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Vcenter App Speed

AppSpeed offers powerful capabilities to discover and map all tiers of the infrastructure, identify application performance bottlenecks and enable root cause analysis


Vcenter Server HeartBeat

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat delivers high availability for VMware vCenter Server, protecting the virtual and cloud infrastructure from application, configuration, operating ducts/vcenter-serversystem or hardware related outages. heartbeat/


vCenter CapacityIQ

Provides capacity management for virtualized datacenter or desktop environments,enable capacity modeling, insight and intelligence, reducing risk and enabling informed decision-making. ducts/vcenter-capacityiq/

vCenter Configuration Manager 4

Automates configuration management across virtual and physical servers and desktops, increasing efficiency by eliminating manual, error-prone and time-consuming work. ducts/configurationmanager/features.html ducts/vcenter-chargeback/ 9 vCloud Director VMware vCloud™ Director gives customers the ability to build http://www.vCenter Configuration Manager 4 5 vShield App vShield App gives organizations deep visibility into network communications between virtual machines and enables granular policy enforcement with security groups http://www.vmware. ducts/vcloud-director/ .vmware. or external customers—enabling a better understanding of how much resources cost and what can be done to optimize resource utilization. cost secure private clouds that dramatically increase datacenter efficiency and business agility. ducts/vshield-edge/ 7 vShield Endpoint vShield Endpoint enables offloading of antivirus and anti-malware processing to dedicated security-hardened virtual machines delivered by VMware partners ducts/vshield-endpoint/ 8 vCenter Chargeback vCenter Chargeback provides the ability to map IT costs to business ducts/vshield-app/ 6 vShield Edge Provides comprehensive perimeter network security for virtual datacenters http://www.

com/pro ducts/vfabric/ 14 Get superior ducts/vcloud-requestmanager/ 11 vFabric tc Server. Build and run Spring applications in virtual and cloud environments while eliminating the complexity. GemFire lets you easily write data-intensive applications without the negative latency issues caused by traditional databases http://www. and enforces standardized settings on cloud partitions. . virtual and hybrid environments 13 vFabric GemFire Tightly integrated with the Spring Framework. scalability and security while reducing the cost and complexity of sophisticated web vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS). http://www.9 10 vCloud Request Manager VMware vCloud Request Manager adds sophisticated approval workflows to provisioning requests. infrastructures Implement a robust and reliable inter-system messaging system for your cloud-based applications 15 VMware RabbitMQ.vmware. automatically tracks software license usage.vmware. bloat and performance drawbacks of traditional JEE platforms 12 vFabric Hyperic Gain complete and continuous visibility of your custom web applications across physical.

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