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(| TENNESSEE (0M State UNiversity Office of The President 3800 don A. Mersit Boulevard Nashville, TN 37209 Office (618) 9637401 Fax (615) 963-1407 ‘TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY AGREEMENT FOR DISTINGUISHED GUEST SS December 6, 2020 Dear Rev. Sharpton: This is to confirm your appoi istied Guest Lecturer at Tennessee State University, for the Spri ig January 19, 2021, and ending no st SDontingent upon your completion of the assigned duties .d Guest Lecturer position, including providing lecturers on 1d social justice; and engaging in other academic endeavors, as s, as determined mutually by Rev. Sharpton and President eh Hon shall be paid ona monthly besis over the course ofthe tem of a3 3. This eppoihtent includes no obligation for or guarantee of summer session employment 4. Positions which are funded in whole or in part by funds other than tax-appropriated funds are subject to termination by Tennessee State University at any time in the event of reduction or termination by the source of the non-tax appropriated funds which support this position. Temmesiae State University i an AA/EEO omployer Page 2/Sharpton 5. This appointment is a temporary appointment, pursuant to which you are not eligible for academic tenure. This appointment does not include any right to, expectancy of or interest in permanent or continuous employment, extension of the period of employment, or renewal of the appointment. This appointment may be renewed for the 2021-2022 academic school year by the mutual agreement of both parties. 6. You are required to notify the Director of Human Resources'Vice feat for Academic Affairs should you become employed at another state of Tennesse; institution. 7. This agreement may be terminated upon 30 days’ notice. 8. By acceptance of this appointment, you agree to ad of Workplace Actof 1988 as defined in published instit so agree to notify the Office of Human Resoure: srg for a violation occurring in the workplace no later t er suc y 9. This appointment with Tennessee State Ui ipletion of the Form 1-9 as required by law to k required to be completed and signed on or 1 Fite day 0 ‘to do so may result in termination of employme; = 10, The method of payment at T igh direct deposit to achecking. or savings account at iS provide the necessary account, number(s) for deposi 11, Employment backgroun 7 @ 12. You i RT ries, procedures and guidelines, including but nobdi i Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). ess of the Tennessee State University and of this Institution i 'y, ghns hereby acknowledge your responsibilities under those ossibly assign (as required under policy) Intellectual Property ‘solely or jointly with others, during the term of your employment, st the Institution as required by policy in protecting rights it may have in in roperty, 14, It is a Class’A misdemeanor to misrepresent academic eredentials, 15, The following special conditions shall govern this appointment: a. None, Page 3/ Sharpton ‘You must signify your acceptance of this appointment under the terms and conditions set forth by signing this notice and returning it to the Office of Human Resources within fifteen (15) days after the date of this notice. 12/96/2020 DATE, ‘Tennessee State University does not discr tl disability, age, status as a covered veteran, hhas been designated to handle inquiries re Inclusion, 3500 John Merrit, Blvd, i€n, ethnic or national origin, sex, \dactivities. The following person Razel Jones, Director of Equity and i :