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Metis Culture

This is a listing of occasional papers posted on by the Louis Riel Institute. These articles are intended to assist school-teachers and students wanting to learn more about Metis culture. Barsou or Baby Swing Beadwork Bandolier Bags Beaded Vests Dog Blankets, Tapis Metis Octopus Bags Understanding Metis Beadwork Wolf Willow Metis Beadwork: Some Hints for Overlay Beadwork Tobacco Bags Wall Pockets Buffalo Hunt Buffalo Bone Picking Metis Buffalo Hunt 1858 Red River Buffalo Hunters 1853 Clothing Bandolier Bags Capote Fringes on Metis Clothing Gauntlet Gloves and Mittens Inkle Loom Weaving Leggings, Mitasses, and Botas Mackinaw Jackets Metis Womens Clothing Metis Beaded Vests Neck Ties Beaded and Quilled Smoking Caps The Metis Sash Cradle board - Tikinagan Dances: Hook Dance, Duck Dance, Jig etc. Death - Metis Death Ceremonies and Rituals Dog Sleds Dog Tapis Dog Standing Irons Flag the Metis Infinity Flag Folklore Little People, Ma-ma-kwa-se-sak or Memeguayiwahk Food Asparagus

Bannock Fried Bannock, Li Bangs Barley soup Blueberries Boudin blanc Boulettes, Meat balls Breadroot Scurfpea Chokecherries Fish in the Metis Diet and Culture Maple Syrup Metis Foods and Food Preparation Mooseberry Metis Spinach Pemmican Poutine au Sac Rubaboo Salt Making Seneca Root Sucker Balls and Fish Cakes Holidays and Celebrations Metis holidays and celebrations Knife Scabbards Language Bungi Language Michif Language Bibliography Origins of the Michif Language Michif prayers Law: The Origins of Metis Customary Law Metis Governance and Law Manitokanac Metis Scrip Metis Identity and Culture Power Point Moosehair and Caribou Hair Tufting Music Metis Fiddle and Dance Music Red River Jig Metis dances Neck Bags Pad Saddle Red River Cart Red River Cart Pictorial Red Willow Baskets Tikinagan or Cradleboard Traditional Metis Medicines and Healing Power Point

Traditional Metis Values Umbilical Cord Bags Windmills at the Red River Settlement York Boats, Scows and Sturgeon Heads

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute