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His famous contributions:

1.Power of Six Sigma:An inspiring tale of how Six Sigma is transforming the way we work.
(Hard cover June 19,2001)

2.Power of Design for Six Sigma.(Hardcover 4 October,2002)

3.Taguchi's Quality Engineering book by Genichi Taguchi,Subir Chowdhury and Yuin Wu(Hardcover 8

4.Robust Engineering:Learn how to boost quality while reducing costs & time to market.(Hardcover 18
October, 1999 by Genichi Taguchi, Subir Chowdhury and Shin Taguchi)

5.The Mahalanobis-Taguchi System by Genichi Taguchi, Subir Chowdhury, and Yuin Wu (Hardcover -
Aug 30, 2000)

6.Next Generation Business Handbook: New Strategies from Tomorrow's Thought Leaders.(Hardcover
- Oct 4, 2004)

7.Organization 21C: Someday All Organizations Will Lead This Way (Financial Times Prentice Hall
Books.) (Paperback - Sep 20, 2002)

8.Design for Six Sigma: The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Profits.(Paperback -
Oct 1, 2005)

9.The Talent Era: Achieving a High Return on Talent (Financial Times Prentice Hall)(Hardcover - Dec
17, 2001)

Institute of Finance,Banking & Insurance

Book Review
“The Ice Cream Maker”-by Subir Chowdhury

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Mr. Shankar RajaGopalan Sudeep Maheshwari
Mr. Devanjan Bose Gaurav Karolia
Manish Shrivas
Amit Shukla
Subir Chowdhury is one of the world's leading top management and quality
strategist. Born on 12th January 1967, Subir Chowdhury came a long way
from his birth place Chittagong,Bangladesh.

He has completed his bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from Indian

Institute of Technology(IIT), Kharagpur. He had also done his masters degree
in Industrial Management from Central Michigan University(CMU). He had
also pursued an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering from the Michigan
Technological University(MTU). Hailed from New York Times as a “leading
quality expert”, Subir Chowdhury has also been recognized by quality process
of American Society for quality as one of the “Voice of Quality in the 21st
century”. At present he lives in Michigan with his wife Malini and daughter
Anandi. He is also the Chairman & CEO of American Supplier's
Institute(ASI) consulting group, the world leader in Quality Consulting.

Prior to his present position Subir as Quality Management Consultant at

General Motors Corporation. Chowdhury is also a Fellow of the prestigious
Royal Statistical Society,London and Quality Society of Australasia. He had
also served American Society for Quality as Chairman(Automotive Division).

He is the author of 12 books including his international best seller like Design
for Six Sigma, Power of Design for Six Sigma,Management 21 C,etc. Subir is
a quality conscious person who also believe in doing things with perfection.
While writing The Ice Cream Maker Subir had the clear goal in his mind to
make people aware of the merits of quality and how to approach things in life.

Chowdhury believes being the best means becoming paranoid, always looking
at the competition and continuing to make changes to stay at the top of the
Subir had beautifully presented his thoughts in the book. In this book the
protagonist is Peter Delvecchio, manager of Dairy Cream, a regional ice
cream manufacturer who is determined to sell its products to a flourishing
national grocery chain, Natural Foods. Nothing seems to go right for him
neither in his office nor in his home. The fear of losing job was making him
putting more pressure on him. Later on with conversation with Mike
McMaster,the old neighbor of Peter and the Manager of Natural
Foods,grocery chain store where every employee had clear goals and everyone
knew their jobs well.

During his conversations with Mike,Peter learns how the extraordinary

successful retailer achieves its renowned high standards of excellence both in
the services it provides to its customers as well as food that it manufactures
and sells. He has been recognized as quality specialist long time back and with
this book he came up with some new concepts and ideologies. The concepts in
this book - like that of LEO(listen,enrich and optimize)-brings home the point
of building quality in every aspect of the organizational culture, for businesses
to become leading players in the global market and retain their position.

Chowdhury believes being the best means becoming paranoid, always looking
at the competition and continuing to make changes to stay at the top of the
game. Chowdhury said the purpose of the book is to prove that satisfied
employees who are passionate about their work are more likely to produce
quality work and better meet the needs of their customers.

Subir used ice cream as the subject of this book because he believed that there
was a commonality in ice cream and also the book could appeal to everyone.
Chowdhury says a main ingredient in the book is communication. This book is
not just about business management. It talks about some of the very
fundamental issues like quality management which we an implement in our
life too. By emphasizing on some simple yet essential aspects of business
management, Chowdhury has helped the reader recall their basics and keep it
simple. And most important this book does not sermonize,but simply suggests.
Appraisal of Ideas:
With this book Subir Chowdhury came up with a mind blowing concept of
LEO(Listen Enrich Optimize). He holds view that these three variables lies
everywhere and are of great importance but people are not using this effective
tool. This concept is meant not only for businesses but also for every work you do.

▪ Learning to Listen is the Most important element of

creating a quality culture in the organization

• Without passion, nothing is fun

• Profits are the by-product of great service
• Turn everything you do everyday out of necessity in to
something you love to do
• Encourage employees and make the people responsible
• If you give employees more responsibility, more freedom,
the right tools and training, compensation, give them
opportunity to be heard and they will be more engaged in
their work and more invested in their business

• Enriching the products and Services you offer

• Instill in everyone on your team, a passion for perfection in

every minute of your work
• The real measure of performance is how you do at your
best, but how you do at your worst
• Las Vegas - Kings of customer service
• Deejay syndrome - Plays what he thinks the customers
should listen
• Need to think about improving the product everyday

• Optimize

• Need to recognize the price of failure

• You need to do it right the first time
• Need to get absolutely dogged on to details
• Develop a sense of productive paranoia

Every person while writing books have different perceptions idea might be
same but main difference lies in the way you present and justify. When we
look for other books on the same topic one very effective book is there
titled “The Goal:A process of Ongoing Improvement” written by Eliyahu M.
Goldratt. and Jeff Cox. Goldratt & Jeff Cox had successfully co-authored a
book with same name but with central idea being improving excellence in
manufacturing individually they have written many books. Let us compare
these two books

Basis of The Ice cream maker The Goal

Central Idea Instill quality in every work we Improving processes by
do. removing constraints
Author's Style A quality expert
Subir Chowdhury who has been a leading strategist and the author of number of
best sellers though writes his books with a view to make people enhance their
personal & professional life. He regularly advises CEOs,senior leaders and those
who are at the top level as how to achieve bottom line results using powerful
toolsSix Sigma and Design for Six Sigma.
His clients include global Fortune 1000 companies, both in
private and public sectors. Some of his recent clients are: General Motors,
Caterpillar, Delphi, Berger Health Systems, Kaplan, Hyundai Motor Company,
Daewoo, Kia Motors, Samsung, Mark IV Automotive, Johns Manville, TRW, and
Loral Space Systems amongst others.
His last book The Ice Cream Maker was appreciated world
wide from the experts, readers and prestigious media like The Washington Post,
The Detroit News and has been distributed to every honorable Member of the U.S.
Congress (Senators and House of Representatives).
Talking about his book Subir Chowdhury said "This is not
a book solely for the business world,It's for everyone both inside and outside the

The book has been nicely written by Mr.Chowdhury and has nicely described the
characters. His writing skills are appreciated yet again. He had been able to draw
the attention of the reader to the point he actually wants to convey and had never
digressed from the central idea.
It can also be inferred that some of the lessons are a bit heavy handed
and the book is pretty Pollyanna-ish in the way the improvements at the ice cream
factory are all just automatically bought into by staff. A longer and more complex
story would have covered some of the more delicate change management issues
that are inevitable even when it's clear that change is needed. But overall the book
is a must read.
Although some critics of this book may think that the concepts Chowdhury
presents are common sense and obvious, they are also some of the most
overlooked and fixable. By reminding us of them, we are given the opportunity to
make simple yet effective changes.

There are some pages that I dog-eared for reference and for pointing out here:

Pg 30 -- the grocery store manager says, "We have over two hundred team members in this store alone.
There is simply no way I could play policeman for every worker if they're determined to undermine the
business. Instead, we utilize a friendly form of peer pressure to get everyone going in the same direction."

Pg 39 -- the ice cream manager says, "Like a lot of managers... I blamed my company's lack of focus on
quality on the workforce or our aging equipment. But, quality, I realized, starts with strong leadership. It
starts with me listening more closely to our workers, and to our customers."

Pg 52 -- there's a great story here about an airline flight attendent blindly following policy and not getting a
drink of water, before a flight, for an old man in the front of coach because water was for "first class only."
It's a great example of making sure that people aren't hampered by policy -- they need to be engaged to use
their brains and to do the right thing for customers."

Pg 60 -- talking about innovation and how the ice cream company doesn't have a Steve Jobs, the grocery
manager says, "We don't need a Steve Jobs. We need clerks and stock boys and department heads with their
eyes open and their brains working."

Pg 68 -- "If you want their input, there are no dumb ideas.... the key is to create an environment that
doesn't penalize creativity, but rewards it."
Pg 70 (reminscent of Toyota and andon) -- the grocery manager explains, "The team members who work in
our bakery have the authority to stop the production line at any time if they see something amiss...."