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Rubric "Writing Process" for your team project

Low Score
High Score

Editing Student often Student accepts Student accepts Student accepts

ignores peer and peer and teacher peer and teacher peer and teacher
teacher edits, edits, but does not edits. Student edits. Student is also
turning in final edit his or her own usually edits his or exceptionally
products with work. her own work, meticulous about
grammatical and catching accidental editing his or her
spelling errors. grammatical and own work, catching
Student does not spelling errors. most grammatical
edit his or her own and spelling errors.
work at all.
Final draft shows Final draft shows Final draft shows Final draft shows
little evidence of some evidence of clear evidence of clear evidence of
editing and editing and editing and thoughtful editing
Final revision. Writer revision. Writer revision. Writer and revision. Writer
Draft/Publication takes little pride in takes some pride takes pride in takes exceptional
published work. in published work. published work. pride in published

Does not utilize Uses only one pre- Uses multiple pre- Makes exceptional
pre-writing writing strategy. writing strategies use of mutliple pre-
process or makes Pre-writing is to form a strong writing strategies.
Pre-writing only a cursory usually only foundation for Pre-writing forms a
(Outline, Notes, attempt to minimally later written work. strong and clear
Graphic brainstorm, plan, connected to later foundation for later
Organizer) or organize written work. written work.

Requires Requires An independent Requires no

excessive occasional writer who guidance or
guidance and guidance and requires little prompting from
Drafting prompting from prompting from guidance or teacher to write
teacher. Is unable teacher to write prompting from independently.
to write independently. teacher to write. Written work is
independently. Written work is Written work is unusually creative
Written work is inconsistent, but usually detailed and detailed.
usually short, with sometimes and creative, Student enjoys
few details or demonstrates exploring topics in writing.
creativity. detail, depth, and depth.

Shows no Shows some Usally shows Shows exceptional

enthusiasm for or enthusiasm for enthusiasm for enthusiasm for and
commitment to and commitment and commitment commitment to the
Attitude the writing to the writing to the writing writing process.
process. process. process.
Student resists Student makes Student accepts Student makes full
the revision minor revisions constructive use of the revision
process, making when necessary. criticism well from process, soliciting
Revision few or no changes Accepts some peers and teachers and accepting
from first to final constructive and often comes constructive
draft. criticism from up with creative criticism from peers
teacher; is and appropriate and teachers and
reluctant to accept revision ideas of implementing his or
feedback from his/her own. her own ideas for
peers. Progressive drafts revision. Effects
show creative and
improvement. appropriate
revisions that result
in marked
improvements in
subsequent drafts.
References No references or Few references or Use of references Use of references
incorrect some incorrect indicate some indicate substantial
references references research research

Unclear, incorrect, Simplistic and/or Organized and Sentence structure

and/or ineffective awkward sentence complex sentence is varied in
sentence structure structure that has composition and
Sentence structure some stylistic length
Structure variation
Multiple Some errors in Few grammatical Nearly error-free
grammatical and grammar and/or and/or stylistic which reflects clear
stylistic errors format that do not errors understanding and
Grammar interfere with thorough
clarity proofreading

Apparent Simplistic and/or Effective language Rich and precise

confusion with the unclear language language
use of language
There is no clear Attempt to create Evidence of thesis Establishes thesis
purpose of the a thesis statement can be found and and maintains clear
paper; seemingly and communicate author generally purpose via suitable
Thesis little attempt to the purpose maintains purpose voice and tone
create a thesis throughout through suitable
statement voice and/or tone
Ideas are unclear Unelaborated Depth of thought Depth and
and/or not well- ideas that are not supported by complexity of
developed fully explained or elaborated, thought supported
Meaningful supported; relevant by rich, pertinent
Development of repetitive details supportive details; supporting
Ideas evidence provides evidence leads to
clear vision of the high-level idea
idea; contains development

Weak organization Somewhat Logical Careful and relevant

of ideas unfocused and/or organization of organization of
unclear ideas ideas
Organization of

Creativity Project includes little Material presented Some apparent Exceptional

variety in with little originality displayed originality of
presentation originality or through creative presented
techniques creative thought use of materials material

Unorganized and Project meets half Project is well- Project is well-

meets less than half of the organized and organized and
the requirements requirements; meets most meets all
Content well-organized requirements requirements

Multiple grammatical Some errors in Few grammatical Nearly error-free

and stylistic errors grammar and/or and/or stylistic which reflects
format that does errors clear
Grammar not interfere with understanding
clarity and thorough
Careless, hurried, Project appears Clear, uncluttered, Evidence that
and illegible rushed of and attractive pride and care
presentation somewhat was taken and the
Presentation careless, but the message of the
content is legible product is clearly
Structural Essay lacks logical Essay includes Essay includes Essay is
Organization progression of ideas brief skeleton logical progression powerfully
(introduction, of ideas aided by organized and
body, conclusion) clear transitions fully developed
but lacks
Apparent Limited Developing Clear
misunderstanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of
material material displayed material material displayed
Understanding by vague, unclear by clear, concrete
of Material language language and
complex ideas
Essay addresses topic Essay is focused on Essay is focused on The essay is
but loses focus by topic and includes the topic and focused,
including irrelevant few loosely related includes relevant purposeful, and
Focus ideas ideas ideas reflects clear
insight and ideas

Frequent errors in Errors in grammar Occasional Nearly error-free

spelling, grammar, and punctuation, grammatical errors which reflects
and punctuation. but spelling has and questionable clear
Mechanics Sentences seem been proofread. word choice. Logical understanding
disconnected, and Little logical sequence apparent. and thorough
there is carelessness structure or flow to proofreading. flow
throughout. sentences. provides a logical
Evidence of pathway of ideas.
carelessness in

Few to no solid Some supporting Support lacks Specific,

supporting ideas or ideas and/or specificity and is developed details
evidence for the evidence for the loosely developed and superior
Support essay content essay content support and
evidence in the
essay content

Right or wrong, the Right or wrong, the Right or wrong, the Right or wrong,
explanation shows explanation is not explanation the explanation
poor understanding well supported by integrates most integrates all
Logical of the process or principles, principles, evidence, principles,
Consistency issue and has evidence and/or known to author(s), evidence, known
misapplication of these may be but has omissions to author(s) in a
principles and applied without and logically
evidence. complete inconsistencies. consistent way.

Rubric "Collaboration Among Team Members"

Low Score
High Score

Organization Always postpones Begins work early Will begin work Begins immediately.
and time work until when required to early in process, Connects work to
management deadline. Has no do so, but usually but tends to assignment not to
organization for postpones. May increase effort deadline. Has
files or lose work toward deadline. organized records.
notebooks. overnight. Has adequate file

Assumes others Satisfied with Will learn skill Readily learns new
will learn skill. general when it is skills as a matter of
Makes no effort to understanding of necessary. Usually course. Seeks to
Skill acquire expertise skill, but will not minimum extend the skill.
development in skill. go for competence to
for task competence. complete task.

Has little idea of Knows name of Has general idea Has clear idea of nature
nature of task or task and general of nature and and procedure for task
procedure. Asks outcome, but little procedure for or asks for clarification
Understanding for direction idea of the task. May proceed before launching effort.
of the task rather than procedural with fuzzy idea of Continuously clarifies
overall pathway to outcome or as task unfolds.
clarification. completion. pathway to

Boundaries set by Has an occasional Has new ideas or Formulates new ideas
the fulfilling of new idea, but little ways of doing or new ways of doing
minimum follow through. things, but may bethings. Products exceed
Creativity requirements. No Products are reluctant to requirements in design
personal input or completed in an deploy. Products and/or content.
attempt to acceptable form. always well done
enhance. for requirements
Rarely asks Asks questions Often has specific Most or all queries are
questions. Or about deadlines, queries, but they specific or take the
most queries are procedures, may need form of "right on"
Quality of "What do I do directions or for amplification. proposals of ideas or
Questions next?" or "What help with little Proposals of ideas courses of action.
do I have to do or specificity. Few or or actions are "Gets" quick answers.
know." no proposals of more tentative
ideas or actions. sometimes off-

Avoids teacher Sees task as Sees task as a Sees opportunity in

Sees task as burden, but is school task for doing and
burden to fill class somewhat requirement to be learning. Sees value in
Understanding time with no invested in filled, but sees the work. Sees teacher
of the process value. Sees group process. Asks, "Do some value in as colleague/mentor.
as free ride. we have to …?" work. Sees
Sees teacher as teacher as
task master. evaluator and
Has no Plan dominated by Makes plan, but Conceptualizes task
plan,notion of the an early does not always and plans execution as
magnitude of the postponement and follow it. May need a rational, sequenced
Planning work. Is always deadline related help allotting time. process. Almost always
late or scrambling push. May be "no May miss meets the set
to complete. show" at start of intermediate intermediate
Often a "no show" task. Rarely meets deadlines; work deadlines , overcomes
for group work intermediate may pile up problems.
session. deadlines. toward end of
allotted time.
Has little or no Aware of overall Usually Understands overall
grasp of context. context, but understands context of the task.
Sees task as makes no overall context of Contributes ideas and
Intellectual isolated with no connections on task and asks proposals. Extends
contribution connection to past own. Can recite questions about connections to ideas
or future ideas. connections of context. Makes past and future.
others but rarely connections on
can support own and "gets"
them. those others
Actively avoids Reluctantly does Willingly takes on Volunteers for jobs no
jobs when jobs when asked. jobs when asked. matter how difficult
possible. Seeks easiest Works to Always works to
Effort Complains about duties in group. completion. Will completion. Willing to
others. Has large Sometimes works work long hours work long hours.
set of excuses. to completion. when required.
Waits for Seeks direction, Sometimes Enthusiastically
direction. Knows but does not initiates action initiates action.
little of what is initiate action. and always works Personalizes the task
Engagement going on or Objectives seen as well with direction. and takes ownership of
objectives. poorly defined Generally knows the objectives. Always
Cannot describe external the specific knows where group is.
where group is in requirements. May objectives and
process. know where group where group is.