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Bugaets True Systems Ltd

Truth as the right to live

Dr. Yevgeny Bugaets

There are many aspects of Nature which are amazing in respect of their perfectness and
reasonableness. The highest manifestation of reasonableness is economy. Let's have a
look at such live mechanisms as birds, fish, and insects. How much work they do to feed

On the other hand, almost everything created by man is a wonder because of its low
efficiency. The pride of making - the automobile, consumes precious organic fuel to
pollute the surroundings ( with noxious gases, dirt, noise, heat ) and to make itself move.
Useful work is miniscule. If the efficiency of a state-of-the-art internal combustion engine
is honestly calculated as the ratio of the obtained mechanical energy of shaft rotation to
the chemical energy of the consumed fuel, then it will be 15% at best. The efficiency of
steam power plants is even lower. But they are the main consumers of fuel.

Why doesn't man learn anything from Nature ? But he did learn and is learning, but ... to
almost no effect. Remember for example, how promising was biomechanics at the
beginning ? Where is it now ? ... Maybe, there aren't enough scientists ?

To the secondary, there is a huge army of engineers, scientists, inventors engaged in

the so-called technical progress sphere. This army is getting larger and larger each year
with the expenses on science increasing even faster. (This is without taking modern-day
Russia into account.) The majority of states which have any respect for themselves have
an Academy of Sciences, scientific societies. Scientists are rewarded and awarded for
achievements in their scientific endeavours. But, the more knowledge accumulated by
scientists, the less chances there are for life to continue as such on the planet Earth.

What an awful paradox ! Maybe this suits the Creator ? Maybe the Chinese emperors
were right when they ordered the decapitation of all inventors of gunpowder weapons ? I
think there is another reason. Knowledge is coming to mankind faster and faster. After
changing the face of Earth beyond recognition, he began to conquer outer space,
became engaged in genie engineering. In essence man became the creator of particular
earthen world, but without mastering ... the most important knowledge. But to create
something without that knowledge is very risky. Dangerous monsters are generally

What is to be done ? There's only one way out - to try to discern that most important
knowledge as fast as possible. But is this possible in principle ? Some things will always
remain a secret. But on the other hand in order to learn what is inside a barrel, it's not
necessary to drink the barrel dry. As for me I'm convinced that the infinite world is
substantially cognizable through finiteness in virtue of its reasonableness.
Bugaets True Systems Ltd

So, what is the world ? A hierarchical super system. An element of any level is itself a
system of a lower level.

Knowledge of the world forms a specific above-material and above-human system

comprising three characteristic groups :

1.abstract ( mathematics, logic, etc.),

2.applied ( physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc.),

3. systematic (theory of systems ).

The theory of systems is the core on which a single world is threaded and formed.

Why weren't biomechanics able to accomplish more ?

Because the attempt was made to pull the peculiarities and possibilities of one
hierarchical level onto another level. But "what Jupiter is allowed to do , the Bull isn't". It
would be more sensible to search for and use systematic laws.

How does a system differ from a combination ( bunch ) of features ? The properties of
combination are the sum of the properties of its elements. A super effect - new
properties, which a combination does not have, appear in a system. This is all due to
links. The more links there are, the stronger they are, the more a system is a system.

A system as a combination of elements and links can't be arbitrary, but is strictly

defined, stable. Only a substantial deviation of any member of such a combination will
bring the system out of a stable state. A transient process will initiate and proceed in a
certain direction. The transient process will end, when a new stable state is reached. All
the elements and links take part in all the processes of the system. Taking into account
time delays, these processes are extremely complicated, even in simple systems.

Characteristics of a system are not arbitrary either, because they form their own system.
A strict interrelationship exists between these two systems.


First-time formulation :

Law Among the multitude of possible systems with a predetermined list of

characteristics, there is always one and only one possessing maximum economy ( in
necessary materials, power, information ) - the true system.

Corollary 1. A true system reaches the theoretical limits of all its characteristics
Bugaets True Systems Ltd

Corollary 2. If a system has reached a limit in respect of even one characteristic, it is a

true system and will reach the limits in respect of all the remaining characteristics (even
those of which we are at present ignorant).

Only true systems survive under natural conditions. Now, it seems that the big secret -
the secret of the world's reasonableness, is becoming unveiled, at least slightly.

Let's introduce an integral characteristic of a system (the quality factor) as the product of
all the positive characteristics, rated relative to their theoretical limits :

K = k1*k2*... *kn

"K" is always equal to 1 in a true system. In all other systems the quality factor tends to
zero (K->0) when "n" increases.

Well, then, what is an invention ? According to the letter of law, an invention is an

ordinary system. The difference between an invention and non-invention is that one or
several characteristics have been improved. But in return at least one other
characteristic is impaired (the swing effect). Now, there is need for a search for the
optimum solution. In any case the quality factor is almost equal to zero.

Inventions and non-inventions, optimum and non-optimum - the essence is the same.
This is "white noise" around a single delta-function -truth. Remember a lottery ? One
person gets everything, the others nothing. This is why modern science, while appearing
to be honest, is gulping down everything offered without any evident results. Just look,
the majority of scientific organizations and scientists are engaged in fruitless research
concerned with "white noise". But no means are sufficient to conduct a search for the
peaks in the "white noise". Maybe this is why the clever Japanese don't have any
Academy of Sciences.

Non-truth is an error. There are many errors, but only one truth. Consequently, truth is
an absolute concept. Truth is perfection and reasonableness. Truth is the right to live.
Therefore, man must search for and create only true systems. Otherwise he will not
survive. Truth itself is simple, but the road thereto is complex. Or maybe this is the
destiny of only the Creator ? Maybe the "key" is here, but there's no possibility of making
use of it ? There are no doubts about this. The law of true systems is a universal law.
Moreover, more than once man discovered the truth, but did not even guess that this
was so. For example, the wheel, Singer's needle, reinforced concrete air panel, an M-
sequence, and Fastov's lubricant are true systems.

Is it possible to imagine our civilization without wheels ? But the highly developed Aztec
civilization did not invent the wheel. The sewing machine was invented right after Singer
transferred the eye of needle from the blunt end to the sharp end. But this kind of needle
was used back in the Stone Age and was forgotten.
Bugaets True Systems Ltd

Why didn't man pay attention to the unusual "extremism" of true systems? Maybe
because he was afraid of the integral characteristics ? Take, for example, the efficiency
which is the criterion of only energetic efficiency. It is constantly on the rise. Apparently
because of shame. However, integral characteristics are useful because of their high
sensitivity. For example, the minimum salary is a very sensitive indicator of the state of
the economy. Just imagine the difference between 1000 or 10 US dollars per month.
And this is not some kind of abstract concept, but rather so-called objective reality. And
just imagine what the difference would be in the factor characterizing the living standard
of a human being, that factor including about 300 indexes.

In the meanwhile, if a certain task is put before tens of millions of inventors, a huge
amount of time, sum of money, resources will be spent, millions of inventions will be
devised. However, no transition from quantity to quality will occur, and truth will not be
found. But why? Because nobody will search for it, nobody is aware of it, nobody
believes in it. And how can anything be done without knowledge and belief?

Isn't this just exactly what happened in the case of the internal combustion engine? At
present there are about 1500 large- and medium-size automobile firms in the world. And
how many small ones?, how many inventors working by themselves ? And now after
150 year-old history of the engine, two of the most authoritative organizations (the Union
of German Engineers and the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers' Association)
announced that further progress in the development of the engine is expected to take
place mainly because of new kinds of fuel. But what does fuel have to do with it when
the whole system is in error?

Belief in truth, a minimum of true knowledge and reasonableness capable of attaining a

state of lucidity are required for a purposeful search for truth.


For two years I searched for (and found) true solutions in order to confirm my discovery.
Now I believe in It. What does It provide ?

It has already made me the happiest and the unhappiest person in the world at the same

Firms which will engage in mass production of patented true products will become
extremely rich.

The country which will first "plow" the field of truth will become the world leader in the
near future.

Man can move from the dirty erroneous world where he lives in now, to a pure true world
... if he wants to. As for me, I do want to.