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I am Sai Sundar coming from Neyveli.

I did my mechanical engineering in Rajalakshmi

engineering college, Chennai. I did my schooling in Jawahar matriculation higher secondary
school, Neyveli I am the eldest one in my family. My hobbies are listening to music and

To enhance knowledge and to develop management skills to solve challenges in the

competitive market and also for a better career opportunity.

During my under graduation, I have learned that the entire world runs on money also I have
some good interest in finance specifically in corporate finance and share markets. So I am
interested in taking finance as my major.

No sir, I am fresher

I have done one internship and two Inplant trainings. An internship is in NLC India Limited.
There I learnt the whole process of producing electricity starting from the extraction of the
coal to generating electricity and specifically did a project on beater wheel mill deflector
plate wear, studied and analysed the wear and framed possible solutions for the wear. In
Ashok Leyland, I studied about the assemble line of trucks and operations & functional
processing of floor shop in Ennore plant, Chennai. In integral coach factory, I obtained
knowledge on the various stages of manufacturing and assembling of the train.

I can see myself further developing my skill set in this role and eventually have more
leadership tasks here. I hope to grow with the company and advance my skills and lead others
in reaching their career goals.
As the role of the job is in finance domain, attention to details is very important, I would say
focusing on more details is my greatest strength and I am good at working with numbers and
finding new investment opportunities.

During the national solar vehicle championship competition, we members of 25 people

successfully designed and fabricated the solar car in which few minutes before the
competition, the drive system got collapsed and we couldn’t participate in the final round.
That was a huge failure for me. As I was the suspension team lead in that project I should
have also concentrated on the other teams to make whole team success. And we were
awarded for the Best innovative solar car of the year.

Having graduated from a premier institution like BIM, I have exposed to various projects,
activities which helped me to attain certain skills and qualities for an efficient workforce.

As a fresher, I always wanted to kickstart my career from a reputed organisation like yours
and also the role of job suits my skills aptly

I did an online course in Industry 4.0 from globysn business school online. Side by side I
worked out some exercises to keep my body fit and started gardening. Later on, industries
were opening up I went to uncle’s factory to improve some business knowledge and I was
associated as a part with the company.