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Non-SDN Communist Chinese Military Companies List

as of January 08, 2021

Name of Company A.K.A.1 Issuer Name2 Equity Ticker3, 4

Aero Engine Corporation of
Aero Engine Corp of China Aero Engine Corp of China 1546063D CN
Aviation Industry Aviation Industry
Aviation Industry Corp of
Corporation of China Corporation of China, Ltd. CAICPZ CN
China Ltd
China Academy of Launch
China Academy of Launch
Vehicle Technology 1268213D CN
Vehicle Technology
China Aerospace Science China Aerospace Science &
China Aerospace Science &
and Industry Corporation Industry Corporation CASZ CN
Industry Corp Ltd
China Aerospace Science China Aerospace Science &
China Aerospace Science &
and Technology Corporation Technology Corporation CASTCZ CN
Technology Corp
China Communications China Communication
China Communications 601800 CN /
Construction Company Construction Group
Construction Co Ltd 1800 HK
(CCCC) Company, Ltd.
China Construction
China Construction
Technology Co. Ltd. AABZDZ CN
Technology Co Ltd
China Electronics
China Electronics Corp CHELEZ CN
Corporation (CEC)
China Electronics
China Electronics
Technology Group CETCGZ CN
Technology Group Corp
Corporation (CETC)
China General Nuclear China General Nuclear China General Nuclear
Power Corp. Power Power Corp
China International China International
Engineering Consulting Engineering Consulting ENGINZ CN
Corp. (CIECC) Corp
China Mobile
Communications Group Co CHMOBZ CN
China Mobile China Mobile
Communications Group Communications
China Mobile Limited
941 HK
China National Chemical China National Chemical
Corporation (ChemChina) Corp Ltd
China National Chemical
China National Chemical
Engineering Group Co., Ltd. ZHJTTZ CN
Engineering Group Corp Ltd
China National Nuclear China National Nuclear
China National Nuclear CNNZ CN
Corp. Corp
China National Offshore Oil
China National Offshore Oil
Corp. (CNOOC)
CNOOC Limited 883 HK /
China North Industries
China North Industries
Group Corporation (Norinco Norinco CNIZ CN
Group Corp Ltd
China Nuclear Engineering
China Nuclear Engineering
& Construction Corporation 601611 CN
& Construction Corp Ltd
China Railway Construction China Railway Construction 601186 CN /
Corporation (CRCC) Corp Ltd 1186 HK
China Shipbuilding Industry China Shipbuilding Industry
Corporation (CSIC) Corp
China South Industries China South Industries
Group Corporation (CSGC) Group Co Ltd
China Spacesat China Spacesat Co Ltd 600118 CN
China State Construction China State Construction
Group Co., Ltd. Group Co Ltd
China State Shipbuilding China State Shipbuilding
0763828D CN
Corporation (CSSC) Corp Ltd
China Telecommunications
China Telecommunications Corp
China Telecommunications
Corp. China Telecom Corporation CHA US /
Limited 728 HK
China Three Gorges
China Three Gorges Corp CJSXGZ CN
Corporation Limited
China United Network
China United Network 600050 CN
Communications Ltd
Communications Group Co
China Unicom (Hong Kong) CHU US /
Limited 762 HK
601766 CN /
CRRC Corp. CRRC Corporation CRRC Corp Ltd
1766 HK
Dawning Information Dawning Information
603019 CN
Industry Co (Sugon) Industry Co Ltd
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital
Technology Co., Ltd. Hikvision 002415 CN
Technology Co Ltd
Huawei Investment &
Holding Co Ltd
Inspur Group Inspur Group Co Ltd LANZ CN
Nanjing Panda Electronics 600775 CN /
Panda Electronics Group Panda Electronics
Co Ltd 553 HK
Semiconductor Semiconductor
688981 CN /
Manufacturing International Manufacturing International
981 HK
Corp. (SMIC) Corp
Sinochem Group Co Ltd Sinochem Group Co Ltd 1001Z CN
The A.K.A.s provided in this document refer to the names listed in or pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13959 in order to provide additional identifying
information for those names listed by the Department of Defense as “Qualifying Entities Prepared in Response to Section 1237 of the National Defense
Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999 (PUBLIC LAW 105-261).”
The prohibitions in E.O. 13959 apply to transactions in securities of any Communist Chinese military company (whether expressly listed or not) with a name
that exactly or closely matches the names of these or any other entities identified in or pursuant to E.O. 13959. See FAQs 858 and 864.
Other securities, including debt securities, issued by identified issuers are also subject to prohibitions under E.O. 13959. See FAQs for additional information,
in particular numbers 859 and 860.
The equity tickers provided in this document are followed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3166 Alpha-2 code for the country in
which the equity ticker is registered.