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Project 2 (Business Plan)

“Pack 4 Less” Outline-Revised Nov-5-07

Team 15:

Houman Rounaghi
Reza Arbabian
Eliza Kuo
Kevin Donak
Kaoru Nagao

Opportunity Statement:

Today’s almost 90% of all products are shipped in cardboard boxes. Manufacturers,
distributors and retailers pack their products in cardboard boxes with different packaging
material and ship them to their customers. Boxes and packaging material get thrown
away or recycled after they reach stores or individuals. The objective of our business
plan is to rescue quality used, new overrun and misprinted boxes and packing

As we see today’s market, there are lots of cardboard boxes with names of companies
and brands. These big companies prefer to use these logo-printed boxes for
advertisement and convenience in operation. However, there are still many smaller
businesses and individuals who are less concerned about the design or the appearance
of the boxes.

In terms of the disposal of the used boxes, large companies are relying on waste
management companies which handle all kinds of waste disposed of their client
companies. On the other hand, smaller companies are still disposing waste by
themselves, and even paying for getting rid of boxes and packaging material. Here, we
see the demand for the used boxes and the potential of our business growth.

We will pick up used boxes from local companies at free of charge, and sort them into
different qualities and sizes at our warehouse, then sell them at low price to other
businesses and individuals who are in need. For box collection, we would target mid-
sized businesses including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, as well as realtors,
apartment managers. For the sales, on the other hand, we would focus on individuals
who are planning to move and smaller businesses who need boxes for products

This is the cheapest, easiest, and most earth-friendly way to get boxes for packing,
moving, shipping, and storage. This business has already started in US by few
companies, but it has not been done in Vancouver, B.C. Such a less-competitive
business environment is perfect to launch this packing business in Vancouver. Since we
will provide cheap packing material to consumers, they don’t have to buy expensive
packing material from UPS, Staples, Wall-Mart. Also, retailer and stores where we
collect our boxes don’t have to worry about recycling/disposal fee and that gives them
an incentive to allow us to collect their boxes.

Timeline and Milestone:

Task Date Responsible


1 Pick a business plan 30-Oct Group

Resubmit revised outline incorporated

2 4-Nov Group
supervisor feedback

Meeting to discuss individual

3 5-Nov Group

4 Articles and references research 5-Nov ~ 8-Nov Individual

Market Research (survey, ,statistics and

5 9-Nov ~ 14-Nov Individual
interviews with small business owners)

- Kaoru : operation and supply chain

-Kevin/Reza/Houman: strategy and


-Eliza: overall economy and accounting

Create rough draft of assigned outline

6 15-Nov Individual

7 Discuss and give feedback of sections 16-Nov Group

Submit interim peer evaluations to

8 16-Nov (midnight) Individual

Review/Edit/Combine first individual

9 17-Nov Kevin
written section

Compile bibliography using MLA 19-Nov Houman

1 Meeting to discuss and write executive

20-Nov Group
1 summary
1 Finalize title page, appendices, table of
22-Nov Kaoru/Reza
2 contents

Edit Final written paper 23-Nov Kevin

Make Power-point presentation 26-Nov Reza/Houman

Submit the paper 3-Dec Group

Rehearse the presentation 4-Dec Group

Submit final peer evaluations 5-Dec Individual

Business Plan Outline:

1. Executive Summary
2. Industry, Company and Product
2.1. Recycling (Cardboard boxes/packaging material) Business Overview
2.2. Opportunity
2.2.1. Growing awareness of sustainability in Canada
2.2.2. Growing demand for packaging material services in Vancouver
2.2.3. First mover advantage (Innovative and Unique opportunity in
2.2.4. Appeal to people who want to save on packaging costs
2.3. Concept of Company
2.3.1. Online Website for Ordering Packaging material
2.4. Product
2.4.1. Packaging Material (boxes, bubbles, tapes etc..)
2.5. Entry and Growth Strategy

3. Market Analysis
3.1. Target Customers
3.1.1 Individual customers
3.1.2 Small business customers
3.2. Market Size and Trends
3.3. Competition and Competitive Advantages
3.3.1. Other Packaging services stores in Vancouver
3.3.2. Competitive Advantage: Low cost & convenience
3.4. Estimated Market Share and Sales
3.5. Ongoing Market Evaluation

4. Sales and Marketing

4.1. Overall Marketing Strategy
4.1.1. Strategy to Reach Target Customers
4.2. Pricing of Used packaging material
4.3. Sales Tactics
4.3.1. Online Website Ordering Service (with security checkout)
4.4. Advertising and Promotion
4.4.2. Promotion to Individual Customers
4.4.3. Promotion to Small Business Customers
4.5. Customer Service

5. Design of Website
5.1. Exclusive low cost deal offer from the website
5.2. Product classification
5.3. Consumer Preference Intelligence Feature
5.4. Ordering System
5.5. Payment System

6. Operations(Supply Chain)
6.1. Operating Cycle
6.2. Warehouse Location
6.2.1. Advantages of the Chosen Site Location
6.3. Facilities
6.3.1. Facilities Required---Truck and storage space
6.3.2. Methods to Achieve Economies of Scale
6.4. Strategy and Plans
6.4.1. Collection of used packaging material in Lower Mainland
6.4.2. Inventory storage
6.4.3. Potential Larger Suppliers of used packaging material
6.4.4. Approach to Quality Control and Inventory control
6.5. Handle online ordering procedure
6.6. Delivering Process and Schedule
6.7. Regulatory and Legal Issues

7. Financials Plan
7.1. Assumptions
7.1.1.Projected Market Size
7.1.2.Projected Market Share
7.2. Financial Highlights
7.2.1.Projected Income Statement Highlight
7.2.2.Projected Balance Sheets Highlight
7.2.3.Projected Cash Flow Highlight/Analysis
7.2.4.Gross and Operating Margins
7.2.5.Profit Potential and Durability
7.2.6.Fixed, Variable and Semi variable Costs
7.2.7.Months to Breakeven
7.2.8.Months to Reach Positive Cash Flow

8. Human Resources
8.1. Organization Structure
8.2. Management Team
8.3. Management Compensation and Ownership
8.4. Employees
8.5. Other Investors
8.6. Corporate Governance—Code of Conduct

9. Critical Risks
9.1. Uncertainties regarding volume collected each month
9.2. Quality of used packaging material

10. Appendices
10.1. Market Data Analysis
10.2. Marketing Plan and Schedule
10.3. Design Website and Development Schedule
10.4. Operations
10.4.1. Value Chain
10.4.2. Flow Charts
10.5. Financial Analysis
10.5.2. Projected Income Statements
10.5.3. Projected Balance Sheets
10.5.4. Projected Cash Flow Analysis
10.6. Company Structure

Members’ Main Area of Responsibility:

Houman Rounaghi The economics of the business & The financial

plan & Proposed company offering

Reza Arbabian Market research and analysis & industry


Eliza Kuo The financial plan & The economics of the

business & Proposed company offering

Kevin Donak Marketing plan & Executive summary

Kaoru Nagao Design and development plan & Manufacturing

and operations plan
Report Editing:

Kevin Donak

Power Point Presentation Preparation:

Reza Arbabian & Houman Rounaghi