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27 February 2011

Sunday’s Service:

2nd Sunday before Lent

10.00 am - Prayer.

10.30 am - Communion.

Readings - Romans 8: 18-25 (p1135) & Matthew 6: 25-end (p971)

Readers - Virginia Hashimi, Andy Vanstan

Intercessor - Dawn Gilkes.

Wednesday’s Service


10.00 am - BCP Communion.

Readings - 2 Corinthians 11: 19-31 (p1165) & Luke 8: 4-15 (p1037)

Reader - Mrs I Sanderson.


Parish Weekend This year the Parish Weekend is Almighty God,

on 14th - 16th October, with speaker Rt Revd.
Colin Buchanan, who will be with us on Pentecost
Sunday. Cost for the over 65’s £60, 16-65 £82, 5- give us reverence for all creation
16 £25, under 5 free. If you would like to give
and respect for every person,
more than the published cost it will be appreciated
as this will enable us to cover the cost for those that we may mirror your likeness
who for a variety of reasons cannot afford to go.
in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Guy & Jenny are running a savings scheme.

Annual Parochial Meeting will be on Tuesday 12th

April, would everyone please have their group
April, would everyone please have their group
reports in to Barbara by the 11th March. Victims of the earthquake in New Zealnad

Electoral Roll The revision of the church electoral CONTACTS

roll will begin on Sunday 6th March and end on Vicar: Revd. Don Gilkes
Sunday 20th March.
01924 893100
Dates for your diary!! Yes it is February already
07821 325350
and before we know it Easter will be upon us,
therefore it is now the right time to point out two
dates for your diary.30th July - 6th August = Faith
Camp. When booking Select All Saints Normanton
and use Group code ASN1 Youthworker: Gavin Budby

26th August - 30th August = Grapevine

01924 220868
Both of these camps provide amazing and uplifting
teaching and can be strongly recommended. A 07969 089959

number of church family will be attending these

camps this year and some will even go to both!
Grapevine brochures are available on the welcome
desk, and both websites contain all the information Community Development officer:
you will ever need including speaker details. You
Jenny Farrall-Bird
will even save money the earlier you book with the
best savings if you book before the end of 01924 892410
February. See Guy for more details.
07872 551640

Rotas The service rotas for March are in the
pigeon holes.

Women’s World Day of Prayer Service This
service will be held in Kirkthorpe Church on Friday Phil Atkinson: 07702 248 948
4th March at 2.30 pm. Please come along and join
John Dracup: 07753 987 668
in prayer with ladies from other churches.

Church Office
Parish Rooms The door key pad and the alarm
code for the Parish Rooms has changed if you are Admin: Barbara Teece

a key holder and you have not been given the new
01924 220868
code please see Barbara.

WoW in March The next WoW evening is take-

away night at Marianne’s on 2nd March. Would Open weekdays 9.00am-3.00pm except Wednesday
from 10.00am
you please let Rose or Marianne know what
cuisine you prefer ie: Chinese; Indian; Mexican; Call to book Parish rooms for Baptism and
Pizza etc and we’ll do the rest!! If you need Weddings: Tuesday 7.00-8.00pm Parish Room
directions to Marianne’s home, please ask. Don’t
forget to bring your friends. Please come along for
a social evening even if you do not want to eat. All
ladies welcome.

Olympics The PCC are asking for ideas about

how we might use the Olympics in 2012 as an
opportunity for reaching our community. If you
have any thoughts let Don know.

Women’s Weekend National Women’s

Conference, 13-14 May 2011, Kingdom Faith
Church, Horsham. Girls, this is just for YOU!! Two
days of friendship, fun and dynamic God
encounter where you will hear God’s heartbeat for
the lost and be inspired to embrace the future! If
you would like to attend please see Rose for more
details as soon as possible. If we book before the
end of March we may be eligible for a reduction in

Church Walks Our next Monday afternoon walk is

on 7th March and will be in Bretton Country Park.

Worship Rotas

Sunday 6th March

10.30 am - Service of Thanksgiving.

6.30 pm - Communion.

Readers - David Sanderson, Emma Parkinson,

Denise Burgess.

Intercessor - Rose Young, John Dracup.

Welcome/Coffee - Ann Bucktrout, Christine

Steels, Janet Robinson, Judith Townsend.

Counting - Bob Burgess, David Sanderson, Ann

Preston. Charity Number: 1135324
Wednesday 9th March

10.00 am - BCP Communion.

Reader - Mrs J Clarkson.

7.30 pm - Communion.

Readers - Elaine Wells, Shirley Addy.

Intercessor - Andy Vanstan.

Weekly Action

Tues 7.00 pm - The Aftershock in Parish Rooms

Wed 10.00 am - Traditional Communion in church

1.00 pm - Mums, Dads and Tots in Parish Rooms

6.00 pm - Rock Solid High in Parish Rooms

7.30 pm - Freedom in Christ Youth in Parish Rooms

Thurs 4.00 pm - Rock Solid Junior in Parish Rooms

7.30 pm - Youthy in Well@Woodhouse

7.30 pm - Worship Team in Church

Sunday Morning Kid’s Groups

1st Sunday - Service of Thanksgiving-please sit with

your family

2nd Sunday - Meet in Church and sit together with

activities in Side Chapel

3rd Sunday - Meet in Parish Rooms from 10.00 am

for Breakfast Club

4th Sunday - Meet in Church and sit together with

activities in Side Chapel

A Crèche for under 4’s is available at every service

under the East Window.
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