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Apprenticeship Prospectus

2011 - 2012

Don’t just succeed,

exceed with Harrogate College

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Hull College Group is the trading name of Hull College
Introduction 2
Apprenticeships: Apprenticeships can take between one
and four years to complete depending on
the level of Apprenticeship, the apprentices’
Apprenticeships: Opening Doors to a Better Future 3 Opening Doors ability and the industry sector. The new
Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service 4-5 National Minimum Wage (NMW) came into

Catering and Hospitality 6

to a Better Future force on 1 October 2010 where all
apprentices will be paid a minimum of
Engineering 7 The world is changing fast. With economic £2.50 per hour. However, as skills develop,
uncertainty and fierce competition for jobs, many employers tend to increase wages,
Construction 8 research has found that apprentices earn
there’s never been a greater need to have
Hairdressing 9 marketable skills. But you don’t need to sit in an average of £170 per week.

Motor Vehicle 10 a classroom all day to get them. With an

Apprenticeship, you can earn while you’re Key benefits:
Child Care 11 learning and gain recognised qualifications
Health and Social Care 12 as you work.
• Earn a Salary
Business Administration 13
Who are they for? • Get Paid Holidays
Accounting 14
Apprenticeships are open to all age groups • Receive Training
Customer Service 15 (over 16 years) whether you are leaving
• Gain Qualifications
Progression 16 school and want to get into work or whether
you have been working for a number of • Learn Job-Specific Skills
Three levels of Apprenticeship 17
years and want to get on at work or are
Types of Apprenticeships 17 seeking a new start to a new career. • Increased Prospects
Harrogate College works with hundreds of
Further Information 17
local, regional and national employers and
Facilities 18 will help learners interested in an
Your career
Apprenticeship to either find a placement if Employers all over the country recognise
you are a new trainee or site support with and value Apprenticeships as they show
An Apprenticeship combines on and off the job training. You gain a nationally employers if you are already in that you’ve been trained in the skills they
recognised qualification while working for an employer and the employer employment. need. Once you’ve completed your
gets a work-ready employee who can learn on the job. Apprenticeship you can choose to carry
What is an Apprenticeship? on working, undertake further training or
“By 2020 one in five young people will do an Apprenticeship, even go on to University.
On the job, apprentices earn a wage and work
recognising the excellent career prospects this offers them”. alongside experienced staff or colleagues to
National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) gain job specific skills. Off the job, usually on a
day-release basis, apprentices receive training
to work towards nationally recognised
Harrogate College qualifications such as an NVQ.

Anyone living in England, over 16 and

The College has a reputation of offering a range of vocational opportunities meaning that you not in full time education can apply.
can choose a course that's right for you, which will develop transferable skills that today's
employers are looking for.

Our staff are fully qualified as you would expect, but what makes Harrogate College teaching
staff exceptional is that the majority of the team have real life experience in the subject they
teach. This means they can share their experience with you to enhance your studies and help
prepare you for work.

Working with local businesses and organisations provides learners with the opportunity to work on
live projects to demonstrate 'real' work experience and develop your Curriculum Vitae as well as
gain a nationally recognised qualification.

The College provides outstanding learner support including course information, counselling,
guidance and support, there is always someone available to listen and help you. Harrogate
College also offers a range of social activities designed to help you make the most of your
leisure time while you study at the College.

2 3
Apprenticeship Vacancy
Matching Service
An Apprenticeship not only trains you in the skills employers want,
it also opens up further career and learning opportunities.
Step 3 - Search for your match
You can carry on working, do more advanced training or even go on to higher education. You
can now apply for Apprenticeship vacancies online using a new system that lets you search for,
view and then apply for Apprenticeships. Simply follow the steps below.
Search for Apprenticeships that match your interests by;

• Occupation/job role
• Employer
Step 1 – Register your details
• Keyword
• Location/postcode (e.g. Harrogate)
Go to click on
Apprenticeship vacancies (on the home page) and register
your details by clicking the 'Register now' link under the
'New User?' tab.
Then create username and password. Remember to keep Step 4 - Browse your results
your username and password safe.
You'll receive a confirmation email sent to your inbox. You
You can click on any of the listed vacancies You can save your search results, so they are
must click on the link in the email to activate your account.
for more information. Each listing gives easy to access at any time, or start a new
This link opens a window to your 'My Home' page.
detailed information about the job, search.
including the employer, training, pay and
the qualifications you will be working

Step 2 - Create your 'My Home' page

Step 5 - Manage your future
Your 'My Home' page is your secure space. • Log your areas of interest (e.g. business
You can use it to; administration) Once you've found the job you want,
applying is easy.
• Search for Apprenticeship vacancies • Manage your applications
and save your search results The application form is simple, secure and
reusable, so you can respond to as many
vacancies as you like and save your
application forms.
You can view the status of your applications
and manage them online.

4 5
Catering and Hospitality Engineering
Harrogate College offer a range of Apprentices have a choice of career paths Engineers design and make things, everything Working in this field requires a good head for
Apprenticeships within the hospitality and within the industry; you could choose to follow a from computers to buildings are built by figures and the ability to work with computers.
catering sector which covers work in hotels, Customer Service route, a specialised cookery engineers. Engineering Apprenticeships cover An Engineering Apprentice needs to have good
restaurants, cafes, pubs and contract catering route or keep your route more generalised with a
a range of job roles within the sector. written and verbal communication skills and be
– it also covers other industries with food and multi skilled Apprenticeship.
able to work efficiently in a team.
drink such as Schools, colleges, hospitals and On the Engineering Apprenticeship, the variety of
Our students benefit from a real restaurant
large businesses nearly always have canteens working environment that is industry standard. work you’ll be doing will depend on your
and catering staff too. employer. Engineering apprentices will learn a
range of skills in a certain area of engineering.

We offer Apprenticeships and We offer Apprenticeships and Construction and Engineering

Advanced Apprenticeships in - Case study Advanced Apprenticeships in - Apprenticeship Grant
• Food and drink service • Mechanical Engineering
• Hospitality supervision • Electrical Engineering In order to have access to the Apprenticeship grant,
Guy all employers must be registered with CITB
• Housekeeping • Engineering Maintenance ConstructionSkills.
Sage Bistro restaurant
• Multi skilled owner and Head Chef, • Manufacturing Operations Harrogate College will manage your apprentice
• Professional cookery Guy Segev, who • Engineering Operations throughout his/her full apprenticeship.
achieved an Advanced
Professional cookery and Food and Drink Service Apprenticeship in Registration with ConstructionSkills and the
Apprenticeships offer the opportunity of day release Professional Cookery through Harrogate Construction Apprenticeship Scheme (CAS)
to College as well as Work-based learning. College, is now mentoring an apprentice will be organised by the College. Construction
within his bistro who is becoming a key Apprenticeship Scheme (CAS) will be monitored
member of the team. and managed by Harrogate College.
The Metro Restaurant Guy explained “I enjoyed being a student at For further information on the construction
Harrogate College and I found the staff had Apprenticeship Grant Please contact
The College’s restaurant provides a fine selection of food Harrogate College on;
at an affordable price. The Metro restaurant is fully licensed first hand experience and excellent knowledge,
and offers modern British and international cuisine. so, I decided to continue my relationship with 01423 878298 (Brian Parkhill)
the college and work with them to help train
The restaurant is open for staff, learners and visitors and prepare my Apprentices for life in the
to enjoy à la carte, Bistro or Light Bite menus. Hospitality industry”.
To book a table or find out more contact: “My Apprenticeship has provided me with
Tel: (01423) 878300 or E-Mail: relevant experience and formal qualifications
which has in turn given me the confidence to
step out and turn my dreams into reality. I
would really encourage anyone, irrelevant of
age, to take the plunge and get an
Apprenticeship – I am sure you will find that it
will open many doors which were previously
closed!” Guy says.

6 7
Construction Hairdressing
Construction is one of the broadest of a multi-storey building; build scaffolding Hairdressing covers the basic aspects of
Apprenticeships you can study, covering a
range of occupations from bricklaying to
around a famous landmark due for restoration;
plaster the interior of a building.
hairdressing. As a Hairdressing apprentice,
you’ll work as a salon junior, assisting senior
Case study
joinery. staff while training as a junior stylist. Your job
With a construction Apprenticeship, you could be
role may include cutting, colouring,
Construction is a multi-billion pound industry that working on various sites in your region and
shampooing and conditioning, treatments,
deals with developing and building anything beyond – there are also plenty of opportunities
to work abroad, as many of the largest styling, setting and dressing. Emma enjoyed her time at
from a housing estate to a bridge. Few industries
construction companies operate around the school but was keen to find
are as wide-ranging, or offer so many different As a Hairdressing apprentice you may be
world. a job so that she could fulfil
career pathways. required to spend a lot of time on your feet, her ambition of becoming a
Apprentices have a lot of occupations to and it’s important that you look smart. Good hairdresser. Studying on the
choose from – if you’re the sort who enjoys communication plays a role too – you’ll need Apprenticeship programme allowed her to
physical work, you could help lay the foundations to understand exactly what your customer continue to study but also work and get
wants in order to make them happy. paid a wage at the same time.
Apprentices in these areas will work closely She started College on the NVQ Level 2
with clients and will need the ability to put qualification combined with the functional skills
We offer Apprenticeships and them at ease, and generally be pleasant programme in Communication and
Advanced Apprenticeships in - Case study and personable. Application of Number. The functional Skills
programme complements the Hairdressing
• Brick laying The College benefits from a commercial course by further developing the skills which are
salon environment which is industry standard. important in the Hairdressing industry.
• Electrical installation Richard Hairdressers need to have excellent
• Carpentry/Joinery Electrical Installation communication skills to speak to clients and
also excellent numeracy skills when handling
• Painting and decorating Apprenticeship
We offer Apprenticeships and money.
• Plastering
After completing his GCSEs Advanced Apprenticeships in - Emma enjoyed her Apprenticeship and
• Building Maintenance Operations Richard went on to study for his decided to continue on to do the Advanced
• Hairdressing Apprenticeship scheme to further develop her
A Levels, after completing them he didn’t want
to progress on to Higher Education but was knowledge and practical ability.
looking for a way to gain vocational skills. “ I really enjoy being an Apprentice. I get the
Ambitions Hair & Beauty Salon
His brother had previously completed an best of both worlds, I work in a busy salon with
Electrical Apprenticeship so Richard was Pamper yourself with a range of the latest treatments an excellent team and I go to College one
familiar with this possible route. He researched and colours at very competitive prices including day a week. Combining work and study has
local Apprenticeship providers and was • Manicures enabled me to get qualified faster, and I have
impressed by Harrogate College’s facilities. • Pedicures gained invaluable industry experience.”
• Massage
I decided to enrol for an Apprenticeship • Hair cutting and Colouring.
because I was aware of the national shortage
of skilled manual workers and hoped that after The salons are open to students, staff and members
I’d completed the courses there would be a of the public. Book your appointment now to avoid
demand for my new electrical skills. disappointment.
“I have gained a well respected qualification, Hair Tel: (01423) 878301
which there will always be a demand for. I have Beauty Tel: (01423) 878302
a passion for electrical work and this E-mail:
qualification has helped me get work in that
Since completing my Apprenticeship back in
2008, I have gone on to set up my own
electrical contracting company which employs
5 people. I am also going to progress to
university in September to study for electronic
and electrical engineering.

8 9
Motor Vehicle Child Care
As an apprentice, you could work for an The Level 2 Apprenticeship involves the This qualification is for those who wish to work The Level 2 Apprenticeship is for those working
independent garage that deals with many removing and fitting of components under with Children and/or Young People. This under supervision such as a nursery assistant or
different makes of vehicles or a dealership and supervision. Once Apprentices complete the qualification covers a diverse range of job playgroup assistant working with children under
focus on a particular manufacturer, or work In level 2 Apprenticeship they will be invited to roles and occupational areas within the five or an assistant playworker in an out of
both, you’ll choose your area of specialisation, study for the level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship. children’s and young people’s workforce school setting. The Level 3 Advanced
whether that’s motorcycles, cars, heavy The Advanced Apprenticeship includes setting including early years and social care Apprenticeship is for those who work on their
vehicles or vehicle electrical systems. diagnostics and being able to work on your (covering ages ranging from birth to 19 years) own initiative, planning and organising their
own initiative. own work and/or supervising others, for
Workers in this area make sure children are example, a nursery nurse, playgroup leader or
looked after, kept active, happy and nourished. a childminder working in their own home.
They also help children develop social and
We offer Apprenticeships and practical skills. This Apprenticeship gives people After successful completion of this
Advanced Apprenticeships in - Case study a fulfilling opportunity to work with children and Apprenticeship there’s good scope for
young people while also gaining an progression. You may move up through levels of
• Light Motor Vehicle
understanding into the hows and whys of their work, for example, from nursery assistant to
• Heavy Goods Vehicles development. Equally, it ensures candidates put nursery manager. Alternatively there are
childcare theory into practice. opportunities for further training including the
Brent has a keen interest in Foundation Degree in Children's Learning and
cars and an ambition to As an apprentice, the exact nature of your Development offered at Harrogate College.
become a Mechanic, to job role will depend on your employer.
combine the two and gain
the skills and experience he
will need to achieve his ambition he chose
to study for an Apprenticeship NVQ Level 2
in Motor Vehicle. Brent chose to study for an Roles could include Childminder, Case study
Apprenticeship because he wanted to work
with motor vehicles and it enabled him to
Nursery Nurse, Playgroup
gain relevant hands on experience working Assistant etc. As part of your Alicia
with cars while working with qualified Apprenticeship you will study:
technicians in the trade. Alicia is currently studying
• Certificate/Diploma for the Children and for an Apprenticeship in
In order to be able to apply for a Higher Young People’s Workforce Childcare Learning and
Education place Brent needs to complete a Development Level 2 at
level 3 qualification, so he enrolled on the • Functional skills: Application of Number and
Harrogate College. She
Advanced Apprenticeship NVQ Level 3 course. Communication
chose an Apprenticeship because she
The level 3 course provides learners with more • Paediatric First Aid wanted to gain a qualification but could not
advanced knowledge and skills which can help commit to studying on a full time theoretical
them to progress into a more senior job role • ERR – Employer Rights and Responsibilities
with more responsibility.
By working and attending college Alicia meets
“ I am really enjoying studying for a Motor lots of new people and feels that her
Vehicle Apprenticeship; I have gained hands confidence has grown since she started her
on experience working on cars and a nationally course at Harrogate College.
recognised qualification at the same time
while earning a wage. I have met loads of nice “ I have always wanted to work with children; I
people on my course and we all share the just wasn’t sure in what setting. This qualification
same interest in cars, it’s great.” allows me to work with children which I love,
earn a wage and also study for a nationally
recognised qualification which will help me to
get a job in the future”

10 11
Health and Social Care These Apprenticeships are new for 2011
Business Administration These Apprenticeships are new for 2011

As an apprentice in Health and Social Care, groups in all health and social care Administrators are highly valued by Apprenticeships who qualify might work in roles
you could work in hospitals, community care, environments. They are also suitable for those organisations and handle the day-to-day tasks that involve organising people and resources,
doctor’s surgeries, residential and nursing working with people with learning disabilities, in an office to make sure things run smoothly – including executive assistants, secretaries,
homes, hospices, or Supported Living dementia, nursing needs or challenging 97% of employers say that effective administration assistants, or data entry clerks.
schemes. behaviour, as well as those in more supervisory administration is essential to their business.
positions with greater autonomy and authority. Business and administration work requires a
At Harrogate we offer Apprenticeships in Health Progression routes and career opportunities for With this Apprenticeship you will play an strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and
and Social Care, they are available at Level 2 individuals employed in this sector include important support role within a business or attention to detail and is an excellent starting
and Level 3 (Advanced Apprenticeship) and Registered Manager roles and nursing. organisation and could work in almost any point to move into management once you
are aimed at individuals working with all age department. With your transferable skills you have gained experience.
could be working in tourism, a record company,
charity or small organisation.

The Health and Social Care Job roles at Level 2 include

Apprenticeship contains: Junior Secretary, Administration
• Competence-based qualification (Level 2/3) Assistant, Clerical Assistant and
• Knowledge-based element (Technical Certificate) at Level 3 Office Administrator,
• Functional Skills (Communication and Number) PA/Secretary
• Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) We offer Apprenticeships and Advanced
Apprenticeships in –
• Business Administration

12 13
Accounting These Apprenticeships are new for 2011
Customer Service These Apprenticeships are new for 2011

Accounting is a highly skilled profession, with assistants, all helping accountants to keep Good customer service is essential to make As a customer service apprentice you would
accounting staff working at many different financial records and prepare accounts. You’ll any business successful. It is a skill which is probably work at the forefront of an employer’s
levels, underpinning business success. With this learn how to balance accounts, process used by and in every organisation. The business activities and regularly work with
Apprenticeship you could work in an accounts invoices and payments, complete VAT returns, Apprenticeship gives you the skills to provide internal and external customers.
department, helping a business or and help prepare financial statements and excellent customer service and can be used in
organisation manage their money properly. reports. Depending on whether you work for a a vast number of job roles across lots of sectors Completing this Apprenticeship will provide you
Opportunities will be available to work in any large or small company, you could be and businesses, from financial services, to with the skills that will be of value in any sector
industry where you can apply your skills to any specialising in one area – like sales – or doing retail, hospitality and tourism. or industry.
business type from large public sector all these tasks as well as handling banking and
companies and major corporations, to football petty cash.
clubs and small firms.
Once you have completed your apprenticeship
Apprentices who qualify as accounting you can progress to a Level 3 (Advanced
technicians might work as accounts assistants, Apprenticeship) and then to a Level 4 (Higher Job roles include Customer
credit control clerks, accounts clerks, or finance Apprenticeship) Service Supervisor, Customer
Service Manager, Customer
Service Team Leader and
Job roles include Accounts Clerk, Customer Relationship Manager.
Credit Control Assistance, Finance We offer Apprenticeships and Advanced
Assistant, Purchase Ledger Clerk. Apprenticeships in –

We offer Apprenticeships and Advanced • Customer Service

Apprenticeships in –
• AAT Accounting (coming soon)

14 15
Three levels of • To start this programme, you should
ideally have five GCSEs (grade C or

Apprenticeship above) or have completed an


There are three levels of Apprenticeship 3 Higher Apprenticeships

available for those aged 16 and over: • Higher Apprenticeships work towards
work-based learning qualifications such
1 Apprenticeships (equivalent to five as NVQ Level 4 and, in some cases, a
Progression GCSE passes grades A-C) knowledge-based qualification such as
a Foundation Degree.
• Apprentices work towards work-based
learning qualifications such as an NVQ
All of our Apprenticeships offer excellent progression routes onto higher level study if this is your
chosen route. Harrogate College Higher Education (HE) courses are designed to improve your
Level 2, Key Skills and, in some cases, a
relevant knowledge-based qualification
Types of
career opportunities because our HE qualifications are vocational (work related) and linked to
career development routes.
such as a BTEC.
• These provide the skills you need for
Many of our HE qualifications are delivered through partnerships with local universities, offering the benefits your chosen career and allow entry to Apprenticeships are available in a wide
of studying in a supportive environment towards a University Award. an Advanced Apprenticeship. range of industry sectors. Harrogate
Foundation Degrees are vocational qualifications offering flexible learning opportunities and progression College works with a wide range of
2 Advanced Apprenticeships employers from large national
routes to the final year of a Degree (top-up). All of the courses are designed to make progression to a
(equivalent to two A-level passes) companies such as Rudding Park,
Degree more accessible, and to encourage more people to ‘aim higher’ and achieve more.
Stoneacre and Martin and Gerard
• Advanced apprentices work towards
Electrical Contractors ltd.
work-based learning qualifications such
Higher Level Studies at Harrogate College as NVQ Level 3, Key Skills and, in most
cases, a relevant knowledge based
Foundation Degrees BA (Hons) Top up certificate such as a BTEC.
• Business and Management • Applied Creative Design
• Business Information Technology • Business and Management
• Photography & Digital Imaging
• Fashion Design and Production
• Professional Development in Education
• Fashion Marketing and Retail • Young Children’s Learning and Development
• Interior Architectural Design
Certificate in Education/PGCE
• Lens Based Photo Media
• Professional Development in Education
Further Information
• Young Children’s Learning and Development • Image and Time Based Media If you are unsure that an Apprenticeship is right for you or would like
more information on the Apprenticeships we currently offer please
call our Information, Advice and Guidance team on:
To request a Higher Education Prospectus contact us: Tel: (01423) 878223/878211 E-mail:
Tel: (01423) 878211

* Please note all course information is correct at time of printing but it is likely that this list of subjects may be amended.
16 17
Enjoy our Excellent Careers Service
Impartial careers advice and guidance is
Facilities available from our professional Careers
Adviser to enable you to make considered
Students’ Union decisions about your career goals and
options including an e-guidance service.
The Students’ Union provides benefits and
services to learners including a variety of To book a one-to-one guidance interview
social events and activities to take part in. with the Careers Adviser contact Course
When you join you can use your Students’
Union card to save money offering you a
wide range of discounts with national
Information Office on:
Tel: (01423) 878223/878211
Do you need help finding
companies. You must be over 16 to join.

Counselling and Welfare Service

an employer placement?
Enrichment From the Region’s Apprentice Recruitment Agency
The counselling and welfare service provides
If you are under 19 years of age when you students with professional, confidential
join Harrogate College you will automatically counselling, support and guidance on a
benefit from the College’s Enrichment range of both personal and academic
programme. This includes a series of issues. The service works within the guidelines
stimulating sessions and activities around of the British Association for Counselling and
relevant topics that will help you gain Psychotherapy.
valuable knowledge and skills. There are
also themed celebration weeks where To access this service contact:
learners can attend workshops, events and Caroline Jesper:
take part in activities around particular issues Tel: (01423) 878340
including drug and alcohol awareness or Mobile: 07920450125
sexual health. E-mail:

On top of this, the Enrichment team

organises recreational events for everyone
to take part in, including 5-a-side football Experienced Teaching Staff
tournaments, outdoor ice skating, We are proud of the range of courses
celebration events and trips to local and Harrogate College can offer.
national attractions.
Our enthusiastic, dedicated and
The Enrichment programme is a great way to experienced teaching staff ensure every
meet learners from different areas and try Like a recruitment agency, our experienced
learner receives first-class teaching and team will aim to match you with an
new things. enjoys a positive learning experience whilst
employer that has expressed an interest in
For more details on any of the activities that with us.
taking an apprentice.
the College has to offer, please contact the
Student Liaison and Enrichment Co-ordinator Apprentices who do not have an employer placement
on: Tel: (01423) 878262 can register with YHATA who will then search through
their database of employers with Apprenticeship
vacancies and aim to match the two together. Employers hire you from us, allowing us to
Course Information provide continued support
YHATA engage the apprentices on an agency
If you need advice in choosing the right agreement for the term of the Apprenticeship and
course, we’re here to help. We welcome pay your salary and the host employers hire the
apprentice from YHATA.
those who wish to discuss their next step in
education and training. Our friendly Course
Information Team are always happy to
provide course details and initial advice.

Call in and talk to a member of the team or

telephone the Course Information office:
Tel: (01423) 878211

You can apply for most courses on-line at:


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