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Making Sense of the Third Antichrist

Who is this guy? Antichrist or lightworker or both? This essay explains the
situation and why the antichrist is not necessarily the bad guy.

Many have tried to discern the antichrist from Bible verse and Nostradamus. So
far they have failed. No one has been able to figure out the final antichrist because
the Bible is a collection of unproven memes that can never be justified or made
rational. Nostradamus 4 line memes or quatrains are scrambled chronology and of
obscure meaning. Everyone is confused, those that say they know are prejudiced
or pushing a political agenda. Christians have painted the antichrist as evil because
it is the antichrist that destroys the christ. In the end times, however, Christianity
becomes evil so is the antichrist, the destroyer of apostate Christianity, really evil?

What Christian apologists never let on about the book of the end times,
Revelation, it is written directly from several books of the Old Testament and
maybe others predating it. For instance there is an older Essene book of Revelation
that is remarkably similar. Most books of the Bible are forgeries and plagiarisms
of older myth and stories. The New Testament stories are even worse, the stories
of Jesus are all fiction. Christianity is reworked sun worship, Christ the light unto
the world is the sun. Even worse is that Revelation is consistent with the older
books because it was from the older books that the writer(s) got the information.
Many of the verses are near identical.

Most importantly, everyone has missed one essential point, that the last book of
the Bible is a vision of the end of Christianity.

For some reason people think their particular religion (or government) will last
forever. Obviously this is not the case. Do people still believe in Thor or Zeus?
Empires rise then fall, the American empire is teetering on financial collapse. If
your religious myths are overtaken by science then is it rational to think that your
religion is going to be around forever? Surely the logical explanation for the end
times is that the religion will reach a point in time when it ends. That is certainly
the case with Judaism and Christianity, both have been found out as bad myth, the
internet movie Zeitgeist exposes the astrotheological origins of Christianity and it
went viral around the world. Our consciousness has overtaken the myth, the gods
are dead. As a result those taking a positive approach are inventing a new age of
consciousness, one that is life affirming and healing. On the other hand those
choosing a negative path, those holding on to their failed myths are waging war on
the world, caught in a death spiral called the Apocalypse.
Christians are caught in a deadly spell of faulty logic (see

If the Bible is a collection of respun older myths, then how can these retold
plagiarized myths from previous cultures be the word of god that one takes
seriously? They can't, you absolutely can not take the Bible literal. Modern science
has overturned the old explanation of our origin. The Bible can NOT be deemed
reliable if the first book of the Bible that explains our origin is a complete fable.
The Garden of Eden story about a single man Adam has been superseded by an
evolution of a specie of hominids. Obviously no rational person should take the
Bible literal based on the fact that if the first book of the Bible is a disproven
myth. Darwin's ideas opened our eyes to many things and most importantly that
the Bible was NOT written by a supreme being.

The End Times is Being Caused by Christians Aligned with Jews

Evangelical Christians are not taking the death of their religion lying down, they
are building hundreds of creationist centers to shore up the big failing of their holy
book, the failed explanation of why we are here, the story of Genesis. These same
Evangelicals, known as the religious right, were the very voters that brought GW
Bush to power and all of the results that followed. The horrific evil put onto the
Muslims was a collective will of Evangelicals put into action. They helped the
Jews start World War 3 to depopulate their rival Muslims and as a way to terrorize
the unbelievers back into the fold. This end times horror show is a conscious act of
Evangelical leaders to gain political power.

It is a strategy of deception and force, a huge bloodletting in the name of Christ.

Christians are literally forcing their beliefs on the world as a last gasp strategy to
save their failed religion. It isn't working, our consciousness is advanced enough to
reject this hypocrisy. World War 3 is a creation of Zionist Christians aligned with
Jewish power. The end times beast nation that Christians are taught to fear is the
very nation in which they inhabit, but they can't see it, don't want to see it, and
deny it.

Christians are under a very real god spell, they are spell bound by the memes, they
can not see that the end times is what they are manifesting. It is not some external
god making all of these bad things happen, it is the collective actions of humans
acting out their beliefs. Christians are in such denial that they say a being as
powerful as god is behind the scenes orchestrating the rise of the antichrist. This is
patently false, it is the Christians and the Jews manipulating government policies
in order to achieve total dominion. To camouflage these criminal acts, every type
of conspiracy theory was invented and promoted in order to hide or shift blame
from the real perpetrators.

The Bible is a hoax of monumental proportions. The Bible is a book of incorrect

metaphysics, Jew lies, angry psychotic rants of deranged power mongering
Rabbis. Believe it at your own peril. Bow down before the one you serve and you
will get what you deserve, if you believe the Bible you will suffer and you will
cause others to suffer. Christians are cross, pissed off at being controlled but
unable to escape indoctrination.

In my other essays I discuss that religious indoctrination is a death sentence for the
individual psychically trapped, death a preferable way out. Why not be happy? If
you believe evil memes like John 3:16 and make that your truth, denying yourself
and your desires then who are you to blame for your misery? Muslims? Instead of
killing Muslims as a way to satiate your anger why not work on yourself and heal
thyself of Bible toxicity? Humans are normally happy playful beings and they
have been turned into twisted angry killers by reading the Bible. The Bible is
poison to the mind, mass belief in the Bible has turn the earth into an end times
killing zone. Hell is being manifested by the believers, there is no devil in this
equation, we are NOT victims of gods, we are the creators of our realm. Each
person is responsible for the beliefs they hold dear.
Christian zealotry perfectly illustrated by Stargate scifi TV series:

The popular TV science fiction series Stargate perfectly illustrates the power game
of theists claiming authority from the Book of Origin. The Ori priors (priests)
enforce the Biblical code on the masses, those that refuse to submit are wiped out.
The text is used to justify all forms of barbaric behavior in the name of the
overlords, when the prior decides to wipe out a village he first says out loud a few
verses of the text, the text is a spell, it is a curse put upon the people to subjugate
them. Episode after episode the priors act just like the Evangelicals and Rabbinic
fundamentalists who wage war in the name of their god. All those that refuse to
believe are genocided without mercy. Think of Palestine. Hallowed are the Ori.

The holy ones are a death cult killing without mercy in the name of god, those that
survive become new recruits. The Prior says his path is to enlightenment but his
real objective is really a path of power and totalitarianism, subjugation, death,
destruction, and evil without equal. The SG1 team tries to reason with the cult and
they are only met with quotes of verses from the holy books, exactly like arguing
with a fundamentalist Christian or Jew. It is impossible to reason with a
brainwashed verse quoting robot.
The holy book of the Ori is a spell put upon the people to subjugate them, the
Book of Origin (think Genesis) is actually a curse, those that refuse to be
subjugated are destroyed without mercy, the Prior reads the words (he casts the
spell) and his staff casts an energy death ray that wipes out the planet. Likewise
the Bible is a spell that is wiping out earth, see my God Spell essay .

Only a fool wastes his life searching for clues of the antichrist in the Bible, which
is really the history of crimes of the Hebrew tribe that kills everything in the name
of god. The Bible is not a "good book". It is a book of spells that subjugates your
mind into the violent mentality of the authors. The Bible god is psychotic, atheist
Richard Dawkins best selling book The God Delusion sums it up best:

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all
fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a
vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist,
infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic,
capriciously malevolent bully."

The Christians are caught in the Jew spell, they are mesmerized just like the
villagers taken over by the Ori. Biblical literalist "scholars" have tried for centuries
to establish a sensible end times timeline, each one more confusing than the next.
If "god", the supreme omniscient being, wrote the Bible then why is it so damn
confusing? The answer: an omniscient being didn't write the text, human con
artists did. Christians are caught in the spell and are trapped. So is it a surprise that
Christians can't figure out this antichrist stuff?
Literalist Timelines Start with Bishop Ussher

Most Evangelicals believe the earth is 6,000 years old, they will tell you that the
Bible says so, its not true and they haven't studied their own religion. It was
Bishop Usher who calculated the age of the earth at 6,000 years by adding up the
lengths of the lifespans of the Biblical characters. He came up with the exact
moment of creation at 23 October 4004 B.C. What a laugh, and hundreds of
millions of Evangelicals believe it literally, just ask them. Bishop Ussher spent 20
years and 2,000 pages calculating the age of the earth: The so-called "historical"
events in the Bible are generalized so it would be impossible to calculate the
timeline back to creation accurately even if the Bible was god's word. Much of the
Old Testament (Torah) is plagiarized from older mythological texts, no modern
scholar believes Moses to be a real historical character.

End Time Timelines

Here are some of these "end times" timelines, there are hundreds of them, just
google "end times timeline" or "rapture timeline", nearly every literalist
denomination has a unique timeline based on their interpretation of the Bible, and
there are 33,000 different Christian denomination in the USA alone. Many
Biblical literalists say Daniel's 70 weeks really means 70 years. How often do the
literalists say the Bible should be taken literal until its convenient for them to say a
week is really a year? If I can write spirituality perfectly clear then why can't god?
A day is a year or a week or an indeterminable amount of time, yet the "all
knowing" god wrote the Bible. What a laugh.
Were the angels high on crack when they helped god write the Bible? I mean
someone spent a lifetime coming up with these timelines. The end result is a
convoluted, nonsensical wiring diagram because the Bible is a book of
unproved memes stacked upon one another, that is why a logic diagrams of
the end times make no sense. Christians are in the end times, causing the end
times, yet they still can't figure out where they are on the timeline because
they are caught in the Bible spell. The end times is being manifested by the
collective insanity caused by widespread belief in the Bible. The Christians
are like fish unable to see the water they are immersed in, the end times is
invisible to them even while they are swimming in it.
The Rapture Meme is Wishful Thinking

Rapture should of happened already because we are already well into the time of
tribulation. If you live in Iraq then you certainly have been experiencing the
tribulation of the Jew and Christian caused end time horror show. The mindlocked
Evangelicals are supporting the Jewish power structure that is raping the world.
The United States super military is the hammer of all the nations, pounding
Mulsim states into rubble. World War 3 is the terror war on Muslim states. The
Bible believers are creating the end times, they dishonestly say that the devil is
making all these bad things happen when it is their own actions that are causal.
The devil is a scapegoat to disavow human creative ability, even when Christians
are caught doing evil they say they were "possessed". No, no, it wasn't me, the
devil made me do it.
When will the rapture occur, where is the rapture on the "end times" timeline? The
word "rapture" is not even in the Bible like most Christians think. There is a huge
debate amongst the believers as to when they will be taken up into the air. The
meme of the rapture is an invention of John Nelson Darby based on his
"interpretation" of the Bible. He started preaching it around 1830, Zionism is
formed later around 1880 and the two merged forming the Christian Jewish
Zionist movement that has unleashed hell on the world since 1947. Basically the
strategy is that if we kill enough people then Christ will return just before Israel is
nearly wiped out. You read that right, the crazies are trying to force Christ to
return based on selections of unrelated Bible verses woven into a fictional end
times story! And these lunatics are running the asylum.

Let me assure you the "rapture' is a false meme just like the earth is 6,000 years
old. Scriptures are plagiarized myth, deciphering a fraudulent religious memeplex
will only result in more unproven and fallacious memes. In our computer age we
have a saying about this phenomenon: garbage in garbage out. The end times
theories, timelines, schedule of events, etc. is all garbage because the Bible is
garbage. What you have to understand is that the Evangelical focus on Book of
Revelation and the end times is about the wishes and intentions of a death cult.
The Book of Revelation is not about future prophecy thousands of years in the
future it is about the time of the Roman Emperors persecuting the early Christian

"That the "beast from the sea" is the Emperor himself is made clear in a later
passage in Rev. 17, where the symbolism of the seven heads is spelled out.
9 "This calls for a mind that has wisdom: the seven heads are seven mountains on
which the woman is seated; also, they are seven kings, 10 of whom five have
fallen, one is living, and the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must
remain only a little while. 11 As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth
but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to destruction. 12 And the ten horns that
you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they are to
receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. 13 These are
united in yielding their power and authority to the beast; 14 they will make war on
the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them... (Rev. 17.9-14).
Accordingly, the woman sits on the seven-headed beast as a symbol of her "seven
hills" -- the seven hills of Rome. The woman is the city of Roman, here depicted as
the persecutor of Christians. Then it says that the seven heads are also seven
kings. And we can read from its cryptic terminology the references to the
Emperors of Rome. The "five fallen" refer to the five emperors who have died:
Augustus (29 BCE - 14 CE), Tiberius (14-37 CE), Gaius (37-41), Claudius (41-
54) and Nero (54-68).

"One has a wound" refers to the emperor Nero, who died in 68, but whom
conftemporary legend had it would return from the dead to continue persecuting
the Christians. Thus, the beast has a head that has recovered from a mortal
wound. The head "who is" refers to Vespasian (69-79) and the one that is "not
yet" refers to Titus(79-81). The head that "was but is not" refers to an eighth
emperor, Domitian. From this we can also see that the work looks at this history
as if it were being written while Vespasian was still alive, and thus "forecasting"
what terrible things would occur under Domitian only a few years later. This
technique is common in apocalyptic literature, and Revelation was probably
written sometime during the early 90's, when Domitian was emperor, or perhaps
even after the death of Domitian in 96 CE. By portraying the Emperor and his
provincial authorities as "beasts" and henchmen of the dragon, Satan, the author
was calling on Christians to refuse to take part in the imperial cult, even at the
risk of martyrdom."

The antichrists of the Book of Revelation are the Roman emperors, it was written
after the fact around 96 A.D. by the best estimates by some unknown writer named
John. Nobody knows who wrote it or why exactly. They don't know when the
"prophecy" was written but it was after the fact, that's right, the book is a fraud, it
is not a prophecy at all. What you have to understand about Jewish writers is that
there is no absolute truth. Defeats are exaggerated to claim a greater victim
status. A modern example of this is the Holocaust, and older example is the tale of

The experience of Roman conquest of Judea and sack of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. is

trauma on their collective mind, remember they believe that they are superior to all
others, they believe that they have a security contract with god. So when a more
powerful force conquers them they have to process that reality which contradicts
their beliefs. To this day Jews still hate Titus the Roman general turned Emperor,
the man that razed Jerusalem to the ground, killed thousands, and obliterated their
"holy" temple of daily ritual bloodletting.

But we are in "end times" because there are so many believers manifesting their
thoughts and intentions. Millions if not billions of human minds BELIEVE and
thus that powerful thought field MANIFESTS. The believers do not understand
that they are making this happen. The current apocalypse is mass Evangelical
insanity expressed into the physical plane. So what is really happening to planet
earth is that death cultists are manifesting an approximation of their vision of the
future, this is why they can not find themselves on their self created timelines, they
are caught in a feedback loop unable to see that what they are projecting into the
future is really their collective thought patterns manifesting in the present. Think
of it this way, your brain is a computer that tells the big computer in the sky what
to do, so it does it and you see the result that confirms your belief so you have
more thoughts that manifest and so forth. I have several must read essays that
fully explore these concepts and how this all works:

We are the dream makers that can change the dream. As a shaman I am
transforming the deadly Evangelical thought forms into a positive outcome by
writing essays that transform minds from belief into understanding.

Dispensationalists are really the world's biggest wishful thinkers, they think they
are going to get out of the end times even though it is their energy that is creating
the end times. With the rapture meme in place the Evangelicals could unleash hell
on earth and not be held responsible for there actions. Sorry folks, karma is going
to pin you down, right here, so that you experience that which you have created.
No Christian gets a "get out of jail free" card. You Christians are a real laugh, you
have created end times yet you actually believe god is going to get you off the
hook for your own incredible acts of evil. These gas guzzling SUV driving
Republican hypocrites think they can fool almighty god. LOL

Has someone been told the exact date of the next false flag? The literalist preacher says
he's calculated the rapture date as 21 May and the total destruction of America,
"judgment day" on 21 Oct 2011. Maybe some Jew terrorist has told him these dates as
part of an elaborate psyop. The Jews did 911 and now that Americans are waking up they
would be planning a final kill.
Christians might be "taken up in the air", that is, "raptured" when the nukes are lit
off over their American cities, I can imagine whole mega churches being instantly
vaporized by thermonuclear A-bombs on "the day of the Lord". Homeland
Security, the Justice Department, the FBI, the TV preachers all say a WMD attack
is going to happen soon in America. How do they know, why are they so certain?
Because they are the ones privy to the plan, they are the ones implementing the
plan. Americans are starting to figure out that Israel did 911, that the Fed was
designed to cause inflations then deflations as a way to strip wealth from an
industrial empire, even President Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve Act into
law said upon his departure that he had unwittingly destroyed his country.

Thomas Jefferson: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control
the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and
corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property
until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered"

The day you wake up from your death trance and see that everything you believe
is a Jew lie will be the day the Jews turn on you. Do you think the Jews are going
to give up their reign of power so easily? Don't you think they have a plan to
finish America off once the impoverished populace realizes that they've been had
and rise up in revenge? America is in lockdown so that you can't rebel. When the
Jew vampires are found out they will nuke the near dead bloodless American
corpse to finish her off. Obvious, connect the dots, missing nukes. The nukes
aren't missing, they are being positioned for a final kill shot.
Evangelical Christians are Clueless.

They are so busy trying to decode the Bible that they can't see the obvious,
especially their own behavior. Here's some clues: Which nation has the world's
biggest military and is laying waste to the Middle East? Which nation has the
largest Christian population yet can't figure out who the criminals are even though
their faces are televised on the jewtube everyday? Which nation has the largest
Jewish population that subverts the Christian culture for the murderous state of
Israel? Which nation has the highest percentage of Bible believers, commits the
worst war crimes, yet has the total support of these same Christians?

The apostate end times nation is obviously America. What happens to Mystery
Babylon America according to Evangelicals? It is completely laid to waste in one
hour according to the Bible. No surprise when you understand that evil Jews will
nuke America before they even think of giving up their control over her. If the
Jews pulled 911 then what are they planning next? The Jews always lay to waste
those nations they occupy, it is hardly a prophecy of what the Jews are going to do
to American next, look at what they have done so far.

Obviously the Jews are planning on the final destruction of America, the "Babylon
the Great" of Revelation, because they are nearly finished stripping the wealth
from her. That is why the FEMA camps and Jew gestapo Homeland Security was
created after the Jews did 911. After the upcoming nuke false flag the irradiated
survivors get a free one way trip to the death camps. And is it any wonder why
veterans are now considered terrorists by the Justice department? Is it any wonder
that airports are in Jew controlled TSA lockdown? The noose is tightening. Death
is coming to us all yet we still believe in salvation of the two party system. We
still buy the left right paradigm. Whose fault is that? By not evolving we mock
the gods of natural selection.

Its the failure of circular logic that befuddles Christian researchers, the text in the
newer books is "borrowed" from the older books and why no sense can be made
about what it means. A religious memeplex is a stack of unproven
discombobulated memes woven together in a mythological story. Good luck trying
to figure out the antichrist or anything else from the Bible. Studying the Bible is a
good way to lose your mind. The loony wards are filled to the brim with believers,
soon the FEMA camps will be filled with fearful believers turned resistant to their
FrankenSTEIN creation.

The smartest minds have failed to figure out the Bible, so if no genius in the last
2,000 years has been able to figure out what god meant then why do we even
believe in this god? What kind of god confuses his followers? The evil Jew god
Jehovah. The Jew god is actually the Jews who wage total war on the goyim by
deception. The Bible god is not real, what is real, though, is your brainwashing
that gets you to support the Jew tribe not matter what the Jews do. Obviously
Christian indoctrination is what blinds Christians to their own complicity in Jew

Satan is Alive and Well and His Name is Hal Lindsey

If there was a devil alive today his name would be Hal Lindsey, the greatest
deceiver amongst all of the Christian Revengelicals. Hal Lindsey's best selling
book The Late Great Planet Earth is all about the antichrist over there in the
European Union even though the real seat of Jewish power is the United States.
Hal Lindsey's timeline is piecemealed together from verses all over the Bible, his
pro-Jewish logic prevents him from seeing the obvious. Like most Christards, he
can't see that the end times nation aligned with Israel, "the hammer of the earth",
the world military super power laying waste to Iraq and Afghanistan is Zionist
Occupied America.

According to Lindsey, Babylon would be the hammer of the whole earth. What part of
world wide US military super power that hammers the earth do you not understand?

According to Lindsey, the United States would no longer be an actor during the
end times tribulation period. What? Apparently Lindsey has never heard of the
Project for the New American Century that calls for full spectrum military
dominance of planet earth for the next hundred years. The question who can make
war with the beast identifies the beast.

I would say Hal Lindsey had more to do with the rise of the religious right and its
support for Reagan and Bush than any other person. Hal Lindsey was instrumental
in the creation of political support for the Evangelical right more so than any other
useful idiot goyim preacher. Hal Lindsey is the greatest asset of Jewish Zionist
power that has completely taken over control of the United States because the vast
majority are completely duped by Bible preachers like Hal Lindsey. Not a day
goes by that Hal Lindsey doesn't sing praise for Israel, he even says Israel is our
greatest ally, that same ally that attacked the USS Liberty, the same ally that
pulled the 911 false flag that killed thousands. The Zionist Jews are literally
destroying America through false flag terror and wars of aggression and that
makes Hal Lindsey's support for Israel treason. It's not a joke or an accident, the
information is readily available, ignorance is no excuse, he is consciously
supporting a criminal network of Jew terrorists.

Hal Lindsey is a regular on the jewtube, that ought to tell you something. He pretends to
be a truth teller but he is actually the greatest deceiver, delivering hundreds of millions of
Christian souls into belly of the Zionist beast. Is he an intelligence asset of Israel?

Christian Zionist Hal Lindsey has never broached the subject of who actually did
911. It is common knowledge that Israel was the instrumental player, even the top
brass in the US military admits that, but Hal Lindsey never talks about what really
happened. He knows but does not say because he is a deceiver just like Satan,
maybe Hal Lindsey is Satan.
research tip: google "Israel did 911 all the proof in the world"
Apparently Hal Lindsey is so completely blind he can't see that the only nation
that could possibly sign a security agreement with Israel would be the United
States. According to him, it is the antichrist that would sign this covenant, but he
can't see that would make the President the antichrist. Hal Lindsey is a mouthpiece
of the antichrist, a great deceiver, a false witness based on his own standards. Hal
Lindsey is a fire breathing, war mongering, Muslim hater without equal. The
Zionists thank him, there is no greater useful idiot for the Jews and their
diabolocal state than Hal Lindsey. What Hal Lindsey will never comprehend that
he is a tool that will be disposed of when the Jews turn on America, Babylon the

Hal Lindsey is a Christian gone over to the evil side, the leader of apostate
Christianity, the thought leader who is re-creating the Apocalypse be he was so
successful in promoting the Evangelical timeline of end times destruction. What
Hal Lindsey will never understand that he was the primary mind who created a
modern apocalypse in the Middle East that has killed millions of Iraqis and
American boys. Hal Lindsey knows by heart the parable of the mustard seed but
can't see that his "perfect faith" is a powerful creative force that got millions of
like minds to resonate the same thoughts and thus create a huge morphogenic field
of apocalyptic resonance. Hal Lindsey would deny what I am saying but at the
same time lead Christians in group prayer. He believes in prayer yet can not see
that if you have to pray to manifest then that means you are doing it, he can not
see that his writings are no different than prayer.

This Iraqi boy thanks Hal Lindsey, I didn't need my village anyways:

I hope someday the world wakes up from this Evangelical death trance and
sentences Hal Lindsey to a padded cell on the Island of Patmos.
Nostradamus and the Antichrists

Nostradamus says there are 3 antichrists, the 3rd antichrist is one in the same
Biblical final antichrist. What everyone seems to agree to is that the 3rd antichrist
is far worse than the first two, Napoleon and Hitler.

If you want to know about the 3rd antichrist then you must study the
characteristics of the first two. What you need to know that the antichrist meme in
the Bible is uncapitalized, it is reference to the commercialistic, god less, end
times money system of the Jews. Nostradamus CAPITALIZED the antichrist into
three persons. It was Nostradamus that turn the theoretical antichrist system into
human form. AC1 was Napoleon. AC2 was Hitler. AC3 is now and I will explain
to you how to recognize him.

AC3 = AC1 + AC2

It is not a Muslim like the Fox News pundits say, Faux News is Jew propaganda,
so you can bet anything on Fox News is exactly the opposite of the claim. The
parasite tells lies to camouflage itself. If Jew whore Glenn Beck says the Muslims
are the antichrist, be rest assured that the Muslims are not the antichrist. Maybe
Fox News is the mouthpiece of the antichrist. Really, do 'ya think? Duh.

So how will we recognize the antichrist? He will be similar to the first two, he will
come to power in the chaos just like Napoleon and Hitler. We are in the similar
time period of Revolutionary France and Weimer Germany. The new antichrist
will probably be a world leader because the revolution against fiat money is
worldwide. The system as you know it will be shattered, everyone will be in a
panic, the antichrist will rise to the spotlight in the economic chaos of the fiat
money system implosion. Hitler first tried to seize power at the peak of the 1923
Weimer hyperinflation but actually came to power during the first Federal Reserve
caused depression in 1932.

inflation --> boom times --> bubble pops --> depression --> antichrist

He will be fractally related in time, the expansion and collapse of fiat money
follow fractal Elliott Wave rules. Hitler's timeline was exactly 129 years later than
Napoleon in specific event after event. If we multiply .618 x 129 = 80 years, 80
years from Hilter is now, 1932 + 80 = 2012.

Calculating the Timeline of the Third Antichrist

Napoleon was born in 1760

Hitler was born in 1889

( difference-129 years)

Napoleon came to power in 1804

Hitler came to power in 1933

(difference-129 years)

Napoleon entered Vienna in 1812

Hitler entered Vienna in 1941

(difference-129 years)

Napoleon invades Russia on June 21, 1812

Hitler invades Russia after studying Napoleon, he even follows the same
route, 4.5 million men invade Russia on June 22, 1941

(difference- 129 years, 1 day)

Both came to power when they were 44 years old

(Obama is the 44th President)

Both attacked Russia when they were 52

Both lost the war when they were 56

My guess is that the stock and bond markets crash 2011-2012 and things start to
get real bad when the default swap market implodes taking all the major banks
into a derivative black hole. The antichrist will come to power as the market crash
reaches termination as illustrated in this chart, the deflationary down waves
terminates 2012-2017 time period:


Mabus is NOT the Antichrist

The biggest piece of Nostradamus disinformation about the 3rd antichrist is that
his name is MABUS. But this can not be true because the Mabus quatrain says he
"soon dies", so if the Mabus antichrist dies how is it that the antichrist rules?
Mabus can not be the antichrist, Mabus is an anagram of someone preceding the
reign of the 3rd antichrist.

Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

The best fit for Mabus is Saddam because Mabus is a mirror image anagram for
Saddam. Saddam was the leader of Iraq and the place where the antichrist invades.
Saddam was the one who soon died. The antichrist army lays waste to Iraq, so
Saddam can not be the antichrist, he is the victim of Jewish aggression. Saddam is
a victim of Jewish controlled American military empire and the war that started in
1991 last 27 years. Iraq was annihilated by two Bush presidents.

Century 8, Quatrain 77
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

The Mabus timeline has come and gone, Saddam and GW Bush staged their war
and now both are out of power. It is possible to anagram GW Bush from mabus:
The era of Mabus is past. We are still in relative good economic times but the over
spending of the Iraq wars might bankrupt the empire and bring about the collapse
of the overly leveraged banking system and world economy. In that chaos look for
the dynamic leader who mesmerizes the masses.

Making Sense of the End Times

What no one says is the obvious, America is the nation of the antichrist, America
is the host of the Jew money system called the Federal Reserve and the seat of the
antichrist - the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, the investment
banks like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. The reason that America is so bad ass is
because the evil Jewish lobby controls America. Obvious to me but hardly anyone
else. Why? Because Americans can not see themselves as tools of the end times
beast laying waste to the world opposing Jewish tyranny. But that is exactly what
is happening, and many Christians have been suckered into supporting the evil
Jew state of Israel in the butchering of Iraq. Evangelical Christians are the body of
the apostate end times church, they even have this huge organization supporting
the diabolical state of Israel called Christians United for Israel. Hey Christian,
didn't Jesus warn you about the Jews? The Christian responds, Jesus, who's Jesus?

How do you identify the end times apostate church? Easy. It is the Christians who
support war, it is the Christians who support Israel, it is the Christians who are
sucking up to Jewish money and power and have abandoned the teaching of Jesus
because they actually are very cross and love hate, revenge, and war. That is why I
call modern Evangelicals, Revengelicals. The hypocrisy of the current church
goers will cause the abandonment of the church and it will be destroyed by its own
energy. Looking at the behavior of modern Christians is it any wonder that they
won't be around much longer? That is why they fear the antichrist, he's the karmic
retribution for what the Christ Church has done.

The Revengelicals want blood for 911, the only problem is that Israel did 911, as a
false flag to frame Muslims. Even when confronted with the facts they are so
completely deluded and brainwashed they don't even get mad when the "holy
ones" kill Americans. Ten years after 911 most Christians are still foaming at the
mouth to kill Muslims even though no Muslim was involved in 911. How obvious
that Christians are the collared dogs of the Jews, the Jews can kick Christians
around yet they are still loyal to their master, even when Israel butchers Americans
the Christians keeping wagging their tails, so anxious to obey the chosen ones.
Isn't it clear that the Christians are worshiping the Jews.

If Jesus was real, a higher dimensional being known as a god, then why hasn't
Jesus lead his flock to spiritual safety away from the diabolical antichrist Jew
beast? Do you actually want to hear the answer? Because the Jesus god is a fiction
who isn't talking to you. You talk to you and if your higher self is subverted to Jew
ideas of a vengeful deity then "god" never tells you that you have gone off course.
This is one of the reasons why Christians are so smug about their alignment with
the beast, they do not have any feedback that they are doomed.

If you want your Christian group to be moral then it is up to you to lead them the
better pastures. You have to be the Christ because the one you believe in is on
vacation. I hope you do and I might suggest that if you are a Christian reading this
that you start a church that isn't licensed by the Jewish commercial tax system. All
of the licensed Christian churches are whored to the beast, meaning that no
licensed Christian church will challenge or criticize their Jewish money gravy

What would be better is if you would surrender your ego to love so that you
transcend this church thing. A person in higher consciousness doesn't need to be
told/threatened by the preacher to be good. No one needs god or church, what you
need is love and you are not going to find love in the hate filled Rabbinic text.
That is the real problem with Jews, they are so far gone in their book that they
have cut themselves from love. Don't just toss your holy books in the garbage, run
like hell from the church people, I mean literally grab a pack and run away. The
Bible is evil and those that follow the Bible are evil and the truth is you have to
save yourself.

People tell me the Jews are really smart and more spiritually advanced than the
goy. Really? Do you think really smart people slander others with derogatory
words like goy, make war, kill their neighbors, operate in deception, run the arms,
organ, and drug trades, screw everybody the can because they can? Are you
advanced if you believe the book they wrote? Are the Jews advanced if they can't
see that their endless persecutions are self caused?
Why We Have to Have Another Antichrist

The third antichrist is worse than the first two because the first two didn't solve the
problem. It is consciousness trying to evolve and it is the Jews standing in the
way. We are trying to evolve but the greedy, commercialistic, money changing
Jews have everyone pinned down in debt slavery. It is the Jews making the violent
movies, it the Jews controlling the defense industry and it the Jews fomenting for
war and more war. It is the Jewish lobby that controls American foreign policy, it
is the Jews who control the Congress so that vast amounts of aid and military
equipment is sent free of charge to Israel and used to kill innocent people.

How obvious can it be that the Jews are the problem and that it is the Jewish
money empire that is the end times beast nation waging havoc throughout the
world. It is plain as day obvious the Jews yet all of the pundits say it is something
else. The entire media and most of the alternate media is shilling for the Jews. This
is a major psychic block, a huge denial by those emotionally attached to the ideas
in the Bible.

Remember that the antichrist is being used by a higher consciousness to fix a

bottle neck in the flow to higher consciousness. The antichrist spirit is caused by
the non shifters. If we all shifted voluntarily then there would be no antichrist. But
many will not shift, they are stuck in the black magic spell of Christianity and
other religions. So war it shall be. War is how consciousness fixes the problem
with stubborn humans.

Is Obama the Antichrist?

According to my logic I think the President of the United States is the prime
candidate for the 3rd Antichrist. Why? Read my numerous essays on this topic, I
have spelled it out crystal clear. Summarizing: the antichrist is a Jew or a Jew
puppet (useful goy idiot) who is installed in office and does the bidding of Israel
and the Jewish money masters. The antichrist is the leader of the world's biggest
military machine, and since the USA holds that title then the antichrist has to be
the President. GWB was a perfect fit, a useful idiot who attacked Iraq at bequest of
the Jews. The antichrist is not a Muslim and is not over there in some
impoverished Muslim nation that is defending itself from the onslaught of the
beast. Muslims are the victims of the antichrist - remember that when you hear the
pundits on Fox News claim otherwise.

I used to think of Obama as a prime contender because of his ability to speak and
sell the Jew propaganda to the idiot masses, but now I doubt it, but we will have to
wait and see if he is removed from office. No one takes Obama seriously anymore,
so how can he be the antichrist? Obama is a joke, a pathetic hollow man pandering
to every demand of Israel, he an empty suit that reads his lines, hardly a military
master who commands the beast army into world conquest. The antichrist leads
with passion, and that is not Obama. Obama is not leading anyone except a few
aged golf buddies on par 9.

Obama is an empty suit that reads his lines and panders for Israel. Obama should resign
before he embarrasses himself further, ask yourself how did this Jew paper cutout come
to power, he's never done anything important. Obama promised change and changed
nothing, he even was awarded the Nobel Peace prize even though he has never done
anything for world peace. His lack of passion and credibility disqualifies him as as a
powerful antichrist.

Obama has quadrupled the troop level in Afghanistan since taking office even
though he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Obama stood in front of the
American people and said he was going to change things, end the wars. He lied
because he's a tool.
The Covenant Sham

For Obama (Manchurian candidate?) to be the antichrist there would have to be a

radical change in behavior, he would have to activated as a leader, he would have
to authentically passionate about his life path. He won't be playing golf but
conquering the world. The Christians say he would have to sign a covenant with
Israel and that would signal the start of the 7 year period of tribulation. They get
these ideas by piecing together different parts of the Bible from Old and New
Testament in a desperate attempt to come up with some sort of sensible timeline of
events. The Christians have gone through Bible text and picked and chosen
whatever verses were convenient for their theories, if you were to look closely at
the references then you would see that their theory of the antichrist was pieced
together mainly from Daniel, they are making the claim that his dream way back
then is related to now. They even make the fatal logic mistake of saying St. John's
vision of Revelation is consistent with the Old Testament when clearly Revelation
is constructed from Old Testament text.

for the cross reference chart)

What no one mentions is that if the Jew god was actually real then Israel would
not have to sign the covenant with an earthly power. The end times covenant of
the antichrist with Israel proves that Israel's previous covenant with god was a
sham, and if the covenant is a sham then the Jew's as god's chosen is a sham.
There was never a covenant with "god", there was never a real Moses.

Of course it was a sham from the start. The Bible is a monumental hoax, there is
no god choosing favorites, that was a Rabbi memetic trick that got you hooked
into viewing the Jews as special and of a higher caste. The Jew chosen status is a
mental trick to get your obedience to Jew power. If you believe in the Jews chosen
status then you have made the Jews your god. The Jews absolutely do NOT
believe in their god construct because their behavior is clearly toward amassing
wealth and political power right now, in this life. The Jews do not believe in an
afterlife a point that Christians totally don't understand.

Over half of American Jews are non practicing and of these they are mostly
atheist, Judaism essentially a deity free religion. The Jews have craftily
constructed a god for you to believe when in fact they have no belief in it at all.
They have your attention diverted all the while as they get power over you. The
Jew god is a sham and the tribe has no special protection except for which they
bargain for from an earthly source.

The Evanglicals say we are in the end times and that the antichrist will sign a
covenant with Israel. The United States is the security blanket for Israel, as the
Muslims unite I suspect Israel will bite off more than it can chew and will come
crawling looking for a military pact or treaty guaranteeing its safety. Maybe Israel
will attack Iran's nuclear program like they did with Iraq and when they fail they
will demand protection from the USA. There doesn't have to be a formal
agreement, it is already in place, implied.

Be rest assured the bully Jews are such assholes they will end up starting more
fights they can not win and this is when the "antichrist" abandons Israel to the
wolves according to Christian end time scholars. So you count on pussy Obama
saying he will back Israel and then you can count of pussy Obama to abandon
Israel when the shit hits the fan. What a laugh this demand for security even
though the Jews say they have divine protection, in the end Israel is glassed over.
Many already say Israel is a failed state, it can only exist in war. The believers will
say that it was god's will and fullfilment of prophecy. LOL The believers fulfilled
their own collective thoughts, if the Evangelicals had their heads out of their asses
then the Israel lobby could not have co-opted the USA.

Looking at Obama's past actions, his pandering to the AIPAC lobby before the
elections and most recently his UN veto in support of Israel settlements on stolen
land. Absolutely pathetic-whore-prostrate-submissive behavior making the USA
the laughing stock errand boy of the Jews. Obama is the biggest Uncle Tom
serving the self chosen ones (who have lots of money he needs for re-election). If
Israel demands a "covenant" then Obama will sign it while groveling at the feet of
his masters. It is laughably insane that the world's most powerful nation acts like a
whipped child around little Israel.

What to Look for in the Antichrist

The first two antichrists give us the perfect clues to figure this out. Both Napoleon
and Hitler are military men that come to power and rescue the failing industrial
state. Only the premier industrial state at any given time period is able to wage war
on the world and expand empire. Both France and Germany were failing industrial
states reeling from hyperinflation and experience starvation. Both antichrists
balance the out of control budget. Both are from the industrial powerhouse nation
states in decline that get things moving again and get people working, they create

Now which nation fits the bill? The United States of America, the failing industrial
super state. It is the USA expanding empire in economic decline, it is the USA
experiencing massive inflation, it is America that people starve while the bloated
military runs ruffshod over the Muslim world. The USA has over 1,000 foreign
military bases and occupies a 140 countries. The United States spends more on
"defense" than all other nations combined, the 2011 Pentagon budget is well over
a trillion:

I now think it is inevitable that there is going to be a military counter coup against
the Jew money power. It is a perfectly logical path for power and consciousness to
flow into at this point. The military commander that wrests control of the
American state from the criminal Jewish bureaucracy would be the new candidate
for AC3. Why? Because the antichrist is the energetic leader who rescues the
failing republic during the crisis and turns everything around. The antichrist
balances the budget. The antichrist dissolves the parliament. The antichrist is the
one who takes on the money lenders. Does that sound like Obama, the President
with the biggest deficit in world history who does whatever Jew bankers tell him?

In other words the antichrist is the good guy because those that slander this
prophecized leader are religious extremists trying to hang onto power through
deception. How can you trust any Christian theory about the antichrist? Christians
say the antichrist will deny the christ, will show no regard for the religion of his
ancestors, he will blaspheme god, etc. This means the antichrist is rational and is
not a believer in religion. The antichrist makes war on the saints, in other words he
destroys religious despotism and that is a very good thing.

So is the final antichrist really the bad guy? Well if you are a Jew converso like
Catholic Nostradamus then the antichrist is your mortal enemy because the
antichrist overturns the Christian-Jewish power structure. The antichrist is the man
who takes on the Jews, like Hitler who stomped on the face of Jewish supremacy
and made the Jews wear yellow stars. The antichrist humiliates the Jews, in this
cycle the same will happen and the antichrist will humiliate their Christian
minions. So isn't it logical that Christians say that the antichrist blasphemes the
church and god? Sure he does, just as I do. Someone who points out the BS and
hypocrisy of these modern theocratic power mongers is "of the spirit of the
antichrist". I wear it as a badge of honor, your religion is total bullshit and I'm not
taking it anymore.

The antichrist is called the "anti" "christ" because he opposes the "christ". Look at
what the American Evangelicals have done to America, the end times "christ" is
the apostate church aligned with the evil Jews. So the antichrist is someone who is
against the Evangelical crazies, he opens up the eyes of the brainwashed, sorta like
watching Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist is the spirit of the times, the spirit of the antichrist is
to expose Christianity as to what it really is: Jew brainwashing.

So I ask you isn't the antichrist a necessary thing to shift consciousness? Yes. The
antichrist arises only because so many refuse to think and mature. If you are a
believing Christian or Jew then you are the cause of the antichrist. I'm not worried
about the antichrist, how about you? Some popular songs lyrics comes to mind,
"it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine..." and "don't fear the

During the reign of the antichrist there are jobs and roads and delivery trucks and
marks of the beast (fiat currency), just the same as now. If people don't want to
carry marks of the beast in their wallet they can vote for Libertarian candidates
who will end the Federal Reserve. But they don't, in election after election the
American people vote for the current system in place. Don't tell me the "devil" is
making this happen when obviously the people are making this happen.

Christians paint the antichrist as evil. In the Bible the only place the antichrist is
mentioned is in John who uses lower case letters to describe many antichrists,
those that "deny the christ". Well, how can I deny something that doesn't exist?
There is absolutely no historic reference to Jesus, the sun god forgery. How many
people have been tortured and killed for denying Christ? How many young men
have been sent into wars for the Christ? Christianity creates an evil angry
population hell bent on war. The destruction of Judaism and its bastard child
Christianity would mean peace on earth.

Christians say the end times antichrist is the devil incarnate because what they
sense is that the antichrist ends the christ. The Christians are demonizing this
upcoming leader who rescues the world from the chaos caused by the Christians
and Jews. Why? Because the Christians know that when the antichrist comes to
power they are finished, the antichrist is going to put down the mad dogs wrecking
havoc on the world.

The Jews Turn on America When We Wake up from the Trance

Have you noticed that the Jews are screaming antisemitism nearly nonstop? When
more and more people starting calling the Jews on their anti-human supremacy
behavior then the Jews will realize their end and be put into a fear frenzy and start
attacking their host America. How obvious that the Jews will now start attacking
America more and more as they are exposed. How obvious that as the Christians
wake up to their deception that the Jews will then start attacking their former
Christian allies. Millions of Americans are just starting to hear about the Jewish
attack on the USS Liberty and the Israeli false flag 911 World Trade Center
bombing and controlled demolition.

And how obvious that a huge world wide retribution against these evil people is
spontaneously forming everywhere. Those who insist on controlling everything
are meeting with the awakening consciousness of humanity. Once you fully
comprehend that Jews did 911 to manipulate America into a war against Iraq then
you will fully grasp the magnitude of Jewish evil. Apologists say it's the
Rothschilds when clearly everything happening is clearly delineated in the Torah
and Talmud, Judaism is a predatory religion.

David Icke Whitewashes Judaism

There are no "chosen" ones, their are no "saved" people. The Judeo-Christian
religion is exclusionary mumbo jumbo that appeals to prejudiced racist sub
humans. Nobody can be born again because Jesus is not real. God didn't choose
one tribe over others. God isn't out to get us, god isn't commanding us to kill other
tribes, god isn't judgmental, god doesn't stick us in hell fires for practicing free
will, god isn't battling Satan for control of the world, god doesn't need our help to
save souls, god isn't in a synagogue or a church or a book.

What the fuck is wrong with these people, you are not better than us! We don't
need to be saved by your judgmental god. We don't need to be controlled by self
chosen Jewish supremacists. What we need is to be left alone, but you won't ever
leave us alone so the antichrist is the man that is going to destroy you and your
god. Good riddance!

I look forward to the future when there are no more Jews and Christians or
churches or synagogues left on this planet. So you have to understand why the
church people have demonized the antichrist, church people fear the end of their
bullshit. Oh nooooo, the antichrist is going to burn us alive! Yeah, he's going to
toast your out of control ego. The Christians fear the end times antichrist saying
the antichrist is the devil himself but the real devils, of course, are the Christians
and Jews using all of this religious mumbo jumbo for political supremacy.

I might speculate that in the energetic wave of the revolution, the antichrist is
empowered at the time of maximum entropy. When Hitler came to power in 1932,
so did FDR (1932), this was in the same time period of the other fascist leaders
like Mussolini (1922), Franco(1936), Stalin (1924). Likewise, at point of
maximum entropy, there will be a plethora of little antichrists coming to power all
throughout the world. Just as the 1920's and 1930's, fascist leaders are coming to
power worldwide:

Putin (1999) could be the new Stalin wave repeat

GWB (2000)

Ahmadinejad (2005) leader of Iran

Future American military leader who stomps on Rothschilds, Jews, and Israel.

No doubt the huge stress on the Muslims will result in an extremely magnetic
Islamic military leader coming to power and uniting the Muslims against Israel.
This, of course, the exact reason why Hamas, Hesbollah, and Fatah were formed.
The Jew deluded US State department lists all three as terrorists when it is plain as
day obvious that Israel is the terrorist aggressor state harming its neighbors. The
US has aligned itself with the real terrorist nation of Israel and look where that has
lead us. 911 and a fascist dictatorship.

The Third Antichrist may be a Real American Hero

The big final antichrist might be the American hero who tells the fundamentalists
and Israel to fuck off. It could be Obama after the next election, he won’t need
AIPAC’s money anymore. When the empire fails, why wouldn't we realign with
those nations that have oil? For what reason is Israel our ally? They attack us,
bleed us, hate us, manipulated us, do false flags on our soil, embarrass us, destroy
our values, train the police to see Americans as the enemy, pass gun control laws,
no fly lists etc. It is insane to be aligned with the Jew crazies. A rational American
regime would align with the Arab states that have the oil. Godless American
consumers love oil. Oil and cheap energy is our salvation.
The world is changing all of the time. Isn't it logical that at some point those under
the Zionist yoke spontaneously rebel and remove the Zionist puppet overlords? Is
it not logical that the human wave of history that truth and freedom win, if not
wouldn't we all be still slaves of the ruthless kings eons ago? Consciousness
marches forward, those aligned with the old tyranny are swept away in the tides of
history. Isn't it time we tell the Jews and Israel to fuck off? Hell yeah - it's time.

During the revolution the sheeple will be unsure of abandoning the farmer, they will
wonder if they'll be able to fulfill their prescriptions or if WalMart is still open.

Look at the riots across the world at the present moment, can you imagine the
chaos in the Islamic world if Israel attacks Iran? If Israel fails in its attack on Iran
then Ahmadinejad will be seen as a hero, an incarnate of Mohamed. At the same
time America will be scrambling to defend its oil interests with the Muslims gone
wild. Solution? Ally yourself with the Muslims. So I speculate outloud, as the
empire fails will not the empire align itself with the oil nations? The US military is
the biggest oil user on the planet.

America is ripe for a National Socialist leader, and ultra conservative, hard money,
budget balancing dictocrat who guarantees the social programs. A tough guy with
a big American optimistic smile. See my latest essay:

Path of Consciousness
A hyperinflationary then deflationary crash that lays waste to the economy and
peoples lives would be the impetus for the military to seize the organs of state and
start major reforms that grid locked Washington could not.

The antichrist is a populist reformer that takes charge of the nation and gets things
going again. Think of Ross Perot, a little swift talking Napoleon like business
man. The antichrist shows up on the seen during the crisis, Napoleon didn't cause
the hyperinflation or start the French Revolution, he works his way up through the
military, becomes more and more political and takes over and "saves" the nation
during the point of greatest chaos. Both Napoleon and Hitler make the fatal
mistake of getting into external wars.

The antichrist is a creation of the chaos, an energetic individual caught up in the

wave of energy that is the revolution. The antichrist isn't a limp dick like Obama
who panders to Israel and wastes his Presidency playing golf. During the reign of
the antichrist the people will love, worship, follow, adore, look up to, name their
children after the man who saved the nation. With that said we can eliminate the
previous presidents because they were phonies and war criminals. Obama is a
phony and I do not think he is the antichrist, I think that he is the last President
who is sitting on the throne when the financial system implodes ending the era of
fake presidents.

Wouldn't you like to see the Wall Street Jew criminals executed for their crimes?
Well pull up a chair and have a front row seat, its going to be televised soon. After
the crash the government can save face and continue to rule by telling truths about
the Jew demolition of the trade towers. Telling the truth will destroy the powers
that be. Think about it awhile, if the military counter coups the criminal state and
tells the public the truth then the civilian government is finished. The media,
justice department, courts and the two parties that covered up 911 would be
politically finished.

If you tell the truth no one in Washington will survive. Imagine that, if someone
actually tells the truth they would be worshiped as a god because modern politics
is so corrupt. I believe that when AC3 shows we will be celebrating in the streets.
Napoleon and Hitler were revered in their time, people were tranced out in their
presence.The French still revere Napoleon. Elated warmaking Christians of the
Bush years will be in doom when their hoped for theocracy plans fall into ruins.

Everyone already wants to nationalize the Fed, so no problem there.

Nationalization is sorta like a hostile takeover, the USA corporation seizes the
private Fed corporation. Gordon Gecko karma. The military can publicaly
prosecute the bad Jewish crooks and hardened criminal Wall Street financiers.
Everyone would love it except for the Jews, so obviously a counter coup also
means the Jewish media is taken over by the military. The situation is going to get
so bad that when the military steps in we will all breath a sigh of relief. We will be
glad the Jews are gone but will we be glad with a military dictatorship?

Seize all Jewish Assets

The USA military regime could also legally seize the assets of nearly everyone on
Wall Street under the RICO act. The USA state put under martial law by the naval
maritime power, the banks could be nationalized, the debts rescinded and
discharges, assets confiscated, etc. Easy as pie. America is completely bankrupt
and was destroyed from within by the Jew parasite. Why not seize all of
Rothschilds assets valued at 100 trillion?

We can pull together and become socialist, the "democracy" has failed and now it
is time for military leadership. Military coups happen all of the time, for instance
the military just took over Egypt when Mubarak fell, Egyptians trust the military
because the military sided with the people during the revolution. This is a trend of
awakening consciousness, it is a choice to fire upon the people, the military
commander can just as easily point the tank barrel at the parliament.

If you transcend fear then firing upon your own people is insane, the real enemies
are the politicians who sold out to Jew money and power. A couple of tank rounds
into the parliament building ended the USSR in 1991.
Now as this all goes down (2011? 2012?) the big crash is going to spur big
changes. Who's going to want to hear about free markets when your starving?
America is already socialist, I used to joke about the military as the most socialist
place in America, soldiers love the fact that everything is taken care of, like food,
medical, dental, retirement. I think national socialism is coming to America.
So rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice.

19-26 Feb 2011

Disclaimers and Defintions

Jew means a person practicing Judaism, it is not a reference to a race, the Jews are
not a race, Zionist Jews are racist and use the political smear antisemitism to quell
dissent of their policies of genocide and numerous criminal acts. The term Jew
also applies to Jews who are non religious but are supremacists or Zionists.
Obviously there are humane Jews who care nothing about any of this crazy ass
religious stuff and don’t believe in a Jew only state and condemn Israeli war
crimes, unfortunately I have yet to meet one but I do believe they exist.

Christians, Evangelicals, Zionist Christians are loosely used terms to describe the
vile supremacist Christians who agree and align with the barbaric acts of Israel
based on the teachings of the Bible. Obviously there are non Zionist Christians and
non Apocalyptic Christians who are humane and do not approve of war butchery.
There are new age Christians who do not take the Bible literal and are peaceful
and practice peaceful living, unfortunately they still believe in some parts of the
Bible and have yet to mature to a full human beings devoid of evil Jew Rabbi

The antichrist is feared by the power mongers yet is often revered in his time by
the common people. The antichrist destroys the old order and ushers in the new
order. The antichrist in not Satan or possessed by demons, the antichrist is
empowered by the group consciousness. The antichrist is a creation of humanities
collective consciousness. The end times is not the end at all, it is the end of statist