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The Stanford Daily


An Independent Publication
THURSDAY Volume 239
February 17, 2011 Issue 16

University tightens
photo policies
Authorities increase restrictions on commercial photos
By DANA EDWARDS Keller said. By taking photos phasized that the photo policy is not
STAFF WRITER from the exact same spots and con- new, but that enforcement had in-
trolling for external factors, Keller creased recently.
The University recently stepped allows his website visitors to accu- “The amount of commercial
up enforcement of its photography rately compare the resolutions of photography we have been experi-
policy, leaving photographers un- different digital cameras. The Main encing recently simply has become
certain about whether they are Quad shots and those taken from unsustainable, especially given
technically allowed to photograph four other locations around campus Stanford’s strict privacy policies,”
Stanford landmarks. Security have been DCRP’s hallmark she said.
guards patrolling the Main Quad method of comparison for over a Lisa Lapin, associate vice presi-
and other campus landmarks have decade. dent of communications, said Stan-
been instructed to question the in- The security guards who stopped ford has a “simple, compelling legal
tent of individuals with professional Keller instructed him to contact as- reason” to prevent commercial
camera equipment. sociate director of University Com- photography and that photogra-
Jeff Keller, a local photography munications Kate Chesley for ques- phers have become a “nuisance.”
enthusiast, was tweaking the set- tions regarding the policy. The poli- As a private trademark, Stan-
tings of his professional-grade cam- cy states “commercial [photogra- ford “wants to protect its brand,
era atop a tripod in the Main Quad phy] requests are not compatible image and identity from unautho-
on Feb. 9 when he was approached with the teaching and research mis- rized use,” Lapin said.
by two security personnel and asked sions of the university and with its “Stanford has become unbeliev-
to leave. Keller runs “The Digital non-profit status.” ably popular,” she added. “Now we
Camera Resource Page”(DCRP),a In a letter to Chesley, Keller re- have all sorts of entities trying to af-
photography review website. He quested permission to continue tak- filiate themselves with Stanford.We
took photos in the quad to test the ing photos on Stanford’s campus,ar- don’t want anyone to profit from a
image quality of his new camera and guing “these photos are never perceived affiliation with us.”
later posted the test results online. resold” and are not of commercial Similarly, the University does
Stanford Daily File Photo “I take the same picture in the value. Chesley rejected his request. not want to be negatively impacted
Security guards will now be required to patrol campus landmarks and question hallway of the Main Quad with dif- “Although you are not selling by appearing to endorse institutions
ferent cameras, at the same time, the photographs, your site is of a
visitors with professional camera equipment about their motives. In an effort to with the same conditions, and I’ve commercial nature,” Chesley wrote
increase enforcement of photo policies, commercial requests will be denied. been doing it for at least 10 years,” in an e-mail to Heller. Chesley em- Please see PHOTO, page 2


GSC approves 3 of 4 special fees reforms

By MARGARET RAWSON choice” and said he had been in- The GSC also passed three of flation without petitioning the stu-
SENIOR STAFF WRITER volved with the ASSU his entire four main components to special dent body. It passed 11-2, with GSC
Stanford career. fees reform legislation. The first co-Chair Justin Brown and Addy
The Graduate Student Council Cruz resigned as senate chair at component, which stipulated a time- Satija, one of the GSC’s program-
(GSC) unanimously confirmed for- Wednesday’s GSC meeting, and will line for the creation of special fees ming coordinators, voting against it.
mer Senate Chair Michael Cruz ‘12 replace former vice president Kelsei policies, passed unanimously. It also “I find your position on this in-
as the new ASSU Vice President Wharton,who is currently taking the changed the reserve policy for stu- credibly disrespectful of their time,”
Wednesday and passed most com- quarter off. At Tuesday’s Senate dent groups,allowing them to hold in said GSC Secretary Erik Lehnert,
ponents of a special fees reform bill meeting, former Senate Deputy reserves an amount equivalent to arguing that student group leaders’
authored by Cruz. Chair Madeline Hawes ‘13 was se- 100 percent of their expenditures in busy schedules make petitioning dif-
When introducing her bill to lected to become Senate chair. In a the previous year. ficult.
nominate Cruz as vice president, nine to five vote, the Senate selected The second component allowed The third component of the bill
ASSU President Angelina Cardona Pat Bruny ‘13 to serve as deputy student groups to increase their
‘11 described him as “the best chair. budgets by up to 10 percent plus in- Please see GSC, page 2

Sound Waves
SERENITY NGUYEN/The Stanford Daily

Tuition hike
Biomarker will not hurt
linked to financial aid
knee pain Aid resources unaffected by
Med school“truth serum” board’s 3.5-percent increase
helps to explain discomfort
The increase in tuition, room and
Researchers at the School of board costs for the 2011-12 academ-
Medicine identified a biomarker for ic year, approved by the Board of
pain associated with cartilage injury Trustees at a meeting early this
in the knee. The biomarker can fa- month, may not have significant
cilitate the diagnostic process and ramifications for financial aid.
reduce costs for patients. The 3.5 percent price hike will
According to Gaetano Scuderi, apply to both undergraduate and
professor of orthopaedic surgery graduate students, with the excep-
and leader of the research team, the tion of law students, who will see a
knee joint has two crescent shaped 5.75 percent jump. This puts next
menisci comprised of cartilage. year’s undergraduate tuition at
Menisci are often torn by physical $40,050 and room and board at
activity or natural degradation, but $12,291, compared with this year’s
these tears are not always painful or $38,700 and $11,876, respectively.
noticed. The increase is reminiscent of last
While surgeons can use MRIs to year’s 3.5 percent rise in costs.
try to discern the root of a patient’s Campus Health Services Fee for
knee pain, MRIs often cannot dif- fall 2011 will be bumped up to $173
ferentiate between inflammations per quarter, reflecting a similar 3.5
JIN ZHU/The Stanford Daily
percent increase.
Bass-baritone singer Nicholas Isherwood, known around the world for his impressive vocal range, displays
Please see KNEE, page 2 his musical talents for students at a Lively Arts-sponsored event held last night at Campbell Recital Hall. Please see TUITION, page 2

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2 ! Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Stanford Daily

Researches discover what they transmit, these messages
are often much louder than ones from
surrounding devices.As a result, each
how to make has to take turns in “talking” in order
to be heard by the other. But the new
radios listen devices work in very much the same
way as the brain, filtering out its own
By THE DAILY NEWS STAFF sounds in order to better “hear” the
other radios.
Stanford students can now speed These machines, built by three
on the information highway thanks to electrical engineering graduate stu-
researchers in computer science and dents — Jung Il Choi, Mayank Jain
electrical engineering who have de- and Kannan Srinivasan — took sev-
veloped the first wireless radios that eral months to construct.
can simultaneously send and receive The team, which also includes
signals, making these devices twice as Sachin Katti, assistant professor of
fast as already existing ones. computer science and electrical engi-
“Textbooks say you can’t do it,” neering, is currently working to com-
said Philip Levis,assistant professor of mercialize their product by increasing
computer science and electrical engi- both the strength of the transmissions
neering, in a press release Monday. and the distance they are able to travel.
“The new system completely reworks Such improvements will make the
our assumptions about how wireless technology more useful for Wi-Fi net-
networks can be designed.” works.
Although radios know exactly — Cassandra Feliciano
JIN ZHU/The Stanford Daily
Based on the Board’s announcement earlier this month, undergraduate families will be responsible for $40,050 in

tuition costs, compared to last year’s $38,700. Financial aid, funded by the endowment, will not be affected. communications staff, I felt respon-
sible to let everyone know about the
policy, so they wouldn’t get in trou-

TUITION ways created with the caveat that

we are need-blind in our admission
process and need-based in our fi-
nancial aid process,” Cooper said.
“For all students, both continu-
ing and current students, we’ve in-
creased the amount of student re-
sponsibility by $250,” Cooper said.
Continued from front page

that reflect poorly on it. The photo

ble,” Miller said.
So who really can photograph in
the Main Quad?
Technically, every person needs
Continued from front page
“We have a commitment to meet “By that, I mean the student’s ex- policy also seeks to protect the pri- permission, but security personnel
the demonstrated need of all the pectation to work during the sum- vacy of the students and faculty, do not prevent tourists and students
Students on financial aid will not students that enroll. Even though mer or during the academic year some of whom might be exploited with small personal cameras from
be impacted by these changes as we have a $122 million budget, if we has been increased by a total of by photographers. taking snapshots. Everyone else —
long as their financial situation has need more, we will spend more.” $250.” “The Main Quad is not a public including news agencies,commercial
not changed, said director of finan- Financial aid will remain unaf- Many students expressed apathy park,” Lapin said. photographers,students shooting for
cial aid Karen Cooper. fected partly because it is funded by toward the tuition increase. Controversy surrounding the academic purposes and people with
“Every year students reapply for the University endowment, not the “It sucks, but I’m assuming the policy does not chiefly revolve professional-grade equipment —
financial aid and we assess their eli- tuition.Tuition covers 57 percent of Board isn’t just gratuitously raising around the ban on commercial pho- must file requests.
gibility,”she said.“As long as circum- the University’s general funds tuition,” said Sharad Bharadwaj tography per se, but how “commer- Requests are sometimes granted.
stances haven’t changed in their budget, said Board of Trustees ‘14. “It’s to pay for professors, stu- ciality” is defined. But commercial requests will
family, then I estimate they will have Chair Leslie Hume. dents and good programs.” Keller acknowledged that Stan- nearly always be denied, with sever-
the same estimated family contribu- “This is a balanced tuition in- “I’m not that worried about it, ford, as a private institution, re- al notable exceptions. If a Stanford
tion as last year, and therefore will crease, it is going to enable the Uni- because the increase in financial aid serves the right to prohibit any kind alumnus, faculty member or student
have more eligibility for aid.” versity to achieve the recruitment will take care of the students who of photography. But he rejected the wants to get married, professional
In fact, the financial aid budget of faculty and salary increases that it’s going to affect the most,” said notion that his photos present a photographers may document the
will expand to $122 million to offset we would like to do, as well as grad- Greg Greiner ‘14. threat to Stanford’s image or its ac- wedding; weddings with non-Stan-
the jump in tuition and room and ual reinstatement of positions that Regardless of their approval or ademic mission. ford affiliated individuals are barred.
board fees. According to Cooper, when the recession hit were disapproval, students acknowledge “Enforcement is uneven,” Keller “That way, it makes it more
this will take place despite a “slight frozen,” Hume said in a previous that their opinion will not change said. “Stanford needs a clear, more meaningful for the brides and
decrease” in applications for finan- press briefing. what has happened. realistic way of determining what grooms that do have an affiliation,”
cial aid this year. This expansion in Only international students, “Honestly, there’s nothing I can commercial photography is. If I did- Lapin said.
financial assistance only represents whose financial aid is not need- do about it” said Eva Hellman ‘14. n’t have a tripod, I wouldn’t have
a one percent increase from the cur- based, and students with financial been noticed.” Contact Dana Edwards at
rent $118 million. responsibility will be affected by Contact Ellora Israni at ellora@stan- Keller also questioned how
“Our financial aid budget is al- the rise in costs. Stanford security guards could
identify whether a person was

shooting for commercial reasons.
On the one hand, someone with a
tripod and a high-end camera could

identify pain due menisci tears, According to the study, protein
there must be another responsible biomarkers can be utilized as diag- simply be shooting photos for his
own use.Someone with a point-and- Continued from front page
mechanism, he said. nostic tools, prognostic indicators
“Tapping the joint for biomark- and candidates for future drug ther- shoot camera could post his photos
Continued from front page on “a blog that generates money failed, with eight votes against and
ers is more likely to tell us of actual apies.
processes inside the joint rather In a clinical setting, this bio- from advertisements,” Keller said. five abstaining.It would have permit-
from natural degeneration and a than an imaging study which tells us marker could effectively differenti- “The bottom line is there is no ted the release of information about
full-fledged tear. anatomy,” Scuderi said. ate knees with pain-inducing shooting in the Quad or Memorial students who request specials fees
“Traumatic and degenerative in- This new biomarker assay acts as menisci tears that are responsive to Court without permission, no mat- refunds to student group leaders.
juries look the same on MRI,” a “truth serum” to identify the surgery from knees with only natu- ter what the purposes or who the The fourth component of the bill
Scuderi said. “In a 50-year-old, we source of the patient’s pain. The ral cartilage degradation. sponsor or who you are,” said passed with 12 in favor and one ab-
can’t tell the difference.” study took a sample of synovial This is especially beneficial to Megan Miller, communications stention.
However, correctly identifying a fluid in the knees of 30 patients with older patient populations. For this manager at the Stanford Institute Stephen Trusheim ‘13, ASSU
cartilage tear is only one obstacle. pain, mechanical symptoms and group, MRIs “are a waste of time for Creativity and the Arts (SICA). elections commissioner, said he does
Sometimes, patients sustain pain MRI findings consistent with because they always show degener- “It just isn’t allowed.” “worry about the implementation”
after corrective surgery because menisci tears. Synovial fluid was ation,” Scuderi said. A biomarker In an e-mail sent to the Stanford of the bill because it affects the up-
the tear is not actually the root of also aspirated from 10 asympto- test offers a cheaper and more spe- photography mailing list, Miller coming elections. Cruz responded
pain. matic patients — those with no cific identification of pathology. warned students against violating that the Appropriations Committee
“Sometimes you would think knee pain, despite imaging evi- The research team includes re- the photo policy. List members re- of the Senate is open to holding more
you did a great job but the patient dence of menisci tears. searchers at New York University, sponded with concerns about the budget meetings to help student
still had pain,” Scuderi said. “Why The study found comparatively the University of Pittsburgh, policy’s legitimacy, one joking that groups adapt to the changes.
did this person not get better when high levels of fibronectin-aggrecan Jupiter Medical Center in Florida he would file a request to take a pic-
another person did?” complex in those patients with pain and Cytonics, Inc. It hopes to image ture with his iPhone. Contact Margaret Rawson at
According to Scuderi, MRI in contrast to asymptomatic pa- the molecule noninvasively as op- “After a debriefing with some
scans of people with no previously tients. As a result, fibronectin-ag- posed to aspirating it for assay.
known knee problems sometimes grecan complex was deemed a bio-
reveal incidental meniscus tears. marker for knee pain related to Contact Erin Inman at einman
Since an imaging study cannot menisci tears.
The Stanford Daily Thursday, February 17, 2011 ! 3

A Suite all-nighter By CAROLINE CASELLI

ll necessary preparations have been made:the post-dinner nap taken,
the over sized mug full of strong black coffee consumed and the aptly
named “Jet-Alert” caffeine pills and 5-Hour Energy drink placed
ominously on the desk in front of me.With a Spanish presentation to
draft,rehearse and memorize by tomorrow afternoon,an already-late
problem set to conclude and a three to five-page paper ( . . . 2.75 with some creative
spacing) to conquer,I plan to accomplish what I’ve amazingly managed to avoid thus
far in my junior year — the all-nighter.
Having successfully procrastinated away the evening, I glance down at my tortoise
shell watch,knowing that this workathon must commence in the near future.The hands
point perfectly to midnight, and for a brief second I snicker to myself about how cliche
that seems.Then, the unmistakable feeling of dread sinks in.
“I should have started this earlier,” I think to myself, imagining all of my more or-
ganized,better-time managing classmates finishing up their assignments and settling down
to some television on Netflix right about now.“This is going to suck.”
Full backpack slung over my shoulder, I walk into the common room of my suite to
find my three living companions joyously sharing a freshly popped bag of buttery popcorn
and circulating a bottle of Yellow Tail chardonnay.Several handfuls and a depressing zero
sips later, however, it is off to the Suites computer cluster for me — the CD-Rom on my
Mac is making some very unfriendly noise and refusing the software disc required for my
p-set.An inauspicious start.
I trudge through the brisk air toward the cluster, and Governor’s Corner is (if pos-
sible) even quieter than usual,aside from a brief yelp coming from an unlit game of pick-
up basketball on the FroSoCo court. Lights are still on in most students’ rooms as they
work quietly at their desks,and I enviously detect a hint of weed smoke as I walk by one
of the four Suites residences.
When I arrive at the computer cluster,it is just me and the girl in the yellow peacoat.
She looks up at me with an expression of quasi-irritation as I come into the room, prob-
ably annoyed that she now has to silence her music. It’s 12:22 a.m., and I can’t even fig-
ure out how to load the software on one of the cluster computers, nonetheless start the
assignment. Expletives about the uselessness of computer clusters, RCCs and Mac CD-
Roms are filling my head as grumpiness and semi-heavy eyelids already begin to set in.
After some 10 minutes of dumbly staring at the screen, I finally realize that
the software is already installed on these computers. Hallelujah! I make a mental
note to take back my premature RCC cursing.
The glee is short lived.I am trying to follow along with the notes that my TA
sent me, but all of these software commands make me feel like I’m reading
a foreign language.When my boyfriend calls me at 1:06 a.m., I still haven’t
figured out how to open the data set that I need to analyze.Yikes. But alas
ANASTASIA YEE/ — now at 1:27 in the morning — the data is open! I can now start the prob-
The Stanford Daily lem set.
The next hour passes pretty uneventfully, and I guess I’ve gotten fair-
ly absorbed in STATA, the statistical analysis software that I’ve come to
realize is kind of cool in a super nerdy way.Yellow peacoat girl stands up
to leave,and out of nowhere “All by myselffff”starts playing in my head (a
Google search tells me that this is Celine Dion’s voice that I have random-
ly drawn out of my subconscious memory).
No longer feeling the judgmental stares of my counterpart in the computer
cluster, I quickly check my Facebook and Twitter, and have a moment of soli-
darity with Tennessee Titan Chris Johnson who so eloquently tweets,“Ima try n
stay up all night.” I contemplate commenting on a comment on Facebook, but snap

Please see NIGHT, page 5

4 ! Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Stanford Daily

S EEING G REEN The Stanford Daily
Established 1892 AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER Incorporated 1973

The Climate (Dis) Board of Directors

Zach Zimmerman
Managing Editors

Kate Abbott Kristian Bailey

Tonight’s Desk Editors
Cassandra Feliciano
News Editor

President and Editor in Chief Deputy Editor Columns Editor
Mary Liz McCurdy An Le Nguyen Stephanie Weber Jack Blanchat
Chief Operating Officer Managing Editor of News Head Copy Editor Sports Editor
Claire Slattery Nate Adams Stephanie Sara Chong
Anastasia Yee

Vice President of Advertising Managing Editor of Sports Features Editor
ew people embody scientific Head Graphics Editor
glamour more than my friend Theodore L. Glasser Kathleen Chaykowski Jin Zhu
Managing Editor of Features Alex Atallah
Jeff, who dropped in two weeks Michael Londgren Photo Editor
Web Editor
ago on his way home from a two- Lauren Wilson Amanda Ach
month research mission in Antarcti- Holly Robert Michitarian Managing Editor of Intermission Wyndam Makowsky Copy Editor
ca. Aboard Swedish and American
ships, Jeff towed an underwater cam-
Moeller Jane LePham Zack Hoberg Staff Development
Shelley Gao Managing Editor of Photography Business Staff
era recording footage of the Southern
Ocean sea floor. So, in addition to de Rich Jaroslovsky Begüm Erdogan
rigueur snapshots of Adelie penguins vasion. Second, climate change can Sales Manager
and towering icebergs, Jeff has a col- shrink habitat. That’s the hypothesis
Contacting The Daily: Section editors can be reached at (650) 721-5815 from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. The Advertising Department can be
lection of king crab portraits. behind worries over polar bears, reached at (650) 721-5803, and the Classified Advertising Department can be reached at (650) 721-5801 during normal business hours.
The problem is that the crabs which hunt on dwindling ice pack, Send letters to the editor to, op-eds to and photos or videos to multimedia@stanford
aren’t supposed to be there. and emperor penguins, whose mor- Op-eds are capped at 700 words and letters are capped at 500 words.
The hefty claws of the king crab tality spikes during low-ice years.
are more familiar to your dinner plate Third, climate change can alter an or-
than they are to animals on the ganism’s phenology — the timing of
Antarctic sea floor, which have its life history events, like mating or
evolved thinner shells and exposed flowering — by shifting environmen-
juicy body parts over 40 million years tal cues relative to the calendar year.
in the absence of crabs.Now,warming Such changes decouple delicate
ocean temperatures (increased by ecological balances fine-tuned over
nearly two degrees Fahrenheit in re- millennia. Spring arrives earlier and
cent years) have allowed crab popu- autumn later. Birds, whose migra-
lations to creep pole-ward into waters tions are often timed to capture a rich
once too cold for their metabolisms, spring insect boom, are among the
nearing shelf waters where they can hardest hit: a recent study of 100 Eu-
decimate the local community. ropean migrant birds found that birds
Most of us are more familiar with that weren’t heading north sooner
invasive species introduced directly had declining populations. But some
by humans, like cane toads, zebra species,able to jump-start their clocks
mussels or, here in California, the with the shifting season, were doing
mighty eucalyptus. Indeed, the most better than ever.
worrisome predictor of the Southern Closer to home in North America,
Ocean’s future comes from Norway, vast tracts of dying trees herald the
where scientists introduced the red climatic release of native insect pests.
king crab (hoping to produce a fish- The spruce beetle can now complete
ery rivaling Alaska’s “deadliest its life cycle in one year instead of two,
catch”).Today,the crabs expand their so its population boom is decimating
range by 50 km per year — the dis- Alaskan forestry stands. The moun-
tance between Stanford and San tain pine beetle,which has devastated
Francisco — clear-cutting the seabed 25 million hectares of trees in Canada
as they advance. and the U.S. Rocky Mountains in the
But today, climate change — last decade, is also enjoying warmer,
whether you ascribe to its anthro- drier conditions which weaken the
pogenic drivers or not (hint: you defenses of the trees it drills.
should) — is boosting temperatures Of course, the relationships be-
and shifting rainfall patterns, produc- tween these shifts and climate change
ing dramatic changes in “natural” are not always clean.Yes,in the lab we
communities as plants and animals can show that many organisms grow
adjust ranges and behaviors to com- faster under higher temperatures.
Biological responses come in sev-
And the changes we’re witnessing are
generally consistent with the predic-
eral forms. First, as Jeff and the tions we’d make based on climate fac-

Ciao Italia!
Antarctic crab team observed,warm-
ing temperatures can drive species in- Please see MOELLER, page 5

T HIS C OLUMN I S I RONIC erhaps it was last weekend’s ing, and played along with their Johnny
memorable Casa party, or just
nostalgia of my freshman year,
game. Later, I flawlessly ordered ein
bier. Knowing fully well the need to

Indie Music Is on
but this week I’m sharing my first rehydrate in the dry cabin air condi-
foray into spontaneous international tions, I ordered wasser. There is a
travel. My upperclass partner-in- choice of waters? Remember Ger- drivers, attempted phoning my

(Arcade) Fire
crime had gone abroad to Florence, man conversation class, Johnny! friend to no avail, and yet, soon with
and one day while in my sad and de- Ahh of course — mineralwasser crisp Euros in hand and a less crisp
ranged state mourning her loss, I bitte! Huge mistake. Sparkling water Google printout map, I met my
serendipitously came across a very friend for a glass of Chianti on the
cheap flight to Florence. My room- Duomo steps. What I was thinking

ext from a good friend of mate certainly thought I was crazy, not bringing a jacket to Europe in
mine on Monday afternoon: but his approving “go for it, Johnny” February, I may never know, but
“So did you wet yourself was all I needed. Logically, I booked after a few days and the acquisition
when Arcade Fire won last night?”
My response:“The Grammys are Shane the flight right in the middle of the
quarter — Valentine’s Day week-
of a quintessentially Italian puff
jacket with fur collar, I “walked and
so mainstream, dude.” Savitsky end. Soon enough my phone was talked” like a “local.”*
As you may know, Arcade Fire’s “lost,” I came down with a “really *(Just my perception,not actually
“The Suburbs” won the Grammy bad cold” and I winged my way true).
Award for Album of the Year on across the Atlantic for some wine, Florence is small,so in a couple of
Sunday night. The win was a mas- music, I tend to listen to artists who
are lesser known by definition. Yet gnocchi and gelato. days you can hit up all the must sees
sive coup for the independent music I’ll never forget that memorable — sweeping views from the top the
scene, especially since the nomina- this Arcade Fire thing continues to
confound me. They sold out two flight to Munich on a Lufthansa Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the Medici
tion alone was considered some- A346. I had pulled an all-nighter palace, Galileo’s house, kiss your
thing of a surprise. You could tell it consecutive nights at Madison
Square Garden last summer — one right before in order to finish up sweetheart in the Boboli Garden.
was a big deal when my Twitter feed some assignments, or maybe I was Leave a bit of staring time at the Uf-
absolutely exploded in the space of of which was simulcast on Youtube!
They’re kind of a big deal, but be- “getting on Europe time,” of course fizi’s Botticellis, not to mention the
about four and a half minutes. Even warranting an extra bout of “social- required appreciation of the mascu-
Kanye got in on the action, saying, cause their music isn’t played on
Top 40 radio stations, they remain izing.” If you show up exhausted to a Courtesy of Claire Menke line beauty of Michelangelo’s David
“Arcade fire!!!!!!!!!! There is long-haul flight, you’ll be more like- at the Galleria dell’Accademia.Note
hope!!! I feel like we all won when unknown to a huge portion of the
general public. ly to sleep, right? Just be sure to stay — not the most rehydrating. Not los- that the Academia, as well as many
something like this happens!” awake for the meal service! ing face, I pretended as if sparkling other museums, is closed on Mon-
It goes without saying that I’ve Arcade Fire isn’t the only indie
artist making big news these days I was a bit taken aback when I water were exactly what I had want- days.A free and always open gallery
been a huge Arcade Fire fan for the was greeted in German upon em- ed, all the while growing ever thirsti- of Renaissance sculptures is the Log-
past half-decade. Their three al- either. Another of my favorite
bands, LCD Soundsystem, an- barking the aircraft. Was my Ger- er.Let’s just say that after 11 hours of gia dei Lanzi in the Piazza della Sig-
bums stand among my all-time fa- man heritage fooling this flight this behavior the descent and re- noria. Be sure to check out my fa-
vorites. I finally saw them live in Big nounced that they would play their
farewell show at Madison Square crew? Or perhaps it was the flair of pressurization was less than pleas- vorite work — Rape of the Sabine
Sur in October at a 300 capacity my European style. Regardless, I ant. Stupid freshman Johnny. Woman — from a variety of angles.
show. It changed my life. They’re Garden in early April. Considering
I’ll be home for a long pre-Oxford nodded, pretending to know exactly Upon arrival in Florence it was
that good, so the shocked reaction what the flight attendants were say- night, I overcame my fear of taxi Please see BARTZ, page 5
from the general public kind of took spring break at that point, I figured
me by surprise. Were they that I would try to get tickets. No dice.
Somehow they managed to sell out
much of a long shot? Furthermore,
did anyone even look at their com- the Garden in the space of roughly O P-E D
petition for Album of the Year? To 10 seconds. Once again, my Twitter

It’s all fun and games . . .

refresh your memory: Lady Gaga, feed was blown up. Theories
Eminem, Lady Antebellum, and abound that ticket brokers some-
Katy Perry.Just for reference,here’s how rigged the Ticketmaster sale.
Whatever the case may be, I didn’t

until you call it a Fiesta

a bit of the chorus from Katy Perry’s
“Peacock”: “Come on, baby, let me get any tickets.Truly heartbreaking,
see what you’re hiding underneath / I know.
I wanna see your peacock, cock, I don’t mean any of this as some
cock / Your peacock, cock.” I’m re- sort of snobbish hipster critique on

ally not making that up. According mainstream recognition for my fa- opened my email Tuesday and tion like any other.But it’s really not. Sixth Man Club.Events like this lead
to the Grammy Awards, that song vorite bands. I’m not going to stop read “Fiesta at Men’s Basket- Hosting parties and events centered to problems like last year’s “Comp-
was part of one of the five best al- listening to Arcade Fire because ball.” My gut instinct told me to around ethnic and racial traditions ton Cookout” in UCSD where stu-
bums of the year. When you throw they won a Grammy. (I don’t think I ignore the email, or delete it, but I can easily turn into disrespectful dents dressed up in chains and ate
in the fact that a documentary can really talk, considering the Ar- gave it the benefit of the doubt, and gatherings. What happens when chicken and watermelon to cele-
about Justin Bieber grossed over cade Fire poster on my dorm wall is opened it anyway.Was I surprised by someone shows up to the event in a brate Black History Month. Similar-
$30 million at the box office this hanging next to a Taylor Swift one.) what I saw? Not really, but I was def- poncho? A fake Pancho Villa mous- ly, a lesser-known incident occurred
weekend, my only response is: Instead, what I’m trying to say is initely disappointed. Of course the tache? Singing la cucaracha? Flash- at a “Taco and Tequila Party” at the
“America, you scare me some- that the rise of the Internet has Sixth Man Club would be hosting a ing a green card? Or doing that stu- University of Illinois, where students
times.” started to blur the line between taco bar, and they would be handing pid sound people make when they arrived at the party dressed up as
I know that my feelings about “hip” and “mainstream” — and it’s out free sombreros before the bas- try to imitate Speedy Gonzalez? pregnant girls and illegal aliens. This
music don’t really correlate with all for the better. Hopefully the ini- ketball game — what else could “fi- The line between offensive and type of event is an open invitation
those of the general public. (My ob- tial confusion and backlash by the esta” mean? just-for-fun is blurry and I expect for students to celebrate negative
session with Ke$ha remains a no- It may seem inconsequential. more thoughtfulness from the Stan-
table exception.) As a fan of indie Please see SAVITSKY, page 5 After all, it is just a themed celebra- ford Athletics Department and the Please see OPED, page 5
The Stanford Daily Thursday, February 17, 2011 ! 5

port system will we succeed in sav-
On Jeff’s last day in California, we
Continued from page 4 drive north to Muir Woods, trailing
carbon dioxide emissions behind us,
to the place where the redwoods
tors. But, as any scientist will tell you, stand hundreds of feet tall and hun-
in the real world biology is messy. dreds of years old.Here,in this cathe-
As with Europe’s birds, different dral of light and shadow, the world
species can adapt — and shift ranges stands still for just a moment. I try to
— at different rates. Some will bene- forget that fog feeds these forests
fit from the new conditions — at during the dry months (providing 40
least for now. Others will be left be- percent of the trees’ annual water
hind, or not be affected at all. All, of supply) and that fog frequency is
course, still face a multitude of other down 30 percent in the last half-cen-
threats: habitat loss, overfishing, pol- tury (most likely due to climate
lution, ocean acidification, and so change). Because these forests are
forth. part of my life support system, and I
How do these issues compare to cannot imagine a world without
climate change? In combination, them.
they are certainly wreaking havoc on
the world as we know it. In my mind, Holly welcomes reader feedback —
the more pressing worry is this: How especially from fellow redwood com-
fast can humanity adapt, and what muners — via email at hollyvm@stan-
critical parts of our earthly life sup-

as Arcade Fire deserves the top
prize at the Grammy Awards. Just
because an artist gains mass recog-
Continued from page 4 nition doesn’t diminish the quality
of their craft.
Of course, if Arcade Fire decides
general public regarding Arcade to name their next album “Pea-
Fire’s win can translate into a larger cock,” then I might have to recon-
appreciation for their music. Some sider.
people can start to realize that
there is a world of incredible music Are you an upset Lady Gaga or An-
beyond the Top 40. When it comes tebellum fan? Are you mad Arcade
down to it, LCD Soundsystem Fire showed up Eminem or Katy our
should sell out Madison Square lady (yeah!)? Tell Shane so at savit-
Garden whenever they please, just

more than 5. Also, as I’ve learned,
don’t jump into other people’s “pea-
cock displays.”Yes,I was wearing my
Continued from page 4 lime green one-piece ski suit with a
Brazilian flag cape. No, the sparkly
purple-feathered person did not
You can easily and cheaply subsist particularly appreciate my jumping
on gelato and panini. in front, diverting the tourist atten-
Head up to Venice, just a few tion unto myself. I can only imagine
hours by train, and lose yourself in the look of disgust below that white
the fairytale land amongst candy porcelain mask.
cane striped poles, bridges, and Power trips may be short,but they
canals. Water taxis are great, but be are exciting, if you are up to the chal-
sure you know exactly which one lenge. I’m still happy with my deci-
you’re supposed to get on! The sion to go to Italy as a birthday pres-
Modern Art museum is awesome. ent instead of throwing an insane
Browse Venetian glass shops, but re- birthday party for myself.Yes,consid-
member it’s tacky to take too many ering my naïveté,my trip should have
pictures. If you go during carnevale, been a disaster, but working against
be prepared to don a mask, ball the odds, I learned some travel les-
gown or cape, and revel in the carni- sons that hopefully you won’t have
valesque celebration. Remember: to. In the end I ended up dancing in a
no white socks, tennis shoes or club alongside Coolio, which I con-
shorts. The dress code is always sider an epic win.
trendy chic.Scarves in the winter are
a must.If it’s sunny,you should prob- Johnny wants to know your favorite
ably invest in a pair of brightly col- gelato flavor. Email him at jbartz@
ored sunglasses, but try not to pay

I expect that they did. How can the
same office that finds a party named
Hot Prowl offensive not think the
Continued from page 4 same about a taco and sombrero
pregame called a Fiesta? Next time,
I suggest sticking to less controver-
stereotypes and showcase their ig- sial themes.
norance about other peoples’ tradi- I know tacos are delicious and
tions and cultures. easy to serve to large crowds, but
I don’t know what the Sixth Man using my culture to celebrate some-
Club was thinking when they decid- thing completely outside of its tradi-
ed that hosting a “fiesta” would be a tions is insensitive. Why can’t you
good marketing strategy to bring serve tacos and call it a pregame? Is
out basketball fans.Even more trou- it necessary to include sombreros, a
bling is the fact that someone from traditional garb of my people, and
Stanford University’s Athletic De- call the event a Fiesta? The theme is
partment had to approve of the completely unnecessary and cheap-
party in order for it to be sent out in ens the culture of many Spanish-
their official student newsletter. I speaking countries.
don’t know if the Sixth Man Club And don’t even get me started on
also got an approval from the Stu- Cinco de Mayo . . .
dent Activities and Leadership
(SAL) office for this event, but as DIANA MARQUEZ
they are a registered student group, DE LA TORRE ‘11

Come 4:16, my only friend still
available on Gchat is a high school
classmate who goes to Cambridge. I
Continued from page 3 briefly wonder what time it is there,
but instantly abandon this effort at
mental mathematics. I close my eyes
myself back into work mode. None for 30 seconds, wanting to accept de-
too soon, either, because Yellow Pea- feat, but consciously begin engaging
coat is back with a cup of what appears myself in an inner dialogue.
to be Coke from the nearby eating “If I go to sleep now, it’s over,” I
club in hand. tell the sleep-deprived me. “Must.
My attempts at feigning produc- Fight.Through.”
tivity don’t last too long this time After a slow 40 minutes of writing,
around, though, and my worn out intermixed with a few Internet pit
eyes are fading fast. After she leaves stops (Facebook,,
for good this time circa 3 a.m., I real-, some more
ize that I am simply clicking around Facebook),I’m feeling pretty useless,
my bazillion (okay,26) open tabs and but then I remember the bottle of 5-
getting absolutely nothing done. I Hour Energy sitting on my desk. I’ve
start thinking about how isolated and never tried the stuff, but my suitem-
creepy the Suites computer cluster is ates swear by it, and it’s only four
(I mean, anyone could just wander in calories.
from Alpine Road, and who would At 5:11, I’m still feeling tired after
even hear me screaming when they downing half of it, though, so I swal-
attacked?) and I take this realization, low the rest,awaiting the instant pick-
combined with Google docs’ server me-up. Nothing comes. I desperately
suddenly becoming available, as a swallow a highlighter yellow caffeine
sign to return to my suite. pill,but decide to bring my work with
Back at my suite at 3:29 a.m., the me into my bed, just for comfort’s
pile of Valentine’s Day chocolate pre- sake.Plus,there’s no physically possi-
viously in the common room has ble way that I can fall asleep with
been completely pillaged and one of these stimulant levels in my body . . .
my suitemates, also pulling an all- Next thing I know, I groggily rub
nighter,says that she is going to “take my eyes, with my still open and now-
a nap”(read:never wake up).Feeling dead laptop and assorted papers
extra tired and unpleasant myself, I spread out around me. Seeing the
set my iPhone alarm for 4:12 a.m. — gray sky of morning through my win-
just in case I should nod off — and dow, I frantically look at the clock on
continue plowing through my work my wall,wondering how long I dozed
at a snail’s pace. I’ve done what I can off for.
with this problem set and can proba- It’s 10:36 a.m. Good morning,
bly wing the presentation,but I’m yet sunshine.
to even think about the paper (which
also requires some degree of re- Contact Caroline Caselli at caro-
6 ! Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Stanford Daily



Stanford heads to Houston to start 2011 race for Omaha UP NEXT RICE (0-0)
2/18 Houston, Tex. 2:30 P.M. PST
By JOSEPH BEYDA hard to tell which teams are going to be
DAILY SPORTS INTERN good,” said senior catcher Zach Jones. “The COVERAGE:
worst season that we’ve had since I’ve been RADIO KZSU 90.1 FM (
With a full starting rotation returning and here, we were ranked in the top 10 [before
an elite recruiting class coming to the Farm the season], and ended up not even making GAME NOTES: Stanford opens up the baseball season
the playoffs.” against the No. 18 Rice Owls, who will bring out An-
for a second straight year, Stanford baseball
This year’s optimistic ranking is in part thony Rendon - the reigning NCAA player of the year
will begin its season with high hopes in a
due to Stanford’s incoming freshman class, - to face the Cardinal’s deep pitching staff and stellar
three-game series at Rice this Friday
which Baseball America considers best in recruiting class.
through Sunday.
After finishing fourth in a strong Pac-10 the country. Among the highly touted new-
Conference in 2010, the squad will try to im- comers are outfielder Austin Wilson, utility
prove on last season’s 31-25 record. man Brian Ragira, pitcher A.J. Vanegas and joining the team,Jones doesn’t expect chem-
Though Stanford finished out of the final infielder Danny Diekroeger, whose older istry to be an issue.
rankings after dropping its first two games in brother, sophomore Kenny Diekroeger, led “We mesh really well together,” he said.
last year’s NCAA Regionals at Cal State the Cardinal in batting average (.336) and “The nice thing about Stanford is that every-
Fullerton, the Cardinal begins the season RBIs (41) last year. one lives on campus, so we see a lot of each
ranked No. 16 nationally in the USA Today At Bay Area Media Day on Feb. 3, head other on the field and off the field. We’ve
Coaches Poll. coach Mark Marquess indicated that Ragira gotten pretty close over these past five or six SIMON WARBY/The Stanford Daily
The team is not quick to buy into the high and Wilson will have opportunities to play in months that we’ve been together.” Stanford’s 2011 schedule features eight of
preseason marks, however. starting roles early on. The incoming freshmen will help fill a Baseball America’s top 25 teams, including
“I think that this early in the season, it’s Despite the new group of impact players strong lineup that consists almost entirely of
returning sophomores, a group Baseball four top 25 teams in the Pac-10. The Cardi
America ranked as the second-best recruit- open at home against Cal on Tuesday.
ing class before last season.
Because of the Cardinal’s skilled same team.”
younger players, Jones will likely be Stan- In the preseason coaches’ poll, Stanford
ford’s only upperclassman position player was picked second behind UCLA in the
on the field. Pac-10, which featured eight different teams
“I’ve had to take more of a leadership in the postseason last year.
role this year and lead by example,” Jones “We were all deserving — we were all
said. “A lot of the guys coming in didn’t ranked number-one or number-two seeds
know the system, and how we play, and what for the most part,” Marquess told the media.
the coaches expect of us.” “We had two teams in the College World Se-
The Cardinal pitching staff is also fairly ries: UCLA and Arizona State. It was as
young.Alex Pratcher, who led Stanford with strong as the league has ever been, and to be
six wins in 25 relief appearances in 2010, honest with you,it’s probably as strong,if not
joins reliever Danny Sandbrink as one of stronger, this year.”
only two seniors. Stanford’s starting rotation Stanford won’t start playing Pac-10
does boast two juniors, Brett Mooneyham games regularly until the beginning of
and Jordan Pries, who pitched exclusively as April, but the Cardinal will face arch-rival
starters last season. Cal in the home opener next Tuesday at
Marquess expects experience to be key, 5:30 p.m.
as pitching is bound to be a large factor in the The Cardinal went 3-1 against Cal last
tightly packed Pac-10. season, sweeping the Golden Bears in a
“There’s one strong favorite, and that’s three-game series at Sunken Diamond in
UCLA, and that’s basically because of their April.But this year’s Cal team — likely in its
Friday and Saturday pitchers,” Marquess final season after budgetary issues have
said at Media Day. “[Juniors] Gerrit Cole forced the athletic department to cut base-
and Trevor Bauer are as good as they get. ball as a varsity sport — is determined to
SIMON WARBY/The Stanford Daily Nobody’s going to match them on Friday make the most of its opportunities in 2011.
Sophomore Eric Smith (above) warms up on the infield. The Cardinal are stocked with and Saturday. They’re the two best college
talented underclassmen, including the nation’s top recruiting class for 2011. pitchers in the country and they’re on the Please see BASEBALL, page 7


I have a dream ...that all
CHALLENGE fans are created equal
No. 2 Florida
No. 3 Baylor
No. 4 North Carolina

No. 5 California
hy do you like one
No. 6 Duke
team more than
By CHRISSY JONES McVeigh describes as a “typically ag-
gressive team dependent on deep,
No. 7 UCLA any other? Jacob
With a still-perfect record and
good momentum coming off a 7-0
powerfully hit balls.”
McVeigh describes her personal
No. 9
No. 11
It’s a simple question for any
victory over Southern Methodist style as more of a counterpunch No. 12 Clemson Fields of Failure
level of sports fan,yet the number of
University, the Stanford women’s strategy anyway.
No. 13 Georgia Tech reasonable responses is staggering.
tennis team heads to Charlottesville, “I tend to play relatively far be-
No. 18 Washington Everyone has a favorite team, and years of my life in Southern Califor-
Va. this weekend to compete in the hind the baseline and counterpunch
most sports fans have several fa- nia. The first baseball games I ever
2011 ITA National Women’s Team more, with higher elevation on my No. 20 Northwestern vorites across multiple sports.Clear- went to were Angels games,and I’ve
Indoor Championships. No. 23 Virginia rooted for them for as long as I can
ly it’s something we all do.
The Cardinal (5-0, 0-0 Pac-10) Please see WTENNIS, page 7 remember — since the days of
So, why?
looks to capture victories over other Chuck Finley, Gary DiSarcina, Jim
The most common response is
top-ranked programs that it typically Edmonds,blue uniforms and every-
something like “I grew up there.”
does not face during the regular sea- one recognizing that Anaheim is not
Obviously, this makes a lot of sense:
son. Los Angeles. I have never wavered
if you grow up in Boston,you’re a lot
Currently ranked at No. 1, the on this, and I cannot imagine ever
more likely to root for the Red Sox
Cardinal will play as the top seed in switching allegiances, no matter
than the Royals. Advertisements
this weekend’s indoor champi- how many Bay Area fans stop talk-
are all around you, the stadium is
onship, where it will be joined by a ing to me when I mention 2002.
nearby, the games are televised.
slew of nationally ranked foes, with
Why not root for them?
14 of the top 25 teams coming to Vir-
I can certainly relate to this phe-
nomenon, having spent the first 18 Please see JAFFE, page 8
Senior Hilary Barte was excited
about the strong competition.
“The fact that the schools we play,
such as Florida, UNC and Duke, all
have extremely high caliber teams is
very exciting, and at the same time
Card look to
challenging,”Barte said.“It’s basical-
ly going to be similar to the NCAA
tournament. I think it will improve
our team to get this practice earlier in

cool off Bruins

the season.”
The tournament will begin with
16 top-tier teams and will be con-
ducted in a typical dual match for-
mat, with a group of three doubles
matches counting for one point, and By NIC REINER-PARRA 2/12 vs. WASHINGTON
six singles matches counting for one
point each. The Stanford men’s basketball L 87-76
But there is one major factor dif- team returns home to face UCLA
ferentiating this tournament from
the Cardinal’s usual matches.
Thursday night, fresh off last week’s
trip to the Pacific Northwest, where UP NEXT UCLA
“We have been practicing indoors the Cardinal earned a victory over (18-7, 9-3 Pac-10)
the last couple of days, both because Washington State but suffered a loss
of the dreary weather and because to Washington.
2/17 Maples Pavilion
the tournament is, of course, in- The Cardinal (13-11, 6-7 Pac-10) 7:30 P.M.
doors,” McVeigh said.“The ball trav- will attempt to avenge last month’s COVERAGE:
els faster without wind and outside 68-57 loss to the Bruins (18-7, 9-3 TV Fox Sports Net
conditions, so we’ve been hitting in- Pac-10) and begins the Pac-10 home
side to get most closely acquainted stretch looking for its fifth home RADIO KZSU 90.1 FM
with the different conditions.” conference victory. (
“We have been focusing on both The Cardinal squares off against
doubles as well as real point situa- a hot UCLA team tonight that has GAME NOTES: Stanford will attempt to
tions in preparation,” Barte added. won five straight and nine of its last avenge a 68-57 loss to the Bruins in
“As always, we are looking to im- 10. January on Thursday night at Maples
SIMON WARBY/The Stanford Daily Pavilion. The Bruins have won nine of
prove individually and as a team The Bruins have powered to sec-
week-in and week-out.” Senior Carolyn McVeigh (above) will lead the No.1 Cardinal into sweet 16 ond place in the Pac-10 thanks to a their last ten games and are in second
However, the fast-paced condi- of ITA National Women’s Team Indoor Championships against the place in the Pac-10, just one game
tions might help the Cardinal, which Please see MBBALL, page 7 behind Arizona.
Arkansas Razorbacks on Friday night. Should Stanford advance, they will
face a field that boasts 14 of the top 25 teams in the country.
The Stanford Daily Thursday, February 17, 2011 ! 7

who, last year, always guarded
“You find more Landry Fields,” Dawkins contin-
ued. “He’s learned to free himself
better and create better offense for
Continued from page 6
about yourself himself.”
Another indication of a strong
league-leading defense that has al-
lowed just 0.97 points per posses- through finish by the Cardinal has been the
maturity and leadership of junior
sion. In conference play, UCLA has guard Jarrett Mann.
held opponents to 44 percent
shooting overall and 32 percent
adversity.” Dawkins noted several signs of
Mann’s progression over the course
from the three-point range, both of the season.
good enough for second place in —JOHNNY DAWKINS “Mann has gotten better all sea-
the Pac-10. son,” he said. “He’s probably the
In the first matchup on Jan. 22, eraged 11.6 points per game and most selfless player on the team
the Cardinal stormed to a 22-8 lead shot just 32 percent from the field, from a standpoint of what he’s
with a little over 10 minutes remain- Green has bounced back in Febru- called upon to do. He started off
ing in the first half. However, they ary, shooting 53 percent from field- [last year] as a wing player and con-
were unable to maintain that mar- goal range and scoring more than verted to a point guard, and then
gin, going 2-for-18 from the field for 20 points in four straight games. this year played off the ball — and
the rest of the half as UCLA came Stanford Coach Johnny now he’s back on the ball. Yet, the
back to trail by one at halftime. Dawkins attributes Green’s resur- young man has never wavered. He
UCLA then went 25-for-33 from gence primarily to better prepara- asks ‘what can I do to help the
the free-throw line in the second tion. team?’”
half and the Cardinal was “I credit it to his work ethic, to The Cardinal also looks to win
outscored, 42-30, in the second peri- his dedication to the game. He did a the turnover battle, as UCLA
od. lot of studying the game and learn- coughs the ball up on a conference-
UCLA’s well-balanced offense ing more about himself as a player,” worst 23.2 percent of possessions in
has five players who average 10 or Dawkins said.“Sometimes you find Pac-10 play. Conversely, the Bruins
more points per game. In last more about yourself through adver- struggle to force turnovers, only
month’s matchup, Malcolm Lee sity than at any other time. He’s be- doing so 16.8 percent of the time,
scored 23, Tyler Honeycutt had 16 coming a better all-around player the conference’s second-worst per-
and Lazeric Jones went for 17. because of what he experienced.” centage.
The Cardinal will look to the im- Dawkins noted how he’s had to Tipoff is set for 7:30 p.m. tonight Stanford Daily File Photo
proved play of junior guard Jeremy face unique on-court challenges in at Maples Pavilion.
Green to help them knock off the this Pac-10 season. Junior Jeremy Green has been an offensive juggernaut for the Cardinal in
Bruins this weekend. “He’s now being guarded by Contact Nic Reiner-Parra at nreiner February after a poor month of January. The Texas native has scored 20 or
After a January in which he av- other teams’ best defenders — more points in four consecutive conference games.


ers haven’t specifically discussed
Rendon, McArdle explains that the
key will be facing him with the same
Continued from page 6 attitude as with other hitters. Continued from page 6
“I think if you really change your
mindset, that’s when you’re going to
“They’re going to have a lot of get hurt,” he said. “You’ve got to at- balls,” she said. “In these upcoming
motivation to play this year, for tack him like any other hitter,and be matches,I will try to stay on the base-
TUTORING good reasons,” said sophomore careful — but not overly careful.” line more often and hit the ball earli-
G E T NOTICED BY Chem Phys Math Stats pitcher Dean McArdle,who is slated Though Rendon is coming off an er to take advantage of the speed of
“I make it easy!” to start on Sundays for the Cardinal. ankle injury in the offseason and the the court.”
THOUSANDS. Jim(307)6993392 “I think we all feel here that it’s ter- Owls lost eight-win starter Jared Stanford’s first match will be
rible what happened to their pro- Rogers to the draft, Rice brings in played on Feb. 18 at the Boar’s Head
(650) 721-5803 WANTED gram. But we have a lot of motiva- Baseball America’s ninth-ranked Sports Club. If the team can acquire
www.stanforddaily. MARKETING INTERN wanted! tion to succeed as well.” recruiting class. a victory over the Arkansas Razor-
com/classifieds Sparkly, outgoing, responsible, self- This weekend’s opening series In last year’s season opener, backs, it will move onto the quarter-
motivated student to work 15-20 hours at No. 17 Rice is also going to be a Stanford swept the then-No. 5 Owls finals on Saturday against the winner
per week coordinating events/activities challenge. The defending Confer- at Sunken Diamond, winning all of No. 8 Michigan and Georgia Tech.
to drive business into three busy cam- ence USA champions are led by three games by a combined score of The Cardinal departs on
pus restaurants. Schedule is flexible, junior Anthony Rendon, who won 27-15. Wednesday in order to arrive in
must be available some last year’s Howser Trophy — the After the rivalry matchup against Charlottesville with enough prepa-
YOGA evening/weekend time. Perfect for a Heisman of college baseball — and Cal, Stanford will travel to Vander- ration time before the tournament.
business or communications student. was first in the conference in bilt for a three-game series, face A cross-country trip prior to numer-
$14/hr. Call 650/804-4834, email
Nationally recognized Yoga homers (26), runs (83) and RBIs Santa Clara once at Sunken Dia- ous important matches could prove
Teaching Training Center walking (85). mond, and then play another week- daunting for the team, but McVeigh
distance from Stanford, led by Even though the Stanford pitch- end trio of games at Texas. says that the Card has already taken
Stanford PhDs and internationally The Cardinal won’t have a multi- precautions for the long trip.
known instructors. Drop-in classes game set at home until it faces “Though it is definitely difficult
seven days a week, early morning Michigan on Mar. 18 and 19. to fly across the country and then be
to night, in a wide range of styles “I don’t know who does the completely ready to play, we do get
for all level students, beginners to scheduling,” Marquess joked at in Wednesday night,” McVeigh said.
masters. Registration now open Media Day. “I like to blame it on “Our first match isn’t until Friday
for Avalon’s 17th 200-hour Yoga
Teacher Training Program, which [Assistant Coach Dean] Stotz, but I night, which gives us enough time to
starts Feb. 18. In the center of the did it . . . [We have] nine of the first get over jet lag. It shouldn’t be too
Calif Ave district, 370 S. Cali. Ave. 11 on the road, so if it doesn’t kill us, big of a problem.”
Full data on classes and Teacher we’ll be better.” Stanford will be facing unseeded
Training at, Stanford will face its first pitch of Arkansas at 4:30 p.m.PST on Friday,
or call us at 650-324-2517. FIRST the season against Rice tomorrow Feb. 18 in the first round of the tour-
CLASS FREE for all students, staff, afternoon at 2:30 p.m. nament.
and faculty who mention this Stan-
ford Daily ad. Contact Joseph Beyda at josephbeyda Contact Chrissy Jones at chrissyj@

Level: 1 2 3 4


Complete the grid

so each row,
column and
3-by-3 box
(in bold borders)
contains every
digit, 1 to 9.
For strategies on
how to solve Su-
doku, visit
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Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved.
8 ! Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Stanford Daily

that cheering for the Evil Empire so I had to choose for myself,2) I real-
should be punishable by firing squad ly liked Peyton Manning from his
— if you come from New York. If days at Tennessee, and I loved the
Continued from page 6 your whole family has gone to USC, Colts’ style and 3) Yes, I’ll admit, blue
they can’t be surprised that you root is my favorite color, and I like the
for the Trojans (although they can still blue-and-white combo.
The location-based reasoning has make sure you know what a rotten The decision to root for them was
several corollaries like,“I live in Pitts- hellhole U$C is and rejoice in every truly my own, and it was not based on
burgh,but my dad’s always been a big failure of your pitiful excuse for a any fair-weather fandom (the Colts
Giants fan,”“I’m from Seattle,but my school, all while wearing Biggest hadn’t been to a Super Bowl since the
family is all from Dallas, so I like the Upset Ever shirts). days of Johnny Unitas). Not living in
Cowboys” and “I go to Stanford, Still, many people feel that these the Indianapolis market, I had to
duh!”Again,who’s to say that rooting from-birth reasons are the only legiti- work to follow the team,and I still do.
with your family is wrong? Most (but mate ones for liking a team. But what I’m not pretending I know more
certainly not all) sports fans receive makes your reason for liking one about the Colts than anyone in the
their first exposure to sports from team “legitimate”? Is it necessarily world, but I do follow them pretty
their families, so it’s natural to contin- true that growing up in Green Bay is a closely and I have confidence saying I
ue their rooting interests. And of better reason for supporting the follow them more than most Indi-
course,almost any sports fan roots for Packers than liking green and yellow? anapolis natives. As far as I can tell,
his or her college team. I say no. that is at least as legitimate as my rea-
For me,this reasoning had a major When I tell people that I’m a Colts son for supporting the Angels.
impact on me, because I have been a fan, people invariably question my As I see it, who cares why you
Stanford fan since birth. While obvi- choice. No, I’m not from Indianapolis started rooting for a team? Maybe it’s
ously I now root for the Cardinal as a or Baltimore, and no, nobody else in because you grew up there,maybe it’s
student first, I was foremost a son of my family likes them. In fact, I’ve because you like the mascot, maybe
two Stanford alums growing up. As never been to Indianapolis or Balti- it’s because your uncle knew the
Wyndam discussed earlier in the more, and I’ve never seen a Colts owner, maybe it’s because your girl-
week,it’s hard when your favorite col- game in person. My question is: why friend likes the team or maybe it’s be-
lege team from childhood clashes does this make me any less of a fan cause your boyfriend hates the team.
with your current college team.Luck- than someone who grew up in Indi- However it started, if you’re pas-
ily for me, those are both Stanford, so anapolis? sionate about that team, you’re a real
I can root doubly hard without ques- I started cheering for the Colts a fan in my book.
tioning it. little more than a decade ago because:
Beyond the “it’s-been-with-me- 1) As mentioned before, I live in Jacob Jaffe also roots against the
since-birth” logic, though, things southern California, far enough away Toronto Raptors because Jurassic
change a little. People will accept you from the Chargers that I wouldn’t Park was really scary. Help comfort
as a Yankees fan — even if they feel consider them a “hometown team,” him at

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