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Form 4C Microprocessor-Based Recloser Control; Service Information

Data Port-To-RS232 Compatible Computer Interface
Cable and Adapter Accessory; KME4-79-1, KME4-79-2 S280-77-2
Introduction The lengths of the data port-to-computer interface cables
are limited, due to the limitation of the low-power compo-
Service Information S280-77-2 provides descriptive and nents used in the control data port circuitry and the mini-
application information for the KME4-79-1 and KME4-79-2 mal surge isolation of the data port from the outside world.
Data Port-to-RS232 Compatible Computer Interface The Form 4C control data port is designed for temporary
Cable and Adapter Accessories. The accessories are connection only, of either a personal computer or the
used in conjunction with a Kyle Form 4C recloser control Cooper Power Systems hand-held Data Reader.
and the Form 4C INTERFACE ™ Personal Computer
Software program, running on a DOS-compatible per- 9 Volt dc Power Supply
sonal computer. Refer to Bulletin KSPS2 for complete A 9-15Vdc power supply is required to operate the KME4-
information. 79-1 accessory RS232-to-Data Port adapter only. A
For additional information on the Form 4C control, includ- power input jack is located on the adapter. The accessory
ing a description of the front panel Data Port and the con- includes a a 9Vdc battery holder (battery not included)
trol’s digital communications capabilities, refer to Service and cable, which connects to the power input jack. Battery
Information S280-77-1. operating life is approximately 4 hours (less under condi-
tions of extreme heat or cold). It is used in applications
Description where supply voltage is not readily available, such as
remote substations or recloser line installations and inter-
The data port-to-computer interface cable accessories rogation of the Form 4C control via a personal computer,
shown in Figure 1, provide a convenient means to tem- is required.
porarily connect a personal computer to the front panel
data port of a Form 4C recloser control, for programming The 9Vdc power supply can also be obtained from any of
or interrogation of the control. the following sources:

Either accessory converts the low-power output of the 1. Personal Computer Serial Port. The serial port of the
Form 4C control’s data port circuitry, to the standard personal computer (either a 25-pin or 9-pin serial port)
RS232 interface. may include a 9-15Vdc supply. Most computers with a
9-pin serial port do include a 9-15Vdc supply. If the
The KME4-79-1 accessory permits a temporary digital computer’s serial port provides the necessary voltage,
communications link from the control’s data port to any no external 9Vdc supply should be connected to the
DOS-compatible personal computer with a standard IEEE power input jack of the KME4-79-1 RS232-to-Data
25-pin serial port. For personal computers with a 9-pin Port adapter. Refer to the personal computer instruc-
serial port; a standard DB25 male to DB9 female adapter tion manual for additional information.
cable must be used, which is readily available through most
computer suppliers. The KME4-79-1 cable is six feet long. 2. 120 Vac-to-9Vdc Supply Adapter Accessory (Catalog
Number KME4-208, ordered separately). This voltage
The KME4-79-2 accessory permits a temporary digital supply adapter rectifies and steps down a 120Vac
communications link from the control’s data port to any input to 9Vdc output. It includes a plug that connects
DOS-compatible personal computer with a standard 9-pin to the power input jack of the KME4-79-1 RS232-to-
serial port. The KFME4-79-2 cable is five feet long. Data Port adapter.

DB-25 RS232 Serial 9-Pin Connector For Form Computer End

Connector 4C Control Data Port

Data Port Cable

RS232 to Data 9 Vdc Power

Port Adapter Input Jack
With Cable

9Vdc Battery Holder

With 18 Inch Cable KME4-79-1 KME4-79-2 Control

Figure 1.
KME4-79-1 and KME4-79-2 data port-to-computer interface cable accessories.

June1996 • Supersedes 3/96

Printed in USA
Data Port-to-RS232 Compatible Computer Interface Cable Adapter and KME4-79-1, KME4-79-2; Installation Instructions

3. 9Vdc Supply Cable Accessory (Catalog Number Installation and Operation

KME4-207, ordered separately). This cable is identical
to the 9Vdc battery holder and cable supplied, less the To connect the KME4-79-1 or the KME4-79-2 data port-
battery holder. The pigtail end is designed to tap the to-computer interface cable accessory, refer to the con-
dc power available at a remote terminal unit (RTU). nection diagram shown in Figure 2.
The other end of the cable includes a plug that con- For operating instructions on the use of the Form 4C
nects to the power input jack of the KME4-79-1 INTERFACE™ Personal Computer Software program,
RS232-to-Data Port adapter. running on a DOS-compatible personal computer, refer to
NOTE: The KME4-79-2 accessory does not require a sepa- Bulletin KSPS2.
rate voltage source.

DB-25 RS232 Customer-Supplied Serial

Serial Connector Cable To Computer Serial
Port (cable adapters may be
Form 4C Control
required in some applications)
Data Port


Data Port To
RS232 Converter

9Vdc Battery
(customer-supplied) 9Vdc Battery Holder With 18 In. Cable KME4-206
(only required when computer serial port does not
provide 9Vdc)

Form 4C Control
Data Port


Data Port-to-Computer
Interface Cable

Figure 2.
Diagram of Form 4C control data port-to-computer connections using either the KME4-79-1 or the KME4-79-2
data port-to-computer interface cable accessories.



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