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people LIE!

Even on the

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There are many opportunities to explore, but it’s important to keep safe!
those same protections be utilized use of malware protection, data
What are some ways
online? backups, and frequent password
to stay safe online? When we go shopping we make changes.
sure that our cash and debit/credit Research some simple solutions
Just as it occurs in the real world cards are securely tucked away in to preserve online safety and include
there are ways for individuals to our pockets or purses and we accept those in your PSA.
steal from, deface, and disrupt other a printed receipt in case we need to
people online. make a return. What steps do you Start The Conversation With:
Think about the measures and take to protect your online
lengths that we go to to protect purchases?
What are you doing to
ourselves at home. We lock our Do you remember the difference
keep yourself safe online?
doors, arm our security systems, and between http and https?
have fire alarms installed. Shouldn’t Some easy ways to protect
ourselves online could involve the

Remember the Contact: Be careful initiating contact with strangers

Content: Consider the content and purpose of your message

3 Cs Conduct: Act responsibly online