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By James McQuaid, Ryan Spencer,

Charles Parr, James Spineli

Playtesters: To all of our classmates and friends who helped us to ensure a better game

Cover Art: Charles Parr

Interior Artists: Ryan Spencer, Art from Creative Commons

Copyright © 2015 James McQuaid, Ryan Spencer, Charles Parr, James Spineli, all rights reserved.
Hardcover: ISBN N/A
Softcover: ISBN N/A

Version 1.0, 12/5/17

Madman Protocol, the Madman Protocol logo, and the Oops We Lost One logo are trademarks of
James McQuaid, Ryan Spencer, Charles Parr, James Spineli. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or
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CHAPTER 1: Introduction–4
Our World–4
How to Play The Game–5

CHAPTER 2: Character Creation–7

Step 1: Concept–7
Step 2: Background–7
Step 3: Stat and Skill Point Buy–7
Step 4: Purchase Weapons and Gear–9
Step 5: Mission Time and Future Advancement –9

CHAPTER 3:How to Play the Game–22

Making a Skill Check–22
Using Stats and Skills–22

Chapter 4: The Handler and The World–29

The Handler’s –29
Historical Notes–29
Creating NPC’s–29
A Word about Realism–30
Skill Check Variants–30

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
Welcome within the Fireteam are set up as a well
established team. We don’t encourage internal
Welcome to Madman Protocol. In this book
conflict between Fireteam members unless it is
you will find guidelines to playing a tabletop
approved by all the players before hand or is a
role playing game focused on combat within a
major plot point of the Situation.
modern setting. With your friends you can ex-
D10 refers to a ten-sided die, You will be us-
plore the deeper parts of our modern world as
ing the D10 to make all of your rolls for actions
you see fit or craft a completely new world with
within the game.
its own political climates and black operations.
Skill Checks (SC) are what you will make
With your Fireteam (group of players) and your
whenever you want to perform an action that the
Handler (the one who will run the game) you will
Handler feels you can’t instantly do. Skill Checks
take on missions that bring you through popu-
involve rolling a D10 and adding the appropri-
lated city centers, rural farms, casinos and even
ate modifiers to the roll. There are two types of
jungles as you push to accomplish your goals.
Skill Checks you will be performing in our game:
We at Oops We Lost One hope you enjoy our
Variable Skill Checks when it is purely a test
game and take what we have given you to new
of your own skill, and Contested Skill Checks
when someone or something else is resisting or
challenging what you are doing.
Stats and Skills are the primary features of
Our World your character. They define how good you are at
Madman Protocol takes place in a near future performing certain actions. A combined score of
setting with an alternate history. While most your Stats and Skills will be used whenever you
countries still stand similar to how they do to- attempt to make a skill check.
day, the Cold War never truly ended. This differ- DP stands for designation points. DP will be
ence leads to a heightened number of black ops used to advance your characters Stats and Skills.
and special operations teams being formed. This will be explained further in our Character
Terminology Creation segment.
AP stands for Action Points. AP
Before we dive deeper into the mechanics and
how to play the game there are a few term you shows how much energy your
will need to know. character has during combat.
Situation is the term used to define the missions You will use a certain number
that you will be going through. Situations can of AP anytime you want to
be as simple as a hit and run attack on a drug use and action in combat.
ring or a month long mission to dismantle a new
terrorist organization.
The Handler is the person chosen to run
Situations. The Handler will control the world
around the Fireteam, as well as act as a guide to
keep play going. The NPC’s or non player char-
acters of the world are completely under the
control of The Handler.
The Fireteam is the primary group of play-
ers and their characters. The members of your
Fireteam may change between or even during
situations. The game is built so that players

How to Play The Game table and keep an eye out.
Handler: Alright roll me a Composure check to
Now that you know the major terms you will
stay equal with the crowd.
need, we will explore the basic concepts of our
Phoenix 3: That’s six plus nothing.
game. Whenever the Fireteam enters a new area
Handler: You sit down at the table and while
generally the Handler will start by describing
you are able to keep with the game it seems
what can be immediately observed. The Han-
rather clear that something else is primarily
dler may also provide a few upfront options to
in your mind. None of the players at the table
the Fireteam before they decide to do anything.
though seem to pay much attention to that.
After the options are presented, the Fireteam
Phoenix 2: I’m not really happy with Phoenix
members will decided how they want to act.
1’s check so I want to look around myself.
Once the Fireteam comes up with their actions
Handler: Alright roll me a Spotting check again
The Handler will talk through how things hap-
Phoenix 2: That’s a nine plus six so a fifteen.
pen and can have the appropriate members of
Handler: As you look very methodically around
the Fireteam make Skill Checks that seem ap-
the room you
do notice a
man at the
all of
slots that ap-
the Skill
pears to be
have been
with the man
next to him.
you will
Both of them
seem to be
this basic
hiding their
flow of
This flow
will even
continue into combat and bigger actions. Here is
Phoenix 2: I message Phoenix 1 about what I
an example of the basic flow of the game:
saw and approach them ready to grab my pistol
out of my jacket.
Phoenix 1: I’ll do the same from the opposite
Handler: As Phoenix Squad arrives at the casino
side of him once I get the message and throw a
you see various civilians moving around enjoy-
signal to 3.
ing their nights, Drinks are being had and slots
Phoenix 3: I’ll fold on my current hand and keep
are rolling
an eye on their situation.
Phoenix 1: I want to scan the area looking to
Handler: Alright you walk up on your approach
see if anyone matches the description of our
and the men you are approaching are going to
roll Spotting checks against Stealth checks for
Handler: Alright, perform a Spotting Skill Check.
Phoenix 1: I rolled a four with a bonus of five,
Phoenix 1: I got a 4 total.
so a nine total.
Phoenix 3: And I got a 2 so I’m going to go with
Handler: As you look around the room no one
they see us approaching.
stand out as the possible target.
Handler: As the two of you rather clearly walk
Phoenix 3: I’m going to go blend in at a poker
towards him one of the men starts to bolt of to-

wards the exit while the other one gets tripped
up. We are going to enter combat.
Phoenix 1: I have a 2 Ingenuity with a roll of 3.
Phoenix 2: 3 with a roll of 6
Phoenix 3: And I’m 2 with a 7
Handler: Alright that means 2 , 3, the man
running, 1, and then the man that tripped. Go
ahead 2
Phoenix 2: Alright before the guy on the ground
can even get up I’m going to engage him in CQC
and attempt to get some handcuffs on him.
Handler: Alight roll CQC plus your bonus for
being the attacker. He rolled a 7 total
Phoenix 2: For me it’s a total of 11.
Handler: Alright you succeed. The man is hand-
Phoenix 2: Cool that is all I can really do
Handler: Alright 3 you are up
Phoenix 3: I’m going to jump up from my table
and scream for the man to freeze as my mi-
nor action and for my major I will shoot if he
doesn’t stop moving
Handler: Roll Intimidation along with that.
Phoenix 3: Well that’s a 4 so.
Handler: Ok its his turn and he is using all of
his actions to get to the exit. You can take your
shot but be warned people are up and moving
now so you need to make sure you don’t miss.
Phoenix 3: Well with a total of 16 I think that’s a
headshot actually.
Handler: As you pull the trigger on your revolv-
er the shot rings out and you watch as it clear
hits at the upper part of his neck. He is just
barely alive from that shot.
Phoenix 1: I immediately use a move to get clos-
er before pulling an EMP grenade out and throw
it at his dropped body.
Handler: Smart move as you throw the gre-
nade it detonated just it time to shut down elec-
tronics in its area. You can see that the man was
clearly reaching for a switch of some sort
Phoenix 1: Looks like the intel was right and we
just stopped a bomb
Handler: Yes you did and with the other hand-
cuffed and this guy at no health I’m going to
consider this a finished combat

CHAPTER 2: Character Creation
Step 1: Concept bat chapter. In Madman Protocol there are four
stats: Marksmanship, Body, Mind, and Cha-
The most important step in character
risma. Each of these stats encompasses your
creation is deciding on the concept for your
general abilities. Within each of these stats there
Fireteam. Deciding who you want to work for,
are multiple skills that represent more specific
whether that be a major government, a shadow
talents. For example, within Marksmanship there
organization, or just working for yourselves as
is a skill for each class of firearm that represents
mercenaries, is going to define how your Han-
your proficiency with that specific weapon type.
dler builds the situations you will be getting
Each stat and skill can go up to a total score of
into. Having a clear concept of who you are as
5. Whenever you roll to attempt an action you
a soldier will also help you while building your
will add both your stat and skill score associat-
actual character. Do you want to be the frontline
ed with the check.
riflemen who is always ready to take a shot and
When creating your character, you have 60
cover your team, the sniper who knows when he
designation points, or DP, that you can spend
or she is most needed and takes down the most
to upgrade your stats and skills. If you want to
important enemy assets, or would you rather be
upgrade a skill then it costs DP equal to number
a juggernaut armed to the teeth with a machine
of the rank you are upgrading to. For example,
gun ready to rain hell upon any enemy combat-
going from rank 0 to 1 in Athletics costs 1 DP,
ants in your way. The starting DP and money
but going from rank 4 to 5 costs 5 DP. Stats cost
values given here are based on the idea that you
3 times the number of the rank you are upgrad-
are a special forces team of a few specialists,
ing to. This means that to increase Marksman-
each of whom covers part of the skills. If you
ship from rank 1 to 2 costs 6 DP, and rank 4 to
feel that your characters are more or less than
5 costs 15 DP. With 60 points to spend you can
that your handler may choose to increase or
choose to be an absolute expert in one skill and
decrease the number of points and money you
stat, but keep in mind that you will be lacking
have access to.
in other categories. Make sure your team has a
good variety of skills so that you can cover each
Step 2: Background other’s backs in different situations. Below is a
Now that you have an idea of who you list of each stat and skill with a short explana-
are, the next step is determining how you got tion. You can look at the Using Stats and Skills
here. How were you recruited? What connections section in the How to Play the Game Chapter for
or friends have you made while in the armed full descriptions
forces? While family back home may not seem and case uses:
relevant, an organization that knows too much
may use it as leverage against you. Every soldier
has a past: What is yours?

Step 3: Stat and Marksmanship: Covers your ability to handle

Skill Point Buy firearms. This Stat is primarily used when firing
Now that you have the theming and the weapons.
story of your group set out its time to get down
to the numbers. Every character has a maxi- Assault Rifle - The standard issue weapon of
mum health of 20 and a base move speed of most militaries. They represent an all-around
10 meters per combat “second”, regardless of weapon useful for most engagements
stats. This will be explained further in the com-

Sub Machine Gun - Favored by those who need Athletics - Athletics is your ability to get out of
to move fast and fire just as fast. Their damage the trench, up a cliff face, or throw a grenade.
is lower than most weapons but carry a good Athletics is the most general body skill and it
magazine capacity and are easy to fire. will help determine your carry capacity as well.

Handgun - The backup firearm. Handguns are Endurance - Endurance determines how long
easy to carry and though they are weaker than you can keep going. As a skill, Endurance de-
anything else, they will always have your back. termines how long you can perform strenuous
actions before becoming fatigued.
Light Machine Gun - For when one shot, one
kill isn’t your interest. LMG’s are heavy but allow Physical Will - When life is leaving your body
you to dish out a hail of bullets to keep enemies but your hold on life is too strong to die. Phys-
locked down. ical Will is your ability to keep pushing through
the pain and keep yourself alive even in the
Sniper Rifle - Accuracy, Precision, and the the worst situations.
thrill of the hunt, Sniper Rifles are for those who
don’t need to meet their targets face to face. Stealth - Stand still, stay silent. Stealth is the
If these are your preferred weapons be careful control you have over your body to keep ene-
when you need to get in close as you may be up mies unaware of you.
a creek without a paddle.
Finesse - Make sure your hands are steady or
Marksman Rifle - A balance between the As- the bomb might explode. Finesse is how well
sault Rifle and the Sniper Rifle. These feature you can handle small and precise actions. Un-
longer ranges than AR’s but are unable to dish locking doors or cutting the right wire is all
out as much damage as their bigger brothers. down to your finesse.

Shotgun - For when you want to get up close Mind - Your mind can fool you unless you un-
and personal. Known for high damage in close derstand it. The mind stat covers how well you
quarters, the shotgun tears apart unarmored can control your senses as well as your general
targets but is limited in its ability to deal with mental ability. Hope you’ve been studying.
armor or targets beyond its primary range.
Sciences - Sciences is you understanding of
Special - Grenade launchers, RPG’s, Flame- chemistry and math. This skill is important in
throwers. These weapons are rarer for the stan- identifying toxic waste or mixing the proper
dard infantry to see, but you can’t deny their amount of a chemical compound.
usefulness in unconventional situations.
Mental Will - Your body may feel pain, but your
Body - How well tuned your body is, whether mind is still working. Mental Will is your ability
it’s bodybuilding or acrobatics. Body covers your to focus your mind on what needs to get done
character’s physical prowess. and keep yourself doing your job.

CQC - Your ability to handle knives and your Spotting - This is your general ability to notice
fists. Close Quarter Combat skill is the last line and perceive things. You can use this skill to
of defense soldiers have when their gear fails find a person hiding in the distance or try to
them. identify an object at range.

Examine - When you need to look at something Intimidation - ability to speak for a cause by im-
under a magnifying glass literally or figurative- plying harmful intent. Intimidation is important
ly. Examine covers finding out how something for someone trying to make a significant pres-
works or searching a body for secret pockets ence for themselves.

History - The pen is truly sometimes mightier Deception - ability to speak for a factor via lies
than the sword. History is how well you can and half truths. Deception is needed for charac-
recall important events or note the political ters looking to get between the lines and get out
climate and relations between factions. History of a guilty situation
also determines how many languages you can
reasonably be proficient in. Appeal - ability to speak for a factor based in
sexual means and make a show.
Hack - Trying to hack the planet? Hacking is
how well you can work your way through com- Composure - ability to hold your face and de-
puter systems and security. meanor in a stressful situation

Medical - When the guy next to you has his gut Step 4: Purchase
knocked in, the medical skill is what you look to
to keep them going. This skill is how well you Weapons and Gear
can dress wounds and use medical supplies. With your stats and skills selected it’s
time to purchase your weapons and gear that
Ingenuity - How well can you think and impro- you want to start with. Our recommendation is
vise on the fly. Ingenuity is how quickly you can that you start with $5,000 worth of gear and
plan your movement on the battlefield, as well weapons per character. The total money you
as the skill used to craft things out of general have available is up to the Handler but this is
materials. our primary recommendation. All our gear and
weapons can be found in the Equipment Section
Deduction - Your ability to work through prob- that follows our step by step character creation.
lems or gauge if someone is lying to you. De-
duction can help you get through situations that Step 5: Mission Time
don’t have physical solutions.
and Future Advance-
Charisma - Your ability to talk ment
around a situation or make good With everyone created and geared up it’s
display. Charisma is the stat for time to get out there and get a job done. As you
those who believe that words are complete missions your Handler will award the
as powerful as bullets. Fireteam with more DP and money based on
how well you complete your objectives. While
Persuasion - Why your Fireteam’s journey may end after only a
use guns when few missions there is always the potential to
words can do it continue on in the future. All of your future
better? Persuasion advancements cost the same as during character
is how well you creation but you will need to have had at least
can speak for a one hour of downtime before you can assign
cause using reason. new DP to skills. Weapons and gear also cost

the same as the charts show as a base price; Mongoose
however, you will need to find the proper people Revolvers were the first handguns that
to sell you new firearms. These NPC’s may have could reliably fire multiple rounds before requir-
different ideas of how much firearms and other ing reloading. The revolver platform has re-
equipment cost mained a reliable option for a sidearm through-
out time. Even though they have been dropped
Equipment from most standard military services, revolvers
will always stand true in their position to deal
Here in the equipment section you will
large rounds from a sidearm platform. The Mon-
find mostly firearms and tools for combat. There
goose can accept Muzzle and Optic Attachments
are also a few extra tools for general use. The
contents of this section are by no means the
limit they just cover the basics of our equipment
Despite lacking range compared to other
design. If there is a firearm that you would wish
guns of their size, they contain a large amount
to use, simply look for a firearm we have that
sheer firepower. Devastating to unarmored
uses a similar ammunition type and modify it
targets and easy to fire, you don’t want to be
to fit the weapon you want. Be sure to have all
on the other end of one of these. Shotguns fit a
weapons you create approved by your Handler
rather specific role as their range drops rather
to ensure it is balanced within the system. quickly and their damage is more notably re-
duced by armor. Note: The shotguns do multiple
Handguns instances of damage in one shot. Each instance
Small, lightweight, cheap, and easily is applied against the target’s armor separately.
concealable, a handgun is almost a necessity for Headshots will double the damage of each shot,
any Operator, from Special Forces to Standard but not the number of shots.
Infantry. Leaving home without yours is proba-
bly a mistake. M1014
A widely used as a military pointman’s
M45 weapon of choice. The M4 provides semi auto-
A reliable handgun platform that has matic delivery of buckshot. The M4 is more a
stood the test of time. The M45 represents the breachers weapon and allows you to blow off
tried and true nature of the 1911 and the 45 hinges and locks on wooden doors. The M4 pro-
ACP round. Unfortunately while the 45 gives the vides utility to a team but remember that it falls
M45 a slightly bigger kick, it also reduces its through when it comes to engaging targets at a
magazine size when compared to 9x19 hand- distance. The M4 Super can accept Underbarrel
guns. The M45 can be equipped with a Muzzle and Optic Attachments
and Magazine Attachment
M9A6 The AA-12 provides a fully automatic
The standard for almost all modern mili- shotgun option. Capable of tearing down a
taries. The M9 platform demonstrates the need wooden door completely or ripping up plaster
for more bullets rather than a heavier one. The walls. The AA-12 is more of a direct weapon
high capacity magazine allows soldiers to be compared to most shotguns. One who wields an
more confident in their readiness to fire. The AA-12 will dominate a close quarters engage-
M9 can be equipped with Muzzle or Magazine ment. The AA-12 can accept Underbarrel and
Attachments Magazine Attachments

Hanguns Table 2.1
Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
M45 45 ACP 7 1AP 5 N/A 1AP N/A 30 1kg 400$
M9A2 9x19 mm 15 1AP 4 N/A 1AP N/A 30 1kg 500$
Mongoose .44 Magnum 6 2AP 9 N/A 2AP N/A 40 2kg 800$

Shotguns Table 2.2

Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
M1014 12 Gauge 8 1AP 5 (x4) N/A 2AP N/A 40 7kg 1000$
AA-12 12 Gauge 20 1AP 4 (x4) 5AP 2AP -4 30 3kg 3000$

Submachine Guns Table 2.3

Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
P90 5.7mm 50 1AP 4 2AP 2AP -2 50 3kg 1300$
VSN 9x19 mm 30 1AP 5 3AP 2AP -2 50 3kg 1300$
MP45A1 .45 ACP 25 1AP 6 3AP 2AP -3 40 3kg 1500$

Assault Rifles Table 2.4

Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
M16A6 5.56x45mm 30 1AP 5 4AP 2AP -3 100 4kg 1200$
AK-15 7.62x39mm 30 2AP 7 5AP 2AP -4 90 4kg 800$

Machine Guns Table 2.5

Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
M249 5.56x45mm 100 2AP 5 3AP 3AP -6 100 10kg 3000$
RPK-15 7.62x39mm 75 2AP 6 4AP 2AP -6 90 7kg 2000$

Marksman Rifles Table 2.6

Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
MK14 .308 NATO 20 2AP 10 6AP 2AP -4 200 9kg 1500$
VSS 9x39mm 20 2AP 10 5AP 2AP -4 150 3kg 3000$

Sniper Rifles Table 2.7
Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
M107 .50 BMG 10 4AP 25 N/A 3AP N/A 350 13kg 14000$
L115A1 .338 Lapua 5 3AP 17 N/A 2AP N/A 300 7kg 4000$

Special Guns Table 2.8

Name Ammo Mag Semi Damage Full-Auto Reload Supp. Range Weight Cost
Cap Cost Cost Cost Debuff Increment
Crossbow Bolts 1 1AP 13 N/A 2AP N/A 80 4kg 300$
Compound Arrows 1 1AP 10 N/A 1AP N/A 80 4kg 200$
Taser Taser Barbs 1 1AP 3 N/A 1AP N/A 5 1kg 500$
GL-06 40x46mm 6 2AP 10 N/A 4AP N/A 50 6kg 20000$


M4 S

M249 AK-15

Mk-14 Taser

Submachine Guns cept Muzzle, Underbarrel, Optic, and Magazine
Developed the ending days of World War Attachments
I. The submachine gun is designed to give a
solider the capacity to release a large amount of
bullet in a smaller package. Submachine guns AK-15
lacking in per-bullet damage, but are easy to fire The current leader of the AK weapon
in Full-Auto. family. The AK platform has survived conflicts
throughout the world. Whether it is wield by reb-
P90 els, insurgents, or other freedom fighting force,
A weapon that tried to be ahead of its the image of the AK will never falter. The AK-15
time. The P90 represents the creativity of weap- can accept Muzzle, Optic, and Magazine Attach-
on design and how unorthodox designs can ments
innovate the weapons industry. Firing a specially
made cartridge the P90 provides a large maga- Light Machine Guns
zine and easy close quarter handling. The P90 Heavy and cumbersome, these guns are
can accept Muzzle and Optic Attachments extremely effective at making sure the enemy
doesn’t even try to pop their head up. Use when
VSN you want a ton of lead going downrange.
A submachine gun design from Russia.
A good choice for special operations teams that M249
need a standardized submachine gun with no A squad automatic weapon for NATO
catches. The VSN can accept Muzzle, Underbar- forces. Featuring a box magazine with a hun-
rel, Optic, and Magazine Attachments dred round of lead, the M249 is a force to be
reckoned with on the field. With its large mag
MP45A1 you can keep an enemy squad pinned for a good
The MP45A1 was designed with the idea period of time while your team moves up for a
of dealing heavier damaging shots but at a slow- kill The M249 can accept Muzzle, Underbarrel,
er rate to allow control. Due to the 45 ACP car- Optic, and Magazine Attachments
tridge the MP45A1 accepts few round than other
submachine guns but a bit more of a punch. The RPK-15
MP45A1 can accept Muzzle, Underbarrel, Optic, With a longer barrel and cylindrical mag-
and Magazine Attachments azine, the RPK-15 is a larger version of the
AK-15. With a larger and more powerful round
Assault Rifles than its NATO equivalent the RPK-15 deals more
A frontline Soldier’s best friend, a good damage to the targets that dare to stray from
Assault Rifle is always an effective tool in com- cover but at the cost a smaller magazine. The
bat. A gun that’s good at everything but great at RPK-15 can accept Muzzle, Underbarrel, Optic,
nothing, you can’t go wrong with one. and Magazine Attachments

M16A6 Marksman Rifles

The standard issue rifle for the US Mili- A good median between a Sniper Rifle
tary. The M16 series of weapons have been in and an Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifles are effec-
service since the start of the Cold War and show tive against long-range targets while not entirely
no signs of disappearing. The platform has been lacking in short-range combat.
accepted by many other NATO nations, who all
have their own variants of it. The M16A6 can ac-

MK-14 Underbarrel and Magazine Attachments
Created through the constant evolution of
the battle rifle, the MK14 provides heavy fire- Special Weapons
power as a ranged rifle while still being able to Special Weapons consists of any not so
be controlled easily. While it is capable of full conventional weapons. This varies from heavy
auto be careful of its lower magazine size. The explosive weapons like rocket launchers to ex-
MK14 can accept Muzzle, Underbarrel, Optic, tremes like crossbows. These weapons fill very
and Magazine Attachments niche rolls and likely won’t see much use. Al-
though when the Situation gets weird you spe-
VSS cial weapon skills may come in handy for new
Of Russian design the VSS comes with a weapons.
built in suppressor. The VSS uses a larger nine
millimeter cartridge than handguns or subma- Crossbow
chine guns to allow for more power. The VSS is You may not be defending a castle but
designed with the spec ops forces in mind and the crossbow is still a highly lethal weapon.
is a valuable tool for anyone looking to make a Being nearly completely silent the crossbow
silent kill. The VSS can accept Optic and Maga- can also be brought to a case scenario as the
zine Attachments weapon of an assassin. While bolts are tradition-
al very specialized it is possible to make some
Sniper Rifles makeshift ammunition. The crossbow can accept
The longest range weapons there are, Underbarrel and Optic Attachments
Sniper Rifles are designed to devastate targets
at any distance. Unfortunately, due to their Compound Bow
heavy weight and large size, they are less than Origins even older than the crossbow,
ideal for close quarters combat. Consider having bows have be the quintessential ranged weapon
a secondary gun ready of the human race. While its end result is very
similar to the crossbow, bows feature faster
M107 draw times allowing you to continuously follow
Firing one of the largest standardized up with your shots. The bow cannot accept At-
military cartridges, the M107 can turn regular tachments
human targets to paste. Not only can this gun
tear through people but is also capable of going Taser
through multiple layers of soft material. When Designed to incapacitate targets, the
firing at a target in cover the M107 makes you Taser doesn’t find much use in the military.
roll with 1 level lower of cover. The M107 can In more domestic scenarios however the Tas-
accept Muzzle, Underbarrel and Magazine At- er can be used to rather effectively deal with
tachments unarmored targets without causing any major
physical harm. If the Taser deals damage to the
L115A1 target, he or she makes a Variable Physical Will
A standard for bolt action rifles. The or Mental Will Skill Check. On Failure they’re
L115A1 has made its image known throughout knocked unconscious, on a Partial Success they
the military and in games. The L115A1 fires are Stunned until the end of your next turn. If
a powerful cartridge capable of killing many you headshot with your Taser shot instead of
targets that aren’t suspecting. With a headshot doubling the damage the target has a penalty of
most targets will go straight down with no ques- -5 to their check. The Taser cannot accept At-
tions asked. The L115A1 can accept Muzzle, tachments

M32-GL terity to use it.
A powerful weapon capable of delivering
grenade payloads at a safe distance. Enemies Chain
aware of the M32-GL’s presence will likely want Not specifically designed to be a melee
to start running or they will find themselves all weapon. Chains can be used to grapple and deal
in the same grave. The M32-GL’s grenades deal quick bludgeoning to an enemy.
their damage in a 6 Meter Diameter around the
impact. The M32-GL can accept Underbarrel and Toolkits
Optic Attachments Toolkits are sets of gear that are all de-
signed to fit a specific purpose. You may find
CQC Weapons extra uses for them so keep an open mind.
Weapons designed to assit you in hand to
hand combat. CQC weapons can be as mundane Standard Toolkit
as a string of chain or a katana. A kit designed for the modification of
physical structures. The Standard Toolkit is
Katana usful for creating makeshift shelters and cover.
Multifolded Japanese steel blade. A relic The Standard Toolkit contains a hammer, nails,
of an honor and duty bound time. a screwdriver set, screws, a saw, and pliers.

Combat Knife Electricians Toolkit

A useful utility for any solider. Not only A kit desinged to allow for the creation
can you handle cutting rope and other lighter and manipulation of wire and circuitry. The Elec-
materials, it can also save your life when guns ticians Kit can be used to defuse bombs in a dire
aren’t an option anymore. situation. The Electricians Toolkit contains wire,
wire cutters, a solder, soldering iron, electrical
Ballistic Shield tape, a drill, multimeter, wrench, and a screw-
A heavy shield designed to stop small driver.
arms fire. The Ballistic Sheild counts as Full
Cover while being held. You can use a handgun Attachments
while holding the Ballistic Shield, but gain en- Attachements are different additions you
cumbrance penalty of -3. can put onto your firearms. Firearms can only
have one attachment for each of its rail sections
Hatchet mention in the firearm descriptions earlier.
Easily allows chopping and cutting.
Whether you want to cut through wood or bone .45 ACP Suppressor
your hatchet won’t judge. Designed specifically for weapons using
45 ACP ammunition. This suppressor has no
Sledgehammer drawbacks as the 45 ACP ammunition already
A heavy hammer designed for going fires subsonic. This attachment is attached to
through walls and breaking down doors. Ene- the Muzzle
mies skulls should be worried when they see the
hammer come swinging Multipurpose Suppressor
. Designed to function with non-subsonic
Whip ammunition. The suppressor give a penalty to
A hard to use melee weapon. The whip damage of -1. This attachment is attached to the
offers a versitile option for those with the dex- Muzzle

Extended Barrel Angled Foregrip
Increases the bullets time through the The angled foregrip is designed to allow
barrel to ensure more powerful shots. The gun for easier handling while putting in sustained
this is attached to gets a bonus of 1 Damage or fire. The gun it is attached to has its Full Auto
3 Damage if it is a Marksmans Rilfe or Sniper AP cost reduced by -1. This attachment is at-
Rifle. This attachment is attached to the Muzzle tached to the Underbarrel rail.

Muzzle Break Bipod

Muzzle Breaks are designed to allow Allows you to set up your weapon on a
more percise fire. The gun it is attached to gives surface or when you are prone. The gun it is
an additional -2 during suppression. This attach- attached to gains a bonus of +2 to its firing skill
ment is attached to the Muzzle checks while the bipod is deployed on a surface
or you are prone. This attachment is attached to
ACOG Scope the Underbarrel rail.
ACOG scopes grants a shooter magnifica-
tion to allow for more accurate fire at range. The Armor
gun it is attached to is granted an extra 50% of Armor is what prevents each bullet from
its Range increment. This attachement is attach going straight into your body. Armor grants you
to the Optics rail. a resistance value that reduces the damage you
recieve. There is also a durability value which
Red Dot Sight while abvoe 0 means that the armor with take
Red Dots allow for quick target acquisi- the damage rather than you. When the durability
tion in close ranges. The gun it is attached to hits 0 the resistance is halved(rounded up)
gains +1 to its firing skill checks if the target is
within the first range increament. This attache- Ballistic Vest
ment is attach to the Optics rail. The Ballisitc Vest is an easily concealable
vest of kevlar. It doesn’t offer much protection
Range Masters but it provides no drawbacks that other armor
Allowing for quickier magazine pulls. The may
gun it is attached to has a reducution to its re-
load AP cost of -1. This attachement is attached Kevlar Ceramic Armor
to a Magazine. Class-I, Class-II, and Class-III armor are
made from kevlar vests reinforced with ceramic
Extended Magazines plates. The plates make them heavier than most
Allows you to contain more ammuniation armor and will slow you down in combat. Con-
in your magazine. The gun it is attached to has sider removing this armor before entering the
its magazine cap doubled and has its reload AP water.
cost increased by +1. This attachment is at-
tached to a Magazine. Gear
Along with all of these items are simiple
Foregrip things that soldier could need. From rope to
A simple device for stabilizing your aim. ghillie suits, these items can help give you a few
The gun it is attached to gains +1 to all of its extra benefits where you need them.
firing skill checks. This attachment is attached
to the Underbarrel rail.

Armor Table 2.13 Gear Table 2.14
Name Res Dur Enc Weight Cost Name Weight (kg) Cost
(kg) Backpack 1 (Empty) 40$
Ballistic Vest 1 3 0 1 200$ Paracord (30m) 0.2 10$
Class-I 2 5 -2 2 400$ Rope (30m) 2 75$
Class-II 3 7 -4 5 600$ Crowbar 1 20$
Class-III 4 10 -6 10 1000$ Combat Knife 0.5 100$
Pocket Knife 0.25 75$
Bottle/Canteen 0.5 (Empty) / 10$
1 (Full)
Flask 0.25 (Empty) 15$
/ 0.5 (Full)
Disposable Water 0.25 1$
MRE 0.5 15$
Mess Kit 0.5 20$
Towel 0.5 5$
Laptop 3.5 1000$
Smartphone 0.25 400$
Adult Magazine 0.10 10$
Duct Tape 0.25 5$
Notebook 0.2 15$
Class II
Pen/Pencil 0.1 1$
Fancy Clothing 2 150$
Flashlight 0.25 50$
Night Vision Goggles 1 2000$
Binoculars 0.5 100$
Breaching Charge 0.5 50$
C4 Brick 0.5 50$
Ground Drone 1 500$
Quadcopter Dron 1 1000$
Gas Mask 0.5 100$
Painkillers 0.1 20$
Medkit 2 100$
Defibrillator 1 200$
MRE Interrogation Kit 2 300$
Active Camoflague 2 20000$
Ghille Suit 3 200$
Cardboard Box 0.5 10$

CQC Weapons Table 2.9 Toolkits Table 2.11
Name CQC Weight Cost Name Weight (kg) Cost
Bonus (kg) Electricians Toolkit 2 300$
Katana 8 2 1000$ Wire
Combat Knife 4 1 100$ Wire Cutter
Ballistic Shield 5 15 3000$ Solder
Hatchet 4 1 100$ Soldering Iron
Sledgehammer 3 5 50$ Electrical Tape
Whip 2 2 50$ Drill
Chain 3 5 50$ Multimeter
Standard Tookit 2 50$
Combat Knife Hammer
Ammo Table 2.10 Screwdriver Set
Name Weight (kg) Cost Screws
Fragmentation Grenade 0.25 50$ Saw
Flash Grenade 0.25 50$ Pliers
EMP Grenade 0.25 300$
Smoke Grenade 0.25 50$
Gas Grenade 0.25 350$
(100) 9x19mm 1.5 25$
(100) .45 ACP 2 30$ ACOG
(100) .44 Magnum 2.5 60$ Attachments Table 2.12
(100) 5.7mm 0.75 55$ Name Weight Cost
(100) 12 Gauge 4.5 30$ (kg)
(100) 5.56x45 1.5 34$ .45 ACP Suppresor 0.25 500$
(100) 7.62x39 2 25$ Multipurpose Supperssor 0.25 600$
(100) .308 NATO 3 100$ Extended Barrel 1 300$
(100) 9x39mm 2.5 100$ Muzzle Break 0.25 200$
(100) .338 Lapua 4.5 200$ ACOG Scope 0.5 1000$
(100) .50 BMG 12 500$ Red Dot Sight 0.25 500$
(100) Taser Barbs 10 1000$ Range Masters 0.5 400$
(100) 40x46mm 25 10000$ Extended Magazines 0.5 600$
(100) Crossbow Bolts 2 500$ Foregrip 0.25 50$
(100) Arrows 2.5 500$ Angled Foregrip 0.25 50$
Bipod 0.5 100$

Backpack Mess Kit
Your standard all around gear carrier. Its Best you don’t eat of the floor all the
safe to assume everyone should grab one unless time. A messkit allows you to eat cleanly and
they can pull guns out of their butt. easily.

Paracord Towel
Great for binding things together and All purposed drying resource. Dry your
various other situations requiring you to hold face of sweat of the water that may or may not
things together. ruin the caseing of a bomb and make it explode.
Used for climbing and handling heavier
objects. Never question the usefulness of a sin- Laptop
gle meter of rope. Military grade laptop preloaded with all
the programs you need to track your mission. It
Crowbar can be used to research information and gives a
When you need some extra leverage. bonus to Hacking Skill Checks of +2.
Good for getting into a tight space and prying-
ing open a container. Smartphone
A easier form of transporting import-
Pocket Knife ant programs. The smaller size means that it
Never leave home without some form of can’t handle all of your needs like a laptop. A
blade. The pocket knife is a good fallback for smartphone gives you a bonus to Hacking Skills
when you can’t get your hands on a bigger one. Checks of +1.

Bottle/Canteen Adult Magazine

A large metal fluid container, standard for I’m sure this was just left here by some-
the miltary. It can hold up to 1 Liter of liquids. one. While questionable a guard who has been
bored all day may be a bit distracted if he finds
Flask one of these laying around.
A smaller metal fluid contianer, useful
when you don’t exactly want to show when you Duct Tape
are drinking. It can be store half a Liter of fluids. What can’t you fix with a bit of tape? Duct
Tape is an all purpouse adhesive. While it won’t
Disposable Water Bottle fix a massive rocket, it can patch together many
Purchasable almost anywhere in the small fractures.
civilized world. Grab a bottle of clean and clear
totally not radioactive water. In can hold up to Notebook
half a liter of fluid. Make sure you have all that important
information somewhere. Notebooks are an easy
MRE analog way for your character to keep track of
Its not the best but its the easiest thing information.
for a soldier to eat. Meals Ready to Eat aren’t
fine dining but its nourishment all the same. Pen/Pencil
Can’t write a note without without a uten-
sil. Pens and pencils are beyond useful as tech-
nology isn’t going to get you everywhere.

Fancy Clothing Quadcopter Drone
Sometimes you need to be able to blend A flying drone capable of scouting areas
in with high society. Clothing is the first thing from the air. The quadcopter drone flies at a
people will notice about you, so make sure you rate of 30 meters per combat second.
make a good impression.

Flashlight Gas Mask

A simple device for allowing you to see in An important tool for when dealing with a
the dark. Flashlights are great for when you ar- chemical weapon. Gas masks have some uni-
en’t to worried about getting caught or at least versal filters designed to filter out well known
more worried about where you step. pathogens but if a new bioweapon is synthe-
sised your regular filter may not cut it.
Nigh Vision Goggles
Allows the wearer to see clearly in the Painkillers
night. It illuminates their vision with a green Sometimes dulling the pain is the best
light and allows you too see things with only a you can due. Taking painkillers allows you to ig-
small lose of detail. nore one wound penalty for one hour and can’t
be stacked.
The evolution of the spyglass. Binocu- Medkit
lars are grab for spotting targets at long ranges Designed to allow you to bandage and
when you don’t have access to a scope. Watch treat injuries. Medkits contain enough supplies
those tracers fly and guide your team to the tar- to allow you to use it three times. When you are
get. within 1 meter of a target you want to heal you
can make a Variable Medical Skill Check to heal
Breaching Charge them for 5 points of health on success, 3 on
A charge capable of blasting through soft partial success, and 7 on expert sucess.
walls. They contain very controlled explosives to
ensure the lowest damage possible to unintend- Defibrillator
ed targets. A breaching charge deals 20 Damage A Defibrillator is a life saving tool that
to anyone in a 1 meter diameter of the blast. can stablize someone’s heartbeat and keep
them alive. The Defibrillator can be used on a
C4 Brick target at 0 health to stablize them and halt their
Raw explosvie power linked to a wireless bleedout time. Defibrillator batteries are long
detonator. C4 use should be reserved for when lasting an only need to be replaced once a year.
you really don’t want something to exsist any-
more. Targets in a 6 meter diameter take 30 Interrogation Kit
Damage, and targets out to a 10 meter diameter Tools deisgned to let you hurt or con-
take 15 Damage. vince people to give up some information. The
interrogation kit gives you a bonus of +2 to any
Ground Drone skill checks made in the process of an interroga-
A small drone designed to rebalance itself tion.
as it crosses rough terrain. It is capable of mov-
ing 15 meters per combat second and can jump Active Camoflague
a height of 2 meters. Like a ghost in the darkness. Active
Camoflague uses high speed imaging software

sample images from the other side of the suit EMP Grenade
and apply it to the front. This process allows Used to shutdown electronics in a small
you to be invisible if you are not moving. Active raidus. An EMP Grenade can be thrown to dis-
Camoflague also grants you a +5 to Stealth skills able all electronics in a 3 Meter Diameter.
checks while walking and +3 while running.

Ghille Suit Smoke Grenade

While not actually invisible, the Ghille Suit Using a set of chemicals and dyes, Smoke
is the next best thing. Each Ghille must be made Grenades create a screen of smoke that you are
tailored to a specific type on environment. The incapable of seeing through. Can be thrown to
Ghille Suit grants a bonus to Stealth Skill Checks create a cloud of smoke that spans a 3 Meter
of +5 while not moving in and +2 while walking. Diameter.

Cardboard Box Gas Grenade

Who really cares enough to check what is Packed with various pathogens designed
in the box? The cardboard box grants a bonus to brun someones lungs or skin. Can be thrown
to Stealth Skill Checks of +3 while not moving in to create a cloud of gas that spans a 3 Meter Di-
an appropriate environment. ameter and deal 4 Damage that ignores armor.

Your guns simply wont work without
ammo. This will be a nessecity for everyone
regardless of gear. The ammo is listed in groups
of 100 but you can buy it in smaller amounts.

From explosives to electromagnetic puls-
es, grenades are a useful tool that give you the
abilitiy to get an enemy out of cover or to stun
them momentarilty so you can take them out.

Fragmentation Grenade
Upon exploding the Fragmentation Gre-
nade releases hot shrapnel in an area. The Frag-
mentation Grenade can be thrown to deal 10
Damage in a 3 Meter Diameter.

Flash Grenade
Producing a blinding flash via heated
matierials and a ear shattering bang. The Flash
Grenade can be thrown to force targets in a 3
meter diameter to make a Physical Will or Men-
tal Will Check. On Failure they’re Stunned until
the end of your next 2 turns, on a Partial Sucess
they are Stunned until the end of your next turn.

CHAPTER 3:How to Play the Game
Making a Skill Check weapons, but also to clear jams or other func-
tions as such if need be.
When making a check with a skill you roll a d10
and add both your Skill score and the Stat score Body
it is based in. As mentioned at the start there CQC
are two types of checks you can be making. The primary purpose is CQC is fighting
Variable Check and Contested Check. Vari- in hand to hand combat. CQC is always a con-
able Checks are compared against the following tested check, which makes getting points in it
numbers to determine your success. provide a more direct benefit when you engage
Variable Skill Check Table 3.1
Total Effect Name Effect Description
1-4 Failure You don’t accomplish your goal in any regard.
5-7 Partial Success/Success with Drawback You accomplish the goal but either cause some
form of drawback, which should always be less se-
vere than failure, or you just don’t fully accomplish
your goal
8-13 Success You complete your goal with no notable drawback.
14+ Expert Success You complete your goal faster than you can ex-
pected and possibly gain a small additional benefit
more than you wanted.

If you are making a contested check then CQC and Body increase both the chances of
both you and your target make the rolls. After success and how much damage you do if you
you add up all the factors you directly compare succeed. Holding weapons can also give you
the results to see who wins the contested check. bonuses from 1 to 5 depending on the weapon.
Now not all skill checks are going to be straight CQC will be explained further in the Combat
die rolls plus your Stat and Skill. Sometimes you Chapter.
will be affected by other penalties or bonuses.
These are tangible effects on you such as inju- Athletics
ries or gear that helps you. Athletics is your general skill for feats of
strength. Athletics also determines your throw

Using Stats and Skills distance, carrying capacity, and move speed
while climbing or swimming. Throw distance
The primary use of your stats and skills is how far you can reasonably throw an object
is to influence skill checks, but there are a few such as a grenade. Your throw distance is equal
cases of skills that affect your character more di- to 5 * (Body + Athletics) in meters. When you
rectly. In this section we will walk through some attempt to throw something up to this distance
different case scenarios of using each skill, as to make a variable check to succeed. Failing this
well as any direct benefits they grant. check could lead to inaccuracy in the throw or a
reduction in the distance of the throw (Handler’s
Marksmanship discretion). A check is not required if you are
Marksmanship is all about how well you attempting to throw an object only half of your
can handle and maintain your weapons. For the throw distance or closer.
most part you will be using these skills to fire Athletics also determines your carry

capacity. The formula for carry capacity is the of finesse would include defusing a bomb,
following: 30 + 5 * (Body + Carry) kg. Each 5 kg lockpicking, and keeping your balance. Work-
you carry above your capacity will give you an ing your way through a crowd swiftly without
extra point of encumbrance. The last direct ben- getting blocked by people would also fall under
efit that Athletics will give you is the your move Finesse skills checks.
speed while climbing or swimming is equal to
Body + Athletics in meters. Mind
Endurance Science is anything that involves physics,
Endurance is all about continuing on. This is chemistry, biology, or mathematics. Checks
different from Physical Will because Endurance from the sciences category can be used to iden-
is about your own body holding up, while Will tify necessary chemical components in order to
is about resisting outside forces affecting you. disable or make a counter to a bio agent. Scienc-
Endurance gives you the direct benefit of de- es may sometimes overlap with the Medical skill
termining how much AP you have the start of when it comes to the human body, but a general
combat. Your starting AP is equal to whatever rule of thumb is that Science checks are about
your Endurance score is. knowledge.

Physical Will Mental Will

Physical Will checks are used to resists effects Mental Will has the same function as Physical
that either stun you, knock you out, or kill you. Will. This skill exists to give Mind based charac-
Devices like flashbangs will have specific rules ters an alternative way to stay alive. Whenever
for how they interact with you based on the a device or action requires you to make a Will
results of your variable check. Another major check you can use either Physical Will or Mental
use of Physical Will is when you are bleeding out Will.
during combat. If you are shot while bleeding
out you have to make a Physical Will skill check Spotting
against the amount of damage the shot dealt to The Spotting skill covers your attentiveness to
avoid dying. the world around you. Eavesdropping on a con-
versation or trying to see at a glance if someone
Stealth might be concealing a weapon would fall under
Stealth is used to avoid detection when moving spotting. In combat, Spotting can be used to
or performing actions. Stealth skill checks will try to find a far off sniper’s position so you can
be contested checks most of the time. The most return fire.
common case will be rolling your Stealth against
the Spotting check of the person you are avoid- Examine
ing. When rolling a stealth check you can gain The Examine skill may seem similar to
benefits from things such as walking on soft Spotting, but it usually involves more up close
surfaces or wearing a ghillie suit. You automati- and personal inspection. Looking over a cup-
cally receive a penalty to all your stealth checks board for hidden compartments or trying to
involving movement equal to your encumbrance. identify the mechanism of a small device would
be Examine checks.
Finesse skill checks cover actions requiring
small and precise movements. Common uses

History determines what your turn order is. Higher Inge-
The history of a location can often be rel- nuity means you go first.
evant to its current events. History covers your
ability to recall information about past events. Deduction
Your score in history also determines how many Deduction is all about reading people. Deduc-
languages you can reasonably be fluent in. Your tion checks are usually contested checks against
fluent language capacity is 1 + your History a target’s Charisma based skills. Can you see
score. Fluency in a language means you can through their deceptions, or is their composure
hold conversations and will know most of the is falling apart? Beyond that, Deduction can also
words used. You would not have to be fluent be used to help piece together factors of infor-
in a language to do things such as issue basic mation.
commands or ask for the bathroom.
Hack Roleplay versus Rollplay
Hacking is used for breaking into digital The Charisma stat and skills underneath it
systems, but also for your knowledge of com- are meant to show how good of a talker you
puters in general. For the most part you will are. Because talking is a major part of Roleplay-
need equipment such as a programmed flash ing, we suggest that you clearly understand the
drive to actually hack a system. Skill checks for function of these skills. If someone comes up
Hacking cover your ability to make your way with a very cleverly crafted argument that has no
quickly through programs without being detect- reason to fail, make sure the player understands
ed. While hacking, if you are going up against a how well of a talker their character is compared
firewall you will be making a variable check. If to them. On the other hand if someone makes
someone is aware of your presence in their sys- their character high charismatic but they them-
tem it will instead be a contested check to see selves aren’t, don’t force them to come up with
how quickly they can lock you out or if you can something elaborate and just let the die do the
get the data you need. talking.

Medical Persuasion
Medical skill is how well you are able to ad- Persuasion is how well you can argue
dress wounds and diseases. The primary skill using legitimate points and truths. Persuasion
check for Medical is when using a medkit to is the skill an honest person uses to convince
dress a wound. This stat can also be used for people. Another use is to barter down prices.
identifying a sickness that is afflicting a person.
Medical can overlap with the biology portion of Intimidation
the Sciences skill but the main thing to note is Intimidation is how well you can use real
that Medical is more focused on how certain fac- or implied threats. While Intimidation is a Cha-
tors are negatively affecting people rather than risma based skill, it is valid that someone with a
the numbers behind it all. strong body should also be good at intimidating
someone. Consider factoring in relative Body
Ingenuity stats when deciding the penalties and bonuses
Ingenuity is how well you think on your feet. of a check.
Ingenuity covers things such as how well you
can use what you have on hand to create make-
shift tools. When you enter combat, Ingenuity

Deception the next combat second begins.
Deception is all about lying or hiding the
truth. Deception usually involves avoiding or Information to keep track off for combat
getting yourself out of trouble. Be careful that Starting Health: 20
your lies hold up or else you may be looking at Starting AP: Athletics Score
different penalties or bonuses if you do well. Combat Order Number: Ingenuity Score
Base Ground Move Speed: 10 Meters
Appeal is Charisma in its purest form. Major Actions in Combat Table 3.2
This Skill isn’t all sexual. Appeal also covers just Name AP Cost
speaking well and having an aura of confidence
Semi Fire Gun’s Semi AP
on yourself.
Full Auto Fire Gun’s Full Auto
Composure AP
Composure is a sort of charismatic will skill. Overwatch Gun’s Semi AP
Composure is how well you can hold your de- Suppresive Fire 1AP
meanor in difficult situations. Holding a good Run 3AP
poker face or resisting the harsh nature of inter-
Engage in CQC 1AP
rogation also fall under the Composure skill.
Reload Gun’s Reload

Combat Miscellaneous Action

Combat starts when one or more characters
begin to fight. At the beginning of combat each
Semi Fire: Fires 1 round out of your current
character starts with AP equal to their Athlet-
weapon. Reference Firing a Weapon.
ics, then determines their place in the Combat
Full Auto Fire: Fires 5 rounds out of your cur-
Order using Ingenuity. Characters with higher
rent weapon with a -3 penalty for each shot. Roll
Ingenuity scores will go first. Because there is
each shot separately. Reference Firing a Weap-
a high chance of ties, along with these scores
you will roll a d10. Record Combat Order in the
following format: (X.Y) where X is your Ingenuity
Overwatch: Lets you make a shot on an oppo-
and Y is your die roll. This means a character
nent’s turn if they are in sight of you and they
with an Ingenuity Score of 4 and a die roll of 6
move or fire a weapon. Only shoot each oppo-
would record his Combat Order as (4.06).
nent once per Overwatch action. Follow the rules
Combat in Madman Protocol works on a time
for Semi Fire with an additional -2 to hit.
interval of “combat seconds”. While the actions
that take place clearly don’t take just a second
Suppressive Fire: If your gun can fire Full Auto,
to happen, it is an easy to understand scale. At
you may spend 5 ammo to give the target a pen-
the start of each combat second each player
alty to all rolls they make equal to your Supp.
gains 2 AP. On your turn you can expend AP to
Debuff until your next turn. You cannot use any
perform 2 minor actions, or 1 major action and
actions after this on the turn you use it.
1 minor action. You may also choose not to do
anything and just let your AP accumulate. If you
Run: Move up to double your current move
do perform no actions on your turn you gain
1 AP as you rest. Once all characters have per-
formed actions or rested in the combat second

Engage in CQC: 1 AP, Make a contested CQC that cover is between them and you:
Skill Check against enemy CQC, As the initiator
you have a +2 to your check (Need to be within Partial Cover: A good amount of the body is
1 meter of enemy). covered but is still partially visible
-2 to attack
Reload: Reloads your gun to its max Mag Capac- Full Cover: Target is mostly covered or the cov-
ity using ammo from your gear. er they are using can be penetrated by bullets
-4 to attack
Miscellaneous Action: Use this for interacting
with the environment or doing an action that Total Cover: Target is fully covered by the ob-
isn’t listed here. struction and it can’t be pierced by bullets
You can’t hit someone in Total Cover.
Minor Actions in Combat Table 3.3 Once the variable skill check is is made
Name AP Cost and compared to the success levels you can
resolve the damage. For damage you follow the
Move 1AP
following formula: Weapon Damage - Enemy’s
Use a Gadget/Grenade 2AP Armor Resistance = Damage Taken. Now much
Swap Weapon 1AP like the check there are a few things that can
Pass Gear 1AP affect the result. The target’s combat armor
durability will take damage before the character
Move: Move up to your current move speed does.

Use a Gadget/Grenade: Use this to use a gad- Damage Effects Table 3.4
get or to throw a grenade. Reference Athletics Total Name Description
for your throw distance. Make skill check for 1-4 Miss You Miss
gadget if needed
5-7 Graze You hit for half of your
weapon’s damage
Swap Weapon: Swap your weapon to another
rouneded up
one. If swapping to a Handgun class weapon
this costs 0 AP. 8-13 Hit You hit for your weapon’s
Pass Gear: Pass an item you have not used this 14+ Critical Hit You hit for twice your
turn to an Ally within 5 meters. weapon’s damage

Firing a Weapon Movement

Firing a weapon is a variable skill check. Most of the time you will be moving over
The two main factors that can affect these shots stable terrain. This includes flat ground and
are Range and Cover. The range of the weap- slightly rocky terrain. If you are forced to climb
on determine how far you can shoot it before or to swim your movement changes to Body +
receiving a penalty. Each time you exceed that Athletics - Encumbrance in Meters. This num-
range you take a -1 penalty to hit and after a ber can’t drop below 0.
-5 penalty you can no longer make the shot.
Cover works a bit differently. There are 3 kinds Conditions
of cover. When attacking someone in that level Occasionally you will find yourself affect-
of cover, you get a penalty to your attack roll if ed by types of conditions that have been inflict-

ed by flashbangs or similar devices. Here are or 4 hours without taking any more damage.
some conditions you will find throughout the Fatigue penalties can stack.
Close Quarter Combat
Prone Close Quarter Combat is a contested skill
Prone is when you are laying flat against check. Contested skill checks are a bit more
the ground. This can either be caused by some- complicated due to the nature of the check. The
one knocking you over or you willingly dropping Handler will need to account for the character
to the floor to get out of the way of fire. While awareness to the check. For standard attacks,
prone all enemies that attempt to fire on you both the attacker and the defender make a CQC
from more than 15 meters have a penalty of Skill Check plus the weapons bonus, d10 + Body
-1 to their skill checks. To drop prone requires + CQC + weapon bonus. The attacker also gets
nothing but to get up from prone requires you +2 to their check
use 3 meters of a move or run action. All move- If the defender is unaware of what is happening
ment while in prone is halved they don’t get the d10 roll or the weapon bo-
nus while making their check (Body + CQC). If
Stunned you beat them by 5 points or more, there are at
Stunned is characterized by a state of in- 0 health. (Players go into bleed out if this hap-
ability to act. If you are stunned you are incapa- pens)
ble of taking actions or reacting to an overwatch If your attack succeeds then the damage
action you have prepared. is calculated as your score minus the score of
the target. The maximum damage this attack
Unconscious can due is equal to your Body + CQC + the weap-
Unconscious is similar to Stunned in func- on bonus. This damage number can still be
tion. While unconscious you can not take actions reduced by the target’s armor. If the target rolls
and are also unaware of what is happening in higher, they will do damage equal to the differ-
the world around you. ence to you.
Besides attacking with a weapon you can
Damage and Dying in Combat also choose to grapple or disarm. If you chose
Every 5 health you lose you get a penal- to grapple and win the check the target is un-
ty of -1 to your skill checks. This means at 10 able to fire a weapon or move until he or she
health you get -2 on all skill checks. When you uses his or her own turn to use a new CQC skill
hit 0 health in combat you will fall into a bleed check to break out.
out state. While in the bleed out state you are If you choose to disarm you take one current-
unconscious. Without any medical attention you ly equipped weapon from the person and can
can remain alive for 10 minutes, after which either keep it to use later or throw it away in the
your character will die. If you are shot while at 0 same action.
health you will continue to lose health. If you go
below -10 health you die instantly. If your char- Environmental Interactions
acter does receive healing from a Med Kit or is When you are playing through a Situa-
stabilized by a Medical Variable Skill Check or tion, you shouldn’t only look out for other guns
a Defibrillator they take a fatigue penalty. This firing at you. You may also have to deal with
fatigue puts you at an additional -1 on top of harsh terrain and potentially falling. This section
any health penalties. This fatigue penalty is re- will brief you on how to handle some of these
moved once you spend 30 minutes at full health case scenarios.

Falling In addition to food your team also needs
Falling does damage based on the height water. You must consume a half liter of water
of the fall. The following numbers assume you each day or else you will gain a point of mal-
are landing on a standard hard surface. A soft nourishment. Water-based malnourishment can
surface or jagged rock can decrease or increase also be restored by drinking 2 days worth of wa-
the damage you take. If you fall from a height ter in a day or 3 days of consistent water intake.
less than 3 meters you take no damage. For Wound Treatment
distances between 3 meters and 3 + Body + Wounds are best addressed with medical
Athletics meters you take a point of damage for supplies but they also can heal over time. Every
each meter you have fallen. From that point for time you rest for 6 hours without interruptions
an additional increment of Body + Athletics you you regain health equal to 1 + your Endurance
will take an extra 2 damage from each extra score.
meter. At 20 or more meters you will automati-
cally drop to 0 hit points. Finally, if you fall from
a height higher than 25 meters you immediately

Holding Breath and Suffocation

When it comes to holding your breath
Endurance is your primary skill. If you get the
chance to take a breath you can hold your
breath for 30 + 30 * (Body + Endurance) sec-
onds. If you go past this point you will fall un-
conscious and if you are underwater potentially
die of drowning. If you ever lose access to air
without being able to get a breath your dura-
tion is cut down significantly. If this happens
you have 15 + 10 * (Body + Endurance) seconds
before you fall unconscious

Keeping your Fireteam well nourished is
an important part of combat effectiveness. You
must eat at least two meals a day to maintain
yourself with no penalties. You can also go a
number of days equal to your Body + Endurance
with only one meal or a number of days equal to
just Endurance with no meals. Past either point
you gain a point of malnourishment which puts
you at -1 to all checks. If you reach 3 points of
malnourishment you will die. Points of malnour-
ishment from food can be restored by eating 3
meals in a day or returning to standard eating
over 3 days.

Chapter 4: The Handler and The World

The Handler’s Creating a Situation

Mission When it comes to making a situation you
should plan a few general things before you
As The Handler, your job is to create a
start. The two most important things to consider
story and control the enemies and allies your
are your planned end goal for the situation, and
Fireteam will find. You yourself are not the
who and where enemies and potential allies are.
enemy of your Fireteam, instead the characters
From just these two major points you can create
you control will be. While Madman Protocol has
branches that slowly will find their ways around
reasonably high lethality, the game is not craft-
and connect everyone back. Also don’t be afraid
ed to make the Fireteam’s success impossible.
to borrow ideas from other modern military
Make sure that you have a proper understanding
stories like the Tom Clancy books and games.
of what both you and the Fireteam expect to get
There is no shame in borrowing ideas from oth-
out of your campaign. This will allow everyone
er places, it’s all about crafting a fun experience
to have a fun experience while also not leaving
for the Fireteam and yourself.
your Fireteam at the short end of most sticks.
Keep in mind as the Handler that your posi-
tion does have a learning curve. Don’t be too
Historical Notes discouraged if your first Situation doesn’t go as
As we mentioned in our introduction the well as you hoped. Take what you have learned
our example world is an alternate history ver- about the system, maybe craft changes to our
sion of the current real world. You are free to rules that you think may make it fit your group
change and create whatever events you like but better and try again.
we have a few key features that exist due to an
ongoing Cold War. Germany was still reunified,
but rather than the fall of the Berlin Wall as it
Creating NPC’s
As we said earlier NPC’s function using
is in our time, a black ops team slowly crippled
the same systems as the players. You can make
and took down Eastern Germany’s control to al-
any NPC by following character creation rules for
low the West to retake Germany as a whole. Due
Stats and Skills. Make sure when you are craft-
to this fact the Warsaw Pact and NATO both have
ing the NPC’s to take into account what your
much stronger ties to ensure that no nation gets
Fireteam can do so that you don’t put them in
taken over or dismantled via black operations.
a fight they can’t win. At times you may want
Conflict in the Middle East exists similar to our
to create a non human enemy. When creating
world but with different organizations in power.
wildlife style enemies you can still use the ma-
Due to Cold War attitudes still being in effect,
jority of the functions of a standard character.
the view of the military and active use of its
We recommend however you ignore the max 5
power is generally more hawkish for most coun-
for Stats and Skills, as well as make their health
and speed vary from the human bases.
In the end, the exacts of your world are
up to you and what kind of campaign you want
to run. You could have the entire world in active
war, or have a relatively united world in which
your Fireteam deals with small cells that threat-
en that unity.

A Word about Realism
A major advantage of Madman Protocol is the
realistic portrayal of modern military combat.
Hopefully for you and your Fireteam this is a
good thing, but don’t forget that as the Handler
you are the final decision on what rules are en-
forced. However, when it comes running Fire-
teams through Situations, remember to differ-
entiate between realistic situations and an over
reliance on mechanics. If your team is trying to
open an unlocked door, it’s not more realistic
to have them roll an Athletics check to try and
open it, they should just be able to open a door,
it’s just a door. If the door is locked or sealed
shut, then you can have the team deal with it as
a challenge, but don’t require the team to make
skill checks or rolls on every little thing.

Skill Check Variants

It was mentioned in the section on using
stats and skills that there are various factors
that affect the results of a skill check. Now while
we stated some premade factors there are also
a few other options for you. For example a Hack
Variable Skill Check could be made harder by a
AI system which gives the skill check a penalty
of -3. It is up to you on whether you want to tell
the players about every factor on the skill check
but it is best if the Fireteam knows about what is
causing it you tell them how hard it could make

Index D
D10 4
Symbols Damage and Dying in Combat 27
Deception 9, 25
.45 ACP Suppressor 15 Deduction 9, 24
Defibrillator 20
Disposable Water Bottle 19
AA-12 10 DP 4
ACOG Scope 16 Duct Tape 19
Active Camoflague 20
Adult Magazine 19 E
AK-15 13 Electricians Toolkit 15
Angled Foregrip 16 EMP Grenade 21
AP 4 Endurance 8, 23
Appeal 9, 25 Environmental Interactions 27
Assault Rifle 7 Examine 9, 23
Athletics 8, 22 Extended Barrel 16
Extended Magazines 16
Backpack 19 F
Ballistic Shield 15 Fancy Clothing 20
Ballistic Vest 19 Finesse 8, 23
Binoculars 20 Firing a Weapon 26
Bipod 16 Flash Grenade 21
Body 7, 8 Flashlight 20
Bottle/Canteen 19 Flask 19
Breaching Charge 20 Foregrip 16
Fragmentation Grenade 21
C4 Brick 20 G
Cardboard Box 21 Gas Grenade 21
Chain 15 Gas Mask 20
Charisma 7, 9 Ghille Suit 21
Close Quarter Combat 27 Ground Drone 20
Cold War 29
Combat 25 H
Combat Knife 15 Hack 9, 24
Composure 9, 25 Handgun 8
Compound Bow 14 Hatchet 15
Conditions 26 History 9, 23
Contested Check 22 Holding Breath and Suffocation 28
Cover 26
CQC 8, 22 I
Crossbow 14 Ingenuity 9, 24
Crowbar 19

Interrogation Kit 20 Paracord 19
Intimidation 9, 24 Pen/Pencil 19
Persuasion 9, 24
Physical Will 8, 23
Katana 15 Pocket Knife 19
Kevlar Ceramic Armor 16
Quadcopter Drone 20
L115A1 14
Laptop 19
Light Machine Gun 8 Range Masters 16
Red Dot Sight 16
Rope 19
M9A6 10 RPK-15 13
M16A6 13
M32-GL 15
M45 10 Sciences 8, 23
M107 14 Shotgun 8
M249 13 Skill Checks 4
M1014 10 Skills 4
Marksman Rifle 8 Sledgehammer 15
Marksmanship 7 Smartphone 19
Medical 9, 24 Smoke Grenade 21
Medkit 20 Sniper Rifle 8
Mental Will 8, 23 Special 8
Mess Kit 19 Spotting 8, 23
Mind 7, 8 Standard Toolkit 15
MK-14 13 Stats 4
Mongoose 10 Stealth 8, 23
Movement 26 Sub Machine Gun 8
MP45A1 13
MRE 19
Multipurpose Suppressor 15 Taser 14
Muzzle Break 16 The Fireteam 4
The Handler 4
Towel 19
Nigh Vision Goggles 20
Notebook 19
Nourishment 28 Variable Check 22
NPC’s 29 VSN 13
VSS 14
P90 13
Painkillers 20 Whip 15