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01 - Jim Jones, E-Class, and Trick Daddy @ Opium Gardens (Miami, FL) 02-Ja Rute and Kid Capri @ State (Miami,

and Shemar Moore @ Opium


03 - J Lash

and his twins (Miami, FL) 04 - Cassidy and Zab Judah @ Terror Squad's pool party (Miami, FL) 05 " Yahya McCtain and Antonio Tarver

@ Opium Gardens (Miami, FL) 06 - DirtBag and Remy Martin @ Beatdown (Miami,

(Miami, FL) 08 - Zab Judah and Lit' Ftip @ opium Gardens (Miami, FL) 09 - Trina partying @ Ctub oxygen (Miami, FL) 10 - Knocturnal

FL) 07 - Kanye West and Freeway @ Bermudas

Gardens (Miami, FL) 1 1 ' JR, E-Ctass, DJ KD, Pitbutt, and DJ Khaled @ Voodoo Lounge (Miami , FL) 12


Opium Gardens (Miami, FL) 15

FL) 17 - Uncte Luke gets a

-Grant Hitt,Tamia,andHottyRobinson-Peete@AtonzoMourning'sSummerGroove(Miami,FL)

Zab Judah @ Terror Squad's pool party (Miami, FL) 14-Ouie, Zab Judah, Lit' Ftip, and DJ Demp @

- 103.5 reppin' @ the Beatdown (Miami, FL) 16 - Lit' Jon and Adina Howard don't give a fuck (Miami,

handrur@ Bermudas (Miami' rL) +:-JX';1"f"",',t"illtr?"t:","T:[lf-r$r1il';j?,,,]l,,iiiiliil:il*";Iffbilill";ifl?j*?:ltj

01 - The Ying Yang Twins with DJ Smurf and Derrick Crooms @ Ctub Bed

Jesse Jazz, Velore, Coo[ Cass (Ortando, FL) 03 - David Banner and Scotty J aka Cottin Mouf after his striptease @ the Bittboard Awards (Miami, FL) 05 - Disco,

(Mlami, FL) 02 - Futt lmpact DJs Ron Love, Adiquest, Stique,

"Watdo" (Ortando, FL) 04 - Russ Parr detivers a tip to Chubby Re[[e, and Ctay D @ Ctub Rush (Ortando, FL)

FL) 09 -


06 - DJ lnfinite, Joey Nice, Phantom, Remington Steele, Jit[ Strada, and DJ Kered @ Jamlando Record Poo[ (Ortando, FL) 07 - G's

Detre Vat and Dynasty @ the

Lava (Orlando, FL) 11 -Clientett fam reppin'OZONE @ Ctub Rush (Ortando, FL) '12

Up @ the Bittboard Awards (Miami, FL) 08 - Chuck and Jacki-O on the set of "Fine" (Miami,

Bitlboard Awards (Miami, FL) 10 - Gritt @ Ctub



Tabu (Ortando, FL) 1 5 - Fat Joe and Remy Martin @ Beatdown (Miami, FL) 16 - X 102.3 crew Cierra, Nay Fresh, Jason, and Kaferina

@BittboardAwards(Miami,FL) 17-KevinLilesandDavidBanner@Butter(NYC)

1S-Sho'Nuff (Ortando,FL)


(Mlami, FL) 20 - Anthony and Johnny B @ Ctub Bed (Miami, FL) 21 - Bonecrusher @ the Bittboard Awards (Miami, FL)




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I ounging backstage at Hard Rock Live Ortando, Twista is preparing to perform in

thousands of fans for MTV. A former manager describes Twista as being


front of

E"painfutty shy," but if that's true, he doesn't let it show during the pre-show

interview with MTV. He exptains to viewers how his style has devetoped throughout

his years in the game, and how he landed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Fastest Rapper. After the show, we caught up with Twista backstage to ask a few more questions:

When you first recorded "Slow Jamz," did you

Naw. lt was a big surprise for me, because I just looked at "Stow Jamz" as a new way for me to come out, but stitt giving them that Twista flava. I knew we were representing a lot of the R&B artists that put it down, and it's a radio jam, plus l'm

spitting it on there. lt was off the chain after that.

expect it to blow up like it did?

What was the first reaction you started to get from DJs?

They was telting me that it was an instant hit. And I'm looking at them [ike, straight


up? They were [ike, yeah, it's a hit. One DJ started ptaying it and next thing

know ten DJs were ptaying it. Then it started ptaying everywhere. We had 3,000

spins, then 6,000 spins, then we kept ctimbing. I was [ike, this is crazy!

When you and Kanye recorded the track, had y'atl worked together before?

Me and Kanye knew each other for tike eight or nine years, and we always said that

we woutd work together. Once he got in the game and started doing his thing with

Jay-L, I woutd go over there and feature on certain projects tike "Poppin'

Tags." So

"Stow Jamz" was just another song in our arsenal that we was pushing out there.

Do you plan on working with him more in the future?

Yes, definitety. I was always trying to tell Kanye, "Look, man, if you get down with

me, that's gonna be the dopest chemistry." When you jump down with the Twista flavor, that'tl always be the dopest stuff you do. That's what I always try to do. I

hope l'm impressing him.

What's your situation with Roc-A-Fella?

Those is my peopte. Dame definitely tooked out for me in the game, just like Puffy

did with Bad Boy. I got big brothers in the game. Jermaine Dupri, Puff, Dame, Jay, I look at them like big brothers. I took up to them and they also had a hetping hand in my career. The last crew that I was kickin' it with before a[[ this shit happened was Roc-A-Fetta. They always showed me [ove, so I atways represent and show

peopte that you can be down with your [abe[ and stitl represent and show love for somebody e[se. As long as it's positive and family.

So you plan on staying on Atlantic as far as a label situation, and Roc-A-Fella is your family? Oh yeah, definitety. More like a famity. We definitety do work together though. We

do tours, projects. I'm atways rapping and participating on artists' projects over

there, and they do the same for me so it't[ atways be [ove.

Having been in the game for so long, do you feel like you finally get the recogni-

tion you deserve?

Yes, yes, yes. But you don't see it happening the way you thought it was gonna

happen. You're [ike, "l hope I btow up!" Then you look up one day and you just ger reatty, reatty busy. Then one day you look up and reatize, "Hey, I'm famous!" (taughing) lt was definite[y a wild ride, and I appreciate it.

So how do you maintain your position in the game?

I'm always working, because that's one thing I notice that a lot of artists do to keep

them out of trouble. They can pretty much go kick it and have as much fun as they wanna have, so one thing that I see keeping artists grounded is hard work. I just try to stay in the studio, keep doing shows, and keep doing positive stuff,

Out of all the collaborations you've done, which one would you say you've enjoyed the most? Probably me and Kanye with "Stow Jamz." Definitety "Poppin'Tags" with my man Jay, and definitely "ls This the End?" with Puffy. lt's too many, I can't name 'em


Who's your favorite rapper?

My favorite rapper has always

been Rakim, for sure. "Fottow the leader, I ain't no

joke," those lines right there stay supreme to me co[labo.

So what's up with a Rakim collabo?

As long as my man is willing to jump down with me, it's 100% sure that it's gonna

happen, 'cause that's my nigga!

Why were you dressed in a straightjacket on your album cover?

I want you to see that l'm sick with it. I want you to see the sick flow. People always

say, "What's adrenatine rush?" or, "What's Kamikaze mean?" I atways tetl 'em it's a suicidal flow. I want you to see that I'm sick with it. That's alt.

Jacki-O f/ ths

Yins Yans Twins



Foe BoyTTl/T

LII' Jon & the

East Side Bovz

"Crunk Juice" afbum

cover shtftt{N+nta, GA)



This Atabama native

lived un to his album

titte with the retease of his'impressive in-


debut. Neishborhood Suoerstar.

Aftdr turnins dowrf sevdral maior lab'el offers.

he's back wTth his second atbr,im, Sftll A Star.'

Tell me about Birmingham. Birmingham, like I said, is a robbing city. l'm just being straight up with you, not try-

ing to cut no corners.

So would you rob me today if I wasn't here to interview you?

I ain't gon' lie to you, I've done it alt. That's why l'm hot.

What have you done?

I don't want to answer that question. Put it tike this: when I first started out, there were certain things I didn't know. Like, I used to have this kid go find peopte for me

to cop for 'em. He'd go get it, but at the same time he'd get everything I asked him to get. See what I'm saying? But when my tittte girt was born, I was just trying to cool

caught up in a lot of stuff, and everybody around me

was going to jait. I had a lot of homies going to jait, everybody I ran with. People was

out. Being out there you can get

getting shot up and everything. God, he btessed me not to go to jait, not to get shot.

He btessed

me and took me away from a lot of things. At the time, I wasn't actuatly

in it serious,

it skipped me. Some shit went down and one of my homies took the rap for me. He

because something was happening to everybody around me. lt was like

ain't never say nothing about it, and I tove him for that. That's why I say, "l'm a street

preacher, and I don't let bullshit bother me." Cause I know that half the peopte that be tatking and playing don't want to take it where l'[[ take it. 5o when it comes to rap,

dissing, talking about somebody over a CD, I don't have time for it.

Your homeboy, he took the rap for you? What was the situation?

Al[ of us was together. Everybody went. Everybody got jammed up, and it skipped me.

I was with him. Hett, I was the one doing what they got arrested for, and ain't nobody say nothing about me. Some shit went on, they saw me and put me in the car, and they let me out. I never looked like I was the type to do that. I always looked like the

innocent person, see what I'm saying? lt always just skipped me.

How did you get into rapping? When I was growing up, I seen a [ot, and I always wanted to express mysetf. When I was young, my parents thought I was going to be a preacher because I was reading the

Bible constantty. I was a heavy betiever in the Lord, atl the time. The things that were

happening to me and my famity and the peopte around me made me want to express

and let people know. I always want peopte to feel me when I talk or when I rap, I don't want to just talk about bultshit. I just wanted people to understand me and feel



qF '? "kwd m

what I went through. I was going off of NWA, so I went to talking about

crazy stuff. I want people to feel what

I'm tatking

about, so I had to be the

person to actually live it. I can't tatk about nothing I ain't live through. I

can't talk about being somebody I'm not. Before I got with Kottage Boy,

like I was saying eartier, I had some homies that I bonded with but our bond

was different.

Getting some Moet and pouring that shit on the concrete?

We was doing it. Shit. I've got to go through something in order for me to

tatk about it. Let's just put it like this: I know l'm going to make it. I don't

wish, I hope. I don't think, I know. I know it's there, you can't stop nothing with God. That's how I feel about that.

So we just left the projects

went down there last night?

where you grew up, and you said something

Man, I was over there tast night. I didn't mean to stay over there that [ate,

to know when to come and

and around here you can't be stipping.

You got

when not to come. Man, three guys just got shot over

there right after I

left. I was tike, damn, I can't be caught up in this shit. So that's got a lot of peopte shook up, and just before we came over there today they was draw-

ing pistols. I don't want to be around that bultshit. And like I said before, a

lot of people ain't gonna take it where you wanna take it.

Anybody can pu[[

a trigger. A child can putl a trigger, but it takes a man to stand there and

fight. A lot of peopte are shook up. You got three potice officers that were murdered a few weeks ago. That shit was crazy. lt was some bu[shit. How you gon' go in another muthafucker's house, looking for somebody they got

a warrant for? lt was a vacant apartment, I guess. I don't

realty know what

happened cause it wasn't my side of town. But, man, they shut this bitch

down. They went and got heticopters and everything.

They shut down the whole city? Yeah, peopte was shutting up they stores. Police was running up in they stores. Man, they shut the whole community down, and it's a big commu- nity. They shut the freeways down, cause they were thinking the guys were hitting the freeways to get up out of there. There's so many outtets to that community, and it's so big that they actuatly coutd have gotten away. They

found two dudes and charged them.

5o, back to the music tip, the next single is "Umma Pimp"?

Yeah, I wanted to be creative and do something that a lot of peopte haven't

done. I took the hook from that David Banner

and Lit Ftip song where


says, "Me, I'ma pimp, l ain't payin' for no sex,"

and l tiked that as the

hook. Almost every ctub I went to, they was

feet tike that in the hood. So I took that because I fett [ike that.

saying it, 'cause everybody

So have you ever paid?

Oh, no, I ain't never pay for that. On everything I [ove, never. Anyway,

I took the idea to


when I come to him, he's

Boy Entertainment CEO] Aqui[ first. He knows got to hear me. What I actuatty did was take

something from Lit' Ftip and then Mike Jones, I combined them together,

then I screwed it. Then I put my own shit on there. There was a verse on

[Mike Jones'] album that I tiked: "l ain't 'bout to feed y'at[ / I'm about to

leave y'atl / Cause everybody wanna jump on your boat when you poppin'."

I tiked that so much, and I had to let the world feel me and combine those

together as one. I think that right there witl let peopte understand what I

feel about the situation. I'm tired of the same o[' shit: "Ki[[ a muthafucker,

hit a bitch, shoot a hoe." And hatf the peopte that are saying it ain't doing

it. Hatf the people that are saying that, if you realty bring drama to them,

they'tI run and cry. They'tt catt the po[ice and atI that buttshit. Man, I ain't

with it.

So are you anti-crunk?

Wett, I do what I have to do to put Kottage Boy on. The onty thing I do is tetl the truth. lf I have to be crunk, I'tt do it, but my crunk is gon' be different. I atways have a meaning for everything that I do.

How would you describe this album as compared to your last album,

Neighborhood Superstar?

l'm always gonna keep


pimpin', you know that. lt's hood. I came more

hood. I reatty brought myself out of the ctoset. I let you know what I been

through in the game. I let you know what I've been through in the hustle

game, and I let you know how it went with females. I talk about how peopte around here started looking at me after I dropped the Neighborhood Super-

star album. A lot of people fuck with me, but a lot of peopte don't. I feel like that album lets you know what I reatly am.

Did any major labels approach you off the success of Neighborhood Superstar? I sold around 10,000 independently. And the funny thing about me is, we could have taken a deat, but when me and Aquit and the rest of the staff sat down and talked about it, we decided not to. The Birmingham J proj- ect represents Kottage Boy Entertainment, so whatever we take off that

project is going to affect the whole organization. lt needs to be something


So the offer wasn't good?

These labets, man, they think you stupid.

Which label made the offer? I don't really want to say, but it's been

a coupte. They think that being

from the hood you'tl take anything. lf they come to an individuat with

5500,000 or 5600,000, you'l[ be [ike, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what are my

numbers?" I ain't finna let you make up no numbers for me. When you go to making numbers, I'm gonna tell you what lwant. We can compromise

together. I ain't gonna put 'em atl out there, but Universal was one of

them. Single deal? Fuck a singte deat. I ain't doing that. And if you come

behind my back and try to take me from Kottage Boy, I'm gonna spit on

you. I've had peopte come behind my back and try to take me from Kot-

so we gonna

tage Boy. I don't ptay tike that because we buitt Kottage Boy,

make it together. So if you wanna hotta at me, you've gotta go

Aquit. I ain't gonna tatk to you. I shoot the shit with a muthafucker a[[


day [ong, but you've got to break bread with my whote organization not

just me.

When witl your album be released?

August 't7th, and the release party is August 21st. My contact number, if you want to holta at your boy, is 205-427-1851. Or check out www.kottag,

look at your folk.

Anything else you wanna say? Yeah! A lot of peopte been doing this rap war shit, but let me explain something to you. Atl the muthafuckers from the hood witl feel me on

this. Yesterday you ain't have a goddamn food stamp. The other day you

was out there with a goddamn 8batt, trying to get a doubte-up. Today,

God gon' btess you and put a coupte hundred grand in your account, and

man, y'at[ stupid asses wanna get out here and kitl each other. Don't you

understand how people are looking at you? They don't want

rap out here

already. This is the way we're trying to make it out the hood, and y'at[

muthafuckers wanna kitl each other and take us out the game. I just got to

let all you muthafuckers know that you're stupid. lf you got to tatk about a muthafucker on a CD, how come when you see him you ain't saying nothing? Be a man about the situation, not a hoe. And if you realty from the hood like you say you are, hotla at him when you see him and don't tatk about him on a CD. But I witt tett you one thing: if you take food out my family's mouth, when I see you, l't[ muthafucking kitt ya. 5o if you diss

me, you better be a man. Fee[ me?









ook atl throughout history and you'[[ find instances where the oppressed chose to break free and estabtish themselves as individuals to gain their proper dues. Whether you're talking about the slaves or the Jews, the oppressed always made it through for a revival. ln hip-hop history,

it's no different. One of the oppressed - Cuban Link - is on the grind to create his own day. He's been silent for nearty three years and is now ready to retease his first soto atbum, Chain Reaction, after his album 24 Carat was leaked and simply collapsed.

Link is known best for his work with Terror Squad. He joined TS at the same time as Tripte Seis and Big Pun, but the retationship with TS Fat Joe in particutar - went downhill after Pun's death. "We teft it at a sour note," Cu-

ban admits. "There's no love there for here and no love here for over there." When totd that Fat Joe refused to go in depth about him, Link responded by

saying, "The fact of the matter is that he's been blackballing me since 2001,

for reasons that may be jeatousy

or money." Link's history

with TS has made

it more of a challenge for him to buitd himsetf up as an individual artist. "l

came to a lot of road blocks'cause

the whote wortd to forget about me didn't work." For the most part, how- ever, Link tatks about Joe in a catm, mature fashion, showing now signs of uncontrolted emotion or irrational comments. ln fact, Link stayed composed

[Fat Joe] put 'em there, [but] his plan for

and added further insight. "lt coulda been a situation that coutda reatly went street," he says. "l coulda done something I woutd have regretted and ended

up behind bars, but I decided to do things the other way, the positive way."

So what is the positive way? lt's not letting history hold him back. Now, Link is ready to come out again with Chain Reaction, which witt be released on Man of Business Records in September. Chain Reaction features production

from the likes of Swizz Beatz and KG and appearances from artists such as Avant and Mya.

M.O.B. Records is Link's new home, and he ptans to take it one step at a time:

"l'm gonna put M.O.B. on the map and then mysetf." M.O.B. has given Link

my album] is go-

ing," says Link. "l know what it witt take, in terms of the marketing budget and the business aspects." As far as business is concerned, Link is concentrat- ing on music, but is atso interested in getting into movies. He's even began

writing some movie scripts himsetf.

more control of his project.

"l know where everything


Stitt, to this day, Link hotds it down for Big Pun, who he says taught him the most about the industry. "l'm definitety in this game because of Pun,"

he says. Pun was his best friend and mentor, altowing him to watch as he recorded his hits. Through Pun, Link quickty gained vatuabte industry know- how. "At the end of the day I learned a lot from Pun. He went from being a

regutar dude to being Big Pun," remember Link.

Cuban Link has come a long way from being a Cuban immigrant, learning

Engtish and writing rhymes during ctass instead of taking notes. He's now pre- pared to go even fartherwith the retease of Chain Reaction. This levet-head- ed, humble MC is hungry and hard at work for the spotlight he deserves.

- Rohit Loomba, poombster@yahoo,com (Photo: Raandu Avion)


fter his main man and mentor Big Pun died, Triple Seis knew he

had to leave Terror Squad. Even with their newly acquired suc-

cess, Seis has no regrets. After inking a deal with Canada-based

Madd Records, Triple Seis finally has his turn on the mic to tell his

side of the story.

why the music

Here, he shares his future plans with Cuban Link,

industry is like a secret society, and just how far Big

Pun would go for a laugh.

Tell me about your album, Only Time'll Tell.

My atbum is called Onty Time'tt Te[[ because that's been my theory,

motto. Whether it's good or bad, it's just going to take time to find out. lf you work at it, hopefutly good things wiit happen. lt was done about a year ago. I did this atbum when I left Terror Squad. lt's about to come out through an independent labet, Ma dd Records. lt's just another step in the ladder climbing towards my success. lt's atl hard work. Ever since Pun passed away, it's more work for me to do. When he was here, it wasn't a walk in the park, but it was atready a path that we was set on. Our destiny was already set.


What are some of your favorite songs on the album?

"Love Put Me." For chasing a dream you could lose it att, but at the

end of it you have to at least gain your respect back. I tike the titte

track, and I tike the track with Antonio, "Pray For Me." (singing) "lt's

important to pray for me because death is onty one step away from me."

"Harsh Reality" with [Big] Pun is a verse he kept for "You Ain't a Kilter."

After he passed that's

one of the latest things I had. I thought I woutdn't

exptoit him, but it was short and sweet.

How has the transition been for you from Terror Squad, to doing your

own thing, to being signed to an independent? The reason why the Terror Squad thing went the way it did was because

Pun passed away. Then, I went on my own and dropped a singte through

Fat Beats. I went on tour with the Beatnuts. I did mixtapes and kept my

name on the street tevet. I did t his atbum on my own, and here we are tatking about it. lt's coming out August 17th.

What lessons have you

learned along the way?

I know that if it doesn't state on

paper that you have some kind of

in life nothing is

creative control, it doesn't exist. I also learned that

just growing

is a real secret

society. You're not getting in if you

guaranteed, and if you don't reach for it, you're not going to grab it.

l've learned this from the industry atone

l'm not even tatking about

up. The music industry

haven't been trying to get in for the last eight years, at least.

How did you meet Big Pun?

On the basketbatl court in my neighbor-

hood. They put us on the same team and

we vibed together. He used to hang out

with some neighborhood friends that I

grew up with.

Did you see the documentary of his life that showed the scene of him beating his wife?

True. That was a situation that was

caught on tape. But he had that situa- tion before the music, that's not some-

thing that the money brought. No. He

grew up in a certain environment and

under certain pressure that brought that

situation. But even then, he loved his

wife and kids. They went everywhere

with him. lt was unfortunate that his wife put it out on a DVD. At that time

she was under certain

pressures. Right

now, it is what it is. Peopte could look

at my brother and say he was a woman-

beater. I coutd just say that he loved his famity very much.

The film also showed that he was a

prankster. Do you have any stories?

I could hit you with one. We're in the

studio one day and he had purchased a

gun that shot btank buttets. So I come in and I didn't know he had it, and

he stages a fight. He pu[[s out the gun. He shoots the guy. The guy goes

down. I'm buggin', tike, 'What we gonna do with the

body?" He got me

neryous. lt was to the point where he couldn't hotd the laughter in any.

more. Then they did the same thing with the engineer after that. He put

a strawberry on his head and told one of the crew members, "l trust you

with att my tife. Shoot it off my head." The engineer was going battistic.

How do you feel being one of Pun's prot6g6s?

l'm excited about my album. There's certain songs I'm reatly excited

about. I feel excited that I even have the opportunity to be in this situ- ation.

Do you have any regrets about leaving Terror Squad?

No regrets. I made my decision with reason. I had reason to do what I did.

I stick by it because I'm stitl in the game and l'm going to make my way

up. And when I do it's going to feel even

I didn't have to ride nobody's

better and more futfitling

coattaits and suck in a lot of stuff just to


make it. I did it and was appreciated by a tabet.

Are you still in touch with Cuban Link?

Me and Cuban are brothers. I live and die for that dude. I admire what

he's doing with his album, Chain Reaction, due in September. He's on two

cuts on my atbum, including one featuring and produced by Pyscho Les of

the Beatnuts. I'm on his. He's waiting for me with open arms. After this

atbum, l'l[ probabty sign to his tabet, M.O.B. (Men Of Business) and let him executive produce the atbum.

What about Remy Ma or Tony Sunshine?

I see Remy and Prospect on the street sometimes. I got love for them. But

I don't do business with them. I have no reason to be around them. I have

no reason to let them know what l'm thinking either.

What's next for Triple Seis?

I have a [abe[, Time Witt Tett Entertainment and we're working on a mix- tape, Time Witt Tett, The Mixtape, Vot. 1. lt's hosted by Tony Touch and wi[[ have different people's songs. And l'm trying for this rote in a movie catted "Famous," written by La Bruja.

- Jessica Koslow, (Photo: Madd Records)



I I iami isn't iust Liberty City, Carol City, and South Beach. lt runs

down South, ina ftght before you reach the white sands

Y lofthe Keys you hit Homestead. That's where you'11 find rapper and businessman Zay. Hailing from what he calls "the tip of the dick

head," Zay was born and raised in Richmond Heights.

"My area was

no different from anybody else's," he recalls. Growing up in the fast

ffi a



lane, Zay has seen and done it all. After retiring his "street shoes,"

he found comfort in music and became the key artist on Miami record label Xela Entertainment. But, Zay suffered a huge setback when CEO Lil' Alex was brutally murdered on September 3rd, 2003, in a Miami barbershop. A year later, he's