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P.O. Box 1989 ‘West Palm Beach, FL 35402-1989 (661) 355-2001 PAX: (61 355-3990 wow ‘Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners Dave Kerner, Mayor Robert S. Welntoth, Vice Mayor Maria G. Marino Gregg. Weiss Maria Sachs Melissa Mekinlay Mack Bernard County Administrator Verdenia C. Baker “An Epa Opportity AMfemative Acton Epler” & seman January 29, 2021 Governor Ron DeSantis The Capitol, Plaza Level 400 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32399 Dear Governor Desantis: First, thank you for your support of Palm Beach County in our efforts to vaccinate Our residents and provide opportunities to ensure our 65 and older population, frontline health care workers and long term care facilities are vaccinated in as efficient and expedited manner as possible. We also appreciate and support the efforts you have undertaken to distribute vaccines through Publix stores in Palm Beach County. To date, 67 Publix stores in our county have been making appointments and providing vaccines to our residents, and it is our hope that they may be able to expand those efforts to other locations in our community. As we reflect back on the efforts of the state and our county last year to provide testing locations in Palm Beach County, we recall early on how hard we worked to ensure a variety of both public and commercial testing sites to expand that ‘opportunity for all of our residents. Likewise, we hope to continue working with you to provide that same access to vaccines. We understand the greatest challenge to providing more vaccinations is the current lack of supply and the need to get additional vaccines to the state and ultimately Palm Beach County, But we do not want to lose sight of the reality that as we wait for ‘more supply, many of our underserved and minority communities do not have the cease of access to vaccinations as others in our community. We appreciate the efforts of the state to target some of our underserved and minority communities. The effort at Wells Community Center in Riviera Beach is a good example of the successful partnership between the state and local government working to provide targeted vaccines to our minority community. We urge you to continue this type of targeted outreach and we stand ready to assist in those efforts, We also want you to know we have mobile vaccination units that are available to target some of these communities. With additional supply, the County in partnership with the Health Care District of Palm Beach County has the capacity to administer