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Importance of Soul Searching in Making Arts

How does one draw the line between inspiration and stolen artwork?
We need to understand first the meaning of soul searching and why it is important in making arts.
What is soul searching? Soul searching is simply a conscious evaluation of our underlying feelings that
may not be readily accessible on the surface. It refers to any type of reflection, consideration, or discovery
process that uncovers our feelings and motives. As a soul searcher, your goal is to better understand what
gives you meaning in life. For many of us, the term soul searching is a spiritual discovery in a faraway land. But
it doesn’t have to be like that. The point of soul searching is to find your life purpose, values, and passion.

Doing soul searching could be a big part for an artist in making arts. Artists dig or think deeper to find
their passion and purpose. Once they found theirs, they expresses those findings through drawing, painting,
making sculptures or other form of arts.

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." Pablo Picasso had once said. When it comes to art, some
people admire, some copy, and some steal. While crediting an artist is a common practice, everyone has their
own doubts about a piece of art being copied. However, there are a lot of people who also like to term the
practice as 'inspiration'. Mark Twain strongly believed that whenever a person came up with an idea, he or she
had just added to a bulk of substance that was already present or already existing. He used the example of a
speech. He pointed out that leaders use the words of a 1000 other leaders from the past and call it a 'speech'.
In the same way, a film based on true events must "steal" from everyday lingo- a foreign language or local
dialect- to form dialogues that are remembered for many years. Does that make the work of an author any

Steve Jobs once famously said, "Creativity is just connecting things". He felt that creative people would
just connect experiences of others with their own experiences. According to him it was just a case of thinking
about those experiences more than the people who just had a good idea. Therefore, one could say that
creativity doesn't just start and end with a good idea. In the creative world, there is little scope for someone to
keep a record all of the ideas being generated out of their minds all the time. Artists hesitant to discuss their
ideas because of a fear that those ideas might be copied. Someone can come up with something similar or
even more beautiful after getting 'inspired' by your piece. Talking of those who draw inspirations from other
works of art, one can arguably say that getting inspired by an ancient tree meant stealing nature's copyrights.
Many of us might say that every artworks is inspired by any other artworks. Being inspired doesn’t mean

In connection to soul searching, while people are searching for their soul or for their purpose and
passion in life, they easily and unexpectedly get inspired to someone or somewhere while wandering. And by
being inspired, they would come up with a new idea from those inspiration. That’s why soul searching is
important in making arts. Moreover, lot of art works in this world are done out of inspiration or by artists being
inspired and become an inspiration by many unknown artists. For instance, Thomas Schostok is an artist
whose body of grungy, collage-style work has been an inspiration to many; another artist is Françoise Nielly.
Her work is soulful. Her paintings reflect some of the other media that have helped shape her creative voice,
and that have led her artistic work to the inspirational heights it has scaled; and Will Barras who created art
works out of soul searching mission. He created an artworks that has spirit that is constantly searching for a
new place to arrive.

In conclusion, we could come up with our new unique ideas by being inspired. And we can get our
inspiration by making soul searching or having time with ourselves. And lastly, we can be an artist in our own
way. After all, everything is an art, and you yourself is an art.