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7:00 PM
MCSG LB Meeting


Community Chest Request

Fatiya: I invited Gabi and Chi who are BLM@C leaders. In essence, we wanted people to create
a structure that is funded by MCSG and as a partnership with SSRC, BLAC, BLM@MAC, during
this stressful time to give visa gift cards for students. But we ended up with the idea to give care
packages to students. It would be 300 students who would be eligible to get it and would be
$4,500 that is spent on items and $300 on shipping.

Gabby: I am the VP of BLAC. We’re all going through a lot right now, especially for Black
students with the looming presence of Black deaths, at the center of uncomfortable
conversations, and having to advocate for ourselves are all tiring. Receiving something and
letting people know that someone is there, would be a really nice gesture that a lot of people
would appreciate.

Chi: there is a lot of trauma and hurt that has been opened this summer and these trials will be
a reminder of those feelings. Especially for Black students, this would be a proactive opportunity
to help students. So making sure people know who to reach out to and give students some self
care that students may not think about. Also, giving the opportunity to write cards to each other.
Once supplies are purchased, someone in the Campus Center will be putting them together,
and then sending out a google form. It’s gonna be a hard month and with the challenging mod
system, I hope we don’t have to carry the burden of this trauma while also carrying academics.

Rebecca: I noticed in the request that one of the requests is for water bottles and I wanted to
know if those would be reusable or disposable.

Chi: they’ll be multi use water bottles.

Fatiya: they are reusable.

Shreya: I wanted to mention that SSRC has fully approved this request with 100% funding
unanimous vote so we highly recommend MCSG to approve this request.

Hannah: I’m curious about what number you’re asking to vote on today?

Fatiya: It will be $4,800, the most complicated variable is the shipping fees. If there is leftover
money, we would give it back to the Community Chest.
Shreya: Community Chest money that is unused will just go back to it. There is no downside in
terms of overfunding.

Fatiya: I wanted to give an overview of what we've done so far. We’ve had conversations with
Mailing Services, Community Engagement Center, and Student Affairs, Marjorie said there are
multiple spaces where we could do this safely. There have been some concerns that this
request is for a certain identity but I wanted to fully name that Black students will experience the
trauma from the trial more deeply. So, that is why it is only for Black students.

Shreya: Motion to pass for the $4,800 from the CC to be allocated BLM@MAC request

Ayana: I second

Rebecca: We will now go into a vote to approve the allocation for $4,800 from the Community
Chest to be allocated to the BLM@MAC request.

Yes: 20
No: 0
Abstaining: 0

The motion passes! Thank you to the guests for coming!!

Community Chest Application written by ​Fatiya Kedir​ for BLM@Mac:

The murder of George Floyd last summer has deeply impacted world, nation, and our campus
(especially considering we are only 15 minutes away). In regards to our campus, I know that
black students have disproportionately been deeply affected by the trauma that came after.
March 8th marks the first day of the trial. I want to partner with SSRC to create a fund to provide
care packages for Black-identifying students at Mac to request from, not to survive (think a
separate fund or emergency fund needs to hold that responsibility) but to practice self care
(things that we may want/need).

How much?
$4,500 + shipping costs for 150 packages.

Why the amount?

Through partnership w/ SSRC and BLM, BLM@Mac wants to give each student that requests it
a care package, equalling about $15/person. Not very much, but think this amount would be
symbolic for us to show how much we see and care deeply for our Black students during this
dramatic time.

Using the Macalester demographics survey, we found that the amount of students who identify
as Black to be about ~120. We think it would be best if we had 300 packages created for any
student that needs them to be able to request (thru first come, first serve structure), with priority
given to students identifying as black.

Hoping this occurs as soon as possible (maybe to start week of March 1st)

Who is involved/should be contacted?, ​​, ​​, and
Chiagoziem and Gabby,​ BLAC leaders.

From ​Shreya: there will still be $8,353.99 in the fund if we approve this.​ Because it is a request
of over $1000 we will need LB approval. SSRC has unanimously agreed to recommend that the
LB passes this community chest request and allow the partnership between BLM@Mac and
SSRC to start work creating the care packages.

**BLM@Mac is not a Chartered Org at Macalester