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1. All tasks must be delivered in English.

2. The cover sheet of your assignment must contain the following information: Course
code and name / Semester / Your full name and student number / Your email address
and mobile number.
3. For written assignment, use Times New Roman or Arial, 12-point font, with 1.5-line
spacing in A4 format. Ensure that the assignment you submit is paginated.
4. Present your responses to the tasks in a MULTIPLE files. Adhere to the following
i. Response to Task 1 – A recorded speech presentation (max 400MB)
ii. Response to Task 2 – Reflective Report/Essay

5. Submit your files ONLINE by: 14 MARCH 2021

6. Late submission without prior permission will be penalized with marks deduction.

7. This assignment accounts for 60% of the total marks for the course:

a) Speech Presentation – 40%

b) Reflective Report/Essay – 20%


The task set for this assignment are designed to help you meet the following course
learning outcomes (CLOs):
1) Describe effective verbal and non-verbal language in expressing formal and informal
communication; and
3) Demonstrate the ability and confidence in preparing and practising effective
communication skills in any settings.
* CLO 2 will be tested in the MCQ items.

The objective of this task is to confidently deliver an Informative speech.This is an
individual task.
Choose ONE of the specific purposes (Refer to the OUMH1303 Module, pg 178) below and
prepare a speech on the topic: NATURE.
a. Explanation OR

b. Reporting

Delivering an effective speech is a skill that needs to be developed especially for those with
job tasks involving speeches like teachers, sales person, lawyers and many others. The most
important thing to do first is to research a good topic that will be of interest to your

The followings are task specifications in preparing thevideo:

a. Start by brainstorming the topic: NATURE and find one aspect to start planning your
speech text. You MUST discuss your title with your e-tutor in the forum or during the
e tutorial sessions. Find a title that you as the presenter will be comfortable to
deliver the speech. E.g.: Tsunami and the detrimental effects.
b. Plan and write your speech text – either in short notes or the complete text. Your
introduction should state your name, ID, Course, and the purpose of the speech with
the title.

c. You can refer to various resources or use your personal observations, experience,
and knowledge for creating the content, but make sure that the content of the
speech is appropriate to your targeted audience.
d. You will need to decide: the producer, your targeted audience, the surroundings
(background, lighting, soundproof area), and other aspects to consider even though
you are not going to mention it verbally in the presentation.
e. Plan visual aids. You are encouraged to use creativity and innovation in producing
the video by catering both brain’s visual and auditory systems, body language, facial
expressions, imagery and music, etc. You might want to use applications to further
exemplify the speech text like PowerPoint Presentation, iMovie, Funimate, Adobe
and many others. However, remember that this video is a speech presentation NOT
a video presentation.
f. Record your 8 - 12minutes speech. Marks will be deducted for speeches that are
lesser that 8 minutes or more that 13 minutes. Adhere to these:
i. Look confident and professional
ii. Make sure that you have an introduction
iii. The purpose of the speech must either be to demonstrate or to describe.
iv. The video screen must capture the top half of your body so that your hand
gestures and facial expressions are visible- at least half of the recording
v. Your speech must be engaging and interesting.
vi. You must offer an ending (conclusion) in the video.
g. Make sure the recording of your speech is authentic, clear and organised.
Remember, “you are the script writer, the speaker and maybe even, the producer!”.
Your aim is to deliver a speech that is engaging and interesting to your audience.
h. Submit your video online according to the instructions.

* Refer to the assignment rubrics as a guide to achieve cohesion and coherence.
* Remember to refer to Topic 8 of OUMH 1303 Module
[Total: 40 marks]


The task set for this assignment are designed to help you meet the following course
learning outcomes (CLOs):
1) Describe effective verbal and non-verbal language in expressing formal and informal
communication; and
3) Demonstrate the ability and confidence in preparing and practising effective
communication skills in any settings.
* CLO 2 will be tested in the MCQ items.


IMPORTANT: This task is a continuation of your video presentation: Explanation or

Reporting Speech on the topic:NATURE.

Write a 4-5 pages reflection on the process of carrying out the speech presentation.

Your reflection essay MUST include the following FIVE criteria and each criterion should be
about 500 words:

i) Reflection on the process; the planning stage of the video, during the recording
of the video and after the video has been recorded. Reflect on the challenges and
what you did to overcome these challenges. Share your thoughts on the
language process too – vocabulary and grammar in writing and delivering the
ii) The timeline of completing the recording of the video and the preparation of
visual aids. How long did you plan and record etc? How important is creativity
and innovation in this task? Why do you say so?
iii) Reflection of the content (the topic/ issue) and rationalise how things could have
been done in a better way. Is this topic/ issue familiar with you or vice versa?
Describe well. During the process of the video, there might be some instances
where you realised your idea could have been improved in another way.
Describe this situation too.
iv) Show the video to ONE person and inquire if the speech is explanation/reporting.
If he/she believe the video is neither, ask for other suggestions that might help
improve the speech or the speaker. Share this person’s thoughts in your
reflective essay.

v) Your personal thoughts of completing this task (the video presentation). How do
you feel about it? Describe too, what are the advantages/disadvantages of
recording this video? If you feel the video recording is not advisable, what would
be a better alternative? Explain your rationale.


i. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Avoid using or claiming other people’s writing in

this assignment.
ii. Refer to the assignment rubrics as a guide to achieve cohesion and coherence.

[Total: 20 marks]


- Must have an introduction, body and a conclusion


(2-5 lines)

(all the 5 criteria mentioned above)

(2-5 lines)

Excellent Good Fair Poor Or
No response
QN CLO Criteria Weight Marks
4 3 2 1 0
Task 1 3 Speech 2 Covers the topic in depth Includes basic knowledge Includes essential The content includes Lack of content 8
Content with details and examples. of the topic. The content is information about the minor details and it has and no purpose.
Knowledge of the topic is good and inviting to the topic, but contain few several mistakes in the
excellent. viewers. mistakes in the facts. The facts. The content is
content is particularly not not inviting to the
The purpose of the speech The purpose of the speech really inviting to the viewer.
is excellently achieved. is achieved. viewer.
The purpose of the
The structure of the The structure of the The purpose of the speech speech is not clear, and
content is very inviting to content is organized, and is somewhat clear, and the the timing is either too
the viewers, and the the timing is good. timing is between 8- short or too long.
timing is excellently met. 12minutes.

3 Originality & 1.5 The ideas show great The ideas show originality The ideas show less The ideas show no No originality and 6
Creativity of originality. The ideas are with the use of own ideas creativity and very rigid. creativity and very no creativity at
ideas creative, professional and and creativity. The content is rather stiff boring. The content is all.
witty. and not smooth. presented as “reading”
Good use of visual aids and not natural
Excellent use of visual aids and there are additional Moderate use of visual
and extra creative efforts creative efforts to enhance aids and few creative Lacks visual aids and
to enhance understanding understanding of speech efforts to enhance poor creative efforts
of speech content content understanding of speech

3 Organisation 3 Direction and duration of Direction and duration of A moderate direction and Little effort has been No effort has 12
and the video is well planned the video is good and duration of the video and made to direct the been made to

presentation of and captures the captures the audience’s at times able to capture video. Video is too make the video
the speaker audience’s attention attention throughout. the audience’s attention. short. interesting.
There are clear attempts There are attempts to link The structure and No attraction at
The structure and details to link details in the video details in the video but the organization of ideas in all and/or the
of the video are placed in but in one or two parts, structure and organisation the video is not content is
a logical order and the way the details appear of the video lacks direction smooth and/or might confusing.
they are presented incoherent. that affected viewer’s contain some mistakes
effectively keeps the comprehension. in the facts that
interest of the viewer. Delivery is natural, fluent affected general
and audible. Delivery is quite natural, understanding of the
Delivery is effectively fluent and audible. viewer.
natural, fluent and The gestures and
audible. expressions are quite The gestures and Delivery is not natural/
spontaneous. expressions show some fluent and or audible.
The gestures and sign of nervousness.
expressions are natural,
very relaxing and

3 Overall and 1.5 The overall quality of the Most of the quality of the The quality of the video is The quality of the The quality of the 6
Clarity of the video and the focus were video and the focus were not very good but the video is acceptable but video and the
Video excellent. good. overall focus was the overall focus was overall focus
acceptable. not good or quite bad. were very poor
The video angle and The video angle and good and not
perfect lighting excellently lighting captures the The video angle and The video angle and acceptable.
captures the speaker. speaker. lighting somewhat lighting poorly
captures the speaker captures the speaker,
The ending part of the The ending part is asthere were more too many animations.
video is recognizable and recognizable, but does not animation instead.
gives very clear and effectively close the video. There is no clear
meaningful closure to the There is no clear ending or ending part. The video
video. the ending part is just ends.
unexpected/ not

3 Use of 2 No errors in grammar, Minimal errors in Some errors in grammar, A lot of errors in Too many major 8
Language punctuation or spelling grammar, punctuation or punctuation or spelling grammar, punctuation errors and very
that distracts the viewer spelling that does not that affects viewer’s or spelling that affects poor grammar,
from the content. affect viewer’s understanding. viewer’s punctuation or
The choices of words are understanding. Some of the words used comprehension. spelling.
very appropriate and The choices of words are are not appropriate and The choices of words Language used is
suitable for the video and mostly appropriate and not suitable for the video are very poor and not not suitable for
targeted audience. suitable for the video and and targeted audience. appropriate the video the video and
targeted audience. and targeted audience. targeted

Total 10 40
*QN = Question Number

Excellent Good Fair Poor Or
No response
QN CLO Criteria Weight Marks
4 3 2 1 0
Task 2 Introduction 0.5 The introduction is The introduction is good. The introduction is There is no clear There is no 2
excellently written. sufficient introduction. introduction.

1 Reflections 3.5 Convincing, critical and Critical and detailed Thorough and detailed Demonstrates a lack of High possibility of 14
detailed discussion of the discussion of the activity; discussion of activity; pre, understanding and plagiarism.
activity; pre, during and pre, during and post during and post insights of the 5
post criteria required. Does not
Demonstrates good Demonstrates satisfactory demonstrate
Demonstrates very good understanding and understanding and Less than 5 criteria are understanding
understanding and insights insights of the 5 criteria insights of 5 criteria elaborated. nor insights of the
of the 5 criteria required. required. required. 5 criteria
Too few personal required.
All 5 criteria is elaborated All 5 criteria is elaborated All 5 criteria are reflections and
extensively, more than well, within 400-500 elaborated, within 400- examples are
500 words per criteria. words 500 words. unimportant or not
detailed. Word count is
All personal reflections Personal reflections and Some personal reflections much less than 400
and relevant examples are relevant examples are and relevant examples are words.
very essential and essential and detailed. somewhat essential and
detailed. detailed.

Conclusion 0.5 The conclusion is well The conclusion is The conclusion shows The conclusion is not There is no 2
connected to all the connected to all the some connections to the clearly written. conclusion.
reflections. reflections. reflections.

Language/ 0.5 Writer makes no errors in Writer makes minimal Writer makes some errors Writer makes a lot of Writing is 2
Grammar grammar or spelling that errors in grammar, in grammar, structure, or errors in grammar, generally
distracts the reader from structure and spelling that spelling that affect structure or spelling incomprehensible
the content. does not affect reader’s reader’s understanding. that affect reader’s due to grammar,
understanding. comprehension. structures and

spelling mistakes.
Total 5 20
*QN = Question Number