moved a large format
lifestyle retailing with the launch of “Pantaloons”, India’s family
The management was aware that in retail size
mattered. The targeted large Indian middle class
market waiting to tapped. Big Bazaar – the
discount store was launched in the year 2001, to meet the
aspirations of the middle class. In the span of two years, it has
added a Food Bazaar and Gold Bazaar to its range of offering.

Saving is the key to the Indian middle class
The concept of “Bazaar”, As the store offers large mix of products
at a discounted price, the name “Big Bazaar” was finalized
The idea was to recreate a complete bazaar, with a large product

offering and offer a good depth and width in terms of range.

Price was the basic value proposition at Big Bazaar.

The Big Bazaar outlets sold a variety of products at prices, which

were 5 to 60% lower than the market prices.

The catch line “Isse sasta aur acha kahin nahin”


Selecting the location:

The main consideration while selecting the location was ‘whether
the low margin on the products would allow the
company to sustain growth’.
The group conducted a study and it was found that for a store like
Big Bazaar a large catchment area is needed.
In Kerala they have three stores located at
Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Palatka.


Large product mix offered by BIG BAZAAR was the

main attraction.
Big Bazaar stocked about 1,30,000 items in over
20 product categories.
In the first year apparel accounted for 70% of the
off take and the price was largely responsible for
the success.
The price ranged from Rs.99 to Rs.799.
Buying process for most of the categories at Big Bazaar was
largely price drive.
It stocked on an average, 10000SKU’s and occupied 5,00square
feet of retail space. It was modeled on the Indian mandi system
where customer can feel, touch, choose product.

The products sold were categorized as

1. Processed food& Non food (hungry kya)

2. Dry staples ( golden harvest)
3. Wet staples (chill station)

Hungry Kya contributes 60% of Food Bazaar sales.This category

includes a mix of products from a large number of FMCG
companies and wide range of imported products Golden harvest
includes dry groceries like rice, wheat, daal, spices. This
contributes 30% of their sales Chill station includes fruits
and vegetables and contributes 10% of the sales.


It tells the customer what the store is all about It creates an image
in the minds of customers It is the starting point of all marketing
effort For a customer store needs to be easy to navigate, it must
appeal to his sensory perceptions and must create a sense of
belonging, sense of relationship .The environment created in the
retail store is a combination of exterior look, store interiors,
the atmosphere in the store and the events promotions and
themes which form a part of retail store.


in January 5th 2006. Currently this store is employing 500
full time and 25 Part Time Employees. The first shift
employee arrives at 10Am in the morning and leaves at
7.30 Pm, while the second shift employee report at 12.30
in the afternoon and leave at time of store closing

At Big Bazaar store can definitely give the

best product at better price. It sells variety of
merchandising at affordable rates; the price which it
claims is lowest in the city. Usually, the items are clubbed
together for offer to customers and it also offers weekend
as well as monthly discount.

At BIG BAZAAR KACHIGUDA one can find a variety of

Departments as shown below.

 PUC.

This departments are managed by two department. They



Big bazaar has no doubt made a big name in

the retail industry of India; moreover shopping here is
future made memorable experience with the varied rates
of discount son products as well as discount vouchers
available in a variety of amounts, like INR 2000, INR
3000, INR 4000, INR 5000 and 10000 on all Big Bazaar
product and accessories.

 Better understanding of customers.

 Vast range of products under one roof .
 Benefit of early entry into the retail industry.

Weaknesses :

 High cost of operation.

 Very thin margin.
 High attrition rate of employee.

 Lot of potential in the rural market.

 Can enter into production of various products

due to its in depth understanding of customers’
tastes and preferences.
 Can expand the business in smaller cities as
there is a lot of
 High business risk involved.
 Lot of competitors coming up to tap the market
 Margin of business reducing all the time.


Big Bazaar faces competition from others retailers of

similar product and services. This includes stand alone
stores in the organized and unorganized sectors, as well
as other chains of stores including department stores. Big
Bazaar focus on offering customers a vast variety of
products and services catering to there to diver’s
requirements and needs. It is because of this and the
service and ambience that Big Bazaar offers, that Big
Bazaar believes Big Bazaar have been able to create a
differentiation in the mind of the customer vis-à-vis our
competitors where similar products and brands are

Competitors For Big Bazaar:

1. Food World.
2. Reliance Fresh.
3. More.
4. Others Store.

Objectives Of The Company:

1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, buying,

selling, exchanging, altering, importing, exporting,
distributing or otherwise dealing with readymade
garments and hosiery made of cotton, silk, rayon,
wool, nylon, man-made fabrics, polyester, canvas,
jute, leather, any other fabric coated with any
chemical or not, or other preparation and other

2. To carry on the business of manufacturing,

processing, dyeing, otherwise dealing in yarns and
textiles made of cotton, silk, rayon’s, wool, nylon,
man-made fibers, polyesters, canvas or any other

3. To carry on trade or retail business in Indian through

retail formats and including but not limited to hyper
markets, super markets, mega stores/discount
stores, cash and carry , departmental stores,
shoppers plaza, direct to home, phone order and mail
order, catalogue, through internets and other forms
and multi level channels for all products a services,
dealing in all kinds of goods, materials and items
including but not limited to food and provisions,
household goods, consumer durables, jewelers,
home improvement products, footwear’s, luggage’s,
books & stationary, health care and beauty products,
toys and music, computers and accessories, telecom
products, agric input products, furniture and
furnishings, automobiles and accessories, acquiring
and running food, service and entertainment centre’s
including but not limited to multiplexes, cinemas,
gaming centre, amusement parks, restaurants and
food courts and acquiring of land or building on lease
or freehold or any commercial or industrial or
residential building for running and management of
retail business and to acquire flat.
Organization Structure Of Big Bazaar:
Store manager

Asst store manager

Dept manager

Human resource manager

Sales manager

Asst dept, manager.

Visual merchandising

Customer service dept


Team leader



Asst Dm.

Team member


House keeping