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hundreds of additional vaccines a day in hard to reach communities throughout our area. T would also suggest that the County has the capacity to administer at least another 7,000 vaccines per day at a new facility that-we have constructed at the South Florida Fairgrounds and are able to administer thousands more at other locations in the county through partnerships with the Health Care District, Palm Beach County Department of Health and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. (Our Board of County Commissioners feels very strongly that we must not lose sight of creating an equitable vaccination distribution system, a vision that I know you share, and work tirelessly to ensure that every individual in our community is provided the best possible access to COVID-19 vaccines, We look forward to continuing to build upon the foundation of that system, and stand ready to assist as an able and willing partner. Sincerely, Dave Kerner County Mayor Ce: Members, Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners ‘Members, Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation Verdenia C. Baker, County Administrator Shane Strum, Chief of Staff, Governor Ron DeSantis Jared Moskowitz, Director, FL Division of Emergency Management