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Does technology make our lives simpler or more complex? Use details and examples to support your

While some people think that technology has simplified our lives, I personally think that it has made our
lives much more complex for two reasons.

First, nowadays we have so much information that we need to process dues to the new technologies. Every
year there is a revolution in software or hardware that is used n different industries. Thus, everyone has to
learn how to use this technology to stay up-to date and competitive.

Second, producers of numerous gadgets use marketing to persuade us that we need to buy the latest
inventions. Therefore, a large portion of people’s budgets is spent on acquiring the latest technologies.

That’s is why I believe that technologies have made our lives more complex and difficult.

Would you prefer to study in a classroom or take an online course?

While some people like to study in a classroom, I prefer taking online course for two reasons.

First, it saves time, because I don't have to travel to class and sit in traffic, as well as spend time on getting
ready, I can just take the course from home.

Second, I can choose a better teacher, than if I chose the teacher in my local town. When I looked for a
teacher to prepare for TOEFL, I found a native speaker online and she helped me to prepare for the test
really fast.

That is why I am certain that taking an online course is the best way to study for me.
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Do you agree or disagree that a childhood is the best time of a person’s life? Use details and examples
to support your explanation.

While some people believe that childhood is the best time of their lives, I have always thought that being an
adult is much more interesting that being a child for two reasons.

First, an adult can make his or her own decisions, choosing where to live, what to wear, whom to be friends
with, etc. In contrast, a child is often told what to do and even how to think about the world around. Thus,
being an adult gives a sense of freedom, which I really value in my life.

Second, the responsibilities of adult life can be very exciting, as they allow one to grow, take care of other
people, and watch their hard work give results. In childhood everything seems big, but you only realize your
potential by the time you get older. And for all those opportunities to take on challenging projects and
succeed, I value adulthood.

That is why I really think childhood is not the best time in one’s life.

Do you prefer going to a live performance or watching it on TV? Use details and examples to support
your explanation.

While some people think that watching a performance on TV is beneficial due to the comfort of their own
home, I have always thought that the experience of attending a life show can not be transmitted through the
TV screen for two reasons.

First, when one watches the performance live, he or she gets to go out and dress up. A large part of the
atmosphere is created by one’s own mood and preparation. This allows one to escape the ordinary life, take a
break and recharge.
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Second, the performance is never complete, when you watch on TV. The sound and video can not capture all
of the emotion and energy the performance put into it. Thus, watching a show over TV is like eating a sugar-
free pie.

These are the reasons, why I have always preferred to watch performances live over on TV.

Do you prefer traveling alone or traveling with a companion? Use details and examples to support
your explanation.

While some people prefer traveling alone, I have always loved going on a trip with a friend for two reasons.

First, there is always someone to talk to. When one travels, he or she experiences many new things and it is
fun to discuss the new adventures right away. Also, after some time passes it is nice to recall the memories
with that companion.

Second, traveling with a friend makes the relationship stronger. There is no better way to get to know
someone, but to experience something together. So, when I go on a trip with a friend I always feel that we
get closer.

That is why I prefer to always go on a trip with a companion.

Do you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a more modern apartment? Use details and examples
to support your explanation.

While some people prefer to live in a traditional house, I have always thought that a modern apartment is
better for comfortable life nowadays for two reasons.

First, modern furniture is designed to fit into small spaces, often transforming in a magical way. Thus,
modern apartment dwellers do not have to sacrifice anything for the smaller space. Beds that transform into
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office desks, kitchen tables that transform into ironing boards, all of those inventions save space. Therefore,
living in a modern apartment is just as convenient as in a traditional house, though it might be smaller in

Second, there are many advantages to the smaller size. The cleaning for example, takes much less time if
you only have a couple of rooms, as opposed to several floors. Second, having an apartment in the center of
the city can give many advantages of location, while having a house in the center would be too expensive.

That is why I have always preferred to live in a modern apartment.

Should a country that has enough food for all of its residents allow recreational hunting? Explain your

While some people believe that recreational hunting is unethical, I have always thought that it is perfectly
acceptable for two reasons.

First, the population of wild animals should be controlled. Since, their lives are much safer nowadays
because of the elimination of large predators, their population tends to grow. If recreational hunting were to
be abolished, the population of these animals can become too high and damage the natural balance in the

Second, hunting is a pleasant activity and a sport connected to culture and family traditions in many
countries. If we abolish it, we would loose and important part of tradition.

For those reasons, I think recreational hunting should allowed even in the countries, where citizens have
enough food.