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They seem to be in a perfect marriage but get into a fight over forgery. The bank finds
out and they get in trouble.they want to separate because someone wants to save their
reputation. They don't have the same morals and the husband is his wife. There is a ball
and during it there is sabotage and someone dies.
1 excitement and fascination
2 it seemed good and happy until the betrayal happened
3 she falsified her father's signature
4 shes trying to do good and a decent person who messes up sometimes and is
somewhat deceitful
5 often corrupted and not as strong as its made to be
6 because new information has come out and new reason to not want to be married
7 he wishes the morals in it were different and like his and that it was shorter
8 where a husband treats his wife poorly and gets away with it
9 The second reviewers thought the play was good and the view of marriage was fine
while the first was very against the play's views on marriage.
7 Race or ethnicity • 3 Religion • 4 Gender • 10 Education level • 9 Social class •
5 Sexual orientation • 6 Country of origin • 8 Occupation • 2 Beliefs/morality • 1 Behavior
We ranked it like this because how you act is the main thing in your identity that
affects everything else and believes fit into that and the least important it education level
because it doesn't take into account your identity as much as other things and social
class is slightly important because it affects your place in society.
These are the actions and things you may think about everyday that affect your
personality and how you view yourself as well as how others view you.
Yes he should steal the drug because someone's life is more important than
individual morals. The guy should have given him it to save his wife because of the
same reason
1. What factors are involved in each person’s decision about whether or not Heinz
should steal the drug? Ethics and the person's personal beliefs
2. What potential consequences does Heinz face if he does decide to steal the drug?
Are these consequences outweighed by the benefit of saving his wife? Jail or prison or a
fine and yes it is worth it because his wife gets the chance to live
3. What if the sick woman were a stranger? Should Heinz still steal the drug? Why or
why not? If he feels it worth the risk, i personally wouldn't because i don't want the
consequences but he could
4. What if Heinz doesn’t particularly even like his wife? Should he still steal the drug?
Well that's up to him if he wants to let her live or die i think he should still try to save her
5. Let’s pretend that the drug is being stolen to save an animal. Should he steal the drug
now? No probably not death is a natural thing that happens unless he is completely in
love with the animal
He should be fined but not too harshly punished based on the circumstances if he had
hurt anyone then he should have prison or jail time
1. Do your responsibilities to others impede your rights as an individual? Not necessarily
but if you're taking care of someone else you may not be able to do everything someone
who's not can.
2. What are our society’s expectations for mothers? For fathers? Mothers to be a
homemaker slightly less now but still prominent fathers to be the breadwinners
3. Can a person contradict these expectations and still be a good mother or father? Yes
people can just as easily do the other and raise great kids as long as the parent is doing
it right and the kid ends up alright its fine
4. Do society’s expectations prevent a parent’s growth as an individual? No if a person
wants to grow and change their ways a child doesn't really infringe on that because it's
5. Are society’s expectations of parents outdated in today’s world? Yes because parents
should have more responsibility than they do not that there aren't good parents but i
believe they are predominantly bad and parenting should be mandatory in school
6. Does love require sacrifice? Yes because you need to take care of and be responsible
for another person and without sacrifice you can't accurately do that.
1 a nice quaint house to people are well off elegant they have money
2 it is at their house it is nice and decent it's cozy
3 squirrel and these animals and steal from others he doesn't trust her
4 she isn't really bothered it seems even though they are kinda degrading
5 she wouldn't care about her debts and wouldn't have enough money to pay for them
6 borrowing money and debt go hand in had, cant have freedom at home with borrowing
7 money is supper important should be fineatiall independent so they don't obtain debt
8 nora has an allowance so shes unreasponcible, it scares homer so he limmits it
9. What are your first impressions of Nora and Torvald? What does their relationship
seem to be like? They don't trust each other and don't really love each other
10. Since this is a work of literature, you know that some sort of conflict will be
introduced that will change the relationship of the characters. Based on this first scene,
make a prediction about what will happen when Nora and Torvald come into conflict.
They will fight and try to break up and get away from each other

At the end I am anticipating that one of the characters will be dead because of money,
morals and status.