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NEESON By Tom Chiarella PAGE 106 Atotot peed Interior Design Well PAGE 148 PAGE 96 30 YEARS IN PRISON FOR A. CRIME HE DIDN'T commir By Daniel Voll PAGE 164 Tt LER MIKE SAGER PAGE 136 f ssa il) I WH) a » TRADITIONAL HUE: An English ro. Aarmsofa in natal inen wil never go out of Style Ihave onain my Sporimentin Chieags, land vehad for iteen Years. No matter wnat Changes around tt Ssiways looks good, Engh olFaim sof (fram $2,435) by Resto ‘ation Hardnar, HIE: Look for a pair fvintegeFrench club | range. everyone trom | COHEETANE Justas Chair dstarton eBay | RalphLaurenHometo_ youtemikingun eyes oristdibscom,andi” | Potteryarnmakes new | and gervesvith the Youcan'tindsome. | (butvintage-looking) modem coffee table, | thing your price nes. Prices ary ‘hes where you can | lightenthingsup witha | UGHTINE:Tho key tothis | aricuatee-armsconces._ | pert: ‘lass (arglass-coverech | sileistoline your walls that canbe bu nto the eons eer Coffee table onathanwithfloor-to-celing shelves. Chelsea swing NEE NEESDEMEM | cocitafble(S2109) by | bookshelver.Sofor _ armsoance trom $79), Sayson Home Garden” lighting, ike brass by Pottery Barn EW eRican CEH go with » tuxedo-style couch— that means the ame and the backer all the Snmeheight Its classic comfortable, and fandcontemporary, _thevretimeless. Knoles ‘asculineand-sophis- cha ($1405) by Joyson Heated. Maddox-sofa Home Garden ($1,399) by Room & Boar COFFEE TABLE: con ‘tasting the rational CHIIS:Pick upsome items with contempo- Laditional upholstered | raryitem ikea thes van Clubchairsinchocolate der Rohe coffe table Welvet The softhand of Barelona table fom themateril sextremely | $1483) by Knol etch ni ede of eee ot even 4 oa eines oD HOME LIVING ROOM WHAT TO 00 WITH AN ODDLY SIZED ROOM Forgetabout buying whole bunch itu, which tends tojust ‘aks things look more Cluttered. instead, you Should buy thelargest couch youean fit against the longest wal, tnd then the argast, ‘most comfortabiechair {go actoss (or diago- ral fromit.Youcan ‘offes table ar go with utene altogether ‘This fils the pace and right actually make 'tlook bigger rather than smaller, Getoreative anddivige theroom nto on purpose Youcan uses ining-oom table pled ‘wthooks and one ‘hair asadesk; you can have multiple seating ‘teas; you can haves ‘Sedieated bar area, Try ‘checking out books of European castes and English countryhouses oseehow they diwied Up thelr enormous | THEQUICKTIP Your couch should be either all he way on our rug or three ‘quarters offof it (le. justthe first quarterof thecouchon therug) THE (COUCH) UPGRADES "HxT COUGH YOU'RE sITTINGON-—THE ONE WITH THESTAMNS AND CRATERED CUSHIONS? TIMER UPGRADE, WATE BERKUS BREAKS DOWN YOUR OPTIONS. ‘OU HAVE: AN OLO UPHOLSTERED, QVERSTUFFED COUCH ‘The unarade: Aro arm naturainen couch. lke this one from Restoration Hardware. butyou can look or other options. English rol arm soa from $2,415) by Restoration Nar ware. eee eee YOU HAVE: A BEAT-UP LEATHER COUCH ‘The upgrade: A vintage English Chesterfield tuftedleather couch transcends trends, but you can algo find ‘ew versions ofthe ste, too, ple Old Fashioned sofa (4,785) bythe Esquire Home Collection, ‘YOU HAVE: A FAVORITE FUTON The upgrade: Since its not realy possible to have a nice futon-sorry~ would upgrade oa couch bed. Avery Boardman makes the best ones—the quality ofthe matress isike sleeping ona regular bed, Sofa trom $6,000) by Avery Boardman. ene ere econ frees an THE ONLY RUG YOU REALLY NEED Unies youre lucky enough tohave inherited some amazing Per- sian carpets, the beet thing you can buyisarug woven froma natu: falfiber ike jute, sea grass oF coir. Anoutral color—somathing tho Color ofa brown paper lunch bag—will work with any oftheabove ‘Styles andhidealkinds of wear and tear. See-grass rug ($290 '$348) by Pottery Barn. eu.