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Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

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Throughout her life, Ariel

Hanson has been hailed as a
genius. At age six she began
poring over her father’s old
chemistry digi-tomes. At eleven
she published her first research
paper about the effects of
mutagenic chemicals on the
rare trabillia flower. At sixteen,
after graduating from upper school two years ahead of
her peers, she received a full scholarship to Tarsonis
University, a prestigious institute that was also attended
by her father, the renowned terraformer Dr. Bernard

Accepting the scholarship and leaving her home behind would be difficult.
For much of her life, she had lived on Agria, an idyllic colony world
established by her father. Ariel’s mother, the famed geneticist Dr. Talise[3/2/2011 12:00:26 AM]

Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

Cogan, had divorced Bernard when he decided to found Agria on what

was then a relatively barren fringe world. In the absence of her mother,
Agria’s colonists had become like family to Ariel.

Agria also boasted a wide range of cutting-edge research and

terraforming equipment due to its status as one of the Confederacy’s

primary botanical reserves, a fact that Bernard used to discourage Ariel
from accepting the Tarsonis scholarship. In his opinion, Agria had
everything she would ever need to pursue her scientific career, and part

of his original intent for founding the colony had been to create a better
life for her. Nevertheless, after much soul-searching and a series of
heated arguments with her father, Ariel decided to go to Tarsonis.

At Tarsonis University, Ariel earned a bioengineering doctorate in three

years, drawing the attention of dozens of corporate headhunters. Despite

the high-paying jobs they offered, Ariel turned them down. She had
become disillusioned with the politicking and ruthlessness of her peers,
who seemed all too eager to betray each other in order to succeed.

Ultimately what drove Ariel from Tarsonis was her mother, who at the

time was working at a distinguished research facility on the planet. Even

though she hadn’t seen Ariel in years, Talise still prioritized work over her
daughter. For Ariel, her mother was a frightening vision of who she

herself would become on Tarsonis – a crass intellectual who placed

personal achievement above all else. When Ariel decided to return to

Agria, Talise claimed she was simply running away from the “real” world,
just as her father had. The words only reaffirmed Ariel’s decision: if

Tarsonis was the real world, it was one she didn’t want to be a part of.

Ariel’s father never questioned why she chose to return, nor did he bear
a grudge for her decision to leave in the first place. He was simply happy

to have her back. With Bernard serving as the colony’s chairman, Ariel
became his unofficial second-in-command. In the years that followed,

Agria remained relatively safe and prosperous even during the chaos that
raged throughout the Koprulu sector. When the Confederacy fell, the

Terran Dominion kept Agria as a primary botanical center and even

stationed a permanent defense force on the planet.

But since then, a number of bloody incidents has made Ariel question the
priorities of this new government. Most recently, in 2503, a heavily armed
group of pirates stormed Agria, intent on stealing the colony’s hi-tech
scientific equipment. Dominion marines engaged the pirates to protect

these valuable assets, but in the process the soldiers carelessly

slaughtered colonists who were caught in the crossfire. Horrified by the
killings, Ariel risked her life to save dozens of innocent bystanders
trapped in areas of heavy fighting.

The pirates were eventually driven off the planet, but the event opened

Ariel’s eyes to a chilling fact: the lives of Agria’s colonists were[3/2/2011 12:00:26 AM]

Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

expendable to the Dominion. Ever wary that history might repeat itself,
Ariel has personally dedicated herself to safeguarding the good people of
Agria, who have come to the colony in search of a better future.

Comments (362)


hellangel 22 hours, 27 minutes ago

nube. i like the ending where she becomes infested better

JetfirePrime 2/19/11 8:26 AM

Do not use vikings to join forces with the Toss that has a large massive anti-infestation Mother-I mean monstership in burning her

people. Instead build 16 or more of them transforming fighter planes and fight that planet cracking monstrosity.

CptZeal 2/19/11 6:07 AM

I fail to see what Ariel did to earn so much hate...

Phear 2/12/11 6:41 AM

I hate Hanson, EAT LEAD ARIEL HANSON!!!!

AldoRaine 5 days, 20 hours ago

@Phear: Hell yea!!!!

hellangel 22 hours, 25 minutes ago

@Phear: hell yeah @#$% your moms #@%!

RAM 2/7/11 8:41 PM

aaahhh, i don't know if i should help her or not >_<

i helped her in my first campaign and i haven't done the other choice, but i don't know if i want her to die

Matthewalcen 2/9/11 10:02 PM

@RAM: i like gonig wiyth her idea, killing the whole colony is like mengsk, DONT BE MENGSK![3/2/2011 12:00:26 AM]

Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

nonf 2/11/11 2:56 PM

@RAM: waning spoyler ahead.................. if you don't help her she gets transformed into a zurg

Neo 2/12/11 2:05 AM

@Matthewalcen: you don't kill the whole colcny just the infested people.

Xombie 2/12/11 6:04 PM

@nonf: Wow...I never seen such spelling errors.

Wesley 2/18/11 6:26 AM

@Xombie: what happens if you help her? I left her to die, cuz i dunt like her.

NeoGenesius 2/20/11 3:24 AM

@Neo: Hey, you took a half of my name ! <(*_*<)

ReaperRage 2/6/11 3:43 PM

What About The Infeasted Ariel. That FREAKED Me Out Of My House.

cbjbill 2/7/11 2:32 AM

@ReaperRage: you think that creepy play Amnesia The Dark Descent that will give you night mares

Phear 2/12/11 6:39 AM

@cbjbill: creepiest game EVER

cbjbill 2/6/11 1:38 AM

why dose evey girl Jim rejecks wonts to kill him? LOL

Matthewalcen 2/9/11 10:04 PM

@cbjbill: OMG ROFL

edwardtorres 2/3/11 11:28 AM[3/2/2011 12:00:26 AM]

Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

i thought it was great when she died. she was uglay and i didnt like that i got tosh killed tho since i c nova is a lyin skank

Lewis 1/31/11 4:46 AM

Unfortunantly no matter what path you choose jim will not be able to bang her.... tragic :(

hellangel 22 hours, 24 minutes ago

@Lewis: jim shoots her though

Ginta 1/28/11 8:02 PM

no she turned herself into a infested colonest, she didn't become gigantic, or she didn't have a marine suit

Computer 1/13/11 12:20 AM

She turns into an aberration doesn't she?

Brady 1/18/11 11:12 PM

@Computer: If you choose to help Selendis in destroying the infested ones, then yes, she infests herself with zerg DNA and

Raynor shoots her in the face with is gauss rifle (which is awesome by the way). If you choose to help he and save the

infested ones so they can be cured, she kisses Jim on the cheek and joins the rest of the colony on New Havan (or

whatever planet it is)

Justin 1/20/11 7:05 PM

@Computer: If you choose to fight with the protoss, yes

SHARP 1/27/11 10:13 PM

@Computer: yes yes she does! but only if you do not help her

Matthewalcen 2/9/11 10:05 PM

@Brady: does she do it to herself or does the zerg come to the area? and she leaves ship? wut happends

UnNamedHero 5 days, 19 hours ago

@Matthewalcen: If you talk to Tosh after the first two colony missions, he asks why the Zerg would be so interested in her

people, saying they were interested in something "made of honey" which he uses to describe Ariel. Add to that the fact that

she calls the infested "her children" during her transformation and that the news reel talks about refugee ships being

turned back, probably due to fear of infested, makes me think that she was always infested and may have been trying to[3/2/2011 12:00:26 AM]

Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

infiltrate the Dominion homeworlds.

BanelingSoup 1/1/11 7:58 PM

Ariel got infested. I never stop choosing that ending for her. LAWLAWLAWLAWL.


KelThuzad 1/11/11 10:26 PM

@JetfirePrime: i think she's the 3rd infested woman, i think there is somebody that Kerrigan was after prior to SC2... her

name is Haley something... (I don't quite remember her name)

Dragonblade 12/27/10 7:21 AM

I found her missions to be the most fun

Neo 2/12/11 2:07 AM

@Dragonblade: The best in the reffuge camp one

Caleb 12/11/10 12:19 PM

big shame... i wanted to keep hanson so i didn't do safe haven or haven's fall but she didn't follow jim to char.

Kevin 12/13/10 4:51 PM

@Caleb: havens fall-she gets infested

safe haven-she kisses you and leaves to start a new colony

Logdude 12/9/10 9:16 PM

lol, 'rough' examination.

Eclipse 12/6/10 2:51 AM

Raynor should tap that.

NINETHOUSAND 12/22/10 2:18 AM


If it was a Terran and infested, it would make a Terfested, zomg cool.[3/2/2011 12:00:26 AM]

Ariel Hanson - Game - StarCraft II

Warren 1/11/11 10:12 PM

@Eclipse: he still loves kerigan though. He wants kerigan first then this girl. That makes Jim raynor a good leader,

prioritization :)

GnockGnock 2/16/11 11:52 AM

@Eclipse: ok


Pengy 12/4/10 4:43 PM

heh i like the clip if you help protoss on that mission she turns infested and you kill her

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