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if u mentioned C & C++ in ur resume

1. Wat is virtual function?

2. Wat is inline function
3. Write a prog using array of objects
4. Wat is inhertence write prog for multiple or multi level
5. Even if ur a mech student they have ability to ask u mech quesion from work design, operational area search
6. If u belong to bio technology they may ask from probabily and statistic questions like wat is standard
deviation etc
7. What is diff between strct and union
8. various concepts of C++
9. wat is diff between class and struct ???????

On the second day of the selection process, It was a little bit nervous and interesting to be a third member of
my panel. Here comes in Interview..
Me:-) Excuse me Sir. May I Come in….
Interviewer:-) Yes Manilal. Take your seat (with a gentle smile).
Me:-) Thank u sir.
Interviewer:-) May I have a look at your resume Manilal.
Me:-) Please sir.. (Given my resume)
Interviewer:-)Tell me about yourself.
Me:-) Told confidently.
Interviewer:-)Tell me more about your UG project. (He asked me when I was describing about my project title
in tell me about yourself and my UG is in Physics)
Me:-)I explained briefly about my project
Interviewer:-)What are the various of RF Transmitter
Me:-)Told somewhat.
Interviewer:-)What is Thermistor?
Me:-)Told as it is a heat sensing device..
Interviewer:-)Applications of Thermistor??
Me:-)Described some applications..
Interviewer:-)Can u Draw one Circuit for a application using Thermistor?
Me:-)Drew it…
Interviewer:-)How do u convert AC to DC? Can u Draw the circuit.
Me:-)I explained the logic and tried to draw…..
Interviewer:-)Do u know diode, resistor and all??
Me:-)yes sir…
Interviewer:-)What have you learnt in Solid State Physics??
Me:-)Told about crystals..
Interviewer:-)What’s Decision Theory?? How do u make a Decision??
Me:-)Told about PERT and CPM charts…
Interviewer:-)Do u like programming in C++?
Me:-)yes sir…
Interviewer:-)Can u write one program which best describes polymorphism in real world?
Me:-)Started writing it…
Interviewer:-)Expected question. Right?? (with a smile)
Me:-)Obviously sir…(with a big smile)
Interviewer:-)What is Global variable? What is the use of it….
Interviewer:-)Other than this field in which areas do u have interest?
Me:-) Sir… Photography….
Interviewer:-)Do u have interest on current affairs?? Are you going through News PapersRegularly??
Me:-)A little bit sir…
Interviewer:-)What is iPhone?
Me:-)Sir… iPod? …
Interviewer:-)No.. iPhone???
Me:-)Sorry sir…
Interviewer:-)okay… Why CTS?
Me:-)Told. (Enjoyed a lot while telling this as I guessed I placed in CTS)
Interviewer:-)Where can I find you after 5 years..
Interviewer:-)okay Manilal. Any questions for me?
Me:-)Sir.. I’m having still one year in Anna University. In which areas I should get improved in this one year
to fit into CTS…
Interviewer:-) (Gave me a brief advice on current affairs and how I should get improved in a very gentle
manner).. That’s all??
Me:-)Yes sir…. Thank you sir….
My interview has gone very cool as like I was talking with my friend… My interviewer was very cool and
friendly and helped me to think…. My kind suggestion is whether your answer is right or wrong you have to
deliver it with good confidence…. They will surely help us to communicate with them… Finally On the third
day that’s on 20th June 2008 CTS declared their results… 1103 out of 2199 were selected from Anna
University.. 28 of my classmates were selected.. And I am one among them. Passion Makes the Life

CTS came to our coll on June 2008. it is very easy apptitude.. chill guys!!!
First of all prepare these
questions in the OMR SHEET be4 u go to write the exam: they ask many questions from it and the HR will be
having this sheet with him duringinterview.
• Software orientation: (software languages skills u know)
• Hobbies and extra curricular activities:
• Strengths and weakness:
• wat do u expect from CTS?
• whats ur short term and long term goal in CTS?
wats C?
wats ur fav subject?
wat is linked list, closed linked list, doubly linked list, stack, queues, real time example for stack linked list???
latest trends in iIT?
if u r leading a group and a member suddenly leaves of in a crucial situation and his work has to be done wat
will u do??
are u ready to reallocate urself??
wats java??
JUS CHILL BE COOL, if u dont know any answers also no problem, the smartness matters in how u handle
see all the definitions of the subjects and languages..
semester,,, one of my frd got the questions only from her marklists and subjects inside tat…
I was not able to get into CTS becoz i was little nervous tat i could’nt answer fewtechnical questions, but i did

(This is based only on HR’s)
For me it was fully technical, but for my friends it was HR Question’s that played major role.
The HR’s were very friendly
Anyway I’ll explain how my interview went
Me: May I come in sir?
Int: Yes.
Me: Good morning Sir. (And gave a warm, confident hand shake)
Int: Take your seat
Int: okie Mr.Shaj. Tell me about yourself
Me: Started and went well.
Then I noticed that my voice was less intense.
As I dint have my breakfast and I’m the first one to attend the interview (First member of first panel) so for
me it was before lunch by 12.00.
I verified him and asked whether I was audible or not?.
Then I asked him water. Water was not there, he gave ma a cup of juice.
(This is to let u people know how friendly they were)
Me: Thank you sir. Im feeling better now.
Me: Shall I continue?
Int: Yes. You can.
Me: Started again and went till 3 mins. (There was a short pause after this)
(I just filled it by saying “Is there anything specific that you would like me to elaborate on?”)
Int: okie. What is your Field of Interest?
Me: Microprocessor 8085
Int: Can you draw the Architecture of that?
Me: Yes. And I started drawing. (After few seconds he interrupted)
Int: Can you program using microprocessor?
Me: Yes sir
Int: Then can you write a program for multiplying two numbers?
Me: Finished the program within 1 min as I have prepared for this question.
Int: Asked me to explain the program.
Me: I did.
Int: Microprocessor operates only on Binary right? Which converts Hexa decimal to binary.
Me: I dunno the right answer for that. I said assembler
Int: How many transistor does 8085 have?
Me: 6500
Int: Why does frequency of the external clock applied to 8085 get divided by 2 internally?
Me: The frequency is divided to have lesser rise time and fall time
Int: Do you know Dual-core. What it consists of?
Me: A Microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor
Int: What are the differences between them?
Me: Told that it is used for specific signal processing applications and DSP consists of Integrated devices like
Multiplier etc which are not present in microprocessor.
Int: okie. Tell me about your project which you have presented.
Me: I explained fully with diagram.
Int: What are the papers you presented?
Me: I explained about it.
Int: Do you know to program in C?
Me: Yes
Int: Tell me about pointers/
Me: I told him
Int: Write a program using pointers?
Me: I dint know how to write.. I jus bluffed him. He said Okie.
Int: You are basically an athlete right? Why dint you participate in any competition after joining the college?
Me: I explained.
Int: You are a Chennai guy., If I offer you a job in coimbatore are you ready to shift there? (All the students to
whom this question was asked, were placed in CTS)
Me: I said okie.. It doesn’t matter where I work, rather how I work..
Int: Do you have any question?
Me: I’ve heard that CSE & IT students don’t have to undergo training in CTS. Is it true?
Int: He said no.
Me: What are the most you like and dislike in your trainees?
Int: There are lots to tell man. We will talk about this later. Please tell the next person to come in.
(As I was the first person, my interview went for almost 30 mins)
(They don’t see whether your answers are correct or wrong, they only see the way you answer, the way you
hold your pen, everything matters. Please wear a smile with you, when you enter the interview hall)
(I was 1000% confident that Im gonna make through in CTS)
To be placed in CTS is very easy.
For further details, mail to
I’m ready to help for my colleagues.
All the best.. C u in CTS.

ME: may i come in sir?

HR: Yes, please!!
ME: Good Morning Sir
HR: Good Morning! (PAUSE) Take ur seat!!
ME :Thank u sir!
HR: So, u r haritha?
ME: Yes Sir.
HR: Can u tell me abt urself?
ME: I had prepared for it n answered it n just try to cover all the topics wat all has been included in ur
HR: which is ur favourite sub?
ME: Datastructures..
HR: yes? Hardly people say they like it n are u comfortable with it!!! can u tell me other subjects u had in
previous semesters??
ME: Answered it!!
HR: asked me to explain the quick sort
ME: I did it.. and was also asked to write the algorithm so i did it..
HR: Which is the efficient algo for sorting?
ME: aswered it!!
HR: wat all topics do u know in data structures?
ME: Answered!!
HR: R u comfortable with Doubly linked lists??
ME: Yes sir.
HR: Can u explain me any one function on DLL?
ME: I explained him abt inserting at the rear end n insering at front end!! and was asked to write the algorithm
n i did it!! i was sure that the algo which i had written was correct but he kept arguing that its wrong later it
was correct!! (THANK GOD!!)
HR: why CTS? Wat r ur expectations from CTS?
ME: Answered it!!
HR: Any questions for me?
ME: Yes sir!! And asked him abt work culture in CTS n wat kind of training does a fresher undergo? he
answered it..
useful for me to answer y CTS? n expectations from CTS?
Prepare for basics in C++, microprocessor, Diff b/w c c++ java?(even if u ve not mentioned it in ur resume but
had it in cirriculum) Diff b/w struct n union, assembler n interpretor?few recursive programs like fibonacci,
factorial, printing prime nos, reverse of a string n number these r few diff topics on which my friends were
asked.. Just go thro the current topics that is going on around atleast from 15 days..
Later at 10 pm results were out and i got placed in CTS!!!

My technical interview held in Cognizant office, Thoraipakkam. Firstly they asked me abut wht subject u hve
interest? As I m Computer Science student, so i told Java. then he asked me some questions like:
1. how Java runs in command prompt?
2. what is the use of static variable n static method?
3. if any program hvng 2 main method then it will run or not?
4. about garbage collection?
5. about project.
6. OOPS concept.
7. final, finally, finalize
8. how can we force garbage collection?
9. string and string buffer class
10.what is difference between == == and equals method?
And some hr question like why CS? why Java? why CTS?
Always give answers confidently and have faith in god. Before going to interview do meditation of 5 minutes
n tell in urself, i will do it. i will do it. i will do it. No one on this earth can stop me do it. atleast say it 50 times
in 5 min.
DONT LOSE HOPE U WILL GET SUCCESS. because this is my 21 cmpny and lastly I

My interview is
int: hello senthilkumar how are you
me: fine sir
int: wher are u from
me: svks
int : its famous for crackers
me :yes sir
int : tell me abt yr self
me: i prepared little bit
int : favouriate sub
me microprocessor
int: wat is interrupt
me: ans
int : diff. b/w. microprocessor and microcontroller
me. ans
int: in C what is the diff. b/w. structure and union
me : i made clear
int : abt yr project
me: i explained with confidence
int : why CTS
me: ans.
int : any history of arrear
me: yes one in engineering mechanics
int : why in one subj
me: answered
int : what s yr strength and weekness
me: strength is young and energetic, self confidence and weekness is poor hand writting
int : wat step u took to avoid yr weekness
me: i explained little bit about diary writing (through this i improve my written skills)
int: why u choose ECE in plus 2
me : explained ..
int: ok senthil i wil select you from this round
me : thank u thanks lot sir
I reached the cloud at that time.. i cant speak a word itself.. after that the company had certificate verification..
i show all my certificates to the merittrac people they said to me … they will intimate with in two days… i am
waiting for my final confirmation… dont loose your confidence at any time.. this is my 25th company.. if i am
selected means c u all in CTS .. I read regularly placement papers regarding with company from this site..
My interview was really cool….he is a nice man, who took my intrvw…
me: May i come in sir?
sir: yes come in…..u r neha…right?
me: yes sir.
sir: u did well in the apti..(holding my apti answer sheet in his hand)…
me: thank u sir..(i was still standing..there)
sir: lets have a sit..
me: (i sat down) thank u very much sir…
sir: can i have ur brief intro?
me: i said..(plz mention ur marks u got in class 10 and 12…and if u r telling about ur family, plz mention ur
parents name and what they do..)
sir: ok very good….y should i take u??
me: (i told all my qualities…adaptability, flexibility, leadership quality and good communicator…with real
life examples)
sir: very good…..( i mentiond in the blue form that i play guitar) u play guitar??????
me: yes sir…(i added)i also have a rock band.
sir: (smiling)ok…so u rock?
me: yes sir…(smiling)I rock…
sir: (suddenly he switched into technical was a surprise for me)…now tell me what is polymorphsm?
me: i said him..
sir: can u right a program to find the largest number among three numbers in C++?
me: (honestly replied) sir…i dont know C++.. because it was not in our course till now…but JAVA is covered
in our course…can i right it in JAVA…
sir: ok ok no problem…the coding is same for the both…u can do it in JAVA…carry on..
me :(i did it in that paper… its a very simple program…always use ur own pen…if interviewer offers..tell him
politely that i’v my own pen)…sir i’v completed it.
sir: (he saw it) thank u neha…we r done for today..
me: thank you very much sir..(i left the room)
This is my interview and i’m selected..its a on campus held in our college RCC Institute Of Information
Technology… 60 students r selected among 145 students….and i’m among them…
Just show themm ur confidence….thats it….ur frst appearnce and ur intro will make the difference…so try to
prepare a good intro…be smart…
Personal Interview:
It may be full n full HR, full n full Technical or Both, depends on ur luck. Mine was full on technical.
He: How r u?
Me: i’m fine.
He: Tell me something bout urself.
I told.
He: Done with HTML? (seeing my resume).
Me: Yes.
then he asked me the following:
>What are Meta tags?
(Then he went into Data Structures)
>Gave me an expression n told me to create a tree.
>Asked a lot about “Singly link list” program.
>What are virtual functions?
>What is an abstract class?
and finally (to my relief)
>Explain Stack
I answered all but not completely. He just wanted to know whether i atleast know some basic stuff about those
Finally, He: Do u want to ask me someting?
Me: Yes (but obviously)
I asked something n he answered it. I did not get what he answered, but who cares.
Finally after a wait of about >3 hrs, the list of selectees were announced.
My suggestion is dat once u crack d apti, “BE COOL” for the interview. Just stay calm n cool n u’ll get
through the PI too. Gud luck.
My interview was like this.
I entered the room and said, “Good afternoon sir.”
He not even looked at me and told me to take my seat. Then he said, “Before I ask you some question may
I have your introduction?”
I gave a brief introduction.
Then he straightly entered the technical part. He asked, “Which subjects, you think, you are strong?”
I said, “I know C and core java”.
“Any other?”
“I know data structure.”
“You have passed 5 semesters and know only 3 subjects?”
“I had a good preparation of operating system. But during the last 2 months I was busy on preparing only
these 3 subjects. So, I don’t think I can recall OS right now.”
Then he asked me some C questions.
“Difference between structure and union.”
He showed me a C coding. A union contains an int, a float, a char array and initialized by 2, 4.5, “Hello
World\n” respectively. He asked me what would be the output if we try to print all the variables. I answered
confidently. But later I came to know that I was wrong.
He asked me “difference between call-by-value and call-by-reference”
Once again he showed me a C coding regarding this topic and asked for the output. I answered.
Then I faced some java questions.
“What are encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism? How does java support these?”
“Write a java coding where a class implements an interface.”
I wrote.
“What will happen if there are two classes A and B contain an instance variable p and if a third class C inherits
other two classes and try to access the variable p?”
I said, “It is a multiple inheritance concept. And java does not support it.”
He said, “I want the generalized concept.”
I said, “I only know what java supports.”
Then there were some data-structure questions.
He wrote an infix expression and told me to convert it to postfix.
I did it.
He showed me a tree and asked me whether it was binary search tree. I said “no” and explained the reason. He
asked me to convert it to binary search tree using post ordered traversal.
His last question was “what is hash table?”
I said, “I don’t know.”
Then he said, “Well, you can go.”
I lend my hand for handshake.
After 5 hours, names were announced. There were 163 students who get selected. I was one of them.
What I realized that they don’t want you to answer all the technical questions correctly. What they want is that
you should not remain silence. They may ask you some little bit conceptual and competitively tough questions
to break you somehow but you must not loose your confidence and you have done your job. Try to express
your body language as much as possible and speak clear and fluent English. You are selected.
HR+TR :- ( combined )
The person who took my interview was really cool.
Asked me about myself,
Good knowledge of Current Affairs – Hillary Obama, 123 Nuclear Agreement, newsheadlines,..
asked personal opinion on Nuclear Deal..
Asked me on technical stuffs on what i know & what i didnt.
Asked me to write a program & pseudo code to find the 2nd highest no. & to explain.
my only advice :-
Keep confident smile on your face …
CTS is very puncual about time.

The Merit Track conducted the test. It was organized perfectly and they expect discipline from us.. Before the
test u have to fill a form. Do it carefully because some of my friends got questions 4m tat.
1.Software Orientation:
2.Hobbies and extra-curricular activities
3.Strengths and Weakness
4.Expectation from CTS
5.Why CTS
6.Long term and short-term goal with CTS
7.What are the qualities necessary for software professional to be successful
Next Day My interview was at 4 .00 p.m. I was really exhausted at tat time in waiting from morning. 9 panels
(approx 25 each). I went into the interview hall. He was reading something.
Me: Good Evening sir..
He: (raised his head).Good eve. Sit down
Me: Thank u sir
He: again he started to read something. after 10 sec he asked “So u are Uma”
Me: yes sir
He: Tell me smthing abt urself
Me: said.
He: Tell abt ur project
Me: Told abt the theme of project, modules n everything I know. (as I m in the start of my final sem I don
know my project in depth)
He: wat language
Me: C n Java
He: So, wat r u doing, wat is ur part in that.
Me: (told frankly) Sir as I m in the start of my final sem I know only the concept. We are having one more
month to complete it. So we are still learning things abt our project.
He: k..(great relief for me).. u hav put tat u know C n C++.
Me: Yes sir
He: Tell abt Object Oriented Programming
Me: Tld abt inheritance, abstraction, Encapsulation, polymorphism…
He: Tell all those things with an example program.
Me: (Be Confident in whatever u say.. Even though u fear don show it in ur face) Explained him all
with examples.. he interrupted me thrice and asked questions frm wat I said.
He: wat is Overloading and overriding..with eg program
Me: Explained it with program
He: wat is operator n function overloading its diffe
Me: Explained
He: wat is virtual, Inline..
Me: Explnd (I bcame happy as I answd al of them..but my happiness didn’t last much time)
He: k..Listen Carefully.. I will give u a situation..(Oh!GodSave me). In a college Library they contain a set of
books and all the books are different.. many professors will take those book now and then.. the books come
from various places and he kept on saying..(I couldn’t understand al tat he said) tell wat concept of inheritance
u implement in this situation..
Me: Multiple Inheritance..(tld quickly)
He: hmm..Wat is the base n derived class in it..
Me: Base class-Book…Derived class- professors
He: wat is the relation n wat details each class contains…
Me: Base class contains the details of bookID, Authour.. derived class contains the details abt professors.. who
hav last taken it.. date of return and said something more abt the relations (not sure ..)
He: questioned from wat I said… I answered two more was difficult. So I started to think..
He: K..(Stoppd my thinking).. wat is ur goal n wat do u want to become
Me: I want to become a senior s/w engineer and must have learnt so many things in my way of it..
He: hmm..Wat is the method
Me: it is a function-block of code etc…
HE: Why v have to use it.. wat is the reason
Me: reduces complexity.. if the pgm is like a paragraph it is not easy for user to understand.. reduces length..
He: k..write the declaration of an array of pointer.
Me: did
He: K, apart frm ur curiculm hav u dne anyting in computer science
Me: yes sir I hav dne paper presentation in Cryptography
He: tell abt it
Me: this is easy for me.. I explained.
He: k..that’s al the questions from my side..Do u want to ask me any thing
Me: how many months we will be provided the training..
He: answered and asked “If u are placed means are u comfortable to work in chennai” (tat is the clue tat I m
placed..I got excited tat I m going to get selected)
ME: Yes sir I’m very much Comfortable to work there..
He: k..thank you
Me: Thank u so much sir….
My interviewer was very very serious n perfect in his work. He didn’t even gave me a smile.. My interview
went for 30 minutes..for CSE n IT there will b only tech ques
All that u have to do is be urself… don fear..n be frank. they are very smart people.. so..never lie.. answer
confidently..u will get through it. Be thorough with everything u put in ur resume and ur project (project
questions were asked in all the panels) At 5.30 they announced the result n my name was in the list
For interview prepare these things
(1) history of CTS
(2) Why does u want to join CTS?
(3) Studying ECE how u can join to software
(4) About your final year project
(5) How will you become a programmer
(6) study C, C++, HTML, JAVA in a single line i.e. the concepts
(7) tell about yourself

Be confident at the time of interview and maintain smile on your face.First ly i was tensed bcoz my technical
was not so good & all the panelyst were MTech. Elect. from IIT.
INTERVIEWER: Hello Akshay!
Me: Good Afternoon Sir.
INTERVIEWER: Good afternoon.Please be sitted.
Me: Thank you, Sir .
INTERVIEWER: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told (academic).. Apart from studies bckgrnd I am also a good sportsman. I led under 14 cricket team of
latur district and got runner -up prize for Kho-Kho cometition.
INTERVIEWER: Are you a player of your college team?
Me: No Sir, Only last year students are allowed to play in the team.
INTERVIEWER: Were you a part of your college’s annul social gathering sports?
Me: Yes Sir, I was captain of the T.E Trical Cricket team.
INTERVIEWER: What role did you play in it?
Me: I was the opening batsman and also the WC in team who has responsibility ofheading the team.
INTERVIEWER: What do you expect from CTS?
Me: My whole knowledge and skills should be utilised by CTS. There should be great environment.
INTERVIEWER: Have you appeared for TCS and Infy.?
Me: No,Sir.Waiting for CTS.
Me: As it is world’s fastest growing company it is growing exponentially, I am also fast in my life.CTS and
My principles match exactly,that’s why CTS.
INTERVIEWER: As you are fast, tell me five things about microprocessor very fast
Me: Told…..confidently and surely but fastly
INTERVIEWER: Tell me 5 applications of OP-AMP?
Me: Told….(they check confidence)(when i gave 3 he said 1 just for checking confidence.
INTERVIEWER: Which is your favourite subject?
Me: Power System
INTERVIEWER: I have conducted interview of 5 electrical student all have same favourite subject, Why?
Me: I don’t know about them but as per my opinion everything in Power system is visible lively.
INTERVIEWER: What is skin effect, corona. ?Have you seen it?
Me: Explained ..
INTERVIEWER: What did you get from Linear Control Systems?
Me: Answered..
INTERVIEWER: Do you have any question?
Me: Sir, I have one more year to complete my course What do you expect me to do in this one year to fit into
INTERVIEWER: If selected no need to do anything. You just be cleared with your basics.
Me: Thank You, Sir
INTERVIEWER: Wait for the result.
Me: Thank You, Sir and HAPPY HOLI

1) ur name?
2) ur degree?
3)ur stream?
4) ur aggregate?
5)y CTS?
6) y software field?
7)\nwhat do u think r needed to be succesfull in software field and\nwhat do u think u have to be
successfull in the IT field?
8) wht r the software orientation that u have?
9)ur\n hobbies?

i was allocated panel 2 which comprise of two people one lady and another gentle man.Both were in their early
i greeted them both, and they both offered me chair. i thanked them for that.
now let me brief u the interview to u guys.
gentle men:Tell me about urself.
me: im Ajeeth.M vagera vagera vagera......
gentle man: fine:tell me about ur project..
me: i basically did two project, one as a course project in ANNA university embedded system course and
another as a degree project.
My course project is wireless control of crane model and i explanied it using some paper.. then my degree
project is secured data communication and i explained it to them..
Lady: what is the frequency of operation of ur RF module?(RF Radio Frequency module)
Lady: what is the modulation type that u used in ur project?
Me: ASK.
Lady: what r the other type of modulation available?
Gentle man:can u explain all the things briefly?\n
Me: i did it..
then the gentle men had a glance over my Resume..
gentle man: tell me ur role in ur project..
Me:i was the dealing with the software part of my project. i was developing programs in C language in our
Lady:so u r good in C?
Me: s
Lady: can u write a program to find whether the give number is prime r not?
Me:\n sure. and i wrote the program and explained it to them.
Lady: r u sure this program will execute?
Me: s im confident.
gentle man: we will wind up.
Me:thank\nu very much.(and this is the important part. i gave a good smile for\nwhich the response was a good
decent smile from them. which\ngave me a hint that i gonna click this time and i did)

CTS Technical and HR Questions

a) Transistor advantage over FET
b) Use of DFT.
c) Wheth er a DC source can be used to run a computer
d) Storage class in C ?
e) what type of I/O device is required for C.
f) Application of the
various bands in Satellite communication
g) Process to convert a transistor to diode.
h) effect of quantisation on the BW of a signal.
Some typicals HRs.....
i) how wud u like to spend 7 day holiday
j) what u expect from CTS
k) short term & long term goals
l) How u can contribute from ECE to software
m) Physical realization of Phase modulation.

Microsoft - C# Interview Questions

1. What is indexer? Where it is used explain
2. What is .NET Framework?
3. How we handle sql exceptions? What is the class that handles SqlServer exceptions?
4. What is the advantage of serialization?
5. how to fill datalist usinf XML file and how to bind it,code behind language is c#
6. What is the difference between const and static read-only?
7. Is it mandatory to implement all the methods which are there in abstract class if we inherit that abstract
8. Why do I get a "CS5001: does not have an entry point defined" error when compiling?
9. What's the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class' set method?
10. How do you inherit from a class in C#?
11. Does C# support multiple inheritance?
12. When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to?
13. Are private class-level variables inherited?
14. Describe the accessibility modifier protected internal.
15. What is the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class set method?
16. What's the top .NET class that everything is derived from?
17. How's method overriding different from overloading?
18. What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition?
19. What is an abstract class?
20. What is the data provider name to connect to Access database?
what are the linear data structures ?
Diff. between C and C++ ?
what is polymorphism and types of polymorphism
what is SDLC and have you implemented this?

1.“Tell me about Your self“?

2.What is Function Call BY reference and Call by value? Explaiin with Example ?

3.What is the difference between compiler & interpreter?

4.Write Bubble sort code ?

5.Explain virtual inheritance

6.Difference between the message and method ?
Ans : Message:
Objects communicate by sending messages to each other.
A message is sent to invoke a method.

Provides response to a message.
It is an implementation of an operation.

7.What’s the difference between COM and DCOM?

8. Difference between strdup and strcpy?

9.What is recursion?

10.Write a program to find the Factorial of a number

11.What is friend function?

12.What is encapsulation?

13.What is a template?

14.Explain about the types of linked lists?

15.What do you mean by Syntax Error? How can you correct it?

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Difference between asp and

- How do you do exception management
- If you are using components in your application, how can you handle exceptions raised in a component
- Can we throw exception from catch block
- How do you relate an aspx page with its code behind page
- What are the types of assemblies and where can u store them and how
- What is difference between value and reference types
- Is array reference type / value type
- Is string reference type / value type
- What is web.config. How many web.config files can be allowed to use in an application
- What is differnce between machine.config and web.config
- What is shared and private assembly
- What are asynchronous callbacks
- How to write unmanaged code and how to identify whether the code is managed / unmanaged.
- How to authenticate users using web.config
- What is strong name and which tool is used for this
- What is gacutil.exe. Where do we store assemblies
- Should sn.exe be used before gacutil.exe
- What does assemblyinfo.cs file consists of
- What is boxing and unboxing
- Types of authentications in ASP.NET
- difference between Trace and Debug
- Difference between Dataset and DataReader
- What is custom tag in web.config
- How do you define authentication in web.Config
- What is sequence of code in retrieving data from database
- About DTS package
- What provider use by default
- Where does web.config info stored? Will this be stored in the registry?
- How do you register the dotnet component or assembly?
- Difference between asp and
- Whis is stateless asp or
- Authentication mechanism in dotnet
- State management in
- Types of values mode can hold session state in web.config
- About WebService
- What are Http handler
- What is view state and how this can be done and was this there in asp?
- Types of optimization and name a few and how do u do?
- About DataAdapters
- Features of a dataset
- How do you do role based security
- Difference between Response.Expires and Expires.Absolute
- Types of object in asp
- About duration in caching technique
- Types of configuration files and ther differences
- Difference between ADO and
- About Postback
- If you are calling three SPs from a window application how do u check for the performance of the SPS

How do you manage session in ASP and ASP.NET

- How do you handle session management in ASP.NET and how do you implement them. How do you handle in case of
SQLServer mode.
- What are different authentication types. How do you retreive user id in case of windows authentication
- For a server control, you need to have same properties like color maxlength, size, and allowed character throughout the
application. How do you handle this.
- What is custom control. What is the difference between custom control and user control
- What is the syntax for datagrid and specifying columns
- How do you add a javascript function for a link button in a datagrid.
- Does C# supports multi-dimensional arrays
- How to transpose rows into columns and columns into rows in a multi-dimensional array
- What are object oriented concepts
- How do you create multiple inheritance in C#
- ADO and ADO.NET differences
- Features and disadvantages of dataset
- What is the difference between and ActiveX dll and control
- How do you perform validations
- What is reflection and disadvantages of reflection
- What is boxing and how it is done internally
- Types of authentications in IIS
- What are the security issues if we send a query from the application
- Difference between ByVal and ByRef
- Disadvantages of COM components

- How do we invoke queries from the application

- What is the provider and namespaces being used to access oracle database
- How do you load XML document and perform validation of the document
- How do you access elements in XML document
- What is ODP.NET
- Types of session management in ASP.NET
- Difference between datareader and dataset
- What are the steps in connecting to database
- How do you register a .NET assembly
- Usage of web.config
- About remoting and web services. Difference between them
- Caching techniques in .NET
- About CLS and CTS
- Is overloading possible in web services
- Difference between .NET and previous version
- Types of chaching. How to implement caching
- Features in ASP.NET
- How do you do validations. Whether client-side or server-side validations are better
- How do you implement multiple inheritance in .NET
- Difference between multi-level and multiple inheritance
- Difference between dataset and datareader
- What are runtime hosts
- What is an application domain
- What is viewstate
- About CLR, reflection and assemblies
- Difference between .NET components and COM components
- What does assemblyinfo.cs consists
- Types of objects in ASP

Tell about your current project

- Tell about your role
- What is the toughest situation you faced in the development
- How often you communicate with the client
- For what purposes, you communicate with the client
- What is the process followed
- Explain complete process followed for the development
- What is the life cycle model used for the development
- How do communicate with team members
- How do you say you are having excellent team management skills
- If your client gives a change and asks for early delivery. How will you manage.
- How will gather requirements and where do you record. Is it in word / Excel or do you have any tool for that
- What is the stage when code is delivered to the client and he is testing it.
- What are the different phases of SDLC
- How do you handle change requests
- How do you perform impact analysis
- How do you write unit test cases.
- About current project architecture

Write steps of retrieving data using

- Call a stored procedure from and pass parameter to it
- Different type of validation controls in
- Difference between server.Execute and response.redirect
- What is Response.Flush method
- How Response.flush works in server.Execute
- What is the need of clinet side and server side validation
- Tell About Global.asax
- What is application variable and when it is initialized
- Tell About Web.config
- Can we write one page in c# and other in vb in one application
- When web.config is called
- How many web.config a application can have
- How do you set language in web.cofig

Difference between VB dll and assemblies in .NET

- What is machine.config and web.config
- Tell about WSDL
- About web methods and its various attributes
- What is manifest
- Types of caching
- What does connection string consists of
- Where do you store connection string
- What is the difference between session state and session variables
- How do you pass session values from one page to another
- What are WSDL ports
- What is dataset and tell about its features. What are equivalent methods of previous, next etc. Of ADO in ADO.NET
- What is abstract class
- What is difference between interface inheritance and class inheritance
- What are the collection classes
- Which namespace is used for encryption
- What are the various authentication mechanisms in ASP.NET
- What is the difference between authentication and autherization
- What are the types of threading models
- How do you send an XML document from client to server
- How do you create dlls in .NET
- What is inetermediate language in .NET
- What is CLR and how it generates native code
- Can we store PROGID informatoin in database and dynamically load the component
- Is VB.NET object oriented? What are the inheritances does VB.NET support.
- What is strong name and what is the need of it
- Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection
- Advantage of over vb
- What is runtime host
- How to send a DataReader as a parameter to a remote client
- How do you consume a webservice
- What happens when a reference to webservice is added
- How do you reference to a private & shared assembly
- What is the purpose of System.EnterpriseServices namespace
- About .Net remoting
- Difference between remoting and webservice
- Types of statemanagement techniques
- How to register a shared assembly
- About stateless and statefull webservice
- How to invoke .net components from com components,give the sequence
- How to check null values in dataset
- About how soap messages are sent and received in webservice
- Error handling and how this is done
- Features in .net framework 1.1
- Any problem found in
- Optimization technique description
- About disco and uddi
- What providers does uses internally
- Oops concepts
- Disadvantages of vb
- XML serialization
- What providers do you use to connect to oracle database?

How do you rate yourself in .NET

- What is caching and types of caching
- What does VS.NET contains
- What is JIT, what are types of JITS and their pupose
- What is SOAP, UDDI and WSDL
- What is dataset

Types of threading models in

- Types of compatability in VB and their usage
- Difference between CDATA and PCDATA in XML
- What is Assync in XML api which version of XML parser u worked with
- Types of ASP objects
- Difference between application and session
- What is web application virtual directory
- Can two web application share a session and application variable
- If i have a page where i create an instance of a dll and without invoking any method can I send values to next page
- Diffeernce between Active Exe and /Dll
- Can the dictionary object be created in client’s ccope?
- About MTS and it’s purpose
- About writting a query and SP which is better
- I have a component with 3 parameter and deployed to client side now i changed my dll method which takes 4
parameter.How can i deploy this without affecting the clent’s code
- How do you do multithreading application in VB
- About Global .asax
- Connection pooling in MTS
- If cookies is disabled in clinet browser will session work
- About XLST
- How do you attach an XSL to an XML in presenting output
- What is XML
- How do you make your site SSL enabled
- Did you work on IIS administration

About response.buffer and repsonse.flush

- About dataset and data mining
- About SOAP
- Usage of htmlencode and urlencode
- Usage of server variables
- How to find the client browser type
- How do you trap errors in ASP and how do you invoke a component in ASP
#61607; Database
- About types of indexes in SQL server
- Difference between writing SQL query and stored procedure
- About DTS usage
- How do you optimize Sql queries

Define .NET architecture

- Where does ADO.NET and XML web services come in the architecture
- What is MSIL code
- Types of JIT and what is econo-JIT
- What is CTS, CLS and CLR
- Uses of CLR
- Difference between ASP and ASP.NET
- What are webservices, its attributes. Where they are available
- What is UDDI and how to register a web service
- Without UDDI, is it possible to access a remote web service
- How a web service is exposed to outside world
- What is boxing and unboxing
- What is WSDL and disco file
- What is web.config and machine.config
- What is difference between ASP and ASP.NET
- What is dataset and uses of dataset
- What does ADO.NET consists of?
- What are various authentication mechanisms in ASP.NET
- What do you mean by passport authentication and windows authentication
- What is an assembly and what does manifest consists
- What is strong name and what is the purpose of strong name
- What are various types of assemblies
- Difference between VB.NET and C#. Which is faster
- Types of caching
- How WSDL is stored
- What is the key feature of ADO.NET compared to ADO
- How does dataset acts in a disconnected fashion
- Does the following statement executes successfully:
Response.Write(“value of i = ” + i);
- What is ODP.NET
- What are the providers available with VS.NET
- What is a process
- What is binding in web service
- How a proxy is generated for a web service
- About delegates
- What are static assemblies and dynamic assemlies. Differences between them

Any disadvantages in Dataset and in reflection

- Difference between Active Exe and Activex dll
- Can we make activex dll also ti execute in some process as that of client ? How can we do?
- Types of compatabilities and explain them
- Types of instancing properties and explain each. Tell the difference between multiuse,singleuse and globalmultiuse and
which is default
- What is assembly?
- Difference between COM and .NET component
- What is early binding and Late binding. Difference which is better
- What happens when we instantiate a COM component
- What happens when we instantiate a .NET component
- Are you aware of containment and Aggregation
- What is UUID and GUID what is the size of this ID?
- About Iunknown interface Queue ,its methods Querry Interface Addref,Release and Explane each
- What ‘ll u do in early and late binding
- In early binding will the method invoked on com component will verify it’s existance in the system or not?
- Difference between dynamic query and static query
- About performance issues on retrieving records
- About ADO and its objects
- What is unmannaged code and will CLR handle this kind of code or not .
- Garbage collector’s functionality on unmanaged code
- If Instancing = Single use for ActiveX Exe, how will this be executed if there are 2 consecutive client requests ?
- Threading Types.
- How about the security in Activex DLL and Activex EXE

About .NET Framework

- About Assembly in .NET, types of assemblies, their difference, How to register into GAC. How to generate the strong
names & its use.
- What is side by side Execution?
- What is serialization?
- Life cycle of ASP.NET page when a request is made.
- If there is submit button in a from tell us the sequence what happens if submit is clicked and in form action is specified as
some other page.
- About a class access specifiers and method access specifiers.
- What is overloading and how can this be done.
- How to you declare connection strings and how to you make use of web.config.
- How many web.copnfig can exists in a web application & which will be used.
- About .NET Remoting and types of remoting
- About Virtual functions and their use.
- How do you implement Inheritance in dot net
- About components/objects. Usage of data adapters and tell the steps to retrieve data.
- What does CLR do as soon as an assembly is created
- How do you retrieve information from web.config.
- How do you declare delegates and are delegates and events one and the same and explain how do you declare
delegates and invoke them.
- If I want to override a method 1 of class A and in class b then how do you declare?
- What does CLR do after the IL is generated and machine language is generated .Will it look for main method
- About friend and Protected friend
- About multi level and multiple inheritance how to achieve in .net
- Sequence to connect and retrieve data from database useig dataset
- About sn.exe
- What was the problem in traditional component why side by side execution is supported in .net
- How .net assemblies are registred as private and shared assembly
- All kind of access specifiers for a class and for methods
- On
- Types of assemblies that can be created in dotnet
- About namespaces
- OOPs concept
- More on CLR

► How many languages .NET is supporting now?

► How is .NET able to support multiple languages?

► What is GAC in .NET?

► How ASP .NET different from ASP?

► What is view state in .NET?

► How do you implement thread synchronization (Object.Wait, Notify,and CriticalSection) in C#?

► If a method is marked as protected internal who can access it?

► Which of these string definitions will prevent escaping on backslashes in C#?

► In Object Oriented Programming, how would you describe encapsulation in C#?

► The C# keyword .int. maps to which .NET type?

1.Does C# support multiple-inheritance?

No. But you can use Interfaces.
2.Where is a protected class-level variable available?
It is available to any sub-class derived from base class
3.Are private class-level variables inherited?
Yes, but they are not accessible.
4.Describe the accessibility modifier “protected internal”.
It is available to classes that are within the same assembly and derived from the specified base class.
6.Which class is at the top of .NET class hierarchy?
7.What does the term immutable mean?
The data value may not be changed.
Note: The variable value may be changed, but the original immutable data value was discarded and a new
data value was created in memory.
8.What’s the difference between System.String and System.Text.StringBuilder classes?
System.String is immutable.
System.StringBuilder was designed with the purpose of having a mutable string where a variety of
operations can be performed.
9.What’s the advantage of using System.Text.StringBuilder over System.String?
StringBuilder is more efficient in cases where there is a large amount of string manipulation. Strings are
immutable, so each time a string is changed, a new instance in memory is created.
10.Can you store multiple data types in System.Array?
11.What’s the difference between the System.Array.CopyTo() and System.Array.Clone()?
The Clone() method returns a new array (a shallow copy) object containing all the elements in the original
array. The CopyTo() method copies the elements into another existing array. Both perform a shallow copy.
A shallow copy means the contents (each array element) contains references to the same object as the
elements in the original array. A deep copy (which neither of these methods performs) would create a new
instance of each element's object, resulting in a different, yet identacle object.
12.How can you sort the elements of the array in descending order?
By calling Sort() and then Reverse() methods.
13.What’s the .NET collection class that allows an element to be accessed using a unique key?
14.What class is underneath the SortedList class?
A sorted HashTable.
15.Will the finally block get executed if an exception has not occurred?
16.What’s the C# syntax to catch any possible exception?
A catch block that catches the exception of type System.Exception. You can also omit the parameter data
type in this case and just write catch {}.
17.Can multiple catch blocks be executed for a single try statement?
No. Once the proper catch block processed, control is transferred to the finally block .
18.Explain the three services model commonly know as a three-tier application?
Presentation (UI), Business (logic and underlying code) and Data (from storage or other sources).
Class Questions
1.What is the syntax to inherit from a class in C#?
Place a colon and then the name of the base class.
Example: class MyNewClass : MyBaseClass

2.Can you prevent your class from being inherited by another class?
Yes. The keyword “sealed” will prevent the class from being inherited.
3.Can you allow a class to be inherited, but prevent the method from being over-ridden?
Yes. Just leave the class public and make the method sealed.
4.What’s an abstract class?
A class that cannot be instantiated. An abstract class is a class that must be inherited
and have the methods overridden. An abstract class is essentially a blueprint for a class
without any implementation.
5.When do you absolutely have to declare a class as abstract?
1. When the class itself is inherited from an abstract class, but not all base abstract
methods have been overridden.
2. When at least one of the methods in the class is abstract.
6.What is an interface class?
Interfaces, like classes, define a set of properties, methods, and events. But unlike
classes, interfaces do not provide implementation. They are implemented by classes,
and defined as separate entities from classes.
7.Why can’t you specify the accessibility modifier for methods inside the interface?
They all must be public, and are therefore public by default.
8.Can you inherit multiple interfaces?
Yes. .NET does support multiple interfaces.
9.What happens if you inherit multiple interfaces and they have conflicting method
It’s up to you to implement the method inside your own class, so implementation is left
entirely up to you. This might cause a problem on a higher-level scale if similarly named
methods from different interfaces expect different data, but as far as compiler cares
you’re okay.
10. What’s the difference between an interface and abstract class?
In an interface class, all methods are abstract - there is no implementation. In an
abstract class some methods can be concrete. In an interface class, no accessibility
modifiers are allowed. An abstract class may have accessibility modifiers.
11. What is the difference between a Struct and a Class?
Structs are value-type variables and are thus saved on the stack, additional overhead
but faster retrieval. Another difference is that structs cannot inherit.

Method and Property Questions

1. What’s the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the set method/property of a class?
Value. The data type of the value parameter is defined by whatever data type the property is declared .
2. What does the keyword “virtual” declare for a method or property?
The method or property can be overridden.
3. How is method overriding different from method overloading?
When overriding a method, you change the behavior of the method for the derived class. Overloading a
method simply involves having another method with the same name within the class.
4. Can you declare an override method to be static if the original method is not static?
No. The signature of the virtual method must remain the same. (Note: Only the keyword virtual is changed
to keyword override)
5. What are the different ways a method can be overloaded?
Different parameter data types, different number of parameters, different order of parameters.
6. If a base class has a number of overloaded constructors, and an inheriting class has a number of
overloaded constructors; can you enforce a call from an inherited constructor to a specific base
Yes, just place a colon, and then keyword base (parameter list to invoke the appropriate constructor) in the
overloaded constructor definition inside the inherited class.
Events and Delegates
1. What’s a delegate?
A delegate object encapsulates a reference to a method.
2. What’s a multicast delegate?
A delegate that has multiple handlers assigned to it. Each assigned handler (method) is called.
3. What’s the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class’ set method?
Value, and it’s datatype depends on whatever variable we’re changing.
4. How do you inherit from a class in C#?
Place a colon and then the name of the base class.
5. Does C# support multiple inheritance?
No, use interfaces instead.
6. When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to?
Classes in the same namespace.
7. Are private class-level variables inherited?
Yes, but they are not accessible, so looking at it you can honestly say that they are not inherited.
8. Describe the accessibility modifier protected internal.?
It’s available to derived classes and classes within the same Assembly (and naturally from the base class
it’s declared in).
9. C# provides a default constructor for me. I write a constructor that takes a string as a parameter, but
want to keep the no parameter one. How many constructors should I write?
Two. Once you write at least one constructor, C# cancels the freebie constructor, and now you have to
write one yourself, even if there’s no implementation in it.
10. What’s the top .NET class that everything is derived from?
11. How’s method overriding different from overloading?
When overriding, you change the method behavior for a derived class. Overloading simply involves having
a method with the same name within the class.
12. What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition?
The method can be over-ridden.
13. Can you declare the override method static while the original method is non-static?
No, you can’t, the signature of the virtual method must remain the same, only the keyword virtual is
changed to keyword override.
14. Can you override private virtual methods?
No, moreover, you cannot access private methods in inherited classes, have to be protected in the base
class to allow any sort of access.
15. Can you prevent your class from being inherited and becoming a base class for some other classes?
Yes, that’s what keyword sealed in the class definition is for. The developer trying to derive from your class
will get a message: cannot inherit from Sealed class WhateverBaseClassName.
It’s the same concept as final class in Java.
16. Can you allow class to be inherited, but prevent the method from being over-ridden?
Yes, just leave the class public and make the method sealed.
17. What’s an abstract class?
A class that cannot be instantiated. A concept in C++ known as pure virtual method. A class that must be
inherited and have the methods over-ridden.
Essentially, it’s a blueprint for a class without any implementation.
18. When do you absolutely have to declare a class as abstract (as opposed to free-willed educated choice
or decision based on UML diagram)?
When at least one of the methods in the class is abstract. When the class itself is inherited from an
abstract class, but not all base abstract methods have been over-ridden.
19. What’s an interface class?
It’s an abstract class with public abstract methods all of which must be implemented in the inherited
20. Why can’t you specify the accessibility modifier for methods inside the interface?
They all must be public. Therefore, to prevent you from getting the false impression that you have any
freedom of choice, you are not allowed to specify any accessibility, it’s public by default.
21. Can you inherit multiple interfaces?
Yes, why not.
22. And if they have conflicting method names?
It’s up to you to implement the method inside your own class, so implementation is left entirely up to you.
This might cause a problem on a higher-level scale if similarly named methods from different interfaces
expect different data, but as far as compiler cares you’re okay.
23. What’s the difference between an interface and abstract class?
In the interface all methods must be abstract, in the abstract class some methods can be concrete. In the
interface no accessibility modifiers are allowed, which is ok in abstract classes.
24. How can you overload a method?
Different parameter data types, different number of parameters, different order of parameters.
25. If a base class has a bunch of overloaded constructors, and an inherited class has another bunch of
overloaded constructors, can you enforce a call from an inherited constructor to an arbitrary base
Yes, just place a colon, and then keyword base (parameter list to invoke the appropriate constructor) in the
overloaded constructor definition inside the inherited class.
26. What’s the difference between System.String and System.StringBuilder classes?
System.String is immutable, System.StringBuilder was designed with the purpose of having a mutable
string where a variety of operations can be performed.
27. Is it namespace class or class namespace?
The .NET class library is organized into namespaces. Each namespace contains a functionally related group
of classes so natural namespace comes first.