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Question: What do you know about the contemporary [performing arts?

Direction: Define/Describe the following in your own words.

1. Director

2. Acting

3. Theater arts

4. Script

5. Recording Artist

6. Choreographer

7. Composer

8. Props

9. Musician/s
Activity 4.1

Adverse Effects of Piracy

What other negative effects does piracy have on the music industry?
Research on the adverse effects of piracy on the music industry and list them below.

Answer: __________________________________________________________________________




Assessment Time!
Guess What?

Direction: Identify the following terms. Choices are provided below. You are allowed to
repeat answers. Write CAPITAL letters only on the box provided.

A. Acting
B. Choreography J. Composition
C. Design K. Playwright
D. Sets L. Commissions
E. Costume M. Music Industry
F. Props N. Adaptation
G. Recording O. Directing
H. Script P. Lighting
I. Indigenous Theater

1. These are the visual materials in dance that allude or suggests symbolisms and

2. It is the artistic process in the creation of music.

3. This refers to the literal transcription of the play. Includes stage directions,
production notes, and cast list.

4. This is a theatrical aspect that deals with the distinct attire a character wear
during the performance.
5. It is the art of embodying a character and one of the most basic elements in
6. The person who writes scripts for plays.

7. It is used to illuminate the stage, create ambiance and mood, and highlight and
exaggerate a character’s movement.

8. This refers to the scenes and props for the physical representation of the setting,
period, and time.

9. It is a part of dance that arranges and manipulates movements, formations, words,

music, sets, props, lights, and dancers to express an idea or narration

10. Process of creating multiple copies of music to be distributed to the public.

11. Backgrounds that are sometimes constructed or painted.

12. The business of selling recorded music

13. The reinterpretation of the play according to local cultures and

traditions to make it more relatable to the audience.

14. Acting can be seen in the representation and mimicry of animals and daily work

15. The complete supervision of and management of the different elements in theater

16. The practice of creating a notated score and its completion through the

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what score would you give yourself in this
course? Shade your rating.

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