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PARENT COUNCIL MEETING Tuesday 10th May 2011 MINUTES Present: Sharon Connolly (Chair), Kim Simpson (Secretary),

Emma Smith, Jackie Forbes (Treasurer) Jane Sheldon (Head Teacher), Lisa Christmas, Islean Lyle, (PT) Angie Johnston, Lynsey Paterson, Jennifer Elworthy, Lesley English, Bruce Lockhart, Suzanne Skeldon, Elaine Kirk, Sarah McLaren, Lisa Christmas

Apologies: Penny Cox, Katrina Leese, Ms Green, Helen Gibson, Lorraine Tomb, 1. Minutes of last meeting No matters arising. 2. Matters Arising School role for next term projected numbers 143. There have been 4 individuals deferred and there is potentially 3 pupils moving out of the area. Proposed classes currently; Composite: P1/2, P2/3, P3/4, P4/5 with individual P6 and P7 classes. Numbers 23/24 in each class Maximum 25 for composite classes Maximum 33 for straight classes, however, due to the size of classrooms within St. Madoes the maximum between 26-29. Early years strategy meeting is due to take place w/c 16th May. It is mostly likely that the replacement P1 teacher will be someone from the current permanent teaching staff. As yet P1 teacher to be decided. Principle teacher will be a practising teacher, with the existing teachers being moved around within the school. It is hoped that decisions will be made and teachers allocated new classes within the next 3 weeks. Budget for new financial year is up slightly on last year. No specific changes to mention. Parents evening well attended and more efficient than last year. Latest newsletter detail the latest school updates. Outdoor classroom the barked area is in need of some upkeep and repair. This was created to allow the children to have lessons outside and some creative time. The area

itself is in need of some repair, the wires which hold the logs in place are loose. The intention is the replace the bark too, however, the repairs require to take place first. ACTION: Calling all budding repair men/women anyone willing to help repair this area, please contact the parent council. Benches & Owl are also in need of some TLC. Anyone who would be willing to embark on a re-varnishing opportunity to keep them from being damaged this winter, please contact the parent council. The Show dates afternoon Tuesday 21st June, evening Wednesday 22nd June. Suzanne Skeldon and Lisa Christmas offered to help with the shows to dress the children. ACTION: More volunteers are required in order that the show runs smoothly, if you are available to help with one of the shows, to help dress the children into their costumes, please contact the parent council. The Plan is to perform the show outside which will allow for more numbers then in the hall. Tickets are to go on sale shortly @ 2.00. Two tickets per pupil. If outside, 2.00 will be charged at the door, for any additional audience members. If it is raining, the Show will be performed in doors, therefore the usual restriction of numbers will apply and it will be a ticket only event. Project Regio 14th June meeting sees the culmination of St. Madoes, Dunning and Brittanny exchange lessons discussed. 3. Chair update

The Chair attended a budget meeting and was notified of the proposed cut backs, which are yet to be finalised. New reported for children and the How for teachers reporting to parents, the new report is more readable. Glow new online initiative which all pupils and teachers will have access to. Resource toll to share and find ideas of how to help with homework and other areas. This initiative was well received. Communications Group Questionnaire seeking preference for communications either on paper or via email. High response rate to date of 52%. Current preference for both efficiency and the environment would be to move to email communication, however, concerns were raised around the logistics of maintaining email addresses. Ms Lyle has been liasing with Longforgan who have in place an annual sign up to communication via email and a bi-annual check for any change of email addresses. An 80% majority is required by the Council to allow any change in the way of communicating. Reminders will go out shortly to increase responses. Progress Group New assessment and reporting structure discussed and it was agreed that this will form part of the Curriculum evening on the 25th May, between 6.30pm and 8.00pm. There will be 4 workshops each having a 2 presenters. The idea

is the parents opt into one of the workshops, these will follow a presentation from Mrs Sheldon and Kathryn Dalrymple. Next Progress Group meeting date tbc. 4. Treasurer update Jackie confirmed 2169 in the bank and 444 in cash. Main income from Spree books and Daffodil tea. The disco made a loss of 9.80, however, this is deemed normal for this type of event and acceptable to the group. 5. AOB Memorial for Mrs McKenna was discussed and agreement reached to revisit this during the new School term. The Parent Council agreed to being guided by staff around appropriate timing. Date of next Parent Council meeting to be within new school term Tuesday 30th August 2011 at 7pm in the GP room. AGM Date agreed Tuesday 20th September in the GP room at 7pm. Please come along and join in. Jackie will step down as Treasurer for the new school term therefore, we will be seeking a new appointment. Head Teacher appointment Meeting was held by the Parent Council committee and agreement reached for Emma Smith and Anthea Bircham to be our two Parent Council interview panel representatives. Emma and Anthea will be present at stage 2 of the interview process and will have the opportunity to ask each candidate a couple of questions. Should anyone have any questions they would like to be considered by our representatives, please forward these to Emma Smith, who is a Parent Council member on Summer Fete Date: Saturday 11th June Time: 2.00pm 4.00pm Volunteers are being sought by all attendees of tonights meeting therefore, do not be surprised if you are contacted to help show your support. Stalls: Tattoo Stall Kim Simpson Raffle Stall Lesley English Bottle Stall Jennifer, Lisa Christmas Cake & Candy Lindsey Patterson, Angie Watt Luck Dip unallocated Guess the ? P7s to arrange suitable, birthday, weight, number Juice & Crisps unallocated BBQ David Simpson, Bruce Lockhart, Craig Paterson Lolly Stall Sharon Connolly Chocolate Fountain unallocated Beat the Goalie unallocated Teas Emma smith

Each stall will require at least 2 people to man i.e. 1 for each hour of the fete, in some circumstances there will be a need for 4 per stall i.e. Raffle should have 2 volunteers per hour. If you are able to give up an hour of your time on the day, please contact the Parent Council who will provide you with any necessary details you may need. Events like these are a great success and it is always down to the volunteers involved that things run so smoothly, therefore, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Zumba Demonstration Dance Demonstration