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Kindly refer to the case for EMA

Learning Outcome:

1.      To think strategically, by having an awareness of analysing, choosing, implementing and

investigating into the strategy, through applied work on Intel Corporation.

2.      To evaluate and apply the concepts, theoretical ideas and empirical findings of BB835 to
develop your own views on strategic issues and decision-making in Intel Corporation.

All questions to be answered compulsory. Questions are drawn from the Case Study ‘IS INTEL’S
BUSINESS MODEL FIT FOR THE FUTURE?’. Before attempting each question, please ensure
that you read the scenario depicted in the case.

Word Limit: 2500 words

About the case:

The case, set in 2019, looks at the history of Intel and the semiconductor industry background.
This provides a starting framework to understand the strategic concepts, models and resources of
Intel and its more agile competitors, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
(TSMC) and Arm. A closer look at previous moves shows that Intel has made bets in many
different fields that are successful today, yet the company is still struggling. However, Arm seems
to be starting to stagnate, thus raising doubts about whether its model is really a map to follow. In
this context, it is unclear whether Intel is agile enough to respond to changes in the industries in
which it operates. Considering the industry environment, what strategy should Intel choose based
on challenges in the environment and existing resources and capabilities?

The EMA tasks

There are three tasks that you must perform to complete this EMA.

·         Based on the Industry Analysis:

Task 1 (20 marks, 700 words)

Is the industry Intel Corporation in an attractive industry? What does it take to remain
competitive in this industry?

·         Based on the Management preferences and resources and capabilities: 

Task 2 (30 marks, 800 words)

Identify and critically evaluate Intel Corporation’s resources and capabilities using relevant
BB835 frameworks and concepts.

In your answer you should use your evaluation of resources and capabilities to assess how Intel
Corporation achieves competitive advantage in its industry.

·         Based on the Strategic Implementation:

Task 3 (40 marks, 1000 words)

Following on from the managerial implications sections in Units 5, 6 and 7, is Intel Corporation
pursuing any kind of diversification strategy? What is the rationale behind their structure and
diversification strategy? What strategic initiatives would you recommend for Intel Corporation?

10 marks are reserved for academic writing (Word count, References, Cohesive writing)

Notes on answering EMA

Your EMA should be prepared in a report format.

This EMA builds upon skills you have developed from the activities in the units of BB835 that
you have studied so far. As you prepare your answers for this EMA, ensure that you make use of
the concepts you have read about and used, as well as the insights you have gained, during your
BB835 studies up to this point. All of the units that you have read so far are relevant. However, in
this EMA, you should demonstrate a particular understanding of Unit 1-3 for task one, Units 4-5
for task and Units 5-7 for task three, where the relevant concepts were discussed.

This EMA specifically tests strategic thinking skills and the ability to apply module concepts to
understand the situation facing the case organisation, developing insights in the process and then
using those insights to offer your perspective on what the case organisation should do and why.
This aspect of the EMA task, offering your own view on how the case organisation should act, is
an important measure of your ability to think strategically and construct a supported argument.

You are required to draw explicitly on relevant BB835 models, concepts and theories to support
your analysis, conclusions and recommendations. Tutors will impose marking penalties for
failure to make explicit use of module material/models or lack of rigour in referencing.

In answering the tasks, it is important that you draw upon all of the information provided in the
case study, including appendices and any statistical and financial data that is relevant to the EMA.

Your EMA should not exceed 2500 words in total. The 2500 words exclude appendices, which
should not be excessive; your application of frameworks should not be presented in appendices.



Criteria Marks
Task 1: Based on the Industry Analysis

 i.  Attractiveness of the Industry through relevant models 20 marks

ii. Intel Corporation’s competitiveness in this industry

Task 2: Management preferences and resources and capabilities: 

Analysing Intel Corporation’s resources and capabilities

30 marks
i. Analysing resources- Financial, Human, Physical and Technological,
ii. Resource Imitability- Cash, Commodity.
iii. Identifying capabilities through relevant theories/model.
Task 3: Strategic Implementation

i. Type of diversification strategy Intel Corporation is pursuing.

ii. Rationale behind the structure and diversification strategy 40 marks

iii. The strategic initiatives you would recommend for Intel Corporation

iv. Citing appropriate evidence from the case.

Academic writing
10 marks
i. Cohesive and writing skills including word count
ii. Grammar, Punctuations, References.
Total 100 Marks