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Practical # 01

Introduction to Rational ROSE Software

Rational rose:
The Rational Rose Software is helps us for make several diagrams or in other
words we can say that it is use for solving the Business Problems. Basically it is use for
modeling. Several modeling tools are wrapping under the behavior of the UML, which
stands for Unified Modeling Language. There are eight different kinds of modeling
diagrams in UML, which are given below.

(1) Sequence diagrams

(2) State chart diagrams
(3) Use case diagrams
(4) Class diagrams
(5) Collaboration diagrams
(6) Component diagrams
(7) Deployment diagrams
(8) Activity diagrams

Environment of Rational Rose:

This software Released in 1985, the Rational Environment was an integrated

development environment for the Ada programming language, which provided good
support for abstraction through strong typing.
The Environment's Command Window mechanism made it easy to directly
invoke Ada functions and procedures, which encouraged developer-driven unit testing.
The Rational Environment ran on custom hardware, the Rational R1000, which
implemented a high-level architecture optimized for execution of Ada programs in
general and the Rational Environment in particular. The horizontally-microprogrammed
R1000 provided two independent 64-bit data paths, permitting simultaneous computation
and type checking. Memory was organized as a single-level store; a 67-bit virtual address
presented to the memory system either immediately returned data, or triggered a page
fault handled by the processor's microcode. The company's name was later changed from
"Rational Machines" to Rational to avoid emphasizing this proprietary hardware.
Tool bar and menu bar

Analysis and Design with UML:

This presentation examines the benefits of visual modeling, explains the basic UML
notational elements and shows how the UML may be used in an iterative and incremental

Object-Oriented Design using Rational Rose:

The Booch method of Object-Oriented Design differs from other methods by focusing on
the development of four fundamental models of the system to be implemented primarily
in software. For large systems, developing and maintaining these models is cumbersome
and error-prone.

Purpose of Using Rational Rose Software:

The purpose of this software is used for developing diagram, or for solving business
problems. As many companies are work on this software for making any decision that
how we solve our business problems, and they also make some diagrams that helps for
future to hold the business. This is the one of the most software which has several
modeling tools and this software is easy to use. For using this software first we should
familiar with it, after we can easily use