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IK] >KEYSTONE NEWSPAPER K UT ZTOWN UNIVERSITY Freeform Arts & Entertainment Sports Alles to hast KU Orag Show IKUCD ranked PA No.1 “Boe for the Money” WIBE competes in PSAC eramponeh> Construction continues on KU student facing KU Foundation hotel project | child pornography $15M project expected to benefit campus, borough communities ch arges Search warrant executed at Lehigh Hall in November nang ans prranrony By kage Lenn NEWS TIPS WANTED P Do you have an inside tera aided tat the scoop ona story? (Dt comalatd byw ond ole Contact Kaylee Lindenmuth Out to Pasture KU hosts legislative breakfast Community leaders discuss university and policy KU hosts legislative | College of Business speaker breakfast emphasizes networking in pursuing career goals Standing room-only crowd gathers to hear remarks ; Commission on Human Diversity’s 9th Conference Combined Commuter Tuesday, Spring Festival event draws hundreds OSI, ACE team up for combined event after postponement "Oo saint Sabina Soe. ema Serco Tegra nor sheen aes ean Sa Ramon Suessay an Sng rosa inetonat ace ane Rls t2en ee ar smraseap aon povoa ins Son wan et eg Sis a oa tree vay sce Sones pd Cormetr esa ceemrone Lr 2 ASSISTANT a Contact Kaylee Lindenmuth News fe 2s Out of the Darkness Walk set for April 28 Suicide prevention event Bias Response Task Force works to create inclusive environment at KU ‘Community engagement key for achieving task force's goals Kaylee Linden prefer” Vogel ade ee ae oo Sane Eeavamons eats Ten SSS “Iwant everybody to feel welcome: (Srna ae bg oy, tnomer ves mogers'on be vietimized by a bias incident, discrimination, gir arpa rac ase lagen mere ste gogo our xt most ‘Thats to beauty ofthe wor at Nar ate how sides ongagomen tom we Ku Sma eia see “tart veryody to fal Freeform KU students prepare for Clarification: Kutzpatty’s Article posted in the Event to take place weekend of March 23-24 Keystone Newspaper on Mons ron Gein oy fron of KU Aged cosa ovo tm yom “Ghia crenworaing Sam ravers Sayan. vis peor epee togeors wot poren, Soe \iSing once nom nar sa {raot cour. ing a ey crasnaon "Ago tng kw in ia preparton te epee said“ away epee sng our walyto seer at nrereesee Biman eseteaye Reames meee Sma Socieeteees preicieseres ismcence. aoe Peer eae aorta trop mays srr, can ‘erocunoste arcu erpety ata of suing ou ‘Newauepy. mor sire sya going tudo anator romney metre crac your oun poetry and ‘rau an omg aoa itv bowie an a ay Looe orcs, Sn grove our own poste In mene Speci aucton ‘Tho wera ig about TRO, Seca wi KU auger Feb. 28, 2019 ‘eta nn vantage of your ‘Slopettoce aa dart Why is Rape Aggression Defense training only available for women? KU reps share insight concerning male sexual assault in contemporary culture Putte Saat a ote ‘sons ston Urvarsty tered Aapo Aggressor Cote GA, waning woman ony Ses ty wae A ‘myles. wh nc (Sr bvecor or omer, Gente ‘aaah 2 atone eins eae a Erion opened pen Shela contact tows pal USngegrasome tanegense Rial ed te ageet ree ‘Sitcotaae cosase © men Sihemgne nad one Your ony cou of men had ‘ronan person ae “wa ot do bi ogra oes "Gouge esod er wltogness Prone nummer aeecaenr139) ant ha Pac ley oe [ton were cong ta boet Ipscipg menin snap wy ‘Zutaareaaing hom tom sooo oaeaeeane regenera ra ee eae oe Soarmices Saeoesr ey Ses ana pen Sivonen ators dy Fetter Cole Coma er inte Seam sreinaiyeumin ne Eames Eee iperies: oe =. signee nang aca. Sooners acca tar Sioee Sai” Scene aes Seino ets 2 Doyouwant to share your comics ‘with people? Come draw a Contact shelby otto for more info! sottoz62ali Kutetownedu Taplaning comanise sor psa MORE program Fathi you, be HU ‘hese ote pois Baran atiGne MiscutaaOnemightandinde'aandng othe progr Rogu eponenss) program” anim nghtaos rosea of me ‘incur’ sn ‘ate sro sad ser ‘peronce many ard nomon ing Inpatot te praia Soe ot "Assn a Jouy Seraaror carta Wah ho program at famous oven, vctng cho ofthe” anighumoor RU student, Rogan” rag racios a spuronary andthey we urhust wot "hes Cant Nr roars tor Schestaughiby KU powarct coninglonU: Wasven have, joing the programa ow ler YWfarléd ». os ting about Satire, politics, trends, media, ® wealth, controversy, or technology? } Contact Shelby Otto $ StorHovu: PIS e epee 7 Self Storage Specials for Kutztown University Students and Employees Keystone 1107 Commons Blvd Reading, Pa 19605 - 610-926-7000 4 Months - 50% Off Rent “x5 Standard Storage Units* & Trexlertown 1455 Trexlertown Rd Macungie, PA 18062 610-336-8400 Monthly specials are available Call or Reserve yours online at www. University ID required - $15 administration fee Tenant insurance required- expires 5/31/2019 Cannot be combined with other offers. Subject to availabilty Freeform KU GetMORE program helps multicultural students connect with campus life Current students host guests overnight in residence halls Sogamououze Fea goat ‘oang of ug he yous nhac ard aaa inesoat A and Kayn, nowy exper Tames stuns partapa sna aga ge foton 8 otogo tore Words and actions carry lasting effects KU residents must recognize consequences of exclusionary language Atanas etree Seems Somewose =e Serears eee ionaereene ET [beret nasr warts and Epeaemecs UCD DE rela eae ol) {har mopos at hur pomp. atacmaner not ance bi nce vt ‘geting volves on campus ee So acy ot, yet etc BVT: Yoin ike) Freeform On HISTORY MONTH [Om me) FEARLESS Allies to host KU Profile: KU senior plans on Drag Show making a difference Event slated for April 4 in Schaeffer Kayla Forbes explores complexities of the female body by emi Hires KU LYM takes stance in fighting childhood cancer Nonprofit organization aims to raise awareness Arts & Entertainment Jor 8s; | KUCD ranked PA’s No. 1 ‘Best for the Money’ Design Program by College Factual site Design faculty share their thoughts on KU’s successful program heel amour of student loan ‘bung pecnicedknowndge _eveniecahes ove 100 sade! on ory ne paca opi nd ace SRS perenne er opeearcs as Siero panos Sorte pat oe Sie eer EE meen See, eon meant Eth, cescmietran Saccoee, SERRE. Fomine — meesnmaier According to GD department Money” ranking is ‘educating practices. RES” elgg eae eeStnneae sie me eri the correlation fe doug fell cocoa oe Sone oer educatonand Sarena aes foucnswcees Creates versus the cost Serato wegen | Ree Snivershy Resi, Eraeselsrne ‘Euters show prepares ty Garg ts 14 yor, roy vganzatons an comoanen : Fowmachiney en Gracheo, andwether ableton "Earhyear fe depatment” prac whee starts orue Miller Gallery features artwork from Scholastic Art Award winners Local middle and high school students feature artwork spy nz wooing change assets ata cousy sky recognzng taker your reo witty coaningy ae, Satna ato ps yRacr ater cena rer Trevaraing Seguin aor “Facey ater maim ot Incas mins snow a pis Sysoumemangn ide Soren! 358 ey abe poesia tear, ceorwieg Sereareamn’ Sig dome Sra oo mateo Thome cane ‘ators page one KU wonse, rosie A & Wing Seen ead Pen eet Friends of Rachel’s Kindness Karnival sprouts happiness on campus Annual event encourages growth and kindness FRIEVDS OF RACHEL re Seo. ee Tes Arts & Entertainment Review: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ New Netilix show gives worthwhile adventure for all viewers Hargleaves. Mysore unava ae Beaioy ola dyetnctonal ‘oe Srndway sage cmeyover Ramat putueeiar ingest! Sry wage and in Sm boate sonsear ne same nap unin arta. Review: ‘The Dissolution of Unrequited’ Webster's final novel becomes instant heartbreaker ‘Staconentona!naschoins ormtonerestaret in ning Leela ecole ser Solem [Soc rocoprzes how aarené” (Sook. ‘rng prom na apo eee ent menor pene eee KU Orchestra hosts winter performance Show features ensemble’s solo talent vem ease sa ci ea cond er feared morbers one sg patsnary saa ‘ont perorg ne oo. At nga trai ace, gio hte wrap Sports Women’s basketball defeats Lock Haven 81-64, moves on to PSAC Semifinals Golden Bears host first PSAC Final Four in school history Bears 912238 Reasng mathe appearance yr kapwsis Secondo, ‘Sone tor “nema ofthe Goden Gants aaiate pa barbara Women’s basketball competes in team’s first- ever PSAC championship (wr rms rome KU loses to IUP 72-57 in chaiiponatis ae "> SOFTBALL Saeed SCHEDULE fare et cama tran te a Soon nena k -Beacom ‘eiodiurinbe pone nen 8 ck pon | warrge oe West Chester West Chester wen 29 [nme sents Won ches m4 Millersville Jefferson Nach 0 Mel, PA sors Rroseche Felician Shippensburg poate se pers, Bloomfield Milley rants Shippensburg shepherd anes be eon fea |Roe pon 2s | seston A eee EeeS aw | East Shoudsburg East Stroudsburg aoeuiemten” | Adel tone fonts | sora, Holy Family PSAC Championships. pome' terre Thay 1 auataronr PA al 21 Grea cuing RU a = ) == Student Ap A “~ Gey ADVANTAGE POINT WILL DONATE $150 ee CONTACT ZACK MOORE FOR MORE INFO 610-683-3100 » LEASING@APKUTZ.COM » WWW.APKUTZ.COM INDIVIDUAL TOURS ALSO AVAILABLE Sports Dunn Jr. named D-II Wrestling National Champion Golden Bears finish program record 10th Sorter Aion Ou Te katone News KU swim team wraps most successful season since 2012 KU swim team places sixth at PSACs KU equestrian team looks forward to Regionals ‘Teammates have one last chance to auatty Other KU Sports Highlights oan peer ica isnt pee ee ee een Cerro poorer) Peart cere ei core as ea

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