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The term “simulation “literally means” The imitative representation of the functioning of
one system of process by means of the functioning of another”. In other words the
simulation is imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. The act of
simulating generally entails certain key characteristics or behaviors of a selected physical
or abstract system. Of course, simulation is widely used in multiple areas including
human systems, technology, education, training, entertainment, healthcare etc. However,
our insight, of necessity, is restricted to the subject matter only. Within the parameters of
the subject assuming that the subject is to acquire focus technology of performance for
optimization of safety engineering, testing and training. The simulation of the subject
further limits its application probably to the manufacturers because they are the primary
beneficiaries of such simulation and secondary may be the driver training institutions etc.

“Virtual simulation” is where real people use simulated equipment in a simulated world
or virtual environment. In a car crash simulation, there must be reproduced the
characteristics of a real car crash which will enable, for instance, a driver to actually feel
as if he is sitting in a car. Scenario and events are replicated with sufficient reality in
order to ensure that the driver becomes fully immersed in the experience rather than
simply viewing an educational program.

The simulation provides constructive experience to enhance the safety of the action in car
crash situations that vary in type, velocity, intensity, effect, impact and damages. It is
imperative, therefore, to establish a real world simulation facility that will replicate the
actual action triggered in a car crash. In this respect the specification constraints of the
simulation monitoring system that the object should or shouldn’t do in a given situation
are built in. Such constraints must also recognize the behavioral, functional, technical or
other related aspects close to the reality that the view actually feels part of the scene.
Constraints are defined using the predicates that determine the state of the object. For
example, when two cars should not crash, a predicate crash is defined and the simulation
system checks if the crash is always false. When a crash becomes true, it is in violation of
the system constraints that it must always be false. For example once the monitoring
system is in place the following facilities are built to measure on ground car crash i.e.
virtual environment:

1. The simulation facility for car crash shall cover a large area of land where the car
crash shall be replicated on ground. It shall have two main sectors; one for the
control and monitoring of the action and the other receiving the car crash and
measuring the impact and the damages.
2. Gas driven platform wherefrom the car runs on a track built for this purpose.
3. The car is driven by a dummy driver actually replicating the human body and
copying the exact impact and damages suffered by human being.
4. The car is driven on a track pre-constructed track built for this very purpose and
then smashed against a very strong concrete or steel object.
4. The devices existing on the receiving end will gauge various factors whether or
not they meet the built-in constraints such as speed, suspension, angles, velocity,
impact, damages etc.
5. The imitative simulation will cover any and all other factors that may be designed,
made a part of constraints and/or otherwise necessary for a wide ranging effects.

The above virtual environment can derive every conceivable result desired for various
applications including but not limited to:

a. Technical and safety deficiencies or faults in the car manufacturing which may
help avoid car crashes.
b. Failure of human mind to follow certain given safety standards or rules due to
ignoring such rules, arising out of sleepiness, drunken driving, offensive driving
and so on.

The resultant benefits from the above imitative simulation can act as a catalyst for
developing safety and training measures for reducing if not avoiding car crashes in the
long run. It is being utilized in the developed world to the fullest extent both for proper
manufacturing techniques and safety standards and rules in order to save precious human
lives and unnecessary loss of property. Notwithstanding, there is the destiny factor solely
under the domain and control of Almighty Allah(S.W.T.) for which we all can pray to
Him alone to give His Rahma for us all.