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Turbocharger NR 12 / S – Introduction of splash oil cooling Cus 244 • 10/07

Modification of locating bearing

General Splash oil cooling - already approved in larger MAN Diesel radial-flow
turbochargers - stops coking of the lubricating oil on turbine side in case of
high operating temperatures. Splash oil cooling is now also introduced into
series for turbocharger NR12/S.

Reason Depending on the condition and quality of the lubricating oil in connection
with high operating temperatures, the area between sealing cover and piston
ring was occasionally subject to oil coking in the past.

Function of splash oil cooling Lubricating oil is splashed into the upper range of the sealing cover (517.017)
and distributed by means of a borehole in the bearing casing (517.001). The
oil flows into the lubricating oil drain via a U-shaped annular groove in the
sealing cover. The surface temperature of the sealing cover is reduced until
the formation of oil coke is stopped.

The turbine rotor (520.001) and the sealing cover have been modified in this
area (detail X) so that the lubricating oil is hindered from escaping between
piston ring (520.032) and sealing cover (517.017) in each operating condition.

NR12/S turbochargers can now be pre- or post-lubricated with the full oil
pressure of max. 2.2 bar.

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Please note A good post-lubrication after engine stop cools the casings of the
turbocharger. It prevents an intrusion of heat into the bearing on turbine side
and also the formation of oil coke in the piston ring area. In addition the
varnishing of the turbine-side bearing bush (517.003) is prevented and
consequently the service life of bearing bushes increased.

Modification of locating bearing The introduction of splash oil cooling and corresponding increased service life
of bearing bushes required a modification of the locating bearing (517.002).
The splash ring (520.006) and the thrust ring (520.028) were also revised as a
consequence there of.

Figure 2. Splash ring, locating bearing and thrust ring

Montage Caution! Please pay attention that a splash ring and a thrust ring of the
latest design is installed when fitting a new locating bearing. Otherwise a
bearing damage is risked.

Lube oil pressure Please check and, if necessary, adjust the lube oil pressure of 1.3 - 2.2 bar
before turbocharger after installation of the new components.

Retrofitting New turbochargers and cartridges are already equipped with splash oil
cooling and modified bearing.
Independent of splash oil cooling, future spare parts orders will exclusively
delivered with the new locating bearing (517.002) including a new splash
ring (520.006) and a new thrust ring (520.028).
The rotor (520.001) and the sealing cover (517.017) are only available in the
revised version.

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Spare parts Corresponding spare parts can be purchased via the turbocharger service of
MAN Diesel SE.

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