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" **** FILED: BROWARD COUNTY, FL Brenda D. Forman, CLERK 3/8/2021 12:35:59 PM.*#** Broward County Sheriff's Office Ble adi Booking Report og? sozto04ea BCCN# 937984 ‘Booking Sheet Gontol Date ana Tene ors 607286008 Print Glesrance 03/05/27 164529 Prints Yes 03/05/21 20:26:12 Apst® 85 2100484 ‘Offense Repor # —_ 90-2103.001721 ‘Agency BROWARD SHERIFF'S OFFICE Lat Name SNE Fist yom! LEWIS, HENRY LEE abe ‘Sex Hogi Weight Eyes Hair Comp AgeAdmiied 008 Placoofenh State FOLE 8) M $05 155 BRO BLK MOR 15 1271972005 FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA 8615546 Pofnanent Months of Residence: ‘Aitess 1404 NW 12TH ST FORT LAUDERDALE FI. 39317 eS ‘AnpstDale 030521 17'5800 Place of Arrest 2222NNW22ND ST FORT Arresing Officer 7534.1 SMITH LAUDERDALE FL 93317 Innate Logged Date 09108721 182915 nmato Log Type FULLINTAKE Place Admitos MAIN Inidke Comments SP/CO-18508 29754-18506 WIC-17693 (BOOKED BY PC) Als Lastname, Fist, Mle, DO Wifrants Office le: bs17698 Marks Tattoos Rebase Date/Time Release Reason lease Authonzed By ‘CHrge No. Charge initiation Date Statute WarranuCaplas Level MCB. Type ‘Bond Amount 1 onset 1854 78206182 21002131CF10A«6F_ Y= CHOLDFORMAG $000, CChprges MURDER WHILE ENGAGED IN CERTAIN FELONY Comments MURDER IN THE 2ND DEGREE Wi FIREARM OFFENSE Bopking Off. 1D 217623 County BROWARD Judge KOLLRA CChige No, Charge nitation Date Statute Warranvcaplas Level MC 8. Type ‘Bond Amount 2 oss 1856 B12 1328 21002131CF0A «FY CHOLDFORMAG $0000, ges ROBBERVIFIREARM ‘comments Bopking Off. 1D be76614 County BROWARD. Judge KOLLRA * End of Raport*