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Name : Buhary Maharoop Ali

Date of Birth : 28th Feb 1965
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Gender : Male
Address : PO Box 447, Sharjah, UAE
Contact : Mobile: +971 55 2911525


A dedicated and results oriented senior manager over 23 years of cross-functional

management, Finance & Administration, HR, and General Management.

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Areas of expertise include financial management, budgeting, cash management,

project management, ERP implementation, Admin & HR compliance.

Driving License : UAE Light Vehicle

Health : Good, Non-Smoker
Interest : Browsing internet, Creativity, Reading and Cuisine

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)'  ' major inFinancial Accounting, Auditing & Banking 1985.

 *% c '  &Member of IMA


|Y Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook and all related applications

|Y ERP Applications, Tally, Focus etc.
|Y Xuick access knowledge in major computer applications which are used for
management and financial field.



|Y ’’*
&  with aGroup of Companies in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

& Finance Manager

?Y ’’*  Accounts Manager 

?Y ’’*’’  Senior Accountant 

?Y -’’’’ Assistant Accountant & Cashier 

|Y ’*’’  VariousPosition held in the field of accounts   

' , 

|Y Directly reporting to the Chairman of the Group and managing finance department
with a team of qualified accountants.
|Y Assisting & Advising Group Chairman·s business investment and decision making
|Y Perform other business duties as directed by the Chairman
|Y Work with divisional managers for business planning and target achievement
|Y Work with HR to develop policies and procedures, and ensure these are effectively
|Y Liaising with banks and financial institutes for short and long term funding various
|Y Project Management, Fund management, working capital and cash flow
|Y Supervising and controlling financial accounting functions
|Y MIS and Management audit reporting
|Y Involve with Internal and external Auditors for account finalisation
|Y General administration and HR with help of respective manager



?Y Shipchandling & Catering Business
6Y Since 1976, one of the leading Shipchandling Company in this region,
having business with major shipping line vessels calling UAE ports for
Shipchandling, Bunkering and Manning.
6Y Offshore catering - Catering Contract with major drilling and offshore
operation handling companies.
?Y Shipping & Trading
6Y Own Vessel management, Fuel trading (bunkering), vessel chartering and
clearing and forwarding.
6Y Company was involved in chartering barges to supply aggregates to
GCC countries.
6Y Trading in fuel procuring from major oil companies in GCC and supply thru
company owned vessels as well as vessel chartering for deliveries.
6Y Clearing and forwarding service for its own import as well as for clients.
?Y General Trading
6Y Import and local distribution of FMCG products
6Y Mainly into Poultry, Meat and Frozen Fish from Various part of the world
mainly from Asia and Europe wholesale and retail distribution thru own
fleet of vehicles.
?Y Real Estate
6Y Managing residential flats and commercial properties like showroom,
offices, Warehouses , Labor Accommodations and lands
?Y Cold Store & Logistics (3PL)
6Y 5000 MT capacity Cold and Dry Storage facility with manual and semi
automated warehousing and logistics, providing space rental and
storage services to 3rd parties.
6Y Also distribution of Clients goods thru its fleet of reefer trucks to clients
instructed locations.
?Y Contracting
6Y Medium size projects in the area of general construction, electrical and
roads, review tenders, project follow-ups involves with Engineers &
?Y Group
6Y Policy and procedure development and implementation, mingle with
Group chairman in major important decision making


?Y Manage financial planning, budgeting and project cost analysis; implement cost
control measures.
?Y Examine and review accounting records, financial statements, and other
financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to
reporting and procedural standards


Financial Planning, forecasting, assets management, banking relation, financial facilities

from various institutes, ISO audit and implementation, ERP Software implementation,
knowledge of labor law, contracts etc.,

|Y Voin the group as junior staff in accounts department and achieved to the level of
Finance Manager of the Group
|Y Handling local and international supplier and clients
|Y Budgeting, planning n effective cost control
|Y Restructuring existing warehouse operation into 3PL(Third Party Logistics)
|Y Played a key financial management role with regards to asset management and
acquiring full banking license while identifying new business opportunities for
expansion within the Group.
|Y Successfully implemented the products· profitability information system for
management which led them for their strategy implementation
|Y ISO 9002 certification and auditing Food Handling certification.
|Y Practical proficient in LC Import & Export & Insurance
?Y Trade finance activities for various businesses in the Group.
|Y Setting up informative integrated ERP solution for Group Finance Accounting and
Operation and HR
|Y Successfully implemented the MIS system that allows the team for accurate and
timely preparation of the required reports, including overall management accounts,
products· profitability.
|Y Liaise with major international audit firms like Earnest & Young, KPMG, Talal Abu
Ghazaleh for Group Accounts finalization and familiar with IFRS compliance.

   ' pleased to furnish upon request