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Chaucer was born in 1340 in London. He was one of the famous writer of English
literature, he was also father of English literature .he was an English poet and writer. He is consider one
of the prominent writer and poet of English literature. He give birth to English literature. The famous
work of the choicer is contrary thing more he also gained fame as a philosopher. He was the
first man who uses the iambic pentameter. He is also known for father of English poetry.


There are many major works of the Chaucer are the following, the book of the
duchess, the parliament of the fouels, the legend of the good women , house of fame, and Canterbury
tales are major works of the Chaucer.

The book of the duchess was actually an elegy for blanche of Lancaster who
died in 1386.gofferyb Chaucer was outstanding writer before the Shakespeare and he also the first
finder of last the Chaucer was died in 1400 in England.


If we put light on Chaucer writing we come to know that, he wrote foe every
phase of society, like he wrote for middle and upper class both. He contribute a lot in the flourishing of
the English language. He contributed in the era of transition. He contributed that time when English
language in the process of flourshing.if we discuss it further more we find that he missed some
important thing like he did not talk about extreme poor class and also he did not mention elite class in
his own writing. He was realist whatever he saw in society, he talked about it.


A representative is someone who discuss every aspect of the society. There are
few qualities which show that the Chaucer is the representative of his age .the first thing that I mention
before the representative is some who speak for everyone or every group of people. The Chaucer had a
quality actually he wrote for everyone like he mention middle and upper class both. He also wrote for


If we talk about his famous work Canterbury tales we find such thing that
Chaucer is a representative of his age. If we see the character of Canterbury tales so we find that the
contrary tales present at least one person from every class. The Canterbury tales is remarkable piece
related to social criticism and history.

CHAUCER was poet of medieval period and medieval period is considered Dark
Age of English literature. But when Chaucer came and he start writing than the English literature
became little bit thing I want to add with this that Chaucer contributed in very difficult
time. Like before no one can give attention toward middle class but Chaucer mention middle class in
own writing. He discusses every phase of the medieval society .Chaucer’s was perfect realistic man
whenever we read the Chaucer works the works are totally reflected that society. That’s why he is the
representative of his own age