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27 DE MAYO DEL 2020
1.- Introducción
3.- Fundamental principles of first aid
3.1 What Should Be Included In A First Aid Kit?
4.- Implementation of first aid classes for teachers
and students for normal or risk cases
4.1 Benefits of taking an accredited first aid
4.2 Importance of firt aid in physical well-being
5.- Institution of the red cross
6.- Injury priorites
6.1 Basic first aid steps
7.- Treatments
7.1 Wounds
7.2 First aid for fractures
7.4 Wasp and Bee Stings
7.5 Burns
8.- General physical well-being

Accidentes have become the number one cause of teen mortality. We
constatly see or hear in the news dead or injured in traffic
accidentes,drowned, or injuried by some type of fall, this is due t the
hyperactivity of their Age caused by their hormonal imbalance this causes a
taste for defying the rules and seek limits either to assert themselves or
prove their worth to others, or curiosity, which sometimes involves getting
fully into dangerus ituations, using drugs, etc.
 An accident can have repercussions both physically, it can reduce the
quality of life, produce disabilit, dead, and it also psychologically affects the
relatives of the wounded or deceased, and health costs are increasingly
higher to face the medical emergencies that occur. It is a topic of
considerable importance and therefore must be present in teaching, we know
tahta in the educational journey of ana individual many things are taught but
rarely are they taught how to sabe the life of another persono or how to react
to an accident.
The OMS defines an accident asa foreseeable event and that is that
accidents in most cases occur due to factors that could have been controlled
with preventive measures, which must be taken into account and
encouraged, but once they occur, quicklyapplied first aid is decisive in
reducing the consequences and sometimes saving lives.
First aid is the measures that are initially taken in an accident, first aid is
directly related to health, according to the OMS, it is a complete state of
physical, mental and social well-being, but the ability to include health from
the subject of making use of personal resources, of facing the dificulties and
problems of life, we could consider first aid as part of those personal
resources to maintain health once an acident has occurred.
It is evident that health is a priority in society and as such must be present in
schools, they are an ideal place because they reach the total population.
Health education is one of the so-called cross-cutting themes that must be
included in all áreas; it is a social process for individualsto take measuresin
defense of individual and collective health.
Accidents are things tht happen. A person may choke on an ice cube or be
stung by a bee. It is important to have a first aid kit available. Have one at
home and one at home and one in your car. The kit should incluide a first aid
guide. Read the gide to learn how to use the itmes, so you´re ready in an
emergency. You can also learn to handle common injuries.
First aid has a lot of scope to cover, it is not only about healing wounds, but
also knowing how to react before difficult or complicate circumstances, such
as any type of majority degreee accident, we can also consider that they are
one of the scout badges have, since it is vitally important to know how to
react at all times to physical or health problems, not only to know how to
heal wounds, but also to know that they can be used in serious medical
cases, without affecting the health of the individual, nor generte a risk of loss
of meaning ore ven life itself.
First aid is essential in our daily life since it is not know when an accident of
great or small magnitude may occur. In some situations, immediate action
can sabe many lives.

Accidents that cause damage to the head, face, neck, chest and abdomen are
among the dangerous, the speed and safety with which they act in these
cases is a factor tht can make the difference between life and deadth of the
wounded man.
It is necessary to have knowledge about first aid to know how to deal with
these types of emergencies meditioned above, it is necessary to have
thempresent the different procedures tht must be applied in the event of an
emergency or ccident whether it is work, home, Street, among others, many
deadths can be avoid when you know the basic principles of first aid.
First aid is a primary topic to address as it is topic tht encompasses the
health of all living things in the world.
Just as there are different uses of first aid depending on the situation, it i
show you act, so there are also different care techniques for each os the
living beings.
We cannot administer the same dose of morphine to a human as to an
elephant, nor can we give the same dose of an adult to a child, since we
would be harming the health of the person, or the animal.
Knowing and practicing first aid is one of the objectives that parents should
set themselves in the event that their children suffer an accident during their
first years of livfe. However, it should not be forgotten that suh
implementation practice basically involves cting with total security in what is
going to be carried out, being preferable, in case there is any doubt anything
since inadequete help could aggravate the injury.
Another aspect to cpnsider in first aid is taking into account “that what
should not important a knowing what to do”, since an inappropriate or
misapplied therapeutic measure could lead to serious consequences.
Fundamental principles of first aid

First aid involves timely response to emergencies and immediate care of sick
and injured people. Trained first aiders apply a range of procedures and
techniques that offer care when accidents and injuries occur, often making
the difference between life and death during high-risk, low-frequency
emergencies. More than ever, first aid intervention is a valuable link in the
life saving chain, where casualties are addressed and monitored prior to the
arrival of emergency services personnel.
The potential for first aid to save lives has improved dramatically during
recent years. There are three basic principles to keep in mind when helping
someone, but they are especially important when it comes to helping
accident victims.

1.- protect.

Before paying any attention, it is necessary to assess whether the secene

where the incident is taking place is safe. It is about “protecting yourself and
the victim”. The objective is to avoid tht the person who is going to give aid
is injured and that the victim´s injuries are not aggravated. In accidents,
especially in traffic into account to guarantee the safety and well-being of

2.- alert.

Once it has been determined thst the plce is safe, the emergency services
should be alerted. Throughout the european community there is a telephone
number that serves to alerta ll emergency services that must intervene in the
resolution of an incident. You must know what type of emergency is
occurring. If this information is no t possibleto know if, in addition to the
presence of the health service, other emergency services are required, such
as firefighters or pólice.

3.- help.

This is the main purpose of first aid, but to do it correctly previously, it is

necessary to carry out the evaluation of the situation of the same can get
worse in a short time. If this happens it is necessary to contact the health
emergency service again
Basic principles of first aid also include:
8 Safe response to emergencies for the benefit of casualties, bystanders and

9 Securing the emergency site to reduce further harm to the casualty

10 Using appropriate first aid procedures and techniques

11 Safely moving the casualty, minimising pain and helping stabilise the

12 Providing reassurance and guidance to the casualty

13 Communication with bystanders and emergency services personnel

14 Acting in accord with first aid protocol and workplace guidelines

What Should Be Included In A First Aid Kit?

Every trained first aider should have access to a first aid kit. Accidents and
injuries are inevitable anywhere people gather, while health and safety
standards are increasingly prioritised in Australian workplaces, schools and
community settings. First aid kits contain basic elements for dealing with
common injuries, along with accessories to ensure both casualty and first
aider are protected. General first aid kits contain several items, including:
Industry standard workplace first aid kits contain additional items for a
tailored response, such as those required to treat burns victims. First aid
equipment and devices should be stored and maintained appropriately, and
can be expanded upon as part of a dedicated first aid room for addressing
wide-ranging injuries. Real Response courses include options for on-site
training, localised risk and hazard minimisation, employee education and the
establishment of a first aid room.

GASAS: they are soft and absorbent pads that serve to heal wounds. They
are used to clean and cover wounds or stop bleeding. • There are non-stick
gauze pads for bloody wounds or special ones for burns.

STRIPS: They are adhesive tapes that can be of various types, the most used
are: cloth, recommended for most first aid in which you need to tie, including
if you have to tie heavy bandages, it is also less irritating than adhesives ;
made of paper, which is recommended for sensitive skin and is used for light
and frequently changed bandages.

IODINE or MERCROMINE: it is used to clean and disinfect lesions.

STRIPS of different sizes, materials, colors etc. that can be used in wounds
and cuts of different types.

Gauze BANDS: Used in many types of accidents It is essential to have roll

bandages. It is also recommended to include elastic and gauze bandages of
different sizes.

THERMOMETER: it is used to measure the temperature of people.

OXYGENATED WATER Used to clean wounds. It is very suitable to stop

bleeding from cuts, small wounds or nosebleeds

ALCOHOL: Used to disinfect thermometers, tweezers, scissors, or other

instruments. It is also used for cleaning the skin before an injection. It is NOT
advisable to use it on a wound because it irritates the tissues.

Mild ANALGESICS: They are pain relievers to relieve pain (head, toothache,
ears, etc.) caused by trauma and to prevent shock, however it should not be
used indiscriminately. The main painkillers used are acetyl saticylic acid and
paracetamol, which can be found on the market under different brand names.
They are also antipyretic (lower fever).




SCISSORS with round tip.


Single-use gloves.


List of useful telephone numbers: SOS Emergencias 112

Implementation of first aid clsses for teachers and
students for normal or risk cases

It is easy to identify when a situation requires first aid services.

There is not always a medical service, even if it is for insignificant things,
and also many times the medical service is far from where we live. In case of
accidents at home or at work, it is important that we all heve first aid practice
already that in many cases what is needed is time for the ambulance to arrive
or the affected person to be transferred to the hospital That is why it is also
of utmost importance that in schools the subject of first aid is granted, to be
prepared for any situation and not only teachers, but also students. We put
forward a hypothesis
In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, teachers focus on
trying to evacuate as many students as posible, however suppose it is not
achieved, and four students are trapped on the other side, one of them with
injuries and there are no teachers or authorities whi know first aid, the
students would not know how to act in this situatio.
On the otherhand, if they were given first aid clases, they would know how to
act in such circumstances.
The fact tht the students are trained in first aid can save the life of each one
of them, at least for my part i consider tht it would be a great advantage to
invest in both personal and social care in the event of any type of accident.
I so thinkwe should all be trained for extrem things, it is very important to
continue trining teacgers, and train those who are needed, as government
support as well as qualifi students for future crises .
First aid saves lives. First aid is vital because if you act within the four
minutes immediately afer an acciden, the consequences derived from it
decrease slowly. This can ony be accomplished if the situation is preparedto

Benefits of taking an accredited first aid course

The accredite first aid course is mandatory, even for school-age children and
adolescents. And it is because basic principles that can represent the
survival of someone after an accident are learned.
For companies, the first benefit is essential: achieving compliance with
occupational health and sadety standardas and health regulations
occupational. Companies that do not want to incurfines and penalties must
ensure that their employees take an accredited first aid course.
But let´s not forget that the main purpose is to save lives or avoid severe
injuries that can incapacite a worker.
The training offered ny a first aid course is not only useful in case of
accidents. People with knowledge in primary care can contibute a lot to
companies in the planning and preparation of their prevention of their
prevention plans. In many companies it is mandatory for employees to be
trained with an accredited first aid course, since having it provides important
benefits and can be vitally important.
Finally, getting all the emplotees of a company to be trained through a
accredited first aid course is one way to promote a solid culture of preventio
in health and safety at wok. This will make it easier for you to meet various
requirements of local and internartional regulations
We can say that the main objective that benefits everyone is to train the
entire community to be prepared in the event of an accident, attack, disaster,
Taking the couse is not knowledge that does not guarantee being able to
save not only ur lives, but also the life of another person one never knows
when we might need or require an urgent service, i alredy know with exposed
franchises, resuscitation, among others. So taking curious pyrotechic aides
can have many benefits, since we would be able to deal with any type of
injuty and perhaps thus give more life to another person
It is worth mentioning that it also benefits since in some particular clinic first
to work, so it could be said that it benefits since in some particular clinic first
aid is a requirement to work, so it could be said that it benefits you to be
alble to get a job, either part time or if you want a full time job, tou can do
another course and certification.
For those rho want to study medicine or nusing, first aid is one of the they
have to learn, since the prctices become more complicated each time,
knowing the basic steps could give them an advantage and tht it is not
difficult for them to learn the new tecniques.
Since they are allbased on the same and have the same bases.