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User agreement

1. Subject of the agreement.

1.1. According to the terms of the present agreement the Licenser gives the Lice
nsee the right of use (hereinafter – the License) for the PC program (hereinafter –
the program), and the Licensee pays for the License in accordance with condition
s of the present agreement.
1.2. The PC program means herein the software product, which gives the Licensee
the possibility to connect to the Internet by means of the Wi-Fi technology.
2. Responsibilities.
Making the decision to participate in the Project, the Licensee understands the
nature of his actions and foresees the possibility of occurrence of specific con
sequences, namely:
2.1. Using the software, the Licensee gains the access to connect to Wi-Fi acces
s points.
2.2. Wi-Fi access points are the property of third parties, whose property right
s and legitimate interests can be prejudiced when the Licensee uses the program.
2.3. Taking into consideration conditions of c.2.2, the Licensee is obliged to b
ecome familiar with rules of usage of the Wi-Fi access point, by means of which
the Licensee intends to establish a connection to the Internet.
2.4. The Licenser bears no responsibility for damages, caused by the Licensee to
third parties when using the program.
3. The Licenser undertakes:
3.1. To perform the registration of the Licensee in accordance with the privacy
3.2. To provide the Licensee with the License in accordance with the conditions
of the present agreement.
4. The Licensee undertakes:
4.1. To observe the conditions of the present agreement.
4.2. To pay for the License in accordance with tariffs, specified in the present
4.3. To become familiar with the rules of Wi-Fi access point usage before using
the program, and observe these rules.
4.4. Not to yield his right to use the program to third parties.
5. Registration.
5.1. By registering at the web site, as well as by installing the program on his
computer, the Licensee confirms his full and unreserved consent with the presen
t agreement and familiarization with the privacy policy.
5.2. During the registration the Licensee specifies in the corresponding field h
is e-mail address in the following format: name@domain. The Licensee must input
his own e-mail address to avoid usage of the project by third parties in the nam
e of the Licensee.
5.3. A message is sent to the e-mail address, specified in accordance with c. 5.
2. The message contains a password and a reference, which is necessary to activa
te the account by the Licensee.
5.4. The maximum number of accounts, registered for one e-mail address is one.
5.5. After the registration the Licensee gets access to the part of the web site
, which is unavailable (closed) for unregistered users.
5.6. Closed part of the web site contains the program.
6. Usage of the program.
6.1. In order to use the program, the Licensee should install it on his computer
6.2. The Licensee can use the program only after he inputs his account details i
n it. The Licensee realizes the fact, that all the data is transferred through t
he nodes of the Licenser.
6.3. The Licensee realizes the fact, that the program can not function with ever
y Wi-Fi access point.
6.4. The Licensee realizes the fact, that payment for the program should be made
independently of whether he is able to connect to this or that Wi-Fi access poi
6.5. The program can be used through the guest access. Guest access is the acces
s of the Licensee to sites, defined by the Licenser, in order to try the functio
nality of the program.
7. Tariffs and payment.
7.1. The cost of the License depends on the tariff plan you choose. There are th
ree types of tariff plans:
1. Travel Plan - 6.95 USD, activation for 1 month
2. Regular Plan - 17.85 USD, activation for 3 months
3. Business Plan - 29.70 USD, activation for 6 months
7.2. To settle payments for the License, the parties to the present agreement us
e online payment systems.
7.3. Sums of money, received from the Licensee, are entered to the personal acco
unt of the Licensee, which exists at the Licenser.
7.4. In order to make payments, the Licensee gives his payment details to the Li
7.5. Under the present agreement there exists the term «Subscription». The term «Subsc
ription» means that the Licensee agrees with making payment for the License from t
he personal account of the Licensee without acceptance.
7.6. To make the «Subscription» the Licensee gives his payment details to the Licens
er and confirms his consent at the web site of the Licenser.
7.7. The Licensee can cancel the «Subscription» service by performing the appropriat
e procedure at the web site of the Licenser.
7.8. The Licenser can return the money paid by the Licensee within 24 hours from
the moment of payment. This condition is effective only for the first payment o
f the Licenser.
8. Privacy.
8.1. Incoming and outgoing information of the Licensee is not checked or saved b
y the Licenser.
9. Other conditions.
9.1. Conditions of the present agreement can be changed unilaterally by publishi
ng a revised version of the User agreement.
9.2. A revised version of the user agreement comes into force at the moment of i
ts publishing on the web site of the Licenser and has for the Licensee the force
of the previous User agreement. In case when the Licensee does not agree with c
onditions of a revised version of the User agreement, the Licensee has the right
to decline further usage of the program, on condition that he repairs losses su
ffered by the Licenser.
9.3 The Licensee should be informed about changes of the conditions of the User
agreement 7 days prior to publishing of a revised version of the User agreement.