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Have you heard ?

Wednesday February 16, 2011

Team Event is right around the corner. February 24th – 6:30 p.m.
Mark your calendars, fill up your car with gas, and get ready to zip on over for
an event that you won’t want to miss. Will you have had your four parties
booked and held so you can earn your REWARD? Let me know so I have
enough planners for each of you that have booked and held 4 parties in

Guest speaker will be giving you a bit of a heads up on social

media and what it can do for you.

New Releases are awesome and getting you all ready for spring.

Booking ideas will be shared and tricks of the trade that will
help you achieve your Miche Goals.

How many of you have already received the NEW Bonus

Hostess ONLY shell? If you have, bring it to show all of us.
We want to celebrate with you.

The HOPE shells are flying off the shelf. Plan to include the
HOPE presentation in all your parties and help us fund the
research to end the heartache cancer brings.

We have pictures for you of the NEW HOPE shells, the NEW
Hostess BONUS Shells and the New Releases from February.
So many reasons to join us for our EVENT …
Rep conference was fabulous. Great information, and a chance
to mingle with Corporate and see the Big Picture that is only
going to get BIGGGGGGER ..

Our Team name was well received and we each had fun buttons identifying
ourselves as Team:
Starrs of Route 66

There is still time to join a Rep conference in your city if you are out of town.
Check out the website and see if one is close to you. …

Welcome NEW Rep

Robbie in California

If you haven’t received your Referral Credits, please contact me…

New News !!!! New News !!!!
Classic shells that are Classic priced will now be called Standard Price, Classic

Diaper Bag is now Standard Priced at $34.95 and is now referred to as the
“Go Anywhere Bag”

Key Finder Magnets have been returned and we are waiting for our
replacement stock. We can hardly wait.

O O O O O 1 “ O rings are Back in Stock and we are thrilled…Use them

to spice up the look of the bag and make handle changes quick as 1 , 2, 3

We are stocking New Promo items and Brochures. These are so Fun. You will
love adding them to your game playing and hostess booking incentives. Look
on line at: and log in. Click on Promo items. We
will let you purchase what we have …. A minimal shipping charge is included on
each item. (usually .50) and $2.00 for brochures and receipts. This is IF
you add these to a regular order or party order. If you order these to be
shipped without an order, there will be additional shipping charges. The weight
on a package of brochures alone would cost over $8.50 to ship.. On the 15th
of the month, if you would like to order something in particular, I will place an
additional order to include all your special requests. Just email your requests,
and we will let you know if we have it in stock, or on order, or NEED to order.
Just another way we are trying to keep your costs down….

Goal setting is a REAL part of becoming successful. We would like

to set some TEAM goals and some individual goals. Please be thinking about
them, so we can work together. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves MORE
… I would like to individually speak with each of you and help you with your
business plans. Without a plan, you might be in the same spot next year as you
are today. I was thinking everyone should be receiving a Miche Bracelet for
Additional type of Name Tag available: $10 Let
me know if you want one. We have enough interest to order Silver and Gold.
Email your FIRM order. Silver or Gold and your name as you want it….

We have decided to NOT do the Clark County Fair this year. It requires so
much staffing, and the leads were not that productive. We will look for other
local events that we might participate in, but will have guidelines to insure that
the event is successful for everyone. If you have events that might prove
profitable, and you want to head them up, talk to me about them.

This is the Rep Home Show set up being seriously considered. Should be
under $50.. We saw this at conference. Very …Very cool….

Sales Incentives
Make Note of all the goodies you can earn.
Enter all your orders through the My Miche site, so that your sales
are included. This is the only way Miche tracks sales totals.
Official reports of our Distributor sites.
Want to earn FREE Miche products to add to your kit?
Want Gift Cards and Cash…. Participate in these incentives !

Hope Shell Incentive

For Every Hope Shell you sell, your name goes in a drawing
for a FREE Hope Shell at the Team Meeting- Meeting to Meeting

Hostess $800 Party Totals

For every $800 Party you have, your name goes in a drawing
For a FREE New Product at the Team Meeting-Meeting to Meeting

Quarter Consistency Award

$1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, $5000, $6000, $7000 a month in sales
for 3 months - Beginning April 1st- June 30th …
Receive Gallery or Custom Cards, Gift Cards and more..

5 % Cash Bonus for sales of $5000 in a quarter

(Paid on Net sales less your commissions)

Referral Bonus
$100 in Miche Merchandise for your referral/sign up (Premier Kit)… Be the 100th Rep on our
Team and Referring Rep will receive $100 in Cash + $100 in Product and Your New Rep will
Receive $100 in Bonus Product with her Premier Kit Purchase

All Sales need to be placed through My Miche—Pam Starr Distributor-702-385-5158

Quote to consider:

Each day provides its own gifts.


Please come to the Team Event. If you haven’t been in a while, you have been missed. Take the
time to PLAN to attend. We would love to see you again. You know who I mean… Yes YOU !!

Be sure to tune it to the Team Event and listen for the music:
Route 66 as the introduction. Remember the tips I have given you for the very best reception.

1. Use the fastest computer in the house, biggest memory. Sometimes Lap Tops are not the
best option.
2. No one else on the internet in the household/ viewing movies or on the web with email and
programs. 1 computer per household going.
3. If you get bumped off. Close it down, reboot your computer and come back in. Sometimes,
your connection will kick you off. Close it down, reboot and you will be good to go.
4. Please don’t call my cell during the meeting, I can’t take the call. Call the office if you have a
question that must be addressed.
5. Relax and enjoy the meeting. If your computer doesn’t like the video stream, go to bed,
relax and find a coffee house/ library that has a faster link and watch it the next day or so.
This is meant to be a fun experience, not one that makes you tense and frustrated.
6. Trust me when I say that ALL hands are on deck here, doing the best we can to make this all
come together. We are not in a video studio, we are at home, working our fingers as quick
as we can, with the most professional options we have available to us.
7. Always know that as soon as the link is available on U Stream or on our Website, you will be
8. When the shells are available to order, home office turns them on. I have no control over
when they flip the switch. I try to give you a big enough window to cover the time delay
home office might impose. Again, I only want the very BEST for each of you.

Go to: Click on PSM Network User name: miche PW: starr
Meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Las Vegas Time and usually lasts about 1- to 1 1/2 hours.

Your Distributor “On Duty”…working to help your business grow

Pam Starr-Authorized Distributor Miche Bag of Las Vegas- Wear it Home
1312 S. 8th Street LV NV 89104
385-5158 1-888-588-8836 Toll Free 702-497-0554 Cell