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March 2011


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Vol. 30 No. 3 March 2011

State of the Village Report Spring Is Near: Plenty To Do

New and continued programs, activities,
By David Israel, UCO President opportunities for all residents
From the UCO Bylaws: By Syd Kronish
“[The president] shall submit a report of the operations of UCO for the preceding year Believe me, there is no place in the world better for retirees
to the January meeting of the Delegate Assembly, or may publish his report in the UCO than Century Village in West Palm Beach!
Reporter, and from time to time shall report to the Executive Board all matters within his A variety of programs and activities are available to the
knowledge which the interests of UCO may require to be brought to their notice . . . “ residents.
Here are a few of these options right in our own backyard:
In accordance with the directive above serious research, while at the same time
• The Hastings Fitness Center has a daily schedule of
(modeled loosely on the Constitution of the reducing the probability of repeating past
classes which will continue through the summer. Our Fitness
United States), it mistakes.
Center is a state-of-the-arts facility with the latest apparatus
is incumbent on me 3. We have made major strides in chang-
and equipments to keep you in good health.
as your UCO Presi- ing the UCO culture of “No” to a more user-
• Interested in the Baby Boomers Club? There is one here.
dent to report to you friendly face. This process is well advanced
• How about the Village Gun Club, the Computer Club or
on the operations of and will continue.
the Camera Club?
UCO for the preced- 4. We have increased the frequency of
• For the musical mavens there is the CV Orchestra, and
ing year. If I may Transponder installations, addressing a long-
the Merry Minstrels for those who love to sing. Of course we
say so, residents standing complaint, and are approaching my
have Karaoke and a ballroom dancing group.
and owners got a stated goal of “Transponders on demand.”
• There are religious groups that meet regularly.
big “bang for their 5. We have reconfigured our Guest Call-In
• Take advantage of the free movies (first run) in our Club-
buck” from the UCO team in 2010. Let’s look System to allow for the registration of two
house theater and the dances held every Saturday night (also
at a few of our accomplishments. telephone numbers from any unit AND permit
free) in the party room. And of course our shows, many are
1. We have placed many UCO interactive the use of cell phones to call in guests. Some
here from Broadway, featuring Big Name Entertainers on a
forms on the Internet, including investiga- one hundred associations have thus far al-
regular basis in our theater.
tion applications for prospective new owners lowed the use of cell phones for guest call-in.
and renters, thus making what was a very 6. We have completely reconstructed the
Linda Schnyder of Century Village noticed a column by
unwieldy procedure more user-friendly for UCO Insurance Committee and through com-
Frank Cerabino in the Palm Beach Post, who had a “warped
all concerned. petitive bidding (required by our laws but not
opinion of life in the Village.” She replied in a Letter to the
2. We have made a sizable dent in the con- put into practice for many years) have saved
Editor. Here is an excerpt:
version of paper files in UCO to searchable our unit owners some $2 million dollars an-
digital format (i.e., from hard copy records to nually in premiums as a result.
electronic storage of them). This has opened 7. We have also reconstructed our Main-
up our past history and documentation for tenance Committee and made it compatible
with the Insurance operation. The goal has
Inside: been to promote Preventive Maintenance
through a Check List system designed both
to protect our buildings from damages and to
Don’t let the flu bug reduce insurance claims, which can result in
bite you! Page 7 higher premiums.
8. We have linked up a number of our most
Health needy residents with critical aid programs
such as Food Stamps and utility cost-reduc-
March movies in tion programs.
Clubhouse. Dates & 9. In an effort to move our Village to more

times. Page 5 Continued on page 3 

Our library Yes we Delegate Assembly

have books aplenty.
Page 39
Friday, March 4, 2011
Club notes. Page 50
9:30 AM Clubhouse Theatre
Biographies of candidates in this year’s UCO election on
Happy 100th to March 4 are on Pages 20 to 23.
The UCO delegates will elect Vice Presidents and ten
Shirley! Page 16 Executive Board members
Page 2 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Delegate Assembly Minutes Feb. 4, 2011 And Then

Vice President Bob Mar- egates. Silverman. There’s This...
shall chaired this meeting. Sarah Alsofrom, State Since there were no nom- Vice President
Honey Sager led the Attorney’s Office, reported inations from the floor,
Pledge of Allegiance. that her office would like nominations were closed. Phyllis Richland
There was a problem volunteers -- their phone Ken Graff will be at UCO
with the sound system and number is 355-7295. A pros- today from 11:30 to 12:30 to
most of the statements and ecutor will come to speak take pictures for the UCO
It seems as if more and There are common element
questions from the floor to Associations by invita- R e p o r t e r. E L E C T I O N S
more folks are coming to lifts. There are single owner
were muffled. tion. Tours of the State At- ARE FRIDAY, MARCH 4,
Century Village on a per- lifts, etc. Each one has differ-
Guest Don Marion repre- torney’s office also can be FROM 8 AM TO 9 AM.
manent basis. Many snow ent benefits.
senting Shalloway & Shal- arranged. President David Israel
birds are making their nests On another topic, Morse
loway, an Elder Law At- Christine Saxon, Com- reported on a visit from
here for good. It is the most Life has free services for vet-
torney Firm, stated that cast, introduced her techni- Mark Levy in which he
economical place to live in erans and or their spouses.
this firm will come to any cal supervisor. She told the said that his company
these times. With all the For those who prefer to stay
Association meeting. He audience that on February will lose the Deerfield
good stuff included in our in their own homes, daily liv-
also distributed literature. 16 Comcast will be convert- Beach CV franchise on
fees why shouldn’t more and ing services such as bathing,
Lt. Richard Diberardino, ing to a digital signal. You December 31, 2011. When
more people live here? What shopping, meal preparation,
Palm Beach Sheriff ’s Of- must have a converter for this occurs we will be hit
I have noticed is that there etc., are offered by Morse.
fice, reported that there channels over 22. There with sharing salaries
are many more inquiries for Their case managers are
was no crime of concern last were many questions and from 4 CVs to 3 CVs for
lifts. If your association is trained by the V.A. Don’t be
month. Traffic violations answers. A Town Hall Meet- operational costs of ap-
interested and have any ques- afraid to ask for licences, in-
continue to be an issue and ing to answer Comcast proximately $116,000.00.
tions, please get in touch with surance, I.D.’s and if you are
deputies will be in CV to questions will be set. To Toni Salometo, UCO In-
me at the UCO office and I in doubt check them out. Be
enforce the law. date 1800 units in CV have surance Chair, reported
will give you any information safe. Not every organization
Deputy Chief Gauger, no box. that there will be an Insur-
you need with reference to is looking out for you.
PBSO, warned our resi- Minutes were approved ance Seminar with Ty Beba,
insurance, maintenance, etc. Call UCO if you have any
dents about internet fraud as corrected. There were Brown & Brown, on March
There are second floor lifts. questions.
and phone scams directed 218 Delegates in atten- 23 at 9:30 AM in the Party
to the elderly. He also stat- dance. Room. Seating is limited –
ed that mental health funds Roberta Fromkin, Search call the UCO office to place
have been reduced over the & Nominations chair, read your name on the list of

Join us
years. He suggested that the list to be voted on. Two reservations.
we write to Tallahassee to Vice Presidents and ten Vice President Phyllis
defeat further reduction. Executive Board members Richland announced the
Nancy Boulter, Vitas will be elected for two-year following meeting dates:
Hospice, announced an Ice terms. Bob Marshall and Wed. Feb. 9, Presidents’
Council 10-11:30 AM –Par-

Cream Social at the Medi- Phyllis Richland are can-
cal Center on February 17 didates for Vice President. ty Room.
from 1:30-3:30 PM, where Executive Board candidates Fri. Feb. 18, Becker &
they will have an office with are: Sandy Cohen, Suzie Poliakoff Certification of
many support programs for
CV residents.
Julia Wester announced
that there will be a Veter-
Byrnes, Ken Davis, Dom
Guarnagia, Lanny Howe,
Jackie Karlan, Jerry Karpf,
Syd Kronish, Dot Loewen-
Association Board Members
– 9 AM – Party Room.
Thursday Mar. 17, Flor-
ida Ombudsman – 10 AM-
ans Workshop at 2 PM in stein, Michael Rayber, Isa- noon, Party Room
the Clubhouse today. belle Scherel, Honey Sager, Good & Welfare followed.
Commissioner Paulette
Burdick greeted the Del-
Phil Shapkin, Howie Silver,
Myron Silverman, and Ted
These minutes were tak-
en by Mary Patrick Benton. Special Meeting
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March Open Meetings

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Date Time Group Location

8:00-9:00 am
9:30 am
UCO Elections
Delegate Assembly
Room C
March 23rd
3/04/11 1:00 pm Editorial UCO Office
2:00 pm
1:30 pm
Welcome & Orientation
UCO Office
Party Room
Party Room
9:30 am
9:30 am
UCO Office
Room B
9:30 am
3/09/11 10:00 am Presidents' Council Party Room
10:00 am
12:00 pm
Community Relations
UCO Installation & Luncheon
Card Room B
Hilton Airport
Ty Beba
3/17/11 10:00 am Florida Ombudsman Theater Brown & Brown
3/23/11 9:30 am Insurance Seminar Party Room
3/24/11 10:00 am Officers UCO Office
3/28/11 1:30 pm Executive Board Room B
3/29/11 10:00 am Operations UCO Office “All you ever wanted to know about
4/01/11 9:30 am Delegate Assembly Theater property insurance coverage, and
4/01/11 1:00 pm Editorial UCO Office
4/01/11 2:00 pm Security UCO Office
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 3

UCO Volunteers Honored at Special Luncheon

A festive luncheon for more Club House on Jan. 13. all the officers in UCO to you to you.”
than 200 volunteers serving President David Israel and our little group of volunteers After lunch Bingo was
UCO Vice President on many committees and the UCO officers attended. that make this afternoon pos- played and cash prizes were
Phyllis Richland welcomes functions for the Village, was Chairperson Mary Patrick sible I give a special thanks given.
volunteers. held in the Party Room in the Benton, who was in charge
of all arrangements, greeted
the honored guests.
A Story from the Heart
VP Phyllis Richland, had By Irving J. Levine
special words of appreciation
for our well deserved volun- Each one of us has a story hidden in our heart that emerges
teers. from time to time to brighten our day. Here is mine:
“No one realizes how im- It was during the Great Depression and I was a second-grade
This is your newspaper — portant all of you are to the student in Lincoln School in Mt. Vernon, NY. I was a quiet kid
safety and well being of this from a poor family and not too happy about anything. It was
join our volunTeer sTaff! Village. Most of you see to it recess time and I sat alone on the gymnasium bleachers. Sud-
that everything runs smooth- denly the place became quiet as the principal entered and an-
The UCO Reporter is your most important source of infor-
ly and our residents are nounced a fellow student, Irving Levine, who is among us now,
mation about Century Village. But news doesn’t write itself. happy. When I tell outsiders
had been stealing items from a classroom desk during recess.
That’s why, to maintain the high standard of our coverage that fewer than 200 of us, all “His mother has been called and Irving will be punished.”
of news and events, we need to expand our staff. In other volunteers keep a little city he sternly proclaimed.
words, we need you to volunteer. You don’t need a newspa- like Century Village running I sat there dumbfounded and scared. I had never left the gym
per or magazine background. We’ll help you learn the ropes! as well as it does they shake and I had never stolen anything in my life. The other students
So, if you can spend a few hours a week with us, we can use their sheads in wonder. were silent and stared ay me. Then the silence was broken as
your talent in writing, editing, copy reading, proof reading, The history of C.V. and itsa girl spoke up. It was Eileen Ritchie, a classmate who I didn’t
computer operation and clerical skills. governing bodies depends know well.
Experienced hands are needed too. It will be an opportunity on volunteers. Today, I per- “Irving couldn’t have done it.” I’ve been here all during recess
sonally want to thank all of and he never left the gym,” she said.
to relive your days at your high school or college newspaper.
you who have stepped up to “Thank God for Eileen,” I thought.
If you’re interested, our editor, veteran newsman Syd the plate. Regardless of the
The principal mumbled an apology about a mistake and left
Kronish, would like to meet with you. Phone him at 561- amount of time any of you the gym the thief uncaught. I was so relieved I don’t remember
683-9336, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 to noon, to set give, you all have performed if I thanked Eileen.
up an appointment. admirably. So, on behalf of But almost 80 years later I am still grateful to her, especially
in my heart.
State of the Village
from page 1
Do you have a story hidden in your heart? It may be
sentimental, sad, or even satirical. If you would like to
share your story we would like to consider it for publi-
legal operations, we have arranged for our Advisory Committee chair, Randall Borchardt, to cation. Please give us a call at 561-683-9336.
write a monthly column in the UCO Reporter. See Randall’s “Condo Corner” for answers to
many of your questions on condominium operations.
10. The project to upgrade the furniture at the Recreation Facility pools is complete. There
have been many compliments.
11. The shoreline restoration project is nearly finished. UCO INSTALLATION & LUNCHEON
12. We have established ongoing training for persons experiencing problems with their new
Comcast cable TV boxes. These sessions have been well received by those attending. SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2011
13. We have established an ongoing feature on our Community channel 63, starring David
Saxon interviewing persons of interest to our Villagers. 12 NOON
14. We have finally stopped the unconscionable practice of allowing the buses to idle at the HILTON HOTEL
Clubhouse, thus saving some $1700 per month in gas.
15. We have installed a generator at UCO which will make it possible for UCO operations 150 AUSTRALIAN AVE., WPB
and services to the Village to continue during extended power outages.
Are there things yet to be done? Of course. We are in the process of redesigning our Inves- CHOICE OF CHICKEN
tigations Department so that the procedures will be simpler and so that the investigations
themselves will be more comprehensive. OR FISH - $35.00
We are also doing a remake of the Finance Department to make the expenditure of our
monies more transparent. GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN EARLY
We are starting major drainage, swales and road repair projects, which taken together will THERE ARE 10 SEATS PER TABLE.
reduce or eliminate flooding and road damage.
All in all, I would say, and I think you would agree, that the state of our Village is good, MARY PATRICK BENTON, CHAIR
and steadily improving!
It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be your UCO president.
Page 4 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

The Mail Bag WPRF, Inc.

The "Mail Bag" section of the UCO Reporter rep-
resents the OPINIONS OF THE AUTHOR ONLY. Anita J. Pearce, VP
UCO supports the publication of the diverse opin-
ions of our residents, and will endeavor to continue
to publish opinions which may be considered inflam-
matory but not defamatory.
It’s hard to believe that season.” You won’t be dis-
MONEY - MONEY - Save the Buses Big Thank You
MONEY - Where is it Ms. Ziccardy in her rec- A very big thank you to we are in the final month of appointed with this year’s
ommendation for returning all committee members of our winter “season.” Judging presentation of I Hear Music,
to "old" bus routes of taking the SEARCH/NOMINATING from the comments I have with song and enthusiastic
Most of us on Social Secu- received from so many, you dance performed by about 40
residents only to places COMMITTEE.
rity will NOT and have not have been pleased with the of your fellow neighbors and
for essential needs.Get- Their diligence and perse-
seen a cost of living raise. entertainment offered this friends.
ting to Emporium shops, verance was the impetus for
I want to ask the OF- year – the shows have been Thank you to all who are
City Place, assorted malls having the nominees for vice
FICERS of UCO how they widely praised, and com- participating in our theater’s
--- stores, shops and restau- presidents and executive board
justify giving holiday BO- ments such as “outstanding”, 2010-11 season. As you have
rants are essential to the members for the 2011 slate.
NUSES to our part time “please bring them back next already seen, we have a won-
happiness and well being of The deed of getting nominees is
employees at UCO. Espe- year”, and “this year’s shows derful lineup of shows to
residents who can't /don't/ not an easy one. Unfortunately
cially when last year all were the best ever” are being please all tastes in entertain-
won't drive. Are they to be there is a belief among owners
chairs of committees(and I repeated to me over and over. ment. For those who leave for
confined to a small radius in Century Village in the say-
was one) were asked to cut I would like to personally the summer months, you can
of retail businesses, res- ing, LET GEORGE DO IT. Not
their budgets back to help thank Abby Koffler, WPRF’s fill out a season ticket appli-
taurants, discount stores so. To be on the Board of UCO
our Residents have a little entertainment director, for cation form (available in the
where they buy the every- is gratifying, rewarding and
less of an increase. Maybe such a wonderful lineup of Ticket Office) to ensure that
day essentials? Are those satisfying.
I don’t understand Florida shows. you receive next year’s 2011-
businesses to be deprived of Those who are voted in will
labor law, but since when It is with great pleasure 12 brochure while you are
our dollars? When Century find this to be true. All who
do part time employees (20 that I officially introduce our away. As in the past, there
Village was built, I don't were not nominated this year
hours a week) receive paid new Emcee, Joe Piazza, who is a $2 fee for mailing your
think Wellington Green or think about it.
sick time, and paid vacation started with us on February brochure and order form.
Gardens Mall were around. Get your bios ready for the
time which can run into a 1st and has been doing an I am pleased to report that
Why narrow the world of 2012 elections. When the com-
month. I also would like to enthusiastic job introducing we have now completed our
our residents rather than mittee is formed let them know
know when the paid holidays our theater acts. The next pool furniture project, and
widen it? For myself, the you want to run. PLAN ON IT.
were raised from 6 to ?(It time you are in the Theater, we now have new lounges,
buses were a major deter- JOIN IN AND RUN. Thank
seems the OFFICERS have please stop by and make him chairs, tables and umbrellas
mining factor in moving you all committee members
not agreed yet on a Holiday feel welcome. at all of our pools. For those
here. I see how much the for encouraging those who are
List to be published in the If you are looking for an of you who use the South-
riders enjoy getting out running this year.
near future). Remember enjoyable evening during ampton Pool, I trust you are
for the day -- people who With best wishes for a
all employees part time get March, please consider at- pleased with the landscaping
otherwise could not afford healthy, safe and happy year
these holidays off with pay. tending one of our amazing improvements to enhance
private transport to some at WPB Century Village and a
Remember you are en- shows in the Theater. We still your relaxation time. Over
of the destinations. As one very hearty THANK YOU.
titled to see this information. have plenty of good seats left the summer months, look
very wise CV volunteer Roberta Boehm-Fromkin
Just go up to UCO with an for I Am Sarge on March 15th, for maintenance work at the
said, “you may be driving
appointment and they will 
A Tribute to the Beach Boys Hastings Fitness Center, as
today but one day you may
be glad to show you all sala- Roads/Sidewalks – Good Vibrations on March well as various maintenance
not.” Please please do not
ries, vacations and bonuses. The perimeter road has 26th, and The New Shanghai and improvements to the
cut any of the external
UCO was very gracious in sidewalks all around. WHY Circus on March 31st. Check pools, decks and/or bath-
buses. As for those who
giving me this information. do people have to walk or out the show reviews in the houses at Hastings, Kent and
drive but elect to use the
Maybe it is about time ride bikes on the road which March Happenings - tickets Southampton.
buses ---kudos for riding
you find out who is getting has room for just one car in can be purchased seven days Please remember to be
en masse and going green -
what. This is your money. I each direction? In addition, a week at the Ticket Office careful while near any wa-
conserving gas and cutting
want to thank Mr. Ed Black a guard walking to the Hast- in the Main Clubhouse. We terways in our community.
pollution! A happy bus rider
for being so informative on ings clubhouse early in the have very few tickets left for WPRF has posted signs to
Margaret Russell
what we pay our part time morning when it is still dark The Platters on March 8th, remind you that there are alli-
169 Windsor H
employees. walks in the road. As bad as and some other March shows gators present in the water so
Barbara Cornish, Con- that is, he is black and wears are heavily sold, so you should use caution when you and/or
cerned Resident a dark jacket and you can hurry to ensure a good seat. a family member approaches
You still have an opportu- any shoreline. We monitor
 hardly see him. WHY not use
the sidewalk? ? ? ? nity to get tickets ($5.00 per our waterways and report
 Paula Brotkin person) to a performance by any sightings to the proper
the Century Village® Orches- agency; however, Florida is a
An Appreciation from tra on March 3rd. Your tal- natural habitat for alligators.
our Family..... ented friends and neighbors And another word of caution:
ACCUPUNCTURE To our Community.... will perform music from the It is against the law to feed
On behalf of our fam- light classics, Broadway and alligators!
For pain, depression, colds & sore throat ily, please accept our sincere favorites from the American Our maintenance staff is
MASSAGE THERAPY appreciation for the many songbooks. hard at work maintaining
months of devotion shown Tickets are going fast ($6 the buildings and property to
Therapeutic massage not only to my late husband, per person) to this year’s An- prolong the useful life of what
Frances Post, ap, lmt Richard but myself as well.. nual Resident Show (March we already have, and so that
Acupuncture Physician AP1665 We all could not have trav- 20th at 8 PM and March 21st you can expect a clean and
Licensed Massage Therapist MA36521 eled this road alone....Your at 2 PM). Last year’s resident safe environment when in any
century village resident generosity will never be for- show was fantastic, and said of our facilities.
I Make House Calls • 561-632-0098
561-632-0098 gotten. to be by most who attended, Enjoy the rest of the sea-
Bettie Lee Bleckman “one the finest shows of the son, and be well.
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 5
by Jean Dowling
“This is a friendly, informa- board members. A board meet- • Your property manager Community
tional council for people with ing cannot be held without a can be a member of your board. Relations
the same problems,” explained quorum, which is a majority. • All board members must
Phyllis Richland, UCO Vice For a seven-member board, sign a declaration that they Ted Silverman
President, at the first Presi- that would be four members. have read the condo documents
dent’s Council Review Meeting A quorum can be obtained by or have taken a course on run-
on Wednesday, February 9, an out-of-town member at- ning a condo.
2011. tending by speaker-phone or • Every board member
The meeting, open to as- Skype (internet connection), or should have a copy of the Community Relations dent Barack Obama, United
sociation presidents, board by completing a proxy form. condo documents and the UCO Committee members Doro- States Senators Bill Nelson,
members and unit owners, was To summarize some of the bylaws. thy Breier, Phyllis Frishberg, Mark Rubio and Congress-
hosted by Phyllis and Roger points made at the meeting: Kathy Guarnagia, Jackie man Ted Deutch. Invitations
Carver, CAM (Community Annual Meetings: Karlan, Maria Levy, Eileen will be extended to Governor
Association Manager) of UCO Board Meetings: • This is the only meeting Pearlman, Lisa Torres and I Rick Scott and State Repre-
in the Clubhouse party room. • Notice of a meeting must required by law. Must have recently met to discuss last sentative Mark Pafford. Palm
Over a hundred enthusiastic be posted 48 hours before the minutes. year’s successful dessert buf- Beach County State Attorney
people attended. meeting. • The yearly election of fet honoring our Century Michael McAuliffe, Supervi-
Each month the Council • Meetings must be open the board takes place at this Village Centenarians and to sor of Elections Susan Bucher,
will address a new problem. to all (except for executive meeting. start preparations for this County Commissioner Pau-
“What is my job as an officer sessions, which are limited to • The officers are elected at year’s celebration. lette Burdick, Tax Collector
and what responsibilities do I personnel problems or attorney a board meeting following the At this meeting we unani- Anne Gannon, Property Ap-
have?” were the topics of this sessions). annual meeting. mously agreed that the forth- praiser Gary Nikolits and
introductory meeting. There • Minutes and financials • The annual meeting is at- coming event will be a sand- Sheriff Ric Bradshaw will
was a question and answer should be open to all either by tended by all owners, and the wich party including potato receive invitations to attend
period, during which David posting or by request. quorum must be a majority of salad, cole slaw, soda, hot cof- this year’s function. Nearly
Israel, UCO president, who • Minutes should reflect all voting owners. fee and two birthday cakes. all of these dignitaries did
was in attendance, responded what was done, not all that Upcoming President’s One happy birthday cake will honor our Centenarians by
to some of the questions. was said. Council Review meetings will be sugar free and the other attending and with a personal
Roger explained that many • Good and Welfare is a be held at 10:00 am in the Club- will contain sugar. letter of congratulations to
people bought units with the time to bring up issues other house party room on March 9, C o m m i t t e e m e m b e r s our Centenarians.
idea that they would have no than what is on the agenda. No April 13, May 11 and June 8. Phyllis Frishberg and Eileen If you know any Century
responsibility to their build- minutes are taken. This is a very good forum at Pearlman will be in contact Villager who is 100 years
ing or the community. This • Any meeting can be taped, which to learn and ask ques- with and inviting numerous young or who will be 100 this
leaves buildings with too few but the tape has to be of the tions. Come and participate. public elected officials. year, please write to me at the
workers and often not enough entire meeting. (There will be coffee!) We will be inviting Presi- U.C.O. office.

Making Income Tax Preparation Less Taxing

From Palm Beach County Department of Consumer Affairs
For Evelyn, 2010 was very are not complex and require cations. Check with national CLUBHOUSE MOVIES
difficult with the lengthy ill- only a simple filing. Call the associations for local members:
SALT (PG-13 • 100 Min)
ness and passing of her hus- IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or go National Association of Tax
Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber
band. She has been doing her online at to Professionals, http://www.natp- A CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses
best to take care of their two locate free or minimum cost, National Society of her of being a Russian spy.
small children. Now, in 2011 assistance programs. Tax Professionals, http://www. 03/01, Tue, 1:45PM; 03/06, Tue, 1:45PM
she has to face doing the tax Look into the IRS Volunteer, National Association (continued from last month)
return alone, something her Income Tax Assistance pro- of Tax Consultants, http://www.
husband had always done. gram by contacting the United JoAn RiveRS: A Piece of WoRk (r • 84 Min)
Evelyn knows she could figure Way. If you make $49,000 or Be wary of preparers who rated r for Adult Situations
it out and doesn’t want to pay less, it’s free. Go to: http//www. promise a big refund or base Joan Rivers
a tax preparer, but being both or call 561-375- their fee on the amount of your A documentary on the life and career of Joan Rivers,
the sole bread winner and a 6600. refund. You, not the preparer, made as the comedienne turns 75 years old.
03/07, Mon, 6:45PM; 03/08, Tue, 1:45PM; 03/10, Thu,
single parent leaves her little This is the first year that are ultimately responsible for
6:45PM; 03/13, Sun, 1:45PM; 03/14, Mon, 6:45PM
time to herself. How would she the IRS will not be mailing tax your tax return.
manage getting all the papers packages to individuals and Be cautious about “refund DinneR foR SchmukS (PG-13 • 114 Min)
together, let alone filling out businesses. You can get tax anticipation loans.” These Steve Carell, Paul Rudd
the forms? Evelyn decided software and online “fillable” loans are secured by your an- Takes one to know one. When he finds out that his
she‘d better get some help… forms at ticipated tax refund and may work superiors host a dinner celebrating the idiocy of
but where? freefile. Many libraries and carry hefty fees and interest their guests, a rising executive questions it when he’s
The tax preparation indus- post offices have tax forms. rates. By using the IRS’s e-file invited, just as he befriends a man who would be the
try is not regulated in Florida, You can also get them from program, tax refunds can be perfect guest.
but a new federal law requires the IRS Tax Assistance Center processed in as little as 10 days. 03/17, Thu, 6:45PM; 03/20, Sun, 1:45PM; 03/21, Mon,
all paid tax preparers to reg- (561-616-2002) at 1700 Palm Good news: The last day for 6:45PM; 03/22, Tue, 1:45PM; 03/24, Thu, 6:45PM
ister with the IRS and get a Beach Lakes Blvd. in West filing your 2010 tax return is
The SWiTch (PG-13 • 101 Min)
Preparer Tax Identification Palm Beach. Monday, April 18, 2011 due to Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman
Number (PTIN). Preparers Due to tax law changes in a District of Columbia holiday An unmarried 40-year-old woman turns to a turkey
must sign the tax return and December 2010, the IRS is ad- on April 15. baster in order to become pregnant. Seven years later,
include their PTIN. Consum- vising some tax payers to wait For more information, call she reunites with her best friend, who has been living
ers should not assume the until mid to late February to Palm Beach County Consumer with a secret: he replaced her preferred sperm sample
PTIN will guarantee a properly file their returns.  Check http:// Affairs at 561-712-6600 (Boca/ with his own.
prepared tax return. Here are to see if you are in Delray 888-852-7362 toll free) 03/27, Sun, 1:45PM; 03/28, Mon, 6:45PM; 03/29, Tue,
some tips to make your 2010 this group. or visit http://www.pbcgov. 1:45PM
tax return preparation a less If you need to use a tax pre- com/consumer to see if other (continued next month)
“taxing” experience: parer, shop around first. Get an consumers have complaints
Decide if you really need a estimate of costs up front. Ask against the tax preparer you
tax preparer. Many tax returns about your preparer’s qualifi- are considering.
Page 6 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011
major sources. We do not
have children to bring the
germs home from school,
but we do go to Publix.
The official newspaper of Century Village
Health Remember that those shop-
24 Camden A, West Palm Beach, FL.33417
24.Camden.A,.West.Palm.Beach,.FL.33417 Michael Rayber ping carts are coated with
Tel: 561-683-9336 • Fax: 561-683-2830
Tel:.561-683-9336..•..Fax:.561-683-2830 germs. The children and
Email: adults have put them there.
Send photos to: Wipes are available at the,.Mon-Fri
Office hours: 9:30 am-12:00 noon, Mon-Fri,.Mon-Fri door, just wipe down the
Acting Editor-in-Chief..........................................Syd.Kronish
ActingEditor-in-Chief. ..................................................... Syd Kronish handle. Carry wipes to use
Editor-in-Chief..........................................Syd.Kronish Don’t Let the Flu Bug Bite after you touch the rail
Associate ................................... Joe.Saponaro,.June.Saponaro
Editors ................................... Joe.Saponaro,.June.Saponaro J. Levine
Associate Coordinator, Advertising ......... Phyllis.Siegelman
Editor................................................................Lanny Howe I would like to once again is that the H1N1 swine flu to get on the bus. In the
Business Coordinator, Advertising ......... Phyllis.Siegelman
Business Coordinator
Coordinator, ...................................John.Saponaro
Advertising. ..........................Phyllis Siegelman talk about the Flu season. shots we took last season Clubhouse remember those
Pre-Press Coordinator ...................................John.Saponaro
Layout Business Coordinator. . ......................... Martha Ostapenko You may have noticed that have given us some protec- railings that we use on the
Layout Coordinator .....................................Myron.Silverman
Coordinator ..................................... Myron.Silverman
Photo Editor,
Editorial Consultant.
Consultant ..................................................... Ken Graff
............................................Lanny.Howe the Flu season has not re- tion to this year ’s virus. stairs and elsewhere are
Editorial Consultant ............................................Lanny.Howe
Photo Coordinator ................................................ Myron Silverman ally hit us, but please take In part, we are being more potential sources of germs.
Photo Editor,
Editor, Consultant
Consultant .........................................Ken.Graff
Artist Coordinator..................................................John Saponaro your Flu shots anyway as alert to sources of germs. Remember it is not just the
Artist ...................................................................
................................................................... Helen.Siegler
Consultant Joe Saponaro,Toni.Salometo
........................................................ June Saponaro it can still hit. Part of the F o r t h e s n o w b i r d s I Flu we have to watch, a
Consultant ........................................................ Toni.Salometo
Circulation. ..................................................................... Toni Salometo reason it has not affected us would like to repeat some common cold can be a dan-
Circulation.......................Seacrest, Pruitt, Gallagher, CMC, Apogee
ger to us. There is one ma-
(your property managers) jor source of germs. When
To Be
Be Accepted,.address,.phone.#.,.address,.phone.#. you go to your favorite

To Be Accepted.......items must display name, address, phone #.
Classified Ads
Ads for CV
for for
Only: Only: doctor, you are hitting the
items for sale or wanted may be listed on
mother load when it comes
a on.a.“space.available”.basis,.FREE.of.charge.
“space available” basis, FREE of charge. to germs. Everyone there

Century Village is sick. The door contains

(Submit on 8.5” by 11” paper.)
Submissions & Articles......Please
type in caps and everyone’s germs, even all
lower case, & Articles
double ......
Submissions & Articles......,.
any item. “Space available” the magazines? Do you not
notice people coughing as

basis.Email preferred. Deadlines............7 of each month
Deadlines (call about special problems). they read the magazines.
Please do not overreact to
Visit yourWeb
Visit Web site:
your Web site:
Visit your site: what I am telling you, just
Welcome to the meeting for carry hand wipes or liquid

OFFICERS all new owners and renters.

hand sanitizer with you.
Do not touch your face
or eyes without sanitizing.
2102 West
West Drive,
Drive, West
West Palm
West Palm Beach,
Palm FL FL
Beach, 33417
Tel Tel 561-683-9189
561-683-9189 • Fax • Fax 561-683-9904
UCO Office: Tel 561-683-9189 • Fax 561-683-9904
Office Hours:
Office Mon-Thu
Hours: Mon-Thu 9am-1pm
9am-1pm• Fri•• 12
Fri 12
12 noon-4pm
Fri noon-4pm
Monday, March
Monday, March 7,7,1:30
pm One last thing, if you at-
tended the big UCO meet-
David Israel
Israel Clubhouse Party Room ing and handled the mic,
remember it is good to
President Emeritus:
President Emeritus:
Emeritus: George
George Loewenstein
George Lowenstein
Loewenstein share opinions just not the
Vice Presidents:
Vice Presidents:
Bob Marshall, Phyllis Richland
Greetings from UCO germs.
Treasurer: Ed
Corresponding Secretary:
Corresponding Secretary:
Ed Black
Avis Blank
President David Israel,
Recording Secretary:
Assn. Mgr.:
Community Assn. Mgr.:
Rodger Carver
Vice Presidents and
WPRF VP Anita Pearce,
Administrative Assistant:
Administrative Assistant, Mary
Assistant: Mary Patrick
Patrick Benton
Office Manager:
Office Manager: Mary
Mary Patrick
Patrick Benton
Mary Patrick Benton
UCO-Business Coordinator: Edie
Edie Levine
plus committee chairpersons.
UCO-Business Coordinator: Edie
Coordinator: Levine
Office Assistants:
Office Assistants: Roberta
Roberta Fromkin,
Roberta Fromkin,
Sandy Levine,
Sandy Levine,Maria Levy,
Florence Florence
Pires, Pires,
Isabelle Scherel,
Don’t miss this opportunity
Levine, Maria Levy, Florence Pires,
Isabelle Scherel, Joyce Weberman, Marcia Ziccardy
Joyce Scherel,
Weberman, Joyce Weberman,
Charlotte Brown, Marcia
Beverly Lyne
Receptionists: Rhea Cohen,
Rhea Sonia
Sonia Goldberg,
Cohen, Goldberg,
Natalie Hauptman, Claudette LaBonte, Mildred
Lyne, Ron
Beverly Lyne, Ron Massa
Sonia Mildred Levine,
Goldberg, Levine, to be informed about our
David Bernstein
Executive Board
Board LaBonte
friendly community.
David Bernstein Claudette LaBonte
Claudette LaBonte
Bettie Bleckman
Bleckman Al
Al McLaughlin
Borchardt Al McLaughlin
Haskell Morin
Randall Borchardt
Haskell Morin
Haskell Morin
Carol Castro
Castro Michael
Michael Rayber
Sandy Cohen Michael Sager
Honey Rayber
Sandy Cohen Honey Sager
Barbara Cornish
Sandy Cohen
Cornish Toni
Toni Sager
Ken Davis
Barbara Cornish
Davis Joe
Toni Saponaro
Joe Saponaro
Ken DavisFranklin
Franklin Howie Silver
Joe Saponaro
Howie Silver
Roberta Fromkin
Fromkin Isabelle Scherel
Howie Silver
Isabelle Scherel
Louise Gerson
Roberta Gerson
Fromkin Myron
Myron Silverman
Isabelle Scherel
Dom Guarnagia
Louise Guarnagia
Gerson Ted
Lori Torres
Ted Silverman
Jeanette Veglia
Jackie Karlan
Lanny Howe Jeanette
Lori TorresVeglia
Syd Kronish
Jackie Karlan Jeanette Veglia WATERPROOF

.. Syd Kronish
The. United. Civic. Organization. Reporter.
United. Civic. Organization. Reporter. published.
The United Civic Organization Reporter is published monthly 2. ACTIVATING THE
without charge to the residents of Century Village,
.. The.United.Civic.Organization,.aka.UCO,.is.a.Mutual.Ben- West Palm RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS, HOSPITALS & CAREGIVERS COMMUNICATOR
Beach, FL. The United Civic Organization, aka UCO, is
efit.Organization..Its.officers,.directors,.editors,.staff,.and.any.a Mutual as low as 3. A SIGNAL IS SENT TO THE
efit.Organization..Its.officers,.directors,.editors,.staff,.and.any. EMERGENCY RESPONSE
Benefit Organization. Its officers, directors, editors, staff, and any
committee.people.are.not.responsible.for.typographical.errors. FIRST CENTER ALLOWING YOU TO
LifeSignal 911
committee people are not responsible for typographical errors or SPEAKING per month SPEAK WITH A LIVE PERSON,.
misrepresentations in any advertisements or articles. They are not,. PENDANT FREE,.any.contributed.articles.which.
responsible and assume no liability for the content.of, or any opinions,.any.contributed.articles.which. MICROPHONE MONTH’s.own.opinions.are.not.necessarily.the.
expressed in, any contributed articles which represent the author’s’s.own.opinions.are.not.necessarily.the.
own opinions are not necessarily the opinion of UCO. Acceptance of
advertising for products or services in no way constitutes an official
endorsement of the product or service.
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 7
Great job. the experienced people on And of course, the execu-
The Transportation con- this committee will do a tive board and the delegate
tract is coming due at the great job. After things come assembly. Any ideas are
end of this year and we are in from companies and we always welcome. Our next
Frankly Speaking looking forwarded to many narrow it down to three it Transportation meeting is
Vice President companies bidding. We will then go to the UCO Bid March 8 at 9:30am.
have a contract transporta- Committee for its input.
Frank J. Cornish tion committee made up of,
Claudette LaBonte (Former
Chair of Transportation), ALTERATIONS
Dot Lowenstein (former HEMS, SEAMS, AND MORE
Your cooperation is sore- an all-time high for Cen- Chair of transportation),
ly needed, with regard to tury Village in the past few David Givens (bus rider), Prices from $7 to $10 per item,
parking facilities at the months. We had 5 broken Ed Black, Treasurer. We are depending on your needs
Clubhouse. We have had gate arms in total, between starting to gather pertinent Will pick up and deliver in Century Village
several reports of NEAR both gate houses. information to improve the
MISSES, not only from our The SECURITY com- bus routes. I am confident Call Andrea at 561-797-8854
Security Guards, who take mittee reminds residents
their lives in their hands, that they must make every
each moment they are on effort to properly call in or
the roads directing traffic arrange to log their guest
so that you may arrive and into the call in system.
depart in an orderly and This way Security can avoid
safe fashion. any confrontation at either
RESIDENTS, I urge you gate house.
to USE our TRANSPOR- Security is also dealing
TATION system, particu- with a new issue of new
larly on Saturday nights owners, who aren’t complet-
when there are both ing the full process of own-
dances and shows. We ership into Century Village.
have one of the best, if not After they go to WPRF
the best, transportation to start their process, it’s
system in all of Palm Beach essential they go to UCO
County. It is right outside to complete inputting their
many of our doors, why information for Security
not use it? Leave a little and themselves. This will
earlier, socialize with your show true ownership on
friends, knowing you will their account and it helps
step off the bus take a few Security to follow the post
short steps and be greeted orders of Century Village.
by a security guard at the Thank you...Remember we
Club House entrance. are here for your safety.
Here’s a typical scenario
that you can avoid: As you Transportation
drive toward the four cor- We are running a trip
ners, who has the right- to Festival Flea Market on
of-way? Once that is de- Feb. 28 at 9:30am. We have
termined and you manage posted signs at the security
to approach the entrance, desk, bus bulletin board
do you turn right toward and Channel 63. Sorry, if
Duck Island, or continue. not everyone has seen this.
Perhaps to drop off your We do our best. I want to
passengers, hopefully in thank Roberta for taking
the “Safety Zone,” which care of the sign up sheet.
is beyond the Club House
entrance (between the two
sets of doors…where the THOMAS FEISTMANN, M.D., P.A.
Postal Truck once parked)
and continue your journey INTERNAL MEDICINE - CARDIOLOGY
SPACE. Having accom-
plished that, you have the 5405 Okeechobee Blvd.
reverse situation to look
forward to when you come
Suite #306 (3rd Floor) West Palm Beach
out. How many times have
we seen individuals, con- The Century Village Entrance Has Been Closed
fused by darkness, unable
to find their vehicles, bring-
and is No Longer Available
ing on more stress…which Century Village Residents Can Take
none of us need. I ask you to the Shuttle Bus, Which Will Stop
at the Okeechobee Blvd. Entrance


January we had an all
time high of 25,122 entries By Appointment Tel: 561-683-8700
into Century Village. Also
the denied entries were a Accepting New Patients
high of 576. This also is
Page 8 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

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March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 9
do to complete
The following article, writ- devoid of those rich nutrients hold over one million gallons of flow underground into those While the study continues,
ten by Dom Guarnagia, UCO and plants that concealed the somewhat purified, reclaimed, areas. Thus we are intrinsically the corridor along the West Ca-
Maintenance Committee chair- shoreline, because they no lon- non-potable water (not fit for part of the greater community nal from Northampton, through
man, was taken from a Febru- ger exist. human consumption), serviced and they are part of us. Even if Camden and ending at Windsor
ary 5, 2011, posting on the CV The water level, as we see it by a chemically-altering purifi- the maximum two inches were at the South Canal remains
Blog by David Israel, UCO in our waterways, is the surface cation system. Century Village supplied to us, we could not incomplete. During the dry sea-
president. A number of residents of the water table below the was fortunate to become a depend on the water level rising son, sod production is at best in-
have asked questions about the grade or surface upon which customer early in the produc- this much, because the other adequate, since sod installation
recent shoreline restoration you are standing. Essentially, tion process, and as a result communities would be sharing is minimized with most grasses
work, some of which are ad- if you dig a hole anywhere in was initially promised up to a the increase! being dormant, thus requiring
dressed in this article. —Eds. Century Village, your feet will maximum of 750,000 gallons of Why does the less irrigation and mowing.
get wet less than three feet water daily at a cost of 4 cents shoreline look like However, sod production and
South Florida Water Man- down in the summer and, in per 1000 gallons of reclaimed it does in January? natural irrigation are at their
agement District is charged most cases, a little more than water. That costs us $30 per Without rainfall replenish- best during the rainy season.
with monitoring the water four feet down in the winter. day. The cost to the County ing the water table and with Paradoxically, when the water
levels in Lake Okeechobee, This phenomenon is what has for treating the water is about water levels receding substan- table is at its highest and sod
and for our purposes it is the tially, what seemed to be a production is prolific, shoreline
Lake Worth Drainage District beautiful and successful project restoration must deal with stak-
that monitors Century Village (92% complete) in early Novem- ing new sod on newly created
and sets the height of our dam, ber was actually at its best. This shorelines with deeper water!
or sluiceway, that controls the will be a recurring theme, and Therein lays the difficulty of
outflow of our waterways into a resolution is being sought. whether to use a different specie
the South Canal, becoming South Florida has entered a of sod on the vertical areas of
eventually part of the drinking period of severe drought and shoreline than are used on the
water in Clear Lake Reservoir, a high wildfire index, a weath- horizontal areas, or if to beau-
south of Interstate 1-95. er-related phenomenon that tify some areas with aquatic
Swimming pools are built of begins December l and ends plants.
concrete and gunite, which cre- May 31. The wet, rainy, hur- How are these newly cre-
ate an impervious, relatively ricane season begins on June ated areas being irrigated?
waterproof container whose 1 and ends November 30. With The sprinkler system that is in
water level is easily main- water in Lake Okeechobee at a place has been extended as part
tained since it is affected only low of 12.57 ft. above sea level, of the reconstructed shoreline
by evaporation. combined with reduced rainfall with new spray patterns and
Our Century Village wa- this rainy season, the water additional heads that have been
terways—all 62 acres of lakes, table has receded by some 3.5 added to adequately cover the
lagoons and canals—are con- feet already, which is evident newly formed areas. Irrigating
tained within 36,000 lineal here in Century Village. The those areas is part of the same
feet (6.8 miles) of shoreline. mean allowable water level, irrigation system that has been
These bodies of water, unlike regulated by the Lake Worth watering the rest of your associa-
swimming pools, are lined with Drainage District is 13.00 ft. tion’s land. Drainage has been
a sandy-clay porous mixture caused some concern regarding 11 cents per 1000 gallons, or above sea level—well below the to discharge runoff further out
through which groundwater the reconstruction of the shore- $82.50 per day. Obviously the flow from Lake O. this far from into the waterways.
percolates both upward and lines: Why can’t we maintain County is taking a loss, so there its outfall. Will the new geotubes hold
downward as the rainfall and the same depth of water year is little motivation to provide Is there a reasonable fix up to the sun’s damaging rays?
varying amounts of runoff from round? this water. to prevent this occurrence in Anchor Marine, the contractor
Lake Okeechobee, governed The reason, geologically How does this affect our the future? The short-term responsible for the work, has
by Nature, rise and fall—with speaking, is simply that we water levels in the waterways? answer is NO! The situation assured us that this identical
little effect from humans. sit atop an aquifer! An aquifer IF we are fortunate enough of a fluctuating water table system was used 34 years ago
Additional water is a water-bearing stratum of to purchase the maximum is permanent. Under study is at PGA National Golf Course
that Century permeable rock, sand or gravel, amount of water for four days the opportunity to introduce with no deterioration of the
Village manages: deep below the surface. Our po- a week (ap- aquatic plants same geotube product.
When built, Century Village table water for drinking, bath- proximately Why can’t we main- and/or a dif- What should the individual
drainage included the strip ing and cooking is stored deep 3-million gal- tain the same depth of ferent specie associations do to maintain the
mall from the vacant Jennifer underground in that limestone lons) it would water year round? The of grass that is new sod land or aquatic plants?
Convertibles store to the Fam- deposit. The water, through raise the wa- drought-resis- Like our other grassy areas that
ily Dollar at the intersection leaching or percolation, is fil- ter level in reason, geologically tant and can receive fertilizer and pesticides,
of Okeechobee Boulevard and tered through our sandy sur- an area of speaking, is simply survive when periodic mowing and mainte-
Haverhill Road, as well as the ficial topsoil, replenishing the 62 acres only that we sit atop an submerged for nance, will the new areas be
18-hole golf course and driving water drawn to the surface by a mere two extended peri- treated similarly through your
range. Runoff from the golf water management entities. inches. For aquifer! ods. Cost per maintenance contract?
course, rich in nutrients, espe- When it rains, the runoff irrigational square foot, Irrigation will be performed
cially nitrogen, flowed under fills the voids between sandy- purposes, we The situation of a the number as allowed by the South Florida
the roadway at Southampton clay particles, and the water pump 2-mil- fluctuating water table of areas to be Water Management District
A through a metal culvert into table is high. Without rainfall, lion gallons is permanent. treated with regarding intervals of watering
the South Canal and likewise that water recedes deeper into every week plants versus through the posted water bans.
between Golf’s Edge, under the ground until it reaches for lawns and landscaping. An- sod, and maintenance (includ- The responsibility rests with
South Drive, between the Do- the aquifer, where it is then other half-inch, an astonishing ing fertilizing, durability and each one of us, because it is our
ver buildings and into Century cleansed through filterization 750,000 gallons or so, evapo- performance) are things being monthly fees that pay for the
Lake. That fertilizer was in and awaits reuse. rates weekly due to the sun’s studied. shoreline restoration project.
large part responsible for the Purchased heat. Since our water level is Who will pay for the rem- Its success requires vigi-
proliferation of grasses, as well reclaimed water: shared by adjacent communi- edy? A five-year plan was lance, but it also requires the
as the nurture of other aquatic Located at the northwest ties such as Cypress Lakes, the introduced in 2008 by which understanding that the water
plants that required constant corner of Century Village Tennis Apartments, and Villa association fees would be table is a varying entity that
maintenance. Any runoff from (Northampton) is a large rein- Regina, purchased reclaimed increased from 2008 through results in a seasonal contrast
the golf course now, however, is forced concrete tank that can water flowing into Century Vil- 2012 for approximately $5.31 coupled with a deeper under-
lage will seek its own level and per unit, per month. standing of that variation.
Page 10 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011
to us. If you’ve found someone
else who isn’t on the list but
they were helpful, please let us
Insurance know and we’ll include them. From the Desk of
If you’ve had a bad experience,
Toni Salometo we’ll try to help.
Vice President
While Snowbirds were Bob Marshall
away this summer, we had
inspections done on all roofs so
we could have new Mitigation
About Homeowners’ Insurance inspections forms completed.
It was a very time consum- About Comcast Boxes
Here’s a review of Hom- Why do you need Hom- ing experience and you might The installation of the were going on the DTA
eowners’ Insurance, especially eowners’ Insurance? The As- thank the full-timers in your DTA boxes from Comcast boxes might have seemed
for Snowbirds: sociation’s Master policy covers Association who waited, some- has been completed for all to not be necessary. They
There have been many the items that are required times for days and weeks, who went to the clubhouse are now necessary if you
questions regarding Hom- by Florida statute 718, but for the inspectors to show up for an appointment. want to watch channels in
eowners’ Insurance. Let’s go the individual unit owner is and complete the inspection. For those who still need addition to 2-22 and 97, 98
over the basics. First, a stat- responsible for those items They are truly unsung heroes. a box there are three ways and 99.
ute amended in July, 2010, within the walls of the unit, What was accomplished was to acquire this. You may If you are returning a
removed the stipulation that floor covering, lighting, water reports that your Homeown- go to the Comcast office box to Comcast there is a
makes Homeowners’ insurance heaters, appliances, drapes, ers’ insurance carrier needs to at 1401 Northpoint Park- deposit box at the entrance
mandatory. This ISN’T to cabinets, and counter and a ascertain the wind worthiness way and request the box, to the UCO building. A
say that it’s not necessary but host of other items. This in- of your Associations’ roof. So bring it home and install caution is in order, the
that the state had no way to cludes furniture, TV’s, clothing if you need a copy, please call it. There is no charge. Also box is not emptied on a
enforce the law. It was almost and other items of a personal UCO and we can get one for you can order the box via daily basis. If you acquire
impossible for Associations to nature. These all cost a lot of you. Even better, give us the the Comcast web site www. a replacement box and de-
enforce the law, as many of you money to replace and are the e-mail address of your insur- In addition posit the old box at  UCO
found out when you tried to do unit owner’s responsibility. ance agent and we will e-mail you can call Comcast at you may get an invoice be-
it. They also removed the need Here is what we’ve tried them for you. We’re available 1-800-comcast and request cause for a short time you
to add the Association as an to do to help you. At UCO, we during regular UCO hours at the delivery of the box or may be responsible for the
“Additional Named Insured”. have a list of a few agencies 683-9189; ask for Toni or Clau- boxes. There is a charge for two boxes. In my opinion,
They did add a stipulation that will write in the Village. dette and we’ll get the form out this service. the best option is to take
that all policies should include Some are more expensive ASAP. If a friend or neighbor the non functioning box to
at least $2000 in Loss Assess- than others, but all are open Please, if you don’t cur- is complaining that the Comcast.
ment coverage, which is really for your business. We do not rently have a Homeowners’ number of channels avail- If you have a problem
important should your Associa- endorse anyone in particu- Insurance policy—get one!!! If able in service seems to be in your association come
tion need to assess residents lar—they are just agencies you need some help with the diminished it is because to the office and let’s see if
for a covered loss that has a that some of our residents one you have, let us know and while the installations we can find a solution.
large deductible--like wind. have used and recommended we’ll try to help.
em ew
ag r N
an e
M nd

• Open 24 Hours
• Card-Operated Machines
• Drop-Off Service Available
• Dry Cleaning Service
• Wide Selection of Soaps for Sale
• Clean, Air-Conditioned Facility

Located across the street in

College Plaza
*Offer good through June 2011. Discount applies Monday - Thursday.

561.471.6888 6076 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33417

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A Full Service Automotive Repair Facility
(Just east of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.)

(561) 684-6882
Come In and Allow Us to Be Your Friendly,
Trustworthy Neighborhood Mechanic!

Happy Holidays!
Have you had your brakes checked lately?
• Cooling Systems • Transmission Services
• Air Conditioning • Brakes
• Charging Systems • Exhaust Repair W ING E
• Tune Ups • Shocks & Struts T
• Driveline Service • Oil Changes AVA
• Fuel Induction Service • Tires
All of Our Technicians are ASE Qualified Mechanics


Engine Diagnostic Scan $21.95 Oil Change
With 25 point courtesy check Senior Discount
Most Cars Must Present Coupon Must Present Coupon
Must Present Coupon Most Cars - Excludes Synthetic
Not valid with any other offer Not valid with any other offer Not valid with any other offer
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Your COP Volunteers

(561) 638-2513
(954) 583-6127
Norman and Jeffrey Burg
Mark Kositsky
(561) 716-6246
Weekly visits of your premises
Records of visits and services These are some of the faithful vol- the Village, often in pairs, keeping a
unteers who serve you in the Citizen lookout for any trouble in the mak-
Communication by email or phone
Supervised service calls and deliveries
FREE interior insect spraying Observer Patrol (COP), gathered ing, which they report to the police.
Hurricane preparation available
around the Sheriff’s vehicle they use COP numbers had been dwin-
in making their rounds of the Vil- dling of late, but in January they
We have been in business since 1986
We have been servicing homeowners in lage. On Jan. 13, after their regular picked up some new members. They
Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton
and Delray Beach. When you are away ..........
monthly meeting, they posed for this can use still more help! Won’t you
We are there for your peace of mind! group photo and then later joined consider donating as little as three
many other CV volunteers at the hours a week to become a volunteer?
One month free for new clients
annual Volunteer Luncheon in the Please contact Capt. Mel Breier
(minimum 6 month contract) Clubhouse. at 712-8204 for further information
COP is the important third leg on this wonderful way you can help
or one month free for a referral who signs
a minimum six month contract.

of the three-legged stool called VIL- our community and feel the better
LAGE SECURITY. The first two for it.
´:HDUHQRWGRQHXQWLOZHJLYH\RXUhome our RIDSSURYDOµ legs are the security guards and the  “WE NEED YOU TO HELP US
police. COP volunteers ride around SO WE CAN HELP YOU!”


2405 Okeechobee Blvd. “Important News

(561) 683-7766
West Palm Beach, FL 33409 Flash”
To All
Effective April1, 2011 The

SENIOR SPECIAL - 50% OFF Empire State Deli will begin its
Senior Meal Delivery Service.

SUPER SAVER PLUS As many of you may already

know, Richard Hardy the

REG. $20.00 - NOW $ 10.00 (WITH THIS AD) owner/operator of The Empire
State Deli has serviced the
Senior Meal program for the
Basic Wash  Vacuum  Interior Fragrance  Sealer Wax  Under Carriage Rust Inhibitor State of Florida for the past 12
Clean Wheels  Teflon Sealant  Dress Tires  Clean Windows  Hand Dry years with his prior company.
Cars Only - Vans, Trucks, SUVs $1.00 extra, Offer Expires March 31, 2011
Since opening the Deli in
October the demand for
this service has been

The Empire State Deli/
You are if you’ve got . . . Restaurant is a full service
Deli and Restaurant serving
only the freshest provisions
DISTINCTIVE HOME CARE pre-pared on premises.
Specializing in Referring High Quality: A full variety of soups, salads,
sliced meats and complete
Skilled Nursing-RN’s and LPN’s dinners.

Certified Nursing Assistants SPECIAL OFFER!

Here’s how the Senior
15% Off First Hour Meal program will work
Home Health Aides
With Coupon We will create a monthly
Companion Care Expires 5/31/11 calendar of our Daily Senior
Meal Special.
Home Care
Distinctive Home Care of
of Palm
Palm Beach
Beach You will need to call in your
order By 12:00 noon each day
“Raising the Standards of Home Health Care” and we will Deliver this Hot
Meal to you door daily between
Office: (561) 842-5540 533 Northlake Blvd., Suite 4 2:00pm and 4:00pm Monday
thru Friday.
Fax: (561) 842-5581 North Palm Beach, FL 33408 Additional information will soon
follow, or you can Call Richard Lic. #: NR30211391 direct @561-296-5333
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Meet Your Neighbors
Lizards, our environmental friends
Not many people like bugs
(Continuing Series)
love with you. They also have The cold is very hard on
Blue Ocean
either outside or inside, and
most people spray to kill them.
yellowish spots on their backs.
These and the curlytails are
these little creatures and many
freeze when the temperatures
Pest Control
Richard Grabsky
About five years ago, I stopped seen most frequently in Cen- drop. Don’t be afraid of lizards, Owner/Operator

our maintenance company tury Village. as they will not hurt you and Residents Served 3 Years • Bldg Prices on Request
from using herbicides or pesti- Curlytails are also native are more afraid of you than Call Toll-Free
cides on our property.  In spite to the Bahamas. They were you are of them. Preserve and 1-866-333-5260
of the fact that they assured imported in 1940 to eat sug- protect them and they will do Cell: 561-212-6381
me none of the chemicals hurt ar cane pests and are found a wonderful job of keeping the The Ant Sir to what Bugs you! x
LIC JF170215
the lizards, after we stopped in Dade, Broward and Palm bug population down.
spraying, the lizards prolifer- Beach counties. They eat crick- — Jean Dowling
ated. As the lizards prolifer- ets, ants, grasshoppers and
ated, the bugs on the property beetles and can grow to 11
decreased....even the fire ants. inches. If there are not enough
Let’s take a look at those bugs, they will eat anoles.
little bug crunchers. Indo Pacific Gecko is a
Brown Anoles are natives native of Southeast Asia and
of Cuba and Bahamas. There was imported as commuters on
are two types that look very palm trees. You probably have
much alike except for color. not seen these pale gray/brown
The green ones live in trees and lizards, as they are nocturnal.
the brown on the ground. The One evening, I was out in the
males can grow to about eight yard and spotted one on a leaf
inches and are larger than asleep. I never saw him again.
the female. Males also have a When they fight, they bark or
dewlap or throat flap that they squeak at each other. They are
use to indicate that you are in unisexual and their eggs grow
their territory or they are in and hatch without fertilization.

Brown Anoles

Indo Pacific Gecko

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Dom Guarnagia

Editor’s Note: Rather than continue his Preventive Maintenance Checklist

discussion this month, Dom Guarnagia felt it was more important to address
the immediate problem of frequent electrical power outages experienced during
this especially cold winter by a number of residents.
A number of us in the Village have experienced electrical power outages
when using the kitchen range, heating the apartment with the heating com-
ponent of our air-conditioning unit, or even, in some cases, when defrosting
a vegetable in the microwave oven or watching TV. There are several ways
to deal with a problem of inadequate electricity and prevent such outages.
Taking a look at the appliances and fixtures that meet our everyday needs,
here are some.
Through-the-wall AC unit with auxiliary heating
Air-conditioning units are designed for their cooling capacity. Heating is
secondary. When these units were sized and installed 40 years ago, the aver-
age summer temperature was 87 degrees Fahrenheit and the average winter
temperature 72—a range of about 15 degrees. Today’s average temperatures
range between 92 in the summer and 65 in the winter—a 27-degree difference.
The average AC unit is designed to comfortably maintain and produce a
10-degree differential between indoors and outdoors without straining the
unit. However, the heating ability is hard-pressed to accomplish the same
in winter and pushes the envelope. Many less efficient AC units are still in
operation and are straining the power output.

Continued on page 15


"Rehabiltating South Florida One Body at a Time"
A Fully Licensed Facility
Offering Services In:
Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,
Massage Therapy, and Accupuncture.
We accept Medicare, Humana,
and most PPOs
* Ask About Our CASH Programs *
Having Difficulty Leaving Your Home???
We will gladly provide Therapy services
in the comfort of your home!
CALL NOW for an Appointment
Say You Saw This Ad
Palm Gate Plaza
3951 N. Haverhill R. Ste. #108
West Palm Beach, FL 33417
PH: (561) 616-3232
FAX: (561) 249-3527
Located in the Palm Gate Plaza on the corner of
Haverhill Rd. and Roebuck Rd., just half a mile North SE HABLA ESPANOL
of the Century Blvd. Gate Entrance NOU PALE KREOL
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 15
Maintenance or replacing pleated paper crusts and less soggy food do- unsafe condition. Minimally, will face the prospect of re-
Continued from page 14 filters once every two months ing this.) a licensed/insured electrical placing the entire panel bus
Ceiling Fans: in the winter will result in Dish Washers: contractor should be hired assembly.
The ceiling fans that most more efficient airflow. This, Most dishwashers have a to remove the cover of your There are two routes one
of us use have a small switch combined with the downward DELAY CYCLE button that circuit breaker panel load can follow in doing this. One
located next to the speed airflow from the ceiling fans, can turn your washer on center and tighten the screws is to replace parts using Eaton
control that can reverse the can accomplish more with less from 2 to 8 hours after a full and lugs securing the wiring, Corporation Cutler Hammer
direction of fan blade rota- energy consumption. Prior load has been loaded. Oper- both aluminum and copper. replacement components—
tion. When in the UP posi- to food preparation, warm ating the dishwasher later, The process and cost have with a permit from the Coun-
tion in summer, the cooler the apartment sufficiently, when other appliances are been described in past arti- ty—if they will allow this. The
(heavier) air is lifted and and turn off the AC unit, but out of use, will reduce out- cles. Aluminum wiring tends other, more costly method is to
through aspiration and light continue to operate the fans— ages, since both the washer to shrink and loosen, caus- replace the entire load center,
evaporation cools the skin. thus removing a large user and the water heater will ing
current to jump across which involves removing the
Conversely, with the switch from your available electric then have ample power. the created gaps and produce surrounding drywall to access
in the DOWN position, mov- current. Tankless Water arcing. Arcing causes heat the EMT (Electric Metal Tub-
ing the warmer (lighter) air Countertop Heaters: and heat causes fire. ing) through which the wiring
downward will produce a microwave ovens These are excellent en- Unfortunately, to add to is distributed.
warming effect with a reduc- vs. broiler ovens: ergy conservation devices, the bad news, your circuit Many residents have some-
tion in energy used. If you Your microwave oven is BUT . . . . With the insuf- breakers in some cases may thing covering the unsightly
designed to quickly heat and
have not utilized this option, ficient electrical amperage not safeguard you from this. electrical panel, such as a
change the blade direction defrost food with up to 1200 prevalent in the Village, This is because some of us are picture. Occasionally, remove
with the switch, place the watts of electricity. Whenever although not illegal, they living with defective breakers. that item and place your palm
possible, use the countertop
fan on the slowest speed, and are prohibited by the County The Federal Pacific Electric on the door of the panel, as well
feel the difference. broiler oven, which uses less Building Department. This is Corporation, which manufac- as the wall adjacent and above
energy than the microwave because, when properly sized tured the Stab-Lok Breaker it. If you detect abnormal heat,
Combined AC
units for heating oven—for example, to warm to provide sufficient hot water Panel and circuit breakers warmer than the surrounding
AND fan action: the contents of the “doggie at 115 degrees—an important was the subject of a Class Ac- area, try tripping the breakers
Washing permanent filters bag.” (You’ll also get crisper consideration when buying a tion Lawsuit in 2002, some 30 manually. If one or more fail
tankless—they require half years after their installation to move to the OFF position,
the available electricity and here in Century Village. Plac- get help turning off the power
ing UL labels on untested, and to your unit in the building
BESS FOOT & ANKLE CENTER will certainly cause power
outages for the unit and, in in many cases defective, circuit mechanical room and call a
breakers—incapable of “trip- qualified electrician.
Dr. Michael S. Bess some cases, total blackouts to
the entire building. ping” when overloaded—was Try following the above
the reason for the suit, which suggestions to BOTH prevent
Podiatric Physican & Surgeon Circuit Breaker
Panel: resulted in the demise of the power outages and reduce the
company. An entire article on overloading of circuit breakers.
Board Certified in Foot Surgery by ABMSP The purpose of the follow-
ing is to inform but not cause
the subject can be downloaded Be aware of what goes on with
Not only is the electric
on e-mail at InspectAPedia. your electric service.
com. Future articles will contain
Nobody is qualified to iden- decisions made by the County
2885 N. Military Trail, Suite J power supply to our units
tify a defective breaker, but Building Department’s Wiring
inadequate for today’s needs,
West Palm Beach, FL 33409 but the mixing of copper wire
tightening the connectors will Division and advice on optional
lower the risk somewhat.  At solutions for maintaining a safe
with the now-outdated alu-
689-0303 minum wire has produced an
some point in time, everyone electrical operating system.

Conveniently Located Near Publix

on Century Village Bus Route
• Specializing in Treatment of Foot or Leg Wounds
• Diabetic Foot Care
• Diabetic Shoes Dispensed in Office
• Fungal or Ingrown Nail Problems
• Heel or Arch Pain
• Foot and Ankle Injuries, Broken Bones
• Corns and Calluses
• Bunions, Hammertoes, Bone Spurs
• Custom-Made Arch Supports and Orthotics
• House Call Visits
• Urgent Problems Seen Same Day
For Appointments Call 689-0303
Medicare and Most Insurance Plans Accepted
House Calls Are Available
Page 16 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Happy 100th Birthday to Shirley Weiss!

Shirley Weiss who turned Shirley has served as All brunches, pot luck but has made use of the CV
100 on January 25, is an treasurer building for 37 dinners, and parties at the bus system. She still does
original resident of Chatham years and recently retired. Condo have been planned her own shopping, cooking,
S Condo in Century Village. The assistant treasurer was by Shirley. Unofficially, she and lives independently.
She came here from her amazed and impressed with is the historian, since she Here’s how other resi-
chicken and egg farm in New her ability and training as a knows everyone who has dents describe her: Shirley
Jersey, shortly after her hus- treasurer. She is responsible lived here since Century Vil- is “a wonder, independent,
band died. The residents of and efficient and was the lage was built. When people admirable, incredible, amaz-
the condo became her family first to use our FAX machine move away, she keeps in ing, strong, always cheerful
and she considers them her to send information to resi- contact by phone and mail. and ready with a giggle. She
brothers and sisters. dents up north. She has never owned a car is a lovely person on the in-
Our Shirley
side as well as the outside
 and has a lovely smile. She
ESTERMA EYE ISTITUTE is always beautifully dressed
Bradley J. Esterman, M.D. and groomed.
“Part of her longevity is
 that she never complains,
 doesn’t depend on anybody,
 doesn’t ask for help, but is
the first to help other people.
She has a wonderful outlook
COUPON SALE on life and doesn’t seem to
Examination and glasses— know she’s 100.”
Shirley is an avid reader
*Select frames, clear single vision or bifocal plastic of books and newspapers,
Expires 03/31/2011
Powers to 4.00 D and enjoys doing the cross-
word puzzles. Her apart-
ment is filled with beautiful
Free Transportation Available needlework pictures which
Cataract — Glaucoma — Diabetic Eye Care — Macular Degeneration — Laser Eye Surgery she made herself.
Dry Eye Therapy — Contact Lenses In November of 2010, her
family came from all over the
Medicare Assignment Accepted — Most Insurances Accepted country to celebrate Thanks-
giving with Shirley.
Hablamos Espan͂ol The Condo Association
had a luncheon in her honor
at Zuccarelli’s Restaurant.

Peterson Rehabilitation, Inc.

5912 Okeechobee Boulevard, WPB, FL 33417 • Tel 561-697-8800 • Fax 561-697-3372
(Opposite Century Village on Okeechobee Boulevard) •

Dr. Ron Peterson Carmen Peterson Tony Armour

CEO Chief Financial Officer Chief Operations Officer
Are You Fed Up with the Status Quo of Pain, Stiffness, Weakness
and Unsteady Gait?
We are experts at restoring your Quality of Life!
Our Services are personally supervised by Dr. A. Ronald Peterson,
PT, PhD, GCS, Board Certified Clinical Geriatric Specialist and
Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities.
Massage Therapy $5.00 Off With This Ad!
When Life just gets you down, there is a solution!
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 17
Keep items you use
daily within reach.
Wipe up spills imme-
Community Emergency
Use a sturdy step stool
(Never stand on a chair,
Response Team
even if you can lift your
Jackie Karlan foot that high) when you REAL ESTATE LAW
need something from a
high shelf.
I know some residents GEORGIANA F. DAMBRA
The January CERT to get in and out. are thinking, “I’m in good
meeting focused on Pre- Make sure your bed shape/active — I don’t KAREN LEVIN ALEXANDER
venting Slips and Falls clothes, pj’s, bathrobe are need to take these pre-
in Your Home. Here are not too long (dragging on cautions. When I get ‘old’
Attorneys at Law
some interesting facts the floor).
and helpful hints. Before getting up take These thoughts are
and ‘weak’ I’ll be careful.”

D I D Y O U K N O W the time to sit at the edge “foolish” Don’t procras-

THAT:? of the bed. Get up slowly. t i n a t e , R E VA L U AT E 5737 OKEECHOBEE BLVD.
As you age the risk Bathroom: YOUR HOME NOW! SUITE 201
of falling is greater for Install grab bars on R e m e m b e r, C E R T
women than men walls around the tub and Needs New Team Mem- (561) 471-5708
Two thirds of those who beside the toilet. bers WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33417
fall will fall again in six Use a non-skid rubber No Experience Neces-
months. mat (or appliques) in sary! We Will Train! LOCATED IN THE
At least one-third of all your shower or tub floor. Join us at CERT Meet-
falls involve environmen- Install a raised toilet ings in the Clubhouse Art
tal hazards in the home. seat if needed. Room the third Monday 1/4 MILE EAST OF THE TURNPIKE
F a i l u r e t o e x e rci s e Kitchen:
CM-17021 of 1:10
Kamireddy Ad_Layout 1 9/3/10 eachPM month
Page 1 at 3 pm.
regularly results in poor
muscle tone, decreased
strength and contributes
to falls.
Age related vision dis-
eases can increase the
risk of falling.
Some medications re-
duce mental alertness
and can cause balance
and gait problems.
Living Room and Din-
ing Room:
The most common rea- Dr. Malli Kamireddy – Cardiologist
son for falls is tripping
over objects on the floor.
Arrange furniture so Dr. Kamireddy is Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease
that you can easily move and Internal Medicine and has practiced in Palm Beach
around it. County for more than 25 years.
Keep electrical and
telephone cords out of
Make sure chairs and
couches are easy to get
• General Cardiology
in and out of. • Heart Disease
Make sure your tele- • Stress Tests
phone is within reach of
your bed.
Turn on a nightlight.
Adjust the height of
your bed to make it easy Walk-ins welcome or call for appointment • M–F 8am-5pm • Se habla español

110 Century Blvd • 2nd Floor
Willis Haviland Car-
rier developed the first Free shuttle transportation to Century Medical Care Center and also to
residential air condi- Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Diagnostic Center
tioner for private home
use in 1928. It was called
the “Weathermaker.” Hospital Affiliations: Good Samaritan Medical Center, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
CM-18884 Gen Svc Ad_Layout 1 2/8/11 4:46 PM Page 1
Page 18 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Quality Medical Care – Close to You

Cardiology Neurology Echocardiogram
Dermatology Ophthalmology EKG
Endovascular Therapy Orthopaedics Laboratory
General Surgery Podiatry Lower Extremity and Carotid Non-Invasive
Gynecology Vascular Medicine Vascular Studies
Nuclear Stress Testing
Internal Medicine/Geriatrics Wound Care
Nutritional Counseling
Physical/Occupational/Speech Rehab
Varicose Veins
Wound Care

Walk-ins welcome or call for appointment • M–F 8am-5pm • Accepting new patients • Se habla español

110 Century Blvd • 2nd Floor
Free shuttle transportation to Century Medical Care Center and also to
Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Diagnostic Center

Dr. Henry Katz Vivian Carta-Sanchez Dr. Malli Kamireddy Dr. Suresh Kacham Dr. Jeffrey Rubin Dr. Sandra Sanchez Dr. Natalie Sohn
Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner Cardiologist Vascular Medicine Neurologist General Surgeon Gynecologist

Hospital Affiliations: Good Samaritan Medical Center, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
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March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 19

Primary Care Services in Century Village

Henry A. Katz, MD Vivian Carta-Sanchez, ARNP

Specializes in Internal Medicine Specializes in Geriatric Care
Se habla español

Walk-ins welcome or call for appointment • M–F 8am-5pm • Accepting new patients

110 Century Blvd • 2nd Floor
Free shuttle transportation within Century Village and also to
Good Samaritan Medical Center’s Diagnostic Center

Hospital Affiliations: Good Samaritan Medical Center, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
Page 20 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011
Biographies of Candidates for Executive Board — March 4 UCO Election
Suzie Byrnes Domenic R. Guarnagia Jackie Karlan
I lived in New York Education: Education:
State for 65 years and am - B.S. Ed. Boston State - Hunter College, B.A.
a high school graduate. I College; M. Ed. Boston Degree
have been coming to this State College - College of New Ro-
Century Village since the - M.S., Urban Planning chelle, Masters Degree
early 70’s. My parents / Environmental Stud- Employment:
lived here for 30 years. ies University of Mass.; - Nyack Public Schools,
When I resided in New Building Nyack, NY – Teacher/
York, I worked for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Technology Language Arts Specialist.
Dept. as a dispatcher and Corrections Officer and - Northeastern Univ.; ‘Interpreting the Mass. UCO/CV Experience:
was with the Brewster Fire Dept. for 22 years. Building Code’ Massasoit Comm. - UCO Executive Board
Since I have established residence here, I have College - Chairperson – C.E.R.T./Community Response
become: - Licensed Builder – City of Boston, Mass. Team
1. Secretary of my Association Builders Construction Supervisors - Completed two FEMA/Homeland Security Na-
2. Secretary of the Computer Club License (Unrestricted) tional Incident Command Management Courses.
Employment: - UCO Community Relations Committee
3. A member of C.E.R.T. - High School Teacher Mech. / Architectural - UCO Delegate – Salisbury F Condo Association
4. A member of the Usher Corps in the Club- Drawing - Vice President – Wellington L Condo Associa-
house - President, Realty Engineering and Design tion
5. A member of C.O.P.’s and the Honor Guard Group, Inc., Light Commercial, Medical and - President – Salisbury F Condo Association
6. A volunteer with the Sheriff’s Dept. Special Residential - Treasurer – Salisbury F Condo Association
- Trethewey Bros. P/H Contractors (PBS TV’s - Secretary – Salisbury F Condo Association
This Old House P/H Contractor) Kitchen/Bath Other Community Service:
I would like the opportunity to serve on the Ex-
Designer, Estimator and Construction Supervisor. - President – Scarsdale Ridge Condo Association,
ecutive Board so I can make this Village the best
Architect, Scarsdale, NY
for the residents. I am reliable, dependable, and
- City of Boston Dept. of Neighborhood Housing - Vice President – Study Groups, Brandeis Uni-
honest and am very interested in this Community
Development – Architect - Design, Construction versity Wellworth Florida Chapter
because this is my home now.
and Open Space Unit – Design / Construction / My parents spent 25 wonderful years in the Vil-
Supervision of Energy Star Affordable lage. My many visits with them made me realize
Sandy Cohen Housing and neighborhood parks and gardens that I wanted to live here and make a difference
UCO/CV Experience: in the community.
-IRS Tax Examiner (8
- UCO Executive Board Member (2010)
- UCO Maintenance Committee Chair (2010)
-Entrepreneur with
- UCO Infrastructure/Irrigation Committee
husband, supervising
member (2008-present)
businesses’ back office
- UCO Insurance Committee and Sub Commit- Gerald Karpf
tee member (2010) Education:
-Insurance and Invest-
- Wellington Condo Federation Treasurer - Dewitt Clinton H.S.,
ment sales for a large
(2006 – PresentWellington D Condo Association Bronx, NY
multinational company (19 years)
(2005-present) - Bronx Community
UCO/CV Experience: College – AS – Chemical
-Chairperson of the Beautification Committee Technologies, Business
(4 years) Administration
-Board member of the Committee to Save the - IBM School – PS 2
Golf Course (5 years) Myron Silverman computer Systems, DOS Operating System.
-Member of the Executive Board (5 years) Education: Employment:
-Member of C.E.R.T. committee (3 years) - Graduated Utica Free - Dennison Mfg. Co. – Industrial Division –
Other Community Service: Academy High School Worked with manufacturers to identify and solve
-Member of the Board of Trustees Temple Anshei - Utica College of Syra- problems in their production lines
Shalom (7 years) cuse University – 1 year - Weber Marking Systems – Bar code systems –
-Volunteer at Morse Geriatric Home (7 years) Employment: Sold and worked on developing bar code systems
- U.S. Army – Infantry to track and control production lines.
Lanny Howe - Acme Letterpress and UCO/CV Experience:
Lived in suburbs SW Offset Printing Co. Inc. – - UCO Vice President
of Boston, MA till moving President and CFO - UCO Finance Committee
to Florida in 1993. Five UCO/CV Experience: - UCO Executive Board
children, all grown with - UCO Executive Board - Chairman of Maintenance Committee – Devel-
children of their own. - UCO Co-chair for Newcomers Meeting oped Committee into an educational and problem
Education: - UCO Transponder Committee solving Committee to help all Association learn
- Attended Swarth- - UCO Reporter – Layout specialist how to handle all their maintenance problems,
more College - UCO delegate from Golf’s Edge and to assist in finding contractors to do the work
Employment: - Golf’s Edge – President that would correct any damage to their Associa-
- American Auto Assn: Domestic auto travel - Golf’s Edge – Treasurer tions. Started the cut-off water valve program for
consultant; Newton branch office mgr.; Boston - Merry Minstrels Associations in the Village.
District Office mgr. Other Community Service: - UCO Insurance Committee
- Quarterly 28-page publication: Writing, - MORIAH Lodge 958, F & AM Masons of Utica, - Vice President of Windsor O
editing, layout and all phases of work. NY – Treasurer - President of Windsor O
- Various printing establishments: Machine - Temple Beth El, Utica, NY – Board of Trustees - President of Windsor Umbrella Group
operator; proofreading/editing for graphics arts - Cong. Anshei Sholom, CV – Board of Trustees Community Service:
departments. - B’nai B’rith, CV I serviced on Board of Directors for 12 years in
UCO/CV Experience: a Co-op in Queens, NY and held the positions of
- UCO Reporter – Writing, proofreading/ President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Resale
editing, and some layout. chairman. This Co-op was more than a $1 million
- UCO Executive Board dollar corporation during the 12 years I served.
- UCO Maintenance Committee
- UCO Reporter Editorial Board. Continued on next page
- President of Sheffield N Condo board
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 21
Biographies of Candidates for Executive Board — March 4 UCO Election
Syd Kronish Phil Shapkin Honey Sager
Education: Education: EDUCATION: Bachelor
- B.S., M.A. in Jour- - Public schools –NYC, of Science-Counseling/
nalism, New York Uni- NY Business, State
versity, extra studies in - Peekskill Military University of New York
English towards PhD. Academy CV EXPERIENCE:
Employment: - Cornell University Currently member of
- Captain, U.S. Air - Brooklyn College UCO Executive Board.
Force, 25 combat mis- - Wagner College Vice President Somerset
sions in B-25, Assistant - R.C.A. Institute (T-3) F for 6 years, Vice President of Pro-Active
Squadron leader, 8th Air Force Military: Committee to Save Our Golf Course. Member
- Associated Press, NY – Award winning feature - WW II—USN-Served Pacific theater of Board of Directors of Ladies Turtle Bay Golf
writer, editor, columnist, covering sports and en- Employment: Course
tertainment field - Divers Unlimited – Owner/Partner – NY area, EMPLOYMENT: Sales/Marketing Manager for
- WCKT-TV, NBC affiliate, Miami, Fl – P.R. and repair, salvage and demolition. various major publishing companies.
promotion director, wrote and delivered weekly - Absolute Demolition—Land and marine Designed, developed, staffed and maintained
editorials on air - B.P. Inspection Services—Inspection Services to support services operation for national sales
- Write weekly stamp column appearing in many the trade. Targeting hazardous conditions/materials. forces. Meeting Planner: involved site selections
newspapers nationwide Asbestos and chemicals and the removal of same— and contract negotiations. Coordinated author
UCO/CV Experience: hold Federal license. tours and autographing sessions. Previously,
- UCO Reporter – Editor-in-Chief (Acting) - NHC Building Department—Consultant in the Office Manager: managed general office with 14
- UCO Executive Board field of demolition staff support departments, negotiated contracts,
- CV Ushers Corps - Retired—Demolition engineer. purchased supplies, equipment and outside
Other Community Service: UCO/CV Experience: services.
- Member of several clubs and organizations. - UCO Vice President OTHER COMMUNITY SERVICE; Member of
- UCO—Executive Board Board of Directors of Co-op Board in Tarrytown,
- UCO—Chairman - Roads and Bridges Committee NY 4 years, Member of Board of Directors
- UCO—Chairman – Lifts Committee and Actress in various Community Theatre
- UCO—Chairman – Lighting Committee Groups, Reader in Open Book Literacy Program,
Theodore “Ted” Silverman - UCO—Co-chairman – Infrastructure Committee Recreational Counselor in Elementary After
Education: - UCO—Security Committee School Program, Volunteer Administrator for
- Oswego State Teach- - UCO—Founder C.O.P. unit in CV (Unit #43)— Communications Network, Discussion Group
er’s College Commander Leader in Adult Community Organizations
- Brooklyn College--- - UCO—Ombudsman
Degree in Public Speak- - UCO—Operations Committee
ing Community Service:
Employment: - Founder/Co-chair – AC/AC (Aroused Citizens
- NY City Council— Action Committee) Howie Silver
Chairperson, Civil Service and Labor - Candidate – 84th Assembly seat in NY My father was an origi-
- Ranking Member on Finance from Brooklyn - D.E.C in Palm Beach County nal owner in Windsor
- Snapple Beverages—Distributor - Jewish War Veterans (Post #520)—Past Com- when Century Village,
UCO/CV Experience: mander WPB first opened. My
- UCO Executive Board - War Museum in Washington D.C. – Life member wife Catherine and I have
- UCO Community Relation Committee—Chair- - Americanism—Past Chairman lived in Stratford since
man, Co-ordinate with UCO officers distribution of - Action Committee of Treasure Coast Council/ 1996.
goods and services during natural disasters, hur- Jewish War Veterans—Past Chairman Education:
ricanes, storms. Prepare and host annual Century - Jewish War Veterans of the United States—Na- - High School-NYC, NY
Village Centenarians Dessert Buffet tional Deputy “Security Chairman”. - Reidsville Community College—Computer
- Camden P Association—Treasurer, Delegate - Palm Beach County Commission (District #2)— Operations Class
- Camden Condominium Association--President Appointed Representative to the E.M.S. Council Military:
(Emergency Medical Services) - U.S. Navy, Korean War
- Department of Public Safety—Appointed member Employment:
- Consumer Affairs Board—Appointed member - Union Meat Manager and Butcher
- Consumer Affairs Hearing Board—Co-chairman UCO/CV Experience:
- The Pro Active Committee for Century Village— - UCO—Vice President
Isabelle Scherel President. - UCO—Executive Board
I’m a Bronx girl, born National Awards: - UCO—Channel 63 TV pages—Founder and
and bred. Married to hus- - Recipient of the Presidential Gold Medal for Original Designer
band Jerry, with 2 sons Volunteer Service Award - Computer Club—Co-Designer of CV Computer
and 1 daughter. Club Web-site
Education: Ken Davis - Co-Founder of CV Computer Club
- High school graduate - Vice President of CV Computer Club
- College – 1 year Employment: - CV Computer Club—Board of Directors
Work experience: - Served in USN dur- - Italian-American Culture Club—Executive
- Bronx public schools – Paraprofessional and ing WW2 Board
fund raiser for schools. - Manager of two ma- - Italian-American Culture Club—Vice President
UCO/CV experience: jor retailers-specializing - Stratford Umbrella Organization—Vice Presi-
- UCO Executive Board in inventory control. dent
- UCO volunteer – Sell gate passes - Stratford K Association—President
- UCO volunteer – Co-chair of Bingo game Other Community Service:
- UCO Chairperson of the Election committee UCO/CV Experience: - North County Senior Center—Volunteer Com-
- UCO Nominating Committee - Prior VP of UCO puter Instructor
- Assistant Coordinator for the Ushers Corps - Prior Office Manager of UCO - Computer Instructor for PC RAMS Computer
- President of Northampton P - Executive Board UCO (14 years) Club – West Palm Beach
- Secretary of Northampton P - Investigation Department ( 5 years) Director of Disaster Ham Radio Communica-
I was appointed by President Israel to the Execu- - Co-founder of Computer Club tions for
tive Board and would like to continue as a member - Chairperson of Channel 63.
for this year. - Association Board (13 years) Continued on page 22
Page 22 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011
Biographies of Candidates for
Executive Board — March 4 UCO Election Free
Continued from page 21
Dot Loewenstein
Michael Rayber Education: at Norton
- Irvington, NJ High School
A Brooklyn boy raised on Long
Island, now a third generation resi- - Upsala College, East Orange, NJ Museum
Employment: The Norton Museum of
dent of Century Village. Art is pleased to announce
Education: - Public library
- Various accounting firms – Sta- that FREE Saturdays will
- Community college graduate on now include admission to
Long Island – studied business and tistical typist and bookkeeper
- International square dance caller special exhibitions. Previ-
business law ously, the Museum’s FREE
Employment: UCO/CV Experience:
- UCO Executive Board Saturday program granted
- Sam Ash Music stores – General entrance to the Norton Col-
manager of chain, responsible for developing all new locations - Advisory and Transportation Committees
- Clubhouse library – trained volunteers, created “return lection only and excluded
- Bressler’s Ice Cream – Developed and owned shop in special exhibitions. West
Palm Beach Mall or replace” policy
- Delegate for Hastings A Palm Beach residents will
- AMR – Area field operations supervisor for ambulance now receive FREE admis-
service in Century Village Other Community Services:
- Condo News – columnist, interviewing residents, sub- sion to the entire Museum
UCO/CV Experience: EVERY Saturday, your Cen-
- UCO Executive Board mitting photos of summer events, acknowledging birthdays
and special anniversaries and LISTENING to unit owners tury Village ID will identify
- Co-chair of Health and Safety Committee – I am consid- you as West Palm Beach
ered an expert on your health issues. and their complaints, praises, opinions. We have found that
many people do not need us to offer a solution – they just want resident. Museum Hours
- UCO Reporter – Columnist on health issues Saturday - 10:00 a.m. - 5:00
- Co-President of Wellington K someone to listen to them. When they are told to put their
comments in writing their reply is “Why bother? No one pays p.m.
I consider myself semi-retired and spend my time traveling Museum Address: Nor-
the world. I have seen all the wonders of the world. When any attention.” They all know that I pay attention. Helping
them will be easier when I am elected to the Executive Board. ton Museum of Art 1451 S.
not traveling, I spend my time scuba diving.
GS-18822 Century Village Therapy Print Ad_Layout 1 2/9/11 12:47 PM Page 1 Olive Avenue, West Palm
Continued on page 23 Beach, FL 33401 Phone:

Outpatient iSpeak
When some of us moved
Rehabilitation Service t o C e n t u r y Vi l l a g e w e
thought we knew enough

inside words in the English lan-

guage to last us for the rest
of our lives. Oy, were we

Century Village mistaken!

For example, take the
phrase “’like two peas in a
pod”. Are we talking twins?
So when someone says “I
pod..” Do they mean one
twin? And then again are
there we and they pods?
Conditions that may benefit To continue: If there is
Physical, Occupational, Speech, from therapy include: E-mail is there He or She
and Dysphagia Therapy mail?
Now let us examine the
• Back, Hip, Knee, Neck Pain relationship of reading by
One on One Care • Balance Issues Kindlelight and Abraham
• Neurologic Conditions In order for young Hon-
Free shuttle transportation est Abe to read by the light
• Orthopedic Conditions of the fireplace he needed
within Century Village kindling to start the fire.
• Sports Injuries
Thus, was he the first to
• Swallowing Disorders read by kindlelight?
Medicare and most major Now where does one go
insurances accepted • And other conditions to buy all this modern or
modem equipment?
You could go to the Apple
store but don’t expect to buy
For more information call Located on the 2nd Floor of the bananas and pears there
as well.
561-697-2521 Century Medical Plaza
110 Century Boulevard
And Ben and Jerrys is
not the place to get Micro-
fAx 561-684-1919 West Palm Beach, FL 33417 soft in any flavor. Also don’t
expect a farmer to answer
your letter to Dell.
To conclude: Wi Fi? Why
not? And you can do it at the
Clubhouse for free!
─ Irving J. Levine
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 23
Biographies of Candidates for thwart this trend. Health in-
Vice President surance companies now have
to spend at least 80 percent
March 4 UCO Election of our premium dollars on
Continued from page 22
actual medical care instead
Phyllis Richland of bureaucracy, profits, and
PEOPLE OVER POLITICS marketing. Insurers that fail
I have long been involved in UCO to meet this standard must
and Century Village with the folks provide their customers with
here uppermost on my “To Do List”. rebates in 2012. After all, no
Most of you know who I am and what one pays insurance premiums
I have done in the past. For those Recently, the new Republi- seniors in my congressional to have claims denied. We pay
that are new to our paradise, I am can-led House of Representa- district who face astronomi- premiums in exchange for
one of: - tives voted to repeal health cal prescription drug bills care when we need it. Slowing
- Original C.E.R.T. organizers. care reform in its entirety. every year, reform is finally rate hikes will stimulate our
- Chaired the Lift Committee, of which I still advise. While there are certainly phasing out the Medicare economy by freeing up capital
- Past Vice President for three Administrations. ways to improve this his- donut hole. for businesses to expand and
- Now servicing out President Israel’s term as interim Vice toric law, a complete repeal Florida hosts our nation’s consumers to boost their own
President. is impractical when reform second largest population of spending.
I am running on my record. I am a tested leader and my is already making a huge dif- uninsured Americans, a crisis Most people agree that
integrity counts. If I win, you win. I would appreciate your ference in the lives of so many that takes a toll even on those access to affordable health
consideration. people. of us who are covered. Each insurance is a matter of eco-
Thank you. In Florida, Blue Cross Blue year, we face new premium nomic security. Talking with
Shield just reported a 5 per- hikes from health insurance my constituents, it is clear
Robert S. (Bob) Marshall cent increase in policies pur- companies. As rising premi- that growing our economy
Century Village chased by small businesses. ums force employers to cut and creating new jobs is their
Vice President, UCO 2008-Present This indicates that small benefits or lay off workers, number one priority. Con-
President Emeritus UCO 2006- businesses, our economy’s the number of uninsured Flo- gress should not waste time
2008 driving force, are using the ridians has grown. In 2000, repealing legislation that
President UCO 2004-2006 new law’s tax breaks to better 17 percent of Floridians lack is working; it should focus
President of Coventry C Associa- afford coverage for their em- coverage. Today, that number on legislation that will get
tion. ployees. Families are breath- is over 22 percent. The cost America working.
Vice President Coventry A. ing easier because insurance of caring for 4.1 million un- In the days ahead, I will
Florida companies are now forbidden insured Floridians is passed keep you updated on my ef-
Volunteer in Sheriffs office in the Seniors vs Crime dept. from denying coverage to chil- on to those with insurance in forts to shift the conversation
Capital Budget Committee for Town of Bourne Massachu- dren with preexisting condi- the form of higher premiums. in Washington to encouraging
setts tions or kicking young adults A hallmark provision of growth and creating new jobs.
Participated in budget planning for all Town Departments. off their parents’ plans before the Affordable Care Act tak- It is an honor to serve you in
Finance Committee Town of Bourne they turn 26. For the 20,000 ing effect this year aims to Congress.
A member of this committee for approximately 10 years,
the last 5 as chair. Planned approximately $30 million budget
for presentation at town meeting.
Town Assessor, Town of Stow, MA.
Responsible for the accurate valuation of all property and EC13003025
the issuance of all property tax bills. Elected position.
Bob’s Home Services:
A business I formed and developed and operated after tak- • Appliances • Electrical Contractor • Air Conditioning / Portable
ing an early retirement from Digital. & Window • Full Service Remodels • Electrical Design Installation and Service
DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION • Indoor Light Fixture Installation • Landscape Lighting • Recess Lighting
Manager of an Engineering group for Image and Informa- • Security Lighting • Additional Outlets and Switches • Pool Equipment Wiring
tion responsibilities. Brought department from a paper and • Outdoor Lighting & Surge Suppression • Electrical Panel Upgrades • Ceiling Fan Installations
microfilm medium to online availability. Responsible for
budgets both Capital and Operating expenses in excess of 5 Serving Palm Beach County Since 2001
million dollars. Resident For Over 30 Years

Manager of their Records and Micrographic Department.
Duties included managing a budget of 2-3 million dollars
and the activities of over one hundred employees.
Education: Western Illinois University


“Dad Gets It Done!”
• Patio Enclosures • Hurricane Shutters • Windows
• Sliding Glass Doors • Front Entry Doors
• Shower Doors/Tub Enclosures
Matt Mynahan
U-19958 U-20177 Tel: 561-333-1036
Page 24 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Anshei Sholom
A Conservative Congregation
Join the Friendliest Synagogue in Florida
5348 Grove Street
West Palm Beach Florida
Telephone 561-684-3212
Rabbi Dr Michael Korman
President Sandy Grussgott
Schedule of Services
Sunday-Friday morning
Minyan 8:30AM
Shabbat Services 8:45 AM
Sunday-Saturday Evenings 5;00 PM
Friday Evening Services 8:00PM

Purim Services
Future Events Saturday March 19, 2011 6:45 PM
Open to Everyone

Anshei Sholom Men’s Club

Sunday, March 13 2011 9:30 am
Breakfast & Guest speaker
All Food is Kosher
Guest speaker, Bernd Wollschlaeger
Anshei Sholom Sisterhood
M.D. and Author

A German life
A highly-decorated WW 11 German tank
A young man seeking the truth and his spiritual
The relationship of a father and son entwined
in German -Jewish history The Gantseh Magillah
Religious conversion to Judaism, exile and the A Musical Play
dissolution of a family
You do not want to miss this very interesting and
Saturday, March 19, 2011 6:45 PM
inspiring guest speaker Donation
Donation $8.00 early reservation $10.00 at the door Member $10.00
For more information call Sol Beck 561 684 5944
Non Members $12.00
For tickets go to
Synagogue office
Mon thru Friday 8:30AM to 5:00 PM
Refreshments to follow

Benefit Concert
Anshei Sholom Men’s Club Sunday April 3rd 2011
Wednesday, March 23 2011 1:30 pm
Mets vs. Cardinals Cantor Irwin Bell
Roger Dean Stadium, Jupiter Fl. And the Palm Beach Jewish Chorus
Brunch at Synagogue 10:30 am Champaign reception after performance
All Food is Kosher Tickets Preferential seating $25.00
Tickets $36 each. For more information
Call Sol Beck 516 816 9050 General admission $18.00
Joe Cohen 561 684 5944 For more in formation please call
Or call Synagogue office 561 689 4417 Nikki Feldman 561-689-1735
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 25
Okeechobee Branch Library
byChuck Waugh   
 Janeites rejoice! This month’s book discussion on March 16 Support Your
will highlight Jane Austen’s “Mansfield Park.” Additionally,
the Monday Movies in March will feature four Jane Austen
titles. Can you guess which ones? Stop by the library and
celebrate Jane Austen today!
The Okeechobee Boulevard Branch Library is located
next to Dunkin’ Donuts. The hours are: Monday, Tuesday,
and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Thursday,
Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All Village
residents, including seasonal residents, are eligible for a free
library card with proper I.D. Visit the library today!

March Programs
Fridays and Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. AARP/IRS Tax Help
Tue, Mar.1, 8, 22, and 29, 6:00 p.m. English Exchange
Mon, Mar. 7, 2:00 p.m. Movie
Tue, Mar. 8, 3:00 p.m. Intro Internet
Wed, Mar. 9, 10:30 a.m. Intermediate Excel
Thu, Mar.10, 8:30 a.m. Browser Basics
Mon, Mar. 14, 2:00 p.m. Movie
Mon, Mar. 14, 6:00 p.m. Creole Computer Class
Tue, Mar. 15, 5:30 p.m. Writers’ Workshop
Wed, Mar. 16, 2:00 p.m. Book Discussion
Mon, Mar. 21, 2:00 p.m. Movie
Thu, Mar. 24, 3:00 p.m. Intermediate Access
Mon, Mar. 28, 8:30 a.m. Mousing Around
Mon, Mar. 28, 2:00 p.m. Movie
Mon, Mar. 28, 6:00 p.m. Creole Computer Class
Tue, Mar. 29, 6:00 p.m. Internet Tips & Tricks                   
Thu, Mar. 31, 3:00 p.m. Intermediate Word

Okeechobee Blvd. Branch Library

5689 Okeechobee Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33417
(561) 2331880

Introducing the finest auto restoration processes on the market!

Tired of seeing rock chips on the hood of your car?
Let us take care of them before they turn to rust!
• No Need to buy a new car!
• We will have your car look and smell like new again!
• We come to you! Service you in Century Village!
• No Travel Time! No Waiting in Line!

NuFinish Rock Chip Repair

Fast & Dramatic Repairs in Minutes
Office: (561) 684-6346
Century Village Residents
20 % Off any
Auto Restoration Service
561-684-6346 Office 724-366-5961 cell
Licensed and Insured
Page 26 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Rodgers & Hammerstein, Tues. 3/22 — 8:00 PM captain returns performing

Andrea Bocelli, Josh Grovan “Tommy Tune & The Man- as he did many times in the
and many more. hattan Rhythm Kings” Nine world’s finest nightclubs and
Your Theater Sun. 3/20 — 8:00 PM times Tony Award winner. He Broadway. An exceptionally
— Century Village Annual is marvelous, timeless and an talented musician also.
Claudette LaBonte Resident Show. Friends and elegant choreographer. Do Thurs. 3/31 — 8:00 PM
neighbors singing and danc- you remember him in “Hello — “New Shanghai Circus”
ing for your pleasure. They Dolly.” Forty talented performers
surely will bring back memo- * Sat. 3/26 — 7:00 PM “A will transport you to exotic
ries for you. They are there for Tribute to the Beach Boys — China performing Eastern
you. Be there for them. Good Vibration.” Incredible dance and acrobatics along
Can you believe this is the book.’ **Mon. 3/21 — 2:00 PM musicians and performers with magic and beautiful
last “Theater” article that Fri. 3/4 — 8:00 PM “Her- Annual Resident Show A recreating the group’s unique music. A must see show to end
deals specifically with the man’s Hermits” starring Pe- second performance. By now sounds. Take the journey of the season.
“Season Shows”? ter Noone. A highlight of the you have heard about the sun, surf, cars and girls (let’s * 7:00 PM shows * *2:00
We will begin March with season with recording star great Resident Show. Your not forget the guys too). PM show
our Century Village Orches- Peter Noone, who brings to opportunity to see it yourself. Tues. 3/29 — 8:00 PM Hal As an added note, April
tra. They put their hearts into the stage a group that made Come cheer them on. Linden — Our 12th precinct will not disappoint you either.
this performance and expend him famous in the 60’s — this
many hours in rehearsal. promises to be a night to re-
From my perspective, year member. At Century Village
after year their show gets bet- *Sat. 3/12 — 7:00 PM Rob-
ter. Come and support their ert Klein — Comedy that has John H. Merey, M.D., P.A.
efforts. graced “The Tonight Show,”
In addition, the March “Saturday Night Live,” HBO, Ophthalmology/Diseases
line-up is spectacular. Make Carnegie Hall and Broadway. of the Eyes
your choices early. It’s a good thing to laugh.
Tues. 3/1 — 8:00 PM “Swin- Tues. 3/15 — 8:00 PM “I Accepts Medicare
gin’ the Benny Goodman Song- Am Sarge” Returning by your
book.” Remember the beat, the request — his second appear- and Most Insurances
tapping of your feet? Join the ance as a concert pianist, 5405 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 302B
talented musicians that will impressionist and amazing
swing the night away. singer as well. West Palm Beach, FL 33417
Thurs. 3/3 — 8:00 PM “The Sat. 3/19 — 8:00 PM “Cav- (Midtown Imaging Building)
Century Village Orchestra” endish Classics” Featuring
featuring Broadway favorites the Gold Coast Opera with
music from Verdi, Puccini,
Call 686-8202
from “The American Song-

Susan Wolfman RE/MAX DIRECT

Buyer Specialist Century
561-401-8704 Office Village
561-340-1980 Fax email:
Ground Floor 1 BEDROOM / 1 BATH
NEW! SHEFFIELD K Ceramic tile, updated kit, stall shower ......... $17,500
Visit my website ~
NEW! WALTHAM E Like nu appl., 2 A/C's, patio on greenway ...... $14,900 Ground Floor 2 BEDROOMS
NEW! SHEFFIELD D Bamboo flrs., waterfront, step in shower ...... $17,900 NEW! CANTERBURY D Corner, new kitchen, new appliances,
on greenway, walk to pool, priced to sell ................................ $34,900
Upper Floor 1 BEDROOM / 1 BATH SUSSEX L WOW!! Laminate flrs, nu kitchen/baths, built-in's .... $39,900
NEW! NORTHAMPTON H Laminate flrs., wtr vus, life, near pool . $15,900 CANTERBURY J Great price and great location, tile ................. $29,900
NEW! SUSSEX New kitchen/flooring, garden vu, great location ..... $19,900 KENT G Poolside, updated with ceramic tile & new baths .......... $39,500

DOVER B 1/1½, just bring suitcase and own prettiest condo around! SOMERSET H 2/2, 2nd flr., stunning, compl. furn., tile, sensational
Completely furnished, magnificent views. New kitchen/baths, ceramic loc., lagoon vu's, lift, tennis center location, friendly assoc. . $84,900
tile, meticulously appointed. .................................................. $64,900
Upper Floor 2 BEDROOM S
Ground Floor 1 BEDROOM / 1½ BATH DORCHESTER B WOW! Compl. reno, simply stunning, great $$ .. $49,900
CAMBRIDGE E Corner, park at door, walk to pool, needs TLC ..... $16,900 ANDOVER H Corner, update with open kitchen, great location ...... $44,900
WINDSOR H Corner, walk to pool, furnished, great assoc. ............. $24,900 CAMDEN D Cor., water surrounds, walk 2 pool, lift, 2nd fl laund .. $29,900
WALTHAM E Corner, completely redone, walk to clbhse & gate .... $29,900 SOUTHAMPTON C Corner, light, bright, pool, elevator, lge bal ... $39,900
CAMDEN J WOW!!! Open floor plan, furn, entirely redone ............ $39,900 COVENTRY K Corner, dog friendly, furn., cen. A/C, clean, bright ...... $37,500
CAMDEN H Walk to pool, patio on greenway, updated, great $$ ... $16,900 WALTHAM D Compl. updated, furnished, walk to clubhouse ......... $39,900
CHATHAM M WOW! On lake, 18" cer. tile diagonal, walk pool .... $29,900 CANTERBURY D Corner beauty, furnished, updates thruout ...... $39,900

WELLINGTON A 2/2 ABSOLUTE BEAUTY, lake views, nu kitchen,

DORCHESTER B 2/1½ 2nd flr., completely redesigned and all new,
next to pool on cul de sac, ceramic tile & built-ins ............... $63,900
Italian woodlike vinyl flooring, easy maintenance, new cabinets, new
lighting, not another like it!! ......................................................... $49,900
GREENBRIER B Grd. flr., top of line, compl. redone - front to back.
Upper Floor 1 BEDROOM / 1½ BATH Encl. garden patio, stone flrs., granite, top of line fixtures, stunning
GREENBRIER B Cer. tile, like nu kit./baths, beautifully furn. ....... $49,900 furn., park at door across from pool. Worth every penny! ... $119,900
NORWICH N Bring the Puppy! Corner, mint cond., walk to clbhse $24,900
EASTHAMPTON E Pet friendly, cer. tile, nu appl. garden view ..... $29,900 REMAX ANNUAL RENTALS!!
BEDFORD F Corner, light & bright, nu carpet, move-in ready ....... $17,900 SHEFFIELD D 1/1 Ground flr., waterfront, handicap access ...... $575 mo.
WINDSOR O Corner, great location, pretty vus, cer. tile, nr pool .... $24,500 STRATFORD H 1/1½ Grd. flr, tile, washer/dryer, compl furn. .... $700 mo.
GREENBRIER B New central A/C, furnished, great price ............. $29,900 EASTHAMPTON 1/1½ 2nd flr., pet friendly, all tile, new appl. ... $700/mo.
GREENBRIER C Lovely, elevator, pool, compl. furnished, grt $$ .. $29,900 CAMDEN I 1/1 Grd. flr. cor., furnished, renovated, stunning....... $690/mo.
DOVER C Best views in village from lge patio, clean as a whistle... $39,900 STRATFORD I 1/1½ 2nd flr., granite, tile, all new, Must See....... $650/mo.
WELLINGTON E Long lake views, nu kit., nu carpet, fresh paint.. $34,900 CHATHAM O 2/1½ Ground. flr., tile, washer & dryer, grdn pat .. $700/mo.
DOVER B Bring suitcase to TURNKEY beauty, shows like model .. $64,900 STRATFORD I 1/1½ 2nd flr, turnkey, all tile, wtr, incl., W/D ....... $700/mo.
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 27

Stop Suffering From

Chronic Back Pain
There Is an Answer! Pain
At Trea
Hope Health & Wellness
• Chiropractic
• Massage Therapy
• Medical Wellness
• Physical Therapy Results

The All New

Dynamic Spinal Decompression
Effectively treating:
Spinal Stenosis Now
by M overed
Disc Bulges and Herniations edica
Facet Syndrome
655 N. Military Trail
Get your life back again... WPB, FL 33415

Call 686-0120 today! 561-686-0120

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Balance and Fall Prevention Program

New innovative treatment to
help you regain your balance
by M red
Call Today for a edica
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686-0120 Dr. Andrew Hope
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
Page 28 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Sharp Shooting Back Pain The Reader’s

Emerging Treatment Corner
movements against the
Lenore Velcoff
Pinched nerves nerves. Spinal experts be-
Back pain that goes spine performed under the lieve that nutrients, oxy-
shooting down one or both guidance of a licensed phy- gen, and fluids are drawn
legs is a telltale sign that sician. These movements into the disc to create a
your spinal nerve is getting cause a negative pressure revitalized environment I like to read Anna you ever so calmly into her
pinched between two pieces between the bones of the conductive to healing. Quindlen’s books and Ev- story. This was a normal
of bone. The pain can be so spine alleviating the pres- Experts surmise that ery Last One is no excep- family, but like others, they
bad that it makes walking sure on the nerve. Non Surgical Spinal De- tion. She tells the story of had their highs and lows.
impossible. Left untreated, Non Surgical Spinal De- compression stimulates the a family – mother, father There were a few other
it can have a myriad of side compression (NSSD) also body’s repair mechanism, and three teen-age chil- non-family characters that
effects like muscle atrophy. referred to as Spinal De- providing the building dren – the Lathams. You figured prominently in the
Traditional treatment compression, is effective blocks to mend injured and come to know them all – the story as well as a host of
for this sort of problem is a in treating back pain, neck degenerated discs. NSSD husband, Glen, the twin minor characters. Through
surgical procedure known pain and sciatica caused enables the body to get to boys in middle school and the author’s eye for detail,
as a laminectomy. However, by bulging, herniated and work and heal itself! Now the daughter, Ruby, in high we get to know a wide circle
it has a lower than aver- degenerated discs or facet there truly is hope for last- school. But especially you of people. The book was ap-
age success rate, carries syndrome. Even post-surgi- ing relief without drugs, become involved in Mary pealing because the family
the risk of complications cal patients and those suf- injections or surgery! Beth, the mother ’s, life. was so ordinary and the
and requires a great deal fering from certain types of It is non invasive and She becomes your friend tragedy was so extraordi-
of recovery time. Thank- stenosis (a narrowing of the its application has been and the book is told through nary. You feel as though
fully, there is new hope for spinal canal) have reported successful for many spinal her voice. you have been hit over the
patients suffering from this significant pain from NSSD conditions. Patients feel In the first half of the head with a rock when you
condition called non-surgi- treatments. better almost immediately, book you are lulled into a reach the climatic violent
cal spinal decompression Non Surgical Spinal and many have reported a sense of security but if you event.
which promises to provide Decompression, not to be complete cessation of pain have read Quindlen before This is a bittersweet
a much easier alternative. confused with linear trac- after a few sessions. you know that is a false novel about the power and
Non Surgical Spinal tion, slowly lengthens and Summary sense as the blurb on the resilience of the human
Decompression (NSSD) decompresses the spine, There are several new jacket tells of a “horrifying spirit. I felt that the emo-
For those who are averse creating negative pressures and exciting developments act of violence” coming up. tions of all the characters
to even the smallest intru- within the discs. This re- in the field of back pain As you read this book there rang true. I found it a
sive treatment, there is versal of pressure creates treatment. Spinal Decom- is a feeling of dread that rewarding read. The story
another alternative avail- an intradiscal vacuum that pression is one of the latest this is all going to come is beautifully written, with-
able that has helped a large helps to reposition bulging techniques that demon- crashing down, with no real out a single wasted word in
number of people – spinal discs and pull extruded disc strate the level of innova- hint of how or how bad. it., despite the tragic sub-
decompression. It con- material back into place, tion and options available Anna Quindlen is an ex- ject matter. BUT, get your
sists of a series of traction taking pressure off pinched to patients. cellent writer and she leads Kleenex ready.

Avoid Back Surgery Non-

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
Live Life Without Neck & Back Therapy
Some of the conditions successfully treated
Spinal Stenosis Headaches
Herniated Discs Sciatica
Sacroiliac Pain Bulging Discs
Neck & Back Pain Carpal Tunnel

Physicians Wellness Call today for an

Care appointment
6894 Lake Worth Rd Ste 104 (561) 964-9191
Lake Worth, FL 33467 Visit us Online
(located ¼ mile west of Jog Road on the south
side) Accepting all Medicare, PPO & Auto
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 29
The Lettermen Sing Along

Legend pop group The Lettermen performed in Century

Village January 23 with great success their number one song
“Put Your Head on My Shoulder.” They welcomed audience
members to sing with them during the show. In picture Yala
and Yakov Milioner from Wellington M with the Lettermen.
Page 30 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Special for Century Village

Have your major appliances and air conditioning
equipment repaired for one low annual fee!!!

$189 Special Includes

WAll THERmoSTAT Door Seals and gaskets
CompRESSoR Water Heater 30 gallon
oVEn and RAngE plumbing and Electrical
Including SElF ClEAn no DEDUCTIblES!

Mention this ad when you call and get a

FREE $10 option with this special!!! OFFER EXPIRES 3/30/11

Call our local office at

684-0146 or 1-888-237-8480
Visit us at

Broward Factory Service

BFS is licensed and insured
CACO56774 • CACO57400 • CFCO56867 • CACO56778 • ES0000336
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 31

sler worked on this series

with illustrator Kam Mak,
an artist who grew up in
Stamps in New York City’s Chinatown
No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small, One Call Does It All.

the News and now lives in Brooklyn. • Locks • Lightbulbs Changed • AC & Water Filters • Phone
The artwork focuses on
Syd Kronish some of the common ways
& Electronic Hookups and much more
Honest, Reliable & Dependable Service Guaranteed
the Lunar New Year holiday
is celebrated.
Although the new 44-cent
stamp was released on Jan. 561-333-8961
THE LUCKY RABBIT HOPS IN 22, the actual New Year be- Fully Insured FREE ESTIMATES
The first US stamp for heads of paper mache and gan on Feb. 3 and ends on AD_3.5x2_InnovationMarketing:Ad_3,5x2_4C_Innov.Mkt. 11/
the year is a continuation bamboo, perform for de- Jan. 22, 2012.
of the Chinese Lunar New lighted crowds to celebrate Collectors interested in
Year series and celebrates
“The Year of the Rabbit.”
the occasion.
Art director Ethel Kes-
acquiring first day covers can
contact 1-800-STAMP-24.
The rabbit is the fourth of Safest Way To Bathe or Shower
12 animals associated with
the Chinese Lunar calendar
Don’t Fall...Call!
and was released on Jan. 22. COMPLETE INSTALLATION IN ONE DAY
porates elements from the
previous series of Lunar CALL FOR A FREE BROCHURE
New Year stamps, including Tel: 954-247-9119
an intricate paper cut-out of Email:
kumquats, which are eaten Innovation Marketing Company
for luck and given as holiday
The Postal Service intro-
duced its Lunar New Year
series in 2008. The series
will continue through 2019
with stamps for Years of the
dragon, snake, horse, ram,
monkey, rooster, dog and
The Lunar New Year is
celebrated primarily, by
persons of Chinese, Ko-
rean, Vietnamese, Tibetan
and Mongolian heritage.
Parades, parties and other
special events are common
People born in the year of
a particular animal are said
to share characteristics with
that animal. Individuals
born in the Year of the Rab-
bit are said to be sensitive,
cautious, mannerly--but
definitely lucky.
Firecrackers are used
to scare off evil spirits and
welcome this time of new
hope for the future. Cos-
tumed dancers wearing

Kindness is contagious.
The spirit of harmony
trickles down by
a thousand secret 5405 OKEECHOBEE BLVD., WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA 33417
channels into the
inmost recesses of the
household life.
-Henry Van Dyke

Principles have no real
force except when one
is well fed.
-Mark Twain
Page 32 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Do you qualify for a special

Medicare election period?

You may have the opportunity to choose or change your Medicare health plan if:
• You are approaching age 65
• You have just moved into the area
• You receive Medicaid assistance
• You’re losing your retiree health coverage
• You have diabetes

You may also qualify under certain other circumstances.

Call Humana to find out more!
We offer a variety of Medicare health plans, including prescription drug plans and all-in-one
Medicare Advantage plans. And our licensed representatives have the knowledge and
experience to help you choose the Humana plan that suits you best.

Call us today:

(TTY: 711)
8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week

A health plan and a stand alone prescription drug plan with a Medicare contract. For accommodations of persons
with special needs at sales meetings, call 1-866-836-5082, TTY: 711, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. This is an
advertisement. +HEDIS Measures (11/2010). HEDIS ® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality
Assurance (NCQA). Applicable to Humana Gold Plus H5426 (HMO) and H1036 (HMO) in Florida.
Y0040_GHHH18LHHA File & Use 02082011 PB 3/11
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 33
  “As predators adapt to
new technology, our laws
must keep up,” said Rep-
resentative Pafford. “This
common-sense bill provides
one more way to capture and
punish those who prey on
our children.”
  Representative Pafford
is working in conjunction
with the Palm Beach Coun-
ty State Attorney Michael
McAuliffe. The senate spon-
sor is Senator Lizbeth Bena-
cquisto (R-Wellington).
House Bill 171; Veteran’s individuals who intention- Provided by State 
Affairs, will allow veterans ally view child pornogra- Representative 
affected by Operation New phy. Current Florida law Mark S. Pafford, 
Dawn and other military does not adequately punish District 88 
operations subsequent to criminal conduct commit- 2240 Palm Beach Lakes 
September 11, 2001 to have ted by individuals who view Boulevard, Suite 102, 
the same benefits as those child pornography but do West Palm Beach, FL
in the military prior to these not download the actual 33409
operations. Florida is home photos or video. House Bill 561.682.0156
to nearly 200,000 men and 595 would make it a 3rd 561.682.0158 Fax
women who have been de- degree felony to control or mark.pafford@
ployed to active duty since intentionally view child
September 11, 2001. 
  “When Floridians are
making huge sacrifices to
serve and protect our coun-
try, the right thing to do is
to ensure their eligibility for
the benefits that they and
their families deserve,” said
Representative Pafford.
 The Senate version of the
bill, SB 430, is sponsored by
Senator Thad Altman (R-
House Bill 337; Do-
mestic Partnerships, will
entitle Florida residents
living in domestic partner-
ships to have the same
rights as married couples.
Florida currently ranks
8th in the nation, with 5.5
million people living in com-
munities that recognize do-
mestic partnerships, either
through registries or public
employer’s benefits. More
than half of Fortune 500
companies and a majority of
Florida’s universities offer
domestic partner benefits
in order to attract and re-
tain the best and brightest
employees, and to make
Florida a friendlier place.
  “At a time when many
Florida families are fac-
ing difficult financial chal-
lenges, this bill will provide
valuable protections, as
well as responsibilities,
to unmarried couples and
will help more Floridians
to take care of their loved
ones,” said Representative
 The Senate version of the
bill, SB 348, is sponsored
by Senator Eleanor Sobel
  House Bill 595; Sexual
Performance by a Child,
will create penalties for
Page 34 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

Do Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth?

Windsor Q held its first “Secret Cook-Off Competition” on its patio on Valentine’s Day.
The contest began when chefs Roland Rogers, Linda Graff and David Stiefelmeyer shouted
“soups on,” as three pots of the home-made chicken soup heated on the BBQ. Not knowing
what chef cooked what soup, hungry and anxious building residents tasted soups #1, 2, and
3. Their votes were put into a jar, counted and the winner was Linda Graff. Another cook-off
contest will be held in March. – Maria Tennariello

Computer Excellence, LLC

(Formally Sam’s Computer Solutions)
“A+ Certified”
Repairs, Internet, Installations, Viruses (Slow Computer),
Upgrades, Training, & More…

Learn on your computer or ours. Build

Your Confidence! Windsor chefs at work.

Affordable Prices
Frank Faline HANDYMAN
References Available
All your handyman services and more, big
or small. There is no limit to my expertise, air
*Inquire about our “Computer Checkup Special”! conditioner filters to toilet fixes, bulbs, paint
*(Century Village Residents. For a limited time. Subject to change at any time.) that shelf. Save on electricity. Replace springs
on your windows.
Call Sam at:
561-628-8853 561-319-1012
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 35

Valve Disease: Getting To The Defects in heart valves

Heart Of The Matter can exist from birth or
develop from damage
later in life. Fortunately,
(NAPSA)-There is hope- symptoms, even if their dis- in 1986 to promote medical
valve disease can usually
ful news for the estimated 5 ease is severe. For these and behavioral research into
be successfully treated
million Americans who are people, a heart murmur is the the aging process. Learn more
with surgery.
diagnosed with heart valve most important clue. Others at www.aging
disease each year. may have symptoms with less
Defects in heart valves can severe disease.
exist from birth or develop Some types of valve disease
from damage later in life. can lead to serious complica-
Fortunately, valve disease tions, including death. How-
can usually be successfully ever, most can be successfully
treated with surgery in pa- treated with surgery.
tients of all ages. Resources Are Available
If you have been diagnosed The Alliance for Aging Re-
with valve disease, have a search recently made a num-
heart murmur or think you ber of podcasts available.
may be experiencing symp- The purpose of the program
toms, be sure to talk with is to raise awareness about
your doctor. the disease, its risk factors,
Valve Disease Is Not treatment options, tips on ef-
A Normal Part Of Aging fective physician-patient com-
Many of the symptoms of munication and more-all in an
valve disease are inaccurately effort to encourage patients to
mistaken for the "normal seek appropriate care.
signs of aging." Age is not The Alliance was founded
a reason to not have valve


disease surgery, and valve
disease can usually be suc-
cessfully treated in patients
of all ages.
Diagnosis Is Key Siemens-Starkey-Widex-Phonak-Oticon - Audina
The only way to really
know is to be diagnosed by a
doctor, so see yours right away
if you are told you have a mur-
mur or you are experiencing
any of these: All Hearing Centers provide comprehensive testing, compassionate care,
• Shortness of breath
• Weakness or dizziness
and a large selection of Hearing Aids.
• Pain, tightness or dis-
comfort in the chest At VALUE HEARING we simply
• Fainting or feeling
faint charge you less!
• Fatigue
• Rapid or irregular
• Light-headedness
• Decrease in exercise
• Swollen abdomen or • Multi Memory • Multi Channel
ankles and feet.
According to the Alliance • Open Fit Hearing Systems
for Aging Research, many of
these symptoms will only hap-
pen during activity, but as the
disease gets worse, they may
also happen while resting.
Complications Are Possible
June 30th
When valve damage re-
duces blood flow, the heart
has to work harder and the
body gets less oxygen-leading
to a number of symptoms.
However, people with valve
disease do not always have
$400 TO $1000 on any hearing aid

Palm Beach Hearing

VALUE Care Centers
Palm Beaches G North Military Trail,
• Treasure WPB,
Coast FL
5365957R 1 6/11/10, 10:55:15 AM
Page 36 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011 February 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 35


$5 Safety Check OF YOUR BUILDING

Heater Burst?&
Toilet Overflow? BrokenROOM
We will inspect each and every
We will inspect each and every 
1) We will inspect the electrical system in
apartment in your building for Aenean every
apartment in your building for  There are two parts to this job: 
a magnaapartment for only $29 per apart-
vel pede vestibulum
only $15 per apartment.
only $5 per apartment. You will  Partcursus
rhoncus. Nulla 1: Dry out the apartment. We will do 
tighten all connections in your elec-
orci quis tortor.
this and try our level best to keep the occupant 
You will receive a complete com-
receive a complete computer  trical breaker panel.
in their apartment. 
Then2:weTo bring the apartment back to its 
will go to the electrical room
puter read out of the safety
read out of the safety (flood) 
status of your building.  and do the same thing. You will receive a
original condition. You pay the deductible, WE 
(flood) status of your building. BILL THE INSURANCE COMPANY FOR THE 
computerized report on the electrical safety
BALANCE. If the insurance company pays a 
Includes:  status of your building, signed by a state-
lesser amount or refuses to pay, we will 
 Water Heater Inspection  [Date]
licensed electrician, which can be used for
ABSORB the LOSS! If they pay us fair and 
 All Valves  insurance purposes.
square, we will refund 10% of the insurance 
money back to your building. This also applies 
 Toilet Condition 
     (these can easily flood a building  TPM Electric Inc.
This also applies to the individual home owner.
Signedby byaaState
Plumber WE HAVEEC13004084
Burst Proof Hosesfor
Your Laundry
Burst Proof Houses on Your Laundry Room 
May Be Used Room
Washing Machine Makes Good Sense
PETER 561-351-5003
Washing Machines Makes Good Sense 
May Be Used for Insurance Purposes Call Peter
Burst Proof Hoses on Your Laundry Room
PETER 561-351-5003
Washing Machine Makes Good Sense 561-351-5003
Call Peter 561-714-0448
LIC # CFC 053324 LIC # 13004084
The Construction Guys, CFC 053324 

How to tell how old your

Hot Water Heater is:
The first four numbers in the serial
The fist four numbers in the serial 
number tell you its age.
number tell you its age. 
 The first two numbers are the  
 Painting
Toilets Fixed
month.   Toilets Fixed
 The 3rd & 4th numbers are the year   Leaks Repaired
 Leaks Repaired
of manufacture. 
 Do not confuse the serial number  Drains
 DrainsCleaned
with the model number.   Sinks & Faucets Replaced
 Bathrooms Remodeled
 Kitchens Remodeled
OF A HOT WATER HEATER!  Water Heaters
Bathrooms Installed
 Water Heaters Installed

REGULAR WATER HEATERS … and much more!

$595 Installed We are State Licensed
Includes Permit, Basic Electrical Work 
& Water Heater 

Call Peter 561-351-5003 Call Peter 561-351-5003

The Construction Guys, CFC 053324  The Construction Guys, CFC 053324 
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 37

I will drive you anywhere within 50 miles

of Century Village in my personal car
The Century Village Community Emergency Response Team participated (Cadillac sedan) for a nominal fee.
in the 20th Annual Susan G. Komen South Florida Race for the Cure
on Sunday, Jan. 29. Pictured below left to right: Lori Torres, Phyllis In most cases, I would like some notice.
Pomerentz, Jackie Karlan, Dorothy Breier, Phyllis Frishberg, Cheryl 24/7, door to door.
Sanders. Not pictured but part of the CV CERT Team, Walk for the Cure, Florida licensed “safe driver.”
Martha Feuerberg, Harriet Fiebert, Hilda Wolkin.
Call Don at
249-0235 or 772-678-2542

(561) 840-6345 JOE CARRIKER


• Door Repairs • Window Repair • Hurricane Shutters
• Door Replacement • Window Replacement • Accordion Shutters
• Sliding Glass Door • Window Glass • Kitchen and Bath
Repair and Wheels • Window Screens Countertops
• Porch Enclosures • Porch Rescreening • Shower Doors

30 Years in Construction
Licensed/Bonded/Insured License Nos. U-20681; U-20702

Susan Wolfman turns "LISTED" into "SOLD"

January 2011 Sales
236 CHATHAM L 2/1½ SOLD $38,500 263 COVENTRY K 2/1½ RENTED $600/mo.
107 OXFORD 300 2/2 PENDING $40,000 77 CANTERBURY D 2/1½ PENDING $30,500
415 DOVER A 1/1½ PENDING $27,500 164 WINDSOR H 1/1½ UNDER CONT. $18,000
183 SOMERSET I 2/2 SOLD $35,000 182 WELLINGTON K 2/2 SOLD $45,000
445 WINDSOR S 1/1½ SOLD $19,000 305 WELLINGTON B 2/2 PENDING $45,000
77 NORWICH D 1/1½ UNDER CONT. $16,000 208 WELLINGTON E 1/1½ PENDING $25,500
124 COVENTRY F 2/1½ PENDING $35,000 101 WELLINGTON L 2/2 SOLD $55,000
2010 Sales
1 WINDSOR A 1/1½ PENDING $26,500 196 STRATFORD 1/1½ RENTED $650/mo.
386 WINDSOR Q 1/1½ SOLD $16,000 118 KENT H 1/1 RENTED $550/mo.
111 COVENTRY E 1/1 SOLD $10,000 127 ANDOVER E RENTED $3500/sea.
408 DOVER A 1/1½ UNDER CONT. $55,000 33 SHEFFIELD B 2/1½ RENTED $5000/sea.
181 CAMDEN H 1/1 PENDING $14,900 313 DOVER A 1/1½ SOLD $33,000
361 SHEFFIELD O 1/1 SOLD $11,000 299 CAMDEN M 1/1 SOLD $25,900
71 KINGSWOOD D 2/1½ SOLD $27,500 144 WELLINGTON H 2/2 SOLD $39,000
186 WELLINGTON K 2/2 SOLD $45,000 314 GREENBRIER B 2/2 RENTED $725/mo.
246 COVENTRY K 1/1½ SOLD $19,900 33 SHEFFIELD B 2/1½ RENTED $5000/sea.
382 SHEFFIELD P 1/1½ SOLD $20,000 146 WINDSOR G 1/1½ SOLD $16,500
215 KENT M 2/1½ SOLD $19,850 110 WELLINGTON D 2/2 SOLD $60,000
136 SOUTHAMPTON B 1/1½ SOLD $13,500 166 WALTHAM G 1/1 RENTED $500/mo.
82 CAMDEN D 2/1½ SOLD $22,750 90 CHATHAM D 1/1 SOLD $7,500
108 WINDSOR E 2/1½ SOLD $13,500 125 WELLINGTON G 2/2 SOLD $32,500
4 SHEFFIELD A 2/1½ RENTED $650/mo. 255 SHEFFIELD K 1/1½ SOLD $9,000
323 SHEFFIELD P 1/1½ SOLD $23,000 346 SHEFFIELD O 1/1 SOLD $9,000
62 BERKSHIRE C 2/1½ SOLD $21,500 385 SHEFFIELD P 1/1 SOLD $12,500
376 NORTHAMPTON S 2/1½ RENTED $650/mo. 103 COVENTRY E 1/1 SOLD $23,500

If you want a "SOLD" sign next to your address,

Susan Wolfman (561)
email: ~ Visit my website ~
Page 38 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 39

Clubhouse Library
By Dot Loewenstein

Seasonal Residents - you more than two tables for Mark B. Grumet, D.M.D.
must be getting ready to jigsaw puzzles. So the rules
head back up North. We have to apply to everyone.
General Dentistry
will miss you. This year has You have the option of walk-
seen quite a number of resi- ing down the hall and using Conveniently located where you shop
dents noticing our library
for the first time. We find
any chair and table - there
is a rather large table at the Crosstown Plaza
you peeking in, and invite opposite end of the hall, in Between Publix and Blockbuster Video
you to enter and take a look front of the computer class-
• Exams, Cleanings Call
at our novels as well as non- room. There are also tables
fiction. Our main rule is for- and chairs downstairs in • Crown and Bridgework
eign to many: REPLACE (or
return) whatever books you
the lobby. Hopefully, you
will find a comfy spot.
• Implant Bridgework
• Partial and Full Dentures
• Same Day Repairs, Relines
2885-H N. Military Trail
borrow - there is no time Some of our library vol-
• Other Phases of General Dentistry Hours by Appointment
limit and unteers

we would h a v e
much rath- health
er see dif- p r o b -
ferent books
filling our
lems and
we are in Annuity Owners Could Pay Up
shelves in-
stead of the
need of
help for To 40% to the IRS in Taxes!
same ones Fridays Many annuity owners are positioned to lose a significant portion of their annuity’s value to taxes,
remaining - that and most are not even aware of the problem. The IRS is not required to notify annuity own-
ers about an exemption to the tax code that could save thousands of dollars in income and
for months. So please con- would be two days a month, estate taxes.
sider taking home with you if you can fit it in, about an
whatever you are unable to hour each day. A complimentary booklet is available that shows current annuity owners how to avoid mistakes
and possibly save thousands! This complimentary booklet creates an awareness around the
finish reading, and when Please leave your phone most costly annuity owner mistakes and provides tips and strategies to help you make the most
of your hard-earned assets.
you come back next sea- number (and name) with
son, bring us some gently WPRF: 640 3120 ext. 4. Call 888-221-8525 today to get your no-cost, no-obligation copy of the 16-page “Guide to Avoid-
used for our shelves. Many Criticism can be CON- ing Common Annuity Mistakes” and learn how to potentially:
thanks to you all. structive or DEstructive, and
• Avoid paying unnecessary taxes
New renters or unit own- should be in writing, please.
ers - By now you’ve prob- We will follow up on any • Increase your retirement income by properly handling your annuity
ably heard that our entire comments and reply to you
clubhouse is WiFi and you promptly. • Avoid mistakes that could cost you or your beneficiaries thousands of dollars
can use your laptop any- Back to Seasonal Resi-
Mark D. Thomas, Thomas Consulting Services, Inc.
where in the clubhouse. dents - we’ve enjoyed seeing
Since our library space is you this year, and look for-
rather limited, we need to ward to your return again Call 888-221-8525 Today for Your
limit laptop use to only two - you DO brighten up our
tables - this is to be fair to lives. Thank you, and stay Complimentary 16-Page Booklet!
those who would like to use healthy.
Page 40 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011
exploitation by providing you updated on his office’s
State Attorney Michael McAuliffe assistance to victims and efforts to protect you on
building stronger cases. a regular basis. The state
Predator Unit Investigates SA McAuliffe thanks the attorney’s website is www.
agencies that worked on palmbeachstateattorney.
this important project and com and our office newslet-
vestigated a case involving ment, Palm Beach Police
expects it will make a sig- ter is distributed quarterly.
a defendant collecting and Department and the School
nificant difference in how If you want to receive the
trading one of the largest District Police Department.
law enforcement addresses newsletter, please contact
collections of videos and The State Attorney’s Of-
crimes targeting seniors. Sarah Alsofrom at salso-
pictures depicting infants fice, working with numer-
SA McAuliffe will keep
and young children being ous of law enforcement
raped and sexually abused. and local agencies includ-
The case resulted in a sen- ing DCF, has developed
tence of 1,490 years’ impris- and finalized a new Elder Century Village Residents
State Attorney Michael onment. The Predator Unit Abuse/Vulnerable Adult
McAuliffe and his team is a collaboration of the Investigations Protocol.
Denied the Vote
continue to work hard to State Attorney’s Office, the This new protocol will help
protect seniors in Palm
One Condo — One Vote!
protect the community and Sheriff ’s Office, Boynton
prosecute offenders. Re- Beach Police Department, Beach County who are vic-
cently, the predator unit in- Boca Raton Police Depart- tims of abuse, neglect or There are 7,854 condominiums here in
Century Village. Only 349 People are
• SCREEN REPLACEMENT • WINDOW CLEANING allowed to vote for who runs U.C.O.
Unfair? Unjust? Unequal?
20% OFF
Lic. & Ins.: 2008-07499: 2008-07498
In January 2011, the Delegates should
SAVE ENERGY vote to alleviate this inequity.
• Lower Electric Bills with Window Tint
• Shatter-Proof Windows We the people
Replace: Vinyl Windows • Torn or Old Looking Window Screens • should have the right to
Porch Screening • Waterproof Screening vote for who will run U.C.O.
• Family Owned & Operated
• Professionals Since 1974 561-968-7520 “Paid for by Peter Amato”

Hastings Fitness Center Winter Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Dance Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Low Impact Aerobics Advanced Aerobics Dance Aerobics
8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am 8:30-9:15 am

Weight Training Aerobics With Weights Weight Training Aerobics With Weights Weight Training
9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:45 am 9:25-10:00 am 9:20-9:45 am 9:25-10:00 am

Water Aerobics (Pool) w/Arlene Pilates Pilates Water Aerobics (Pool) w/Arlene
10:00-11:00 am 9:45-10:15 am 9:45-10:00 am 10:00-11:00 am

Hatha Yoga Aqua Aerobics Exercise Hatha Yoga Tai-Chi (Paid) w/Jerry Hatha Yoga
10:00-11:30 am 10:15-11:00 am 10:00-11:30 am 10-11 am (int) 11-12 noon (beg) 10:00-11:30 am

Aqua Aerobics Exercise

10:15-11:00 am

Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm 12:00-1:00 pm

Consultation Consultation
1:30-2:00 pm 1:30-2:00 pm
Sit & Fit Healthy Breathing Yoga Touch Sit & Fit Healthy Breathing Yoga Touch Office Duties
2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm 2:00-3:00 pm

Zumba (Paid) w/Larissa

4:00-4:45 pm

Free Exercise Classes Provided at Hastings Fitness Center by Janetta Babayeva

Paid Class Registration at the Main Clubhouse Class Office

Mon-Fri 9:00 am-4:30 pm
All Classes Are Subject to Change and/or Modification
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 41

Scollo Painting Inc.

• Painting Interior/Exterior
• Popcorn Removal
• Knockdown Textures
• Crown Molding
• Drywall Repairs
John — Cell 561-306-1813
Licensed & Insured PB Lic #U14183
At 100 Plus, Al Shoots Pool: Al Weiskopf, one of the
centenarians in Century Village, is an avid pool player
at the Hastings Fitness Center. Staff photo by Ken Graff

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- Most dental insurance, PPO and DMO plans accepted & processed - - - - -Two
- - -West
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- - - -Beach
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- - - -you
- Discounted fee program for patients without insurance
- Patient financing and payment options 1857 N. Military Trail (corner of Okechobee Blvd & Military)
1497 Forest Hill Blvd. (Between FL Mango & I-95)

Seriously...Why wou
ld you go
anywhere else?
* New patients only . Discounts are not combinable with insurance or other programs . The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for
any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Coupon must be
presented prior to treatment. Minimum fees only. Dr. Neal Ziegler DN 6483.
Page 42 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011

You tried the use THE BEST...

Century Village Real Estate, Inc.
® Village® Real Estate, Inc.
You’ve tried the rest…now use THE BEST…Century
We are the only, ON-SITE Real Estate Broker INSIDE the community &
we are
We are the only, ON-SITE conveniently
Real locatedtheatcommunity
Estate Broker INSIDE 82 Stratford F. There
& we are is nolocated
conveniently otheratfirm whose
82 Stratford
F. There is noefforts &whose
other firm energies
100%are dedicated
efforts & energiesexclusively
are dedicatedto CenturytoVillage
exclusively ; pleaseplease
Century Village®,
let usletshow
us you the
show you the Century Village®Century
Real Estate, Inc. Real
Estate, Inc. DIFFERENCE!

Bedford J – 2 floor,
nd on lagoon, ceramic tile, furn. $25,000 Salisbury D – 2ndstfloor, carpet, unfurnished, wall a/c unit $10,000
Bedford C – 2
Berkshire B – 2 floor,
nd floor, carpet, unfurnished,
furnished, lake view small pet ok $12,500
$15,900 Sheffield O
Sheffield H – 2 nd– nd1 floor, unfurnished
floor, turnkey, pet friently $17,500
Berkshire I – 1 floor, partial furnished, beautiful floors $14,900 Sheffield O – 2 floor, ceramic tile, upgraded kitchen $42,900
Camden B – 1st floor, ceramic tile, furniture neg. $12,900 Sheffield Q – 2nd nd floor, ceramic tile/carpet, furnished $16,900
Camden B – 1ststfloor, ceramic tile, furniture neg. $12,900 Sheffield Q – st2 floor, ceramic tile/carpet, furnished $16,900
Camden IF– –1st1 floor, floor,ceramic
ceramictile, tile,furnished,
partial furnished
remodeled $20,500
$16,900 Somerset
Somerset GG– –1 1floor, st
furnished, ceramic
ceramic tile/carpet,
tile/carpet, lakevw
lakevw $26,900
Coventry H B –– 11st floor,
floor, new
ceramic a/c, tile,
unfurnished $13,000
$21,000 Waltham H – 2ndBfloor,
Southampton central
– 4th fl, a/c,a/c,
central totally updated
laminate floors, unfurn. $20,000
Coventry B – 1 st
floor,nd ceramic tile, unfurnished
Dorchester G – 2 floor, ceramic tile, unfurnished $21,000
$18,000 Windsor G – 2 nd nd
fl, unfurn., clean,
Waltham H – 2 floor, central a/c, totally updated bright & breezy $16,900
Dorchester F – Carpet
Northampton G – 2nd and ceramic
floor, tile,furniture
carpet, partial furnished
negotiable $19,000
$12,900 Windsor
WindsorKG– –2nd2nd floor,
carpet,tile, furnished, new a/c
unfurnished $19,900
Northampton G –A2–nd1floor, st
furnished negotiable
nicely $12,900
$18,500 Windsor K – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, furnished, new a/c $19,900
Norwich B st 1st floor, new cabinets, rentable
– Nice, clean
Norwich B – Nice, clean 1 floor, new cabinets, rentable $17,900
Salisbury H – 2nd floor, ceramic tile, unfurnished $17,900 1.5 BATHS
Bedford E – 1 floor, corner, unfurnished
$28,900 1.5 BATHS
Kent L – 1st floor, nicely furnished. Well maintained $29,900
st st
BedfordK –E1– 1floor; floor,furniture
unfurnishedwater view $17,900
$28,900 Kent L – 2nd A
Northampton floor,– 1stcarpeted,
floor, ceramic
central a/c $34,900
nd st nd
Bedford H
Cambridge F – 2 floor, central
nd corner, a/c,viewcarpeted,
of lagoon, turnkey
unfurnished $31,500
$23,000 Kent L B
Norwich – 1– 2floor, floor, nicely furnished.
furniture negotiable,Rentable building.
carpeted $29,900
Cambridge 1st floor, furniture
H –D1st– fl-ceramic negotiable,
tile-upgraded carpet
Beautiful! $24,900
$27,000 NorwichB B– –2nd2ndfloor,
Norwich floor, corner,
corner, furnished,central
furnished, centrala/ca/c $18,000
nd nd
Canterbury F –st 2 floor, corner, central a/c, carpet/ceramic
Canterbury D – 1st floor, furniture negotiable, carpet $14,900
$29,900 Norwich H –
Norwich H – 1 flr, st2 floor, central a/c, carpet/ceramic tile RNTD
upgraded kitchen, storm shutters $21,000
Chatham J – 1 floor, ceramic tile, furniture
Canterbury F – 2ndst fl, corner, central a/c, ceramic tile. negotiable $26,900
$22,900 Plymouth I –
Norwich H – 2nd floor,1 floor, corner, washer/dryer,
central a/c, carpet/ceramic tile partial furn. $69,900
Coventry G st– 1 floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, furn. neg. $32,900
$19,900 Salisbury D –nd2 floor, corner, carpet, central a/c $19,900
Chatham P – 1 floor, carpeted, partially furnished Oxford 200 – 2 floor, central a/c, corner, ceramic tile
Coventry L –nd2nd floor, bright/sunny. Lift to 2nd floor $19,900 Salisbury G –nd1st floor, corner, central a/c, carpet $23,000
Coventry E – 2 floor, central a/c, unfurn, rentable, allow pet $15,000 Salisbury D – 2 ndfloor, furnished, carpeted unit; dishwasher $22,000
Dorchester Dst – 2nd floor, unfurnished, ceramic tile $20,000 Sheffield N – 2nd floor, corner, ceramic tile, central a/c, furn. $20,000
Coventry G – 1th floor, central a/c, furniture negotiable
Dover A – 4 ndfloor, furnished, lake view, carpet, central a/c $32,900
$39,900 Salisbury D – 2 floor,rd corner, carpet, central a/c
Southampton stA – 3 floor, central a/c, ceramic tile, furn. $19,900
Dover AL ––32rd floor, floor, unfurnished,
bright/sunny.lake Liftview,
to 2ndcarpet/ceram
floor tile $19,900
$38,900 Salisbury
WindsorGC––11stfloor, floor,corner, central
canal, tile, a/c, carpet
granite counters, RENTED $23,000
Dover A –B4–th 1floor,
Dover st
ceramica/c, tile,
lake view lakevw
unfurn, $64,500
$55,500 Sheffield
WindsorI –M2- 2floor,
nd nd
floor, unit,unit,
corner central
neg., central a/c $24,900
Dover B – 1stBfloor,
Hastings – RENTED ceramic–tile, centralceramic
1st floor, a/c, unfurn, lakevw
tile/carpet $55,500
$26,900 Sussex B –O
Windsor 1st –floor, rentable
1st floor, building,
rentable central
unit, new a/c,a/cfurnished $32,900
st st st st
Hastings B E – 1– 1floor, floor,ceramic
corner,tile,central a/c, ceramic
partially furnished tile $35,900
$35,900 Waltham
WindsorDR––11 fl,floor, corner unit; unfurnished,
corner, ceramic tile, central a/c
carpet, central a/c $29,900
Golfs Edge C – 1st floor, new central a/c, ceramic tile $23,000
2 BEDROOMS/ 1Wellington
or 1.5 BATHS M – 2nd floor, unfurnished, central a/c, lake view $28,900
Greenbrier B – 4ndth floor, central a/c, view of creek, unfurn. $28,000 Windsor C – 1st floor, on canal, tile, granite countertops $39,900
Bedford D –st 2 floor, corner, carpet, central a/c $29,900 Dorchester Gnd– 1st floor, central a/c, ceramic tile, unfurn. $49,900
Hastings B – 1 floor, nd partially furnished RENTED
Cambridge stI – 2 floor, corner, central a/c, unfurnished $26,900
$34,900 Windsor
HastingsM B - –2 2 ndfloor, corner unit, furn. neg., central a/c
floor, central a/c, unfurnished $29,900
Hastings B – 1 I floor,
Cambridge ceramic
– 1st floor, tile, furnished
corner, partially furnished $35,900
$29,900 Windsor
Kent A O – 2–nd1floor,
rentable unit,
furn neg.,new a/c, furnished
central a/c, canal view $24,900
Canterbury A – 2nd floor, corner, carpet & ceramic tile, furn $45,000 Windsor
NorwichRB– –1 1stfloor,
corner, central carpet,
a/c, central
unfurnisheda/c $55,000
CanterburyndA – 1st floor, corner, carpeted, furnished 2 BEDROOMS/
$39,900 1 or Norwich
1.5 BATHS G – 2ndst floor, carpet, furnished, rentable after yr. $28,000
Bedford D – 2 floor,
nd central a/c, furnished
Chatham D – nd2 floor, corner, unfurn., central a/c, lake view $29,900
$29,900 Dorchester G – 1
nd floor, central
Norwich I – 2nd floor, unfurnished, carpet a/c, ceramic tile, unfurn. $49,900
CoventryIH– –2 1stfloor, floor,corner,
unfurnished $34,900
$28,000 Hastings
NorwichBK– 2– 2nd floor,
floor,central a/c,ceramic
corner, unfurnished
tile, central a/c $29,900
DorchesterI –B1st– floor,2nd floor,corner,
wd floors, Italian porc-kit. $33,000
$54,900 Hastings
SheffieldC E– –2 1stfloor,
neg., central a/c
renovated $28,000
Dorchester AD – 2–nd1stfloor,floor,corner,
central& a/c,
ceramic tile, furn
tile, unfurn. $45,000
$28,000 Kent A – 2ndCfloor,
Windsor – 1st floor,furn neg.,
canalcentral a/c, viewtile,
view, ceramic of canal
central ac $48,900
Canterbury A – 1 floor, corner, carpeted, furnished
2 BATHSB – 1 floor, corner, central a/c, unfurnished
Chatham D – 2nd floor, corner, unfurn., central a/c, lake view $42,900 Norwich K – 2 nd
floor, ceramic tile, central a/c $39,900
Oxford 100 – 2ndnd floor, central a/c, ceramic canal view $47,900 Somerset L –st1st floor, lake view, furniture neg., central a/c $49,900
Dorchester B – 2 ndfloor, faux wd floors, Italian porc-kit. $54,900 Windsor C – 1 floor, central a/c, ceramic tile, upgrades $44,900
Oxford 200 – 2st floor, central a/c, lift to 2nd floor, unfurn $56,900 Stratford C – 1st floor, carpet, central a/c, furnished $42,900
Dorchester E – 1 floor,
rd central
Greenbrier B – 3 Floor, furnished, view of poola/c, unfurn., tile, carpeting $26,000
$54,500 st
Stratford D – 1 floor, central a/c, ceramic tile, furn. neg. $48,900
Plymouth O –st 1st floor, ceramic & carpet, central a/c, furn 2 BEDROOMS/
$68,900 2 Wellington
BATHS E – 1st floor, lake view, central a/c, furn. neg. $83,900
SomersetIB– –1 2nd floor,
floor,corner, centralceramic
lake view, a/c, water
unfurnished $39,900
$58,900 Plymouth
WellingtonO –H1–st floor, ceramic
4th floor, & furniture
carpet, carpet, central a/c, furn.
neg., central a/c $68,900
Oxford 100 – 2nd floor, central a/c, ceramic canal view $47,900 Wellington
WellingtonB H – 3–rd4floor,
th carpet,
floor, lake
central a/c,view,
lake central a/c
view, unfurnished $63,900
Oxford 200 – 2nd floor, central a/c, lift to 2nd floor, unfurn OUTSIDE$56,900 Windsor D
floor, corner, central a/c, view of lagoon $49,900
Le Chateau Royale –rd 3rd floor – oceanfront $169,900
Le Chateau Royale – 3 floor – oceanfront $169,900 Le Chateau Royale – 4th floor – ocean view Pending Rental $210,000
Bedford B –G2 – floor,
nd 2 floor, furnished,
ceramic tile Seasonal
Seasonal $900/Mo.
$1,250/Mo. Bedford
Kent F–D 2nd floor,
2nd–floor, furniture
ceramic negotiable, carpet
tile, unfurnished $600/Mo.
Camden G J ––22 floor,
floor, ceramic tile/carpet, furn. negotiable Seasonal
furnished, $900/Mo.
$550/Mo. Chatham C – 1st floor, lakeview, ceramic tile, furniture negotiable $550/Mo.
Le Chateau Royalest#315 – 3rd floor, ocean view $950/Mo. Kent D – 1st floor, furnished, carpet $550/Mo..
Canterbury B – 1 floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, furn. negotiable $650/Mo. Norwich A – 2nd floor, carpet, central a/c $650/Mo.
Seasonal $1,200/Mo.
Seasonal $1,000/Mo. st
Wellington M st– 1 floor, lake view, ceramic tile, unfurnished $800/Mo.
Andover JB– –2nd2 floor,
new central
neg.,a/c, furniture negotiable
carpet $675/Mo.
$575/Mo. Windsor
WindsorO O –– 11stfloor,
cozy and
and neat
neat $525/Mo.
Waltham H – 2nd floor, furnished, central a/c $550/Mo.
2 BEDROOMS/1.5 or 2 BATHS Seasonal $900/Mo.
Hastings E – 2 floor, unfurnished, central a/c, carpet 2 BEDROOMS/1.5
$750/Mo. or 2 BATHS
Sheffield I – 2nd floor, furnished, ceramic tile, central a/c $750/Mo.
Chatham E – 1st floor, ceramic tile, central a/c, lake view, unfurnished $775/Mo. Norwich B – 1st floor, carpet, furnished Seasonal $1,400/Mo.
Sheffield I – 2 floor, furnished, ceramic tile, central a/c
$750/Mo. Annual $725/Mo.

Become aa FAN
More NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL advertising than any other Broker. Toll-free 1.800.654.2832 or 561.471.9677

w w w . c e n t u r y v i l l a g e . c o m
Century Village® Real Estate, Inc. Ben G. Schecter, Licensed Real Estate Broker. Prices/Inventory subject to change without notice.
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2400 Centrepark West Dr., Suite 175 | West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
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Put Your Home on More Than
100 Websites with Pictures.


The Farbers are #1 in Sales in Palm Beach County
Rental Specialists for Landlords & Tenants
Professional, Experienced Realtors
Selling in CV for 25 Years
Worldwide Coverage; Never Any
Hidden Fees or Release Fees
Northampton H - Laminate Floor Rentable 15,000 Norwich L - Corner Central Air Great Buy 19,900 Andover A - 1/1 GFI Tile Furnished Very Nice 500
Windsor G - Reduced All Tile Furnished Walk to Pool 25,000 Cambridge A - 2/1½ 2F Furnished Near Pool 550
UPPER FLOOR 1 BED & 1 BATH Dorchester G - Big Reduction Tile and Furnished 29,900
Salisbury D - Unfurnished Near East Gate 9,500 Southampton C - 2nd Fl Rare 2 BR Furn Tile Walk Pool 49,000 Northampton D - 2/1½ 2F Furn Nice Good Price 600
Sussex G - Unfurnished Great Buy 10,000 Stratford C - 2/2 2F Furnished Near E-Gate 750
Kent F - Furnished Pool 10,000 GROUND FLOOR 2 BED & 2 BATH Norwich B - 2 BR 1½ ba Furn 2nd Floor 600
Camden H - Like New Tile Unfurnished Rentable 11,900 Bedford J - Corner Furnished Lake Nice Condition 35,000
Sussex C - Best Buy Furnished Reduced 11,900 Oxford 100 - Great Buy Furnished Lkvw Pet Friendly 39,000 GOLDEN LAKES
Windsor H - Unfurnished Lakeview Near West Gate 11,900 Chatham A - Chat Isle Corn 2 Lkvws 2 Full Baths 39,000
Camden A - Rentable Furnished 13,900 Somerset H - Bright Pt Furn Encl Patio on Lake 49,900 Villa Sale $33,000 (Big Price Reduction)
Canterbury A - Unfurnished Rentable Cat Friendly 13,900 Oxford 100 - Furnished w/Waterview Steps to Pool 51,900 or Rentable $700 per Month
Northampton E - Lagoon View Immaculate Rentable 13,900 Plymouth G - Lg Condo New Kit AC Appl nr Pool 69,900
Cambridge B - Tile Floors Walk to Pool 13,900 PLYMOUTH K - RARE X-LG VILLA 1100+ SQUARE FEET WITH CRESTHAVEN
Berkshire F - Tile Floors Nice Area 15,000 ENCLOSED PATIO-LIKE 3 BEDROOM NICE COND 87,500
Hastings H - Furnished Renovated 4* Must See 25,000 Villa - 2/2 Bath Huge Patio 59,900
GROUND FLOOR 1 BED & 1½ BATH Golf’s Edge 6 - Cnr Steps to Pool and Near East Gate 39,900 LAKE CLARKE GARDENS
Salisbury H - Reduced Unfurnished Best Buy 10,000 Somerset J - Tile Furnished Lkvw Excellent Price 39,900 2 Bed Beauty 39,900
Bedford F - Reduced Unfurnished 2 ACs 13,900 Oxford 200 - Price Reduction Cnr Furn Pet Friendly 39,900
Kent N - Steps to Pool, Part Furnished 13,900 Golf’s Edge 23 - Reduced Deluxe Furn Nr Pool/East Gate 42,000

O�� �r��i��:
Canterbury C - Corner Tile Enclosed Patio Central Air 17,500 Golf’s Edge 4 - Unfurn Corner Near East Gate Pool 59,900
Easthampton G - Tile Tankless WH Walk In Shower 24,900 Wellington F - Reduced Rare Corn Furn Renovated 69,900
Salisbury I - Corner Furnished Near East Gate 25,000 Wellington A - 3rd Floor Many Upgrades Furnished 69,900

“I� �� d�n’t h���

Windsor N - Corner Tile Enclosed Patio Pet Friendly 29,900 Wellington J - 3rd Floor Tile Furnished Walk to Pool 69,900
UPPER FLOOR 1 BED & 1½ BATH Dover C - 2 Fl Furn All Renov Lakeview Nr Clubhouse 75,000
Greenbrier C - Tile Floors New Kitchen Much More 75,000

�ha� y�� ��e�

Norwich O - Furnished Near Laundry Room 14,900
Andover B - Furnished Corner 14,900 Wellington G - All Tile New Kitchen and Bathrooms 79,900
Sussex K - Corner Furnished 15,000

Rentals Needed — �� ���� �n�

Cambridge I - Unfurnished Quiet Location Pool 15,900
Sussex A - Furnished Laminate Floors 16,000
Windsor Q - Furnished Corner Next to Pool 18,900
Golf’s Edge 10 - Furnished Cable & Water Incl Rentable 19,900
Windsor Q - Corner, Furnished, Walk to Pool
Dorchester D - Upgrades Unfurnished New Appls & Cab
Easthampton I - Corn Furn CA Nr Egate and CH
Tenants Waiting i� f�� y��!”
Calls Received
Plymouth R - Big Reduction Renovated Furnished 29,900

Easthampton H - Tile Floor Totally Renovated Furnished 29,900
Greenbrier C - Biggest Reduction $$$ Furn Renovated 29,900

Daily for Rental Apts

Dover C - Furn, Lake, Enclosed Patio, Walk to CH 35,900

Northampton P - New Kitchen & Baths Very Nice 35,000

Bedford J - Corner, Waterview, Furnished, Very Nice 35,000
Windsor N - Corner Laminated Fl Furn 35,900
Kent B - Corner Furnished Lakevu Spotless 49,900
Dover B - Beautiful Lakeview Furnished Walk to CH 59,000
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Caring For Your Skin’s Health

A Member of Integrated Dermatology Group

Specializing in the Detection

and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Dr. Barry J. Kuttner, m.D., ph.D.

Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist

Kristen hafner, pa-c

Accepting Most Insurance Plans, Including

Se Habla Español
Century Village Medical Clinic • Second Floor • 110 Century Village Blvd.

5 61-688-2550
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Window Decorating 101

(NAPSA)-Decorating A. Be sure
your windows can be a to measure
17 YEARS IN CENTURY VILLAGE daunting task. For simple the window
ways to turn your house width-this is
into a home, please note the most im-
these answers to the most portant step in
Door Locks, Closet Doors, Kitchen common window dressing buying curtain
Ceiling Panels, Closet Shelves and dilemmas: rods. After
Q. How do I measure measuring the
Bars, Wireless Doorbells, Verticals, for my curtains or drapes? width of the
Jalousie Window Operators, Window A. P u r c h a s e p a n e l s window from
Screens and Locks, Window Springs, that measure 2-1Ú2 times casing to cas-
the width of the window. ing, add two
Patio Vinyl Windows, Mailbox Locks For added fullness, use to five inches

Call Ed Wood three times the width. The

bottom edge of your curtain
depending on
how much of

Senior Handyman
or drape should fall to the the wall you
windowsill, below the sill want to cover.
or to the floor. Leave about Additionally,
1/2" of clearance if you opt you should consider fabric A. D e t e r m i n e w h a t
for floor length. weight. The type of curtain your needs are for a par-
LICENSE # 23676
Q. How do I know what rod you buy depends on the ticular room, what types
size curtain rod to get? weight of the treatment of fabric you prefer and if
because the heavier the you want lined or unlined
curtain fabric, the more curtains. Fabrics like vel-
substantial the rod needs vet and heavier cottons can
to be. provide energy-saving and
Q. How do I select a room-darkening benefits
curtain style? without sacrificing style.
A. Think about the func- Sheer fabrics let light in
tion of the room and decide and create a softer look.
whether you want a formal, Q. H o w d o I c h o o s e
semiformal or casual look. what color curtain to pur-
Formal window treatments, chase?
found in dining rooms and A. Try matching the
living rooms, are usually lay- color of your curtains to
ered and made from heavy the other most represented
fabrics. Scarf treatments or color in the room, such as
valances create a semiformal walls, floors or bedding.
or casual look. If your walls are neutral,
Q. How do I select a bring in a little warmth by
curtain fabric? adding a pop of color.

Lady Buyer
will pay the best prices for your antiques —
sets of china — costume jewelry — real jew-
elry — sterling — figurines — colored glass
— paintings — perfume bottles — men’s old
watches — old evening purses — prints —
sconces — pairs of lamps

Call 561-865-2009

Affordable Dentures - West Palm Beach, P.A.

G.. K
Gust G Kapet
A SAVINGS OF $15 (561) 687-1360 EXTRACTION
Custom Full Set Dentures (D5110, D5120) .................................... $650
Custom Upper or Lower Denture (D5110, D5120)..........................$385 VALUABLE COUPON Offer good only at:
Premium Full Set Dentures (D5110, D5120) ...................................$975 We gladly accept Cash, ®
Affordable Dentures - West Palm Beach, P.A.
Gold Denture Crown (D9999)............................................................$180
Chec MasterCar
ks, Visa, MasterCard
erCar d
Simple Extraction (each) (D7140) .....................................................$80
Full-mouth X-ray (required for extractions) (D330)............................$70 Discov
and Disco payment
ver as payment SAVE $100 SAVE $50denture
per SAVE $25denture
- on - - on - - on -
for our services. Mini Dental Premium Complete Custom Complete

Fees effective January 10, 2011 Financing a av ailable..

vailable Implants (D6010) or
D5120) or

A denture stabilization system

that could end your troubles
Partial Denture Partial Denture
6076 Okeechobee Blvd.
(D5211, (D5211,
with loose-fitting dentures. D5212) D5212)

Coupon must be presented when services are provided. Expires 4/29/11

Suite 20, College Plaza
West Palm Beach, FL 33417 ®

(561) 687-1360
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Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke CASH PAID FOR

(NAPSA)-One in every
six people in the world
will suffer a stroke in his YOUR CAR!!!
or her lifetime regardless
of age, gender, ethnic ori-
gin or country. The Ameri- HASSLE FREE!
can Heart Association and
World Stroke Organization
want you to take action now CALL DEBBIE @ 561.502.2939
to lower your chances of
having a stroke. There are
steps you can take to make
a difference:
What You Can Do A Good Handyman
Take the American Heart Reliable, Dependable and Affordable
Association's My Life Check No Job Too Big or Small !!!
health assessment (stroke-
a s s o ci a t i o n . o r g /w o rl d- Home Repairs Quality Work,
strokeday), an online tool Reasonable Rates, Prompt Service
that calculates how healthy Call for FREE Estimates
you are, teaches how to
create an action plan to
achieve better health and
Simple steps can help you avoid America’s third- Steve 561-722-6087
largest killer: stroke.
provides simple steps to
change unhealthy behavior. UCLA Stroke Center, said:
The WSO also offers six "Stroke occurs when a blood MILITARY BRAKE & ALIGNMENT
simple steps that can help vessel in or leading to the
you avoid America's No. 3 brain bursts or is blocked 24 Years In Business And Still Growing!
killer: by a blood clot. When this Let Me Prove It!
1. Know your personal happens, part of the brain

Bruce Jacobs, Owner And Op- 12th ST


risk factors for stroke: high
cannot get the blood or oxy- erator, Will Personally Check
blood pressure, diabetes
gen it needs, so it starts to Your Car’s Problem And Explain
and high blood cholesterol. die; depending on the sever- In Detail The Work Which Needs OKEECHOBEE

2. Be physically active To Be Done. At Military Brake

ity, immobility or paralysis And Alignment, You Always Talk
4449 - 12th Street
and exercise regularly. may occur. West Palm Beach
With The Owner. “It’s The Way
3. Adopt a healthy diet. "Stroke may deprive a
4. Limit alcohol con- person of his or her liveli-
I’ve Done Business Since 1985.
It’s The Only Way I Know How.” BRUCE JACOBS - OWNER
FL Reg. #MV-00045
sumption. hood, diminish indepen-
5. Av o i d c i g a r e t t e dence and create a burden • COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE •
smoke. If you smoke, seek that must be shared by fam-
help to stop now. ily members and society. So Wheel Alignment Disc or Drum Brake
6. Learn to recognize by avoiding stroke, we can Special Special
the warning signs of a help reduce the burden to Adjust caster & camber, set toe Install new brake pads or shoes, resurface
stroke and how to take our loved ones and society."
front rotors or drums, repack inner and outer
in & out, road test car. Front front wheel bearings, inspect calipers or wheel
action by dialing 9-1-1 im- Learn More cylinders, fill master cylinder and road test
wheel drive, foreign cars, Cor-
mediately. To take the assessment, car. Front wheel drive, foreign cars, Corvettes,
vettes, pick-ups, and vans slight- pick-ups, and vans slightly higher. Metalic
Doctor's Advice learn more about stroke ly higher.
pads extra where necessary.
J e f f r e y S a v e r, M . D . ,
chairman of the American
Stroke Association's Stroke
and what you can do to take
action, visit www.strokeas-
W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service Valid W/Coupon Only
W/Coupon Only At Time Of Service Valid W/Coupon Only

Council and director of the day or call (888) 4STROKE.

A man will be
imprisoned in a room
with a door that’s
unlocked and opens
inwards; as long as it
does not occur to him to
pull rather than push.
-Ludwig Wittgenstein

If a man does not

keep pace with his
companions, perhaps Sunday thru Wednesday
it is because he hears a
different drummer. Let
him step to the music
he hears, however
measured or far away. Expires 4/15/11
Century Village
-Henry David Thoreau Expires 4/15/11 Century Village
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Recreation News
Tuesdays, each week. You do not have
Sailing Shuffleboard We d n e s- to have previous experience.
by Ed Wright days, and You can learn as you play.
by Christine Mohanty
Thursdays. It is always good to meet
The 2010 -2011shuffle- Everyone is new people and get a little
Our races are in full sail
board season has been under- welcome to exercise.
with Tuesday competitions,
way for more than 3 months. join in. The If you have been a mem-
Thursday regattas, and Fri-
We have almost completed equipment ber in the past and have not
day navigational cruising
our second tournament. It will be pro- played with us in awhile,
just for fun. As far as Tues- Our “Sailettes,” under the di-
will be finished before this vided. Please arrive around would you please come and
days go, we use the best 5 rection of Gail Fei, will open
comes out. The results will 1:15 pm. we play singles remove your lock from the
out of 7 races for points. the entertainment for Ryan
be in the next issue. on Tuesdays, doubles on locker. Some have been there
First place winners in divi- & the Rockers, a dynamic
More snowbirds are com- Wednesdays, and bowling for several years and we need
sions A & B earn 6 points, 2nd five-piece band that will
ing back so our numbers are pins on Thursdays. the room for new members.
place 5, 3rd place 4, 4th place have you hopping until your
increasing. We have 51 mem- Our awards banquet will We would appreciate it if you
3, 5th place 2, and everyone socks fall off from 7-10pm.
bers now with others coming be held at the Golden Corral would please pick up your
who finishes gets one point Tickets for this extravaganza
almost every day. This is on March 14th. This is always cues and locks before we
for effort. If the weather are only $20 for an evening
eight more members than a good time for all of us. find it necessary to cut your
holds and everything goes as you’ll not soon forget. Check
we had last year, We also You can come each day or locks off.
planned, the winter season out our ad in this issue, and
have had some new people just one day if you choose. Please call Ed at 632-
races should be completed call Julie Helms at 683-8672
come and play with us. We It is not a league where you 5268 or Jack at 640-3373 if
by February 23. Trophies to reserve your seats before
still have our tournaments on have to be there each day or you have any questions.
are generally distributed at they’re sold out.
the annual picnic in March, As always, we welcome
probably on the 26th, weather new sailors. Helga Lieb, our order to place while our Division
Aside from the serious
dock attendant and sail-
ing instructor, will be more
Tennis avoid any 3 team is holding its own
by Christine Mohanty conflicts. considering that not all the
aspects of T h e r e players have yet returned
sailing, we O u r a n n u a l e l e c t i o n were live- to the Village, and some
are a very breakfast held on January ly discus- injuries have taken a toll as
social, fun- 19 was very well attended. sions and well. 
loving group. All of our board members a few mo- To complete our season,
On February were re-elected: Alan Cutler tions made, which were de- it was voted to once again
16, we held as President, Rhoda Nadell feated by a large margin. A hold our annual picnic at
a very well- Vice-President, Les Rivkin reminder regarding tennis Duck Island, this year on
attended, Treasurer, and Christine lessons—anyone who wants Wednesday, March 30 from
much enjoyed Mohanty Secretary. Alan to participate must sign up noon to three. DJs Tom and
luncheon at addressed the issue of court with Courtney and pay in ad- Dolores Caruso of Solid
the Golden etiquette which has become vance at the clubhouse office. Gold Revue will once again
Corral. Pot a recurring theme of late. It All lessons will be scheduled provide the entertainment.
luck dinners was decided to post a chart after 12:30PM regardless of Members are asked to sign
are the first board by each court so that the day. up to bring pot-luck dishes
Tu e s d a y o f players may reserve time. As for competitions, we and desserts to supplement
the month For weekend playing, Tom will have three in-house our BBQ. We will also run
during the Speerin, our Tennis Direc- tournaments with prizes a 50/50 raffle to add to the
season at the tor, will put up chart boards awarded to first and second- fun. Please set this date
Somerset pa- before he leaves on Fri- place winners. Outside Cen- aside because this event is
tio; our next days. Players are advised tury Village, our Division sure to hit everyone’s sweet
one is slated to respect reserved times in 6 team is currently in first spot!
for March 7.
The most for the future months. A visit experience and only one canoe
anticipated event of the sea-
son is our annual Rock & Roll
than happy to put you at the
“helm” in no time at all. We
Snorkel Club to the Florida Oceanographic tipped. Thats pretty good con-
by Sandy Wynn Coastal Center was so well sidering the large attendance.
Dinner Dance which will take also would love to see you at enjoyed that another trip Another repeat must be the
place in the clubhouse party our monthly meetings the January was a busy month will be planned. The evening cruise line Bahama celebra-
room on Sunday, March 13. second Friday of the month; for the Snorkel Club and as canoe trip at the Grassy Wa- tion. We will have some of
From 6-7pm, Golden Corral our next one is March 12. always plans are being made ter Preserve was quite an our snorkel members leav-
is serving a delightful buffet So come on down and SAIL ing on February 8th, for five
with something for everyone. AWAY. days of fun, food, and
of course snorkeling.
Sail Club Annual Plans are being made
for the annual week
Rock & Roll out of country snorkel-
Dinner/Dance ing trip which is to be
sometime in April.
Sunday, March 13th, 2011 Our meetings are
at the Clubhouse Party Room. on the third Friday of
Great 5 piece Band - Ryan and the Rockers, the month at the Club-
Delicious Food catered by the Golden Corral house, Room A, at 10:00
Tickets only $20 each. a.m. For more informa-
tion about our club call
Get your tickets at the Dock or call: V.P. John Odoardo at
Julie 683-8672 471-9921.
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 49

Treating and Controlling Diabetes so many issues! Controlling

diabetes can be a lot of work,
contact the ational Institute Support Group in Cen-
of Diabetes and Digestive tury Village, call Century
When you were a kid you nerve response and blood but preventing complica- and Kidney Diseases at Medical Care Center 561-
probably thought that there circulation. tions and diseases that are for more 697-3131.
was no possible way that If a smoker, make a plan to associated with diabetes information on how to treat Submitted By Melissa
anyone could ever have too quit. makes it well worth the and control your diabetes, or Buckmaster, Century Medi-
much sugar, right? How effort. Talk to your doctor, to attend a Free Diabetic cal Care Center
could something that tastes W hat To D o Onc e or
so sweet and good be bad?
Twice Per Year:
However, for people liv- Get pneumonia & flu
ing with diabetes, sugar (or shots Adults Kids under 10 Kids under 3
glucose) can be bad if left Get your blood fats tested $5.49 $2.99 .99¢
unchecked. In diabetics, for total cholesterol, LDL,
glucose can build up in the HDL and Triglycerides Pizza • Pasta • Salad • Soup • Dessert
blood stream because their Get a kidney test
bodies do not produce or Get a dilated eye exam
properly use insulin to pro- Get a foot exam, including BUFFET DRINK ONLY
cess the sugar into energy. a check of circulation and W/DRINKS When you buy
1 Adult Buffet
at regular price
This results in a condition nerves
is called hyperglycemia. Get a dental exam at least $10.99 at regular price Get Second Buffet for only

Hyperglycemia happens twice a year for cleaning and Purchase 2 adult buffet and 2 drinks for
Purchase 1 adult buffet at regular price and
you can get 1 Free Drink. Not valid w/any $1.99
$10.99. Not valid w/any other coupon or of- other coupon or offer. Must present coupon. Not valid w/any other coupon or offer. Must
from time to time in all check-up Expires3/15/11
fer. Must present coupon. Expires 4/15/11 Expires 4/15/11
Expires 3/15/11 present coupon. Expires 4/15/11
Expires 3/15/11
people who have diabetes, Okeechobee Location Only Okeechobee Location Only Okeechobee Location Only
but it can result in compli- Bet you never thought
cations, so it is important that sugar could cause you
4869 Okeechobee Blvd., WPB, FL 33417
(next to Babies R Us) • Karaoke Wed Eves 561-686-5560
to know the symptoms and to have to pay attention to
how to treat the condition.
Symptoms of hyperglycemia

Beautify Your Catwalks

include frequent urination
and increased thirst, but it
can be treated by exercising,
cutting down on the amount
of food eaten for the day or
working with your physician
… with a New Surface
to adjust your medication.
There are several things
that the diabetic patient
can do to help control their
We are…… Destiny, Inc.
diabetes on a consistent
basis. These include things We are Catwalk Beautification Specialists
that should be done every
day, things that should be
done every time you have a
When people first see the appearance of our Floors they say, “WOW !”
check-up and things to do at Because that’s how much more Beautiful it looks than other floors they’ve seen.
least once or twice a year.
Daily Diabetic Care:
Stay on the diet that has Our Surface Coating is Not a Paint. It is a true Cement Resurface.
been established by your
physician or dietician. Eat
your meals and snacks at Also, If
you already have a Coating that’s Stained, Chipped, or Ugly,
about the same time every
day. often we can Make it Look Like New without resurfacing.
Get at least 30 minutes of
physical activity most days
of the week. Destiny, Inc. has been making Catwalks Beautiful for 22 years.
Take your diabetes medica- We have applied our Decorative System to, literally Hundreds of Condo’s
tions as prescribed by your
Check your blood sugar. From: (City).........................................(Community Example)
Examine your feet for cuts,
blisters, swelling, or red- West Palm Beach.............................Palm Club – 24 Buildings
ness. Lake Worth................................Poinciana Place – 9 Buildings
Brush and floss your teeth.
Stay at a healthy weight. Delray Beach ........................Huntington Lakes – 42 Buildings
Don’t smoke. .........................Huntington Point – 8 Buildings
What Should Be Done
.…....................Lakes of Delray – 20 Buildings
During a Check-Up: Boca Raton..............................Century Village – 30 Buildings
Go over your blood sugar Deerfield Beach.........................Century Village – 5 Buildings
readings with your doctor
Get an AIC test.
Get weighed. If your weight
is too high, discuss ways to Destiny, Inc: State-wide Certified General Contractors
reduce it.
Have your blood pressure Lic. # CGC 1518088
taken. If yours is too high,
discuss ways to reduce it.
Have your feet checked for Please, contact us. We are in West Palm Beach .. (561) 640-5758
Page 50 THE UCO REPORTER March 2011
Century Village Com- Duplicate Bridge at

Organization News
puter Club: Meets 1 and Hastings Clubhouse: All

3 Thu, Nov-Apr (1 Thu only bridge players welcome Mon

rd st

rest of year), 1:00 pm in CR at 7:00 pm and Wed at 1:00

103, and incl 30 min Q&A, pm, upstairs at Hastings rec
biz portion, presentation, hall. Call Mimi, 697-2710, if
50/50 and door prizes. Ar- you have questions or if you
Amit Women Rishona Baby Boomers Club: We Brooklyn U.S.A.: Meets rive by 12:15 if you wish to need to be matched w/an-
Chapter: Meets every 2
are looking for more mem- every 2 Wed Oct-Apr at
nd join, renew your member- other player. Bridge lessons
Tue w/ collation at 12 noon bers to volunteer to arrange 1:30 pm in Party Room. ship, or register for free coming soon for beginners
and meeting at 1:00 pm at an activity for the group. It Our meets are entertaining hands-on classes.
Evangelical Christian
Aitz Chaim on Haverhill. could be simple or elabo- and informative. We are Century Village Gun Networking Club: Meets
Coming events: monthly rate. Our group includes open to former and present Club: Meets every 2 Tue 1 Fri, 6:30 pm, Classroom
nd st

trips to Hard Rock Casino those who remember iconic residents of Brooklyn and at 7:00 pm in Classroom B B of CH. We share relevant
(Ann 707-2096). FMI, call TV shows, movies, music, their significant others. of the CH. Every meet has a info among ourselves and
Ellie 471-4935; Malca 688- dances, and events of the Our special events: Mar 16, guest speaker. Come listen with our community. Dee,
2698. 50s and 60s. For info, email Isles of Capri. FMI, Steve @to great speakers; make new 827-8748; Steve, 389-5300. 242-0481. friends; view historic and
Anshei Sholom: Don’t
Getting Younger, Get-
forget our Mon adult ed B’nai B’rith Century: Canadian Club: Meets modern firearms and other ting Better: Meets last
classes! The 9:30 am class, This is B’nai B’rith Inter- 4 Wed, Party Room of CH, weapons. George, 471-9929. Fri, Nov-Apr, 3:00 pm in CH

led by Rabbi Dr. Michael national’s 167 anniversary.

1:00 pm. Membership open Century Village Or- rm C. Guest speaker every
Korman, discusses “Great We meet every 4 Sun, 9:30
to all. Lots of great ac- chestra: Meets every Mon, month. Group discussion
Jewish Women Through am (except holidays), at An- tivities. Betty, 684-0766; Nov 1, 2010 to Mar 2011, dedicated to the proposi-
History.” The 10:45 am shei Sholom. The schedule: Franne, 478-9526; Mad- in CH Room C, 1:15-3:15 tion that we can change to
class, led by Sarah Farkas, Mar 27, Officer Installation, elaine, 684-5595. pm. We would like to add get younger biologically and
teaches “Conversational Catered Breakfast,Arthur
and Reading Hebrew.” For Fentin, B’nai Brith Apart- Century Village Cam- a conductor, more strings spiritually.
info, call the Temple at 684- era Club: We meet the 2 (violins, violas, cellos and

ments — admission free GiGi’s Group: We travel

3212. Daily minyans at 8:30 to members (modest dona- Tue, 10:00 am, Classroom bass), bassoon and percus- to the Mardi Gras Casino
am Sun-Fri (8:45 on Sat). tion to guests). Dr. Levy @ C. All are welcome. Just sion players. Call Rickie at every 3 Mon. Contact GiGi rd

4786865. bring an interest in taking 683-0869 or email cvorches- at 6896092.

pictures. Spread

Cenwest Fishing Club: Greater Philadelphia
 Meets 1 Wed, CH rm B,
st Club: Now meets at Anshei
3:00-4:30 pm. Varied fishing Shalom on 2 Thu at 12:00

every week. Al, 242-0351. noon. Coming events: Mar

12, Al Jolson matinee and
Chit Chat Group: We dinner, 12:45 pm; Mar 20,
meet at 2:00-3:30 pm, Class- picnic at Duck Island, 12:00
room B of CH, every 1 & 3 noon; Apr 14, bye-bye din-
st rd

Tue from 2-3. Our discus- ner at Waterways, 5:30 pm.

sions are friendly, informa- Phyllis, 712-0612.
tive, interesting and fun.
This is a free program. FMI, Hadassah, Judith Ep-
call Rhoda @ 686-0835. stein Chapter at CVWPB:
Meets 3 Wed at 11:45 am for

Christian Club: We mini-lunch, 12:30 meeting

meet 1 Wed, 1:00 pm, Party atAnshei Sholom. Rosetta,

Room of CH. 689-2459.

Democratic Club of Holocaust Survivors of
Century Village: Mar 22, the Palm Beaches: Meet
meet at 1:30 in CH Party 2 Wed, 9:30 am, in Anshei

Room. Two guest speakers Sholom. Our next meet

will attend. will be held Mar 11, then
Apr 13, Yom Ha’shoa —
D e b o r a h H o s p i t a l Remembrance Day. Kathy,
Foundation: Meets 2 Fri 689-0393.

every other mo in CH Party

Room, 12:00 noon. The next Irish-American Cul-
meet will be held on Feb 18. tural Club of CV: Meets
Call Bea 6889478. 1 Tue in CH, 2:00 pm, Room

C. For info, call Robert, 917-

Drama Society of Cen- 7040223.
tury Village: Meets 1 and

3 Mon, 7:00 pm, CH Party Italian-American Cul-


Room. Join the fun. Play the ture Club: We meet every
hero or villain. We perform 3 Wed, 1:00 pm, in the CH

plays, skits, monologues, Party Room. FMI, call Faus-

songs, you name it. New to, 4781821. What we’re do-
members welcome; no ex- ing: Mar 6, “Italian Dance,”
perience necessary. Chuck, 6:00 pm in the PR, w/pizza
688-0071; Janet, 686-4206. & wine on every table, we
will also give door prizes
(Bruno, 478-0047; Anna,
684-5605; Grace, 6405279).

We bowl at Verdes on Sat,
9:00 am (Fran, 616-3314).

Continued on page 51
March 2011 THE UCO REPORTER Page 51
headed by Troim Handler. Yiddish Class: Meets

Organization News
Currently reading Night Thu at 10:00 am, CH CR
by Elie Wiesel in Yiddish. A. Taught by Golda Shore.
The group meets 2 & 4 Fri Register at Class Office.
nd th

of ea mo @ 10 am. Troim, Call 697-3367.

Yiddish Vinkl: The Vil-
Jewish Roots in Maine: enjoy singing at various Strictly Ballroom Yiddish Chorus: Men lage’s unique and much-
Do you have Jewish roots in nursing homes. We’re look- Dance Group: Meets ev- and women members wel- loved Vinkl meets all-year
Maine? Here is your chance ing for new members, so if ery Sat, 6-8 pm, at CH Party come. No knowledge of Yid- round every 1 and 3 Sun, st rd

to connect with new and old you enjoy music, contact Room (time/day subject to dish necessary. Rehearses 1:30-3:00 pm, in CH music
friends on Sun, Mar 20 at GiGi at 689-6092; the feel- change). All dancers are every Wed at 1:30 pm in rm. All are welcome. Yiddish
the Boynton Beach Jewish ing of giving joy to others is welcome. No charge; music CH music rm B. Director/ knowledge is not required,
Community Center, 8500 so rewarding. is good; come join us. Your conductor: Shelley Tanzer. as all is translated to Eng-
Jog Rd, 11:00 am to 2:00 hosts are Bill (plays the Call Edy, 687-4255. lish. Call Edy, 687-4255.
pm. Bring old photos, news Mind Spa Discussion music) and Hugh (offers a
clippings and other docu- Group: Meets 2 and 4 helping hand to beginning
nd th

ments and help us build the Thu, 1:30 pm, in CH, CR A. couples). Call Bill 684-2451
Documenting Maine Jewry All are invited for in-depth or Hugh 689-3466.
Project. RSVP to Cindy at discussions of significant is- or Zeta at sues. Allan, 5873602. Super Seniors Club:
684-4527. Interesting convo about cur-
Mister Karaoke: Kara- rent issues affecting seniors
Jewish War Veterans oke, dancing and general at the CV 912 Super Seniors
Post #501: Meets 1 Sun,
entertainment continues Group. We meet every 1 st

Cypress Lakes CH. Break- throughout the year every Thu, 10:00 am in the CH as
fast at 9:00; meeting at 9:30; Fri eve in the Party Room in a forum for sharing knowl- For Sale
meets from Sep to May with the CH from 6:00- 9:00 pm. edge, asking questions and Northampton E: 1 BR up-
guest speakers. Activities Come join the fun! Please educating ourselves. Email 2 BR, 1½ ba downstairs, per overlooking wtr, newly
include servicing VA pa- call Jack at 616-0973 for cv912superseniors@ gmail. all tile ba, 2 fls, all upgraded, painted & cleaned. $440 un-
tients. Ralph, 689-1271; further information. com mint cond, new AC, new wtr furn; $490 furn. 697-8385
Howard, 478-2780. tank, wtr lagoon, nr Cam-
Na’Amat USA (Pio- This and That: Meet up den pool, good loc, must see. Sheffield I: 2/1½, gr fl cnr,
neer Women): Meets 4 with a group of intelligent
Jewish War Veterans remod, furn, HDTVs, phone,
Ladies Auxiliary Post Tue, 1:00 pm, at Cypress people, discussing vari- $39,500. 478-1086
tile, nr gym & pool, avail for
#520: Meets 3 Mon at
Lakes Auditorium for mini- ous topics, on the 1 Tue in
Chatham T: For sale by 2010-11 or 2011-12 season,

The Classic. A continental lunch and interesting pro- CH Room A, 1:30 pm. Dr.
grams, guests are always Ducati, 6873935. owner — 1/1½ condo, 1st fl info & pics at http://ltdinflor-
breakfast is served at 9:00
welcome (Rhoda 478-8559). on lake, tot dec, new baths, contact
am, followed by our meet- email: svsummerwind@hot-
ing. Our efforts go to cre- Three Friends: Two new appls, new wtr htr, new
NYC Transit Retirees singers and a piano player tile thruout. We will pay for (phone: 686-9441).
ating welcome kits for the
Club: We are looking for entertain every last Thu in all closing costs! Must see! Stop by to have a look!
veterans at the VA Center
new members. For more CH rm C w/ music of the 712-8720
at Military Trail and vari- Waltham D: 1 BR, 1 ba,
info, call Kathy, 689-0393. 30s to the 60s. Come listen
ous positions at the Center. gr fl apt, best loc. $525 furn;
Greenbrier C: Best possible
We find our volunteer work OWLS (Older-Wiser- and enjoy w/Ellie, Wolf and loc on 2nd fl of lux bldg, 2 BR $500 unfurn; $900 sea/mo.
helpful and rewarding and Loyal-Seniors): Celebrat- Sonia. cnr, 2 ba, comp furn, overlook- 817-313-3579
welcome new members. ing our fifth anniversary at United Order of True ing golf expanse, new remod
Dorothy, 478-6521. a sit-down dinner-dance on Sisters: Meets 2 Mon, kit & bath, comp tiled CAC,
Waltham D: 1 BR, 1½ ba,
Sun, Mar 27, 3:00-7:00 pm 11:30 am, in CH PR. The or- ceil fans thruout, pvt pool, furn, 1st fl, encl pat, great loc,
Jewish War Veterans
in the CH Party Room to be der of the day: Mar 2, donor must see! Negot. 683-9830 walk to CH, avail Apr. $550/
Post #520: Meets 4 Sun

catered by the Golden Cor- luncheon at Crown Plaza mo. 536-8488

at Elks Lodge, Belvedere
ral, open to members only. Hotel, 3 course lunch & en- Greenbrier C: By owner,
Rd. Continental breakfast
at 9:00, followed by gen- Queens NY Club: Meets tertainment (Bernice 697- very lg 2 BR 2 ba, FL rm, CAC Miscellaneous
eral meeting. Come as our 4 Tue from Sep to Mar at 2203, Barbara 688-0001); & htr, tile fls, new kit, fans,

guest and see what we’re all the Somerset Pool, 11:00 Mar 14, 11:30 am, meeting hurr shts, next to laundry One twin size elec bed,
about! Walt, 478-6521; Phil, am-1:00 pm. Harriet, 684- at CH PR w/entertainment rm & storage, beautiful vw, like new, w/remote control,
686-2086. 9712. by Ed Slater; Mar 16, 3CL front of pool. $89,999 negot. has pillow top mattress, pur-
at Cypress Creek Country Home 561-478-6564; cell 786- chased from City Mattress.
Knights of Pythias: Russian Club: Meets Club w/show Tribute (Bobbi 473-2682 471-8148
You are invited to join Palm 2 Thu at 3:00 pm on Feb 478-4433, Roz 616-3273);

Beach Rainbow Lodge #203, 1 0 ( P a r t y R o o m ) ; M a r Mar 24, Isle casino, 9:30 Somerset C: 2 BR, 2 ba, 2nd 2008 Chevy Aveo for sale:
meet 2 and 4 Mon at North 10,Apr 14 (Room C).Any am3:15 pm w/bus, buffet fl w/lift, beautiful lkvw, acr AC, PS, PW and more. Runs
nd th

C o u n t y S e n i o r C e n t e r, questions?Pleasecall 686- lunch & free play (call Bobbi fr tennis cts, part furn, fin excel and great mileage w/4
Northlake Blvd. We wel- 9272. or Roz); Mar 28, card party lanai, all new wndos. $55,000. cyl engine. Nice looking car.
come new members, duals, at PB National Country 686-2793 $7,500. 640-9671 or 254-4484
reinstatements and trans- S i s t e r h o o d o f A i t z Club (Barbara 615-4527,
ferees from out of state. We Chaim: Will host a lun- Harriet 689-5102); Apr 8, Video camera stand: Single
Southampton B: 1 BR, 1½
are a fraternal brotherhood cheon, card and game par- last time to see the horses
ba, very good cond, tile fls, leg extends to 6 ft w/compact
fostering the credo of friend- ty at the temple, 2518 N. at Gulfstream Racetrack &
comp furn, move rite in, avail carry bag. Brand new; must
ship, charity, benevolence. Haverhill Rd. Reservations Casino (call Bobbi or Roz).
immed, excel buy! 697-9159 sell. $9 or best offer. 683-
Mike, 615-0218. required. Charlotte, 478- 0057.
8756. WOW: Women of Welling- For Rent
LatinAmerican Club: ton welcome you to events of Wanted – driver. Anyone
Thank you all for support- Solid Gold Karaoke: wonder. FMI, call Lenore,
Continues every Tue (6:30- 683-4166; Judy, 687-9553. Golf ’s Edge — 1/1½, gr with a car who is interested
ing our dance, benefiting
the St. Mary’s cancer kids; 9:30) in the CH Party Room. fl cnr, steps fr pvt htd pool, in attending evening perfor-
we raised $1,700. May God All are welcome to sing Y i d d i s h A d v a n c e d comp remod, new tile, kit cabs mances at Kravis Center or
bless you all! along. For more info, call Reading Group: Menke w/granite ctr tops, all appls, other venues. Call Allan at
Tom and Dolores at 478- Katz Reading Circle in- bathroom cabs w/granite 687-3602.
Merry Minstrels: Meet 5060. vites readers to join group tops, freshly painted. Ann
Thu, 10:00-11:00 am, Music rent, call Sara 683-7515
Room. We are a group who
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